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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 31, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. yes, it hurts and yes, it sucks, but please, stay home. we don't want to be sick. we want to see an end to this. >> a desperate plea from some san francisco business owners and city leaders this halloween. the castro district is not the place to be. the push comes as the city pauses planned reopenings because of an increase in covid-19 cases. good morning, everybody, it's saturday, october 31st. happy halloween to all of you. i'm liz kreutz. let's start as wualways with a
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quick look at the weather. nice day on the way, cool out there to start but plenty of sunshine, and even warmer weather if you can believe that. it is in the 40s and 50s, even some 60s in some spots, 47 in concord, 46 in pleasant hill. it's 50 in san francisco. some fog up towards santa rosa and novato, at 36 and 37 respectively, moderate air quality as high pressure builds in today and tomorrow, brings us warmer temperatures and lighter winds. so today will be in the 70s by noontime inland, upper 70s to year 80 around the livermore valley, mid-70s, hayward on the beach in the 60s. tonight, by 6:00 it is going to be still mild, 70s around the beto near 70 as you get towards, say, hayward. but as you go through the evening dropping through the 60s, really comfortable out there with just a little cooler weather as we get towards 9:00. so nothing too spooky about that. liz? >> lisa, thank you. this morning san francisco officials are asking people to stay away from large gatherings.
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especially from the castro where hundreds usually celebrate halloween. abc 7 news reporter luz pena has a look at today's scaled down celebration. >> reporter: it's known as a welcoming district and the place to be on halloween but this year the message is different. >> stay away. if you're coming to have a meal or do shopping during the day, that's okay. >> reporter: that's not to say they're not celebrating. this year the hope is that it will be small. here's the map of several businesses that will safely give out candy to kids and those who dress up. one of those businesses is ready with a hundred goodie bags. >> halloween on a saturday with the time change the next day was supposed to be the biggest halloween ever. i would rather forgo the biggest halloween ever than forgo the rest of the halloweens completely. >> reporter: in the castro, at least, 20 businesses closed because of covid.
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so asking people to not come is not the easiest announcement to make. but a necessary one according to supervisor mandolin. the goal is for san francisco to remain in the yellow tier. >> gathering in a large group right now is not a good idea. >> reporter: the precedent of the castro merchants is hoping people do come november 1st. but then again in small groups. >> we invite people to come. we want people, more foot traffic to the neighborhood as long as it's safe. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. in an abrupt about face by the city of san francisco just last week the city announced plans to loosen covid-19 restrictions starting next tuesday. restaurants, places of worship and museums were about to expand to 50% capacity. more people were going to go back to the office. all that just changed. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley has the details. >> we are tired of covid-19. but covid-19 is not tired of us just because we're tired of it. >> reporter: the city is rolling back. some of its reopening efforts
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because of slight increases in covid cases, hospitalizations and positivity rates. businesses that were set to reopen next week will now have to wait. >> so there is a hardship in dealing with that. but there will be more of a hardship if we have to shut everybody down who's open right now. >> reporter: many san francisco restaurants are allowed to operate at 25% indoors. they were getting ready to move to 50% next week. >> my heart goes out to everybody that needs to be open and have their doors open, paying rent, and for all the employees that are counting on work. >> reporter: over the past two weeks hospitalizations in san francisco went from 23 patients to 37 patients. dr. grant colfax says hospital capacity remains good but the slight uptick could be an indicator of what's to come. >> we want to pause on increasing the capacity of riskier activities. because we do not want the virus to get too far ahead of us. because, as we have seen across
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the country, and around the world, when the virus gets too far ahead you can't catch up. >> reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. now in addition non-essential office space, movie theaters, indoor museums and zoos will also have to remain at 25% capacity. the city's oldest restaurant was a little more than a week away from reopening. but it's now cancelling those reservations. the 171-year-old tadich grill has been serving up seafood staples in the financial district since 1849. it had briefly tried takeout and delivery when the pandemic first hit but it completely closed in july to wait for indoor dining at 50% capacity since that's what made financial sense for them. the chronicle reports the grill's long awaited november 9th reopening is now being pushed back indefinitely. education is important part of building a better bay area, especially during the pandemic. in the east bay one high school is starting to slowly welcome
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back students to campus. abc 7 news reporter matt boone is in lafayette where it was the first day a group of choir students were able to sing together. >> reporter: well as we know students have been at home since march confined to their bedrooms and their devices doing distance learning. but for the first time since march students got to come back here to the high school together in small groups. ♪ >> reporter: even with masks on and plenty of social distance, it's the closest bruce's choir students have been in months. >> until wednesday i hadn't heard my singers sing in person, and they hadn't heard each other. >> reporter: kate says she'd been waiting for this day. >> it was exciting. it was especially good to come back to hear music. >> reporter: it's not a full reopening but it's a start says associate superintendent ada glimmy. >> as we went into a phase in model. >> reporter: they've learned from other high schools that have opened too early and they're closely eyeing the surge in cases in other parts of the
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country. >> safety and health has to be priority so we are looking at those numbers to really concerning. >> reporter: contra costa county covid numbers still look good. in alameda county more schools are planning some type of reopening next week as well. >> with masks on, and socially distanced outside, we can sing for 30 minutes, and then we just need to clear the area for about five minutes and we can come back. >> reporter: students eager to let the music play despite the virus. >> the risk is worth it for me. >> reporter: in lafayette, matt boone, abc 7 news. students, faculty and staff who are learning, living or working on a university of california campus have until tomorrow to get a flu shot. uc's chancellor has made getting a flu shot mandatory this year because of the pandemic. the university is trying to stem the spread of the flu so resources can be focused on fighting covid-19. people can apply for an exemption, but you'll need to do that before tomorrow. so how close is your county to reaching the next color tier? you can find out with our reopening tracker on
6:08 am and now to the election, just three days away now, president trump, former vice president joe biden will campaign in must win battleground states today. both are pitching very different messages. abc news reporter karina mitchell has more. >> reporter: emblematic how the pandemic has transformed this election, former vice president joe biden spent part of friday in iowa, a state president trump won by ten points in 2016. it now has one of the highest covid-19 rates in the country. >> donald trump has waved the white flag. he surrendered to this virus. but the american people don't give up. >> reporter: biden making this his closing argument. the two candidates stumping across the upper midwest, trump in michigan yesterday, and then both holding events in minnesota and wisconsin. no social distancing and little mask wearing at any of trump's rallies, the president instead
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focusing on the economy, often mystic about a "v" shape recovery making light of the virus. >> we opened it up and now we're at a level, i used to talk about the "v," this is a super "v." if you get it, you're going to get better and then you're going to be immune and it's a whole thing and it goes away. >> reporter: this as the country hits a dire new record, 92,000 new cases in a single day. hospitalizations and deaths, also rising. now, like iowa, polls show other once reliably red states are more purple. arizona, georgia and texas, biden's running mate senator kamala harris spent the day there campaigning. vice president pence was in arizona trying to hold ground. today, all four candidates heading to battleground states, michigan, pennsylvania, florida and north carolina. all states president trump won in 2016. all states, according to 538, show biden now with a slight edge. karina mitchell, abc news, new york. >> and senator harris made three last-minute campaign stops in texas, another state that biden
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and harris are trying to get. and while there she spoke in an exclusive one on one interview with our sister station in houston. >> now we're looking at the -- me for everybody to vote, vote, vote on election day and to not let anyone take their power from them because texans and houstonians have so much at stake. >> you think you've got a pretty good chance of it? >> i wouldn't be here if i didn't think that. >> reporter: senator harris also addressed voter intimidation, specifically efforts to dissuade voters of color from casting a ballot. >> there have been very concerted efforts around the country to try and make it difficult or confusing for people to vote. and i say, don't ever let anybody take your power from you. >> reporter: more than 9 million texans have already voted, more than all of the votes cast there in 2016. and today is as great it is ever to make your voice heard
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before the election. the mail-in deadline has come and gone. hundreds of early voting sites are open in the bay area this weekend for you to quickly submit your ballot. we've told you about the oakland coliseum and levi stadium in santa clara, both acting as voting centers. most bay area polling places open at 9:00 a.m. today. a helpful tool to find your closest center or secure dropoff box is you enter your street address on the home screen to find dozens of nearby sites. and dub nation will also have a chance to show team pride when voting. today through election day you can drop off your ballot at a drop box outside the warriors new home, the chase center. located on the corner of third street and warriors way. fans will also be able to drop off ballots or vote at the training facility in the oakland convention center. the warriors aren't giving any details but they do say to expect a few surprises at the ballot dropoff outside chase center. go watch and monitor and see if
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steph curry shows up. who knows? lisa, let's get a look outside. half moon bay 59 degrees while the rest of us warmed up into the 70s near 80s. we're backing off on the onshore flow, high pressure that doesn't want to leave us is going to build in again. that means lighter winds, warmer temperatures. but there are some changes for the end of the week. my accuweather seven-day forecast is coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, pg&e may face a big fine for public safety power shutoffs. why the utility's mistakes could cost them millions of dollars. >> reporter: whether you're drooiing by, walking by or biking by covid-19 is changing the way we enjoy halloween displays in the south bay. i'm
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♪ i got it all from you ♪ i'm always pushing through ♪ i know we'll make it to the finish line ♪ ♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it.
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asof being stretched too thinar to do my job right. and it's not just health care workers. our teachers and school staff are going the extra mile for our kids. our firefighters are taking on unthinkable missions to keep us safe. how can we keep giving billions in tax breaks to rich corporations when our communities need that money? prop 15 closes corporate loopholes and invests in our schools, health care, and public safety. help us do our jobs. vote yes on 15. all right, welcome back, we have breaking news in this morning, the first man to bring
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james bond to the big screen, actor, sean connery, has died. >> just a drink. a martini, shaken, not stirred. >> classic. abc news confirms that sean connery passed away earlier this morning. connery played bond six times, and defined the suave secret agent for a generation of fans. in 1989 "people" magazine selected him as the sexiest man of the century. connery would win an oscar in 1988 for his supporting role in the untouchables, and would later win three golden globes. connery was 90 years old. and new this morning, moving on now, pg&e may be facing hefty fine for its public safety power shutoffs last year due to the tune of $165 million. the chronicle reports an independent branch of the california public utilities commission recommended imposing the fine on pg&e for mistakes with 2019's widespread blackouts. most of the proposed $165 million fine would be for
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pg&e's poor communication with customers. the utility will have a chance to formally respond by november 17th. while 2020 feels like it's provided enough scares already because of the pandemic people are being forced to celebrate halloween differently. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo shows how south bay haunted houses have found a new way to safely frighten their guests. >> reporter: over a typical halloween weekend the boo crew on church drive in san jose could see up to 3,500 people per night. the tradition of building these elaborate displays, going back 20 years for robert shiro. >> it would be extension cords, people everywhere, a mile a minute getting things done. lots of people driving by, curious what's happening. >> reporter: but the usual four months of preparation not needed during the pandemic. this year shiro and his father crafting a covid safe pumpkin patch for the public to enjoy at a distance. >> still wanted something we could feel about and have the spirit of halloween and what we
6:17 am
all do as a team on a scale that's more of a visual, drive by, walk by. >> reporter: farther south people even biking by. matthew howard and his family shifting their harry potter display close to the street with proclamations fit for the pandemic. >> all muggles must wear masks and all muggles must stand six feet apart. keeping with the theming but letting everyone understand we're serious and we want this safe for everyone. >> reporter: less trick, more treat for kids and much needed positivity for parents. >> we thought this is something we could do safely and provide the opportunity to have a feeling of normalcy. >> reporter: both displays reminders halloween isn't cancelled because of covid, rather reimagined. in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> pretty cool. we know thanksgiving will be turning into scaled down celebrations across the country that means serious question marks for turkey. kroger, the nation's largest grocer says research says 43% of shoppers will celebrate with only their immediate family.
6:18 am
the chain says it's stocking up on turkey of all sizes and alternatives like ham, pork and seafood, walmart says it will still carry whole turkeys but add much more turkey breasts for families who don't want or need a whole bird. and all this week we've brought you our new way to holiday series, all of the stories we've covered are available now on our multiple platforms. about how covid-19 has really shifted and is changing the holiday season. that includes our website, and our new tv app. it is available on apple tv, android tv, fire tv, and roku. happening today, it's the last day to enjoy boo say zoo, at the oakland zoo. tickets are sold out. but visitors can enjoy a self-guided scavenger hunt to find the costumed pink flamingos. you get free goodie bags. if you dress up tag the zoo on social media to enter into the costume contest. winners receive four tickets to
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the holiday nighttime lanter festival, running from november to january. lisa, very different halloween this year but there is that blue moon, which is pretty cool. >> definitely. the nights have been nice, the afternoons warm and we cool off significantly. but by the time the trick or treaters are out, it should be nice, and temperatures will be in the 60s for most, except if you're at the coast. and then dropping through the lower 60s. so no rain, obviously, today, tomorrow, in fact, we're going in the other direction. high pressure is building in, the winds are going to be lighter. so you're going to warm up in san francisco. you were just in the upper 50s yesterday. with pretty breezy conditions right now. the fog is patchy, live doppler 7 showing you most of the fog off the coast there. there is a little bit sneaking up into the north bay. look at that 36 in santa rosa. pretty cold there. 37 in novato. with 47 in concord. 51 in hayward. and 43 in palo alto. our air quality, when the winds get lighter, will get a little bit worse out there. we're going from good to moderate. you may have noticed that the
6:20 am
past couple of days, those warmer afternoons, and then we see the haze as we had those light easterly winds. and now as those westerly winds back off, moderate air quality from napa to concord to oakland through livermore. it's a little bit better around the bay here but still moderate as you get down into san jose and santa ruse with the light winds. that's not going to the change for the near future. we're going to see the pattern strengthen a bit through monday and then we'll get some changes. so no tricks tonight. just all treats for the little ones out there. if they're headed out. and nice evening ahead, sunny and a little warmer today, tomorrow into monday. don't forget, we set our clocks back one hour, 2:00 this -- yes, sunday morning, for that extra hour of sleep. beach hazard statement for 3:00 sunday into 5:00 monday. the waves right now, three to four feet. but from coastal sonoma all the way down to monterey, we could see the risks of rip currents and sneaker waves as the waves build, anywhere from 10 to
6:21 am
12 feet out there in those favored areas. set your clock back tonight, get the extra hour of sleep, tonight 6:11. that sounds early anyway. doesn't it? the sunset. then tomorrow, back to 5:10. as we look at our high temperatures on monday, coming up well into the 80s there, concord, and fairfield, mid and upper 80s. look for low 80s around oakland. into tuesday, a little bit cooler but still well above average, the same deal for wednesday. so the winds will continue to be light, not as light, but we'll get a little bit of fog, and notice that we'll have the numbers in the 60s at the shoreline. watching what happens beyond the mid-week time frame because the energy here going up and over the state of california for the middle of the week, but by the time we get to friday the system wants to push into the bay area and beyond into saturday. right now it looks pretty good but we'll have to wait and see if that materializes. 74 in richmond. 77 in oakland today. look for 78 for you in fremont.
6:22 am
a warm 81 in san jose as well as santa rosa. the accuweather seven-day forecast we've got 60s coastside, mid-70s around the bay, mid-80s inland. set our clocks back for that extra hour of sleep. warmer tomorrow, monday election day, slightly cooler, that trend continues into wednesday. we'll get quite breezy on thursday, ahead of that system on friday that wants to bring much cooler weather and maybe some rain late friday into next weekend. so wouldn't that be nice? we are very desperate, as you know, but we'll have to enjoy that sun while we have it. >> definitely a nice halloween today, though, for sure. thanks, lisa. just ahead some bay area straunts are beginning to weather proof outdoor official ballot drop box near need to fiyou?he closest just visit
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to find your nearest location. then drop off your ballot. your vote will be secure and counted. there are other ways to vote too. just return your vote-by-mail ballot at your voting location or mail it back. or you can vote safely in-person during early voting or on election day. vote the way you're most comfortable - but vote by 8pm on november 3rd. woman: after covid, my hours got so we can't pay our bills. and now our family budget is gonna be hit hard with prop 15. the yes on 15 ads say it only raises taxes on big corporations. that's not true - we're all going to pay. $11 billion in new property taxes will get passed on to small businesses and farms. they'll raise prices... ...higher gas, health care, food...even day care. we can't make ends meet now. families can't afford 15. no on prop 15.
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since covid-19 came our way we've done so many stories on struggling restaurants. outdoor dining has helped but the rainy season is coming. it's going to get cold soon as well. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman explains
6:25 am
how restaurants are preparing. >> reporter: the progress of a duck confit consumed much of her attention. success depends on advanced planning and not only about food. >> winter is coming. rain is coming. and cold is coming. so we knew we'd have to -- >> reporter: covid. >> and covid was not going away. >> reporter: marin county limits inside dining to 50% capacity. sue's partner eric confessed he's not comfortable about having people inside at all. >> we're in our 50s. we don't want to be inside, and we'll be there for four hours at a time. breathing the air that 40 other people are exhaling. >> reporter: and so, this construction job above their outside patio. a tent, it is the latest covid-19 adaptation and certainly a boon for people like han who owns an awning company. many restaurants are doing this. have you been busy? >> yes.
6:26 am
>> reporter: all of this leads to an obvious question, what is the difference between having a tent over your head and a roof inside. according to the state of california it has to do with the number of walls, only one is allowed from floor to ceiling and the air has to be able to blow through. this place qualifies. >> what do you do when it rains in the winter and you've got a busy saturday night planned with people who want to dine outside. >> reporter: with one more awning going up over the sidewalk the restaurant figures it can seat and serve 24 people and one sitting. that's about half their normal capacity. best laid plans for keeping it proverbial and literal roof over their business in uncertain times. >> as with everything else in the situation i'm operating on a what happens will happens presumption. >> reporter: wayne freedman, abc 7 news. and the pandemic might make halloween feel a bit different this year but that's not dampening spirits for children undergoing life-saving care at
6:27 am
stanford. lucile packard children's hospital staff provided costumes and decorations for a spooktacular celebration, the young patients received bags filled with treats during their ghoulishly fun time. still to come on abc 7 mornings, the u.s. hits another grim milestone in the pandemic. cases have topped 9 million. cities are desperate to stop the spread and some are ordering new shutdowns. a san francisco business owner witnesses a thief breaking into a mailbox. hear what he says the thief took. we saw the earthquake grace in bold was offering a grant program. i signed up and i was actually
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. with so many of us voting by mail it may take a little longer to verify a winner. >> and that's okay. it's by design. >> a delay just means our system is working and that we're
6:30 am
counting every single ballot. elected officials urging americans to be patient this election day. president trump saying the election should end on november 3rd, but mail-in ballots in key battleground states won't even be opened until election day. good morning, everybody, we'll have more on the process of counting ballots coming up in just a few minutes. but first, if you're just joining us, let's get a check of the weather with lisa argen. hi, everyone, starting out with cool numbers, a little fog in the north bay, and we're looking at a lot more sun today. that's going to warm us up a few degrees. there's the fog along the coast, 46 pacifica, 45 in half moon bay. chilly there, 36, though, in santa rosa. low 50s in hayward, and throughout the day today, air quality is moderate. in fact, through the weekend, monday, lighter winds as high pressure builds in. you may notice a little bit of haze in the sky today. 50s to start out, through 9:00.
6:31 am
noontime, 60s and 70s for most. but by 4:00, we're in the upper 70s to near 80. we still have that sunset after 6:00 tonight. so we'll be looking at those dark conditions with mild numbers, in the 70s inland. 70 around the bay. as we go through 7:00 still in the 60s for most. if you're at the coast, though, in the 50s and it will get a little bit cooler, a little bit spookier as we get towards 9:00. that guy will still be dancing, i think. >> all right, lisa, thank you. covid-19 krcases across the country have topped 9 million cases and a record 92,000 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. 230,000 americans have died from the virus. abc news reporter alex perez has more. >> reporter: the u.s. topping yet another grim milestone, 9 million cases in a record 92,000 cases in just the last 24 hours. hospitals in wisconsin running out of room. >> our covid unit that has three wings, we were using one, we're now using all three of them.
6:32 am
>> reporter: after shattering another record in illinois, chicago shutting down indoor dining, urging people to get flu shots. >> i've already gotten reports of individuals with both flu and covid at the same time. >> reporter: in el paso, texas a judge ordering a two-week shutdown. the showdown with the mayor and the state, police refusing to enforce the order. >> we also have 32,000 el pasoans out of work. people are trying to put food on their table and pay for their own health care. >> reporter: in florida 41-year-old e.r. paramedic and father willy rivera, on the front lines, losing his own fight after two months on a ventilator. >> he did fight for his life to come back home to us but i guess god needed him. as an angel in heaven. >> reporter: the republican governor of ohio who got high marks for his handling of the virus, now acknowledging how out of control the situation is, saying there is nowhere to hide. he's calling on local leaders to form defense teams to help get
6:33 am
the virus under control. alex perez, abc news, chicago. and election day is just three days away. president trump insists on knowing the results on election night. but eight states, including key battleground states, won't even begin opening mail-in ballots and processing them until polls close on election day. those states are warning to be prepared to wait for final results. here's abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump keeps insisting we must know the results of the presidential election by election night. he tweeted, the election should end on november 3rd. we could know who won by late tuesday night. but it could also take several days before a winner is declared. to manage expectations, three governors of minnesota, a democrat, a republican and an independent, have joined together to urge people to be patient. >> with so many of us voting by mail it may take a little longer to verify a winner. >> and that's okay. it's by design. >> a delay just means our system
6:34 am
is working. and that we're counting every single ballot. >> reporter: the key factor here is the massive increase in mail-in and absentee voting due to the covid-19 pandemic. those mailed ballots take time to process. local officials must compare names to voter rolls and make sure everyone is eligible to vote and not voting twice. in some states votes are counted even if they come in days after the election as long as they are postmarked by election day and eight states don't even start looking at the mail-in ballots until election day. pennsylvania, for one, is going to take a long time. more than 2 million ballots in the state have been returned. and they won't even start processing them until election day. >> i feel confident that the overwhelming majority will be counted by friday, if not before. >> reporter: but that doesn't mean we won't know who won the presidency earlier than that. it depends on how close the race is. in several key states, states donald trump must win, the counting is expected to happen
6:35 am
quickly. florida, georgia and arizona, for example, are among the states where most or nearly all of the votes are expected to be in by election night. in florida they have been processing ballots for over a month, and with more than half of registered floridians voting early we could have a very good idea of who won the state shortly after the polls close. on election night there are four states to look for an early indication of how things are going, florida, georgia, texas and north carolina, all states that donald trump won in 2016. if he wins those states again, we are in for a very long process, a very late election night, maybe an election week as you have to wait for results in places like pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin to see who won. on the other hand, if donald trump loses any of those four states he would have a very difficult time, if not impossible, winning reelection. jonathan karl, abc news, new york.
6:36 am
>> it will be an interesting night. and we are hearing from the owner of a corner store who witnessed a thief breaking into a mailbox in san francisco. surveillance cameras capture what happened outside reliance market at 20th and castro streets early yesterday morning. a person appears to fish for items inside the mailbox. the owner of the market saw the looter drop at least one ballot, and he fears other ballots might have been stolen and discarded. >> and then i get really upset when i see this is happening, you know, we really need a fair election. >> the store owner found one ballot and gave it to his postal carrier. if you know anything about the crime u.s. postal inspectors want to hear from you. let's give james a big round of applause. yay, james. >> sweet james, well deserved accolades for 5-year-old james trin at the san francisco zoo. there he is, you remember he was
6:37 am
the alert little boy who spotted mocky, the stolen lemur, earlier this month. the zoo honored james with a lifetime membership for his good deed. as well as a stuffed animal mocky. he was stolen out of his enclosure at the zoo. very cute, congrats to james. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, a san jose team is keeping up with its tradition of decorating their home for halloween. we'll give you a look at this year's theme at the albertson halloween house. let's take a live look outside as we head to break. here's the golden gate bridge right now. a few people on the road this morning. still dark out there at 6:37. remember, the time change happening tonight. so set your clocks. check in with lisa about it when we
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[what's this?] oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here. yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. one of san francisco's most renowned art museums is back open. the legion of honor reopened its doors to the public yesterday for the first time since
6:40 am
closing in march. visitors can get the first look at "a gothic tale," running through december 6th. it includes a short film. tickets to the museum cost $15, admission is free on the first saturday of each month. and now to the north bay today, a double drive-in movie event is happening today in marin county. the sausalito parks and rec department is showing "black panther" and "get on up," both featuring the late chadwick boseman, it's limited to residents of the marin area, but a great idea if you're there looking for something to do beyond trick or treating. it's free to go, but open for 150 cars, first come, first serve, gates open at 5:00 p.m. the movie starts at 6:00. coming up next, a story you've got to see. buster posey surprises a young giants fan who lost her baseball card collection in the creek fire. larry beil has the details coming up in sports.
6:41 am
it's going to be pretty nice out there today, where temperatures are in the 50s right now, even some 30s as you get further up into the north bay. but sun not coming up until 7:30. so we will wait for that, and then we have a lot to talk about as we get into the week ahead. i'm surprised about the things you can learn on tiktok. check out this whipped coffee drink on your daily clip, sponsored by tiktok. ♪ ♪
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6:43 am
let's talk sports. the giants expect buster posey to return next
6:44 am
season after opting out this year because of the pandemic. yesterday he gave a young fan the next best thing to a buster hug. abc 7's sports director larry beil has the details in this morning's sports. >> reporter: you're going to love this story. giants star buster posey delivering in the clutch once again, surprising a young girl who lost her entire baseball card collection in the creek fire. cal fire put out the word about 9-year-old reese osterberg, a big giants fan, loves posey, favorite player. kevin astrid of san jose donated his collection of 25,000 cards to reese. she received them in fresno. she's going to give a bunch to other kids to share. here's the awesome moment, this young girl and her family will remember forever, her hero, buster posey, joins the zoom call that we had set up. so many people are coming to try to help and to see everybody at the fire station with those baseball cards. what kind of emotions are you going through right now? >> hey, reese, i'll hop in here,
6:45 am
i just was wondering, who's your favorite baseball player? >> you. >> me? i thought i saw a picture of you pitching. i thought you were a pitcher. i thought i saw a picture of you being a pitcher. >> i'm a pitcher and a first baseman. >> there you go, all right. i heard you got this huge collection of cards coming your way, like 25,000 or something? wow. >> yeah. >> i think what's cool about that is it seems like you're going to be able to share the game with so many different people now, right? >> yeah. yeah. >> i've never seen you like this. >> is that the stuff -- did the giants send that? oh, good, you got -- good, all right. >> what's on it? >> good. >> she doesn't know what to say.
6:46 am
>> i think she's either going to cry or she's going to laugh. she's not sure. >> she got cards. >> all right. >> reese was so choked up, i mean she could hardly talk. she was in tears after talking with the giants catcher. what a scene right there. a special thanks to buster the giants cal fire and reese's parents for making all of this possible. man, that makes you feel good. the 49ers visit the seahawks on sunday, both teams battered and bruised. seattle coming down to their fourth string tail back. meanwhile the 49ers have their own concerns, dibo samuel and jeffrey wilson jr. both out. but tevin coleman may be back to bolster the corner backs. corner back williams could return as well. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil.
6:47 am
>> i love that story with buster posey, pretty awesome. let's get a check of the weather lisa argen. >> you need several changes of clothes these past few days. starts out pretty cold and then it warms up if you're spending time outside. then again tonight might be kind of busy in spots with the kids out there, dropping off into the 60s, so another mild night ahead early on as we look at live doppler 7 there's a little fog, this is the view from san jose, no fog for you, looking at 51 in san francisco. 43 in mountain view. so pretty cool there, with 45, gilroy, and half moon bay. here's our roof camera, the winds nonexistent right now, 36 up in santa rosa. 39 in novato. and temperatures in the low 40s for you in napa by the delta, 47 concord. the 44 in livermore, certainly kind of cool out there, anywhere from two to four degrees cooler than yesterday at this hour. but we will be warming up today, tomorrow, into monday, and that means high pressure is building
6:48 am
in with lighter winds. that's going to allow for moderate air quality, pretty much everywhere today, tomorrow into monday. then we'll get a bit of a sea breeze on tuesday, allowing for the numbers to come down. they've been well above average, anywhere from five to 12 degrees above average. moderate air quality for most of you, around the delta, concord, and oakland. good air quality up in the north bay. by livermore and san jose looking at that moderate air quality and even later on today you might see the haze by the coast because those onshore winds are going to be pretty light out there. here's a look at santa cruz, 47 degrees. look for highs today, climbing up well into the 70s. so looking at pretty nice night for the trick or treaters. no tricks out there. and sunny and a little warmer, right on through the next three days, and don't forget we get that extra hour of sleep tonight, beach hazard statement for tomorrow into monday, current wave heights three to four feet. they will be increasing to ten to 12 feet, and that allows for the risk of rip currents and
6:49 am
sneaker waves to the west and northwest facing beaches. so speaking of the coast, it is going to be mild to warm in spots there, 72 at ocean beach, sunny skies, upper 60s half moon bay, upper 70s at santa cruz. we have that sunset at 6:11, by sunday night it's 5:10. so things are certainly going to feel more like winter around here. can't get any rain throughout the beginning of the week, this ridge of high pressure keeps pushing the storms up and over that ridge. as we get into thursday and friday, the system wants to sneak down to northern california. this forecast model shows some rain pushing through late friday into saturday. and it's a long ways out but we can track it and hope that it verifies. 79 in napa. look for 82 in concord today as well as livermore. upper 60s shoreline, 76 for you in san rafael. with 78 in palo alto. accuweather seven-day forecast,
6:50 am
happy halloween with another warm one today. 70s around the bay ask inland. 60s coast. extra hour of sleep, even warmer, slightly, sunday and monday. election day, slightly cooler, that trend continues into wednesday and thursday. and then by friday we are still watching for rain. liz? >> all right, lisa, cross your fingers for that, thank you. even though the pandemic is changing the way we celebrate holidays, one san jose family is making sure you can still enjoy the festivities, the albertson halloween house is decorated every year, and features a movie. this year's theme, the nightmare before christmas. ♪ the albertson halloween house is a family friendly halloween experience. we know there's lots of other people who do the graveyard thing but we usually do some sort of movie that either came out, or like a classic. i'm thinking about it all year long. we know usually next year's
6:51 am
theme before halloween of this year. >> it's a sort of thing that when people come to it they remember it. if you go on google you type in our address it says albertson halloween house. in any year people have hardships and things that happen that it's good to have celebrations and things to look forward to. this year in particular we all know halloween is going to look different for lots of different reasons but we hope that by having the display here that even the families that maybe don't feel safe trick or treating can tell their kids the albertson halloween house is still going. let's get in the car and check it out. >> hi there, i'm eric albertson. i'm the creator of the albertson halloween house. when we moved into our house in 2002 the former owner left a lot of junk around. i was like, well, before we throw it out, maybe i could make a little castle facade over our porch, kids seem to really, really like it. and so the next year we said, well, maybe we should keep doing this. this year's theme is nightmare
6:52 am
before christmas. >> i am the pumpkin king. >> it's a theme we've wanted to do for many, many years. the scene is meant to really be taken in really quickly so that folks can, you know, just take it in with all the other decorations, and hopefully have an enjoyable halloween. we really start maybe about three months before halloween to really begin to actually put things together. starts with a sketch that i do, get it approved by the family, then translate that into some working designs and then begin to build so we've done star wars a couple of times, we've had harry potter, we built hogwarts grounds where people could walk into hogwarts and look around. we've had pirate ships, ghost busters, last year we did have jurassic park and we did a big dinosaur. wizard of oz. this is our 19th year. so we've done all kinds of different things. with the house we try to use as much found objects and free stuff as possible. the first few years i tried to make everything myself. we soon realized if we wanted to
6:53 am
do more we needed to involve other people. wife suggested we friends and have little painting parties, little kids can paint card board. adults can paint card board. people who are really creative can paint card board. people who are not creative can paint card board. when they come on halloween they can say i made that, i painted that. that makes it more fun for us. i like making things but it's more fun to have everybody be a part of it. >> everyone is surprised how over the top we go, and how much we do each year and how we still keep thinking of creative themes and stuff. >> we bought our house in 2002 and we really wanted to find ways to give back to our neighborhood. you hear a lot about gentrification or people going into neighborhoods and not being a part of it. and so i didn't want to be that. i'm really happy that we get to be a part of the memories of the kids of our neighborhood. >> i love halloween. even as a kid that was my favorite holiday and i -- i love making things. and i love sort of immersive experiences. so for me it's a way to kind of
6:54 am
walk into imaginary worlds and lands. and be someone else for a little bit. so i love that, personally. i want to create a space where other people can enjoy it too. ♪ next, be sure to look up tonight. a rare halloween blue moon is set to give us a spooky treat, how you can catch a free live stream of this celestial event. coming up. because when i get home, we like to play crocodile on the floor.
6:55 am
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people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. tonight the skies are giving us the perfect setting for halloween. lucky to have a blue moon. the phenomenon happens whenever there are two full moons in the same month. hence the saying once in a blue moon. the first one was october 1st, setting us up for tonight. the last blue moon on halloween was in 1944. and the space and science center will be live streaming a free virtual telescope viewing where
6:57 am
you can learn all about it with astronomers, on their facebook page from 9:00 to 10:30 p.m. lisa, that sounds like something up your alley, worth staying up past your bedtime for. >> jeez, might have to do that for sure. tomorrow it gets dark so early. we'll all be kind of out of whack for a while. good morning, everyone, starting out with 30s in the north bay, and fog later on today. mild to warm afternoon, 77 in oakland, 82 out in concord and even at our beaches, upper 60s and plenty of sunshine. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we get our extra hour of sleep tonight, staying warm, moderate air quality through monday, slightly cooler for election day in midweek and by the end of the week into next weekend, could see some rain. liz? >> lisa, thank you. thank you all for joining us here on abc 7 mornings, i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen. we are back at 8:00 a.m. this morning. good morning america is nice. have a happy and safe halloween. see you then.
6:58 am
we're sad but we will still stand up. >> we're tired but we won't give up. >> we are angry, but we will still take action. >> we're all equal. >> our voices are better, stronger together. >> at ibs 7 we're listening. to find an ally go ♪ 100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious.
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100% beef and hearty chili. try my $5.99 chili cheeseburger combo. it's pretty delicious.
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good morning, america. it's three days till election day with the candidates sprinting towards the finish. battleground blitz. president trump and joe biden with messages for the midwest. >> we win this state, you know what, it's over. >> biden attacking the president's handling of the pandemic. >> donald trump has waved the white flag. he surrendered to this virus. >> the states playing a crucial role in the election. michigan governor gretchen whitmer joins us live. double threat. flu season mixing with a pandemic. the potentially lethal combination. >> these are different viruses attacking similar portions of the body, and so the dual insult is quite significant. >> as coronavirus cases in the u.s. top 9 million, and more than 97,000 cases in one day, the new restrictions hitting


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