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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 5, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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i feel a little bit surprised about everything. >> disappointed kids in san francisco today learning their playgrounds are going to close again. on abc7 news, a look at the next round of covid restrictions and how businesses are preparing. saying their students are suffering, parents join forces today to send a message with local school districts. and a protest over new laws in india cause traffic turmoil on the bay bridge. this special edition of abc7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> right away developing news. five bay area counties going on lockdown, unless something dramatically changes, this will be the last weekend this year where people can eat outside at a restaurant in those counties. with that, we say good evening and thank you for joining us.
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i'm dion lim. a huge swell of covid-19 cases has prompted several counties to implement a new stay-at-home order. it goes into effect at 10:00 tomorrow night for san francisco, santa clara, and contra costa county. monday at midnight in alameda county, and noon on tuesday in marin. the new rules will stay in effect until at least january 4th. we turn to abc7 news reporter luz pena now who spoke to people who are out for what may their very last meal out until next year. luz, as we can imagine, some businesses really concerned here. >> dion, i spoke to several business owners who tell me these are going to be very challenging weeks. they're planning to lay off some of their staff after tomorrow night as they gear up to survive the stay-at-home order. unless something changes, this is what the last saturday of outdoor dining of 2020 looked like in san francisco. packed. >> yeah, the last hurrah. >> reporter: this family heard the news and are going on a food tour. >> we started at the ferry
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building, and then walked up into north beach. and i think we'll end up in the mission. >> reporter: in the north bay, almost every outdoor seat was taken. the general manager of tony's pizzeria says the generosity of people leaving bigger tips than usual tonight is exactly what's giving them hope as they plan to survive past january 4th. >> it is going to be another big hit for us, especially after we invest so much money and time. it was a big effort to do all this and all the sparkler. >> reporter: early in the day, another group of san franciscans are also struggling with the thought of a second stay-at-home order, which means no playgrounds. >> first of all, school. very frustrated. and now i hear that i can't even come and bring my kid to a park. very frustrated. >> reporter: david penny's son is 6-year-old erly. today we broke the news to him.
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>> playgrounds are going to have to close after sunday. what do you think about that? >> i think i'm going to be sad. >> reporter: i spoke to several parents who are concerned about the long-term effects this pandemic will have on their children. so tonight at 11:00, you will get to hear from phil ginsburg, the general manager of the san francisco recreation and park department. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc news. >> that little boy's response broke my heart. thank you. abc7 news was in walnut creek where stylists at salon hanover were working around the clock to book last-minute customers. all nonessential businesses are closing. business owners say they are devastated, having been through this already. >> we spent all of the money on plexiglas and all the upgrades on the salon, you know. and it's just tough. >> clients were also worried about how their stylist would
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pay their bills. salon hanover will stay open all day tomorrow in order to get as many customers in as they can. and here is an explainer why many of us will be under the order and exactly what it means. in addition to slowing the spread, the emergency order is intended to prevent icus from being overwhelmed with covid patients. the order divides the state into five regions, the bay area being one of them, and connects business shutdowns to hospital icu capacity. when a region has fewer than 15% of its icu beds available, new restrictions are imposed by the state. state numbers out today show the bay area has nearly 22% icu capacity. the governor says the region will meet the closure threshold within a day or two. and in addition to restaurants, salon, and playgrounds, those counties agreed to close movie theaters and wineries. now not all bay area counties are implementing the order. that includes napa, sonoma, solano and san mateo counties.
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counties that are adopting the new restrictions are doing so before the state orders them to do. so our commitment to help build a better bay area includes focusing on education and how schools are trying to best serve their students during the pandemic. as abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has the story of the families who rallied in the bay area today, all with the same plea, reopen public schools. >> open schools now! open schools now! >> reporter: parents an kids marched to san francisco's city hall, a small group with a big message. >> we moat learning doesn't work at all. >> reporter: daniel katzen says his 5-year-old is falling behind. >> i'm a stay at home parent, and we have reliable wifi. it still doesn't work. my son doesn't know how to read since he's in kindergarten. >> reporter: these parents say they want to see the district open schools for in-person learning. here in berkeley, these parents echoing the same complaint, that distance learning has been a big failure. >> we're all very frustrated
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with our school districts. >> reporter: this rally at mlk park brought families together. eighth grader ella haynesworth talked about her struggles. >> it's hard for a lot of people, and my mental health hasn't been so great during zoom school. it's all been pretty chaotic. >> we really believe that guided by science, our schools could be reopened. >> in a statement, the district said berkeley unified is currently working diligently to be ready to reopen our schools in a hybrid model that will balance families' differing needs at the point that state and county health officials indicate that it is safe. the berkeley school board has approved mid-january for pre-k through fifth grade to resume classroom learning in a hybrid model. no plan yet for middle or high schools. san francisco unified said its target of january 25th for the first wave of schools to open for in-person learning. mayor london breed remains focused on education. >> we absolutely must continue our work to reopen our public
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schools. >> reporter: but these parents want to see their kids back in the classroom sooner than later. >> the kids are suffering every day they're not on campus. >> reporter: cornell bernard, abc7 news. santa clara county will allow schools that have already reopened to stay open for in-person instruction. the county is also allowing schools that were about to reopen to continue that process. those schools must follow state and county rules for in-person instruction. schools that haven't started the reopening process will have to wait. find out where your county stands and learn what can and can't open with this interactive map at our website, you'll find a full list of information and resources about covid-19. developing news, a possible public safety power shutoff by pg&e on monday. that has been scaled back. new numbers out just a short time ago include a total of 16 counties in northern california. pg&e now says more than 92,000 customers could lose power
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because of high fire danger. pg&e decreased the estimated number due to changing weather conditions. in the bay area it still includes nearly 93,000 customers. they have a strike team on the corder of santa clara and alameda county just in case. now speaking of, let's get more on this upcoming dangerous wildfire condition. drew tuma joining us with the timing of all of this. drew? >> yeah, dion, we have yet to see fire season ending rains. and we are tracking some gusty offshore winds developing in the coming days. take a look at the rainfall deficit so far this storm season. starting on october 1, we're anywhere from about 3 to 6 inches below where we should be by this point in the storm season. so we desperately need rain. it's not in the forecast in the coming days. but we're watching, though, some offshore winds developing. future tracker wind gust.
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you'll get 8:00 a.m. on monday, especially in the north bay. we are tracking those gusty offshore winds that will certainly heighten our fire concerns. we're going to take a much closer look at this timeline, show you when those winds will back off and the full accuweather forecast, dion, in just ah foo minutes. >> sounds good. thanks. did you get caught up in that massive gridlock today on the bay bridge? [ honking ] it took some folks nearly two hours to cross the span into san francisco because of a political protest. the issue in india that organizers of that rally say is worth your attention. and some families in the south bay get a holiday surp
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traffic came to a crawl today heading into san francisco from the east bay. you can see that backup at the toll plaza due to a demonstration on the bay bridge. sikh activists held a covid-19 car rally today on the western span of the bridge, all a part of demonstrations across the globe. it was all a show of solidarity with farmers in india who are revolting against new agricultural laws that they say favor large companies. the caravan went to the indian consulate in san francisco and then back to the park for a rally. an unusual theft in santa rosa to tell you about. while employees were busy delivering a casket at st. rose church in santa rosa, someone stole their hearse.
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employees called the police and an hour later officers spotted it at a motel 6. police describe the man as a 23-year-old transient. to the south bay, where families took home a free christmas tree. san jose city council member raul perales' office started tht organization three years ago in partnership with the roosevelt foundation. this year some families got a surprise and also received a bicycle to put under that tree. once again checking in with drew tuma. drew, i have been waiting all night to make a joke that maybe you shaved because of the high temperatures that we're experiencing. >> you know what? it's still there. you got to keep it in check, dion. you got to keep that nice beard in check. we're going to keep in check as well are the temperatures overnight tonight. not too chilly out there, but winds are the next factor we're watching late tomorrow night into early monday morning. here is live doppler 7, along with satellite right now showing
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you partly to mostly cloudy skies. you probably noticed throughout the day today clouds were on the increase from west to east. all associated with the cold front that is unfortunately not going to bring us any beneficial rainfall. maybe just some coastal drizzle early in the morning tomorrow. that's about it. numbers right now, we're down to 43 in novato. but 50 in the city. 49 in concord. 48 the current temperature in half moon bay. so overnight tonight, we'll call it a mix of stars and clouds out there. a little chilly in the north bay. upper 30s. it has been colder in nights past. so not nearly as chilly as, say, last week. mid- to upper 40s around the bay shoreline. and again, there is the chance of some coastal drizzle early in the morning, but really, that's about it. here you can see at 3:00 a.m. on sunday, we're finding that chance of some coastal drizzle. fair amount of cloud cover overhead. but we'll start the day with those clouds throughout the afternoon. we'll start to see those clouds really dissipate for mostly sunny skies. so it is a pretty beautiful
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finish to the day. so highs on your sunday, 60 in the city. 63 in oakland. about 62 in san jose. hit 66 in santa rosa. concord and antioch, a high of about 65 degrees. as that front moves through tonight, it's going to help to clear a little bit of the pollutants in our atmosphere. so tomorrow's air quality, it's a little bit better. good to moderate. but you'll still notice some haze in our sky. winds will then pick up again. this is what we're watching very closely. monday morning, 6:00 a.m. you see those offshore winds developing in the north bay, gusting anywhere from say 20 to perhaps 35 miles per hour. again, we have not had beneficial rain to end our fire season quite yet. so we'll watch those winds very closely. the good news, after monday morning, they really don't last all that long. by early monday afternoon, they're already decreasing. so it's a very short window monday morning. we'll watch for the independents wit winds. the increased fire danger monday
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morning with the increased winds. after the winds ease, still the next seven days we remain dry. at least through next saturday, with temperatures in the 50s and in the 60s. >> okay. drew, thanks. i do see your stubble, by the way. just a little. i love it. >> a little bit. >> thanks. well, musicians in san make your holidays happen... at ross! surprise! ahhh! yes! i love it! you don't have to spend a lot to give a lot to the ones who mean the most. you've got the holidays, and we've got you, with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less! your shoulder seems to be healing nicely. i'm sorry baby... i don't want you to play with that... (singing) twinkle, twinkle little star. how i wonder what you are... how are you doing? schedule a video visit with your doctor. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ ♪ you make my heart sing ♪
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drive next weekend because of the stay-at-home orders. san francisco opera screenings of tosca were supposed to be featured on december 11 and 12. people could watch inside their car and then leave to buy food and drinks. but the stay-at-home order goes into effect tomorrow night, meaning nonessential businesses must shut down. the san francisco opera will get in touch with ticketholders for refunds. san francisco ballet held an outdoor concert version of the nutcracker today. ♪ it still sounds great. the musical performance was held at hays and goff at about 2:00 this afternoon. this year the nutcracker is going digital because of the pandemic. you can even get virtual tours of the opera house and learn choreography. the performance will be available to stream in hd until december 31st. we are taking an in-depth look at the impact the pandemic is having on arts and culture in the bay area. you can join us for our building a better bay area
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state-of-the-arts week. get an inside look at the challenges our museums and performing arts centers are facing. and they need support to keep these vibrant, creative communities alive. state of the arts week starts tomorrow on abc7 news at 11:00. time now for sports. chris alvarez joining us with saturday football. hey, chris. >> yes, state of the sports here. all three bay area football teams in action. cal was at home in bank of america -- berkeley was ♪ with triple cheese and bacon or chili cheese. try my sauced and loaded fries. it's pretty delicious. . . . i had hiv, it was difficult for . . . . . . me to accept. i decided . . . . . . hiv doesn't define me. my name's dimitri. and i'm on biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment . . . . . . used for hiv in certain adults.
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. now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> for the first time in three weeks, the san jose state football team was finally able to play in a game. their last two games were not played due to covid issues with their opponents. finally taking the field in hawaii. this game originally scheduled to be in san jose, but moved to the islands. it didn't matter where they played. san jose state ready to play. nick starkel to isaiah holiness. 7-0 sparty out of the gate. check out the blocking right here. derrick the nice block. nevins turns on the jets, and aloha means goodbye, larry beil. 152 yards on the ground for him. this is much shorter one run. two yards and in. 28-17 spartans. another explosive play from sjsu. starkel hits on trey walker, and he is gone. big play there. 50 yards to the house.
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and san jose state wins 25-44. they take home the tick thome trophy. 5-0. a lot of excitement. >> they've just been through so much. so to get this game. and the last two games were canceled, right. so here we are, we get to play. and that was kind of the message all week. we're going play this game. we've been good at covid protocol and hawaii has been good at covid protocol. so it was awesome. came in at halftime. i was just talking to the guys and how good does this feel? we're playing football again. and the heat, the humidity reminded me of camp in high school. let's just embrace this. and i think our team really, really came together that second half. >> stanford at number 22 washington. the cardinal forced to practice at a public park in bellevue earlier this week. it is 2020. austin jones three yards and in. 7-0 cardinal. not a replay. austin jones from a yard out. he had 138 yards on the ground. 14-0 cardinal. having their way on the ground. here is nathaniel pete, 24-3 at
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the break. the play of the day alert. dylan morris up top to ty jones. and one-handed grab. even his teammates, whoa, couldn't believe that. run sets up the pass. davis mills to scooter harrington. 31-10, stanford. they pile up 443 yards of total offense, 10 of 13 on third down. another big third down conversion there. 31-26. they're 2-2. cardinal play at oregon state next saturday. aaron rodgers, his cutout watching cal take on number 23 oregon. first quarter, cal down 3-zip. a 13-play 75 yard drive. shaw caps a 80 yard drive. nearly took ten minutes off the top. play action, cal down. chase garbers to nico, what a play that was. 21-17. and cal is fired up. minutes ago, oregon on the move. tyler shough to johnny johnson iii. and he fumbles the one football. golden bears recover it.
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21-17. a big upset win for cal. so everybody won in college football. women's team had a big day at unlv. coverage coming up at 11:00. >> sounds good, chris. thanks. tonight on abc7 news at 11:00 -- >> and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. >> as outdoor dining gets shuttered in several california regions, one los angeles business owner is at her whitt's end, saying the rules are contradictory. her emotional video now going viral. and how christmas tree lots are adjusting to san francisco's new restrictions. all coming up tonight at 11:00. le well, finally now, united airlines treated 40 young pairs from bay area hospitals to a fantasy flight at sfo this afternoon. united usually takes the children on a flight around the bay to a virtual north pole, but because of covid, they set up curbside this year. and as familis pulled up,
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cheering employees welcomed them and put gifts in their trunk. the children range from three months to 13 years old. most are fighting terminal illnesses. >> i mean, i was crying this morning because my job is getting the families. and i talk to a lot of parents. and there's going to be tears here because they don't know what to expect. >> the volunteers are all united employees from baggage workers to pilots. that h
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>> never seen anything like it before. it's awesome. >> today we're traveling the country in search of the unexpected. >> i am a stop-motion animator working with fiber. >> this power of words. >> kind of reinventing it for modern times. >> the art of the tie. >> i love the process so much and how it felt while i was doing it that i just kept doing it. >> and a kiss of inspiration. >> honestly, it's just a basic... that's it. >> we're in search of... [ bell tolls ] >> a castle completely surrounded by a moat with a functioning drawbridge. >> people are seeking out makers in their own area. >> in the making of it, i show you how beautiful it is. >> we're in search of a stroke of genius. first stop, it's an artist taking stop motion to the next level. >> i create a lot of personal projects, which i put up on instagram,


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