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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 14, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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next at 5:00, the dangerous combination of gusty winds and high heat at the height of fire season. thousands of people could see their power go out at any moment as a wildfire precaution. students at home are worried about being able to do their work. plus a triple shooting in oakland leaves two people dead. the story is still developing. what we're learning from police. also ahead here, new video just released in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man during a traffic stop. the napa county sheriff's department has not said much until now. and just a short time ago video from the deputy's body-worn camera is revealed. also in san jose the new push for safety after a deadly crash at a busy shopping mall. >> announcer: building a better bay area. for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. happening now, firefighters are on alert. parks are closed and power outages are expected.
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that's because heavy winds and hot dry air are creating ideal fire conditions. just what we do not need. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. thank you for joining us. once again our coverage begins with abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian for what's happening right now and in the days ahead. spencer? >> okay, dan. ama was right. we have ideal fire conditions. we have rising temperatures. very low relative humidity and gusty winds that are only getting stronger. right now as you look at current temperature readings you can see we have mid 90s, mid to upper 90s in many inland areas, even a couple 90s around the bay shoreline, and it's 80 degrees in san francisco. as we move along you can see that the wind gusts right now in the higher elevations are getting stronger and stronger. they will likely get even stronger in the nighttime hours. so as a result we have a red flag warning for high fire danger in effect until midday friday. this is not only for the hills but the hills and valleys of the north bay, the east bay and the santa cruz mountains. gusts will exceed 50 miles per hour at times. we have very dry fuels or reg
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vaigs and low humidity. and the wind advisory will be in effect from 10:00 tonight to 11:00 tomorrow for the north bay. so there may be downed power lines with these strong gusty winds. record low levels of humidity for the vegetation. all that adds up to high fire danger. i'll have the full forecast a little bit later. dan and ama? >> spencer, thank you very much. pg&e is warning customers in northern california it will begin shutting off power between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. tonight. the customers, 22,000 customers, will be impacted in the bay area. pg&e says it will have an update in an hour or so. we will have that for you of course on abc 7 news at 6:00. but first abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live with more from the oakland hills tonight. leslie? >> reporter: dan, good evening. i can tell you that we've got numerous regional parks up in the hills here in the east bay that are shutting down. that red flag warning is prompting power to likely be
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shut off to businesses here already very hard hit in montclair village by the covid restrictions. and then on top of that you've got power being shut off to homes up in the hills. possible wind-whipped power lines on dry brushy hillsides is prompting pg&e to cut electricity to target zones starting wednesday night. those zpoenz include much of the oakland hills east of highway 13 from grizzly peak to milpitas. and in the mount diablo foothills neighborhoods in danville are on the shutoff list as are these streets in east walnut creek. this family was told to expect a blackout by 10:00 p.m. that will last for 48 hours. they have an electric car, no way to plug it in. they work from home and their fifth-grade son will be cut off from remote learning. >> the school's told me basically that if we lose power that they'll just, you know, give him a two-day pass for not
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having to do any schoolwork. but that doesn't help us out any. they don't really have a plan to make up for that somehow. >> reporter: pg&e says they're aiming to make this psps event less painful. >> we're also trying to make them shorter events and smaller events. so we're really trying to target areas, making it more pockets and targeted zones rather than larger areas. >> reporter: this parking lot at merit college in oakland is stubborning into a device charging station for people to juice up phones and computers. this restaurant owner is frustrated power will be cut to an entire business district like this. >> first the business is not good. and then if they shut off the power that means we need to shut the store down. meaning that there will be nobody here eating at my restaurant. which is going to affect my income. >> reporter: it's a disaster for these small businesses that restaurant owner you just heard from there, he said that the last psps event he had to throw
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out $900 worth of food. in oakland i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> that's hard to take, especially now, leslie. thank you very much. well, if you want to see if you are on the list of possible power shutoffs, we have a helpful tool where you just plug in your address to find out. you can find it on our website. just go to new details tonight about the moments before a napa sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man last week. juan garcia was shot during a traffic stop. today the sheriff's department released video of the stop. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman has more on what investigators said today. he joins us live from napa. wayne? >> reporter: they call it -- this happened a week ago last monday night. the napa county sheriff's department does have a policy of showing body cam videos after such incidents. you're going to see it here, and i need to warn you it's unpleasant and it's quite graphic. >> stop.
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stop! >> reporter: nine days later you see here bodycam footage from what the napa county sheriff's department describes as an unfortunate but justified shooting of 47-year-old juan garcia. toxicology would show he had a blood alcohol level of .338. four times the legal limit. the sheriff's department says sergeant david ackman, a 21-year veteran, feared for his life, suspected garcia might be carrying a weapon. he fired six times. [ gunshots ] >> shots fired. shots fired. >> you shoot until the threat is eliminated. and that's what he did. >> reporter: attorneys for the family are not so sure. based on the video, they do not believe the sergeant gave mr. garcia enough time or enough warning. >> we don't see the officer saying show me your hands, get on the ground. we don't see the officer retreating more than a few seconds. we don't see the dashcam video
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that would show that juan's hands were empty. we don't see an immediate threat of death or serious injury. we don't see the officer warning juan that he's about to use deadly force. >> reporter: put simply, you have not heard the end of this. nobody has. the major crimes task force here in napa will be investigating. that means the district attorney. that means the napa police department, not the sheriff's department. they'll be looking if it was justified. we asked the sheriff if he thought it was justified, if he was in the deputy's shoes would he have fired as well. he said yes, he would have fired. in his opinion what we just saw was justified. live from napa county, abc 7 news. >> all right, wayne, thank you. oakland police are asking for the public's help in an outrageous shootout that left two people dead this afternoon. officers swarmed to 84th avenue near castlemont high school just before 1:00 this afternoon. they found three people suffering from gunshot wounds
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and more than two dozen bullet casings on the ground. you can see them with those markers there. one victim was there at the scene. another died at the hospital. a third person was wounded. oakland's deputy police chief says the violence needs to stop. >> this doesn't end today. community members that live in this block and in this area have to live with the tragic scene that they've seen today of bullets flying in their community indiscriminately and putting everybody at risk. >> reporter: the homicides today are the 77th and 78th in oakland this year. they came just a day after a gun battle three blocks away where more than 60 shots were fired. there is a new focus on keeping outdoor diners safe after last weekend's deadly crash at a busy san jose shopping mall. city officials are exploring new guidelines in the hope of preventing a similar tragedy there. like what happened at the grand century mall. abc 7 news report er chris nguyn is on the story.
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>> reporter: a look at grand centery mall in san jose. surveillance video viewed by abc 7 news shows an suv cutting across four lanes and crashing into a crowd of diners in the parking lot of the dynasty seafood restaurant. >> parking lots are designed for vehicle traffic, not for outdoor dining and that has to be considered here when you're putting people in harm's way. >> reporter: the surveillance video has not been officially released but its contents were confirmed by mall management. however, the owner of the mall declined to comment any further. police say the driver, a 69-year-old man, accidentally hit the gas, striking at least eight people, including one woman who has since been declared brain dead. legal analyst steven clark says business owners have a responsibility to keep their customers safe. >> restaurants and property owners will take notice of this case and say we have to make sure that we're doing this safe ly in our desire to get back to work. >> reporter: officials say neither the restaurant nor the mall had applied for a permit
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under the city's outdoor dining program called san jose al fresco. >> we as a city are working really hard to strike the right balance between people's ability to provide for themselves and their families and -- >> reporter: city council member maya esparza represents the district where the deadly crash took place. she's now working with city staff to make metal rails and concrete barriers more easily accessible to business owners who request them. >> to give more specific guidelines around safety measures folks can take in offering outdoor dining. >> reporter: the push for safety comes as restaurants in santa clara county can resume indoor dining this week at 25% capacity or 100 total people, whichever is fewer. in san jose chris nguyabc 7 new. habitat versus homes.
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for state senate, democrat dave cortese. a stunning new finding from california's employment development department. the backlog of unemployed people waiting for their benefits likely won't be cleared for another 3 1/2 months. 7 on your side's michael finney joins us with the latest. michael. >> reporter: ama, this all came out today in a hearing led by state senator jerry hill of san mateo, who was looking into all of the issues and where the e.d.d. stands today. e.d.d. told lawmakers it has implemented a new i.d. verification system known as i.d. me. now, that was the number one recommendation from a report from the e.d.d. strike team. e.d.d. also said it's making progress in clearing the backlog
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of claimants who have waited longer than three weeks for their benefits. that backlog totaled 1.6 million claims in mid september. >> over 424,000 of those individuals are no longer waiting. we are on track to eliminate the backlog by january 2021. >> we want to make sure that claimants get the benefits that they are entitled to, and we don't necessarily want to be an agency that is, you know, stopping fraud at all costs. >> reporter: the e.d.d. says it will take till january 27th to clear the backlog. i am keeping close track. i'll be back here on the 27th to tell you whether or not that got done and where the e.d.d. stands then. back to you. >> excellent, michael. thank you. you have been on this diligently
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from the beginning. a recent court ruling has put a key piece of san francisco bay shoreline back on the radar of environmental groups. we're talking about the cargill salt ponds in newark. the ruling could ultimately help transform the area. >> reporter: many people looking across the cargill salt ponds in redwood city probably see a bleached and barren landscape stretching from the shoreline like giant bed sheets. but save the bay director david louis sees smelgs, a historic opportunity. >> so we now know salt ponds like this can be restored to tidal marsh in san francisco bay. ponds just like this on the napa river have been restored tidal marsh. >> reporter: advocates are hoping a recent court decision can help kickstart a new drive to restore the marsh. the area has been the focus of an ongoing debate ever since its owner, cargill, proposed filling in a section to build housing. that plan suffered a setback
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when a court ruled the marsh falls under protections of the clean water act. louis and others are now counting on cargill to settle or donate the land. >> the highest best use of that property is wetlands that protect the shoreline and provide benefit for fish and wildlife. >> reporter: cargill has already transferred vast stretches of salt ponds in other parts of the bay for restoration, but it's argued that the redwood city site could be developed into a mixed use project providing badly needed housing in the area. but with that looking more difficult, city council member and former redwood city mayor ian bane, says this may be the time to sit down and talk. >> the last face-to-face conversation i had was probably about two years ago when i was mayor. and i didn't seriously think about that at the time. and i think this gives us a new opportunity. i'd be happy to reach out to them and give them my thoughts on it. >> reporter: as of now no talks are scheduled. and in a statement developers say they're disappointed in the district court ruling and are reviewing all options.
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now, environmental groups also believe that restoring the ponds would have a practical benefit as well, helping battle sea level rise by acting as a natural spillway. well, still ahead, it's a great day for wind surfers but not so much for fire
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first lady melania trump revealed today that her son barron had coronavirus. barron is 14 years old. the first lady says he tested positive shortly after both his parents did but that he's since tested negative. when asked about it at the white house, president trump said barron is doing fine. meanwhile, new research by the cdc suggests young adults may be the problem behind new virus hot spots. reporter mandy gaither explains how this could help in the battle against covid-19. >> reporter: as the number of covid-19 cases climb in most states, the cdc says it's discovering a pattern. the percentage of positive coronavirus test results start
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going up among those under 25 about a month before a county is designated as a virus hot spot. >> just by looking at someone you cannot tell if they're infected. >> reporter: dr. deborah birx, a white house coronavirus task force member, says the amount of asymptomatic spread is large. >> when you start to look at these college data, that may be up to 80% of individuals under 30 are asymptomatic. and we're still getting the data from all of the colleges. >> reporter: cdc researchers say understanding and tracking positive test rates by age group could help public health officials identify future hot spots and better prevent and prepare for a rising covid-19 cases. dr. birx says it's also important to identify those who are asymptomatic. >> the way you find that is the way the universities are finding it. regular testing. and if you wait till people have symptoms, you've waited too long because there's so much
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asymptomatic spread before that. >> reporter: as temperatures get cooler, dr. birx urges everyone to keep their masks on and their guards up. i'm mandy gaither. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. okay. we'll start with a look at our current wind conditions because we have a red flag warning in effect for high fire danger, as you may know, until midday friday. and it's the combination of rising wind gusts, rising temperatures and very low humidity that have produced this high fire danger. gusts beginning to break over the 20-mile-per-hour mark right now across much of the north bay, which is the greatest concern for these fires. right now we're looking out over san francisco from sut roe tower. it's 80 degrees in the city, 83 in oakland, 82 -- 92, i beg your pardon. mountain view 88. san jose. gilroy 87. 68 at half moon bay. and looking toward mount diablo, 95 degrees in santa rosa, low to mid 90s in novato and concord and livermore.
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98 in fairfield. this is a view from mount tam looking down on the bay. the forecasts are these. conditions will be with us through friday. record heat possible not only record afternoon highs but record high overnight low temperatures during the next two nights. much cooler pattern begins on sunday, so we're all looking forward to that. but right now the red flag warning in effect until midday friday. we'll see gusts over the hills at times up to about 50 miles per hour. the strongest gusts will possible be at night. that's where we feel the greatest risk may be for fires breaking out. fires can start and spread easily with these dry hot windy conditions. some things we can do to protect ourselves and our property, remove flammable fall vegetation, which is likely very dry and flammable. pack and update your emergency kits. prepare several evacuation routes just in case you find yourself in danger. and review insurance policies. i'm going to go to overnight conditions. clear and windy and warm with overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 60s for many bay area
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locations. it probably will be an uncomfortable night for sleeping unless you have air-conditioning. highs tomorrow will range from low and mid 80s at the coast to low and mid 90s around the bay shoreline to upper 90s in our inland areas. and once again, the wind gusts will be with us. so for the next two days as we look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, this red flag warning remains in effect. high temperatures on friday may reach or at least approach 100 degrees in the hottest inland spots. saturday will also be warm to hot but not quite so hot as thursday and friday. so we'll see a slight drop in those high temperatures. but a much sharper drop will occur on sunday as we get into a much cooler and more comfortable pattern that will continue into the middle of next week. dan and ama? >> all right. we look forward to that. thank you, spencer. as we continue, if you need any inspiration for
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for state senate, democrat dave cortese. proposition 16 takes some women make as little as 42% of what a man makes. voting yes on prop 16 helps us fix that. it's supported by leaders like kamala harris and opposed by those who have always opposed equality. we either fall from grace or we rise. together. proposition 16 provides equal opportunities, levelling the playing field for all of us. vote yes on prop 16. as we all fight the coronavirus pandemic california is mandatiing face masks to sto the spread. that's why abc 7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, your loved ones, and your community. please, wear because you care. if you have questions about voting this year, we are getting
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answers. join us from 6:00 to 7:00 tonight on the abc 7 news facebook page for a live question and answer session. we have a panel of experts who will be able to answer any and all voting questions. you can submit your questions in advance right now on our abc 7 news facebook page. coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, a mother lost her jobs, her home and her unemployment benefits. now living in her car with her 4-year-old son, she's turning to 7 on your side's michael finney for help. data proves rents in san francisco are dropping. but it's not enough to keep some people in the bay area. >> this was the best decision we ever made. >> her best decision? forming a pandemic learning pod. as part of education week we take you inside a pod some south bay families made to see how it works. that's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. but finally here tonight, a salute to just how great dogs can really be. a woman in humboldt county posted video of her rescue dogs. ready, ama, for trick or
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treating. >> yeah, dan, she calls it when you find the house giving the best candy and you go back in different costumes hoping they won't get suspicious. watch. ♪ ♪ >> okay. that's fantastic. >> oh, my gosh. that's so cute. what did we see? winnie the pooh? wizard of oz. ninja turtles. mario brothers. that was awesome. >> i love how they're just staring at the camera just looking innocent. world news tonight with david muir is next. we appreciate your time.
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i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer christian and a i'm voting 'yes' on prop 19. nineteen limits taxes on seniors. it limits property tax on people like me. nineteen limits taxes on wildfire victims. it says so right here. if 19 passes, seniors can move closer to family or medical care. i looked at moving but i can't afford the taxes. will you help california's most vulnerable? vote 'yes' on prop 19.
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tonight, cases of the coronavirus surging in the u.s. and news tonight on the president's son, barron. first lady melania trump revealing barron did test positive for covid after she and the president tested positive, too. what she reveals about her son and her own symptoms from the virus. and the president is asked about his son today, what he says, then quickly pivoting to his supreme court nominee. this all comes as the number of hospitalizations rises in at least 36 states tonight, amid concerns of a second wave in this country, with americans closer together in the colder weather. the warning late today from dr. anthony fauci about thanksgiving gatherings. we also have news on children and vaccine trials tonight. and the second wave already hitting europe. the supreme court showdown. judge amy coney barrett, the


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