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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 27, 2020 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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. welcome back. check it out. that's the headstone of susan b. anthony in rochester, new york, covered in "i voted" stickers. it's a tradition to place the stickers at the gravy of the woman's right activist. this year a plexiglass case covered the marker. turning now to the sentencing of the nxivm leader
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keith raniere, set to find out his fate today facing life in prison for sex trafficking, racketeering and other charges. according to prosecutors, raniere ran a sex cult. into acting like slaves. one victim claimed she was coerced into a relationship with him and branded with his initials during her time with the group. over the weekend he recorded a podcast from prison maintaining his innocence. turning to the battle against covid-19 and the latest death toll nearing 226,000 and total cases now above 8.7 million as hospitals in el paso report they're reaching capacity a record 1400 new cases on monday. with a judge now imposing a curfew on the city in the next two weeks. dr. fauci saying our return to normalcy would require mask wearing even suggesting a nationwide mask mandate.
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i spoke earlier with dr. dr. gashbiian. thanks for joining us. we're now seeing hospitals in part of texas and utah and potentially other states considering transferring patients to other facilities due to overcapacity. some doctors are even concerned about needing to ration care. how much of that concern is that given where we are in the season? it's not even november yet. what are your biggest concerns going forward in the next few weeks. >> it's a huge concern. as we know, covid is extremely contagious. when you have a lot of people that get infected in a short amount of time, especially in states that are already having an increasing number of cases, hospitals will get to be at capacity. >> and when it comes to treatment, there's a new study on how aspirin could help in the fight of covid-19. what are you learning? >> we know that aspirin is an anti-inflammatory medication and we also know it thins blood. it prevents people who have heart disease from getting heart attacks. we know covid increases your clotting capability. so by keeping other factors
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constant in their study like age and gender and any patient's history of diabetes, they found that those in the aspirin group had a decrease in icu admission and ventilator use and death rate. so, there's an association but there needs to be a much larger study to truly confirm causation. if true, then aspirin is the cheapest and most available method to decrease mortality risks in the covid admitted patients. >> doctor, thank you. coming up, a trip into the clouds. >> one mother's story of hope and bravery in the face of unimaginable adversity.
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it's hard to be stuck at home right now... but we want to say thank you... because you're being a big helper. when you stay home... you're protecting other people from getting sick. by calling a someone you love who's stuck inside, you're giving them a smile... and they need it! when you wash your hands- for like the hundredth time today... you're keeping your family safe. and by being brave... you're helping us all be brave. we know it's not easy... but helping will make everything go back to normal again as soon as possible. you're part of a big family of helpers
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around the world. and you're making a big difference. find ways to help children feel safe at that's ♪ that's the inspirational "clouds" now back on itunes.
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"clouds" is now back at number one on itunes. >> it comes seven years after his death at the age of 18 due to cancer. his amazing story is now streaming on our parent company disney plus. will ganz is here with more. >> there are so many reasons to be inspired by zach sobiech's story. i spoke with his mom laura and neve campbell who plays her. in the brand-new movie about finding inspirations in tough times. "clouds" tells the true story of zach, a minnesota teen diagnosed with terminal cancer in his senior year of high school, using his final months to make music as a way to say good-bye to the people he loved. >> most teenagers feel like they're invincible. not the superman kind of invincible, the kind of invincible that tricks you into thinking tomorrow might be a better day to start chasing your dreams. >> how accurate is the film? how much of it is hollywood and how much of it is your life? >> so we've talked about this as a family, like what percentage is accurate? we'd say probably about 80%. but the essence of the story is
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really there, the relationships. the stuff that really matters, i think, is all really well represented. >> neve campbell plays laura in the film. >> good to see you! >> oh my goodness. >> i can just duck out of frame if you need me to. >> that's fine. go ahead. >> the bond between these two mothers undeniable. >> you nailed it. >> yeah, it was a fun creative process. with laura, it was conversations night before scenes sometimes or texts the night before scenes, like how did you feel in these moments. >> like what would you say? how would you say this? i know you wouldn't say oh my god, but would you say oh my gosh. hold on, i've got to practice this. >> laura trusting neve to bring to life both her greatest joys and her most heartbreaking tragedies. >> whether as a mother or actress or both, were there certain scenes that were
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especially profound for you to film? >> i think like the scene where i'm telling the youngest that she needs to go say good-bye. so that scene was emotional. >> then there's this one. >> none of us are really promised tomorrow. we all just assume it's going to be there. you get to decide what matters most now. >> i want laura to talk about that. >> yeah. that was scary. that was a scary moment, you know, as a parent. i don't have this experience of dying so how can i tell this kid how to die? for me, honestly it was just dipping hugely into my faith. >> laura choosing to share zach's story because she knows how it can inspire people. >> imperfect people can move people in big ways when they engage their talents.
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♪ go up in the clouds because the view is a little nicer ♪ >> number one! >> oh my god. >> it's so overwhelming, all of the beauty and just the gratitude that's coming our way too. >> with this wildly successful film about his life, his song back at number one, what do you think zach would say about this moment? >> so i think he would probably dance around a little bit. he would show off in front of his siblings. and then he would say somewhere in this cool beans. >> i'll start with you laura. why would you encourage people to watch "clouds"? >> it brings you this message of hope in the context of a really heartbreaking story, what is really important and discovering at the end of the day that it's really about how you love the people in your life. >> neve, do you want to try and top that? >> i don't think i can. honestly, as i said, i'm blown
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away by laura and zach and this family and so grateful to be a part of it. >> grateful to both of them for having this conversation with me as well. "clouds" is streaming now on disney plus. every single penny the family makes from the film, from zach's music goes to the zach sobiech osteosarcoma fund to help with treatments for kids with osteosarcoma. >> thank you so much for that inspiring story. i know it's not easy for her to live some of the hardest moments of her life. also for neve campbell to try to do that story justice, but it looks like she was able to accomplish that. >> it's a huge inspiration and you saw his song is now number one again. >> yes. it's a song that i mean you heard the song and now we know the story behind it, which is even more touching than just the song itself. it's an incredible story. can't wait to watch it. coming up, the treasure one man found using his metal detector.
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>> would you believe a penny that's two simple centuries old?
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♪ ♪ ♪ time now for "the mix." we were talking about this a little earlier. if you want a piece of european vacation home, now you can do so for $1. there are homes in italy that are being sold for just $1. this is in a town of salemi sicily. they announced they're going to be auctioning off dozens of abandoned homes that have fallen into disrepair, most of the homes start at $1.18. the mayor says this is all part of efforts to revitalize the town, bring some more people there. their population has dwindled down to only 4,000 residents because of an earthquake in 1968. here's the best part. if you do want to buy one of these homes for $1 you can do it online. >> right in my budget.
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and my travel plans. but we were talking about this. i'm sure there's a lot of stipulations. there's probably a lot of money that's going to go into fixing up the home. it looks good on paper, but i suggest you read the fine print. >> but it's only $1. you can spend a dollar on worse things. >> an ice cream sundae, yes. speaking of money, take a look at this. a man who was on a metal detecting trip in north carolina -- actually, no. he's a north carolina man who was on a metal detecting trip near maine and he found this by a church. it is a 222-year-old copper penny. this is obviously pre-lincoln. so there's lady liberty on it. it's from the first decade of money minted by the united states. you were wondering what church in maine. well, he's not sharing because he wants to go back and see what else he can find. they go for about $200 on ebay but he's not selling it. he's keeping it for his collection. >> i don't blame him. you ever walk by somewhere for the smell? is one of those places kfc?
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because now they're selling a log just in time for winter that will burn and smell like the herbs and spices for kfc. the scented fire logs kick off monday when the product hits the shelves on walmart. you can get it online at the log burns up to three unbearable hours. it's made from 100% recycled material. the kfc 11 herbs and spices fire log is on sale for $15.88$15.88 from $20, on walmart for a limited time. >> this is triggering, because if you've ever worked at a fast food restaurant, you know you cannot shake the smell of the food once it latches onto you. to each his own, though. take a look at this. this teen said it means no worries. acuna matata. he dressed up as a vhs of "the lion king." not a teen, my bad. a kid. you see it there.
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