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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 24, 2020 1:06am-1:42am PDT

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weekend wind storm expected to bring extreme weather
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conditions. >> in the north bay favorites are responding to the projected high wind event as business owners are hoping they are not impacted by a potential pg&e shut off. >> and how one company is dealing with demand to install solar powered batteries on people's homes. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. tonight we are bracing for extreme fire danger with the strongest winds of the year so far. starting sunday night the entire bay area will be under a red flag warning, and because of the dangerous conditions nearly a half million customers will lose power in planned fire safety shut offs starting sunday.
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only san francisco won't see outages. in a tweet this evening the city is urging anyone that lives in the berkeley hills to leave before sunday afternoon. at least 1,500 could lose power. >> in the east bay the outage will affect more than 64,000 customers starting at 4:00 p.m. sunday lights will go out and across 680. expected rest vagz 10:00 p.m. tuesday. an estimated 16,000 customers in napa will lose power.
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pg&e hopes to have the lights back on by 10:00 tuesday. >> at least 19,000 customers will lose power between 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. sunday. expected restoration is 10:00 p.m. monday. >> parts of the peninsula and south bay will have the lights turned off. that is the expectation. pg&e plans to restore power by noon on tuesday. now we have team coverage for you on the looming power outages and the extreme fire danger. >> let's begin with our meteorologist with more on the bay area wide red flag mornings. >> yeah, we are looking at dangerous, potentially
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destructive winds coming our way this weekend. the offshore winds that are developing sunday and they are known as the diablo winds this time of the year. that is what will bring us the heightened fire danger. take a look at the red flag warnings. higher elevations, 60 to 70. humidity in 5 to 15%. we have a high wind watch until monday morning with the possibility of power outages, trees down. they begin to ramp up sunday afternoon in the north bay beginning in the hills and coming down towards the valley on sunday night. look what happens monday morning. close to 50 miles at the lower elevations and will continue.
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humidity values go from 13% in napa on sunday night to 5% this is critical. i will be back with an hour-by-hour look at how long the fire danger will remain extreme and what to expect for your upcoming weekend. >> thank you. the polk broke out this afternoon burning 67 acres and it is 50% contained. >> firefighters across the north bay are on high alert tonight and they are not alone. >> reporter: it is projected to be the strongest wind event of the year, bringing flashbacks of
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how some of the firefighters began staging. their biggest concerns, sunday afternoon. >> they will be out there patrolling the upper elevations. the areas that we will pay closer attention to. >> here in sonoma county over 38,000 pg&e customers could lose power. order really light or have to take a complete loss in a sense. >> their goal is to keep this bridge closed as long as positive. >> we are trying to stay positive and make sure that the freezer stays at a good
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temperature. >> next door they are also staying hopeful. >> i only have one generator to keep it cool. our coverage continues in the east bay. it means many east bay parks will be closed. >> reporter: beth black and her dog walk around the oakland hills several times a week and she is as that she is not looking forward to the closure. >> i think with covid getting outside is important. >> reporter: starting sunday it will be shut down. >> it is hard to live anxious all the time. sometimes you are like when will the power go out. >> it is cool, kind of deceptive
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now, but we are on alert. >> reporter: pg&e says up to 39,000 customers could lose power starting on sunday. this home in oakland had a solar power installed in august. >> really i think that customers are all questioning how they will have a reliable source of electricity. >> reporter: the demand for the system faces other hurdles. >> we really need to work better on that. >> firefighters in the east bay will be using a powerful new
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tool during dangerous fire weather. fire crews started to train with it last september. >> stay with abc 7 news and the abc 7 news app for the latest updates on the dangerous wind as we have a special edition starting monday morning at 4:30. >> a lot more to come. the candidates hit the post debate campaign trail to make their final pitches to voters. >> more trick than treat. covid-19 impacting candy collection in the south bay this halloween. that story up next. >> first a look at what is
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coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> tonight borat attacks. >> all right. there you go.
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>> new developments in the scott peterson case. he could face the death penalty a second time. he appeared in a modesto courtroom remotely and the district attorney's office plans to retry the penalty phase of his trial. he was convicted of killing his pregnant wife, lacy and their son. the conviction itself could also be thrown out in a separate challenge. >> to politics. just 11 days until election day and the all-out sprint to the
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finish. more than 52 million americans have already voted and both candidates are making their final pitch to voters. >> with 11 days to go, the candidates are in their final pitch for the white house. packed events where few were wearing masks, trump continued to downplay the pandemic despite 14 states hitting a record number of hospitalizations this week. >> we are not entering the dark winter. >> trump's comment a direct rebuke. >> we are about to go into a dark winter.
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in de la rose wear biden doubled do down. >> i will ask the new congress to put a bill on my desk by the end of january with all of the resources to see how our public health and our economic response can be seen through the end. >> more than 52 million americans already voted in this election, more than a third of the total vote count in 2016. also former president obama who will speak at a drive-in rally. >> for more information go to and we have mail-in ballot vs. in-person voting and
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the key dates and deadlines. >> astrazeneca will continue working on a vaccine. they paused it after one of the volunteers developed a serious safety issue. late stage trials are expected later this year. >> your health is one of the pillars of our efforts to build a better bay area. now because of the pandemic many bay area trick or treating conditions are being put on hold. feast your eyes on halloween fun from years past.
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this halloween, a treasured tradition is cancelled. >> unfortunately we won't be able to have the trick or treat event on lincoln avenue this year. >> reporter: people are getting behind a joint statement by bay area health officers calling trick or treating high risk opportunity. >> in their guidance they were able to give us activity ideas. i started to post on the neighborhood group and it kind of went a little beserk. > reporter: leaving kids with what she hopes is a lasting memory of the less than normal halloween. >> they will tell stories about when we didn't get candy but
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there were magical arches of light and houses decorated. we all came out to the street and talked to each other. that is what i would love to see. very easy to use. but for the moment let's go back to the weather forecast. we have a tense few days coming. >> absolutely. our meteorologist is tracking the winds. >> yeah. those winds could be destructive. we have an condition. take a look at the fire danger
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index. very high to extreme fire danger beginning to develop in the north bay. as the winds really pick up, speed and spread across sunday night. you will see the danger there spreading into the east bay and into the santa cruz mountains. this is the time of year you really need to remain by sunday night over 40 miles per hour winds. 36 in oakland. 34 in san francisco. close 50 miles per hour. 6:00 a.m. monday. winds will still remain gusty. that is the critical
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forget evacuation routes just in case review your insurance policy. here is a live look, san francisco looking good. winds ramping up sunday afternoon. strong and gusty through tuesday. we are looking at colder nights next week with warmer days or colder nights and mornings. you are feeling the autumn chill in the air with high clouds in the morning. tomorrow is not a dangerous day. the winds will be light. it will be chilly. low 40s to middle 50s. 60 in half moon bay. now, the danger comes in sunday.
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extreme fire danger. we are looking at the winds relaxing, colder mornings and remain vigilant this upcoming weekend. >> all right. thank you. >> well, coming up see how bay area musicians
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>> a group of musicians in san francisco is providing people with a soundtrack for their friday evening in hayes valley. >> the performers you see belong to the orchestra of the san francisco ballet but because of the pandemic they can't perform inside. they are playing for free. one musician said the performances comes from their hearts. they will be back next friday night at 5:30. that's nice.
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>> they will be it's following your passion to bto the very top... ...and setting the standard by which all who follow, will be measured. tequila herradura, the world's most gold medal awarded tequila.
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it's following your passion to bto the very top... ...and setting the standard by which all who follow, will be measured. tequila herradura, the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. >> now sports from abc 7 news. >> the rays and dodgers entered game three tied 1-1. tampa bay had charlie morton on the mound. he is 5-0 in the postseason since joining the rays. the rays have it in the bag, right. guess again, first inning, two outs. justin turner hits a solo home run to left and the dodgers jump out to an early 1-0 lead.
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morton and max muncy, smokes the ball to center. dodgers have a 3-0 lead. walker buehler and his magnificent leg kick did not allow a hit through four, six innings, 10 ks. morton is out of the game. austin barnes with a two-out homer to center. 50th rbi for the dodgers with two outs this postseason, a new record. the dodgers take the 2-1 series lead. >> i know you have a lot on your minds these days. you might have forgotten about a certain major holiday that happens the last sunday of every october. >> sunday is the second annual national tight ends day. george kittle did not come up with the concept. it was actually jimmy garoppolo. >> i was trying to get george, celek, all of those guys fired up. now it is a holiday.
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congrats to those guys. >> i am pretty sure it is a day all of the tight ends was active. jimmy g was like what is it national tight end day. yeah it is a holiday. kind of rolled with it. the first annual niners national tight end day. in my opinion every day is national tight ends day. >> former raiders' wide receiver, antonio brown has found another new home reuniting with tom brady. brown and the bucs agreed to a one-year deal and he isn't eligible to play until week nine. i know halloween is the next holiday but christmas may come early for warriors fans. the nba is considering a prechristmas start, eyeing a 72-game season. the nba is played indoors in
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>> well, that is a wrap on the week. thank you so much for joining us tonight. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time and hope that you have a safe weekend. we will be on all weekend keeping you updated on the
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dangerous weather conditions and the power outages. righ >> "localish bay area" is sponsored by northern california honda dealers. hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, hidden
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san francisco. >> this city has a lot of hidden gems that are hiding right behind a corner. >> get your sweat on. >> and now that the gyms are closed right now, she's created this amazing obstacle course. >> say cheese! >> you buy a wedge of cheese from us, we will make sure that we will donate the equal amount of cheese direct to a local area food bank. >> blankets made with love. >> even if i don't know those people, that's fine. i just know that they'll be happy to have one. >> a powerful message. >> you know, for me, when i was young, something i adopted was treat others how you want to be treated. >> but first, cheers to giving back. >> imagine a drink that tastes great but also gives back to worthy causes. maurice kanbar created blue angel vodka to do just that. ♪ >> my favorite drink is the martini. it gives me the biggest bang for the buck. i love it at lunch.
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after lunch, for the next two hours, i'm in a lovely state. >> why blue angel? because it's ultra-premier vodka. it's only san francisco brand left. it's gluten-free from organic local products, and more important, it's extensively community-oriented and known for its charity givings and associations in support of the charities, arts, and culture throughout the bay area. >> well, i enjoy a martini at lunch. and i used to get a dull headache, but i so enjoyed it that i kept drinking until i decided to check this out. what is it that's giving me a headache? so i did a little research, and i said, "how do we get those congeners out?" so, the first vodka that i made had five distillations before we
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achieved 99.9% purity. and i created skyy vodka, and it was very successful, and i said, "you know, i know how to make this so that it is ultra-smooth." then i created a new vodka, and i called it blue angel vodka. i got the name because the blue angels were flying, and i love to watch them. >> maurice is a visionary, and he's like me. he's a vodka lover. after success of skyy, he kept continuing his search for a perfect martini and absolute perfect vodka. skyy was a great vodka, but he wasn't satisfied. he wanted to make even better vodka, so the end result was blue angel. >> it's made in the bay area. and i can tell you that the profit will go to charity. so i'm gonna give it away to good causes -- schools, hospitals, medical research, and
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things of that sort. >> from my point of view, a lifelong vodka drinker, blue angel is a ultra-premier vodka. it's six-time distill, four-time filter. water is reverse osmosis, and it's organic gluten-free. for me, the real appeal of it was that, besides being a great vodka, it's a unique san francisco story. it's really a san francisco brand, and maurice had a history of involvement -- arts and culture, film scene san francisco. so it's simple. create vodka, uniquely san francisco brand, heavily associated with charity and arts and culture, make world better one martini at a time. maurice is an amazing, complex man. he is brilliant. he is a visionary. he's ambitious. he's driven. and he's innovative. he's very creative. i look up to him because he's driven. he's restless. he can't just sit there, stand


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