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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  December 12, 2020 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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100 rushing yards, has been hurt. he hasn't been on the field in the last five minutes. so, stephen carr is out there and it's recovered by ucla at the 41 yard line! it was chopped out by carl jones. >> greg: they will definitely take a look at this because it looked like carr's back side was on the ground when the ball got dislodged -- >> referee: the ruling on the field is a fumble and a recovery by the defense. the play is now under replay review. >> dave: certainly looked like he's down there. you see jones trying to rip it out. ogbonnia recovered it down field. he's down, right? >> greg: yeah, he's down. the ball is still in his possession in his left arm and it gets dislodged after he's already down on the ground. i think this call will be overturned, give the ball back to the trojans. >> dave: it would be third down and long, though. that was a negative play there,
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if they rule he's down. looked like it was a loss of about one. >> greg: right there. >> dave: yeah. >> greg: you see the ball, that's when it comes free. pretty easy to clean up there by the replay booth. >> dave: video evidence. again, it would be third and long. >> greg: this could take a couple seconds, too, because they have to figure out, all right, down and distance, how much clock, is the clock running, et cetera, so -- it's not about whether or not they're looking to overturn, or looking to, you know, clean things up, but there's a lot of checks and balances here to try to make sure the situation is correct. >> dave: and it would start running on the ready to play. >> referee: the runner was down. it will be usc's ball, third
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down at the 39 yard line. >> dave: our next nba preseason match-up on espn is tomorrow night from here in los angeles between the clippers and the lakers. so, another intracity rivalry game in the city of angels. 8:30 eastern/5:30 pacific, espn, espn deportes and the app. dave pasch, greg mcelroy, allison williams at the rose bowl. third down and eight for usc. just shy of its 40 yard line. leading the bruins by one. ucla with three time-outs left. 3:26 remaining here in the fourth. sophomore quarterback kedon slovis. rising star in the pac-12, on the move -- his pass is knocked away.
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incomplete. intended for vaughns. rashad williams over the top. broke up the pass. it's fourth down. >> greg: man. man coverage, sc does not get that very often, because of howed goo good their wide receivers are. but in this case, critical down. they decide to go with man coverage. and it's a really nice job there by ucla's defense being lockdown, unable to reel it in. and a good stand there for the bruins. >> dave: philips is deep. a lot of hang time. philips will return it with room. got tripped up, though, at about the 18 yard line, goes down at the 25. it was mauga just got enough of him to slow him down. plenty of time. 3:01 on the clock. and again, the bruins with all their time-outs. nicholas barr-mira's long on the season is 44, in fact, he's only attempted three kicks, made them
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all. >> greg: biggest thing, though, in a two-minute drive, you have to get the drive started. has to be a positive play on first and ten. i know it seems there's plenty of time, no need to worry about the clock at all. know what you need to get to and know you got to get the drive started with a completion here. >> dave: thompson-robinson fires complete, out to about the 28 yard line to cota. hufanga on the stop. so short gain. >> greg: obviously with all your time-outs. you want to keep one in your hip pocket no matter what. you can run the ball. you have your entire offense right now if you're ucla. >> dave: thompson-robinson throws deep, got a man. it's caught by dulcich. dranked down in sc territory by hufanga. dulcich has been outstanding. and thompson-robinson going to him in the clutch a lot here tonight. >> greg: he's been outstanding.
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like you said, he's been so reliable and especially over the middle, i mean, he's working against hufanga. we're not talking about, you know, a jv player here, talking about one of the best safeties in america and he's had some opportunities to make plays, those two guys will see each other quite a bit, i think, at the next level, because dulcich is, i think, an nfl prospect and hufanga, without question, will be a guy that will play on sundays. >> dave: and he's hurt. going to have to go to the sideline. tonight's live mas moment. terrific game here at the rose bowl. thompson-robinson's pass picked off by hufanga. he returned it for a touchdown. but there was a penalty during the runback by usc. but kedon slovis with his fourth touchdown pass. london with his second touchdown catch, that gave the trojans a 36-35 lead. and again hufanga has to go to the sideline.
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ucla's moved it into trojan territory with 2:29 to go and still all three time-outs. >> greg: that's potentially significant knowing how much they use their tight ends. >> dave: designed quarterback run. thompson-robinson pushed out of bounds at the 31. 15 yards there for thompson-robinson. getting closer to field goal range for red shirt freshman nicholas barr-mira. >> greg: you want to win the game with your offense on the field. always think back just last week, louisiana and appalachian state, comes down to the final kick. you want to win it with your offense, not a kicker. >> dave: thompson-robinson slammed down. so, a two-yard set back. we're inside two minutes to two. and hufanga back in the game for usc after going out for a couple plays.
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second down and 12 here for ucla. >> greg: have to get felton involved in the passing game. >> dave: thompson-robinson down field for philips inside the 25. now they are in field goal range. third down coming up. bruins don't need to be in a hurry here. >> greg: third and two. it's a tough call. run the football or throw the football? i kind of like that quarterback lead sweep. they've had some success with that in this formation. they have tight end to the left and three receivers to the right. sc has not done a great job with their numbers on that side of the ball, so look for a potential quarterback running to the left. >> dave: there it is. thompson-robinson gets stuffed. loses yardage. goforth and jackson. make, jackson's made so many plays in the backfield tonight. now it's fourth down.
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time-out called by usc because obviously they want as much time as possible on the clock when they get the ball back. >> greg: ucla able to get down the field without using a single time-out, so, even, of course, for barr-mira, thinking, okay, well, he makes it, that's what you obviously hope for, but you still have an opportunity to potentially get the ball back one more time because you were able to hang onto those throughout the course of that two-minute drive. >> dave: you have a true freshman holder, luke akers, who is also the punter. and a red shirt freshman kicker, barr-mira. just his fourth attempt of the year. he's 3 for 3. his long is 44. looks like this is going to be a 43-yard try to give the bruins the lead with 56 seconds to go.
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43 yards away from the lead. he nails it! ucla by two with 52 seconds left and the trojans don't have any time-outs. >> greg: perfect snap, matched laces, laces are out. holder doesn't even have to twist the ball. give a little credit to the long snapper there, absolutely ideal. makes it easy on his holder, who is a freshman. and easy on his kicker, barr-mira. drains it as they celebrate. just excellent two-minute drill
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to give themselves a chance. and a great kick by their red shirt freshman. >> dave: usc has two wins in the final minute this year where they trailed. against arizona state and arizona. can they do it again? can they come back here and win it in the final seconds? they've got certainly the trigger man in kedon slovis to get them down the field. enough time to get in field goal range. yes, parker lewis missed a 45 yarder, but they feel like his range is unlimited. he can make a 60 yarder, so -- you got to think anywhere near the ucla 40 would give lewis an opportunity to win it for sc. first thing's first, the kickoff. little surprised they didn't call for a fair catch, but running room, look out. he's at the 40 yard line. tip taupes the sideline. was ucla surprised that he ran
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it back? we've seen only touchbacks the entire game. and now they're in ucla territory with 43 seconds left. >> greg: wow. and how about bryant? hitting the seam and he's untouched. also, give a little love to the kicker there, because if not for his effort, that thing's out the gate and sc has the lead. so, he at least got in the way and forced bryant to the sideline but now kedon slovis, just ten yards away, probably, from likely field goal range for his strong-legged kicker. >> dave: slovis will throw it and taking a shot here to vaughns -- he got it! the 10! what a catch in double coverage. it's first and goal for sc. >> greg: you can go up there and clock it.
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i almost kind of wish i had the down, if i'm kedon slovis. if we're in a good enough spot, but -- >> dave: obviously you're talking about, where does your kicker want it? >> referee: the ruling on the field is a catch. the previous play is now under replay review. >> greg: what a catch. wow. >> dave: surprised they're reviewing it. pretty clear live that he got it. now that gives sc an opportunity to kind of regroup. they don't have to spike it. they can talk about, okay, how do we want to handle this? do we make sure we get it where our kicker wants it, are we just taking shots to the end zone, are we running the ball? you got all this time to talk about it now and you didn't have a time-out. >> greg: i mean, that just saved usc a down. i mean, it really did, because you're probably going to have to spike it on first and ten or still have enough time, they didn't necessarily have to spike it. 30 seconds is plenty of time to get up there and you have four
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downs from inside the 10 yard line to obviously potentially score, but a field goal wins it. like i said a second ago, i never like leaving it up to the kicker. if i can win it with the offense on the field, that's the goal. too many things can go wrong with the snap and the hold and with a kick that could obviously go sideways, as well. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field of a catch stands. first down usc. >> dave: 30 seconds left. no time-outs for sc. usc trying to get to 5-0 for the first time since 2006. they've already clinched a spot in the pac-12 championship game hosting washington on friday night. >> greg: if i'm clay helton, i'm reminds my team, hey, if you hear clock, you have to run up
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to the line of scrimmage. if for whatever reason something goes awry, don't let them lay on the ball carrier, because you have to preserve the precious seconds. >> dave: malepeai has been out. slovis taking a shot to the end zone -- caught! st. brown's got it! touchdown, sc! the trojans have the lead. 16 seconds left. >> dave: it all started with the kickoff return by gary bryant taking it into ucla territory, an incredible catch by vaughns along the sideline and then keenan slovis with his fifth touchdown pass of the game hitting his favorite target. >> greg: ucla thinking sc's going to run it, kneel on it.
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and then kick it for the win. so, they sold out against the run, they say, hey, it's already, got to leave him on an island. and they pay the price. amon-ra st. brown does it again with a beautiful fade and an excellent catch and the throw from his quarterback was a thing of beauty. >> dave: was down, had possession, you saw the ball come out, but it was clearly after amon-ra st. brown had secured the football and was down in the end zone. ucla has three time-outs left. 16 seconds left. will need a touchdown, though. they've done it again. three times in five games scoring in the final minute here in 2020. five-point game after the extra point by parker lewis.
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all right, let's bring in our rules expert john perry. just want to get your thoughts on what you saw here down the stretch last couple plays. >> yeah, both of these last catches were very similar and what chip is talking to the officials about, is the ball coming out? which it does, but it is well after the catch process has been completed and the ball on the first one was stripped and in the second one, punched out. >> dave: here's what you're talking about. you see there, it's clearly completed. the play's over and then at the end it gets, you know, stripped, but that's a good five seconds after. same thing here. >> greg: good job by ucla continuing to fight through it. but obvious lly it's a touchdow. beautiful two-minute operation by usc to answer. they do it again. team has a knack for playing its very best with their backs
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against the wall in fourth quarter. >> dave: look at the numbers for slovis when it matters most. 13 touchdowns, no picks in the fourth quarter. five touchdowns today. he had five last week. ucla signaling for the fair catch, so the bruins will have it on their 25. 16 seconds left, three time-outs. >> greg: right here, ucla, like you alluded to, three time-outs, understand the situation, need a touchdown. that's the first thing you have to tell your quarterback. you'd hope that he'd know. but you can work the entire field. those three time-outs, you tell the receivers, don't fight for extra yards. declare down. every time you catch it, right down to the ground, fire a time-out immediately. you can get to around the 50 yard line and give dorian thompson-robinson a chance to throw a hail mary. >> dave: thompson-robinson in the middle of the field is
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dulcich. you have to call time-out here. nine seconds left. so, maybe one more play, time-out and then hail mary? >> greg: yeah, one more. dtr has the arm to get it there, i think one more shot to get it around the 40 yard line. the problem with doing the hail mary from this part of the field is the pass rush. it's going to take the guys longer to get to the end zone from this part of the field and your offensive line might not be able to hold up. so, another ten yards, 12, 15 yards would make that run for those guys at wide receiver, make it four seconds as opposed to six seconds, which is what it might be right now if they had to take off towards the end zone. probably one more, declare down, fire a time-out, take a chance on a hail mary throw.
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>> dave: thompson-robinson from the -- got to get rid of it and it's caught, got to call time-out with two seconds left. pulled in at the 42 yard line by hurt. so here we go. maybe you get a pass interference call which gives you one more shot, gets you a little bit closer if you can't come up with the miracle catch here in the end zone to win it. >> greg: the goal here on a hail mary, you want to throw it three yards deep into the end zone. that's the goal. then you have one guy that's behind the pile that might have the ball get tipped back and then a guy that's right in front of the pile if the ball gets tipped forward, he can clean it up and maybe carry that momentum into the end zone. so, the goal is to land it two or three yards into the end zone and put your biggest guy at that spot, see if he can't tip it up,
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play a little volleyball there, potentially try to win the game. >> dave: three guys back on the goal line right now for sc. three seconds left. ucla down five. thompson-robinson steps up. moving to his left. got to launch it. he does. into the back of the end zone -- knocked away, incomplete. sc comes from behind again to win! some jawing and pushing. with the clock at zeros. the coaches are trying to break it up. sc goes to 5-0, first time since
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2006. they'll play washington friday night in the pac-12 championship game at the coliseum. you see clay helton getting in there. that's him shoving some of his players. he goes after drake london, trying to keep him from getting into it with ucla players. but for a guy, greg, that has taken so much heat for the last two years and if you're a decision-maker at usc, you got to feel pretty good right now that you made the decision to stick with clay helton. >> greg: just a fantastic job of weathering what's been a very difficult year. and his team is not perfect but they play hard. they were in a hole, an 18-point hole at the beginning of the third quarter. things were not looking good, but this team never gives up. they play for 60 minutes every
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single week and they come back and pull it off yet again. against a very good ucla team. >> dave: what a game. the victory bell will stay in possession of usc after a 43-38 win against rival ucla. for allison williams, greg mcelroy, our entire crew, i'm dave pasch. thanks for watching. good night from the rose bowl.
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ups and fedex speblt the last few months preparing for the arrival of the covid-19 vaccine. we expected our initial 32,600 doses as early as this weekend. hope is on the horizon. >> game on. >> reporter: marin county public
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health officer dr. matt willis expects his first doses by monday. first stop the county's emergency operations center where these ultra cold storage units will be standing by to keep the pfizer drug stable at 94 below zero fahrenheit. local hospitals like marin general will be the next stop. >> we're prioritizing those most at risk right now and most essential for our response. essential frontline workers on the emergency department's icu' as well as staff at skilled nursing facilities that have been so hard hit by this pandemic. >> reporter: san jose state professor mark schwartz warns the rollout may not be perfect. >> we'll have problems here and there but for the most part i think we've had time to ucsf and marin county expect to receive more doses later this week. contra costa says it's ready
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for the arrival of the pfizer vaccine. the health department shared a couple of pictures of the ultra cold freezer. santa clara county said it will receive more than 17,500 doses of the pfizer vaccine this week. the county vaccine officer dr. marty finesheib says vaccinations will begin almost immediately there starting with front line health care workers. >> this is just a very small amount of vaccine and we will see vaccine shipments hopefully each week for the next hopefully month. and then there will be other vaccines that are coming too. >> santa clara county is following state and federal guidelines for who should be vaccinated first. that also includes people in skilled nursing facilities. 5% of santa clara county's covid cases are in nursing facilities, but those cases represent 45% of deaths. the united states is continuing to shatter records
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with the coronavirus surging. yesterday alone more than 3,300 deaths were reported. that is more than the number of people who died on 9/11 or during the attack on pearl harbor. now comes the task of getting a vaccine distributed. abc news reporter ty hernandez has more on this story. >> reporter: the fda issuing an emergency use authorization for pfizer's covid vaccine for people 16 and over. saying the vaccine's known and potential benefits clearly outweigh its known and potential risks. >> this vaccine met the fda's rigorous standards for quality, safety, and efficacy. science and data guided the fda's decision. >> reporter: hhs secretary alex azar and general gus perna monitoring distribution efforts, from the operation warp speed vaccine operation center. >> my guidance was to ensure this precious commodity is received by the trained professionals at each state. i expect the first shipments


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