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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 20, 2020 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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>> sharks seem to be flocking to southern california.
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and scientists don't know why. researches at cal state long beach have tagged 38 this year, nearly triple their total from last year. scientists say the sharks have also stayed in the coastal waters longer in 2020, pointing out they usually move further south by this time of the year. actor jeff bridges has revealed he's fighting lymphoma. the 70-year-old tweeted yesterday that his prognosis is good. he's row foundly profoundly grateful for the love and support of his family. the academy award winner is currently working on a drama set to air on hulu next year. turning to the new research linking diabetes with covid-19 comes amid new concern from health officials as cases continue to rise. i spoke earlier with dr. alok patel. good morning, dr. patel. we have new figures showing another big increase in covid cases nationwide with deaths on the rise. what are you seeing right now and what is your biggest concern? >> what i'm seeing is, over
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50,000 cases per day seven months into this pandemic. i'm seeing a lot of people who are not only frustrated but some people out there who just don't trust what's happening. people are still wondering why there's no national guidance. my biggest concern is that we're not getting our acts together heading into winter. i think the most important thing for people to understand is regardless of politics, we all have it in our own hands to mitigate the spread this winter, this holiday season. that's the most important thing. we don't need to listen to what politicians are saying because we all know what the right thing to do is. >> there's new research on the safety of schools and how kids spread the virus. what do parents need to know? >> first off, the news is great, like it showed a very small rate, tiny rate of positive cases from random testing in new york city. what parents need to understand is that this headline is also underscoring all the mitigation factors that the new york public schools put into place, including physical distancing, staggered classes, smaller classes and children wearing masks. so parents still need to be on
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guard when it comes to taking their kids, but they can be a little bit more reassured. >> i also want to ask you about a new study that looked into how the virus is spreading in nursing homes. we just heard about ten deaths at one facility in kansas. what are the take-aways? >> 40% of people who tested positive from this specific study were asymptomatic. one out of five were presymptomatic. meaning that they tested and developed symptoms later. when it comes to nursing homes, we know it's a high risk group. sometimes it's not that easy to physical distance in that situation. even if someone tests positive and they don't have any symptoms, they still need to understand they can be contagious. >> and lastly, dr. patel, there could be an even closer link between the coronavirus and diabetes. what are your hearing? >> viruses can cause type i diabetes. if you have type ii diabetes, the hospitalization can make everything that much worse. so this is a really important thing that we need to pay attention to, as we have what we call long haulers, where people who don't necessarily have an
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acute illness from coronavirus but have a long-term, we want to see how that causes new cases of diabetes or how it worsens preexisting cases. it's a really important thing to follow up on. >> my thanks to dr. alok patel. and it's important also to know that type i diabetes cases have previously been associated with other viruses including influenza and previous coronavirus as well. >> i have type i diabetes. this is something we have to look out for. there are warning signs like extreme thirst, fatigue and constant urination. you know, coronavirus, underlying health conditions. >> we're learning so much about this virus every day. >> yeah. well, coming up, the explosive new revelations between the sibling rivalry between prince harry and prince william. >> the royal historian who says the royal brothers were pitted against each other right from the start.
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dr. dto do a lot right now. that we're asking americans so we're asking everyone to be selfless for others so that we can protect those who are most susceptible to this virus. dr. jerome adams: a question i often get asked is, "why should young people care about the spread of coronavirus?" well we know that people with underlying medical conditions
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over the age of 60 are at highest risk, but they've got to get it from somebody. dr. anthony fauci: social distancing is really physical separation of people. dr. deborah birx: it's what we refer to when we ask people to stay at least six feet apart. dr. anthony fauci: not going to bars, not going to restaurants, not going to theaters where there are a lot of people... it all just means physical separation so you have a space between you and others who might actually be infected or infect you. dr. jerome adams: we all have a role to play in preventing person-to-person spread of this disease which can be deadly for vulnerable groups. for more information on how you can social distance please go to
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♪ it never rains in california ♪ but, girl, don't they warn ya ♪ we know prince harry and duchess meghan have been settling into their new lives in sunny southern california, but a new front of dark clouds could be gathering on the horizon. >> the new book out today is casting new light on the sibling rivalry he's apparently had all his life with his brother prince william. here's abc's megan ruley. >> in the new book "battle of the brothers," royal historian robert lacey paints a bleak picture of two young men struggling with the demons of their past.
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two princes pitted against each other from the start. >> so many stories out right now focus on meghan. and but it seems like this rift happened quite some time ago. >> this story goes right back to the beginning when they were children. at the age of 6 or 7 william starts becoming more serious. he's aware of his destiny as a king. harry goes in the opposite direction. >> do you think william set harry up to fail? >> there is a sense, i think, in which william could be criticized for setting harry up to fail. it suited the elder brother so well to have the court jester, to have the guy who always carried the blame, both when they were teenagers and now. >> lacey contends that harry was increasingly unhappy in this role, so when he met meghan, he took the chance to break free. >> he falls in love with this mega watt woman. he's inspired. he's transformed by her. and he wants hr than that. the palace couldn't handle it.
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>> do you think meghan was treated unfairly by the palace? >> there's a clique down there in buckingham palace, frankly, that i think have got it in for meghan. >> the couple, lacey says, became too big for the institution. >> they were these mega rock stars, who frankly for the first couple of years overshadowed william and kate. somehow they had to be edged out. and i fear that is the long-term solution that the palace sees. >> the palace sending a message to harry. >> a picture is issued of the four monarchs of the present and the future. i think the underlying message of that is, just remember your place, harry and meghan. these are the people that really matter in the royal family and you are the backup. you're trying to play too prominent a role. >> the battle between the brothers reaching fever pitch as harry publicly announces his plans to step down as a senior royal.
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>> they explode. and they publish their own plans, which they'd been planning to release after proper discussion. but harry lost his cool, he put it out there. the royal family get about ten minutes notice of what he's going to do, so they lose their cool. william in particular loses his cool. >> william refusing to even have lunch with harry before the big meeting at the queen's sandringham estate. last january when the couple's future was knocked out. now living in california, harry and meghan have been speaking up on causes important to them without the constraints of the royal family. lacey argues their departure was grossly mishandled by all and is a great loss to the monarchy. >> ooh, some drama there, our thanks to maggie rulli. that book is out today. >> i got a little sibling rivalry with my brother. should i write a book? >> is he outshining you? >> i would say so. >> does he think you're trying to take his throne? >> find out in the book. coming up "the mix."
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proof you're never too old to hit that bucket list. mix." proof you're never too old to hit that bucket list.
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♪ all right. time now for "the mix." let's start off with it's not my junior year art project, but it's pretty darn close. this was a huge cat found etched into a desert in peru. it's still impressive because of the size. >> i think it's perfect. >> if you didn't tell me that was a cat, i wouldn't know what that is. >> it's a cat. >> okay. >> don't hate on that. >> i got a "b" in art so -- in high school. >> okay. i'm going to have to see what you can draw. take a look at this. this woman in maryland is proving to us that you're never too old to try new things. she's 102 years old. she's a world war ii veteran.
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she's being featured on american heros channel honor flight heros. she was asked if there was anything that she wants to cross off her bucket list and this is what she said. i honestly am starting to believe that the older people get, the more fearless they get. >> yeah, i have no desire to skydive, but ask me when i'm 99 years old. >> i'm going to track you down and find out. in baltimore, maryland. i assume. i don't know. >> wow. >> this is vivian millie bailey. she is a rock star. and inspiration to us all. >> let's get a look at some halloween costumes. it's never too early to look at halloween costumes. of course there are going to be some quarantined themed costumes, here are some of our favorites. hand sanitizer, that's the easy one. come on, that's the easy one. >> i saw a sexy hand sanitizer outfit. it was rough, you guys. don't do it. this is even still kind of rough, but okay. what's next?
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>> this next one is great. this is my favorite, half dressed for zoom because this is how we're all zooming these days. this is pretty clever here. go with shorts and a tie on top. business on top. >> then dr. fauci is actually a halloween costume. just glasses, i guess, and a suit. >> that is the best dr. fauci i've ever seen. that costume looks just like fauci. >> just like dr. anthony fauci. then there is a character from quarantine show. >> i wonder which one it could be. >> tiger king. >> hey, all you cool cats and kittens. >> carol baskin is on the right. joe exotic on the left. >> all you're missing are the cowboy boots. >> finally, you could go as me for halloween. this is a couch potato. >> check this out. it's a hamster that dresses up in a scary outfit but then is
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