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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 14, 2020 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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>> that's so funny. coming up, a college student hits 32 miles per hour on a slip n slide. another covid drug trial has been halted over safety concerns. our medical expert will weigh in. and why ikea is encouraging us to take old ikea furniture back to its stores. encouraging us to take old ikea furniture back to its stores.
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sparks fly in this video as sparks fly in this video as a vintage military plane lands on its belly in arizona. officials say the plane's landing gear failed. the pilot made a number of fly-bys to burn off fuel before landing. both people on board were okay. turning to the race for a vaccine against covid-19 and another company tapping the brakes on one of its vaccine trials. dr. imran ali, good morning. let's get to the race for the vaccine. another big trial in the fight against covid-19 is being put on hold. this time eli lilly has paused its trial of an antibody treatment due to safety concerns. what do we know and how much of a setback could this be? >> this new drug, which was designed to actually attach to the spiked proteins of the virus is supposed to prevent the virus
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from getting into the cells. this is very similar to the antibody treatment that president trump received from regeneron. now, the trial that is halted is when the drug, the antibodies are used with the anti-viral drug remdesivir. we have very little knowledge exactly what is the concern at this moment, but we are going to hear in the next couple of days exactly what's causing the problems. but right now it's in combination with remdesivir. that's the trial that's being halted. the antibody itself is still going on in other trials. >> we've been seeing president trump attending rallies in the past few days claiming he now has immunity to the virus. what do you think about his comments and what would you tell older people who see the president and think that the coronavirus won't be serious for them? >> he is immune for a period of time, but we don't know that. but we also want to remember that as we age, the immune system weakens.
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in young people, so far the studies show that immunity lasts about three months or less from a natural infection. now, vaccination causes a different type of immunity which could be long-lasting. that's why vaccination is such a priority right now. >> lastly, we're getting reports of some hospitals in the midwest and plains states on the brink. some are running dangerously low on icu beds. what do you think about hospital preparedness going into the winter? how much better equipped are we now than we were last spring for a surge in cases? >> well, i can tell you working in a hospital we are much better equipped. in fact, the hospital i'm working in new york city, we have gurneys already ready. we have ventilators stockpiled. we've really learned a lesson. we have the equipment, but the question is the manpower to staff this equipment. you know, we really still need to have the staff to monitor, to take care of these patients. coming up, why tensions have
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reached a boiling point over kraft's latest ad campaign. how an idea to celebrate national noodle day turned into a big wet noodle. national noodle day turned into a big wet noodle.
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ikea shoppers, listen up. ikea is offering to buy back its gently used furniture for resale in its stores as secondhand. depending on the condition, the store is offering as much as 50% of the original price. the program starts november 24th at certain locations. turning now to a sticky situation for an american food giant. as i often say, it seemed like a good idea at the time. >> apparently the folks at kraft are wishing they'd used their noodle before launching what turned into a controversial ad campaign. our own will ganss is here now to break it down. >> i'm here this morning to talk about sending nudes, something i never thought i would say on national television. some parents online are upset about an ad campaign that they say is sexualizing mac & cheese. surprisingly, it has nothing to
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do with that now-famous cardi b. lyric. leave it to 2020 to have people boiling over about sexy mac n cheese? >> it's always a nice gesture to send nudes. so they know you're thinking of them. noods, i mean. not nudes. >> this ad campaign from kraft under fire. >> i want there to be no confusion. do not send nudes. definitely send noods. >> in honor of national noodle day last week, the company launching their #send he noods. spelled n-o-o-d-s. the campaign which encouraged adults to send free noodles to loved ones to provide comfort and make them smile. vanessa bayer and the brand leaning into the cheesy puns. >> the only thing you should never not send is noods. >> the end of the video even showing a blurred-out bowl of the fan favorite dish. thank you for the noods. in fact, the company says the
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social promotion resulted in 20,000 consumers across the country receiving boxes of kraft mac & cheese. but the backlash was served up piping hot. comments flooding the company's instagram like this one. stop, stop, stop. listen to all of these moms. we are your customers. a petition has been launched. the kraft seeming to hear the feedback loud and clear, posting on their official instagram, in part, we sincerely appreciate and hear all of your feedback. content will be removed from our channels. and indeed, all of the videos and posted related to the send noods campaign have been deleted. further proof, i guess, that no noods is good news. kraft has yet to address that other controversy currently plaguing the internet, their pumpkin spice you mac&cheese,
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which is a real thing. >> i could see in the board room it was a good idea, but it didn't play well with the parents. well, coming up, breaking news. parents. welcoming up, breaking news.
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it's hap it's happening. this happened. >> what happened? >> so the final flight in the end of an era for nasa. astronaut kate rubins is on her way right now up to the international space station. she's on the russian soyuz aircraft. russia sells seats to nasa and other international space programs at a premium to get people on their rocket that goes to the international space station. that whole program is coming to an end. but kate rubins will be there for breakfast, i'm told. always good to get to your destination in time for a meal. >> i take breakfast so seriously. i can compromise on lunch, maybe
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dinner, but not breakfast. >> you know what else happened? >> this happened. so this man created this genius contraption, let's say. it is basically a really long slip n slide. he used dirt trenches, a painter's tarp and a garden hose to create this really long slip n slide so he can be a world record. he may have. he went 100 meters in ten seconds. he clocked in at 32 miles an hour. the county sheriff -- this happened in idaho. the guy goes -- he's an engineering major at birmingham young university in idaho. everyone was on hand ready in case everything went wrong. i'm glad there was enough water because going 32 miles an hour and there not being enough water, you can get burned. getting burned on the slide is not fun. >> you know what else happened? >> what happened? >> local chiropractors everywhere made their yearly
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goals. just off that. what else what else happened is this. a blindfolded man smashes 50 coconuts. are you kidding me? the video speaks for itself. >> no. >> i hope that the man on the ground is wearing some sort of protective equipment. >> oh, that's too close for comfort. oh, that's too close for comfort. >> i am in empathetic pain with this guy. >> so that guy is blindfolded and he's smashing coconuts. >> why i don't know. it was a video shared by guinness world records. >> he's going by his head. no. yeah. it's a no for me. i already have trust issues, but -- his hand just flinched. >> this is freaking me out. but he did all of that in under a minute. let's see this pleasant sight instead. this happened in pepper pike, cleveland, ohio. this man was riding his bike and this goose decided to tag along
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keeping up.
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