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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 27, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad. teenager goes public in an effort to save her father. he's set to be deported by immigration officials. the daughter now with her last hope to try to stop that. plus the explosion and fire in the oakland hills damaging two homes. a generate ser blamed. it was in use because of a pg&e power shutoff. three bay areas with reopening plans. new developments in the fight over the most expensive measure in california history. what ride share drivers are telling abc 7 news about whether prop 22 should be approved. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. i never know when it's going to be the last moment with my
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dad here. every night i say good night and i love you because i never want him to forget that. >> poignant words from a 14-year-old girl who is afraid she's run out of options to stop immigrations an custom enforcement from deporting her father. good evening. i'm ama daetz. i'm dan ashley. commune activists are hoping for a miracle. abc 7 news reporter, luz pena has the story. >> reporter: this is 14-year-old alisa aguillar, fighting for her dad. >> i hope they can see that, rather than just seeing him as a number, as an immigrant in this country. >> in the back of her head, this date, november 2nd when her dad hugo aguillar will automatically enter deportation proceedings. in these boxes, their last hope,
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50,000 signatures from community members also pleading for the father of three to remain in the u.s. >> if you could just please see that my father is a human being. he is a regular person just like you. >> in his early 20s hugo aguillar completed a two-year sentence for a drug conviction. he was transferred to i.c.e. and deported back to mexico. he returned to support his daughter who at the time was 1 year old. >> one mistake and they'll take me away from my family. i came here when i was 16 years old. i went to school here, graduated from high school. and then i became a carpenter. >> hugo has no appeals left in his legal proceedings. for him time is running out. he's hoping for a miracle. >> he is here representing himself by submitting a request for prosecutorial discretion to i.c.e. >> we contacted i.c.e. and have not received a response.
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for now the aguillar family has less than a week left unless their sought-out miracle happens. >> it's like a countdown to see what's going to happen with my life. i feel like no kid should have to go through that, living on a countdown. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. now to the fire in the oakland hills that severely damaged two homes. it spewed a lot of smoke after a nearby resident reported hearing a loud explosion. an overloaded or perhaps faulty generator is being blamed for this. it happened at crown avenue and merriewood drive. neighbors thought they might have to evacuate like they did for the oakland firestorm so many years ago. leslie brinkley is live at the fire memorial park on tunnel road. scary, leslie. >> reporter: think about it. high fire danger so pga cuts the
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power. a homeowner starts the generator and that sparks a fire. it really happened today, again, a lot of people here, their minds racing back to the 1991 firestorm. luckily that did not material liesz today. black smoke rising from the oakland hills at 9:40 tuesday morning sent an ominous wave of panic over the east bay. oakland fire says what ignited this blaze was a gasoline generator that was hooked up because power had been cut off by pga becau&e. >> it was like a huge explosion. i heard one of the neighbors say it was the generator that explode. we see the fire all over the place. i started to shaking and everybody start get panic and start to run all over the place. >> reporter: this family lives next door. >> there was a second explosion. the fire run went across the street into the other people's
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yard. the whole house went up in smoke and flames. then the cars just exploded right after that, at least two cars. >> reporter: there were a total of four explosions as the fire tore through two homes and a detached garage, flames running up a power pole, embers flying everywhere in the wild wind catching a nearby fence on fire. oakland fire made an aggressive attack on the fire fearing it could spread quickly. >> we were fortunate to have teams in the area who were able to respond as we have our strike teams around the region right now during our red flag conditions. >> reporter: by were out, no injuries at highway 13 near merriewood. terrified residents like this one who lived through the firestorm in '91 were ready. >> i had my to-go bag.
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i got my most important papers, my backup for my pc and we were ready to pull out. >> reporter: total of eight people displaced. it was lucky this time that fire crews were in the right place at the right time. in the oakland hills, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> all right, leslie, thank you so much for that story. now to new details on california's fight against coronavirus. several counties moved to a less restrictive tier, napa and sonoma counties may move backward. napa moved to the orange tier last week. multiple bay area counties will be allowed to expand reopening efforts. contra costa, marin and san mateo in the orange plan. that means outdoor stadiums at 20% capacity. indoor gyms, theme parks and card rooms at 20% capacity.
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meanwhile california partnered with washington, oregon and nevada to plan how vaccines will be prioritized. experts will help independently review -- governor newsom stresses this won't cause delays. >> all of us are preparing for the distribution of these vaccines and build p building trust with you and making sure they're ex-difficuex expeditiously but done safely. >> californians hoping to travel to new york, new jersey or connecticut will have to self-quarantine for two weeks. california was added back to the travel sad ricery today after being removed in september. can you believe it or not it? the election is one week from today. state officials posted that californians have returned more than 7.5 million vote-by-mail ballots. that's more than one-third issued. it's also more than half of the total cast in 2018.
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today was the last day to mail in those ballots. you can still hand deliver them of course. there's a new poll out today on one ballot measure in particular, proposition 22 which would allow uber and lyft and other big gig companies to continue classifying their workers as independent contractors. according to a berkeley gig igs poll, 46% of likely voters polled support that proposition, while 42% oppose it. 12% still undecided a week out. abc 7 news an kerr liz kreutz says drivers are very much split. >> reporter: with just days until election day, a lot of people are divided on how to vote on prop 22, allowing gig companies to continue classifying their workers as independent contractors. so we decided to go straight to the source. uber and lyft drivers in san francisco, to get their take. >> i am waiting for driver number one to pull up. we'll see what he says. >> hi. >> are you luis? >> yes.
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>> reporter: my first driver is luis. he's been driving part time for uber for four years. he said he's already voted yes on prop 22. he likes the flexibility of being an independent contractor and uses uber to supplement his primary income which is a cook for airbnb. he also gets the other side. his cousin, a full-time uber driver has voted no. >> i understand 100% you need the benefits. >> reporter: my next two drivers both said they're voting yes. one who drives for lyft admitted he doesn't know much about the proposition. the other, andre says he makes about $200 per day driving for uber and worried he'll take a pay cut if prop 22 fails. we saw someone who looked
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suspiciously like him peering out the window. edward escobar is a long-time uber driver and is voting no. >> it's un-american. >> reporter: as i've learned, not every driver agrees. my last ride of the day was with a full-time lyft driver named oscar who is voting yes on the proposition. >> how would you feel if it doesn't pass? >> i'm just going to move to another state. that's it. >> reporter: oscar says he already has a plan to move to seattle with the hopes of driving for uber there. in san francisco -- >> have a good one. >> reporter: liz kreutz, abc 7 news. cracking down on pandemic price gouging. up next a bay area company and the sizable settlement over hand sanitizer. the risk of flying home for the holidays. a new report looks at the danger of covid-19 as we provide tips
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to try to stay safe. a san jose man joins cal fire to help a young giant's fan whose collect
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it provides property tax fairness for disabled homeowners like cynde, stuck living with a broken elevator. nineteen helps wildfire victims, like ellie, one of 24,000 who've lost their homes to fire. and seniors like pam who need to move closer to family or medical care, without a tax penalty. prop 19 limits taxes on our most vulnerable. yes on 19.
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the alameda and contra costa district attorneys settled a price gouging case against safeway involving hand sanitizer. officials say safeway immediately corrected the issue. safeway will pay $81,000 in civil penalties in costs and $62,000 in restitution. three tech giants go before congress tomorrow. mark zuckerberg, jack dorsey and sundar pa chai. they're accused of anti conservative bias and election interference. the three are also expected to argue against repealing a key
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internet law called section 230. the senate commerce committee hearing gets under way at 7:00 a.m. pacific time. a new study commissioned by the airline industry claims air travel is as safe if not safer than going out to eat or maybe going grocery shopping. the report by harvard scientists concluded mask requirements as well as cleaning protocols and ventilation improvements made flying safe. however, the report comes on the heels of a report last week that linked a seven-hour flight to ireland last summer to an outbreak that infected 13 passengers and 46 others not on the flight. with the holiday travel season approaching, experts say it's important to have a plan before you head out by plane or car or however you plan to get from point a to point c. abc 7's chris reyes shows you seven tips that could make your trip safer and less stressful. >> reporter: remember when crowds and flight delays were the only things to worry about during holiday travel season.
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now getting kicked off a flight for not wearing a mask, one of a long list of worries. >> everything about travel is more stressful than it used to be. i feel like it's traveling with a baby all over again. >> reporter: here are seven tips to stay safe if you're planning to travel this holid number one, consider getting tested. travel writer chris mcginnis is planning to fly to visit parents for thanksgiving. they're senior citizens. >> i'm taking a test the day before i depart. when i get to atlanta, i'll do a spit test. >> reporter: we're at sfo. i've never traveled like this before. i'm with my son. we're all geared up. >> reporter: number two, prep your safety gear. that's me walking through newark international for my one and only flight of 2020. ment i traveled with my husband and son and brought bags filled with masks, shields and sanitizers. this travel blogger puts her gear to the test days before going on a trip.
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>> i had an entire mask bag on our last road trip. i think it was maybe a dozen masks for every person in the family. >> reporter: number three, if you're road tripping, plan your route carefully including bathroom stops. >> we do a lot of preparation. we're doing a lot more packing things from home and bringing it with us in the car because you never know when the supply situation is going to be like at your destination. >> number four, if you're flying, know what to expect from the moment you leave your home to your final destination. here is my experience. from sfo to newark, i found some areas of the airport were empty, others very crowded. put extra effort in social distancing. my flight was uft under six hours, keeping a mask on the entire time was a challenge. consider this tip. >> pack the double mint gum to keep it pleasant behind the mask. >> reporter: number five, know all the new rules. sfo has a great website listing what to expect r a round the
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world. some airlines promise empty middle seats. don't forget to ask does your destination require a quarantine or negative test result, like a visit to hawaii. number six, take advantage of the up sides of air travel. travel providers are eager to help. planes are the cleanest they've ever been. a recent study by the department of defense and united airlines show the risk of catching covid-19 on a plane was virtual virtually non-existent when masked. number seven, have a good attitude. i chose to travel because it's the one and only time i would see family in 2020. it took a lot of preparation to get to this moment, but it was worth it. >> when you're out there traveling, there's this very nice -- you're all in this together type passengers. but also between passengers and tsa agents and flight attendants and pilots. >> it is what it is for this year. hopefully it won't be there way forever. >> reporter: chris reyes for abc 7 news. >> or so we hope. she took lots of good
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precautions there. no chance of rain as we look ahead. at least our fire threat is
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as we take a look outside right now, the winds have eased z up and the red flag warning ended just a sfu minutes ago. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here with more on that and our forecast. hi, sandhya. >> hi there, yes. ama and dan, the weather looks fantastic for the upcoming week. i want to show you the live picture from our kgo roof camera. the winds are not an issue in the upper elevations. as we look along the embarcadero, 64 in half moon bay. showing you the sunshine from our east bay hills camera and those temperatures really in the comfort zone. 73 vacaville, 73 degrees in livermore. the winds have already started to let up.
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we had wind gusts overnight anywhere between 43 at hawkeye to 78 miles an hour mt. saint helena. the winds have come down. gusts 25 miles an hour. it is still an offshore flow, a drying wind. the humidity will be a factor along with the fire danger even though it is easing. take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast. 6:00 tonight, 14% humidity lake berryessa. as we head into the overnight hours, humidity comes up but it drops back down again tomorrow afternoon and evening. fairfield down to 17%. taking a look at what's in store. high pressure controlling the weather. we'll keep the ridge in place. that means dry pattern through the weekend. early next week things may be a little different. a beautiful view from emeryville camera. winds ease in the hills tonight. we're looking at a sunny mild pattern through the weekend.
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live doppler 7, no fog to speak as you look at the temperatures in the morning, pretty much everyone in the low to upper 40s. you'll neil a jacket or sweater in the morning. 78 in san jose tomorrow, 81 in gilroy. it's going to be a lovely day on the peninsula. 77 redwood city. 66 in pacifica. downtown san francisco, 71 degrees. 67 in the sunset district. north bay, sausalito 74. 77 san rafael. up to 81 in santa rosa. in the east bay, low to mid 70s. inland areas on the mild side. 80 degrees in concord, 79 degrees in livermore. i want to show you the accuweather staft. chilly mornings ahead, mild afternoons. the fog is back friday. halloween is looking fantastic. hopefully the kids can enjoy safely. don't forget to fall back one hour sunday morning.
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we get the extra hour of sleep. we have warm weather, dry conditions for election day. dan and ama, tuesday i alluded to increasing clouds. one model keeps bringing in a slight possibility of a shower or two. >> take anything we can get. thanks, sandhya. the love of the game.
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coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, see a micro grid in action. it's helping keep the lights on in calistoga during the pg&e lights off. the end of the year usually provides a surge for shopping and travel, but during a pandemic, of course, a surge is the last thing we want to experience. all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally tonight, a 9-year-old baseball player getting a much-needed boost. >> her family's home burned down destroying everything including a beloved baseball card collection. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen introduces us to a san jose man stepping in to help. >> reporter: for kevin ashford of san jose -- >> these are cards from the late
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'90s through 2019. >> saying ehlo to a collection of 25 baseball cards which much easier than he originally thought. >> they'll be all organized. they'll find great cards in here. >> reporter: ashford heard the story of reese, a 9-year-old girl in the central valley whose family home was destroyed in the creek fire. >> it's one thing after another that's been happening here during 2020. i just want to make it a little bit easier for these kids. that's why i'm doing it. >> reporter: she's been playing baseball since she was in preschool and lost her own collection of cards in the fire. >> it's been really tough because just thinking of the cards i owned, like, brings back memories and stuff. >> reporter: cal fire learned about the tragedy and launched a regional drive to collect cards for the girl and her friends. today they showed up to accept the donation.
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>> all these agencies worked together on the fire lines in one capacity or another. this is a great opportunity to work together for something positive from such a destructive fire season. >> reporter: she says her favorite player is buster posey and recently wrote a letter asking for his autograph. >> he's a catcher. i'm a pitcher. one day i think it would be awesome if i could pitch to him. >> reporter: this afternoon as the chp drove away with the collection of cards bound for fresno, he had a message. >> the buster posey card is in the box. i looked at it this morning, so that's yours. >> reporter: a special gift for a deserving girl. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> that's great. >> great story. we misspoke earlier. we said today was the last day to mail in your ballots. they can be returned at a secure drop box or voting location by 8:00 p.m. on november 3rd.
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i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. our next newscast is in
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tonight, the sprint to the finish. election day one week from today. more than 69 million americans voting already. president trump and joe biden in the battlegrounds tonight. huge crowds. the president in three states, biden in georgia tonight. a clear sign the biden team thinks they have a chance in a state not won by a democrat since bill clinton. and former president obama in orlando. why where he is signals who the biden team is hoping to reach and what he said about president trump. it was clear today, president trump was watching. early voting across the u.s. and tonight, authorities in several states are now urging americans who have requested mail-in ballots to fill them out and send them in now. and we'll tell you why. and tonight, the latino vote here in the u.s. and the states where latino voters could make the difference between a trump or biden victory.


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