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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 22, 2020 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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♪ be sure to tune in for complete coverage of the final presidential debate tomorrow night starting at 8:00/7:00 central here on abc. that's "nightline" for tonight. see you back here at the same time. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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one business has two generators ready to go. i'll tell you why in my story. >> tracking fire danger and winds. hour by hour look at how strong and how long coming up. reports of high school students having sleepovers shuts down campus for in person learning amid concerns. bars and restaurants in san jose can be open longer, but the issue is employment. abc 7 news starts right now. now from abc 7 live breaking news. and that breaking news is a new red flag warning just went into effect for large parts of the bay area until friday morning. pg&e has started shutting off power to parts of sonoma county because of the extreme fire danger. >> tonight the eutility reduced the number of planned outages. the bulk of customers in napa county. >> we have team coverage on the dangerous fire weather.
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let's start with j.r. stone in calistoga where residents and businesses. >> fill up your gas container, another public safety shut off is underway. >> i'm filling the gas can for the generator. >> reporter: in calistoga, that is expected to happen on the west side of town early thursday morning due to the threat of dangerous fire conditions in the area. >> you never know when they're going to shut off the power. >> reporter: when the local restaurant had closed in the past, it can no longer afford to do that. they now have not just one but two generators ready to go as they plan to cook outside. >> that's not going to work for us anymore, so we're going to set up a tent and we're going to put up a grill that we connect to the generator. we're going to make burgers. >> reporter: this area has seen multiple recent power shut offs. most understand why, they'll also tell you they're getting tired of one thing.
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>> generators are very loud. and they smell bad. . >> these generators all the time driving us nuts. >> reporter: it cost david shaw $37 a day to keep his generator going. he says he doesn't have much of a choice. >> it's expensive but what am i going to do? >> the owner of local q 707 tells me these will be going bright and early thursday morning so they can do business during this power outage. in calistoga, abc 7 news. take a look. this is what fires crews extremely worried. these are the bone dry hillside on the peninsula area. what can we expect tonight and tomorrow. let's check in with sandhya patel. sandhya. >> yeah ama and dan, we are looking at winds wrapping up, the humidity dropping. and the concern is the fire danger is heightened. we have a red flag warning in effect until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow
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for the north bay, the east bay hills, the east bay valleys. it goes into affect in the valleys and the coast at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow. wind gusts could reach as high as 35 to 50-miles-per-hour. low humidity and dry fuels means wild fire risks, definitely high up there and spread is going to be high. winds right now not too bad at this hour out of the northeast. take a look at the hour by hour wind forecast. 3:00 a.m. tomorrow seeing 17 to 25-mile-an-hour winds. they get even stronger. 8:00 a.m. you're seeing winds up to 32-miles-an-hour at the higher elevations in the north bay and eventually the winds start to spread down into the east bay and the peninsula. i let you know how long the fire danger will last and a closer look at the winds for the sbur bay area. >> thank you very much. will you be affected by pg&e's power shut offs in the next few
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hours? we have a helpful tool where you can plug in our address to find out. just go to our website. health is something we're committed to in our efforts to build a better bay area, especially during the pandemic. new at 11:00, a private high school has closed after disturbing news. abc 7 news reporter kate larson has the dangerous gatherings taking place among students. >> reporter: back in june former county high school students tested positive for covid. a parent tells me this happened after a sleepover. now four months later campus is closed after reports of even more sleepovers and a large student party over the weekend. >> we know the police was present, and it sounds like there was up to 100 people there. >> reporter: dr. matt willis is marin county health officer. >> this party was an illustration. >> reporter: a marin county parent who wants to remain
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anonymous says to me about the gatherings, i think it is irresponsible parenting. teachers are putting their lives on the line to teach our children. this is not a safe choice. you're endangering every single person in our community. >> it was time to pause. >> reporter: chris valdez is the principle of marin catholic. on monday after learning of the risky behavior outside of school, he sent this letter to families and made the decision to suspend in-person learning for two weeks. students had just returned to campus at the beginning of october. >> let's give everybody sort of a wake-up call and recognize that we are fully interconnected and everything we do both inside of school and outside of school has impact on the communities. >> principal valdez says there are no new cases of covid that they know of, and he expects hybrid learning on campus to resume november 2nd. i'm kate larson, abc 7 news. also in the north bay, police in central marin are warning that you can get ticketed for not following
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public health orders even when outside. central marin police say this past sunday an onlooker reported several soccer groups at piper park. they say a group was playing full contact soccer without masks or social distancing. police say several players were cited for that. they say other players and groups were either leaving or complying with the order. police say now local officials are considering better signage and an awareness campaign about the rules at parks. a surprise police crackdown has led to a change in the economy program. after restaurants were forced to shut down early saturday, many complained it had hurt their bottom line. abc 7 news reporter lauren martinez explains the new rules. >> reporter: if you like eating alfresco in san jose, restaurants will be allowed to serve until midnight. >> here we go after the six, seven months that we've been in covid, it gives us --
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everyone -- some breathing room. >> reporter: but this breathing room kaf after san jose police officers enforced the 10:00 p.m. curfew. after complaints on that contcr, the city manager said he could amend the time from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 and expedite the process for this weekend. >> it's good to get a list of rules. we're on the same page. i'm not sure about the time. they told us one time and i heard it's another time. >> reporter: martinez says it works out better for them since they can move patrons from the street on to the pate yo but for those that don't have the option, they might not be able to stay open until midnight because of staff availability. >> if it's not business enough to have the business, it's kind of hard to justify. but how do do you know how busy it's going to be until you're
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open that late. >> we're not trying to lose out on new business. >> reporter: in san jose, lauren martinez. to the east bay where they're taking a big step toward getting back to business as alameda county relaxes some safety e are strikss. starting friday, restaurants can offer indoor service at 25% capacity or fewer than 100 people. the same capacity rule also applies to movie theaters, indoor worship services and gyms and fitness centers. indoor stores and malls can increase capacity now to 50%. the county today advanced to the orange safety tier due to a decrease in cases and the positivity rate. in the south bay, california's great america is asking it's guests to put pressure on the governor to let it reopen. the amusement park sent an email urging supporters to urge to open the parks. the county must be in the yellow tier to welcome back guests.
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we have made it easy for you to keep tabs on the rules and what's open where you live. this interactive reopening tracker is on our website, new developments, the cdc has changed its definition of close contact with someone infected with covid-19. it now includes multiple brief exposures over a 24-hour period. previously the cdc defined the close contact as 15 minutes of continuous exposure. this change follows the death of a vermont prison worker believed to be infected after numerous brief encounters with coronavirus-positive inmates. russia and iran are accused of meddling in the presidential election, what the fbi is revealing about their plot. san jose searching for a new police chief tonight, how the community is getting involved in that process. and one bay area man comes up with a creative way to send messages of love and support. >> very sweet. those stories and a lot more coming up.
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it's pretty delicious. developing news here tonight. federal investigators have concluded iran and russia are working to influence the presidential election. >> these actions are desperate attempts my desperate adversaries. >> they say iran and russia have both obtained voter registration information. there's no evidence russia has acted on it but invs. gators say iran has sent spoof emails to some voters designed to intimidate and, quote, damage president trump. >> our election systems are
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rezul yent ar resilient and you can be confident your votes are secure. a spokesman for the iranian mission has denied the accusations. election day is 13 days away. president trump is keeping a busy schedule. >> former vice president joe biden is off the campaign trail and relying on a powerful surrogate. marci gonzalez is in nashville where the two candidates will face off tomorrow night. for the first time this election season, former president barack obama on the campaign trail. >> i get this president wants full credit for the economy he inherited and zero blame for the pandemic that he ignored, but you know what? the job doesn't work that way. >> reporter: attacking president trump at this drive-in rally in pennsylvania while stumping for his former vice president joe biden in what's become a must-win state. >> you guys delivered for me twice, and i am back here tonight to ask you to deliver
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the white house for joe biden and kamala harris. >> reporter: meanwhile biden has spent this week in his home state of delaware e pr pairing for thursday night's debate that will be held here at belmont university in nashville. in an effort to limit the interprupgss that dominated the first debate, this time the microphones will be silenced sometimes. they have contrasting thoughts on that. >> i think there should be more limitations on us not interrupting one another. >> i think the mute is very unfair. >> president trump criticizing the debate rules, the moderator, and the topics that will be covered. >> and i think it's very bad that they're not talking about foreign affairs. they're supposed to be talking about foreign affairs. and i think that the anchor is a very biased person. her parents are very biased. >> and while he says he is preparing for the face off, his
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focus remains on the campaign trail. the president, who is trailing in most polls, spending this week holding rallies in key swing states, the lawsuitest in north carolina. >> it's time to send a message to these wealthy liberal hypocrites by delivering joe biden a thundering defeat on onn november 3rd. >> marci gonzalez, nashville. senate democrats are planning to boycott a senate judiciary committee vote on supreme court nominee amy coney barrett. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is planning for a full senate vote on monday. >> san jose is trying to build a better bay area by getting community input to help guide the search for a new police chief. about a dozen residents joined the discussion tonight for city officials. a top request was for more
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community engagement from police. >> they put officers on the street walking the street getting to talk to and getting to know the neighborhood so that when, you know, when myself or when some of the younger kids are walking around, they see them as an asset rather than somebody to run away from. >> former chief eddie garcia announced his retirement in august. city officials say they hope to have a new chief by march. let's switch gears now and talk about the weatherer and the fire danger we're experiencing, dan. >> yeah, ama, it's critical the next few hours and next couple of days. meteorologist sandhya patel tracking it all for us. sandhya. >> yeah, dan and ama, critical fire weather conditions indeed. we are talking about gusty downsloping winds, dangerously low humidity, and record dry vegetation. so, something to keep in mind. stay vigilant everyone. and fire danger index shows you high to very high likelihood of fire danger in the north and the
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east bay. sorry if my director can hear me, i'm getting return in my ear. so, i'm hearing everything back. 10:00 a.m. thursday we're also seeing some very high likelihood of fire danger here locally. as we take a look at the hour by hour wind gusts, 4:00 a.m., 27-miles-per-hour winds in fairfield, calistoga 26. those winds continue to remain gusty but ease a little bit as we head into the afternoon hours and then pick back up again tomorrow night. the humidity is going to drop which is a big concern here. you will notice around 10% fairfield tomorrow night, 11% in antioch. you combine that with the critically dry veg interrogatet that's why there's a concern here. humidity is low into friday afternoon and the fire danger remains as well. live doppler 7 showing you the absence of fog. what we really need is rain. if we get about a half an inch to an inch of rain, that would
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end our fire season, but i don't see any rain any time soon. temperatures right now anywhere from the upper 40s to the low 70s, a live look from our east bay camera. you can see across the bay looking back sutro tower. winds wrapping up tonight. cooler pattern this weekend and looking at colder mornings early next week. first thing tomorrow morning, windy, north and east bay hills, also parts of the santa cruz mountains and san mateo coast. it is going to be breezy but not as windy as tomorrow morning. mid 80s inland. along the coast you'll see temperatures in the upper 60s to the mid 70s. fast forward to friday, notice the temperatures continue to drop. most areas will be in the 70s inland, 60s coast side. saturday the fog rereally starts to push in. clouds increase and temperatures in the upper 50s to mid 70s.
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even cooler in some areas for sunday. it will feel like late fall friday. the accuweather 7 day forecast elevated fire danger the next two days. after that, cloudier, cooler, another round of gusty winds sunday night into monday. cold mornings. we'll feel the autumn chill monday, tuesday and wednesday. ama, dan. >> all right. sounds good. tomorrow on "good morning america" robin roberts and rob marciano are live from the hurricane-battered gulf coast to show america stands with them in this
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a bay area artist who could not see his sick father in the hospital came up with a bright idea. >> allen marling's father was recently at stanford hospital's icu and because of covid he couldn't visit. yesterday he decided to shine his love and gratitude in light on the hospital's wall. his dad was ...this one's for you.
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the dodgers started gaim two sending to the hill. this fan makes a catch on a home run ball, ends up throwing his gun on the field. bottom 4, cruising along, muncie swing and a miss, then will smith swinging nine strikeouts, 4 and two-thirds. make it 5-0. brandon lowe lifts it to left.
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corey seager. how good has he been. 6-4 game. that's as close as l.a. would get. chris taylor check swing right there. rays beat the dodgers. this series tied. rays will be the home team in that game. it is on to new england. looking to carry momentum into foxborough this weekend. don't expect to see richard sherman or d. ford. the 9ers play four more games gs new orleans before that by in week 11. >> try every week and block out everything else and getting better as the year goes. i really felt that last week. >> as soon as monday was over, we were right on to new england. it's a brand-new week, brand-new challenge for us. i think we approach each week with the same mindset that we've got to get better from the previous. so, it doesn't matter what happened. we can use that momentum. but at the end of the day we've
1:36 am
still got to put the work in. >> it was building. it was building. you have to experience adversity. you have to experience tough times in order for those kind of moments to rise and for everybody to grow together. >> the seattle sauks are pushing to sign antonio brown. he's eligible after eight game suspension. he played one game for new england before being cut again. 14 years ago today, marshawn lynch took the cart for a ride. win over washington in overtime. after the game was sealed on an interception, lynch, he did
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and thank you so much for watching tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for chris alvarez, sandhya patel and all of us. we appreciate your time. we'll see you tomorrow.
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despite a free 90-day trial, the streaming service struggled. hollywood heavyweights including our parent company disney will lose investments of nearly $2 billion. a miami attorney is accused of a series of bank robberies. prosecutors say aaron honeacre tried to rob five banks over the last few weeks and was successful at two of them. they say he got away with less than $2,000. he was taken into custody while carrying demand notes he would pass to tellers. a girl in california is going out of her way to help other kids who are affected by a massive wildfire. >> she set up a go fund me to create halloween goodie bags. >> her campaign got the she raised $1,200, enough to make 130 bags. attention of a big brother big sister which made a $5,000 donation. it will pay for jackets for children who need them. i love to see the next generation step up.
1:40 am
we know how devastating the effects of a wildfire can be and how kids just want to celebrate halloween. they just want to feel normal, especially this year. >> especially for kids. and halloween is just -- as a kid, it was my favorite holiday. i'm sure it was yourself, as well. just to see this is actually really incredible. >> it really is. you go, arna. coming up, one woman's under six-minute mile while nine months pregnant. plus, the new study that suggests mouthwash and oral rinses can inactivate the coronavirus. our medical experts weigh in. later, the terrifying moments for a kayaker in australia as he was stalked by a great white shark. as he was stalked by a great white shark.
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