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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 12, 2020 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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♪ this morning on "world news now," a week after leaving the hospital, president trump is set to resume his campaign rallies today. >> the campaign plans a busy week as the president says he tested negative for the coronavirus. plus, the trump campaign ad featuring dr. anthony fauci. he says his word were taken out of context. and the plan to boost air travel between new york and london without having to quarantine. the confirmation hearing for the supreme court justice nominee amy coney barrett is now just hours away. what she's expected to tell senators, including kamala harris. as the biden/harris campaign faces questions. if elected, would they pack the supreme court? a man shot nine times is speaking out after his ex-wife was arrested, accused of paying a teenager to have him killed. and a new mom who went into labor and gave birth while taking the bar exam. details in the mix on this monday, october 12th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." they say nothing stops a woman on a mission and that is proof. wow. just incredible.
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>> absolutely. >> we'll get to that because we have a jam packed mix for you. we begin with president trump hitting the road again after claiming he is no longer infected with covid-19. >> the election is just three weeks away. today georgia becomes the latest state to open up early voting. >> the president is determined to make up for lost ground. he's holding four rallies in four days, starting tonight in florida and he's clashing with dr. anthony fauci over a new ad. >> reporter: this morning president trump preparing to return to the campaign trail just days after leaving the
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hospital. >> i've been tested totally negative. >> reporter: kicking off a jam packed week of back to back rallies after his doctor announced the president is no longer at risk of spreading covid. during a call with supporters sunday, the president claimed he's not only covid free but immune to the virus. >> it looks like i'm immune for, i don't know, maybe a long time or maybe a short time. it could be a lifetime. nobody really knows, but i'm immune. >> reporter: the president is also touting the experimental treatment which he credits for his recovery. >> we want to get it brought into the hospitals. it's a transfusion. i really believe it will solve the problems of a lot of people. >> reporter: despite promising results for drugs like remdesivir and regeneron's antibody cocktail, the ceo of regeneron is warning the company only has enough doses to treat 50,000 patients. >> we have to figure out ways to ration this. >> reporter: the president is eager to get back on the campaign trail with his poll numbers slipping. when it comes to handling the pandemic, our poll shows voters now trust joe biden over trump by 12 points. >> america deserves a president
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who understands what people are going through. >> reporter: now the president's campaign facing new questions. >> president trump tackled the virus head on. >> reporter: abc news confirming dr. anthony fauci did not consent to this new ad in which he's heard apparently praising the president's response to the pandemic. >> i can't imagine that anybody could be doing more. >> reporter: fauci writing in a statement, quote, i have never publicly endorsed any political candidate. the comment attributed to me without my permission in the gop campaign were taken out of context. the trump campaign says it plans to keep airing the ad, saying the doctor has praised the president's work in the past. one of those topics of praise, the administration's decision to restrict travel during the pandemic. >> with europe, i put a ban on. we would have lost thousands of more people had i not put the ban on. >> reporter: this morning the administration is in talks
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with some airlines to fast track some international travel. >> it will be a greawa open up the borders and begin to open the economies. >> reporter: officials revealing possible plans for a so-called air bridge between new york and london, a program that would test travelers before and after they land allowing them to skip the mandatory two-week quarantine. the talk comes as infections in the u.k. have doubled in the past week. pubs and restaurants in some areas facing tighter restrictions. >> infections are also surging here in the u.s. we'll talk with our medical expert ahead in this half hour. now to the showdown over the supreme court confirmation hearings kicking off today for judge amy coney barrett. republicans are bent on seating barrett before the election despite objections from democrats. much of the focus is expected to be on obamacare and abortion. >> reporter: in her opening statement, judge amy coney barrett says she will follow the model of her mentor justice antonin scalia saying he was fearless of criticism and she's resolved to maintain that perspective. >> we are going to focus on the
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issues that really explain her philosophy and what she will bring to the supreme court, what changes she'll make in this country. >> reporter: they will make the case that in the middle of this pandemic health care is on the line with the court set to hear arguments on the affordable care act and guaranteed coverage for preexisting conditions. barrett will say the policy should be left to the elected branches of government. democrats are insisting on covid-19 testing for members of the judiciary committee after two republicans who attended barrett's rose garden ceremony later tested positive for the virus. republicans claim that's a stall tactic. >> i think they are looking for anything to delay things even a
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day or two or three. >> can you think of any laws that give government the power to make decisions about the male body? >> reporter: expect vice presidential candidate kamala harris to be as tough on barrett as she was on justice brett kavanaugh. >> i'll repeat the question. can you think of any laws that give the government the power to make decisions about the male body? >> i'm not -- i'm not thinking of any right now, senator. >> reporter: but the biden/harris campaign is facing questions of its own with joe biden repeatedly refusing to answer if he supports packing the court. you'll know my opinion of court packing after the election is over. >> don't the voters deserve to know -- >> i'm not going to play his game. >> reporter: a question he didn't have a problem answering in the primaries before the death of ruth bader ginsburg. and republicans pushed to confirm barrett. >> i would not get into court packing. we have three justices. next time around they lose control.
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they have three justices. >> reporter: the majority of americans oppose packing the court, adding more justices to the bench. they also oppose rushing this confirmation process. senator lindsey graham who chairs the judiciary committee says if all goes according to ngvet 9:00 a.m. eastern e to anywhere you stream abc news. now to a record-shattering campaign haul for the democrat challenging senator lindsey graham in south carolina. jamie harrison raised a staggering $57 million in the last three months. that's by far the highest quarterly total for any u.s. senate in u.s. history. most of it came from out of state donors. many democrats are angry at graham for going back on his word after vowing not to support filling a supreme court vacancy in an election year. what's left of hurricane delta has left a trail of destruction across the south. it slammed into a storm-weary louisiana as a category two you work region be hurricane, destroying homes and businesses, toppling trees and power lines. at least two deaths blamed on the remnan odelta spawni tornados, flooding, and a train derailment in georgia. nearly 40 cars went off the track causing a hazmat situation. evacuations of nearby homes in an atlanta suburb. a washington state man who out after his ex-wife was
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arrested accused of a murder for hire plot. police say baron lee's ex-wife sharon kelly paid a 17-year-old boy $13,000 to kill her husband. they were embroiled in a butter custody battle when lee was gunned down outside his apartment building in july, but he survived. >> just thinking this was my last breath. every time i took a last breath, i'm thinking, this is the last time i'm going to breathe. this is the last one. you're shot so many times, a total of nine times. i'm thinking this is it, right? >> lee said he suspected his ex-wife right away. it took three months for police to arrest her along with the alleged teen gunman and another 17-year-old accused of being the getaway driver. an nba season that includes a pandemic and protests ends with the league's best player on top again. >> lebron james and the los angeles lakers are the champs, beating miami last night. they win the title in six games.
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lebron earning his fourth finals mvp and his fourth ring. the lakers now have 17 championships, five of those came when they were in minneapolis. nevertheless, they tie boston for tops in league history. what's believed to be a 30-foot rock heading towards earth may not be what some people think it is. >> an asteroid identified as 2020-so is supposed to enter our gravity in about six weeks. a nasa scientist says it may not be an asteroid. he believes it's part of a rocket the agency launched in 1966. surveyor 2 crashed into the moon. the rocket was thought to have gone into orbit around the sun. look at that full circle moment. the surveyor missions acted as unmanned scouts of the moon for the apollo missions. >> are we supposed to be nervous? let's just be nervous. coming up, useful gadgets for your home office straight from our giz wiz. first, the new scramble inside the nfl over another
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coronavirus scare. the teams where a player and a coach have tested positive. the schedule is in chaos. plus, the new studies showing the coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 28 days. our medical expert weighs in. you're watching "world news now." re watching "world news now." ert weighs in.
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covid-19 is forcing more schedule scrambling in the nfl. the patriots/broncos game originally scheduled for tonight was moved to next sunday after a new england player tested positive.
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meantime, tennessee's facilities locked down again after a coach tested positive. as of now, the titans game against buffalo tomorrow night still set to take place, but the virus has forced more than a dozen games to be rescheduled so far. now to the troubling surge of coronavirus cases across the nation. more than 214,000 americans have been killed by the virus. more than 7.7 million cases have been diagnosed. over the weekend, 15 states reported new daily highs for infections. authorities are cracking down on illegal gatherings like this rave in queens, new york. the virus is also surging in parts of europe. despite the threat, hundreds of maskless revelers gathered
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before new restrictions kicked in. i spoke earlier with dr. darien sutton about how long the coronavirus can live on surfaces. >> a new study out this morning finds the coronavirus can survive on nonporous surfaces for up to 28 days. that's a lot longer than we thought. what do you make of this and how worried should we be? >> this brings up the topic of fomite transmission of covid-19. for background, a fomite is any tooerl that can harbor material or fomete materials that can harbor infection. in this study they able to show in certain laboratory conditions, these viral particles of covid-19 were able to persist for long periods of time, but that does not replicate real life. the fact that we know that transmission via surfaces is still really rare. the best mechanism of action of defense is washing one's hands with soap and water. and i don't think it's necessary to heavily sterilize packages. >> president trump claimed he was covid-19 free and immune. >> the president's case is an isolated clinical case. it's important that we
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understand this. the president recently finished his treatment with dexamethasone for covid-19 and he's claiming he has immunity. what we know is that the median time of antibody development to covid-19 is around 14 days after symptom onset. the president is currently around ten days after symptom onset. his statement of having immunity is standing on very little science and i would not confirm that as fact. >> lastly, the president has been praising the experimental ant boat treatment he was given, saying it should be made available to everyone. how far are we away from widespread availability of
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regeneron, that antibody treatment? >> i'm hopeful about this treatment for the future, but we have to be cautious about preliminary data. we have not seen it in large peer reviewed clinical trials. there is no breakthrough that i see yet. i'm hopeful we'll have more information in the future. >> regeneron's ceo also cautions that the president's antibody cocktail is only one case report. he also says there are limited doses available. >> we'll keep an eye on that. coming up, remote working. we're check out new gadgets to help take a little of the work out of your work from home. help take a little of the work out of your work from home. says there are limited supplies available. coming up, remote working. >> gadgets to take a little of the work out of your work from home.
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♪ o on ♪ welcome back. 2020 means working from home or living from work depending on how you look at it. luckily this morning we're checking out some gadgets to make that home office setup a bit more user friendly. the giz wiz dick dibartolo is
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here to help. good morning, dick. >> good to see you. >> you've got us hooked up this morning. what's first on the docket? >> we're going to start with the adora you stream studio. take a look at what it can do. who knows how long it's going to be before people go back to offices and some kids go back to school. this kit is neat from adoro. this is for skype, for zoom, for whatever you use. you get a tripod, you get a circle light, you get a place to put your phone, you get a little remote control for the light. you can run that from an external battery pack that you own or use one of those ac adapters that most nerds have. what do you look like? let's see. and this is what i look like recording myself. >> you look great either way. up next, i know you've got something to help with the privacy situation, right? >> yes. hackers evidently can turn on your web cam without you knowing it. here's two ways around that. we have skype on two different computers here.
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this is what the person on the other end is seeing, but i don't want them to see me anymore. i can shut the web cam or just drop that. it's a little plastic guy. this fits a lot of the logitech models. it's under $14. on this computer i don't want the person to see me here. i just slide that little privacy cover over. dirt cheap, 6 to 10 bucks. so this is a way to make your smart phone a computer sidekick. you can have e-mails visible, watch the news. the base of the device mounts to your laptop cover with an adhesive pad. a magnet attaches to the back of your smart phone and the smart phone clips onto the magnetized extended arm of the bracket and
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then you have the two of them side by side. >> tell me about this lamp situation, dick. >> okay. a viewer sent it in and said i have an amazing value for you in a desk lamp. this is it. need a really inexpensive useful desk lamp? take a look at these. it's called mainstays from walmart. a little on/off light. but it's an led. you'll never have to replace it. wait, there's more. there's an outlet in the back. i have two lamps here but one lamp is plugged into the other lamp. and the most amazing thing, i paid about $7 each for them. >> i have plenty of stuff i would put in the base of that lamp. thank you so much, dick. for these and other useful gadgets for your home office, check out giz wiz, thanks for joining us as always. "the mix" is next.
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smoo mix" is next.
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time now for "the mix." time now for "the mix." we're torn over this first story because i don't like the flying process of traveling. will loves it. so this one is for you. in australia, people who are dying to travel decided to take a flight to nowhere. 150 passengers took the offer to fly around the continent of australia. never touched down. just keep going. >> i wouldn't do that, because they're flying at 38,000 feet for seven hours, which you can't really see much that high up. if we were flying at like 3,800 feet, that would be awesome because that's a view you don't normally get. >> they must have really wanted to travel. you want to know what some of these prices were? there were 150 seats listed for
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787 in the economy seat. there was $1,787 for premium and $3,700 for first class. >> that's crazy. if it's sold out, you don't even have space next to you in the economy seat. >> exactly. >> qantas offset the carbon emissions, which is really important. flying around for no reason, not good for really anyone. a woman goes into labor while taking the bar exam. >> say what? >> are you interested in hearing more? >> yes. break it down for us. >> brianna hill, recent graduate of loyola school of law in chicago. she knew she was pregnant during her exam. that was not the surprise. the surprise was when she had
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her baby during the bar exam. 30 minutes in she goes, i hope my water didn't just break. it had. she called everyone that she needed to call and she had to go to the hospital. they put a do not disturb on the door at the hospital. she took the rest of the exam in the hospital and nursed her baby during the bar exam. >> unbelievable. she hasn't received the results, but we're wishing her well. >> she does have a job lined up. two jobs, lawyer and mom. that is very true. that's a big job. take a look at this. this texas longhorn bull named cowboy tough checks just entered the guinness world record because he has an 8.6 foot horn spread. that is intense. i know the texans are just itching to get him on the field. >> or the ut longhorns could use him on their offensive line. they lost in the red river showdown this weekend. horns down. sorry. this next man is all of
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right now on "america this morning" -- immune to the virus? the new claim from president trump about beating covid and his rush to return to the campaign trail. plus, the trump campaign now at odds with dr. anthony fauci who says his words have been taken out of context. supreme showdown. hearings kick off today for amy coney barrett. vice presidential candidate kamala harris among the senators expected to grill barrett on everything from health care to abortion. the message this morning from judge barrett. murder for hire. two teens arrested after a woman allegedly paid them to shoot her ex-husband. the victim now speaking out. af.


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