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tv   ABC7 News 800PM  ABC  October 22, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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it was the last time donald trump and joe biden met face to face before they go head to head in the election and they addressed the big issues. >> people deserve to have affordable health care, period. period, period. >> i am the least racist person in this room. >> with the new threat of having their microphones muted if they interrupted the fair bacial expressions spoke volumes. welcome to this special edition of abc 7 news. >> with just 12 days to go until the election the candidates made their final appeal to voters. both promised change and even alluded to what they plan to tell americans on inauguration day. we brought in a team to talk about this for you.
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abc 7 news contributor and chronicle insider is here with his perspective. first though let's hear from abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz breaking down the debate. at least we had a debate tonight. >> we did. a total 180 from the debate a few weeks ago. the candidates were still as contentious and combative but did allow each other to speak in part because the mics could be muted which led to a healthy debate on several topics starting with coronavirus. the two sparred on how to reopen the country. >> if you have a restaurant you need plexiglas dividers so people cannot infect one another. you need to be in a position where you can take testing rapidly and know whether the person is in fact infected. you need to be able to trace. >> these are businesses with no money. putting a plexiglas up is unbelievably expensive and it's not the answer. you're going to sit there in a cubicle wrapped around with plastic? >> the candidates also sparred
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over health care and national security. the president went after biden's son hunter biden and then biden in turn went after trump for not releasing his tax returns accusing him of hiding something. it did get pretty personal. one of the most contentious moments came over a debate on immigration and a conversation about the children separated from their parents at the border. >> let's talk about what we're talking about. what happened? parents were ripped, their kids were ripped from their arms and separated and now they cannot find over 500 sets of those parents and those kids are alone. nowhere to go. nowhere to go. it's criminal. >> catch and release is a disaster. a murderer would come in. a rapist would come in. a very bad person would come in. we would take their name. we have to release them into our country. >> now a very memorable moment came during this section about race. the president again repeated
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something he said before that he is the least racist person in this room. >> i am the least racist person. i can't even see the audience because it is so dark. but i don't care who's in the audience. i'm the least racist person in this room. >> abraham lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we've had in modern history. he fuels fuel on every single racist fire. every single one. >> very personal you can see. the debate ended with a conversation on climate change and with final words from the two candidates about how they would speak to americans who did not vote for them on inauguration day. as you saw fewer interruptions and clashes tonight and we did get to hear from the candidates. >> we really did. thank you, liz. there were no plexiglas dividers between the candidates tonight though they were in place earlier as you can see in this video. both candidates recently tested negative for coronavirus. president trump and joe biden were joined on stage by their wives moments after the debate
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wrapped. the president was the only one to not wear a mask. joe biden put his back on after making his final comments. his wife jill and first lady melania trump both had their faces covered. the first lady canceled a rally yesterday not feeling well as she recovers from the coronavirus. >> let's bring in abc 7 news contributor and chronicle insider phil mattier and we want to get you at home involved as well. go to abc to take part in our live poll happening now. we'd love to hear from you. phil, first question. we saw joe biden elevate his game tonight. we saw president trump elevate his game based on the last debate. who do you think won tonight? >> i would say that it was a draw. that is going to get some conflict out there but let's take a look at this as we go into the election. the joe biden that showed up tonight was much more concise, much more on point, more empathetic in talking to the american people. he did not make any of the blunders on get the knockout
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punch from donald trump that would have hurt his campaign. as it stands right now, the polls are to be believed, he is ten points ahead. on the other hand, and this is the other hand, donald trump was also much more contained than he had been before and at the same time laid out a case for his own re-election. something he do in the first debate. if he had showed up in the first debate as he did tonight he might not be ten points ahead. in the end it is up to the judges, the voters, to decide who wins. it reinforced both sides' base to get them out there and that might be the ultimate decider in this race. >> interesting. >> let's talk about the fact this is the first debate where microphones could be muted. kind of nice. what was your take on that? >> i thought it was embarrassing. the idea we had a presidential
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debate where you had to mute the microphones, come on. starting from that is not a good place to be. it controlled both sides. it gave joe biden two minutes to say what he wanted to say. it didn't change the bottom line. no matter what the topic eventually it came to a question of character. i think biden was out of the gate making that case that donald trump lacks the character to continue on in office and trump was trying to do the same with him through his questions about biden's son's business dealings and everything else. everything swirled around but came out in the end as a character attack which again shows where we are as an electorate. i am not too crazy about that either. >> we had heard maybe trump's advisers were telling him to be a little self-deprecating and i think we saw that in how he went after biden when biden tried to make comments about people around the dinner table he would
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sort of mock him for being a politician. we were seeing that strategy which was interesting and new. overall this was the last debate between the candidates. is it going to move the needle? do ung it would help if there were more debates or people pretty much know who they're voting for? >> i think people know who they're voting for. tonight we got #ttheir personalities on display. we got to watch them calm, we got to watch them heated. i would have liked if just once we could have heard the words you know you might have a point there. you know i agree with you on that but maybe we could do it better this way. that is not where we're at. we're at extremes on both sides, pull out the worst, try to make the other side sound as ridiculous as possible, and not at all try to bring it together. and the shame and the challenge is whoever gets elected that is what they're supposed to do is bring together, say to somebody, yeah. you might have a point
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maybe we can hear that out. >> great job on the analysis. thanks, phil. >> questions are swirling about a comment president trump made recalling when he stopped chinese travelers from entering the u.s. at the start of the pandemic. he zeroed in on the reaction from joe biden and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> when i closed, he said i shouldn't have closed. and that went on for nancy pelosi said the same thing. she was dancing on the streets in china town in san francisco. >> abc 77 was with nancy pelosi when she visited china town 22 days after the trump administration started enforcing a ban on travelers from mainland china. she visited the historic fortune cookie factory as a way to show support for businesses. this happened roughly three weeks before the city's shelter in place order. california governor gavin
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newsom was following the debate and tweeting. he posted, quote, california isn't dying. we're keeping aflians alive and healthy so we can open our economy safely along with a chart showing california's per capita case rate below that of many other states. the governor also tweeted, quote, we are in a pandemic. we need the affordable care act. >> all registered voters in kaufl are receiving mail-in ballots. all vote by mail ballots in california come with prepaid postage. you can return or mail it as late as november 3rd. it can be dropped off at the county elections office, drop box, or any polling place. track your ballot online and then you'll find a link on our website. what does it take to get young people to vote? a greater effort than usual for this election. you can blame the pandemic for that. tonight a look at the main factors that get in the way of getting people to the polls. >> these are what we consider to be minimum criteria.
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afternoon when a fire started burning in red flag conditions. it started in a homeless encampment near 35th avenue and began moving toward some apartment buildings. additional firefighters were called in. the fire department says it is now under control. a gunman surrendered peacefully tonight after barricading himself inside an oakland shoe store for more than five hours. firing a weapon and taking an employee hostage. it happened at the wss shoe store on high street near bancroft. police say he initially took the hostage around 11:15 this morning but released the person unharmed around 2:00. at one point he fired six shots through the wall of the building. the surrender came around 5:00. >> that was his choice to surrender and we want to put the focus on that and appreciate the surrender. peaceful, safe. no one has been hurt in this incident. >> oakland police say the man is a suspect in the double homicide that happened monday on 84th avenue.
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>> former 49er dana stubblefield was sentenced to 15 years to life in prison today. in july he was found guilty of the 2015 rape of a mentally disabled woman who had gone to his morgan hill home to interview for a baby-sitting job. stubblefield's attorneys say they plan to appeal. berkeley police are searching for police after a young mother pregnant with her second child was killed in an outrageous drive by shooting last night on prince street in south berkeley as the victim's mother, young son, and siblings all sat in the car with her. >> they say 22 shots in her car. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after her 19-year-old daughter was gunned down in front of her in a drive by shooting, she stood with her 10-month-old grandson surrounded by her surviving son and daughter after the family was caught in a hail of gun fire wednesday night. >> i would not be able to see my baby walk in the house, give her son kisses, or anything.
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we just need answers. >> reporter: two months'  pregnant serenity henderson was driving. her baby son and teenage brother and sister were in the back seat when two cars suddenly boxed them in. >> it was a black car. that pulled up behind us and a white car pulled up on the side of us. the white car pulled up on the side of us and they just opened up fire. >> somehow no one but serenity was struck. like its neighboring cities berkeley had seen an alarming uptick in shootings in recent weeks including increased use of weapons capable of firing dozens of shots in a matter of seconds. >> i mean, these people never bother nobody. >> todd walker is close with serenity's family and is a funeral director in the east bay where services for young people like her have been all too frequent. >> like now, shooting innocent people right now. they're just shooting because they feel like don't nobody
8:16 pm
care. they really feel like don't nobody care and that's sad. >> they didn't even care about her baby being in the car. we just want answers. she never bothered nobody. she never hurt anyone. >> in berkeley, abc 7 abc 7 abc7 >> just awful. we are working to try to build a better bay area, which feels monumental after a story like that. which means putting the spotlight on issues of racial or social injustice. the santa clara county district attorney's office has begun dismissing select cases including san jose police officers who made hateful comments on social media. >> after reviewing nearly 250 minor cases dating back to 2005, the santa clara county district attorney's office will dismiss more than a dozen that were directly handled by a small number of san jose police officers who were accused of making racist remarks on social
8:17 pm
media. >> we determined that 14 of those cases we needed to dismiss because we could no longer stand behind those convictions. >> reporter: the move comes after the officers were exposed by a blogger earlier this summer. santa clara county public defender molly o'neill commended the da for taking this step but hopes more dismissals are on the way and also wants an audit saying, quote, when you have officers freely posting vile, racist comments on a public website, there is clearly a deep-rooted problem with the culture of that department and when you have such a racist culture you simultaneously have decent officers silenced by the very nature of that culture. advocacy organizations such as the council on american islamic relations say the public should speak out when they see something that is inappropriate. >> we need that data to continue to make progress to advocate for reforms and really to hold those who abuse their power accountable. >> in a statement san jose
8:18 pm
police chief eddie garcia said, quote, the scrutiny officers are receiving regarding inappropriate behavior is warranted, and in this instance, i understand the da's office decision to seek dismissal in minor cases. he added any officer tound to have acted inappropriately would be held accountable. the police union has come out against the da's decision saying, quote, we will not stand for any of our officers to be used as the da's political football. we will fight if need be in the courts to protect any officer from being a political pawn to further jeff rosen's raw political ambition. the poa added two of the four officers under investigation have been cleared of wrongdoing and are already back at work. despite the criticism the district attorney says this is a matter of building trust. >> trying to make sure that everybody knows they are entitled to and will receive fair and equal treatment under the law. that is my solemn pledge. >> in san jose, abc 7 news.
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>> if you're dealing with issues involving racial and social justice go to action for a list of local resources to help you find your ally. the bay area got a break from the weather and pg&e. the utility company canceled the planned power shut-off in the bay area today but did proceed with turning off the power in other parts of northern california. we are not completely out of the woods. a new power shut-off could start on sunday and that is all dependent on the weather forecast. we're watching yet again to see what might happen with pg&e and the power shut-offs. >> >> those winds sunday night into monday are potentially going to be damaging here locally. so let's take a look at the winds right now and then we'll talk about what's coming. right now they are gusty picking up from earlier today. mount diablo, mount helena
8:20 pm
24-mile-per-hour out of the north, noeft wind. a very dry, downsloping wind which tends to dry out the already critical fire conditions we are facing right now. the atmosphere dries that out. excuse me. red flag warning until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. low humidity and dry fuel so any winds that do start the fires will spread rapidly. a live doppler 7 showing you fog along the coast. the air quality right now good to moderate as you will notice. we are seeing some impacts from fires around the state. tomorrow afternoon. today was cooler. tomorrow afternoon will be very similar. mild weather. low 60s to the low 80s. as you check out the fire weather watch 11:00 a.m. sunday to tuesday. this is the biggest concern. gusts 40 to 60 miles an hour. 70 plus at the higher terrain. that means critical to extreme fire weather conditions possible in the bay area. the accu weather seven day forecast cooler pattern for the weekend. watching the winds sunday night into monday bringing extreme fire weather conditions here locally and then cold mornings will follow. >> change is coming.
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all right. thank you. a pig is more than just a pet especially with a name like piggy smalls who disappeared after the glass fire destroyed his family
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got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. a turkey that terrorized an oakland neighborhood for months now has a new home. gerald was captured in the rose garden this morning. wildlife officials had been after him for a while because the turkey had become increasingly aggressive forcing
8:24 pm
the closure of the park. shortly after his capture as you see here gerald was released into the wild in the east bay hills. >> and all is well that ends well there. in the north bay there is a search under way for a pot bellied pig a pet that went missing after the glass fire. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman spoke with the family. >> not so subtle hints we've entered the sonoma county fire zone. all the trucks moving through a charred landscape and the signs, so many, many, many signs including this one for a lost pet. >> that's a spring picture. he is a little less fat in the fall. >> reporter: that's sarah talking about the loss of piggy smalls, a 100-pound pot bellied pig. on the night of september 27th the fire started about a mile away and advanced. the family packed up quickly but piggy ran off. it is as if he made up his own mind, sarah said. when is the last time you saw him? >> as we were driving away.
8:25 pm
>> reporter: the family left with no time to spare roughly one hour ahead of the flames. they came back two days later and found nothing, no sign of piggy smalls. not a day has passed without sarah and the family wondering and searching for their beloved pig who liked to play with the dog or cuddle up and snuggle, or wander through the forest. for that last reason they cling to hope >> i think he is still out there. >> which led to hundreds of signs place bide a family that lost its home and must rebuild. this is putting one foot in froch front of the other says sarah >> i think looking for piggy smalls is a beacon of hope for us. have we looked under this bridge yet? >> still missing a pot bellied pig under 100 pounds. if you've ever lost a pet you understand completely. >> when does this end? >> when we find piggy one way or another. >> reporter: in sonoma county, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> maybe, hopefully somebody took piggy smalls in and we'll
8:26 pm
now see the story and hopefully they'll be reunited, dan. >> let's hope. piggy looks extremely sweet. with any luck he is okay. we'll continue to keep tabs. up next local experts weigh in on a vaccine advisory committee meeting. their concerns
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today remdesivir became the first and only drug to be approved by the fda as a covid-19 treatment. the antiviral drug is from gilead sciences in foster city. abc 7's special correspondent explains what the drug can and can't do. >> the most important thing people need to understand is remdesivir an antiviral isn't necessarily a cure. it doesn't matter what the president said. it is not preventative either. it is a medication you would take if you have a serious enough illness to be hospitalized for covid-19 and is given through iv. it is not a cure. it's just going to shorten how long you are sick for. >> against the back drop of the remdesivir approval an fda committee met today tasked with deciding when and if any of the vaccines might be ready for release. >> during a live stream of the hearing researchers and health experts from around the country weighed entreprenein, warning t
8:30 pm
against politicizing the process. >> reporter: the fda's vaccine advisory committee usually meets in mere obscurity but today experts from around the country joined in on a live stream of the hearing. the panel assured them the agency would enforce a minimum efficacy standard before considering any vaccine for emergency clearance and would also require strict followup testing. >> these are what we consider to be minimum criteria. >> but concerns poured in over the release of other covid related drugs later reversed and the perception the agency is under intense political pressure from the white house to approve a vaccine quickly. >> the president of the united states has promoted unproven miracle cures and dangerous theories for partisan gain. >> if we don't take steps to restore public confidence in this all of these people have told us they're not going to take this vaccine. >> this stanford researcher argued the evidence of mistrust is already building and pointed
8:31 pm
to the responses by one-third of people in a recent stanford/yougov poll. >> endorsed a statement that said it is definitely or probably true that vaccine harmful effects are not being disclosed to the public. >> reporter: the committee has the responsibility of poring over data submitted by companies then delaying or sending a release request along for fda approval. stanford infectious disease expert yvonne maldonado says the advisory committee includes experts in the field. >> remember the key word here is advisory. so the government doesn't have to take any of these advisory recommendations officially. >> and with the pressures for a vaccine, perhaps only rivaled by demands for transparency an obscure fda committee is now likely to find itself working in a very bright spotlight. abc 7 news. >> the committee also promised to examine the data to gauge the effect any vaccine might have on
8:32 pm
varied groups including women and minority communities. >> your health is one of the pillars of building a better bay area. coronavirus cases around the world have topped 41.5 million now including people who have recovered of course. here in california 2,940 new coronavirus cases were reported in the last 24 hours. there were 162 deaths, which is the highest daily number reported this month. total cases in the state are above 880,000. 17,189 people in california have died. here's a look at daily bay area cases since march 1st. 429 new cases were added today. the yellow line is the rolling average lower than it was before but it's no longer dropping. it is in fact flattening out. >> not many businesses are expanding during the pandemic but lids opened a new store in san francisco today. a ribbon cutting was held this morning at pier 39. it is the sports retailer's
8:33 pm
largest location yet and eighth store in the city. lids said it added 40 new jobs with this store. san francisco based gap will close hundreds of stores over the next few years. about 30% of gap and banana republic stores in north america will close as the company focuses on outlets and e-commerce but gap does plan to open more old navy and athleta stores. shares rose almost 14% on the news. we are 12 days from the election. most eligible young voters across the u.s. don't vote especially true in california. fewer than half the people between the ages of 18 to 24 voted in the last two presidential elections. now in the midst of a pandemic the push to the polls is facing even more challenge. here's abc 7 news reporter. >> this high school senior can't wait to vote. at 17 he is already preregistered, doing what he can to push his older friend to the
8:34 pm
polls. >> so much that we are deciding right now and the policy choices being made now don't just affect us the next four years not even the next four decades but affect us for the next four generations. >> he is a model example of a dedicated young voter. abc 7's analysis of voter registration data shows only 42% of young people in california, ages 18 to 24, cast their vote in the 2016 presidential election. that's slightly below the national average for that age group. it was even worse in 2012. >> a lot of people also feel these elections don't necessarily affect them. according to our analysis the main reasons eligible young voters didn't vote in 2016 are either because they didn't like the candidate or too busy, out of town, or felt their vote didn't matter. not surprising to this democrat, a 20-year-old college student studying political science at pomona. >> we have to hammer in that this is kind of a privilege that we get to have such a voice in
8:35 pm
our own governments. it is not something that happens in every country. >> abc 7's analysis found young voters in california were 26% less likely to vote in 2016 compared to all other ages. this volunteer with the san francisco republican party expects it could be worse this year as voter registration booths aren't present on college campuses >> i think given the circumstances with the pandemic and not having those booths the young voters are missing out specifically in that demographic are missing out on a lot of resources. >> but if you ask ching -- >> this isn't a joke anymore. >> -- there is still hope. abc 7 news. usually you can't vote until you're 18 years old but voters could change that in this year's election. a 60-second explanation of prop 18 is next. plus -- >> i'm just really surprised that anyone would threaten a mother and young infant.
8:36 pm
>> who could do such a thing? a san francisco mother threatened over her ethnicity. surveillance video captures the le
8:37 pm
8:38 pm
voting is one of those rites of passage a benefit you gain when you turn 18 but californians could change the threshold slightly. abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz explains how in about 60 seconds. >> proposition 18 will allow
8:39 pm
first time voters to participate in a full election cycle. a yes vote on proposition 18 passes a constitutional amendment allowing 17-year-olds to vote in primaries and special elections who will turn 18 by the next general election. the voting age was 21 until 1971 when the u.s. constitution's 26th amendment was ratified which said the right to vote for 18-year-olds shall not be denied or abridged. prop 18 expands voting rights to 17-year-olds if legislators believe it is constitutional. it is to increase youth civic engagement and create life long voters. opponents say it should not be lowered because logic and reasoning are not fully developed. most 17-year-olds are living at home under the strong influence of parents and teachers and less likely to be independent thinkers. if approved california would join 18 other states and washington, d.c. allowing some 17-year-olds to vote in primaries. >> one of 12 propositions you'll
8:40 pm
find on your ballot. for a breakdown of all of them go to we'll turn our attention to the weather in just a moment. once again the wind could be our biggest issue. we have a look at some fire warnings next.
8:41 pm
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a simple request to wear a mask turned into a frightening confrontation. a mother is sharing her story to protect her family and the san francisco community she calls home. this is the story you'll see only on abc 7 news. >> it is really unacceptable to feel fear in your own home neighborhood. >> reporter: that fear is exactly the reason maria is choosing only to use her first name in sharing the story behind this racist letter. >> it basically says i wear my mask if i want, f word asian. you create the virus. >> it all began during a walk with her twin infant girls monday evening when she spotted a young man nearby. >> he wasn't wearing a mask. i asked when he came into ear shot that he wear a mask. >> reporter: what happened next was the beginning of a nightmare. >> it was quite alarming when he locked eyes with me and immediately started charging up the hill at me. >> reporter: marie says she ran
8:44 pm
into her home terrified. her husband then scared the man away. >> came rushing out because he heard the fear in my voice. >> reporter: but as seen in surveillance video the man police believe is connected with the incident came back multiple times. once to throw a water bottle. then an egg. then to leave not only the letter but a mask with this writing on it. >> it says, keep america without asians. >> sfpd describes the events as racially motivated and has escalated the case to their special investigations division and increased patrols in the area. after seeing so much of our coverage of the hate and discrimination toward asian americans marie has this message to the people of her hometown. >> if you have experienced the same thing please do report it. it's really natural to be fearful. but if we don't speak out no one will know this is happening. and no one can do anything about it. >> now, marie says she hopes by sharing her story the young man
8:45 pm
will get the help that he needs. the sfpd asks if anyone has experienced a similar incident to please come forward immediately. all right. let's turn your attention once again to the forecast and ama we're paying attention to fire danger. >> yes, seems like it just keeps going. let's get the latest. >> it's only going to get worse, unfortunately. dan and ama, we have stronger winds coming our way. let's take a look at the live picture right now. emeryville camera has been bouncing because the winds have been picking up especially over the higher terrain. gusts to 27 right now. mount st. helene. 29 mount diablo. a north-northeast wind. those are the diablo winds that dry out the atmosphere even more. red flag warning until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. low humidity and dry fuels not helping the situation. so the fires that do develop can quickly spread. gusts anywhere between 30 to 40 miles an hour during the overnight hours. from the san jose camera you see at the lower elevations nice and
8:46 pm
quiet. 57 in the city. 61 in oakland. 56 in gilroy. 63 degrees in san jose. from our explore tore yum camera a beautiful view of san francisco with just a touch of fog. mid 50s santa rosa, novato -- 62 in napa. 67 livermore. live doppler 7 will show you some foggy areas right near the coast line. that is going to continue into the morning hours. a live look from our sutra tower camera and san francisco is sparkling tonight. dusty winds in the hills overnight tonight. stronger winds arrive sunday night into monday. that is the concern. and it is going to be a cooler weekend with colder mornings next week. you may have noticed the temperatures dropped this afternoon and they're running lower than they were yesterday at this time by the way. so a fire weather watch goes up at 11:00 a.m. sunday and runs until 11:00 a.m. tuesday. the reason for this you could see most areas are covered by that watch is the winds are going to kick up same same samem
8:47 pm
north-northeast gusting 60 miles per hour. some of the favorite higher elevations could see 70 plus-mile-per-hour winds. if this does materialize critical to extreme fire conditions are expected. remain vigilant. here is the hour by hour forecast. 11:00 p.m. sunday night is when the winds ramp up. 40 are-mile-per-hour winds calistoga. 38 fairfield. 6:00 a.m. monday you're talking about 50-mile-per-hour winds around calistoga and that is the lower elevations. 44 there. calistoga. 43 in san francisco. it is definitely going to be a little more of a widespread event than the last couple events weef seen here. temperatures first thing tomorrow morning mid 40s to mid 50s. yes you'll feel the chill because it is going to be colder. still some fog around near the coast and breezy in the higher elevations. tomorrow afternoon you're looking at 62 in half moon bay to 82 in fairfield. a mild afternoon. 70 oakland. 77 san jose. here is your accu weather seven
8:48 pm
day forecast. fire danger remains elevated through tomorrow morning. winds will relax. a beautiful end to the work week in terms of the afternoon. then a cooler pattern for the weekend. notice upper 50s to low 60s. coast side. late night sunday into monday is when our critical fire weather conditions come in. very high fire danger as we go into tuesday. still gusty but the winds begin to relax in the afternoon and some cold mornings are expected. >> all right. quite a change. thank you. let's turn our attention to the one and only casey pratt on sports tonight. >> hey, dan. hey ama. golden opportunity for some as and giants players plus one big award season snub. and the usually guarded jimmy garoppolo actually seems a tad ex ♪ 100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo.
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious. good evening. the 49ers traveled to foxboro for the first time since 2012 this weekend and a win against the patriots on the road could be critical as the 49ers also have the seahawks, packers, and saints in the following weeks. now, the patriots' head coach bill belichick is a master of taking a top weapon out. george kill is the top weapon for jimmy garoppolo. but with the former patriots quarterback on the side, garoppolo who is usually pretty
8:52 pm
veiled in his comments did let on he is excited to face the former team that drafted him in 2014. >> it is an exciting week. get to go back to where it all started for my nfl career. it is a little different than the chicago week two years ago. you know, it's like i've come a long way learning offense and things like that. i feel a little different going into this one but the excitement level is the exact same. it is an exciting week and can't wait for sunday. >> no. jimmy is the same cat he was last week. came in. works hard. got the game plan down. he is slinging it. looked good at practice today. boys are fird up and ready to go. >> a pair of one win teams on thursday night. the giants and the eagles, third quarter giants down three points. quarterback daniel jones on the bootleg, a perfect play call. he is all by himself. oh, no. he's going to fall down. it's like when you get hit by the blue turtle shell way out in front in mario cart. the giants score a few plays later to go up 14-10. ho second to go eagles down.
8:53 pm
carson wentz -- the eagles hang on and win 22-21 their second of the year and tied for first in the nfc east. crazy. gold glove nominees out today. no surprise the as laureano has nabbed his first nomination. best among plajor league outfielders. two assists which brings his career total to 21 the most in the majors since his debut. matt olson also was nominated. brandon belt was the only giant to be nominated. 2020 strikes again. matt chapman the platinum glover snubbed this year round and get this the nominations came out on the final night of the election debate and they're going to be announced election day. doesn't make any sense. how weird is that? >> that is odd. in this strange year, strange season, right?
8:54 pm
>> all right. thanks. >> i don't know what they're thinking. i don't think anyone is paying attention to that >> i think
8:55 pm
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coming up next on abc 7 catch jeopardy followed by wheel of fortune and then at 10:00 watch shark tank. >> and coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> cars making their way into fort mason for a drive-in that was held for the debate. reaction and my story at 11:00.
8:57 pm
for the last five months, the bay area ballet classes operated indoors without incident. why the group is suddenly told to move outdoors. that is coming up but that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for the news any time on the abc 7 news app. thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time and we'll see you again later tonight.
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