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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 17, 2020 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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we spoke to a family directly impacted by the flames. >> another record sething day. find out if the weekend will bring relief from the heat. >> blasting efforts for school name change. her push to put focus on reopening not renaming. >> the lemur is back home at the zoo. all thanks to a cute hero. >> tonight gusty winds and sweltering temperatures grip the bay area. several wild fires broke out. >> right away let's bring team coverage. tracking those current conditions. >> yes, the reason why the red flag warning was extended. look at the winds. dry and gusty in knoxville.
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27 miles per hour winds. the dry down sloping wind keeping the fire danger elevated. red flag warnings until 8:00 a.m. very low humidity and dry fuels means possibility of fire rapidly spreading. keep that in mind. we have records to talk about. for the seconds straight day. napa tied the old record of 27. richmond a tie at 95. san francisco and redwood city. half-moon bay all new records. and as you look oakland downtown 95 degrees. broke the previous record set in 1974. san jose breaking at 95 degrees. plenty hot across the bay area. cooler weather is coming. when that will arrive in just a few minutes. >> new developments tonight. we just learned a pair of teens admitted to starting this fast moving brush fire in san frab.
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just before noon on the south side of historic sign hill. we report it forced numerous residents to flee homes. >> five minutes to evacuate. that was all that they got to say good-bye to 34 years of memories. >> the police said this is time to get out. you have five minutes before everything could catch fire. >> they noticed the sign hill park in flames. his neighbors running to their cars. over 120 homes evacuated. their home was the only one directly impacted by the flames. >> the fire came through the grass there. and the trees. >> next to the hillside so the flames just five feet away from his house. >> i saw a really big fire. a lot of smoke. this is it. >> many neighbors alerted police of seeing two teenagers on the
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hillside minutes prior to fire. >> whether it was an accident or on purpose. the weather enkoircouraged the to get this big. >> a 14 year-old and 16 year-old started the fire. they obtained a statement from the juvenile. who admitted to starting the fire. the fire marshall is conduct an investigation. hotter residents are asking for city officials. >> the area. >> also in south san francisco. flames burn through a bakery on starlight street. started just before 3:00 p.m. workers at nearby businesses race to move cars away from the fire. officials tell us nobody was
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hurt. crews remain on the scene into the evening to keep the hot spots from reigniting. >> this grass fire delayed drivers on i 80. this afternoon. at one point the highway patrol closed all westbound lanes on 80. firefighters contained the fire about 3:45. all lanes reopened on westbound 80. >> developing news. pg&e says it restored power to all 41,000 customers who had it shut off thursday. the company was able to restore power 50% faster this time. thanks to helicopters doing the inspection. >> last yore we had about 35 helicopters available. this year we have approximately
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65 helicopters available. so far we used about 40 of those. we're using them as needed. >> the utility says it recorded wind gusts as high as 73 miles per hour. and 61 miles per hour in contra costa. >> in a surprising turn of events today fema reversed a decision about disaster relief funds to help wild fire victims. it initially refused the request because it didn't federal relief. so governor newsom decided to call the president to make a direct appeal. after wards twheeted that president trump approved the declaration request. >> we need to be mindful that the fires are not red fires or blue fires. they don't know boundaries. they don't know political party. the victims left behind have to be taken care of. >> cal fire says the fires this year have burned through 4 million acres. >>
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redwood city to show solidarity demanding a peaceful end to a conflict. leaders accuse turkey of backing the attack on the region that is home to many ethnic ar maniaens. >> slamming plans to change the names of dozens of san francisco schools. we have the response from state and school leaders. >> feinstein elementary. and more than 40 others within the san francisco unified school district up for renaming discussion. effort that started in 2018. but friday in audio shared by mayor breed. a stern message. focus should be on reopening not renaming. >> the vulnerable population of this city will suffer the most if we can't get our act together. i put out a statement because
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i'm livid. i'm livid. now we're talking about renames schools. and we haven't opened them. how offensive. >> one day after she and dozen other california mayors wrote state leader urging them to reinstate in person classes. he has no objection to considering whether certain schools should be renamed. >> it will consume a lot of time. and i said don't think it's the right thing to do that now. >> in a release. board of education president responded. icht to assure you reopening schools is in no way being held up by the process. renaming panel is engaged in. >> nothing should be on the agenda. other than what is our plan and our time line to reopen schools. we shouldn't even be having a conversation about anything else. >> tonight the lemur is back
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safe at the san francisco zoo. thanks to some kindergarteners. >> he was leaving school with his mom. when everything changed. he spotted a wild animal in the parking lot. and called over his friends who were astonished to see a lemur. james, brandon and all students explained what happened next. >> the lemur jumped over the gate. and he was there. >> they called the police. and animal control. >> cell phone video taken thursday evening shows the lemur walking around the yard. the engaged primate found comfort in the play house. >> what was he doing? >> hiding. >> animal control and police
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showed up and they had snacks. who at 21 is very old in lemur years. it all started at the san francisco zoo. where he was born and raised. >> on wednesday morning he was discovered missing from here. police later opened a burglary investigation when they found the enclosure had been tampered with. >> 36 hours later. the police arrested 30 year-old. on suspicion of shoplifting and stealing a get away truck. they found photographs of him on his cell phone. >> the officer had actually tried to take his kids to the zoo the day before. and heard the story about the lemur being stolen. >> the burglary lieutenant spoke. >> it's unbelievable. i just don't -- i can't understand it. >> zoo director announced they are giving hope the $2,100 reward and the trin family a lifetime zoo membership. >> he's being quarantined away
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from husbais family. we hope he gets better soon. the suspect is booked on four charges. burglary, grand theft of an animal and vandalism. >> so glad this seems to be wrapped up. hopefully he's okay. for the long run. >> those kid will have a memory to last a lifetime. just ahead. distance learning from the parents perspective. how bay area families are coping. >> may grounds in one east bay city reopened today. what parents and kids need to know before they go.
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all week long we have been focusing on education. to bid a better bay area. distance learning has been quite the change for many. a process that educators and families are working through. we heard from teachers. here's what families told me about how it's going for them. >> i go i go i go i go my wife is with them. >> i'm very grateful our kids are older. and they navigate virtual learning. >> we have five people. all remotely working. doing that is a challenge. and introduces a lot of chaos at times. on the positive side, i have
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never got to spend more time with my kids. >> i'm very thankful that i have an employer that enables need that. supports it and i can take care of the kids and work a full-time job. they're doing well. it's an adjustment. >> i would leave in the morning and come back at 6:00 p.m. and spend two hours with them. now i'm with them all day. which is a blessing and a curse. i'm so much more aware of how they're doing. >> distance learning is going better than expected. back in march when the kids had to end the school year with distance learning. it was rough. and stressful. so i thought it was going to be the same way this year. the teachers have done a lot to prepare. they have been great.
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>> they're doing well. >> for more stories on building a better bay area. down load the app on your connected tv device. >> just go to the building a better bay area section. we have newscast streaming live and on demand. >> in the east bay. children can enjoy playgrounds across berkeley again. after they were closed because of covid-19. since march. families are asked to keep visits under 30 minutes and socially distance from people who aren't part of the household. workers have posted occupy si limits for specific play limits and equipment. >> certainly a hot one. if anybody wants to go out on the playground or anything outside. >> let's get to the weather. >> we'll see the temperatures beginning to drop tomorrow. by sunday you will really feel
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it. across the entire bay area. a beautiful live picture. from our camera. looking across the bay. the twinkling lights. and san francisco. high pressure has been the dominant force. that brought us the offshore wind and the warmer weather. and the record setting heat. in the last two days. looking at live doppler 7 a changing picture. high clouds move in. and the temperatures are beginning to drop. take a look. 59 degrees in half-moon bay. it just changed. 75 san francisco. you have 60s and 70s. it is still warm across parts of the bay area. that sea breeze will turn it around tomorrow. at least for parts of the bay area. san francisco looking beautiful. heat eases tomorrow near the beaches and bay. cooling sprends inland sunday and fog returns near the coast. we have good to moderate air quality in the bay area tonight.
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and the air district has an air quality advisory that will run into s until sunday. the air quality will be kbalimpd due to wild fire smoke. sunday looks like the bter day in terms of the air quality going to good. a few spots moderate. temperatures in the morning upper 50s to mid-60s. a few high clouds around tomorrow afternoon. still hot. not as hot as today. peninsula upper 80s. 78 degrees in half-moon bay. a far cry from the 90s. 82 downtown san francisco. look at north bay temperatures. mid-90s. it will be a lovely day in the east bay. above average for the time of year. 87 oakland. temperatures will still be in
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the hot range. 94 concord. 93 livermore. i want to show you what's going to happen tomorrow night into sunday. fog reappears. along the coastlinement winds turn more on shore. blowing from ltth ocean to the land. that sets up a change in temperatures. you'll see mid to upper 60s at the coast sunday. low 90s inland. it will be bearable. 7-day forecast. cooler bay and coast tomorrow. inland areas cooling sunday as fog returns. continuous on monday. upper 80s for the warm spots we'll take it. tuesday and wednesday we see the autumn warmth returning. low 70s to 90s. the pattern is look better. it will be like fall friday. mid-80s.
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new season tomorrow night. virtually. >> the celebration of the groups 42nd birthday will include appearances of several celebrities and the world premier of the new song. we spoke to the artistic director who says the past seven months have been a challenge. including devastation by aids. >> we learned a lot of things throughout that. i was conducting gay choruses during that time. we learned how to take care of each other and bond as a community. and take care of the needs that we have. this one is much different. in that we can't gather. >>
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your 2020 worl series match up had a chance to be set
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tonight. tampa bay trying to close out the astros. if the dodgers the braves would have clenched for the first time in 20 years. braves up 2-0 early. two on. liner to right. and makes a great catch. so nice with show it twice. braves don't add to the lead. that is key. former giants closer facing dodgers catcher. will smith. the catcher gets jiggy with dodgers. top 7. blew crew blows it up. seager launching a homer. 7-2. they win. there's going to be a game six. >> san diego. astros trying to force a game 7. they were down three to none. george springer. two rbi knock.
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a four run frame without a home run. he struck out nine in six. snapping the bat in frustration. top six. kyle tucker. he leaves the yard. 5-1. the only thing did wrong. left the manager hanging on the high five. astros win. a winner take all game seven. could it be destiny? dustny? >> i hope we can have a happy ending to the historic season. and yore. >> sad day for the sharks. joe thorn ton signs a deal with the toronto maple leaves. jumbo joe spent 15 years in teal. 41 year-old active leader in points. never won a stanley cup. not necessarily a full good-bye. do you remember this?
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on this date, travis sent the giants to the third world series in five years with this home run against the cardinals. giants won the 2014 world series which ended with a memorable thriller against the royals. capped by and the veterans that never quit on their team. when being a fan gets tough, and stretching your budget gets even tougher...
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all right. thank you for joining us
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>> "localish bay area" is sponsored by northern california honda dealers. hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, hidden san francisco. >> this city has a lot of hidden
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gems that are hiding right behind a corner. >> get your sweat on. >> and now that the gyms are closed right now, she's created this amazing obstacle course. >> say cheese! >> you buy a wedge of cheese from us, we will make sure that we will donate the equal amount of cheese direct to a local area food bank. >> blankets made with love. >> even if i don't know those people, that's fine. i just know that they'll be happy to have one. >> a powerful message. >> you know, for me, when i was young, something i adopted was treat others how you want to be treated. >> but first, cheers to giving back. >> imagine a drink that tastes great but also gives back to worthy causes. maurice kanbar created blue angel vodka to do just that. ♪ >> my favorite drink is the martini. it gives me the biggest bang for the buck. i love it at lunch. after lunch, for the next two hours, i'm in a lovely state.
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>> why blue angel? because it's ultra-premier vodka. it's only san francisco brand left. it's gluten-free from organic local products, and more important, it's extensively community-oriented and known for its charity givings and associations in support of the charities, arts, and culture throughout the bay area. >> well, i enjoy a martini at lunch. and i used to get a dull headache, but i so enjoyed it that i kept drinking until i decided to check this out. what is it that's giving me a headache? so i did a little research, and i said, "how do we get those congeners out?" so, the first vodka that i made had five distillations before we achieved 99.9% purity.
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and i created skyy vodka, and it was very successful, and i said, "you know, i know how to make this so that it is ultra-smooth." then i created a new vodka, and i called it blue angel vodka. i got the name because the blue angels were flying, and i love to watch them. >> maurice is a visionary, and he's like me. he's a vodka lover. after success of skyy, he kept continuing his search for a perfect martini and absolute perfect vodka. skyy was a great vodka, but he wasn't satisfied. he wanted to make even better vodka, so the end result was blue angel. >> it's made in the bay area. and i can tell you that the profit will go to charity. so i'm gonna give it away to good causes -- schools, hospitals, medical research, and things of that sort.
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>> from my point of view, a lifelong vodka drinker, blue angel is a ultra-premier vodka. it's six-time distill, four-time filter. water is reverse osmosis, and it's organic gluten-free. for me, the real appeal of it was that, besides being a great vodka, it's a unique san francisco story. it's really a san francisco brand, and maurice had a history of involvement -- arts and culture, film scene san francisco. so it's simple. create vodka, uniquely san francisco brand, heavily associated with charity and arts and culture, make world better one martini at a time. maurice is an amazing, complex man. he is brilliant. he is a visionary. he's ambitious. he's driven. and he's innovative. he's very creative. i look up to him because he's driven. he's restless. he can't just sit there, stand still, and compliment himself on what he'son


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