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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 27, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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much of the bay area, reopening except for two local counties. we'll explain why. >> it will be a real human holiday. >> black friday is one month away. tonight, we continue our week-long special on how covid-19 will affect the holidays by studying the impact on the economy. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> coronavirus is making news across the country and the bay area tonight. cases surged dramatically in other states. we're seeing improvement in much of the bay area with now reopening levels except for the heart of wine country that may be forced to clamp down on businesses once again. good evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. thanks for joining us. taking care or our health, collective health a goal made urgent by the coronavirus pandemic. over the past six months, california seen both cases and deaths rise then fall. but our steady decline flattened
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recently and as you look closely on the left side of this graph, the graph shows a daily number of reported cases. on the left side, you can see it is starting to move up again. >> but here in the bay area, some counties are showing improvement and being rewarded. today contra costa, marin were approved to move from red to orange tier, which means fewer restrictions. stephanie sierra joins us live from the newsroom to explain what changes you'll notice as a result, stuephanie. >> the main take aways including non-essential offices reopening and expanded capacity for things like restaurants and museums. even bars would be allowed to reopen outdoors. but it's important to point out each individual county will issue specific guidance on which businesses can move forward. getting the green light to move to orange. that's welcome news to the owner of captain vineyards.
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>> it is a great news. we've been without power for the last two and a half days which is really, really constraining. >> reporter: despite living without power for the past 48 hours, captain was still carefully planning for his reopen. >> it was more important that we reopen safely than just for the sake of reopening. >> reporter: his vineyard is one of many in contra costa, ma raii a -- marin. the new changes that come with moving into the orange tier allow for outdoor stadiums, outdoor theme parks and things like bowling alleys and rock climbing gil climbing gyms to reopen at 25% capacity. museums and restaurants can expand to 50% and non-essential offices can reopen. restaurant owner steve spiler is grateful but concerned. >> with the number of people being able to come in is great for fridays and saturdays. i'm wondering how many people will actually want to come in.
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>> reporter: his popular restaurant is nestle in downtown san mateo but he's worried he won't see impacts for awhile. >> they're working virtual right now so the impact for lunches will probably be minimal. >> reporter: in san francisco, non-essential offices can reopen at 25% capacity starting today. plus indoor climbing gyms, indoor personal services and certain outdoor college classes but as dr. mark galley pointed out, napa and solano county aren't moving in that direction. >> you can see which counties those are, who we are concerned about moving back in the future we're working closely with their public health teams and other leaders in their countries. >> speaking of solano county's public health officer did issue a statement saying one of the reasons the county may be moving back a tier is due to people ignoring the health order using examples of weddings and
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funerals with gatherings close to 300 people. cases in solano county have jumped in the last couple weeks from around 28 per day to 40 cases per day. live in the newsroom, stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. >> stephanie, what are other activities allowed that are new in the orange tier? >> ama, others to add are indoor cardrooms plus indoor pools and fitness centers at hotels allowed at 25% capacity. but for example, movie theaters do not change in this tier. indoor capacity is still limited at 25%. >> all right, thank you so much. this map tracks the reopening status of each county in california. you can find it on our website, pg&e issued the weather all clear for places where it recently turned off the power to prevent wildfires. everyone should have their power back on by tomorrow morning at the latest from what we understand. now, pg&e's map shows thousands
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without power indicated by the purple triangles on the map you see. in the bay area, nearly 100,000 customers were affected by the public safety power shut off and most of those customers live in the north in cale wayne freedman saw perseverance. >> traffic lights work, almost normal. you wouldn't know power is out here, would you? >> no. >> reporter: venture a few blocks west and reality sets in. >> it's been a nightmare. >> behold the generators and those who use them here in the land of the have notes. >> we're having to rely on generators and you don't get your whole house and not to mention it happens when it's hot so you don't get ac. you're cooking out of your house. >> reporter: nick should not be at home. he should be behind the counter of his coffee shop but that's
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not happening. follow the cords next door, that's nick's wife trying to make due in her hair salon. >> no hot water. this part of town you hate to say you don't want your property values to go down but this side of town is continually without power. >> reporter: as of this afternoon, 2200 people still did not have power in calistoga mostly in the western part of town. they hopeed to had to have ligh. that's four days without electricity. >> we don't have fries today, just because the fryers aren't working. >> reporter: the fryers electricity, not welcome news at the local 707 q where rob fired up a generator and grill and stacked burgers in the dark. >> it's knocking us down a bit. we're struggling right now. >> reporter: chalk that down as a nominee for understatement of the season. in calistoga, wayne freedman,
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abc 7 news. an overloaded or perhaps faulty generator is blamed for the fire that damaged two homes in the oakland hills. the incident happened at mary wood drive before 10:00. thick, black smoke spewed over the neighborhoods alarming residents on edge because of the extreme fire danger. >> it was a huge explosion. it's like i hear one of the neighbors saying it's the generator that explode and then we see the fire all over the place and i started to shake and everybody just get panicked and started to run all over the place. >> in fact, there were a total of four explosions. the flames went up the power pole and flying embers caught a fence on fire. tonight, that i boneighbors in are applauding the amazingly quick response by fire crews. >> down south, more than 85,000 people are under evacuation orders tonight as two wind driven wildfires just rage in
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orange county, both started yesterday. the larger of the two, the blue ridge fire scorched ten homes east of anaheim. the fire exploded in size today nearly doubling in a matter of hours to 15,200 acres with zero containment. shifting winds pushed the fire to freeway 71 closing it in both directions. the silverado fire is at 12,600 acres and 5% contained. two firefighters suffered severe burns fighting those flames. a security camera captured a scare for a family living in the path of the blue ridge fire. the footage shows the fire roaring toward indy car driver grah graham's home. he and his wife evacuated. he calls it the scariest day of his life and says he's praying his home and neighbors' homes survive. he's documenting the experience on social media and gave an update saying it appears fire crews did save his house. but the weather down south, we
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had the huge wind event here. we really were fortunate in many respects but ama, down south it was just bad. >> meteorologist had a lot to track. sand ya sandhya is here with the latest. >> part of the problem, ama and dan is the fact that we're in a drought. the entire state of california and here locally, as well. when you take a look at the winds, these diablo winds are down sloping offshore winds dry out the atmosphere more. right now gusting out of the north, mt. diablo 31 miles an hour. they are coming down. the humidity still remains low and tonight, still in the teens in places like napa, fairfield, 14, 15%. 7:00 this evening as we head into tomorrow evening, we'll see the dry conditions continuing. so even though the red flag warning is allowed to expire, the national weather service
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warnings people don't let your guards down. this is the time of year until we get about a half an inch to an inch of rain to end the fire season, it's still fire season. i'll be back with a full look at the forecast as far as temperatures go coming up. >> sandhya, thank you. we're exactly a week away from election day. on the ballot is a proposition to determine the future of uber and lyft drivers. you'll hear from drivers about how they are voting on prop 22. today a 14-year-old is pleading with don't miss out on floor and decor's grand opening in san leandro! comfortably shop our wide aisles and be amazed with our even wider selection. discover the perfect floor at the perfect price in whatever way is perfect for you. explore floor and decor's newest east bay area location november 2nd.
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dozens of people in oakland rallied to call on the alameda district attorney to reopen cases for two men they say were wrongfully convicted. the focus reentry project says pierre rushing was convicted for a 2011 murder he did not commit. they say a witness has come out and said rushing was not behind the crime and dwayne huing was convicted of a 1994 rape in 2007 after police matched dna found on a condom at the scene. his family says the dna does belong to him but used with his girlfriend at the same park a few days earlier, not during the rapement t rape. the group says. d.a. was wrong to convict without sufficient evidence. >> i don't see how n o'malley thinks she's serving justice when she takes black men off the street needed by their families. >> it is looking for more cases of people wrongfully convicted
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under d.a. o'malley. a 14-year-old girl is afraid she's run out of options to stop immigration and customs enforcement from deporting her father. next week, he'll be up for removal proceedings and community activists are opening for a miracle at the minute. >> my father showed whenever you love someone, you do whatever you can do for them. >> reporter: this is 14-year-old aguilar putting that practice for her dad. >> i hope they can see that rather than just seeing him as a number. as an immigrant. >> reporter: in the back of her head, this date, november 2nd when her dad hugo aguilar will automatically enter deportation proceedings and these boxes, their last hope. 50,000 signatures from community members pleading for the father of three to remain in the u.s. >> so if you could please see that my father is a human being.
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he is a regular person, just like you. >> reporter: in his early 20s, hugo aguilar completed a two-year sentence for a drug conviction. he was transferred to i.c.e. and deported back to mexico. he supported her who at the time was 1 year old. >> because one mistake, you know, they are going to take me away from my family. i came here when i was 16 years old. i went to school here. i graduate from high school and became a carpenter. >> reporter: hugo has no appeals left his legal proceedings. for him, time is running out. he's hoping for a miracle. >> he's here representing himself by submitting a request for prosecution discretion to i.c.e. >> reporter: we contacted i.c.e. and are still awaiting a statement regarding hugo's case. for now, the aguilar family has less than a week left unless their sought out miracle
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happens. >> it's like a couldn't dontdow what will happen with my life. no kid should have to go through that, living on a countdown. fighting for racial and social justice is part of building a better bay area, to find your ally, go to for a list of local resources. can you believ election day is in exactly one week? california voters get to decide on a dozen different propositions ranging from voting rights to rent control, research money to ride share drivers. you'll hear from some drivers about whether they want to be called employees or contract workers. they talked to abc 7 anchor liz kreutz. >> reporter: with days until election day, a lot of people are divided how to vote on prop 22, the state proposition that would allow gig companies to continue classifying their workers as independent contractors. we decided to go straight to the source, uber and lyft drivers in
6:17 pm
san francisco to get their take. >> all right. i'm waiting for driver number one to pull up. we'll see what he says. hi. >> hello. >> my first driver is luiz. he's been driving part time for uber for four years and voed yes on proper 22. he likes the flexibility of being an independent contractor. >> maybe one week i don't want to do it because i don't need it. i want to stay home with my pham. >> i >> reporte. >> reporter: he also gets the other side, his cousin a full-time uber driver voted no. >> i understand 100% he need benefits. >> reporter: my next two drivers both also said they are voting yes. one who drives for lyft said he doesn't know much at all about the proposition but the other andre is really informed. he makes about $200 per day driving for uber and he's worried he would take a pay cut if prop 22 fails.
6:18 pm
this is a protest here. i asked to get dropped off to a no to prop 22 protest. in fact, we saw someone who looked suspiciously like him hearing out the window. he is a long-time uber driver voting no. >> they are introducing third world practices of ex plploitat in the first world. >> reporter: as i learned, every driver does not agree. my last ride was with a full-time lyft driver named oscar. he's voting yes. how would you feel if it doesn't pass? >> i'm going to be pretty sad but it's not going to be the end of the world. i'm just going to move to another state and that's it. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. >> reporter: oscar has a plan to move to seattle with the hopes of driving for uber there. in san francisco. >> have a good one. >> reporter: liz kreutz, abc 7 news. and we have a guide to all 12 state propositions on our
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website. you can read arguments for and against to see where your party stands. we'll find it on all voters in california are receiving mail in ballots because of the pandemic. the ballots come po postage. you can drop it at any polling place or if you want, you can vote in person. the red flag warning expired but fire dangers still linger in the bay area. see what els
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asof being stretched too thinar to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs.
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vote yes on 15. ♪ ♪ heart monitors that let your doctor watch over you, just like you watch over your best friend. another life-changing technology from abbott, so you don't wait for life. you live it.
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happening now an iconic san francisco sign will be lit up. mayor london breed signed for the first time in months. the sign was removed over the summer and reconstructed with more energy and upgrades. we should have chocolate to celebrate the lighting, don't you agree, dan? >> any reason to celebrate with chocolate is fine with me. all right. sa sandhya patel is live here with the forecast. the wind died down. >> absabsolutely. there is no argument we should celebrate with chocolate.
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let's look at a live picture. it a beautiful post sunset view. skies are clear. with the winds easing in the hills more, it's not as gusty. we'll see chilly next couple days, mornings ahead. sunny and mild through the weekend as we look at another live picture. haze there. 70 right now in santa rosa and notary public napa to concord. the highs from the low 70s to the upper 80s at the santa rosa airport today. so definitely warm there. kgo roof camera showing you the tower and here is a look at the temperatures, 67 in the city, 73 oakland and gilroy at 72. half moon bay 61. live doppler 7 right now showing you nothing but clear skies as we take a look at the wider perspective. high pressure is pretty much going to be calling the shots through the weekend. so it is going to be a dry pattern even for trick-or-treating on halloween in case you're going out with
6:24 pm
the kids. it is definitely going to be dry obviously play it safe. tomorrow morning, expecting chilly start 40 degrees in santa rosa, 42 napa, some of the wind sheltered valleys will have the coldest readings. fairfield, livermore, morgan hill, upper 40s san jose, oakland, san francisco. bundle up before you get going because you need heavier coats and jackets tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon sunshine, 78 san jose, 80 morgan hill and south bay 76 co 6 cooper tino a mountain view to pacificia, downtown san francisco a beautiful day 71. daly city 66. north bay it's going to be blue skies and mild weather. 77 vallejo, san rafael, 80 s 0 sonoma and 76 fremont, inland areas you'll definitely be on the mild side. 80 concord, 79 livermore. i want to fast forward to thursday in case you don't get a
6:25 pm
chance to get out tomorrow, you have an opportunity. look how nice on thursday in the 60s to 80s range friday. very similar except some patches of fog will be returning to the coastline that will help to raise the humidity, as well. then saturday you're looking at low 80s for the warmer spots. upper 60s to low 70s along the coast. here is the seven-day forecast. chilly tomorrow morning. light winds, that's the good thing. morning chill with us again thursday but mild weather and then for halloween, it is looking fantastic for daytime events, evening events. don't forget to fall back. daylight saving time ends sunday morning. i know many of us are looking forward to that extra hour of sleep. can't wait. warm fall weather for november early next week heading into election day and by the way, dan and ama, right now we have increasing clouds on tuesday but stay tuned. one computer model keeps hinting at the possibility of a few showers. just a slight chance and not all models are in agreement. stay tuned.
6:26 pm
>> let's get them in agreement. thank you, sandhya. we're working on the new way to holiday. all this week here on abc 7 news because it part of building a bay area. the end of the year is usually a surge for shopping and travel but during a pandemic, a surge is the last thing we want to experience. airline tickets are a bargain right now so should you bu
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symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at
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as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're focussing on the economy. the holiday shopping rush is the most critical time of year but this year like so much else amid the pandemic, there's a lot of uncertainty. >> there sure is. what does the state of retail look like? is liz kreutz with a breakdown. >> okay, it's an annual tradition for almost all of us. holiday shopping. >> excuse me? >> yes. >> i'm trying to find a doll. >> me, too, me, too. >> but this year, it's it's
6:30 pm
going to look a lot different but just how different? how is the covid-19 pandemic going to impact how we shop this holiday season? to get some answers. we turn to jill, the head of retail for a company that analyzes consumer behavior. >> we have to admit there is a lot of people afraid and afraid of going into a store, afraid of going into a mall it's probably no surprise for instance, last year 65% of people plan to do holiday shopping online. this year that number is up to 75%. now, that might sound like bad news for a brick and mortar business but listen to this. >> i think the other thing that's interest income san francisco is you guys still love stores. >> yeah, according to the sur y survey, 70% plan to do some shopping in stores. nationwide is 53%.
6:31 pm
we'll spend less. last year the average san francisco household spent $751 on holiday shopping. this year, the average is expected to be around $497 so almost $250 less. that might have to do with the kinds of gifts people are planning to give. >> instead of being experience gifts, we're seeing an uptick in products. >> the number one category is gift cards followed by i like to say we're trying to flatten the kucurve of holiday. >> something else people are trying to be more mindful of how to shop. they want to reward people to that are taking care of employees and shop at businesses that stand for moral values. >> 4 in 10 want to shop with minority owned businesses. >> this year the holidays might not feel like they have in the past but safe to say, they're
6:32 pm
still going to be special in their unique way. >> it going to be a real human holiday and that could be a positive one. >> for that, we can be thankful. >> our liz kreutz reporting. california has been put back into new york state's travel advisory list because our case positivity rate is above their threshold. if you fly from here to new york, you'll be asked to quarantine for 14 days once arrival. we're working to build a better bay area by looking at a changed holiday season and there have been so many changes. here is michael finney with a look at how travel has been impacted, michael, and it's been impacted in a significant way. >> travel is actually beginning to come back, at least a little bit. last week we had one day with more than 1 million passengers went through u.s. airports. so, the travel deals are there. people are beginning to travel, should you be one of them?
6:33 pm
♪ ♪ >> airlines bleeding money. employees laid off by the thousands. passengers kicked off jets for not wearing masks. >> everybody has a right! >> ireland locks down again. ♪ ♪ >> what a great time to book a trip to the emerald. >> yes. yes. this year has been so rough that i was just like i told my husband, i need to book the flight. i need something to look forward to. >> courtney spent just shy of $1,000 on june flights to dublin for her and her husband. her husband isn't so sure this is a great idea, but courtney has a lot of experts on her side. she booked through scotts cheap flights so let's hear what the scott has to say.
6:34 pm
>> people enjoy themselves on vacation, but you know where they actually enjoy the vacation more? it's the months leading up to it. it's all that time day dreaming about that beach. >> now you might expect scott to say that, but he's backed up by san francisco clinical psychologist dr. andrea zorbus. >> planning and anticipating travel is a form of escaping in the same way that we use escaping when we're watching a television show or a movie or having a deep conversation with a friend. >> is that healthy? >> to have something that we can control and plan for is also very healthy. >> as long as you stay safe, she says, when traveling. u.k. based travel writer rupert wolf murray writes about the psychology of travel. we caught up with him on a recent night while he was driving through scotland. he likes anticipation but the actual escape, even more. >> the best part is the getting away the moment of escape.
6:35 pm
i suppose you can say it that rush of freedom as you run away from your parents or school or jail. >> ""usa today"" is calling inexpensive travel an ironic perk of the pandemic. murray agrees. >> i think so, yeah. but it's not something i would say very lightly because a lot of people will get very angry with me. my approach to the pandemic is be respectful. >> everybody we talked to agrees with that. >> i love planning a trip. i love researching, figuring out what we're going to go see and do. >> we don't know what the future is going to hold, so to have a more positive outlook, there's really no harm in that. >> you can be booking flights nine, ten months out giving yourself a real treat today, making your current self-excited and giving yourself something to look forward to while also saying, you know, if you're not comfortable traveling today, will you be in nine months? ten months?
6:36 pm
hopefully so. >> most airlines will allow you to book a flight 11 months out and most airlines now will allow you to cancel the flight just because you're concerned and they will let you reshchedule fr another year. dan, we're talking 23 months of potential travel time, that's a pretty safe bet. >> yeah, that does seem like a good bet, michael. thanks very much. great information. we're talking about the new way to holiday all this week. we'll be zeroing in on education, the changing workplace and race and social justice. you can watch these stories on air or on our website and on our new tv app. it's available on apple tv, andro android, t tv, roku. download it for free. coming up next, the man da lor yin himself gives a sneak peak at the season about to hit
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i've been involved in. communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly.
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and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. we have another sneak peek at "the man delorean". >> they can guide me.
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>> kw"the man delorean" himself was live on gma this morning. >> i will say reading the first episode of the second season, i was taken aback in a good way how impressive the first episode read. my gosh, they're going to a chi achieve this visual experience. not just describe as best as we can and see what we end up achieving with it. >> season two of "the man delorean" starts streaming friday on disney plus. disney is the parent company of abc 7 news. >> people love that show. a bay area singer that made it into the top five on "american idol" shared his song long "midday live." ♪ oh, i held on, helon, helon, l left me swollen ♪ >> he put the something togethe
6:41 pm
two days. martin liver in daly city and currently in las vegas producing his music. wow. sounds great. well, a dry sunny, breezy day would sound nice if we didn't know it means we're in high fire danger. sand sandhya has a look at less da
6:42 pm
official ballot drop box near need to fiyou?he closest just visit to find your nearest location. then drop off your ballot. your vote will be secure and counted. there are other ways to vote too. just return your vote-by-mail ballot at your voting location or mail it back. or you can vote safely in-person during early voting or on election day. vote the way you're most comfortable -
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but vote by 8pm on november 3rd.
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a 9-year-old baseball player in the central valley is getting a much needed boost after her family's home burned down in the creek fire. they lost all of their possessions including the girl's baseball card collection, which was priceless to her. but today, a san jose man stepped up in a very big way and we're sharing it as part of our project thanks effort. chris nguyen has the story. >> here we go. >> for kevin ash ford saying good buy to a collection of 25,000 baseball cards was much easier than thought. >> they will be organized. i can thumb through them and have it at. they will find great cards. >> reporter: he heard the story of a 9-year-old girl in the
6:45 pm
central valley whose family home was destroyed in the creek fire near shaver lake. >> it's one thing after another, you know, that's been happening here during 2020 and i just want to make it a bit easier for these kids. so that's what i'm doing. >> reporter: he has been playing baseball since she was in preschool and lost her own pcollection of cards in the fir. >> it's been really tough because just thinking of the cards i owned, like, brings back memories and stuff. >> reporter: cal fire learned about the tragedy and decided to launch a regional drive to collect cards for her and her friends. today, the chp showed up to ash ford's home to accept his donation. >> all these agencies worked together on the fire lines in one capacity or another so this is a great opportunity to together for something positive from such a destruct tiive fire season.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: her favorite player is buster posey. >> he's a catcher and i'm a pitcher so one day i would -- i think it would be awesome if i could pitch to him. >> reporter: this afternoon as the chp drove away with the collection of cards bound for fresno, he had a message. >> the buster posey card is in the box. i looked at it this morning. so that's yours. >> reporter: a special gift for a deserving girl. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> very deeverythiserving young and fabulous for that guy to do it. join project thanks and share your gratitude for everyone making a difference. use the #better bay area to show us how you're saying thank you and we'll share it. pg&e finished an update on the latest power shuf aut off. 45,000 customers are still in the dark. inspectors found at least 130 incidents of damage or hazards to equipment. pg&e says that shows how the
6:47 pm
shut offs can reduce fire risk. >> it's material, foreign objects strike our lines, there is no spark. there is no flash because it's all deenergized. >> now pg&e says most customers should have power by 10:00 p.m. but a small number of people won't get power back until around noon tomorrow. a lot of people are still dealing with this although, dan, our weather is getting a little less dangerous. >> that's the good news. the red flag warning is and spiring and the wind has died down. meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking it for us. >> yeah, dan and ama, right now the winds are definitely lower than where they were last night in the hills. gusts right now mount diablo 34 miles an hour. the red flag warning dropped but the fire danger not quite over until we get our first wetting rain of the season. east bay hills camera showing you clear skies tonight and that's why we're in for a chilly
6:48 pm
night. take a look at live doppler 7. no fog, no rain. as you look at the hour by hour forecast by 11:00 p.m. tonight, temperatures in the 50s, 60s into tomorrow morning, they will be tumbling many of you will be in the 40s as you get going. tomorrow afternoon, 66 degrees in half moon bay, a nice mild one. 71, 81 santa rosa and 75 oakland. upper 70s livermore, san jose 80 degrees in concord. your accuweather seven-day forecast, mild pattern for the afternoon but autumn chill in the air at night and in the morning and halloween is looking fantastic for little kids trick-or-treating. don't forget to fall back one hour. you gain the extra hour of sleep sunday morning. so daylight saving time will be ending. i know we're looking forward to the sleep, ama, dan? >> always. all right. time to turn our attention to sports. larry beil is here with the latest. larry?
6:49 pm
>> ama, dan, i would prefer it stay light out longer but i'll give you your hour of sleep. >> i agree. >> will you? >> yeah, all right. it's the guys against the girls. that's the way it is. anyway, the 49ers prepping for the man who might turn out to be the mvp this year. almost impossible to defend russell wilson. yeah. he is dangerous. another big if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra.
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good evening. the 49ers getting set for an epic showdown with the seahawks on sunday. niners have won two this a row. the hawks lost the first game of the season sunday to arizona. this is going to be the first meeting since that incredible final game of last season. seals the nfc west title. tackle inside the one yard line. no fans allowed so the niners won't have to deal with the crowd noise but have to contain russell wilson. >> our guys are familiar with that. most people in the league know that. no matter what happens, they have a chance and i think that's why you see so many weird endings because he can always pull something out of the bag and off crazy. so we've seen that a number of years and i know people have been seeing that from him and his team and saw another one last night. our players are ready for it. it will come down to the wire and regardless how the first half goes, that's what you got to expect.
6:53 pm
>> for sure. last and hoping they are not least, the pac 12 begins play on november the 7th. the last of the major conferences in the country to get started and sanford will start with a bang. a nationally televised game. in fact, it will be here on abc 7. a challenging few weeks for the cardinal. they couldn't practice in santa clara and had to work out in san mateo county for awhile practice income small groups and now they are finally up to speed. >> having the off season we all had and thinking any one guy is going to play every single snap of every single game is probably unrealistic. to be able to have some depth, have some rotation, i think can help us in the long haul. there is such a ramp up at the beginning of training camp and not practice here but not just that, to have to shorten practices. our practices are shorter than usual because we didn't have the guys on the field at the same time per county restrictions.
6:54 pm
>> cal football hopes november 7th. the bears haven't started a season this late since 1892 when they beat san francisco boys high school 12-0. that sounded like a mismatch. we're expecting the ms. khuskie be a toucher matchup. not all is perfect. the berkeley team shut down practice because one of the players tested positive for covid-19. they have been holding limited practices, not contact. justin wilcox discussing the challenges for all teams right now. >> i talked to coach fox daily and i think it doesn't necessarily impact us but it is one more example of how fragile this thing is and how west got
6:55 pm
to be vigilant on and off the field about the protocols. >> the baseball season may come to an end tonight. dodgers, though, trailing tampa bay in game six 1-0 there in the fifth. complete highlights tonight at 11:00. dan and ama. >> excellent. thanks very much. be sure to join us tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00. you see the sign here, it says love trumps hate. it's directly over an area painted over but one spray painted with a swastika and the word trump. details tonight at 11:00. we have traumatic video of a rescue off the sonoma county coast this morning. watch as crews pull a man out of the water after he got tangled in fishing line. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what matters. all this week, we're focussing on how the holidays will be affected by the coronavirus. the reporting is centered on key content focal points, our pillars for building a better
6:56 pm
bay area. yesterday was health, tonight the economy. halloween this weekend then on to thanksgiving and christmas. all of them have becoen been commercialized, particularly christmas but this year we shouldn't mind as much. merchants big and small are hanging on by a thread. many that survived so far might not be able to hang in much longer if holiday sales don't give them a significant boost. understandably, a lot of people are reluctantly to go out to eat and shop and the pandemic devastated families' economically. for many, the holiday season will be lean out of necessity. like everything else in this very strange year, the holidays will be very different for a variety of reasons. spending money where we can will help the economy over the holidays, but of course, what really matters is that we spend time safely with loved ones. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook @dan ashley, abc 7.
6:57 pm
>> that is going to do it for this edition of a brks krrbc 7 . look for the news any time on the abc 7 news app. we have everything you need there. thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for sandhya patel, larry, we appreciate your time and we hope to see you again at 11:00. did i miss it? but you can't sleep through my breakfast. because it's served all day, every day! thanks, jack. try my $4.99 french toast sticks jumbo breakfast platter. part of my all day, everyday breakfast.
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♪ try my $4.99 french toast sticks jumbo breakfast platter. this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants-- a biology professor from pasadena, california... a knowledge manager from san diego, california... and our returning champion-- an educator from big bear lake, california... ...whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"-- alex trebek! [ applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome aboard. as we get older, our memory tends to fade a little bit.
7:00 pm
so if we're able to recall little bits of information-- particularly in a competitive situation such as "jeopardy!" as brian did on yesterday's program, it makes you feel particularly good, doesn't it? - a lot better. - a lot better. all right. christa and casey, the two c's, are here. welcome. pick up those signaling devices. here we go into the "jeopardy!" round. now the categories for the first round of play today, starting off with... next... hey... each correct response. brian, start. bible-pourri for $600. - brian. - what is jerusalem? - that's the city. - bible for $800.


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