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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 19, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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presidential candidate andrew yang. we broke down the compliance unit and voting concerns . tonight, president trump goes on the attack against dr. anthony fauci. less than 24 hours after dr. fauci gave an interview saying he wasn't surprised the president got covid and showed he now has federal protection because of threats against him after covid precautions have become so politicized, the president today calling fauci, quote, a disaster, calling the doctors idiots. the death toll now more than 220,000 in this country, as the u.s. now averages more than 50,000 new cases a day. 15 days until election day now. the first day of early voting in the all-important battleground of florida. and what we witnessed there today. you'll hear from voters. and what the polling shows tonight. the chilling warning about coronavirus here in the u.s. the respected medical expert now predicting the next 6 to 12 weeks could be the, quote,
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darkest days of this pandemic. new images tonight from inside hospitals. and this evening, 41 states with a rise in hospitalizations. and our foreign correspondent and what they're already seeing in the icus in europe tonight. is that next wave coming here in the u.s.? two u.s. park police officers now charged with manslaughter for the killing of an unarmed driver. dash cam video shows the officers approaching his suv with guns drawn. the jeep then moving. officers firing ten times into the vehicle. the images coming in tonight. the couple in their 70s, their vehicle plunging into a river. the wildfires tonight. the record-breaking fire in colorado. you'll see the firefighters surrounded by smoke and flames. and we're following breaking news at this hour. the earthquake off alaska tonight. the missing mother found alive nearly two weeks after vanishing in a national park. the family now revealing how thshe was injured. and america strong tonight.
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it is happening across the country after what you saw right here. good evening and it's great to have you with us as we start another week together here we have a lot to get to tonight. just 15 days until election day. nearly 30 million americans have already voted now, shattering early voting numbers from four years ago. tonight, the president going on the attack against dr. anthony fauci as this country marks 55,000 new cases of coronavirus a day. dr. fauci has repeatedly said we needed to be at about 10,000 a day as we head into fall if we want to avoid a very difficult second wave. president trump in a sprint to the finish now. two rallies today in arizona. and making news while on a campaign conference call, too, calling dr. anthony fauci a disas ter and going after joe biden after biden has repeatedly said he would trust the
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scientists. the attack comes less than 24 hours after dr. fauci was on "60 minutes" saying he was not surprised that the president got covid when he saw those images from the rose garden. and tonight, the new images of dr. fauci on a walk with his wife with federal protection now because of threats. and so, we begin with abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump unleashed a bizarre new line of attack against joe biden today, slamming him for saying he would listen to dr. anthony fauci, the nation's leading expert on coronavirus. >> he wants to listen to dr. fauci. he wants to listen to dr. fauci. >> reporter: polls have consistently shown dr. fauci is far more trusted than the president, or anybody else for that matter, when it comes to handling covid-19, which is why trump put him in a campaign ad, over fauci's objections. but today, the president unloaded in a conference call with his campaign staff. >> people are tired of hearing fauci and all these idiots these -- these people.
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these people that have gotten it wrong. he's a nice guy. he's been here for 500 years. he called every one of them wrong. yet, we keep him. every time he goes on television, there's always a bomb. but there's a bigger bomb if you fire him. but fauci's a disaster. >> reporter: trump's attacks come a day after dr. fauci told "60 minutes" he wasn't surprised that the president got sick himself, especially after watching the maskless crowd assembled in the rose garden as he announced amy coney barrett as his nominee for the supreme court. >> were you surprised that president trump got sick? >> absolutely not. i said, "oh my goodness. nothing good can come out of that. that's got to be a problem." and then sure enough it turned out to be a superspread eer eve. >> reporter: dr. fauci also expressed exasperation with the president's conflicting statements on wearing masks. >> he sometimes equates wearing a mask with weakness. >> does that make sense to you? >> no, it doesn't. of course not.
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>> reporter: in this highly polarized environment, fauci and his wife christine are now protected by federal agents. >> have there been death threats against -- >> yes. >> -- you and your family? >> yes. >> all of you? >> no, just me. >> mostly him. >> harassment against all of us. >> reporter: today, republican senator lamar alexander came to fauci's defense, calling him quote, "one of our country's most distinguished public servants," adding, "if more americans paid attention to his advice, we'd have fewer cases of covid-19 and it would be safer to go back to school and back to work and out to eat." but president trump doesn't buy it, mocking fauci and mocking biden for saying he will listen to public health experts. >> he'll listen to the scientists. if i listen totally to the scientists, we would right now have a country that would be in a massive depression. >> so, let's get right to jon karl, with us live from washington tonight. and jon, this was somewhat risky politically, attacking dr. fauci, two weeks to go until the election, because we have seen
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the polling repeatedly show that americans overwhelmingly trust dr. fauci on the virus. >> reporter: risky, indeed, david. the bottom line is that the overwhelming majority of americans trust dr. fauci when dealing with the virus. they actually want the presid t president, whoever the president is, to listen to him, which may explain the biden response to all of this, joe biden responded with a single word on twitter, "yes," as in yes, he will listen to dr. fauci. >> all right, jon karl helping us start another week here. jon, thank you. with 15 days until election day, as i mentioned at the top, nearly 30 million americans v voted already. voters in the key battleground of florida now lining up today. these are just some of the long lines an long waits. this aim j from tampa tonight. so, how does this compare to four years ago? and where are the numbers tonight in the key battleground of florida? abc's vick totor oquendo from c gables. >> reporter: torrential downpours can't dampen enthusiasm on the first day of early voting in florida. lines starting at dawn stretched
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for more than an hour in the battleground state where biden and trump are neck and neck. so far, 2.5 million floridians are already voted by mail, that nearly e quails the total number from 2016. >> this election i dont trust the mail-in. i want to make sure my vote is counted. >> reporter: tonight voting is underway in all 50 states, with a record-breaking avalanche of turnout. nearly 30 million boll lots cast, more than five times the number at this point four years ago. the pandemic driving concerns for safety. 10 million people voting this weekend. health care among their top priorities. >> i'm thinking of my benefits like my social security, hospitalization. >> reporter: in wisconsin, nearly a million voted by mail, already surpassing last election's entire early vote. a state where the president won by just over 22,000 votes. >> this is the first time i've seen this many people. >> reporter: battleground states seeing huge surges, some revealing which parties are turning out. in north carolina, democrats outpacing republicans 46% to
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25%. in pennsylvania, it's 74% to 18%. and in florida, 49% to 30%. although a recent abc news poll found 76% of those who plan to vote here on election day support president trump. something he is counting on. >> you know, we're supposed to be way behind, until election day when all the republicans go and you're going to have a red wave like you've never seen before. >> couple weeks until election day. victor live with us now, they are voting tonight, we can see it behind you, victor. the president saying there's going to be a red wave on election night. we just heard that. the biden camp also warning their voters that the balls grounds like florida are a lot closer than perhaps these numbers indicate. >> reporter: david, the biden team telling supporters not to get complacent, that this race will come down to the wire. and that in key battleground states like here in florida, the candidates are basically neck and neck. memories of hillary clinton
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leading in 2016 clearly fresh in their minds. david? >> victor oquendo, thank you. and with so many americans trying to vote in this pandemic, looking to stay safe, our partners at fivethirtyeight have put together an easy to use stay state by state guide. you can go to 2020. and that crucial final debate, abc news with complete coverage starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here. in the meantime, the news continues this monday night and new warnings this evening about the dangerous spread of the coronavirus. mayors and governors urging people to take the virus seriously and one trusted expert tonight saying the next 6 to 12 weeks could be the darkest we've seen yet. a 500% increase in cases this month alone in el paso, texas. the director of public health declaring the situation is, quote, out of control. hospitalizations up in 41 states, including texas.
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and this evening, more than 220,000 american lives have been lost. here's abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman from texas tonight. >> reporter: inside the icu at the university medical center in el paso -- >> you ready? >> reporter: -- doctors and nurses are fighting to save their covid patients. is it fair to say you're in the surge? >> yes, this is by far the highest number of patients we've had since the pandemic again. >> reporter: el paso seeing a 500% increase in cases over the past two weeks. icu beds are filling. at one point over the weekend, only seven icu beds were left in a region of over a million people. >> the more positives, the more hospitalizations, the more icus, the more respirators, and then ultimately the more deaths. >> reporter: here and across the country, authorities urging americans to take the virus seriously. >> make no mistake, we are in the second surge. >> it's going to be a precarious fall across the country. >> we are going to be managing
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this for the foreseeable future. >> reporter: with a top infectious disease expert making this dire warning. >> the next 6 to 12 weeks are going to be the darkest of the entire pandemic. >> reporter: the u.s. amidst a surge in cases, nearing record highs. averaging over 55,000 new cases a day, up more than 60% since september. a troubling sign, 41 states are seeing an increase in hospitalizations. ambulances pulling into this field hospital in wisconsin, one of 13 states sie s seeing a increase in fatalities. >> people still don't believe this is a real disease, and we're seeing some -- some dramatic, very dangerous situations occurring in our community. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed here in hard-hit el paso. you said people's response, and compliance, was out of control? >> yes, i think we are out of control. it's not the virus. we are out of control, because if we practice the proper measures, then we can stop the virus. >> matt gutman with us tonight from texas. and mads, we also know tonight that many governors have now
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sent questions to the trump administration about plans to get the vaccine to the american people when it's ready. >> reporter: that's right. about three dozen questions, david, and chief among them is, how the the vaccine itself going to be selected? how is this incredibly complex distribution going to work? and how is all of this going to be funded? and just to give you an idea of what a worldwide herculean effort this is going to be to administer the vaccine, unicef alone has stockpiled over 520 million sir rings, of course, the vaccine won't be ready for most of us until early next week. david? >> matt gutman, thank you. and this evening, europe is already deep in the second wave. tonight, in france, for example, hospitals are now filling up. the death rate is now climbing. our foreign correspondent james longman from france tonight. >> reporter: tonight, europe battling through covid's second wave. france hitting record cases, over 32,000 on saturday alone. so, we're heading into the icu now and i've got to put on full
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ppe. we've been given special access to this restricted part of the hospital. in france, the positivity rate is up, now at 13.4% and so are the deaths. hospitals are starting to fill up, too. >> we're nearly at 80% of occupation rate, so, we have to open new beds. >> reporter: like the usa, the majority of france's covid cases affect the young. but now, the elderly are getting it again. are you concerned about what's coming down the line? >> we don't know how long it's going to be, how intense it's going to be. >> reporter: and france isn't alone. in belgium, a 79% increase in cases over last week. bars, restaurants and cafes closed. and in the uk, wales ordered to go into total lockdown from friday. we seem to be at the beginning of a trajectory and if it continues in this fashion, hospitals like these will be overwhelmed. it's a fear many across europe share. and david, elsewhere tonight in europe, island has announced it is going to go into a full
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six-week lockdown from wednesday and other countries are considering doing the same. david? >> james, thank you. and back here in the u.s. tonight, and two u.s. park police officers have now been charged with manslaughter for the killing of an unarmed driver. authorities say officers fired ten times into the vehicle. here's abc's adrienne bankert tonight. >> reporter: tonight, two us park police officers turning themselves in, nearly three years after officials say they shot an unarmed motorist. dash cam video shows officers lucas vineyard and alejandro amaya chasing 25-year-old bijan ghaisar, after he left the scene of a crash where he was rear-ended. the officers attempting to approach his vehicle twice with guns pointed at the car. both times ghaisar pulling away. the third time, officers block the 25-year-old, approaching the suv, again dguns drawn. the suv moves slightly. the officers then open fire into the car.
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in all, ten shots were fired. in 2019, the justice department found vinyard and amaya had not committed any federal civil rights violations. the officers have claimed that they fired in self-defense after ghaisar drove his suv at officer amaya. a state investigation followed, and the officers are now charged with manslaughter and reckless discharge of a firearm. ghaisar's family now reacting to the charges. >> grand jury had reached a decision, so, we just felt so thankful to them, almost never is there any justice. >> reporter: now, because they are federal officers, they could have state immunity. both have been released on bond. their hearing is set for late november. david? >> adrienne, thank you. overseas tonight, russian opposition leader alexei navalny with a defiant message, after surviving being poisoned, he says the work of vladimir putin. here's our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell. >> reporter: tonight, alexey navalny in a defiant warning to vladimir putin. speaking to "60 minutes," russia's leading activist was crystal clear. >> you think that mr. putin's responsible.
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>> i don't think. i'm sure that he is responsible. >> reporter: navalny boarding a plane from siberia to moscow in august and felt ill almost immediately. >> i said to the flight attendant, i was poisoned and i'm going to die. >> reporter: a fellow passenger recording the sound of moaning. navalny was rushed to the hospital. tests revealing he'd actual lly been given the deadly nerve agent noek chock. >> it's something terrifying, and putin is enjoying it. i think it's extremely important that everyone, of course, including and maybe in the first of all, president of united states, to be very against using chemical weapons in the 21 century. >> reporter: navalny, critical of putin, but also president trump, for not joining world leaders in condemning the attack. >> i think for putin, why he's using this chemical weapon to do both, kill me and, you know, terrify others. >> reporter: navalny's still recovering, but planning to return to russia when he's well and to take on putin once more.
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david? >> all right, ian pannell from london. ian, thank you. when we come back tonight, news of an earthquake off alaska coming i
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tonight, news of a powerful earthquake off alaska coming. a tsunami warning is now in effect for roughly 950 miles of coastline. some residents alerted to move to higher ground and schools have been evacuated. the wildfires in the west, meanwhile. firefighters fighting the cameron peak fire in colorado. you see them there surrounded by wind, smoke and flames. and new mexico's range fire forcing evacuations and closing a highway for hours today. with when we come back here tonight, that couple in their 70s, their vehicle
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tonight, a chain reaction crash sending a couple in their 70s plunging into a canal in suffolk county, new york. police and good samaritans pulling out the driver. his wife trapped under water. an officer reviving her with cpr. they are awake and alert. and the missing mother found alive in utah's zion national park. search teams finding her 12 days after she disappeared while hiking. her daughter now says her mother hit he head on a tree, became disoriented and could barely walk, staying near a river bed so she could drink the water. when we come back tonight, someth
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finally tonight, helping the children. the idea that keeps growing. tonight, across this country, refurrishing desks and building them for students in need. >> hi, david. i can't tell you how wild things have been since the segment first aired. >> the community desk project. they just gave away their 140th desk. he's been sending his blueprints to other "world news tonight" viewers. including andrew. >> i saw the segment, i contacted him. he sent me these plans and i'm excited to announce that i'll be building them. >> hi, david. >> and bill garrett tonight hard at work. >> i saw on the news the project to build student desks and chairs. let me show you the desk i built. >> taking us outside. >> i'm sure a student will get a lot of use out of it.
3:58 pm
>> some of those desks going to the 1/2 low reservation in new mexico. tonight, outside manchester, new hampshire, the teachers at sunset heights elementary school and elm street middle school in the wood shop. mr. barry, mr. scarpati. >> our teacher group and built and delivered 57 desks and still going strong. thanks for the support. >> hi, david. >> and brian and sue from new york, outside syracuse. >> we saw a good news story on your program a couple weeks back about making desks to help kids. so, we decided we could do that, too. we've made about 42 desks. thanks for the idea, david. >> let's keep it going. good night.
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this is abc 7 news. taking a live look outside right now in san francisco where temperatures are slightly cooler today. but other parts of the bay area, including marin county, will soon be facing another red flag warning. good afternoon and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. and i'm kristen zee. thanks so much for joining us. in about three hours, fairfax road in marin county is going to be closing due to the fire danger coming our way. it is going to be shut down between meadow club and highway 1 between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 88 a.m. wednesday. >> it has cooled down quite a bit in most areas from the weekend's intense heat, it's getting warm out there. it's dry. it's getting gusty over the higher elevations and the gusts are going to get string going into the late-night and overnight hours. right now in the hills, gusts of about 12 to 15 miles per hour


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