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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 23, 2020 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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bhun dance of caution. we'll be here each and every tonight, the sprint to the finish. after their final debate, president trump and joe biden both campaigning. the president in florida tonight. declaring in the debate, we are turning the corner on the virus. the former vice president saying the reality is different, that we face a dark winter ahead. as we learn tonight, more than 82,000 new cases of the virus in this country in just the last 24 hours. the highest number in months. doctors have warned we needed to be at 10,000 a day as we head into fall. tonight, president trump seizing on joe biden's comments in the debate on the oil industry. biden telling reporters right after the debate what he meant. as the virus in the u.s. continues to spike across several states, the midwest, the south, the middle of this country, deaths now topping a thousand two days in a row now. a public health official breaking down in front of the
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cameras today because of the staggering toll. news breaking late today. a teenager arrested. a van full of guns. federal authorities now say tonight it was a plot to assassinate joe biden. pierre thomas standing by. the massive wildfires burning across colorado at this hour. the two largest fires in state history now just 10 miles apart. so many difficult stories emerging. tonight, the elderly couple married 68-years, missing in the flames. here in new york city, the subway attack. a 28-year old woman shoved onto the tracks at the times square station. police searching for the suspect tonight. the terrifying accident, a jeep tumbling down the side of a mountain. the driver had stepped out of the vehicle. one person in the passenger seat and her dog. and scientists and the first murder hornets nest ever discovered in the u.s. how they plan to get rid of it, and the bigger concern tonight.
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good evening, and it's great to have you with us here as we near the end of another week together. tonight, the fallout, the reaction and now the all-out sprint to the finish. more than 52 million americans have already voted. in the debate, coronavirus in this country, the economy, how will we pull out of this? it is the first question, and it is now the backdrop of these final 11 days. president trump saying we're rounding the corner on the virus, that we're learning to live with it. joe biden arguing that is simply not the reality, that we face a dark winter ahead, and we must open our country, giving families is and businesses the support we need while keeping americans safe. joe biden saying he'd reach out to every governor and mayor if elected while the president pushes ahead on his handling of the virus. he's in florida tonight. his campaign seizing on what joe biden said last night about oil.
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biden talking to reporters immediately after the debate explaining what he meant as they fight for the few undecides left in this country. jonathan karl leading us off. >> reporter: in their second and final faceoff, trump and biden presented starkly different views of a pandemic that has killed more than 223,000 americans and upended the campaign. >> it will go away, and as i say, we're rounding the turn. we're rounding the corner. it's going away. >> 220,000 americans dead. if you hear nothing else i say tonight, hear this -- anyone who's responsible for that many deaths should not remain as president of the united states of america. >> reporter: for a moment, ever so brief, the president took responsibility, and then he took it back. >> excuse me, i take full responsibility. it's not my fault that it came here. it's china's fault. >> reporter: new infections are spiking throughout much of the country. just this past week, 14 states hit a record number of people
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in the hospital with covid-19. >> we're about to go into a dark winter, a dark winter. and he has no clear plan. >> i don't think we're going to have a dark winter at all. we're opening up our country. we have no choice. we can't lock ourselves up in a basement like joe does. >> he says that we're learning to live with it. people are learning to die with it. >> reporter: today, biden said not only has the president mishandled the pandemic, but he's failed to tell americans the truth. >> last night we saw the president of the united states lie to the american people and repeatedly lie about the state of this pandemic. we saw him diminish the pain felt by so many americans. >> reporter: the crisis has put an even brighter spotlight on health care. for three years, the president has promised to come up with a plan. last night he promised again. >> what i would like to do is a much better health care. much better. we'll always protect people with pre-existing. so i'd like to terminate
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obamacare, come up with a brand-new beautiful health care. >> there is no -- he's never come up with a plan. i guess we're going to get the pre-existing condition plan the same time we get the infrastructure plan that we waited for since '17, '18, '19 and '20. >> reporter: moderator kristen welker asked the president to respond to allegations he is fueling racial divisions. >> i am the least racist person in this room. >> this guy is dog whistle about as big as a fog horn. >> nobody has done more for the black community than donald trump. and if you look, with the exception of abraham lincoln -- possible exception, but the exception of abraham lincoln -- nobody has done what i've done. >> abraham lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we've had in modern history. >> reporter: today, president trump is seizing on a moment near the very end of the debate when biden said he wants to see the end, eventually, of the oil industry. >> would you close down the oil industry? >> i have a transition from the oil industry. yes. >> that's a big statement. >> that is a big statement.
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>> i would stop -- >> why would you do that? >> because the oil industry pollutes significantly. >> oh, i see. >> here's the deal. >> that's a big statement. >> if you let me finish the statement. because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time. >> he's going to destroy the oil industry. will you remember that, texas? will you remember that, pennsylvania, oklahoma? >> reporter: in a sign the biden campaign was concerned about that, biden talked to reporters late last night after the debate to clarify. >> we're not getting rid of fossil fuels. we're getting rid of the subsidies for fossil fuels, but we're not getting rid of fossil fuels for a long time. it will not be gone until probably 2050. >> reporter: with the debates behind him, the president is hoping his rallies -- tonight, he is in florida -- will be enough to turn his campaign around. >> reporter: 11 days from now, we're going to win the state of florida, we're going to win four more years in the white house. >> let's get right to jon karl with us live from washington. jon, the trump campaign out with a new ad featuring joe biden's
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comments on oil last night. it's going to run in the battleground of pennsylvania we know so far. this as joe biden now doubles down on his core issue, the pandemic. the former vice president laying out his plan to bat it will virus, how he plans to reach out, if elected. >> reporter: david, he outlined a rather detailed plan. he said he'd reach out during the transition by reaching out to every governor of every state, democrat and republican to assess which each needed. he outlined a testing plan aimed at testing as many people in a single day as are now test in the a week. david? >> quite a night last night, jon, watching it here with us. >> no doubt. this all comes as alarming coronavirus numbers tonight, cases surging in every state. more than 82,000 new cases in just 24 hours. approaching a record set months ago. more than 1,000 deaths for two days straight now. a public health official
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breaking down today. hospitalizations increasing in 39 states. the midwest and west hit especially hard. alex perez in chicago tonight. >> reporter: tonight, an alarming surge in coronavirus cases -- more than 82,000 in just the last day. the highest number since july. deaths topping 1,000. for two straight days. >> we are recording 3,874 new cases. for a total of 364, 33 c 364, 34 cases since the beginning of this pandemic. excuse me, please. >> sorry. >> it's okay. >> reporter: illinois's top doctor overcome we motion as she shared the numbers in the state. patients once again streaming into northwestern memorial hospital in chicago. >> people are fatigued. they're tired of covid. they're letting their guard down to people that they feel comfortable with. >> reporter: starting tonight, chicago cracking down with a curfew for all nonessential businesses, including bars. and in some counties, a ban on
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indoor dining. business owners frustrated. >> we're not trying to hurt anybody. we are fighting for our livelihood and everything we've worked for. >> if we need to close down restaurants and bars or take away their liquor licenses, take away their gaming licenses, we will do that. >> reporter: 14 states hitting record hospitalizations this week, including oklahoma. 25-year-old bethany walters says after a week in this oklahoma city hospital, the toughest part is breathing. >> well, it's hard to -- i hope nobody else gets this sick, but hang in there if you do. >> reporter: and in utah, the virus taking a heavy emotional toll for those on the front lines. >> some day s you you you you yu you really just hope their patients still there. >> reporter: but in the salt lake city area, some parents concerned about a disturbing trend dubbed the mom code, mothers reportedly skip testing
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their kids to avoid school shutdowns. >> they're encouraging each other not to have their children tested for covid-19. and so it's very dangerous and something that really needs to be stopped. >> reporter: back here in illinois, 10-year-old joshua smith was healthy before lanning in the icu with that rare paid yatic syndrome. the family telling us they're grateful he's back home. >> i'm happy to be back home with my family and brothers. >> the first night he came home, he came in my room and he gave me a hug. he said, mom, i'm so happy you took me to the hospital. you saved my life. >> reporter: david the, two companies that had paused recruiting new patients for the third phase of vaccine trials say it's safe to resume those trails and say it's not unusual to take a pause like in this case. in all, there are now four vaccines in the final stages of testing. >> alex perez tonight. thank you. the virus, the impact on lives, families and the economy, front and center. record voting, as i mentioned,
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more than 52 million votes already cast. that's 5 million more than all of the early vote four years ago. what's driving some voters? tonight we hear from them. here's rachel scott from the key battleground of florida. >> reporter: tonight, with just 11 days to go, record-shattering turnout across the country. more than 52 million americans have already voted. voters today in virginia trying to stay cool. in south carolina, this man waiting an hour and a half to vote. >> i'm fine. i'm fine with the wait. i'm retired so what the hell. i have the time. >> reporter: and in california, election officials unsealing thousands of ballots, preparing them to be counted on election day. tonight, six states already surpassing 1 million in-person votes. texas topping the early voting list with more than 6 million cast. across the state, curbside voting. cars packing into parking lots. here in the battleground state of florida, the president touching down to rally senior citizens. >> tomorrow morning, i'm voting here as opposed to sending it in.
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you know, those mail-ins. i like being able to vote. i'm old fashioned, i guess. >> reporter: as residents headed to polls with their minds already made up. >> i voted for president donald trump. >> i volt voted on the biden harris ticket. >> reporter: older voters are more likely to turn out and have leaned republican in every presidential election since 2004. but in the final stretch, seniors appear to be shifting towards biden. in the nation's largest retirement community, these registered republicans tell me they're backing the former vice president and that last night's debate did little to move the needle. >> he's done too much damage in this country. >> reporter: how would you rate the president's handling of the pandemic? >> is there a number less than zero? >> let's get to rachel scott. you're in the villages where the president just wrapped up a rally. both the president and joe biden know how crucial this state is and some of the recent polling shows the race tightening between these two, rachel.
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>> reporter: the trump campaign knows if they lose the state of florida they are likely to lose the entire election, but in the final stretch of the campaign, the president is on defense, spending most of his time campaigning in states like florida that he won in 2016. tomorrow, former president obama will be here in florida campaigning for joe biden. >> as we watch the voters leave the trump rally. rachel scott, thank you. with early voting under way across the country and so much concern how to vote safely during this pandemic, our partners at 538 put together the guide. go to >> we are learning a teenager is in custody. federal authorities say there was a plot to assassinate joe biden. pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight, a seattle man is in custody as authorities investigate a potential plot to kill presidential candidate joe biden. newly available court documents offering chilling details about
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19-year-old alexander treisman. treisman bought an ar-15 style rifle and traveled within four miles of the vice president's home this spring. investigators also discovered a written checklist that ended with the word "execute." in april, posting a meme with the caption "should i kill joe biden?" triesman first drew the attention of authorities after he was first arrested in may when employees at a north carolina bank reported his van abandoned in a parking lot. they discovered the ar-15 style rifle, a canister of explosive material and boxes of ammunition. they also discovered he had an interest in for attacks and mass shootings and had traveled around the country purchasing weapons in various states. last mobt month he was charged with possession of child pornography. he is being held pending trial after a judge denied bail. >> pierre, thank you. next to the massive fires in colorado. the two largest in state history are now burning ten miles apart.
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several missing tonight, including a couple married 68 years. families fleeing their homes, passing energy responders heading the other way. clayton sandell from the fire tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the east troublesome fire is living up to its name, burning out of control, destroying homes and lives. you can see behind me here, the fire is in the trees. the firefighters call this crowning, and when that happens in these conditions, the fire is virtually unstoppable. lyle and marylin hileman's family believes the couple died in the fire. the couple, married for 68 years, calling their son to say "the big one" had arrived, that they would take their chances in a basement. the sheriff says he is trying to account for about a half dozen missing residents. the fire's intensity also making it hard to even count the number of homes destroyed in a blaze that exploded to more than 170,000 acres in just 48 hours. firefighters made a valiant effort to save the home behind
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me, but you can see the fire, the conditions here were just too much and all that is left of that home now is a chimney. high wind warnings continue through tonight, but there's hope a weekend snowstorm will smother the biggest flames. >> i think it's going to give us a chance to get back on our feet. >> reporter: this has been an epic fire season so far. the three largest fires in colorado history burned within the last few months and two of them are still out of control. >> clayton, thank you. when we come back, the
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here in new york city tonight, the authorities are asking for the public's health. police search for the suspect in this surveillance who shoved a 28-year-old woman on to the tracks. she climbed back on to the platform with minor injuries. when we come b
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it's rising. the pain is coming.
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>> to the "index." the first nest of murder hornets found in the u.s. inside a tree in washington. they plan to destroy it tomorrow to keep them from spreading. murder hornets are about two hinchs long, decimate honey beehives and threaten crops. a jeep tumbling down a mountain. the drive just stepped out of the vehicle am a woman in the passenger seat and her dog were thrown from the vehicle. she is injured and expected survive. the dog was found and
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the young man and his long walk, our person of the tonight, gordon wayne and his remarkable journey. he's from virginia and was homeless just one year ago. living out of his car he worked ten-hour shifts during the day and spent nights applying to college, getting into a local community college and then over the summer getting word he'd been accepted to his dream school boston college on a full scholarship. because of his own hardship he thought of the estimated 500,000 homeless in this country. and decided to walk to college 550 miles away to raise money more people like him, documenting his journey for us.
3:57 pm
>> hi, david, it's me gordon. taking a break. just walked for about ten miles straight. when i take my breaks i just lay down on my bag like this. >> reporter: the exhaustion, but he did not give up. >> every time i want to quit i think about the people i'm doing this before. bigger than myself and i have to keep going. >> reporter: walking 30 to 40 miles a day. >> gordon here. today ashley and her mom brought me some supplies. >> reporter: virginia, maryland, pennsylvania, new jersey, new york, connecticut, and finally, massachusetts. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: making his way to boston college, and right into the stadium after 16 days. >> yeah, gordon! whoo! >> reporter: he made it. and tonight gordon's go fund me page has raised more than $37,000. >> hello, david, it's gordon here. i'd like to you welcome you to the most beautiful campus in the
3:58 pm
universe, boston college. >> reporter: gordon now says he's home and wants others to have the same chance. >> i hope i can inspire people to keep walking, keep taking the extra step. even when it hurts, even wh it's hard, even when you don't want to, when there's no other choice you have
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extreme fire danger, parks are closed and turnouts in the east bay as communities gear up for a 20-year wind event. brace yourself. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm dion lim. thousands of people in the east bay could lose electricity for several days due to high fire danger. pg&e is turning it off in lafayette sunday afternoon and restore monday. they have a map and locations of public safety shut offs. we're waiting for it to update to show the precise areas that will be effected. we have team coverage on the upcoming winds. we begin with sand ya hya patelh a look at the wind conditions. >> yeah, dan and dion, look at the winds now. they have relaxed considerably since last night. gusting to 16 mt. hood and you


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