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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 7, 2020 2:30am-4:00am PST

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>> it's v week at espn, the time of year where we honor jim valvano's memory of cancer's impact on so many lives and the need for cancer research. don't give up, don't ever give up. ♪ >> when you step on the field, put everything you have that might be the last time you get o to it. >[cheers and applause] >> just to see that courts carry
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out onto the field for jack is very emotional! >> i did not think that we could experience what we experienced with jack. >> a lot of these milestones are basically a dream come true. >> [chanting] >> i prayed quite literally for this to happen in lieu of jack. we were all scared. we did not know really what the next step was. >> for this family, football gave them what the doctors never could. the courage to dream. the will to keep fighting. and a chance to do the unimaginable. >> if i had told you you are going to see your son play high school football, what would you have thought back then?
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♪ >> bri and andy hoffman settled in atkinson, nebraska. so their three kids would know the joys of rural life. >> jack, where you going to go? we go to play outside. >> carefree fun. >> operation ava? [laughs] >> [laughs] >> here we go. >> the great outdoors. >> go to the barn. her >> and as he told us seven years ago, andy hoffman had something he wanted his son jack to have too, a love for corn husker football. >> his first birthday party was -- i will never forget it was nebraska playing usc, and we
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kind of turned it into a corn husker party. when he was three, he could tell you the quarterback for nebraska was. his first game would have been shortly after he turned five. he wore a rex burkhead jersey. >> you want to be a receiver? what do you want to play if you become a husker? >> i am either a running back or the kicking person. >> why would you like to be a running back? >> because that's what rex is. >> but for jack hoffman and his family, everything would change on april 22nd, 2011. >> i woke him up, and he said something, but it was kind of gibberish. i said jack, what do you want for breakfast, and he would not answer me. >> i remember just getting dressed really close to his face and just clapping my hands right -- right in front of his nose as loud as i could, jack!
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jack! and was yelling his name. and it was not registering. >> jack was rushed to the local e.r., they are as a physician's on-call examined him, he had a 30 minute seizure. he was unresponsive, and unable to breathe on his own. the eventual diagnosis, a brain tumor. >> what goes through your heart when they tell you that? >> complete and total devastation. you don't realize you can have so many worst days of your life in a row. >> that was also a really, really low point. what do we do now. >> when jack's initial surgery
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could not remove the entire tumor, he would undergo chemotherapy. >> what's the toughest thing about being sick? >> the stupid puking. i always puke in the morning after the chemo like 50 times. >> in october of 2011, jack was to undergo a second surgery to remove more of his tumor. andy reached out to the cornhuskers, so jack's favorite nebraska player rex burkhead spent two hours with him at memorial stadium in lincoln. >> it was a bucket list thing, you know? jack gave rex a wristband that said team jack pray. >> days later on october 8th, 2011, from jack's hospital bed in boston, the family watched as
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nebraska played ohio state. >> a little boy is up in boston watching this game tonight, his name is jack hoffman, and rex burkhead is wearing a bracelet that says "team jack pray." >> fourth quarter, nebraska trails 27-20, then... >> on the sideline! touchdown! >> 2 minutes later. >> then he goes to rex burkhead, and is by the 10, touchdown! first lead of the night for nebraska. >> we were down at halftime, and ended up being the largest comeback in school history. >> 48 hours afterward, jack surgery was a success, his seizures subsided, medication was stabilizing his condition and allowing him to leave a
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mostly normal life. yet his tumor would always be there. and remain a threat. >> they treat it like a chronic disease. you have a flare up and they treat it, what they hope for is an extended time where you don't have to do chemo. but we basically know it is going to grow again at some point. >> there was a strong possibility that we would never see jack make it past the age of seven. we kind of just live life every day like it was jack's last. >> we welcome you to beautiful lincoln, nebraska, and memorial stadium. we are expecting upwards of 50,000 people. speak on april 6, 2013, during the cornhuskers annual red and white intrasquad game, 7-year-old jack was given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. >> hey, jack, after you get the ball you can follow me,
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all right. >> wearing rex burkhead's number 22 and alongside quarterback taylor martinez. >> that number 22 is one of the biggest of the nebraska football fans and he gets to walk out with his team. this is really quite a moment for this young man. >> i just grabbed taylor just for a brief moment and i said, be prepared for him to go the wrong way. >> he gets the handoff! it is hoffman running laterally, he has a bullet to the 35, to midfield, hoffman, and he has it in gear. >> it is not going to get him! jack hoffman to the end zone! [cheers and applause] >> you know, just to see the support carry out onto the field for jack was very emotional and
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just overwhelming. it just hasn't really sunk in yet, actually. >> tell me what's going through your head when you get the ball, what are you thinking about? >> scoring a touchdown. >> as jack's touchdown run became a national phenomenon, his father be seven used all-day attention to advocate for a pediatric brain cancer research. >> a lot of great people had a hand in helping him stand up here tonight, helping them raise national awareness for pediatric brain cancer. >> an attorney who maintained his small town mall practice used his skills to fund raise, but took no money for his efforts with team jack. >> i felt like we had a platform, and that it would've been selfish to raise money just for jack. as we met more and more families
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affected by this disease, we saw that we could do good. >> what began with the hoffman ship selling husker approved t-shirts out of their basement group. raising more than $8 million for pediatric brain cancer research. funding cutting-edge clinical trials, hope for young patience. one of them close to home. >> this last clinical trial, it started about two years ago, and we have not stopped that, and luckily it has kept the tumor from growing. >> now a teenager, 5'10" and 18o ninth grade, jack wanted to do something that might once have seemed utterly impossible. he wanted to play high school football. >> i had played flag football and just 2-hand touch at recess, but i just wanted more. because i was tired of watching
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from the sidelines. i wanted to get out on the field and have some action. >> we talked to jack's physician and they gave him the green light. and i commend him for that. >> practice for jack's high school football team was just days away. and on a sunday in july, a new medical crisis turned the hoffman's world upside down. >> i ran out the door and i went and picked him up. he went straight to the emergency room. ♪ >> i just could not believe it. i
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>> you can feel the emotion and the rise of this crowd. >> bringing new meaning to it there's no place like nebraska. >> in 2013, jack hoffman, a 7-year-old battling a brain tumor captured the hearts of the nation with a touchdown run during a nebraska intrasquad game. >> they are not going to catch him! jack hoffman to the end zone! touchdown! [cheers and applause] >> seven years later, jack was hoping to play high school football for the first time. then on a sunday in the summer time -- >> i was out for a run. at about the 2-mile mark i had a
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seizure. so i went and lay down on the cowboy trail, and then i had the presence of mind to call bri. >> i basically ran out the door and i went and picked him up, he went straight to the emergency room. >> so i went and saw the on-call p.a., and the ct scan came back red flagged. she said we have to send this on, you have something going on in your brain. i remember her being very emotional because she was the same p.a. that was there for jack. i remember her saying, you guys have to quit doing this to me. >> bri drove her husband to a hospital 3 miles away in sioux falls, south dakota, for further testing. >> i was still trying not to
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panic at that moment. i told andy, there are a lot of things you could have in your brain that are sometimes the benign tumors you can just remove. >> well, they snapped an mri of my head and it was not good. it was blessed alma multiform which is basically a death sentence. >> mr. hoffman has a terminal brain tumor. we have been very frank with him that to this is very aggressive tumor, that at this point our medical community despite many years of research has not been able to cure. the average for this type of tumor is 12-15 months of survival. >> i cannot believe that it had happened to us again twice. we didn't really know what the next step was. i was young and healthy,
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you know, and i just -- just --- could not believe it. you know? and still can't. >> moved to the mayo clinic in rochester, minnesota, where doctors found no genetic or environmental links between his tumor and jack's, andy's condition rapidly deteriorated. >> between the time we got to mayo and the time that the surgery was scheduled he had two small strokes and a spontaneous bleed on the side of his brain. >> after his brain surgery, he lost the ability to walk. covid precautions meant he could not be with his kids, but andy hoffman was not done. >> i did not want to spend the
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last days of my life not seeing my kids. i was eventually discharged against their wishes so i could see my kids. >> in early august, the family got an apartment near the mayo clinic so the kids could be with their father. andy began outpatient radiation therapy, just as he had taken care of jack during his treatments, now jack was taking care of his father. >> his brain could not send us the signals to tell us he had to go to the bathroom or was thirsty. so we had to ask him quite a bit. and if he had to, then he would nod his head and my mom and i would take him. >> so hard as a kid that age having to take care of your dad, but he was always very patient
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and you know, if andy got frustrated, he would encourage him. he was very much her beyond his years, that's for sure. >> he would give encouraging words of support that no junior high kids should have to give. i'm sorry. >> while confronting his grim prognosis and trying to regain some of the motor skills he had lost, andy was still determined, wanted to return home to nebraska to see jack take the field that autumn for his
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>> in the late summer of 2020, jack hoffman was trying to fulfill his dream of playing varsity football wall battling the brain tumor he had had since
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age five weeks earlier his father andy had also been diagnosed with a brain tumor undergoing urgent treatment at the mayo clinic in the hope of returning home, and seeing jack play. >> he has always been a goal setter, as long as he has some goals to work towards, that's going to keep him motivated to keep fighting. >> during football practice, jack faced his own challenge, his seizures were more frequent, and they were happening while he was on the field. >> it's sucked really bad. it's like falling asleep and putting your body on autopilot. and i don't remember what happened a minute before or after. there are times it says i don't want to do this, but i'm going to keep doing it. >> you all must say, i'm sorry did you have a seizure today,
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jack? he would say, it's not your fault. he just rolls with everything. he was still excited to play and take the risk, and so, we left him. >> 400 miles apart, a son and a father pressed on word to jack practicing on the field, andy continuing his regimen of radiation and chemotherapy. >> we put on our work boots and we got to work. you know? that's what you do with this
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disease. you just battle. >> he has had a remarkable response to treatment, and by the time he left, he had the whole staff in tears because he walked out on his own and he was saying goodbye and waving everybody. >> hold on, hold on. >> i'm going to ring the hell out of it. >> perfect. [bellringing] >> on september 17th, andy walked out of the mayo clinic, and made the six hour drive back home to atkinson, nebraska, determined to keep battling. >> i don't think there are many people that could've come from where he was and be where he's at right now. >> everybody say hi. >> i am terminal, you know, and i'm going to give it my best shot. i'm not going down without a fight. >> wait for it, come up. now come down nice and controlled. >> it's kind of fitting that i have this disease, because i am able to see what it's like and
2:56 am
so i know for a fact i don't want kids to get it. no child should have to fight this. he said that to me a lot of times. i wish i could take this brain tumor from you, that's kind of what happened, but not exactly. >> i prayed quite literally for this to happen in lieu of jack. i kind of got what i asked for, you know? >> eight hours later [cheers and applause] >> when you step on the field whether it is the practice field or the game field, put everything you have out there, because it might be the last time you get to do it! >> on three, one, two, three -- >> rac. >> it's homecoming for the huskies of high school in atkinson paired on the friday
2:57 am
night before his 15th birthday, jack hoffman runs onto the field for his varsity game. in the stands, his family including his father andy. >> he puts on the home and in shoulder pads knowing that he could have a seizure, he does it anyway. i think he's so just brave encourages. he is my hero. >> football is really important to andy, it was really special that jack even got to play. we do not even know if they would clear him to play. >> what's it like to have them be in the stands watching while you play football? >> it's nice to know that he will be there for me and that he knows that i will be there for him. ♪ >> while facing a common enemy, father and son have loved at the same game.
2:58 am
giving this family a night of celebration, togetherness, and love, for andy hoffman, they are so much to cherish and remember. >> if i had told you in 2013, you are going to see your son play homecoming, you are going to see him play high school football, what would you have thought back then? >> i would've said you are full of [bleep]. sorry. [laughs] it is rewarding beyond belief. it's hard to describe. just a sense of pride. >> we are out for a walk, everybody say hi. say hi! >> hi.
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>> who likes blizz
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♪ ♪ breaking overnight on "world news now," the president's personal attorney, rud breaking overnight on "world news now," the president's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, hospitalized with the coronavirus. the latest on his condition overnight as most californians wake up to new stay-at-home orders. new overnight, the senate showdown in georgia, two runoff elections that will decide which party controls the senate. why only three of the four senate candidates took the debate stage just hours ago. on this pearl harbor remembrance day, what will be missing this year thanks to the pandemic. terrifying moments for a hiker on regon's mt. hood, swallowed by a volcanic hole.
3:01 am
>> it's like someone pulling a chair out from underneath you. >> the air in the hidden cave potentially deadly. how she got out alive. and in "the skinny," will snoop dogg call another fight? chris hemsworth himself getting in fighting shape and talk of a collab between the queen of country and queen bey. >> it's monday, december 7th. >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "world news now" with kenneth moton and mona kosar abdi. good monday morning to you. thanks for starting another week with us. hope you had a safe weekend. >> safe, not fun? >> is there anything fun anymore? >> just safe. >> just safe. that is 2020 these days. >> such a 2020 greeting. hope you had a safe weekend. wear your mask. >> i just read something where someone said they're not seeing anyone say anything pretty much like, 2021 is going to be the best year ever.
3:02 am
like no one is saying that this year. >> end of story. you know what else i'm not hearing? >> what? >> a lot of complaints about masks. now that the weather is dropping, that mask comes through. i underdressed for how cold it was in new york this weekend. i kept my mask on inside, everywhere. >> i like my hot breath. >> that makes one. we have a lot to get to today including the latest developments in the coronavirus emergency at this hour. >> the president's personal attorney rudy giuliani says he's recovering quickly while hospitalized in washington, d.c. with the virus. a statement from the trump campaign last night said giuliani didn't experience any symptoms or test positive until more than 48 hours after returning from a three-state trip in which he appeared maskless at a string of meetings. it's unclear exactly when giuliani tested positive. more than 101,000 people in the u.s. are currently hospitalized with the virus. that's a new record. there have been at least 282,000 coronavirus deaths in this country. overnight, new coronavirus
3:03 am
restrictions took effect in california in an effort to stop a deadly surge. this morning, more than 33 million people in california now under strict stay-at-home orders. >> i think it was inevitable until a vaccine comes. >> the new restrictions in california's major metro areas, forcing bars, hair salons and movie theaters to close. restaurants are limited to takeout and delivery only. and gatherings of people from different households are prohibited. >> this is the greatest threat to life in los angeles that we have ever faced. >> across california, nearly 1 in 10 coronavirus tests is now coming back positive. intensive care capacity at hospitals dropped below 15% this weekend. but in some counties, defiance from law enforcement. sheriffs in riverside, san bernardino and orange counties are refusing to enforce the lockdowns. >> those closures and stay-at-home orders are flat out ridiculous. the metrics used for closures are unbelievably faulty and are not representative of true
3:04 am
numbers and are disastrous for riverside county. >> a restaurant owner outside l.a. expressing anger after her outdoor patio was shut down while a film crew was able to set up outdoor tables nearby. >> i'm losing everything. everything i own is being taken away from me. look at this. tell me that this is dangerous, but right next to me is a slap in my face. that's safe. >> for film crews to shoot, they must follow strict guidelines on screening and testing, unlike restaurants where testing was not a requirement. meanwhile, california is not alone. across the country, more than 101,000 people are in the hospital with the virus, nearly twice as many as a month ago. abc news getting a look inside this field hospital in worcester, massachusetts, where doctors say they're better prepared this time. >> as far as we know, this is the first covid field hospital that has to reopen from the spring first surge. it's a little bit easier this
3:05 am
time in the sense that we know how to set things up. we've learned a few things. >> and now, an urgent warning for holiday shoppers. the cdc recommends avoiding in-store shopping and opting for curbside pickup instead. if you must go inside, they say go off hours, only touch what you plan to buy and use touchless payment systems. >> so when you're sort of shopping in a store, look at all opportunities that reduce the amount of contact that you have with another individual. waiting in a line in close proximity to someone else could be problematic. >> but this morning, hope is on the horizon. pfizer's vaccine is being delivered to british hospitals today. vaccinations begin there tomorrow. the vaccine could get the green light here in the u.s. after this thursday's fda hearing. >> if things are on track, the advisory committee goes well, i believe we could see fda
3:06 am
authorization within days. but it's going to go according to fda's gold standard process. i'm going to make sure it does. >> on december 17th, a week from thursday, the fda will hold another hearing, this time on whether to authorize the coronavirus vaccine from drug maker moderna. turning to the political showdown in georgia where two runoffs will determine which party controls the senate. republican senator kelly loeffler faced off last night in a debate against her democratic challenger reverend raphael warnock. she tried to paint warnock as a socialist. she repeatedly refused to acknowledge that joe biden defeated president trump. >> yes or no, senator loeffler, did donald trump lose the recent presidential election? >> you know, president trump has every right to use every legal recourse available. we need to hold folks accountable involved in these investigations to make sure they move more quickly, because everything's at stake on january 5th for the future of our
3:07 am
country. >> in the other runoff, democratic john ossoff took questions next to an empty podium to slam senator david perdue for skipping their debate. perdue and loeffler were hoping to get a boost from the president over the weekend, but he was fixated on repeating baseless claims about election fraud. abc's faith abubey has more. >> reporter: more than a month after his defeat, president trump traveling to georgia, falsely claiming victory in a state where he was defeated by nearly 12,000 votes. >> you know we won georgia, just so you understand. >> reporter: but this rally was not supposed to be about trump. he was in town to drum up support for republican senators kelly loeffler and david perdue ahead of their crucial runoffs in january. some fear the president's words will cost them the senate. democrats firing up support. >> you need to get out to the polls and vote. >> georgia is going to determine ultimately the course of the biden presidency. >> reporter: instead of focusing
3:08 am
on the senate, president trump spent most of his 100-minute speech railing against the election results, blasting republican state leaders for refusing to help him overturn the will of the voters, pressuring republican governor brian kemp. >> your governor could stop it very easily if he knew what the hell he was doing. >> reporter: but georgia has already certified joe biden's victory. election workers painstakingly recounting every ballot by hand. >> we never found systemic fraud, not enough to overturn the election. >> reporter: and the candidates in those crucial runoffs in a debate sunday night incumbent republican incumbent kelly loeffler facing off against reverend raphael warnock. john ossoff taking questions next to an empty podium, his challenging david perdue refusing to participate. faith abubey, abc news,
3:09 am
washington. >> last night, governor kemp shut down the idea of calling a special legislative session to appoint new electors and overturn the election results. he said it would be unconstitutional. now to the weather. many residents of maine and new hampshire are without power this morning after a nor'easter blew through the region. as many as 200,000 customers lost electricity in new england at the height of the weekend storm. maine was hardest hit, dealing with its second nor'easter in a week. about one quarter of the state lost power. the nor'easter included a bit of an interview fail in boston. >> pretty tough. we're from canada, so it's not too crazy. >> we call that m.o.s. or average man on the street commenting about the weather. and that man just happens to be hockey hall of famer jerome iginla. the problem is the reporter had no idea who he was. iginla spent 20 years in the nhl, mostly in calgary. he spent one season in boston playing with the bruins and he also calls boston home. that reporter said, i hate to say it, i hope i don't sound ridiculous, but i don't know who that man is. >> you never know who you're going to run into reporting on the streets. did you ever run into someone or
3:10 am
interview someone and then you found out later they were a big deal? >> no. you? >> actually i do remember. years and years ago, i interviewed like a nixon associate who had gone to jail, prison, for his role in watergate. i got back and my news director -- i was like 21 and my news director was like you know who you just interviewed? i was like nope, nope. he was like that was the nix -- i was like i know now. >> as a reporter, m.o.s. is like valuable. you can't come back to the station without it. so you're like i don't care who i interview. just get it. coming up we're opening up the "world news now" inbox to read your comments. plus one woman's terrifying experience. how her hike up mt. hood plunged her into a volcano. and later in "the skinny," gwen stefani reintroduces herself. skinny," gwen stefani reintroduces
3:11 am
herself. a volcano. volca ♪ i ain't no holla back girl ain't no holla back girl ♪
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today is national pearl harbor remembrance day. 79 years ago 2,403 americans today is national pearl harbor remembrance day. 79 years ago 2,403 americans
3:14 am
were killed when japan bombed pearl harbor, hawaii. no members of the public will be at is ceremony but it will be live streamed at 7:55 a.m. local time. a climb up the tallest mountain in oregon became a fight to survive. a woma a woman who took an unexpected tumble into a potentially deadly hole is talking about her ordeal. >> reporter: this morning an oregon woman is sharing her terrifying experience after falling down a snow-covered volcanic hole on mt. hood. >> it's like someone pulling a chair out from underneath you as you're trying to sit down. i have that sensation of falling. >> reporter: 32-year-old caroline sunbalm was climbing at an elevation above 11,000 feet when she stopped to rest, unknowingly sitting on a volcanic vent known as a fumarole. >> fell about five feet under the snow, landed on my shoulder
3:15 am
and then slid another five to ten feet kind of down the side of the mountain in really the sort of cave-like structure. >> reporter: the air in that structure can be toxic and potentially deadly. >> i did feel the heat on my hand, which was concerning. >> reporter: confused and frightened, sunbalm was stuck at the bottom of the fumarole for several minutes, but she says her dislocated shoulder popped back into place, giving her a sense of relief. >> once my shoulder was working again, i was going to be able to get myself out of there. >> reporter: a nearby climber noticed she had disappeared and found the hole where she has been sitting, that climber calling 911 and lowering a rope down into the fumerole. sunbalm was able to secure herself to the rope and was hoisted to safety.
3:16 am
fumaroles can easily be hidden by snow. luckily she is okay apart from hurting her shoulder. >> wow. just incredible. thank you. when we come back, why snoop dogg is itching to get back into the announcing booth. >> and what dolly parton just said about beyonce covering one of her most iconic hits. .
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. ♪ ♪ skinny just give me the skinny ♪ ♪ skinny just give me the skinny ♪ time now for "the skinny" on this monday, starting with a
3:19 am
headline from our boxing desk. >> one of boxing's all-time greats floyd mayweather is stepping into the ring with youtuber logan paul. it comes after the two have been trashtalking each other for >> snoop dogg is hoping to get in on the action calling the fight after getting rave reviews for his announcing that fight between mike tyson and roy jones jr. >> like two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue. meet me in the back yard. come on! oh, snoop. that may weather/paul fight is slated for february 20th. mayweather is the best paid athlete of the decade, having raked in $915 million over the past ten years. >> so mayweather is about five foot mona.
3:20 am
and logan paul, i heard, is about 6'2", but mayweather is also a champ in like five different weight classes. >> right. >> logan paul can also just bloop on the top of his head. it's a lot. >> that ain't gonna happen. with. >> i don't think so. he could also just hold his forehead, just have him swinging. >> that ain't going to happen. >> watch it. pay per view. both mayweather and paul maybe facing some stiff competition from chris hemsworth. >> the thor star ripped off his shirt showcasing those boxing skills of his along with a ripped physique. of course, it all got caught on camera. >> the 37-year-old put on a flashy display for both his trainer and the camera. the aussie native is currently down under shooting an upcoming netflix movie. >> there was a delay for you because you were staring at the monitor. >> i was doing research. next, to a special wish from the queen of country involving queen bey. >> oh, my god.
3:21 am
this is amazing. >> in a new interview dolly parton discussed the many times her 1973 hit "jolene" has been covered by other artists 400 times world wide in different languages. she says she's still hopeful a major artist will record their own take and enjoy a really big hit with it. >> by major artist, she said, quote, someone like beyonce, that queen right there. she also discussed whitney houston's version of her 1974 song "i will always love you" back in 1992, saying it was one of her proudest moments. can't wait. hope it happens. finally, to a big announcement from gwen stefani. >> this is about to get b-a-n-a-n-a-s. >> the star will release a new single today. here's the cover art titled "let me reintroduce myself." >> okay. >> my god. it comes as the 51-year-old showed off this throwback look exactly 25 years after releasing "just a girl" video back in
3:22 am
1995. you look great.
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♪ here i am, signed, seal ♪ here i am, signed, sealed, delivered, i'm yours ♪ the wnn. i never know how many ns to say. how many years have i been on this show now? the inbox is full, y'all. >> first up is denise from oklahoma, who's been watching "world news now" since the beginning. that's almost 30 years. >> denise writes i'm thankful for wnn to keep me company in the wee hours of the a.m. love y'all. love you, girl. >> chris c. writes, thanks for making me laugh so hard this morning. i have trouble saying charcuterie too. >> that's a tough one, ain't it? >> yeah. listen to how we said it last name.
3:26 am
>> what's a charcuterie? i don't know how to say it. a shar koochie board. >> give me my mike, y'all. i got to go. >> still tough. >> rumor has it the next day when you walked in, i was like you're still here. >> still here. next, we have some tough love from bobby who writes this. i'm sorry, but i don't think it's very professional saying things like, what. >> i think he's referring to our segment "wait, what." >> i think he's referring to you. >> earlier today in the show i was like, what. i'm from california, y'all. >> i hear you, bobby. >> i should say, what? okay! >> oh, that's a good one. >> laura writes i just feel compelled to say how much i enjoy this program. the sarah jessica parker this morning was silly and delightful and i appreciate the mix of news and entertainment.
3:27 am
take a listen. >> i'm feeling powerful, potent and incredibly alive. i felt like i owned the city. nothing and no one could get in my way. >> except a kangaroo. we did it! that took a lot and we nailed it. i just want to say that's so "world news now," right? i'm so glad you insomniacs enjoyed that. finally, zion is obviously a fan of "the skinny." she wrote i'm trying to find the title of the video featured on the skinny segment that was a christmas dance video on december 2nd. >> i think i remember the name of it. maybe it was -- >> roll that beautiful tape. ♪ so i'm going to let them see. >> what are you going to let them see? ♪ my bells, bows, gifts, trees, bells, bows, gifts, trees ♪ ♪ my bells, bows, gifts, trees, bells, bows, gifts, trees ♪ >> someone actually tagged me in a tweet on friday to todd rick, but he didn't respond.
3:28 am
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3:30 am
this mor this morning on "world news now" rudy giuliani's battle with the ro this morning on "world news now" rudy giuliani's battle with the coronavirus. >> the president's personal attorney is now hospitalized just days after a three-state effort to overturn election results. plus, the big week ahead for the effort to green light a coronavirus vaccine. our medical expert is standing by. new reporting overnight on what president trump may be planning the day joe biden is sworn in as his successor. caught on camera, the fire breaking out in one of the worst possible places, a fireworks factory. and more monolith news this morning. now popping up in vegas, but that's not all. it's monday, december 7th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." welcome, welcome. hope everyone had a great
3:31 am
monolith-free weekend. maybe not. >> they say we get distracted by bright, shiny objects. i didn't think this is what they meant. monolith news. >> we're on it, though. >> we are. as it breaks, we will break it to you. >> yes. let's begin with the latest developments in the coronavirus emergency. >> rudy giuliani is battling the virus at a hospital in washington, d.c. last night he tweeted saying he's recovering quickly. >> we don't know when giuliani tested positive for the virus, but the trump campaign says it wasn't until more than 48 hours after he returned from a trip during which he often appeared without a mask. abc's rachel scott has more. >> reporter: we are learning the president's personal lawyer rudy giuliani has been hospitalized at georgetown university medical center here in washington, d.c. after testing positive for covid-19. giuliani is 76 years old. he is considered high risk and he does have a history of health complications including a battle
3:32 am
with prostate cancer. he did a television interview earlier, but in recent weeks he has been crisscrossing the country leading the president's fight to overturn the results of the 2020 election. last seen there in georgia inside the state's capitol without a face mask. in fact, almost every single time we have seen giuliani in recent weeks he has not been wearing a face mask. he is just the latest in the president's inner circle to have tested positive for the virus. >> rachel, thank you. >> with coronavirus cases climbing across the country, the cdc issued a blunt message. it reads in part, quote, just wear the mask in all caps, followed by basic suggestions for staying safe. that tweet came as more than 101,000 people in the u.s. are hospitalized with the virus and at least 282,000 people in this country have died because of it. abc's reena roy has more. >> reporter: abc news getting an inside look at a field hospital in worcester, massachusetts. with covid cases surging, officials warning new shutdown measures may be put in place. >> the next step is shutting everything down. that's the next step. >> reporter: california already at that point with shrinking icu capacities and a record daily
3:33 am
total of more than 30,000 new cases. over 33 million people across the state from los angeles to the bay area facing stay-at-home orders. >> it's getting to be too much. so i've learned, you know, how to adapt and stay safe. that's pretty much it. >> reporter: the u.s. averaging 186,000 new cases each day, the virus claiming nearly 15,000 lives in the last week. that's roughly 88 american deaths per hour. families grieving the loss of loved ones like jan brent, a beloved mother and teacher in illinois, with this urgent message. >> it's going to take everybody working together to protect those around us and ourselves and our families. >> reporter: officials warning things will only get worse if people don't take precautions.
3:34 am
>> we're worried about people and the behaviors coming up with christmas. we want to make sure everyone's loved ones are there next christmas. >> reporter: meantime, states are getting ready to distribute vaccines with emergency fda approval expected for pfizer any day now. >> i do expect this week we're going to see the pfizer vaccine get authorized for use in the united states. >> reporter: in phoenix, hospital workers now running through practice sessions for getting the vaccine from cold storage to patients in their cars. >> can i have you please roll up your sleeve? >> reporter: pfizer's vaccine approved in the u.k., hospitals there stocking up with immunizations set to begin on tuesday. >> that progress in the release of a vaccine comes amid skyrocketing infections across the country and fresh pushback against new lockdown measures. i spoke earlier with dr. imran ali. let's start with what are your biggest concerns. >> i'm seeing the rate of infections. this is more than we've ever seen before.
3:35 am
if you look back at the early days of the pandemic, it took about 100 days to reach 1 million infections. now we're seeing 1 million infections in a span of only five days. from tuesday to saturday we have now reached a new 1 million infections. now we have over 100,000 hospitalizations. i'm really concerned about not only bed capacity, but hospital staff are very exhausted. that's what's really going to make it or break it for a lot of people if hospitals can maintain their staff to be able to care for all these patients. >> much of california is entering another shutdown this morning. this time there appears to be more pushback as businesses struggle to survive. how do you respond to people who argue that dining outside or going to a business where social distancing is enforced is a right and anyone concerned about the virus can stay home? >> the thing is this virus thrives on crowds. it wants to jump from person to person. it wants to get a new host. we are seeing the infection
3:36 am
positivity rate over 10%. from my sources in sacramento, southern california icus are under 13% or about 13% capacity. when it gets that low, the icus, they can't take in any new patients. people with severe covid infections will not be able to get the vital icu care they need. and that is absolutely going to lead to more deaths. >> we hear you on that, doctor. we appreciate you. thank you so much, dr. ali. >> thank you, kenneth. as covid infections spike, president-elect joe biden is expected to nominate california attorney general javier becerra to lead the health department. if confirmed, he would be the first latino secretary of health and human services. becerra served 12 terms in congress as attorney general. he's taken on the trump administration on a variety of issues, including health care. unambiguous, loud and threatening, that's how michigan's secretary of state described as many as 30 armed protesters chanting outside her home saturday night.
3:37 am
jocelyn benson says she was getting ready to watch "how the grinch stole christmas" with her son when the pro-trump crowd started screaming for her to overturn the state's election results. she called the behavior mob-like. georgia issel in the heat of a runoff. republican senator kelly loeffler and democrat raphael warnock debated ahead of the election. kelly loeffler refused to acknowledge that president trump lost to joe biden. in the other race, democratic john ossoff debated an empty podium calling senator david perdue a, quote, coward for skipping the debate. president trump traveled to georgia but spent much of his speech airing his own grievances claiming the election was stolen from him. president trump is looking to upstage president-elect joe biden on inauguration day.
3:38 am
trump is expected to skip biden's swearing-in. public reports say he's possibly considering holding a campaign rally on the say day, possibly to kick off a 2024 run for reelection. the white house has declined to comment. now it's time for more monolith news. >> we need like a graphic. monolith alert. >> if you want me to sing a jingle, i'd like to come up with those like jeopardy james, good news tues. >> we need it because now at least two more have appeared. one popped up in downtown las vegas friday. the 10-foot structure sits under a canopy at a pedestrian mall. the other sits about 600 miles east in colorado in front of a taco supply company in boulder. as with all the others, no one knows how they got there. i'm still not ruling out aliens. i don't want to get too close. maybe it's spaceships. >> utah, atlanta, pittsburgh, las vegas, two in colorado, california, romania.
3:39 am
>> put your hands up. coming up, low cost gift ideas. first, the unexpected fireworks display. what triggered this spectacular scene. plus, remembering one of the most endearing characters from the sitcoms of the '70s. the sitcoms of the '70s.
3:40 am
3:41 am
3:42 am
check out this incredible check out this incredible fireworks display in southern russia. they were not set on purpose. a fire broke out at a fireworks factory sunday. more than 400 firefighters were called in to fight those flames. no one was hurt. china's lunar mission is heading back to earth after a probe carrying moon rocks docked with waiting orbiter. a little more than four pounds of material were taken from the moon's surface, the first rocks collected since 1976. they're due back on earth around the middle of the month. we're looking back at the life and career of one of hollywood's enduring characters of the '70s. david landser, best known as squiggy from "laverne and shirley" has died after a long battle with multiple sclerosis. here is abc's chris tomlin. >> there is no reason on earth why prince charming cannot walk through our front door.
3:43 am
>> hello! >> who in sitcom history has gotten more laughs from a single word as squiggy from "laverne and shirley." half of the hilarious duo lenny and squiggy. actor david lander made millions laugh. >> squig, >> i've been singed. >> alongside michael mckeen. lenny embodied a 1950s architect time in the spin-off as in the musical group, lenny and the squigtones a pureed by squiggy's falseetto. lander and michael mckeean had first worked it up at carnegie. later, the credibility gap before coming to prime time tv. >> whoa! looky looky here!
3:44 am
>> lander was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1984, choosing to keep it secret for more than a decade for fear it would end his career. >> i would assume once they found out i had m.s., they would, oh, let's sit down and talk and here's why i can't hire you. i was very much insecure and afraid. >> reporter: instead, this avid baseball fan would find work in animated projects from "who framed roger rabbit" to disney's "goldie and bear." but squiggy would be his most beloved character. whatever happens, lander wrote in his 1999 memoir, m.s. can't take it all. i will always have my heart and soul, my wit and wisdom. those words a graceful farewell from the actor who always new how to say hello. >> hello! >> our thanks to chris connolly. lander was hired on originally as a writer but then they saw him in character and the rest was history. >> that's how it happens
3:45 am
sometimes. behind the scenes, they get on camera. he was such a talent. loved the show. "laverne and shirley" a spinoff of "happy days." quite the talent there again. coming up, that holiday gift list. >> our giz whiz will be along to share some of his favorite gift ideas. that will keep you warm, protected and even amused. i chatted with the giz whiz on this one. y'all, there's some really good ones, some fun ones, including that little thing in a box that's kind of weird, but i like it. later, the pony that filled in as the perfect workout partner. the that's later in "the mix." the that's later in "the mix". ".
3:46 am
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ welcome back. welcome back. the countdown is on. we are just 18 shopping days away from christmas. if you're looking for stocking stuffers for the person who seems to have everything, our giz whiz, dick debartolo, is here with some unique holiday gift ideas. i hear you've got something for us that will light up our lives and keep us warm. >> absolutely. the led beanie. i'm not going to shine it brightly into your eyes. it has three settings, low, medium, high. the neat thing is when the battery runs down, it's rechargeable. just take the hat, pop the little l.e.d. out and plug it
3:49 am
into your computer and charge it. that's pretty neat, isn't it? >> that is great. what else you got? >> instead of wearing a doll mask, you can print your own mask at home. here's the kit that can do it. so you take your camera, film anything, yourself, fabric, any photo you have on your phone. you can send it to your printer and in the kit there is printable fabric that goes in your ink jet printer. you cut it out. no ironing, no sewing but you need an iron. there's iron-on adhesive. you can size it to a man or a kid or a woman. it's really neat. the kit has four masks in it and it's $18. it's about like 4.50 a mask. >> the year of the mask, that's not a bad gift at all. what's the third? >> this is my favorite gift of maybe all time. it is called present pets.
3:50 am
this is really neat. so you take a look. you give the person the box and they pull a tab and from inside the box, you can hear the puppy jumping around. he's poking the box apart from inside. he tears the side of the box open. it falls open. you don't know which of the four pets you have. once you have him, he can do 100 different actions and games. >> it reminds me of pop goes the weasel. >> a little bit, a little bit. >> what else we got? >> i have something. they call it an ugly sweater. i think this one is not bad looking. it's what it does that's very unique.
3:51 am
this is it. >> this is my fireplace sweater. the thing to be aware of, i had to try three phones to get someone that would fit in here. i finally ended up with an old galaxy s5 which is roughly 3x5 inches. that's small. you stretch this out and put it in from the front. >> that is pretty cool. >> i bought an extra large so i wouldn't have to send it back if it didn't fit. so it will probably fit you a little better. you need an older phone for it to work. >> what's the final unique gift idea? >> final little guy, they are great stocking stuffers. they are little l.e.d. lights. they are instant on. squeeze them. there's also a switch on and off. a little clip can go onto a key chain or a zipper. they are ten or a for a little bit under $10. so they're like a buck each. >> i like all of those. thank you so much, dick. check out thanks for joining us.
3:52 am
>> happy holidays. >> happy holidays.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
♪ time for "the mix" on this monday. apparently we've got the world's first commercially-printed christmas card that is up for auction. it's a lot, y'all, a lot more than what hallmark is charging these days. this one from 1843, the very first christmas card, 25k. >> wow. >> how about that? >> if you really want to wish someone a merry christmas for that card. >> they said it was created the same year that charles dickens' "a christmas carol" was first published. >> it's going to be 4.99 from cvs. >> the day after christmas. on sale. while you're picking that up, you might want to also pick up these 2020-themed ornaments that are just peak 2020. check it out.
3:56 am
you got hand sanitizer. you know what else you have? >> what? >> toilet paper. remember when we couldn't find any toilet paper? >> that is true. i'm waiting for the big one still. you know what i'm talking about. >> the dumpster fire. >> oh. that is that one. give it to me. i know you got the one that i've been waiting for. >> the vaccine? what are you waiting for? >> a mask. where is the mask ornament? do they have one of those? >> you have to check it out. go to and get them. these vendors clearly have 2020 on the mind. >> we've got the holiday spirit on the mind. it's kansas city, missouri. look at this light show of drones. >> whoa. >> that is beautiful right there.
3:57 am
this happened on the 4th of december. a very festive light show. >> this reminds me of when biden made his acceptance speech when he was the projected winner. no one could figure out how there was an american flag just floating in the sky. it was drones, y'all. >> all drones. that's genius. love it. drones. >> this is also genius. have you ever tried to work out, but you just -- >> i've never tried to work out. >> there you go. but for those of you who do work out, you know when you're like, i wish i could have a workout partner to help me out, hold my feet while i'm doing crunches. check out this woman. she's an austrian equestrian. her name is katerina. this is her pony, peppino. he's a good workout partner especially now that we're socially distanced and gyms are closed. or open depending on where you live. >> does he lick you too as you come up? little kisses. >> little kisses. a little shetland pony.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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right now on "america this morning," rudy giuliani tests positive for covid-19. the fallout this morning after giuliani traveled the country meeting with lawmakers in several states making legal arguments for the president. what we're learning about his condition. plus, getting ready for the vaccine. the trump administration with a new promise when it comes to the time line. georgia on his mind. president trump suffering a new setback late sunday as he tries to overturn the election results. this as the candidates who will determine control of the u.s. senate face off on the debate stage. why one podium was left vacant. the search for answers this morning after a young icu nurse is shot and killed in her car while driving to work. how police are hoping to find who is responsible. trapped in a volcano.
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