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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 3, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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california beating a statewide record that was set back in july when we experienced that summer surge. for the fifth straight day a record number of california patients are sick enough to be hospitalized. the bay areas number of total cases which includes patients who have recovered now tops 160,000. protecting your health is part of building a better bay area and that's the new rules or what the new rules are designed to do we're exploring tonight. kris reyes is live to explain when icu availability drops below the threshold and this is a question of when not if, right? >> exactly, dan. based on the latest projections of the covid-19 numbers, that means the entire state could be on lockdown through christmas and by the end of the year. that's without new cases as a result of thanksgiving. the governor believes we will see a surge on top of a surge. >> the bottom line is if we don't act now, our hospital
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system will be overwhelmed. we don't act now, we'll continue to see a death rate climb more lives lost. >> with that governor newsom said he's pulling the emergency brake issuing a stay-at-home order for three weeks with any region with icu capacity falling below 15%. >> it's all part of a regional strategy well defined within the hospital and health care delivery system. we've defined these five regions, northern california, greater sacramento, bay area, san joaquin valley and the larger region in southern california. >> for the bay area, the stay at home coorder could come soon to late december. hair salons, gyms, nail salons could shut down again. they are asking californians not to gather with anyone outside the household. the governor made the case with california's surging covid-19 numbers. with spikes in the seven-day positivity rates, hospitalizations and deaths. >> just in the last 14 days,
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close to 1,000 californians have lost their lives due to covid-19. >> what can stay open, critical infrastructure, retail at 20% capacity, restaurant wills have to move to takeout and delivery only. some schools can also stay open. >> schools opened that have received waivers with the appropriate oversight and safety protocols. >> after close to an hour explaining his stay-at-home order, the governor begged for people to be patient with what he hopes will be the final lockdown. >> there is light at the end of the tunnel. we're a few months away from truly seeing real progress with the vaccine. >> the first shipment of 327,000 doses is expected between december 12th to 15th. health care workers are first in line but this line group has been broken down to tiers. >> acute care, psychiatric and correctional facility hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living similar settings, paramedics, emts.
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>> tier two is immediate health care facilities, community health care workers, public field health staff and lab workers and dental clinics. >> this went through the drafting work group. this went true through the comm advisory. these are their recommendations based upon an equity and fairness lens looking at this wholistically, bottom up, not top down. >> we know the details are a lot to digest. we are having to remember tiers and regions and colors. we do break it all down on our website and of course, we'll continue to report on the impact and enforcement of this new stay-at-home order and let's hope the governor is right on his assessment that we're in the home stretch and this will be the last lockdown. dan? >> let's hope so, kris. for the person watching not in any of the designated tiers, can they still get a vaccine? >> the short answer is no that's because the first shipment is very limited and the governor was very clear today, dan, there will be no cutting lines or paying your way to get to the
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front. this first bach will only go to the most vulnerable and the most at risk. in those three tiers but of course, we know that more vaccines are on the way. >> that's true. okay, thank you. now, this stay-at-home order will roll out regionally and the state is divided into five regions. the bay area region is made up after 11 counties, alameda, contra costa, marin, monterrey, napa, san francisco, san mateo, santa clara, santa cruz, salola and sonoma. it's triggered based on icu availability for the region as a whole dropping under 15%. currently the bay area region stands at 25%. now, on an individual basis, most counties are comfortably above that threshold. alameda, contra costa and san francisco are in the 30% range. not all counties in our region report these numbers, keep that in mind. santa clara is under 15% today. sonoma is the lowest reported
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percentage and no, that's not a typo. 3.6% of icu beds are available there. the regional approach could have some benefits according to ucsf doctor. >> they'ring a gae ing putting bay area into one group that seems appropriate because there is some wiggle room there. if one hospital is filled and a hospital in a neighboring county has plenty of capacity, then patients can be moved around like that. >> very practical. patients have been redistributed in prior surges of the pandemic, however, the doctor points ocho up that coronavirus is now much more wide spread. it's not isolated in hot spots like before. there was construction today outside the kizer medical center in walnut creek. crews appear to be building tent structures. it's unclear specifically what they will be used for but earlier in the pandemic, we saw tent structures in hospitals from patient check in to housing overflow patients.
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the governor's new stay-at-home orders are an unwelcome case of deja-vu. we visited a local mall. >> reporter: it's a more suburban version of main street usa. farmers lane plaza where small businesses plant themselves and try to grow. that american dream in california became a bit more difficult today. >> very frustrating. >> reporter: rachel in the last year endured multiple electrical shutdowns, fire scares and almost five months of being closed because of covid-19 restrictions. today, she learned that governor gavin knnewsom is likely to end her here with a few more weeks. >> does the governor still have credibility with you? >> no, he lost that quite awhile ago. >> reporter: by the very nature, the governor's stay-at-home order does affect small businesses if they can stay open
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because there won't be as many people wondering around. it affects the restaurants or gym moving outside. >> just finishing up with the structure i hired them to build. >> reporter: coach l.p. owns a gym in the shopping center. he's watched enrollment drop from 250 to 50 members, a business hanging on. >> as long as they say we can do outside training, we'll be fine. >> reporter: what if not? >> if not, we won't do it until they say we can. >> reporter: how much does that hurt? >> a lot. >> reporter: retail stories are worried too. home wares, an institution here, the state will limit retail to 20% capacity, which may not make a difference in this store, but the health of a mall depends on the strength of all its businesses, especially at christmas. >> there are so many businesses that are just right on the verge. i mean, right on the line. you can't take anymore. like you said, this is our bread and butter time of year. you make it or break it. >> reporter: now add a pandemic to the mix and shutdowns again.
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in santa rosa, wayne freedman, a b bc 7 news. >> many people have questions with this latest order that again, new region is affected by yet but officials say it's only a matter of time. >> abc 7 news contributor dr. patel joins us now. as always, thank you for being here. what do you think about the elements of this new stay-at-home order? do you think they will befect ti -- effective? >> they have to be. we're hitting a breaking point in terms of how many cases we're seeing and breaking records and our hospitals are getting jam packed as we heard. the important thing is it's in our control and the shutdown is not happening yet. the target is a50% icu beds available. people have to do their part to avoid that. >> okay. let's talk a little bit about the way this order is triggered based on regional icu capacity. what do you make of that
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technique? >> you know, dan, if you would have asked me this this morning when it was first announced, i would say there needs to be more transparency and everyone needs to understand what exactly the 15% entailed and is it -- why is it lumped together in the region? from what i understand, the california department of public health will put daily updates on the website. that will be extremely important. we want to make sure there is transparency and people really understand that the there is something they can look at every day to see how close or far we are from that inevitable goal -- not goal but that 50% number, which we don't want to hit. >> right. >> yeah, that transparency is something you really have hammered home during this entire time with the pandemic. let's talk about the three tier vaccine distribution plan the governor laid out talking about the first doses. california is getting less than 300,000 doses from foopfizer. do we know when each tier could
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get the vaccine? >> the tiers could start as early as december 15th if everything goes according to plan and the vaccines get approved, the earliest is december 10th and could move around. the one underlying question we're trying to figure out is why did 327,000 for california, 170,000 for new york, 1.4 million for texas when what we understood is that the vaccines will be distributed on per capita of adult in each state. so then that may change as distribution changes and hopefully, we'll have the right amount to make sure everyone at high risk of spreading or catching covid-19 gets at least one shot in their arm by the end of the year. >> we're asked not to travel during thanksgiving. looking ahead to the winter holidays and new year's day, should people be prepared for a lockdown and start cancelling their holiday travel plans now? i imagine the answer is yes? >> to the latter, absolutely.
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people should start think about cancelling holiday plans. it's not ideal but it's inevitable. it's what we need to do. the important thing is we're not home stretch. we're almost there. we saw people traveling for thanksgiving. we may very well see a spike from that in a couple weeks from m no now, which is awful and we should prepare for a lockdown. if we hit the 50% number, we'll go into lockdown. be optimistic, scientists succeeded and we'll have a vaccine and be out of this soon. >> good to hear. >> especially, as long as we follow all of those protocols, always all. many thanks to you dr. patel. we should point out -- >> we're in power. we can do this. >> together we can do anything. that's right. dr. patel is part of the abc 7 news vaccine team along with anchor c anchor michael finney and you can follow the latest vaccine news at
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stay with us, a lot more to come. e.d.d. fraud suspects arrested here in the bay area. tonight, 7 on your side michael finney joins us live with the crime that allegedly netted up to a million dollars from fake unemployment claims. three people who work for the city of vallejo don't work there anymore. they say they were fired for being whistle-blowers. our i-team has both sides. that's next. i'm spencer christian. the dry mild weather continues but
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new at 6:00, three former vallejo former employees were fired for being whistle-blowers against city manager. the three employees have filed a claim for damages against the city. abc 7 news i-team reporter melanie woodro spoke with them and has the city manager's response. >> reporter: on april 23rd of this year, vallejo city manager greg fired three. two were his assistants. moratt managed the economic division. >> i was terminated and they didn't give a reason why. >> reporter: he managed special projects and communications. >> i was told the city manager decided to go in another direction and my services were no longer needed. >> reporter: she was his special advisor. >> i mean, i was shocked but not surprised. >> reporter: because one month prior, the city compelled all three to participate in an investigation into nihoff. they called for an investigation after receiving a complaint and then interim city attorney hired
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outside counsel christopher boucher to oversee it. he had been doing seminars related to harassment and bullying. >> i don't know he was unknown to city staff but i don't know -- i don't think city staff really knew him beyond the conducting of the seminars. >> reporter: he says his office in turn hired independent labor and employment attorney and l k workplace investment. >> we were looking into whether or not there were city policy violations and/or issues related to the city managers conduct. >> reporter: he interviewed ten city employees. but according to boucher it was those three interviews that stuck out. >> these individuals did not work well with mr. nihoff and did not care for mr. nihoff as a city manager and frankly, they wanted to get him removed as the city manager.
6:17 pm
>> reporter: they say they were he he sitant to share their feelins but were told it would be anonymous. >> i said he'll get ahold of this report and use it as a hit list to go after anybody that's critical of him. >> reporter: boucher insists anyone privy was himself, risner and dobby. >> when she presented reports to me, reredacted and came up with our separate report that did not include witness names. >> reporter: his paraphrased version of the report was turned over to city counsel. the investigation exonerated nihoff on all claims. >> there is no evidence to support that city manager nihoff engaged in harassment. >> reporter: boucher says based on the facts he learned, he advised the firing of the three which nihoff did on april 23rd after the investigation was
6:18 pm
complete. >> there was bona fide independent reasons for their terminations unrelated. >> reporter: the city will not share those reasons. >> these are at will employees. there doesn't need to be a reason. the city manager can fire them if he doesn't like them. and he doesn't feel they fit on his team. >> i unwittingly walked myself into the jaws of the lion basically. >> we all had blown the whistle on concerns that we had around corruption, potential unethical decision making, discrimination and harassment. we whistle blew and we were terminated because of that. >> i can tell you the two events are not related at all. greg to this day has no idea who was interviewed or said what during the interviews. >> reporter: the three filed a wrongful termination claim for damages against the city. >> that's what our clients want out of this is compensation for what they've lost, which is significant, and hopefully, there will be changes made in
6:19 pm
the way the city is run. >> reporter: the claim alleges the employees were wrongfully terminated for complaining about discrimination, harass mment an bullying and his conduct with respect to city contracts as well as participating in the investigation regarding the same. in an email statement, city manager writes it appears the intention is to distract and deflect from the good the city is doing to reform the police department. moratt suggests otherwise. >> we tried to protect the city but nihoff was more interested in protecting himself. >> reporter: in his statement nihoff says i'll continue to work with my diverse group of talented department directors focussing on city counsel's goals. napa county authorities filed violence charges against political strategists nathan ball lard accusing him of trying
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to suffocate a child with a pillow. according to poll lit cow. authorities say ballard laid on top of the child with a pillow after he charged and pushed a woman against a glass door. ballard is scheduled to be arraigned this month on felony domestic violence and felony child abuse charges. that report said the incident happened at a napa resort in october and ballard consumed a large amount of alcohol and marijuana. the 51-year-old long time advisor to governor newsom said quote, i will be exonerated. a lot more to come here, can you believe we're talking about fire danger in december? it's true. spen
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more than 25,000 people remain out of their homes in orange county tonight due to a fast-moving wildfire tfanned by 70 mile an hour winds. it began near silverado and burned 7200 acres already and destroyed several structures that fire is zero percent contained. it's burning not too far from the site of october's silverado fire which burned more than 13,000 acres and dan, this is tough. when you think the season is over for this kind of weather behavior. >> that's what we talk about, the fire season because of climate change and factors extended in it all year long, spencer. in years past, we have not
6:24 pm
talked about real fire danger this late into december at all. >> no, we certainly have not, dan and dion but over the least several weeks, we had a very dry pattern and as it gets drier and drier, the winds kick up a bit it increases fire risk. we're looking at calm conditions over san francisco from sutro tower, 58 across the bay in oakland and mid 50s san jose and gilroy and 50 half moon bay. looking westward from emeryville, beautiful. 55 santa rosa and novato and getting chilly and mid 50s concord and livermore and here is the view from the rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero. sun sunny and warmer but cooler with a slight chance of sprinkles. gusty winds kick in late sunday into monday and that increases the fire danger. we also have a beach hazard statement in effect through tomorrow afternoon.
6:25 pm
our surf is rough. there is a risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. be cautious. overnight low temperatures mainly low to mid 40s then tomorrow as i said, sunny and mild with highs ranging from mid 60s at the costa mid 60s around the bay shoreline to upper 60 it's to near 70 degrees. we expect 70 fairfield and morgan hill and up at the clover dale. it will be quite a mild day and a beautiful one but this dryness is a concern. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will cool slightly over the weekend sunday night the winds become gusty continue through the day on monday. that's the day of the highest fire concern. no red flag warning yet but concern will be elevated and the remainder of the week we'll see calmer wind and continued mild dry weather and it just goes on and on, dan and dion. no rain in sight for awhile. we're searching for it. not in the next seven days will we see it. >> maybe a little beyond the
6:26 pm
seven days. thanks. bart once carried more than 400,000 computers a day, now it's lucky to see more than 50,000 to say bart has bud get issues is a huge understatement. why would they include labor contracts that would include possible raises? authorities fear thousands of santa clara county residents may have been victimized in an edd fraud case. i'm
6:27 pm
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and free assistance from experts to get more californians covered. starting with you. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 15th. here we go again. nine months later we are being asked to act like it is march again. region by region, the state is prepared to launch a new stay-at-home order if icus reach critical levels shutting down bars, wineries, hair salons and barbersho barbershops. restaurants would only be allowed takeout and delivery service. retail is capped at 20%. schools that are open could keep students in class. the limits will be determined at a regional level but all non-essential travel is banned
6:30 pm
statewide starting right now no matter the region. the governor knows it is a lot to ask of us. >> permanent state, this is what many projected, we had predicted the final surge in this pandemic. there is light at the end of the funne tunnel. we are a few months away from seeing real progress with the vaccine, real distribution, real accessibility, real availability. we do not anticipate having to do this once again but we really all need to step up. we need to meet this moment head on and we need to do everything we can to stem the tide, to bend the curve and to give us the time necessary by vetting that curve to get the vaccines in the hands of all californians, all across the state. >> the bay area regions icus have 25% availability. that number is projected to drop
6:31 pm
to the 15% threshold by mid to late december and then the new order would takefect. governor newsom said there are field hospitals for overflow patients. spread out in san francisco, san mateo and contra costa county. san mateo is where covid testing is happening now. it's set up to provide care for up to 250 people. in richmond, it's the crane way pavilion, it also has 250 beds. this facility was set up back in april. another facility is in san francisco. the facility intended for short term observation and care can serve up to 93 patients. now to a story from 7 on your side. five suspects are under arrest tonight accused of cheating upwards of thousands of silicon valley residents. >> 7 on your side michael finney witnessed a surge in these suspected schemes for months now.
6:32 pm
he joins us live with the latest. they really kicked up in the last few weeks and months, didn't it, michael? >> boy, they're beginning to really catch up with bad guys. dan, dion, it started with a 911 call about a home burglary. investigators say a trail of evidence led them directly to their suspects. this is where it all began on the 1100 block of north fair oaks. the suspect stole personal identifiable information includiinclud including social security and credit cards and personal checks. authorities identified the suspect as 35-year-old george ramirez of san jose. they tracked ramirez down at the larkspur landing hotel. the captain is with the sunnyvale police department. >> we were just uncovering more and more and more evidence that we didn't want to -- that we were just following leads and it led us to the nexus spect and the nexus spect and another search and another search and
6:33 pm
unfolded that way. >> reporter: the investigation led to the arrest of four additional suspects. four under arrest with community supervision. >> we suspect that this fraud ring had the potential or had access to possibly up to million to of funds. >> reporter: the men are connected to 100 victims and possibly thousands. lewis castillo said someone stole $1900 directly from his edd benefits card. >> you know, because a lot of people are struggling and now they have no income, going to get food, going to pay bills. >> reporter: he works in the restaurant industry and has been on and off as restaurants open and close and open and close. >> i work in the restaurant industry and we're getting, you know, a lot of shutting down.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: authorities say a special unit set up for the holidays when home burglaries typically increase broke open this case. now, i have a link to how you can report an edd fraud on our website just go to click on 7 on your side. dan, they'll take all the calls anyone wants to make. >> yeah, good. michael, thank you so much. a california business trade group will take an ad out in the "wall street journal" opposing julie sue's potential role in president elect joe biden's cabinet. sue is reportedly being considered as biden's labor secretary. she faced intense criticism over her mishandling of the state's unemployment insurance system. the ad from the alliance calls into question her qualifications. organized labor groups have been pushing biden to choose her to
6:35 pm
head the labor department. as covid-19 infections surge nationally, this is claimer of hope on negotiations for another federal stimulus bill. nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell sat down for talks for the first time in weeks. democrats have signalled they will back a smaller $900 billion bipartisan relief package. republicans, though, are a posing it instead pushing a much smaller bill. president trump has said he supports more aid. >> mr. president, mitch mcconnell said covid relief may be in sight. do you support this bill? >> i will. i think we're getting very close. i want it to happen and i believe that they are getting very close to it. >> democratic leadership has told abc news there is a mutual understanding that the goal is to have a combined covid spending deal done by the end of the weekend and pass it by either next wednesday or thursday. with ridershipdown by nearly 90% since the pandemic started and federal covid relief in
6:36 pm
limbo still, bart is facing tremendous deficits. still today, the board of directors approvedly bo labor agreements and not everyone thinks the time is right. in a move most part directors calls prudent, they approved contracts with the three mayor unions for the next three years. the package includes a wage freeze but modest rates in years two or three if ridership returns to 60% of prepandemic levels. >> we're doing the financially responsible things. this is a difficult time but i think that the employees are proud that they're coming to work and offering a service and i think people appreciate it. >> we shouldn't be bud gget to hopeful or aspiration. >> a system facing a projected $200 million deficit by the end of the next fiscal year should not be locking itself into any labor agreements.
6:37 pm
>> if this is your household budget, you want to decide clothing allowance before food and shelter. it's out of balance. they don't know what -- how much they have to save on labor costs. >> reporter: last month, the bart board approved a plan to offer early retirement packages to thousands of employees at the same time, lawmakers in washington are still battling over a covid relief package that could include more than $300 million in federal money for bart. >> public transportation is really the life blood of so many people, so many essential workers, so many health care workers, so many low income people, so many black and brown people so we cannot let our public transit systems not be funded. >> reporter: bart expects it may take years to build back ridership to prepandemic levels. laura anthony, abc 7 news. just ahead after two unimaginable tragedies, two deserving brothers in the south bay are surprised with one of this season's most in demand
6:38 pm
gifts. it's a storyf holiday hope and you don't want to miss it. stay tuned.
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tune into jeopardy tonight after abc 7 news at 6:00 and you can watch this contestant from berkeley. morgan steel is a manager at berkeley theater. here she is on the set of jeopardy with alex trebek, a long-time host passed away last month and trebek's final episodes will air the first week of january after that, you'll see episodes with the new guest host ken jennings. tonight a remarkable story of generosity and giving for a pair of brothers in the south bay who suffered two unthinkable tragedies in about one year. i am so honored to bring you this surprise moment of giving and resilience this holiday season. little does grandma roseanne know i'm not doing a story why her daughter nicole and two grandsons came to live with her.
6:42 pm
>> boulder creek and they came here that night, about a week later we found out the house was gone. >> reporter: compounding their pain. >> they lost their dad a little over a year ago and then the fires came. >> reporter: lung cancer, despite their father never smoking a day in his life. add in the pandemic and mom didn't have time to think. >> took enough items to get us by but i still, i just was not thinking that our house would be gone honestly. >> reporter: i'm there after grandma wrote to a brks krrbc 7 asking how to obtain one of the hottest gifts, the xbox series x for her grandsons winston and sebastian ages 12 and 13 who certainly deserve a little joy. >> that's all they wanted and as a grandmother, i wanted to give it to them. >> reporter: microsoft even announced supply shortages until at least april of 2021. >> best buy, target, you name them, i was on there. >> reporter: so when we inquired with microsoft the best way
6:43 pm
roseanne could locate a device, we'll let the moment speak for itself. i have a confession to make. we're not actually here to do the story you think we are. >> oh. >> reporter: hidden in what everyone thought was a camera bag. >> with a brand-new xbox series x! the folks from microsoft learned about your story and they were so touched and so moved and wanted to provide this for all of you. >> i don't know if i can carry this. >> wow. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: while an xbox certainly won't replace what this family has lost, it acts as a symbol of hope. >> it's a lot more than a little overwhelming. >> reporter: that things will get better. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, channel 7. >> thank you channel 7. >> reporter: comfort the spirit of the holidays is indeed upon us. >> that's fabulous. >> such a magical moment.
6:44 pm
the microsoft store also provided the brothers each with a $100 gift card and a 12-month unlimited game pass. i want to give a shoutout to 7 on your side brink gutry for his help in making this very special day happen. my heart is bursting, dan. >> i'll bet. you get to play santa claus. what a lovely family that has been through so much and what a great story, dion thank you for doing that. >> so deserving. appreciate it. thank you. >> smile for the rest of the night with that. coming up next, spencer
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we are talking so much about purple counties these days but here is a different kind of color coding that has nothing to do with coronavirus. you are looking at a color coded map of california's drought status now on the left is the last year and today's newly released map is on the right. it's pretty easy to see our drought has gotten a lot worse since last year and spencer, it does not seem like that is going to get any relief any time soon, dan, you've seen it yourself. >> i know, it's a shame and the clear difference with those two maps, spencer makes very evident why we're in such trouble. >> you're right about that dan
6:48 pm
and dion. much worse this year than at this time last year and we see no rain developing in about the next ten days perhaps longer. here is a look at current conditions under dry conditions and part of cloudy skies right now. temperature readings of 50 at half moon bay and low to mid 50s around the bay shoreline and couple of inland places like fairfield dropping into the 40s and rough surf and elevated wave heights, a beach hazard statement remains in effect through tomorrow afternoon and the risk of sneaker waves and rip currents. if you're down along the coastline, be cautious and alert. during the overnight hours, you'll see clouds but patches of clear skies and low temperatures will range from mainly low to mid 40s across the region but up in the north bay it will be a bit chill early with lows in the mid to upper 30s in places like lake port, santa rosa, napa and on we go to tomorrow's conditions. sunny skies, mild weather. highs in the upper 60s to around
6:49 pm
70. 67 san jose on the peninsula. look for about 65, 66 degrees at most locations and low to mid 60s on the coast. we don't even see 60s on the coast sometimes in the midsum r midsummer. downtown san francisco 65 tomorrow. up in the north bay, we expect highs of 65 in san rafael, 67, 69 santa rosa 67 napa sonoma 68. east bay highs mid 60s all locations and inland east bay will have highs in the upper 6 f -- 60s to about 70. the next several days you can see why it will remain so dry here. the disturbances that will produce rainfall pushing into the pacific northwest and looks like the bay area will miss out on all the rain. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have increasing winds late sunday into monday under these dry conditions of course that pattern elevates the risk for fires but winds calm down on
6:50 pm
tuesday and the rest of the week next week will b sunny and dry and mild. dan and dion. >> does not feel like december at all. all right. spencer, thanks. let's move over to chris alvarez with the sports. we have a lot to talk about. >> we do. coming up in sports, sorry, dion, stephon curry talking about the under dog. how the niners are
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the 49ers had the first practice in glendale, arizona today as they prepare for the buffalo bills in a monday night home game. 49ers preparing to stay most of december in arizona due to those santa clara county guidelines temporarily banning sports. san francisco have again home games at state farm stadium monday against buffalo and then go to dallas for a december 20th game and a road game against arizona. that same stadium december 26th. head coach kyle shanahan addressed the mental grind of their new bubble. >> you read about the nba players in the bubble and mental issues they went through and stuff and those guys were at least allowed to hang with each other. we're not. we're in rooms here. it's not like we're in a bubble hanging out. understanding it's human nature, some stuff will come up over the next three weeks and no one ignore it. bring it to someone's attention because the worst thing you can be in these situations is feel
6:54 pm
alone on an island and we got a big group going through it so we can rally together and help each other through it. >> less than 20 days until the warriors' season opener, the season will honor oakland with a special court as well as throw back we believe style sdwrjerse and the mantra may need to make a comeback. some preseason predictions have this year's group finishing as low as 14th out of 15 teams in the west. i don't know why. seems a little low. especially with a healthy steph curry and curry doesn't mind getting counted out. that gives him another chance to shatter expectations. >> i love every experience in this league and i love the opportunity and like i said earlier, the challenge of what it will take to be successful and we'll give it everything we got and there is no other option other than that. we're blessed to have the jobs we have knowing there is a huge pandemic that is still going on. i guess my mind set is never taking ourselves too seriously will pay off in terms of just
6:55 pm
grind and be in the moment and understand we have a great opportunity in front of us. >> that warriors second game of the season on christmas right here abc 7 at the milwaukee bucks. that will be fun. >> baseball, some hot stove news from the week. the a's agreed to one year deals with matt olson and tony kemp and while the giants agree to one-year deals with seven players including alex dickerson, the latest with authority pod cast features the giants' assistant coach yesterday baseball america named her the trailblazer of the year with good reason she's the first woman to coach on the field during a major league game and she's grateful for the opportunity to pave a path for women in sports. >> you want to make sure that your relationships with the players that you're building are -- you're sustaining those and you have that respect and you're there to help them first and foremost but there is this added layer of the historical element and responsibility because there are days where you feel kind of lonely in this and
6:56 pm
just to see all of these other historical moments and barriers being broken by phenomenal females throughout the sport industry is inspiring. >> she is very inspiring. we chatted for about 30 minutes. that pod gas cast is available everywhere. i tweeted a portion of it. she's not the only one in sports as a woman to trail blaze herself. yo u have t you have the 49ers and talked to her in quarantine how this process goes and going through woman. women doing great things. >> wonderful. thanks for highlighting it. be sure to join us for abc 7 news tonight at 11:00. a stay at home coward eveme be coming to the bay area that could affect outdoor dining and hair salons, reaction to what
6:57 pm
governor newsom said today in my story tonight at 11:00. santa clara county is seeing alarming covid outbreaks at nursing homes. tonight, hear from family members of those inside the care facilities. >> coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 8:00 "station 19, grays anatomy, a million little things" and stay with us for news at 11:00. i'm dion lim. >> i'm dan ashley, appreciate your i just lost my job. with the kids at home and less money coming in, there'd be no way we could afford health insurance. my kids think i'm a superhero. but even superheroes need help sometimes. we found help at covered california. and not just us. 9 out of 10 people who enrolled got financial help. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at
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