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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 28, 2020 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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it's pretty delicious. it's being denounced as a blatant racist attack in the run for city council. >> alameda county gets a november date for when middle and high schools can open back up, districts we thought would say it's not going to happen that quickly. checking the autumn chill and warmth. we'll have the halloween forecast coming up. the port of oakland had the busiest in history. what this means for the holiday shopping season. abc 7 news starts now. >> announcer: building a better way area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. >> i was disgusted, disappointed and almost angered immediately. >> tonight, new fallout from what's being called a blatantly racist attack ad by a prominent
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silicon valley business group. >> amanda dell castillo has the details. >> reporter: this attack ad, since removed from the silicon valley organization website being called racist by the organization itself. the svo is the region's largest chamber of commerce. the photo showed a group of black men rioting in the street, saying do you really want to sign on to this. seemingly to sway voters away from jake to thinkal. >> it was an attack on me in this race. but at the end of the day it was an attack on people of color and our political discourse. >> he's running against incumbent deb davis who since renounced the organize zwags's endorsement, even writing a check to the naacp in the amount of contributions she's received from the business group. >> i think it should be very clear to people that neither candidate in this race is racist or will tolerate any kind of
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racist behavior. >> in a release, the svo announced its president and ceo has been placed on administrative leave. it's hired a third party investigator to look into the incident and has suspended all campaign activity. civil rights and religious leaders gather wednesday. they say after a pattern of racist behavior by the svo, more needs to be done. >> we're going to continue calling on other executives to step away. >> by wednesday, at least two prominent svo board members resigned both with california apartment association. valley water's ceo also rescinded the company's 44 year membership with the group. in san jose, i'm amanda dell castillo, abc 7 news. now to your voice your vote. batches and ballots are flooding election offices nationwide as a
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record number of people vote early. election day is six days away now and 75 million americans have voted either in person or through mail-in ballots to. help voters get to the polls in the midst of the pandemic, the oakland a's say they're opening the coliseum from saturday until election day. >> it's a critical thing for a community to enable people to safely vote in a pandemic and to ensure that democracy has its day. >> in california, early voting is at historic levels. 36% of registered voters in the state. that's nearly 8 million people have turned in their ballots. we have plenty of voting resources on our website. head to we've posted an interactive map showing the early ballot dropoff locations across the bay area as well as a guide to the state propositions. >> education is one of the key areas we focus our efforts to build a better bay area.
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alameda county announced that middle and high schools can open back up for in person learning on november 9th if they have a plan. but j.r. stone found that may not be happening any time soon. >> we definitely would want to know what type of safety matters they're going to take before kids even touch the campus. >> reporter: stacy has two kids in the fremont unified school district. she says her daughter is eager to get back, but knowing how she's going to be kept safe is a priority, a feeling held by parents and teachers all across alameda county where middle and high schools will be allowed to open to in-person learning november 9th if they have a safety plan in place. >> we have 12 schools and some elementary schools have a thousand students. even if you do 50%, you still have a large number of students moving around. >> reporter: while middle and high schools may be quiet now, there's even bigger concern about space in those locations. >> their hallways are so jam
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back packed yet how even if it's a modified amount of students how they can keep them six feet apart, not crowded, not clustered and stuff. >> reporter: alameda county says that so far, one public school, one charter and 56 private schools have reopened or announced they will reopen school. >> public school officials in oakland and dublin tell me that the elementary school kids will start first, but that won't happen until january at the early jest. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. online shopping has exploded during the pandemic, and the frenzy will only get worse with the coming holidays obviously. abc 7 news reporter matt boone went to the port of oakland to find out what's being done to prepare for ship aged don. >> the port of oakland is coming back to life after a slow year. >> import cargo is up nearly
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11%. >> port spokesperson says almost all the ships that come to oakland have to stop in los angeles or long beach first, which are being slammed right now. shipping giant mayors sent out an advisory to their customers warning a rush has created a bottleneck for ships entering port, resulting in significant port congestion. oakland's wait times have not been bad but ships that get delayed show up to oakland. >> once or twice a month you will notice a container ship at anchor in san francisco bay. those ships are waiting for a berth vacancy so they can tie up. >> reporter: truckers on the ground say it should be echbz busier this time of night and say they're still suffering from a covid related slump. >> it's been slow. >> we're not busy like we used to be before. >> reporter: they expect to see the pent up demand continue through december, but doesn't
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expect the holiday shopping season to be impact. >> we don't foresee shelves being empty because of disruption at the port. if you think traffic is picking up, you're right. and it's affecting one route in particular. that's along 80 and the bay bridge. you see the back up this evening out of san francisco. the metropolitan commission says traffic on the bridge has returned to about 90% of prepandemic levels, due in part to the economy opening up more. transportation officials say the solution is for people to take public transportation. >> until that happens we're going to see more and more a building of traffic. the metering lights came on a little while ago. they've stayed on. so, the experience that people are having is real. >> reporter: the ntc says public transportation ridership is still down 90% across the bay area. >> san francisco's second tallest building and most iconic has a new owner tonight. the world famous transamerica
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pyramid just sold for $650 million to a new york investment firm. the group plans to renovate the building, which was built in 1972, in order to attract new tenants. the race for a covid vaccine. we'll tell you about the big role the bay area is about to play. here's a pandemic problem i did not see coming, a puppy shortage. i'm michael thune. 7 on your side is coming up. and hurricane zeta slams the gulf coast, the warning to residents who may be feeling storm fatigue. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel, i'll have the latest on zeta plus a look at our local weather and how low temperatures go by morning. first a look at what's coming up tonight on "jimmy kimmel live." let's spend we time. >> you watch the show do you? >> from time to time i do, yes, yes. >> what are the circumstances that cause you to watch?
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a pioneer in san francisco's culinary scene has died. many consider cecilia chang the mother of chinese food in america. in 1961 she opened the mandarin in san francisco. it was the first asian restaurant of its kind in this city, offering a more upscale authentic chinese cuisine. she sold the restaurant in 1991, and it closed 15 years later. she died today in san francisco.
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si y sicilia chang was 100 years old. covid infections are soaring in europe and two of the biggest economies are taking drastic steps. france is reimposing a nationwide lockdown to stop the surge. germany is imposing a four week nationwide lockdown starting monday. new developments in the race for the coronavirus vaccine. enrollment for a vaccine trial in san francisco resumes tomorrow after being paused earlier this year. >> we've got a group of volunteers all lined up, and they're also excited. >> thursday volunteers in san francisco will begin getting vaccinated in phase three trails of astrazeneca's covid-19 vaccine. the entire study was put on hold worldwide in september after a participant in the uk got sick. dr. susan says it wasn't a bad setback. >> we're also really pleased
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that the usual checks and balances built into a particular study were actually being effectively used. after a thorough review by the fda, the company now says it is safe for the trial to resume. in the area, they expect about 500 participants. and despite the delay, she says she has not lost confidence. >> it's to be expected. that's going to happen in any trial. that doesn't mean it was the vaccine that caused the illness. >> as for when the vaccine may be available, other companies are further along, but the astrazeneca could be out for limited distribution sometime early next year. >> all week here on abc 7 we're looking at the new way to holiday, how things will be different this year because of the pandemic. the rush on essential products like hand sanitizer and wipes has eased. >> but ama, there is something else as you know that is increasingly hard to find these days.
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michael finney explains what's behind a pandemic puppy shortage. >> he's been good so far. he goes through these weird phases. >> reporter: jonathan just picked up his new puppy from a breeder less than two weeks ago. >> it's nice to come home to that stress reliever and he is kind of a calming, you know, influence. >> reporter: jonathan was put on a waiting list all the way back 13 months ago. since then, he says the price has doubled and the wait for i er has increased to two years. >> we were expecting a handful of months at best, maybe six. we had no idea it was going to be this long. >> the demand for puppies since the pandemic has surged. it's not just breeders, but shelters, which can't supply enough puppies to keep up with the demand since the pandemic. >> i think we've had maybe 15
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puppies since the beginning of the year who have come in our shelter. >> buffy says it's that way all around the bay area. it's the same with the family dog project in san francisco. >> puppies probably don't stay in a shelter for more than a couple of days. >> sadly, ill sa says since covid-19 the rescue organization has found many of their pets roaming the streets. >> people were just abandoning dogs left and right about six months ago. they're still abandoning them, but i would say it was probably pretty critical. people started losing their housing and their jobs. >> caring for a puppy demands. >> you have to teach them not to be be mouthy and redirect them with a toy. >> anyone loo puppy for christmas may have to wait. >> they're going to be getting adopted so quickly that they're probably just not going to be
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here. >> someone said there's an easy solution to all this, adopt an adult dog or a kitten. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side. >> lots of shelter pets need homes. we are talking about the new way to holiday all this week. we'll be zeroing in on the changing workplace and race and social justice. you can watch these stories on air, on our website and our new tv app. it's available on apple tv, android tv, fire tv and roku. search abc 7 bay area and download it for free. developing news, hurricane zeta unleashed its full fury tonight knocking out pow eer, downing trees, and destroying homes and businesses. with 110-mile-an-hour winds this afternoon. at least one person has died after a power line fell on him. hundred of thousands are without power in mississippi and louisiana. now the damaging winds and the rain are racing inland across the carolinas and into the
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northeast as well. kind of a late season storm. and zeta, ama, has really been particularly ferocious and damaging. >> it really has. meteorologist sandhya patel checking that and our weather here. sandhya. >> yeah, dan and ama, louisiana just doesn't seem to get a break, at least five storms have hit the area in the last several months. take a look at now tropical storm zeta. it has weakened with category -- tropical storm -- from a category 1, excuse me, winds right now 70-miles-per-hour. it is racing quickly northeast to 31-miles-an-hour, already spreading rain into alabama. and you will see that the heavy rain continues across that region. in addition there's a tornado watch box from the florida panhandle into alabama and even part of georgia. so, there have been numerous reports of flooding and storm damage due to the storm surge along with tornados being reported and that's still a possibility. they are going to continue to deal with that as it moves
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quickly across into the southeast and the mid-atlantic states. temperature rights now here locally anywhere from the mid-40s to the low 50s. a few with the mid-50s around brentwood. it is chilly out there without a doubt. one of the reasons from our sutro tower camera, you are looking at san francisco and it is clear out there. a cold start tomorrow morning. we are looking to mild to warm days through the weekend and spook tack lar for halloween. the weather does look good. halloween, 6:00, sun goes down at 6:11 p.m. and the temperatures still in the mid-60s to mid-70s. ghostly clear at 7:00 p.m. still comfortable. if you are going out for halloween and you're going to do it safely, you might want to dress in layers because it does get cool later on at night. fog well off the coast but on its way back. and as you take a look at friday morning, that fog will spill in. just a few patches along the
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coast but more so on friday. that's what's going to drive the temperature down just a little bit. tomorrow morning it's going to be cold. 38 in santa rosa, 39 in napa, low 40s in livermore, fairfield, 50 in oakland and 40 degrees in half moon bay. a nice rebound. sunshine and mild weather just like today. 67 in half moon bay to 82 in fairfield. everyone else pretty much in between. it's the autumn warmth we experience here in the bay area. looking for rain, election day, that system, that cold front pushes into the pacific northwest, gets closer to us and starts to wash up. the second system looks more promising. daylight saving time ends this weekend. we do gain an extra hour of sleep. accuweather forecast, cold nights, mild days, halloween's
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dry and warmth coming your way as we head toward november. ama and dan. >> i will fall back right ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪
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well, here's a fun and safe way to celebrate halloween and get your car washed at the same time. extreme wash in san jose opened the tunnel of terror tonight. abc 7 news south bay journalist will give you t
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>> announcer: sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> after being decimated by injuries, the 49ers getting healthy just in time for big games with the seahawks and packers. tevin coleman and tight end jordan reid coming back. all three dealing with knee injuries. not clear if they'll be healthy enough to play. the coach kyle shanahan revealing today he loves -- he -- loves lining up in quarterback in practice. >> only for teaching purposes. i do enjoy it. i love getting a chance to play sports. i just don't get to do it much anymore. i'm definitely not very good anymore. playing quarterback at least you get to stand in place and not show how slow you are and everything. >> while the dodgers celebrate the world series. justin turner tested positive for covid-19 during last night's
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game then refusing to stay in isolation. how many dodgers come up positive the next few days? we'll see. turner's teammates did not mind the blatant violation of protocols. >> i think for him just being a free agent, not knowing exactly how the future's going to play out, i don't think there's anyone that was going to stop oi i think he was mindful of, you know, other people, especially other people that he hadn't already been in contact with. >> the san jose earthquakes alive and kicking, battling royale. on the rebound. career goal 164, all time mls scoring leader. mark juan doe, right there. the cross. 165 and counting t. quakes pick up a big three points. 2-0 your final. good things happen to good people. steven silas will be named the new head coach of the houston
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rockets. silas has been an assistant in the league for 19 years. his top priority, figure out how to make it work with james harden and russell westbrook. happy anniversary to the man known as the destroyer back in the day. the legend al addals made his nba debut 60 years ago to the day. 60 years is the longest stint with a single franchise in league
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tell them [record scratch] the party's over.
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious. >> and that is it for us tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley.
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for larry biel, sandhya patel, all of us this is an abc color presentation. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, david letterman. gillian jacobs. and music from gracie ache rbra. and now, jimmy kimmel. >> jimmy: hi, everyone. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thanks for being with us. we're experiencing something rarely felt here in southern california lately. i think they call it happiness? do you remember that? [ laughter ] last night the dodgers beat the tampa bay rays. [ cheers and applause ] to win a first world series title in 32 years. and i got to say, besides seeing the dodgers win, it was exciting to see people touching each


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