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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  December 14, 2020 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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>> i'm larry beil. get ready swifties to from hollywood, it's jimmy kimmel looifr, tonight, taylor swift, now, jimmy kimmel >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. thank you for watching. thanks for joining us. we have a big show tonight with taylor swift. we have a special show tonight. tonight's show is not going to be about trump or the electoral college, the vaccine, not even about "men tell all." tonight, i have an untraditional holiday story about my family i'd like to share. those of you who watch the show regularly may know my cousin micki. >> when i'm feeling down, i grab a squishy and i i i i
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smell it. and squishies are probably the one of the best inventions in the world. >> jimmy: micki is easily the kindest, most considerate and genuinely good person i know. it's not even close. micki would do anything for anyone, anytime. i say that with no exaggeration. right, guillermo? >> that's correct. and in addition to being nice beyond reason, micki is also fun to play pranks on. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my gosh! geez, oh, my god. okay, come on, jimmy. a had h! ah! >> the best. never ending fun. >> jimmy: so this one goes -- you are in for a treat here -- this goes almost five years back when my
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cousin micki and her husband eric had a second kid and bought their first house. they searched for a long time, and finally, found a house they loved. it's a nice house, and there were a number of interested buyers. there were a bunch of offers, but the woman who was selling it took a liking to them. it was her father's house. she grew up there and she liked the idea of micki and eric raising their children in that house. so even though they didn't make highest offer, she sold the house to them. and micki was so grateful to this woman whose name is carol, she offered her an open invitation to come back and use the house anytime. she said "anytime you want to, have a party here!" she told them that when they go out of town, they could park in the driveway. she said "at christmas, we will decorate the tree out front the same way your dad did." and she is does. and this woman, carol, could not have been more confused. she was like, "umm, okay. this person is crazy, but she's very nice." and i would joke about this with micki all the time. "are you going to have carol over for thanksgiving?" "is carol parked in your
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driveway?" et cetera, et cetera. it's something i'd bring up a lot. knowing that one day i would do something. so now, they've owned the house for years, and micki still talks about carol and keeps in touch always inviting her to visit, always welcoming, always thankful. carol wants no part of her. so over the summer, i have some free time and so i asked micki's husband eric to quietly give me the woman's name and email address. i see she has a hotmail address, which is gross, let's be honest. who has that? so i signed up for a new email address that has carol's name in it. something like carol, 1963, her last name. i sign up for a new gmail address and i send this message from carol. "hello micki. this is my new email address. please use this from now on and delete the hotmail one. i hope you are well. carol." and just a few hours later,
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micki replies: "oh, my gosh! carol! i literally just said your name to eric an hour ago and said that i wanted to check in and see how you are doing. then just got this email. sending you big hugs." so now, i've made contact. and the hook is set. but i wait. i wait a month to respond. i wanted to let it marinate. and a month later, i send this message to micki: "i'm not sure what your plans are, but we were thinking this might be a great year to have christmas at your house." is there any way you could be out of the house that whole week/weekend? tuesday the 22nd-27th. we'd also like to bring our old furniture back in, so if we could clear yours out, that would be best. thank you so so much. you are so great to keep your promise!" now, this is our staff, everyone here knows that this will torture micki, because her nightmare is not keeping a
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promise. but her other nightmare is being put out of her home for christmas. and so she wrote: "hi carol! we unfortunately don't have plans to be gone for christmas, with kids little, we like to be home on christmas morning. after christmas, we switch gears to franki's birthday, which is 1/4 so we don't normally go out of town. but, how about you and your family have an early christmas gathering here and make it your own with some of our help. we don't even need to attend. the moving of the furniture can be a bit tricky, maybe we can just decorate it to your liking and preferred style. i can help make it really fun. the lights will already be outside on the house. your dad's christmas tree will be lit up with decorations and your family ornament in the middle. she does this, by the way. i'm sorry if this isn't ideal and what you hoped, but it can still be really special. i have always wanted you to still feel this is your home and so happy you feel comfortable to ask me! we are forever grateful you chose us. let's make this work! big hugs and smiles." so we go back and forth.
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if you see all of it, you won't believe it. but -- we had a family camping trip scheduled. we all got tested and quarantined and got on a bus together. so i asked micki's husband to print the exchange out and to encourage her to read it to everyone aloud. and so the saga picks up here. i'll let micki share "carol's" reply to her very kind offer. okay. i wanted to make this work. but if you are not even going to move out your stuff -- >> wait, who said this? >> this is what she writes. i want to make this work, but if you are not even going move all of your stuff out, what does a promise even mean. i know you have kids but kids don't even know where they are most of the time. >> what? >> she said they don't even know their -- >> most kids don't know their
11:42 pm
address. my hug-s are tiny now and my smile just turned up sidedown. this is just weird. it's still my home, why are you in it at christmas time. >> jimmy: it's a good question. and of course, micki answered it. because this woman's hugs are tiny now and her smile is upside down. >> we have time to figure it out, i'm determined to find a way to make it work for you and your family. >> you are so nice. >> now, okay, i'm, i don't -- oh. this was harder than childbirth. >> shall we continue. okay, so then carol responded: "you are very nice micki. maybe we can just come by at midnight to make soup in the sink? family tradition." and this is micki's response:
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>> so then i just write, then soup it is. the sinks will be ready, cleaned, we can sing happy birthday to jesus together. you know what? jesus would want this. >> jimmy: yeah, i don't know. i think at this point, even jesus would be like, "get this woman away from me!" but micki is nicer than jesus. and so now that we've agreed on soup, i send her a list of ingredients i need. and keep in mind, this list i sent in the summer. even though christmas was still five months away, i sent a very detailed shopping list. >> okay, so then she writes. >> great, it's crazy. >> this is had what i will need for the soup. baked potatoes or regular potatoes or french fries cut in to half inch cubes. butternut squash cut in to star shapes, two cans of bacon boiled, with green beans, trimmed and cut in to one inch
11:44 pm
long segments, one big rock, please. bell pepper, chopped to bits. a yellow sponge thing, like they used to have in the old days. cauliflower, cut into very small bite-sized pieces. zucchini or yellow squash, chopped. >> fresh greens, kale, collard, greens charred, spinach and i have not heard of half of this. rigatoni -- two pounds of -- she got me at two pounds of comfetti, unthrown. i was like, unthrown. like she knows me, i would be wanting to throw it. >> that lady does not know you. >> she knows me. she knows me. >> i know, i know. >> four gallons of hc with a splash of creamed corn. a pile of bologne, dotted with
11:45 pm
mustard, one water melon deboned. i don't know what deboned means. >> water melon in soup with vegetables does not go. >> we will be robed and carrying our pets. >> jimmy: we'll be robed and carrying our pets. i added this because micki does not love pets. she and her husband finally broke down and got the kids a bunny because they don't do anything or make noise. this will come into play later. but she is excited about the confetti. so micki replied: "to be honest, i am not a cook or familiar with most of this." very true. "confetti is the most familiar to me and that's cool there is a food version of it to add." eric and i can still pull it off. my mom will be with us too. we have a bunny now, maybe best to not bring the pets to avoid fighting. we will light the candle for your dad that i normally put out on new years day for him." and then carol responded -- >> oops, confetti, was a typo,
11:46 pm
that should have been spaghetti. now i'm like -- the one thing that had me going and excited, she took it away from me. she had took confetti away from me. sorry. i am glad your mom will be there had and thank you for lighting a candle for my dad. my father loved candles especially fire. >> what? >> guys. >> you are such a good person. >> thank you, did i ever mention he did time in prison for arson? they blamed him for lighting a neighbor's car on fire when he got mad. when he got mad, he got mad. i guess we have that in common. sometimes you can spice things up with a little bit of menace. >> also, also, the pets are part of our family. so, we have to bring them. >> oh. >> as a fellow animal lover, i'm
11:47 pm
sure you understand. that's where i'm like -- don't worry about the bunny though, our snake bity is very comfortable around rodents and the dogs have been neutered, is there anything you need us to bring, please get it in advance so we don't have to make a trip. thank you, mickey. >> they have a snake named bitey, who is very comfortable around rodents. micki is now concerned that the angry daughter of an arsonist is demanding to bring a snake into her home on christmas. so she finally calls this nonsense off. oh wait, no, she doesn't. she writes: "no, you never mentioned your dad went to prison for arson. well, we all have bad days, i'm not judging. i see how well he took care of this home and now after hearing this, glad he never burned it down. life is too short to get that mad. if you ever do, just take a deep breath and know whatever it is you are going through will pass.
11:48 pm
rise up above it. i'm actually more of a human being type of person than animal. i don't wish them harm, i am just extra cautious, especially around kids. snakes especially. with that said, we can go over all details when closer. stay well and think happy thoughts. everything will be just fine." but will it be fine? it turns out carol doesn't think it will. >> we are not leaving bitey at home, alone on christmas. ho, ho, no! ho, >> jimmy: ho, ho, yes. so now 24 hours pass and i don't hear from micki, and i'm dying for a response. i'm up all night with this. so i send her a photo with no text. >> what is it? is that bitey? >> this is bitey. >> jimmy: that is bitey! so now, my angel of a cousin who does not like snakes at all writes back. "wow. fascinating and interesting.
11:49 pm
yellow is my favorite color." that's called "putting a positive spin on it." >> so then she said then it's settled snakes and soup at midnight. thank you for changing your mind and opening your heart. opening my heart? i have been opening my heart. that might have been the worst part of all of this chain, that she ever thought that i ever regressed and closed my heart. my heart has been open this whole time. the kids are going to love bitey. >> no, i'm not. and so micki agreed to host carol and her family and her dogs. and bitey, the snake over to her house to make soup in the sink at midnight on christmas eve. and i know this all sounds unbelievable, but that is micki. she is unbelievable. then i at my real address get an email from her that says: "buckle up! once settled on the bus, i have a story for you! nothing bad." and now, after she read through it, it was time to let her off
11:50 pm
the hook. >> micki, what would you say if, if, i told you that i was sending you those e-mails. >> no. oh, my god! oh! >> no i wasn't but i'm just joking. >> you couldn't have, you couldn't have, it's from her. >> yeah, i was just kidding. >> i don't know what i wish right now. >> no, i really did send them. >> it impossible. do you know her? do you know her? do you know her? oh! >> no, i don't know her. no no, well, the did she is get a new e-mail address? then she hit me a lot of times. where is micki, oh, there is
11:51 pm
micki, everybody. merry christmas, micki, nice estimate person in the world. we have a great show for you tonight. christian serratos is here. we've got music from sabrina claudio. and we'll be right back with taylor swift. some hot cocoa? mom, look! are you okay? head home this holiday with the one you love. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer today for exceptional lease and financing offers at the mercedes-benz winter event. ♪
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>> jimmy: welcome back. tonight, from "selena: the series" on netflix, she plays selena herself. christian serratos is here. then later, her album is called "christmas blues." music from sabrina claudio. all this week, we've got new shows with viola davis, kawhi leonard of the clippers, carey mulligan, daveed diggs,
11:56 pm
alanis morissette, and post malone, with music from lewis capaldi, and the bird and the bee featuring dave grohl. four days ago, our first guest surprise released another album, her second of the lockdown. yesterday, she celebrated her 31st birthday, and tonight, she is here with us. her self-directed documentary, "folklore: the long pond studio sessions" is on disney+, and her new album is called "evermore." please say hello to taylor swift. hi. >> happy birthday. >> thank you so much. >> did you have cake? how was it last night? >> i actually, prefer to hydrate we, i dehydrate, so there was a lot of drink, water, drink water. >> so, you mentioned, i know you mentioned it a couple of times. you were born on the 13th.
11:57 pm
i was also born on the 13th. so maybe they are right. and that you have been looking forward to this birthday, because 31 is 13 backwards. >> yeah, so until i turn 113 or 131, this will be the highlight of my life. the numerology thing, when it doesn't take over on its own, i sort of force it to happen. like, with folklore and evermore, there's 16 tracks on fo folklore, 15 tracks on evermore, anded a them up, it's 31. so it's 13 backwards. >> jimmy: you should go to baskin robbins today. >> you know what? thank you for reminding me. >> jimmy: i want want get to the mystery surrounding, i have a theory and a lot of people have theories so i want to hook at
11:58 pm
something that the appeared on the confer of folklore, if you look it says woodvale in the tree. people are online going nuts saying that's the third album, you have not just recorded two, you are going for a third and the third will be called woodvale, true or false? >> okay, well, this, this takes a bit of skplangz. so, i tend to be sort of sort of an annoyingly secret agenty about dropping clues and hints and easter eggs and it's very annoying but it's fun for fans and it's fun for me because they like to pick up on things. and they will notice a lot of things in photos and music videos or whatever. and sometimes i take it too far and i make a mistake. and, basically, when i was making folklore, the album that came out in july, i was too afraid to even unveil the title
11:59 pm
of the album to my closest teammates and management. i did not tell anybody the album title until right before it came out. so, i came up with a fake code name that had the same amount of letters as folklore, chose a random name, chose woodvale wanted to see what it looked like on the album cover and then decided that i didn't want it on the album cover and we forgot to take the fake name off the cover. >> jimmy: is that true? is that true? >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: this album is like the third season of lost, we are finding clues where there are none. >> we had taken the title off of the next album. >> jimmy: so folklore, starts
12:00 am
with an f, it's three syll amsy, now are you going to a word that starts with d, with also three syllables and rhymes, so that is dinosaur or dumbledore, one of those will be the title of the next album. yeses? >> jimmy, i'm so tired, i'm tired myself out. i have nothing left. >> jimmy: this is pretty good, this is you with paul mccartney on the cover of rolling stone. that's a good picture to have. is this a picture that you will make it on the wall at your home? >> that, that's what all the walls are going to be made of. i'm building a whole new home with that on pefr wall. every brick has a little mini picture of that. none of the old homes are going to work anymore because they don't have enough of that album, that cover. >> jimmy: you went to paul's
12:01 am
office in london, he was 78 years old, at any point were you worried about killing a beatles? >> i'm glad i can did not talk to you before i want. >> jimmy: i think it's fun to see artists interviewing each other, you both, both of you, i know this about him, i can tdid know this about you. you do not mind to be asked to play music at parties. is that an accurate way of putting it? >> yeah, we like it. it's weird, it's like we like music. >> jimmy: because, you know, a lot of people don't necessarily love it. i was talking to billy joel once and he said every time he goes to a party, suddenly a piano has been rented. >> oh! well, that's happened to me too. but it's kind of like, you know, if the shoe fits wear it. i don't know. like, i don't like being asked to do cart wheels at a party because i can't do a cart wheel.
12:02 am
>> jimmy: interesting you would say that, i announced on the air a couple of weeks ago, that i'm going to start taking cartwheel lessons and i'm not kidding. if you would like to join, guillermo and i are going to -- >> is this a bit? >> jimmy: it's really not. >> it's real? >> jimmy: its 100% real. i have always wanted to know how to do one. and i feel humiliated when i can't do it. i'm getting off track. >> it's important. >> jimmy: you know, we are going to -- when we come back. >> we will talk about it another time, we are on the same shame. >> jimmy: 13 and the same shame, we are on a wavelength. we will see a clip from folklore and more with taylor swift. portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by pandora.
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>> jimmy: that is taylor swift with justin herman, singing together and socially distanced with a mask on justin as well. i didn't know you could sing with a mask, i guess the masked singer should have taught us you can. he is not kidding around as far as safety goes. >> yeah, it's a great example for people all over. >> jimmy: you know -- first of all, the new album and i swear to god and everyone is laughing at me here, i mostly just listen to huey lewis over and over again. i think the new album is fantastic. it is immediately something that you jump in to, and i thought it was so interesting watching you in the documentary that you directed explaining each of songs and talking with jack, and talking with aaron from the national, and really explaining where -- why did you choose to do that? i think a lot of songwriters
12:09 am
prefer to keep it mysterious and not give anyone any hints what the songs are about? >> i think that, we had an opportunity with disney plus to create sort of a way to not only explain how we made these albums at that point, it was just one. but it was the same group that made the second album, it's a good place to go to see what our process was like. but we could explain it, because it was made under weird circumstances. and then, we could also meet as a group. we never have been in the same room before, aaron, jack and i had never all, all gotten to be together. so, it was great. we quarantined for a while, and then, got tested and got tested again, and then, had all the precautions taken. and it was really wonderful to get to share that. you know, after making that album. >> jimmy: for evermore, you
12:10 am
brought in all the guys from the national. were they getting mad at him for making great songs with you? >> i think we should start that rumor. it was amazing, we wrote a song called coney island, i had kind of, kind of written the second verse as if i was matt berninger, the lead singer because matt has a very signature type of lyricism, i was hoping if i wrote leyrics enough that he may sing he may say yes and sing on it and so we had the whole band play on it and matt said yes, it's a duet that i'm proud of and yeah, aaron, aaron is an amazing collaborate er. he has got such, he is so talented and prolific, and he is such a wonderful, kind, generous, creative person and he has a lot of people who want to collaborate with him. so, i sort of, i sort of like rifted off on that. >> jimmy: well, you guys made quite a team this, and your
12:11 am
boyfriend wrote some of the lyrics to some of the songs under a pseudonym,pseudonym,pse, bowry, did he choose it or you? >> he did. >> jimmy: is it from the hotel? people have speculated? >> you have to ask him, it's more his story than mine. >> jimmy: turn the camera around, see where he is. i don't know if you know this, but, i notice on the disney plus documentary, they bleeped out the f-word and you had profanity on the album, somebody on reddit made a chart tracking the amount of profanity in your albums from year to year. it started with two damns on the first album and then you went totally clean and now you are up to four f-words, taylor. >> it's just, it's just been that kind of year.
12:12 am
you know? >> jimmy: well, i have to say, i mean, you have been so, it is crazy how productive you have been, and what you put out here. i feel like if you had been in charge of the vaccine, it would have been done in june. >> oh. that's the nicest compliment anyone has given me. >> jimmy: thanks for being with us. happy birthday, merry christmas, folklore, is on disney pluses right now, and this is her surprise new album. evermore, it's out now. taylor swift, everyone. thank you. >> thank you, jimmy. >> we will be back. ♪
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>> jimmy: welcome back. music from sabrina claudio is on the way. you know our next guest from the "twilight" movies and seven seasons of "the walking dead." her newest project is yet another true story, she plays selena in "selena: the series"
12:24 am
on netflix. please welcome christian serratos. >> jimmy: "selena: the series" ♪ >> welcome. is that, is that for me? is that a gift? >> no. >> jimmy: oh, it's not. >> this is something that i learned to do in the quarantine and it kind of acts as like a stresses reliever. >> jimmy: is that a rubik's cube? >> yes, correct, it's a speed cube, i became a super nerd about it. >> jimmy: are you under a lot of stress right now? >> no, in nno not necessarily s but i'm doing stuff that i have never done before like sitting here with you. >> jimmy: can you do it while you talk? >> i can, unless i'm enamored with you. >> jimmy: i have a feeling you will have no problem. very eddie murphy 'ish look.
12:25 am
i love the red suit you have on. >> my ensamble, thank you. >> jimmy: that's a boot leg rubik's cube, isn't it? >> no, it's a sophisticated one, i believe, i got really in to it and once i figured out how to do the standard one, i was like, well, i want to do it faster and faster and faster and how do i do that. so look, i have already messed up. full disclosure, i had a beer back stage. >> jimmy: oh, you did. i like a drunk rubik's cube, i don't know that i have met a woman named christian? >> i have never met anybody else named christian. that is kind of why i dig my name and why i especially wanted my daughter to have kind of a unisex name, i had kind of, i would not say trouble with it, but people would often say, isn't that a boy's name and i wanted to tell them constantly well, no, not if i have it. but it gave me something to
12:26 am
like, be strong about. and i wanted my daughter to be stro strong so i gave her a unisex name. her name is >> jimmy: it's wolf tie? >> it's wolfgang. >> jimmy: that a unisex name? >> well -- >> jimmy: it's a cool name for a boy or a girl. >> i say, i have to get back to the wolf and people look at me kind of funny. but yeah, i should be more clear about that. >> jimmy: is that tied to being in the twilight movies in any way? wolfgang? >> no, i'm a big fan of mozart and thought he an inkreblg name. and i thought for a second, should i call her wolfgang amedeous, and she was like, too much, calm down and my husband is in music and so it connected
12:27 am
for me and him, and so, yeah, we went with wolfie, and i think it's strange too that we decide other paeople's names. if there was a point where she'd be like, i'm going to change my name. >> jimmy: you would be okay? >> yeah, she can choose what she wants. >> jimmy: if you let a baby decide their name, it would be wah. >> it's a place holder, yeah, we will call it a place holder. >> jimmy: most people know you from "the walking dead," which you have been on for seven seasons? >> yeah, i have been on it for, you said seven seasons and that surprised me because i feel like i've been on for like a decade. but, yeah, that's kind of where i feel like i grew up. i'm from los angeles, and i was born and raised here and i felt it was irresponsible to live somewhere without exploring any other towns so it was great to get an opportunity to live in georgia. it's been like, just an incredible experience to be on a show that was that loved and you
12:28 am
know, that cast and we are all so tight and i'm just, i was so ppy for at experience. is th >> jimmy: yeah, are you tired of being covered in mud and blood though? had. >> it never really gets old. there's funny things that happen all the time as a result. for instance, we had, i think press to do on a saturday and we had to get on a plane and go do press. it did not dawn on any of us that we were doing a night shoot. so we had to go straight to the airport and we had shot this really big like fight sequence sompt we had blood and dirt all over us. so, by the time we wrapped we got straight in the car and went straight to the airport and hair and make up was throwing us warm towels and everything to get as much off as we could. but that stuff is relentless. so, we got to the airport and we went through security and i did not have time to tie my shoe laces and atlanta is like, it's the largest airport in the united states, i think. so, there's like a new york subway train that runs through
12:29 am
the entire airport and it was packed, it's always packed and the doors open and i get out and i'm at a full sprint with a co-star and i trip over my shoe laces and i think i skidded five feet first in to a wall. and i had blood all over me, so people had assumed that i had the worst injury. so, one of the stewardesses saw me fall and she was like, are you okay? you have blood coming out of your ears and everywhere. i had to assure her that it was me working on a show. and i was looking forward to sleeping on the plane, because we had to go straight to work. she forced in me to stay awake because she was worried i was concussed. and josh mcdermott is a sweet heart, he assured me that he was going to stay awake with me, and he was knocked out in ten minutes and i wanted them -- >> jimmy: he chose die.
12:30 am
>> yeah. but, we got off the plane and like paramedics were brought on and everything, it was a whole scene. >> jimmy: you had one minute left to finish that thing. >> no, no no, let me do it quickly. >> jimmy: now you are playing s is elena, can you do it while you are doing this? >> yes. >> jimmy: you were picked up for season two? >> we have already filmed it. >> jimmy: you already shot it? >> yeah, so i'm super happy with the response and i'm just so excited that everyone finally gets to see all the hard work that we put in. you know, it's something that i'm super proud of. what am i giving everyone anxiety? because i have anxiety. >> jimmy: how bummed are you going to be if we go to commercial. >> hnot bummed at all, i'm finished. >> jimmy: well done. >> i did it and talked at the same time. >> jimmy: you did it >> jimmy: "selena: the series" is on netflix now. we'll be right back with music from sabrina claudio.
12:31 am
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tonight, on the frontlines of history. a dose of hope for one of the first health care workers in the u.s. fighting covid-19 i see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> inside the massive medical triumph, the scientists who believe and broke down barriers. >> this is not a normal timeline for a vaccine, but these are not normal times. >> and behind the scenes of the record breaking roll-out. >> i compare it to a world war. >> from manufacturing and moving shipments across america had, all timed to the minute, no room for error will it be safe? will people take it? will we be able to stop wearing masks and the face behind the vaccine, how one doctor answered the call of a lifetime. >> i got an alert and m


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