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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 28, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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logistics area of the marin county register. these ballots had a problem and a lot had to do with signatures. that's coming up. i'm kris reyes. getting out the vote. what organizations big and small are doing to rally communities to cast their ballot. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we're days away from november, but it's all about autumn warmth. we'll have details in the accuweather forecast. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. election day is less than one week away. a record number of early voters have cast their ballots. while california allows early ballots to be opened and processed immediately, other state haves different rules like pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin could decide the election but not until after election night. >> they're going to have to start from scratch. let's start signature verifying. let's open up these ballots. let's start running them through the machines and if we're waiting for those three states to decide this presidential election, we can be waiting days
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or weeks. >> and concerns over election results uncertainty and rising coronavirus cases worldwide caused stocks to tank today. all three were down 3%. the dow closed at a low not seen since july. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. with less than a week to go, many bay area community groups big and small are mobilizing their communities to get out the vote. >> abc news reporter kris reyes has what is driving them to make sure as many ballots are cast as possible. >> it's a critical thing for our community to enable people to safely vote in a pandemic and to ensure the democracy has today. >> reporter: the oakland a's are not just talking the talk but lending the coliseum. 10,000 parking spaces to be used as an accessible voting site from saturday to election day.
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gestures big and small are happening. grass roots organization bay rising action is reaching out to under served community, especially new immigrants. >> everybody has face masks on, gloves, sanitizing their hands. there is texting, phone banking and door knocking happening. >> reporter: a non-profit that helps girls get into tech and entrepreneur ship started the online campaign #vote for me encouraging their members who can't vote yet to write the ad adulthoods adults in their suckle. >> empowering young people to say just because you can't work, doesn't mean you can't inspire people to take action. >> reporter: san mateo's republican party engaged 400 volunteers to distribute 5,000 door hangers. they hope for more representation in a community made up mostly of independent and democrats. >> having a mixed view and opinion when certain decisions
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are being made to impact the entire community. >> reporter: no matter the party, community, many organizations and leaders say this is one election that cannot be taken for granted. >> equity is on our ballot. criminal justice reform is on our ballot and definitely electing a new president and a home grown -- kamala harris is on the ballot. >> in a nutshell, what is your rally call? >> do it for your children. >> reporter: kris reyes, for abc 7 news. mail in ballots cast in record numbers will be under considerable scrutiny this year beginning with their signatures. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman spent the day at the marin office asking for the process of verification. >> reporter: you're looking at the largest turnout with more than 100,000 ballots cast already, that's more than half the register the voters. after talking with us, she did
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have some questions. are you worried? >> well, now i am. >> reporter: all because of her signature. this is how she signed her driver's license and now, on the ballot, you'll see it's definitely changed. will this vote even count? >> how will i know? >> reporter: the answer beginning inside the marin county civic center with a machine named bet sey ross. >> we get three passes. >> reporter: not three votes? >> no, only one vote. >> reporter: once every second, the machine scans signatures and compares them with a database roughly 25% do not make the first cut. just because the ballots are challenged doesn't mean they are disqualified. they move on. this is a process. >> i just want to count the votes. i just want to be sure the votes count. >> reporter: that's marin county register linda roberts. challenged ballots go upstairs and get the human touch from
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people like jenrry salary. >> well, we have signature theory we follow -- >> reporter: theory? >> theory. >> reporter: another check of databases and the speed, specific letters. here are three signatures by the same person. >> there is a similarity in the w, the speed, the ending terminal, the connection here. >> reporter: you can tell this person is really organized and sane and a wonderful human being right? >> it is the voter. >> reporter: 99% of signatures pass. the rest generate letters back to voters who can fix any problem before final certification. >> i do want to be a protector of democracy. >> reporter: this is how it's done. in marin county, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> you can vote in person in this election, but all registered voters in california are receiving mail in ballots because of the pandemic. all the ballots in california come with prepaid postage. you can turn or mail it as late
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as election day, november 3rd. it can be dropped off at your county elections office, a ballot drop box, vote center or any polling place. you can track your ballot online with a link on also on our website, you'll find a guide to all 12 state propositions and see where your party stands. now turning to our efforts to build a better bay area, which starts with our public health, and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. dozens of employees and patients at a ucsf center are under quarantine tonight after several positive covid-19 tests. two patients and three health care workers tested positive last week. those patients who were sharing a room tested negative for the virus when they first arrived at the hospital. but one of them later tested positive before they were set to be discharged and that triggered contact tracing. that's when three workers showed up positive, too.
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more than 40 people connected to the hospital are now quarantining out of caution, that includes 28 employees and 15 additional patients who have been placed in precautionary isolation. so far, all of those people have tested negative. alameda county announced an opening date for middle and high schools november 9th, as long as they complete a coronavirus reopening plan. the county says the final decision will be up to each school and school district. two weeks ago, elementary schools in the county were allowed to reopen after giving permission and as of today, 58 schools have opened or have made a plan to do so. education is one of the key areas where we focus efforts to built a better bay area. tonight a collision of community groups will present a bold new plan that could prompt big changes in how oakland unified school district educates its black students. how it would work. >> for our district to create the kind of systems. >> reporter: she says for decades many black students have
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been stuck in a system that creates barriers to success. >> that is acceptable for black students to be suspended. that's acceptable for black students to be expelled. >> reporter: she's the executive director of bay area plan part of justice for oakland students community coalition. according to their numbers, based on the 2017, 2018 school year, more than 50% of black students were below grade level in math and reading. black students accounted for up to 60% of suspensions and 72% of black eighth graders were not ready for high school. >> we have to begin to look at those things as a part of the decisid design of the current system. >> reporter: the collision will address the school board with the plan reparations for black students. they want lcff money, which is unrestricted state funding to be put towards programs that target students who are struggling. >> so the investment in police versus restored justice, counseling, programs that can keep you staying engaged in schools, those are the types of
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investments that have not been made over the last several decades in oakland. >> really thinking about how we can dismantle anti black racism. >> reporter: she's an oakland schoolteacher. she says the coalition wants more ethnic studies and for the district to hire more black teachers. she says these types of targeted plans have worked at other bay area schools. >> your students are in a state of an emergency and we have the power here to get this resolved together. >> reporter: in an email to abc 7 news, the oakland school district says it looks forward to hearing the presentation on black sanctuary from our labor partners with any other information they share with our board of education at wednesday evening's meeting. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> from preschool to college, you can see all our stories about education. download it for free on our
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streaming device including apple tv, and more. pg&e says the power is back on for everyone that can receive service. the remaining psps outages are marked with purple triangles, very few compared to the other day. at one point about 100,000 bay area customers had their power shut off deliberately to prevent wildfires. inspectors found 76 instances of weather related damage. if they had not turned off the power, pg&e says it would have sparked a fire. steve glazer has been critical of the utility. >> i don't think you shut off power because you have 30 or 40 mile an hour winds unless you fear your infrastructure is that vulnerable. part of the disclosures that pg&e is going to be required to conduct is explain and show what the wind speeds were in all of the monitoring stations in our region. >> pg&e says it recorded a wind gust of 89 miles an hour at a monitoring station in sonoma
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county. thankfully, the dangerous weather conditions subsided. >> yeah, abc 7 news drew tuma is here. drew, it's really just beautiful outsid outside. >> it really is, ama and dan. it is over and the sunset is a gorgeous one. temperatures will quickly fall tonight. winds in the hills light and stay that way for the next several days and numbers quickly falling already into the 50s in the next couple hours, tomorrow morning wide spread 40s if not pockets of 30s. now despite the cold start, we got warm weather on the way. we'll have the numbers until the full accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> great. thank you. a big milestone in the rebuilding and healing process for santa rosa's coffee park. the park and neighborhood were
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destroyed in 2017. 1422 homes were lost in the flames. normal normally, there would be a reopening and the five acre park is redesigned and rebuilt with the help of the community and federal state and local governments at a cost of $3.8 million. more to come here, the concept of see something, say something run by artificial intelligence. it could save lives. so what's the downside? >> what you don't want to see is students moving across the country bringing covid-19 with them to campus or leaving campus with it. >> college students going on thanksgiving break, will they be able to take a coronavirus test before traveling back home? the i team digs into this issue. that story tonight as part of
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the family of oscar grant says the alameda alameda alameda attorney -- grant was shot and killed by former bart officer as you may recall on new year's day in that same year, 2009. but an indepen debt incide pepen show a former officer was the primary aggressor hitting grant in the head and kneeling on his neck. the d.a. nancy o'malley announced she was reopening the investigation into grant's killing earlier this month. grant's family is demanding a fresh look at the officer's role in his death. while the d.a.'s office has not publicly said anything, the
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family remains hopeful. >> we're consciously optimistic. we're clear on nay sayer statements concerning why this case was reopened. >> a timeline is not clear for the investigation as well as when or if charges will be filed against the officer. security cameras have become valuable tools to identify threats of violence and there is a development that can detect guns in security video. david louie says this new technology could help provide earlier warnings of a mass casualty event before a shot is fired. >> reporter: security cameras a can alert first responders of threats and a.i. is adding a new dimension with the potential to prevent a mass casualty event. >> we need to move away from the thinking that emergency mass notification systems were all about notification. >> reporter: david frasier's
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company demonstrated its new gun detect technology it claims to be an industry first using a.i. utilizing existing camera networks in a large scale setting like school, airport or large business campus, algorithms can identify a gun or shotgun. the system flags the gun in orange as suspicious and goes to red alert in seconds. >> it basically can make a high resolution determination of whether this is a real threat or not. >> reporter: in this demonstration, a suspect walks into view of a security camera briefly casing out the room and then pulling out a gun. artificial intelligence identifies it as a threat. >> after that, it's a single click to be able to initiate a predefined set of actions. >> reporter: a popup notifies a security officer. software provide as still photo to get details of the gun and a description of the suspect and a decision can be made whether to dispatch first responders or to dismiss it as a false alarm. a.i. knows for example that a sprinkler head is not a gun.
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low light conditions or impaired field of vision could impact the ability to recognize a threat, however, ai is showing promise of early warning before shots are fired. mike leon is an analyst at enterprise separatrategy group. >> over time and as we better train algorithms and models to best detect those images or object, i think it's only going to get better. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. the chief executives of three social media giants appear before a senate committee in a showdown over their content moderation practices. facebook's mark zuckerberg and jack dorsey each defended their company's practices and rejected republican accusations of anti conservative bias. it didn't take long for the hearing to turn contentious. >> mr. dorsey, who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the american people are allowed to hear? >> we're not doing that, and
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this is a sign winter is on its way, whales. the marine mammal center says they're hump back whales and there are recent reports of them in the area. they're headed to the warmer water for the winter. really, can you blame them, dan? >> no, let's join them. >> yes. >> drew tuma is here with the forecast. although, drew, it's just stunning. i always love the weather in october. >> yeah, really october is not letting us down especially for the next couple days, dan and am ma. lots of sunshine, warm temperatures, in fact, golden gate bridge camera, we'll take a live look. not a cloud to be seen. we had wall to wall sunshine today and look at the flag on the right hand side of your screen. it is waving ever so gently in a breeze. thankfully, strong winds earlier in the week are out of here. winds right now you can see across much of the bay area are
6:23 pm
very light, less than ten miles per hour. so no red flag warnings. today or even in the next seven days. good news there. breathing a sigh of relief. right now temperatures are falling into the 60s in the cooler spots. 63 right now in the city but still at 70 in hayward, 711 o 1 oakland and 71 napa and 70 the current temperature in san ramon. overnight tonight we have the combination of clear skies and calm winds, that's a good recipe for some quickly cooling temperatures and in fact, most of us will cool off into the 40s. we do expect a few pockets in our sheltered valleys to drop into the 30s like santa rosa. so certainly a chilly start tomorrow but we will warm up very nicely in the afternoon. here is live doppler 7 with satellite. you can see it's very quiet along the west coast. the reason why high pressure is just going to sit and spin off of our coastline. it will keep the sunshine in tact and unfortunately, for the foreseeable future over the next
6:24 pm
several days, it keeps the storm track well to the north along the border of the u.s. and canada. so tomorrow, it's clear skies, nothing but sunshine from start to finish. we have that chilly morning on our 12-hour day planner but lots of sunshine and calm winds. that will help warm us up quickly. by 4:00 temperatures in the mid 70s to lower 80s. very similar temperatures tomorrow like we had today. 72 the high in san francisco tomorrow. 76 the high in oakland. about 78 in san jose. 80 santa rosa. 81 concord. 74 san mateo and these numbers are a few degrees above average for this time of year. we'll finish out the week with 70s and 80s again and in fact, for halloween, looks like a pretty warm holiday. well into the low if not mid 80s in the warmest spot. looking at the saturday evening halloween forecast, really a treat of a forecast. talking temperatures in the 60s and 70s by 6:00 p.m.
6:25 pm
sun will go down at 6:11 and clear skies, comfy and cool off into the 50s and 60s. don't forget, though, set your clocks back one hour as daylight saving time comes to an end sunday morning. that means your sunset on sunday, 5:10 in the ervening. it will get darker faster. we'll plan the next seven days for you. it a combo of a cool morning and warm afternoon tomorrow. that will stay the same way over the weekend. there is that time change on sunday and we'll bump the temperatures up more next week for election day, partly cloudy. no reason not to get out there and vote in the warm days will continue even into wednesday of neck week, dan and ama. >> all right. thank you so much, drew. >> drew's forecast included halloween this time but will soon include thanksgiving less than a month away. the holiday brings home a lot of college students but is it safe for them to visit? the i-team looks into it because finding a new way to holiday is
6:26 pm
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just days away prom hafrom halloween, weeks from thanksgiving and before we know it, christmas. thousands of bay area college student wils will return home n month potentially carrying covid-19. >> that's the concern. a small percentages of colleges and universities are conducting mandatory coronavirus testing. >> reporter: university of michigan freshman abby young traveled more than 2,000 miles across the country from walnut creek to begin her college career which looks nothing like what she ill mag ginnmagined. >> it's going well. it's different being on zoom and spending more time until the dorm than i normally would be. >> reporter: she's not alone. thousands of bay area residents
6:30 pm
left home to attend college and most of them will return to the bay area next month for thanksgiving break. >> what you don't want to see is students moving across the country, either bringing covid-19 with them to campus or leaving campus with it. >> reporter: professor chris is the director of the college crisis initiative. him with the student run research lab created a data set of schools across the country to understand their responses to the covid-19 pandemic. their covid-19 testing data focussing on four-year institutions. out of 1,444 four-year colleges and universities examined, only 7% are testing the entire student population at least weekly for covid-19. 30% have no clear testing plan as of several week of several wk they collected the data. >> we're terribly concerned. >> reporter: most college aged
6:31 pm
individuals that contract it is asymptomatic. >> it's important to test everybody and do so as much as possible to catch the asymptomatic people before they can spread the disease. >> reporter: there is no mandatory testing at the university of michigan. >> i got tested at home before coming out to campus, and i've not been tested >> reporter: in an emailed statement to the i team, a university of michigan spokesperson said while testing is not mandatory, it's widely available. we have capacity for 6,000 tests a week. the spokesperson says the university will roll out additional testing for all students before they leave for thanksgiving break. it will be mandatory for students living on campus. not all bay area residents who left home for college are living on campus. grace from walnut creek is a freshman at uc santa barbara living in an off campus apartment. >> there isn't kind of any mandatory testing. everyone is very much encouraged
6:32 pm
to get tested if they are experiencing any symptoms. >> reporter: a uc santa barbara spokesperson said the campus has mandatory testing for 2,000 students. while we cannot mandate testing for those off campus, we've been working closely with the santa barbara county health department to provide free testing for staff and students. >> it is absolutely a concern. >> reporter: he says it's possible college students traveling home who are asympt asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic could infect somebody else. >> our first sort of initial shock and concern was offset by extraordinary understanding institutions don't have the resources to test everybody every week once a week. >> reporter: san francisco native jack isaac is a junior at emmerson college, a small liberal arts center conducting weekly testing. >> came in thinking it would be a hassle and at the end of the day you feel better knowing you're getting tested every week
6:33 pm
and a negative result every week and you know you're not putting anyone at risk. > reporter: by following these and other safety measures that result in a low infection incident rate throughout the fall, emmerson has been able to continue the learning plan without interruption. the college students said they plan to get a covid-19 te >> now we're talking about the new way to holiday all this week in the coming days, we'll be zeroing in on the changing workplace and race and social justice. you can watch on air, website. download it now free. the holidays might be ugly sweater season but check out what these trees are wearing now. the s who's supporting prop 15? governor gavin newsom. the governor says prop 15 is, "fair, phased-in,
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and long overdue reform", that "will exempt small businesses and residential property owners." join governor newsom. vote yes on 15.
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who's supkamala harris.5? harris says, "a corporate tax loophole has allowed billions to be drained from our public schools and local communities. no more. i'm proud to support prop 15." vote yes. schools and communities first is responsible for the content of this ad. a alameda county there is a disagreement where the homeless residents should be able to park campers and cars and find shelter. kate larson explains why this issue goes beyond oakland. >> i think you've got a
6:37 pm
stalemate here. >> reporter: abc 7 news contributor and chronicle insider phil is talking about the alameda fairgrounds, the city of oakland sent alameda county a letter asking to use the fairgrounds as a homeless shelter. yesterday alameda county responded in a round about way said they'd like to help but not necessarily using this county owned property. >> homelessness, is it a city problem, county problem, state problem, national problem? all of the above. when it comes to actually having to deal with them in the front yard, that's when everything gets local real quick. >> reporter: nate miley is an alameda county supervisor. >> it's per posteroreposterous unsheltered homeless individuals who have rvs and campers out to the fairgrounds. >> reporter: you would all feel like this is not in my neighborhood issue, the people of pleasanton don't want to take
6:38 pm
on a homeless population that doesn't exist in the area. >> i do not feel this is that issue whatsoever. alameda county fairgrounds is a good distance away from the city of oakland and folks unsheltered like to be located in vicinities nearby. >> reporter: he thinks oakland should shutt shelter more homel residents at the coliseum but the coliseum is being used to shelter homeless people in 130 trailers. >> we can't have all of the services in one location. we need to spread that out. we have a growing number of homeless residents who are not from oakland. the reality is that this is a county wide issue. this say regional issue. >> reporter: to watch closely because this issue is not isolated to the east bay. >> like it or not, this is one of the possible models for dealing with homelessness throughout california. >> reporter: kate larson, abc 7
6:39 pm
news. if you happen to walk around downtown livermore this time of year, you might notice a number of the trees are covered in sweaters, yes, i said sweaters. a group of artists decorated the trees to bring art into the town. ♪ ♪ >> they call it the tree sweater forest. to beautify livermore. people look forward to it because when i put them up, people are like this is great it's back. some people are like why do you put a sweater on a tree? they don't get cold. >> the tree forest is created for art appreciation and an opportunity to share facts and joy with our community. >> so when the tree sweaters come up, we know fall is coming. like signal great stuff we like to in the fall but because of what is going on, at least this got to go up this year. it helps people realize everything is going to be okay. >> after the sweaters are taken
6:40 pm
down, we're going to make sure it goes to the local animal shelters where pups and kittens waiting for homes will have something to lay on, something cushioned and comfortable waiting for their new family. >> right now is a really good time for this. people are happy when they see th trees go up. it's supposed to represent the love that we have for arts. when we're recognized, it makes us want to do it again next year, which we will and who knows who we'll come up with next year. >> and that's what all of these tree sweaters help us do in our community. >> cute. >> do we know for sure that trees don't get cold? i'm not sure. the tree sweater forest will be up until november 15th. >> that's a good question. they do have bark, after all. we are entering quiet autumn weather now. drew has
6:41 pm
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the rush on toilet paper and hand sanitizer and essential products at the start of pandemic has come and gone but there is another shortage that hasn't quite let up. michael finney joins us in
6:44 pm
building a better bay area team coverage on a new way to holiday. >> it's use systum. during the pandemic, it's hard to get your hands on simple things. >> he's been good so far >> reporter: he picked up a golden retriever from a breeder two weeks ago. >> it's nice to come home to the stress relievereliever. he's a calming influence. >> reporter: jonathan prepaid four figures to be put on a waiting list for reicher back 13 months a i go. since then, he says the price has doubled and the wait for a puppy from a breeder increased to two years. >> we were expecting a hand full of months at best, maybe six. we had no idea it would be this long. >> reporter: the demand for puppies since the pandemic has
6:45 pm
surged. it's not just breeders but shelters, which can't supply enough puppies to keep up with the demand since the pandemic. >> i think we've maybe had 15 puppies since the beginning of the year that have come in through our shelter. >> reporter: the peninsula humane society says it's that way all around the bay area. it's the same at the family dog project in san francisco. >> puppies probably don't stay in the shelter for more than a couple days. >> reporter: sadly, since covid-19, the rescue organization has found many of their pets roaming the streets. >> people were abandoning dogs left and right about six months a i ago. they are still abandoning them, it was critical when people lost housing and jobs. >> reporter: caring for a puppy can be time consuming and depends patience and maturity. >> you have to potty train. you have to teach them how to walk on a leash. you have to teach them not to be
6:46 pm
mou mouthing and redirect them with a toy. >> reporter: anyone looking to get a puppy for christmas, may have to wait. >> they will be getting adopted so quickly, they are just probably not going to be there. >> reporter: here is a good idea, consider adopting an adult dog. they need homes and you can do a real favor to them and yourself by adopting them. dan, one thing i could throw in here, many people will always tell you you should never buy a dog, always adopt. >> there are so many that need e homes after all, thank you so muc much. >> all right. that's drew's dog, i think, ama. >> i'm like what is happening? what am i hearing? >> it's drew's dog. >> i was trying to throw him a treat. got to love live tv from your
6:47 pm
house. dapper, his name is dapper. he's all over my twitter feed if you want to go see him. you can hear him in my background. >> can dapper do the weather for us? >> really. >> i think he's barking because he's mad it's going to get chilly outside tonight. that's what i think he's mad about. let's talk about overnight lows. you'll find cold spots in the north bay. upper 30s to lower 40s. and some cool spots around the bay shoreline. san francisco holding at 50. it is a cool start to the day but we'll warm up nicely throughout the afternoon. highs on thursday, very similar to where we were earlier today. 72 in san francisco, 76 in oakland, 78 in san jose. 80 santa rosa, 81 the high in conco concord. don't forget to put your clocks back one hour sunday morning. daylight saving does come to an end. the sunset on saturday, it is at 6:11 p.m. but then on sunday, it's at 5:10 in the evening.
6:48 pm
so those days are getting shorter and shorter in terms of daylight time. here is a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. warm afternoon tomorrow. we'll have fog to sunshine on friday. there is halloween. halloween is looking like a treat. it has a lot of sunshine during the day and will cool off in the 50s at night. there is a time change on sunday but dan and ama, november warmth hanging around until election day. temperatures in the 70s and 80s. a stress free forecast after the red flag warnings for the past several weeks. >> boy, we sure need that. thanks to dapper, as well. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> does larry have anything good for us? an animals? anything, larry? y what you got? >> the rule of tv is never follow kids or dogs and now all i want to do is see drew's dog. i don't care about what i'm doing. the niners meet the seahawks. kyle shanahan revealed one of his favorite things to do in
6:49 pm
practice. it's interesting. maybe not as good as drew's dog but find out where the coach
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good evening. the seahawks and packers, here comes the cavalry for the 49ers. they have been decimated by injuries since week one. as they get ready for the clash on sunday, the offense might, might be boosted by the return
6:52 pm
of tevin coleman and williams, all three have been dealing with knee injuries, not clear if they will be healthy enough to play in seattle. we'll see. meanwhile, coach shanahan talked about one of his techniques in practice where he, the coach, lines up at quarterback. >> football is very fun when those guys can't hit you. so sitting in the pocket with no pass rush and watching guys have play zone when i don't have to worry about the d line and i can try some no look throws and things like that that you would never try with a d line coming at ya, but gives me some false confidence and always fun to mess with those guys. >> he comes into your office sometimes and you're going over the video of your throws, is that what you're doing? going over your throws? >> i mean, only for teaching purposes, you know. no, i do enjoy it. i love getting a chance to play sports. i don't get to do it much anymore. i'm not good at it anymore. playing quarterback, you cannot show how slow you are and
6:53 pm
everything. >> tim of the athletic asking questions. while the niners are getting healthier, chris carson hurt his foot this past sunday. originally listed week to week and pete carroll says he's a game time decision and both of carson's backups for seattle are banged up, as well. dez bryant has the first workout as the baltimore ravins today. he's on the practice squad. he's been out of the league for a couple years but if you follow him on instagram, dez is in great shape. bryant was a star at the age of 32. they hope he still has juice left to help the struggling offense. what is major league baseball going to do to punish just were turner, the dodger's first baseman violated numerous protocols with covid-19 when he came to celebrate the dodgers winning the world series despite testing positive for the coronavirus. turner was pulled out of the game in the seventh inning when his second positive test came back, he was supposed to stay in isolation but couldn't resist
6:54 pm
the temptation to come celebrate and taking off his mask for the photo. mlb is investigating saying turner emphatically refused to stay in quarantine, a selfish move but his teammates didn't mind. >> i think for him being a free agent, not knowing how the future is going to play out, i don't think there was anyone that was going to stop him from going out. i think he was mindful of other people especially other people that he hadn't already been in contact with. >> if i could switch places with him right now, i would. that man more than anybody deserves to take a picture with that trophy, celebrate with us, have his family around and enjoy this moment and, you know, that got taken away from him and that's just not right. that doesn't sit well with me. >> see if there is any sanctions coming. the nba trying to figure out when to start next season. there were rumors of pushing back until february of 2021 to get fans in the stands. that's unlikely. christmastime was floated by the
6:55 pm
league but a report says today star players are pushing to begin on january 18th, 2021. that would give teams that made the playoffs deep play-off runs more time to recover from the season that stretched into october. what an anniversary for the legend, al attles made his debut 60 years ago today. he's been with the warriors as a player, coach, front office. 60 years, the longest stint with the single franchise in nba history. and everybody loves al attles. close the loop on the dodgers, dan, ama, major league baseball dodged a huge bullet. imagine if they played game seven and turner got half the dodgers infected. who knows what they would have done. they lucked out. >> but players want to go home to their families and he's exposing people. >> tough spot. thanks very much. >> all right. joins us for abc 7 news at
6:56 pm
11:00. >> i'm in san jose, developments surrounding a blatantly racist attack ad. the race for city counsel and the push from civil rights and religious leaders for real action. all that at 11:00. making sure your packages arrive in time for the holidays. how the port of oakland is preparing for a shipageddon. a new way to holiday has highlighted how the pandemic will affect our health and economy this holiday season. tonight, we zeroed in on education as we reported when college kids come back for thanksgiving, many may bring with them covid-19 or perhaps take it back to college when they return to campus. that's a real challenge to contend with. so, too, is what is happening with primary and secondary education in the bay area. distance learning is taking an increasing toll on young people, and their parents. the social aspects of going to school are an important part of the experience children need. and while virtual learning works
6:57 pm
reasonably well, it's no substitute for sit income a classroom for fellow students and a teacher, certainly not in the long term. it been so disruptive and the effects on our kids will linger but what really matters is that young people are smart and resilient. they'll be okay. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think on twitter and facebook at dan ashley, abc 7. >> thanks for joining us, i'm who is usaa made for? it's made for this guy a veteran who honorably served and it's made for her she's serving now we made it for all branches and all ranks whether they served one tour or made a career of it. we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids usaa is easy to work with and can save you money on auto, home and renters insurance. become a member today. get an insurance quote at usaa. what you're made of we're made for
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