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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 20, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. the new moderna covid-19 vaccine on the move and heading to the bay area tonight. months after the first stimulus package, lawmakers have finally reached a deal on another. what still stands between you and a new $600 check. we are five days from christmas, and if you don't feel like cooking, say hello to the holiday meal. this is what many restaurants are doing to stay alive. as winter officially begins tomorrow, already tracking our next winter storm. we'll let you know when rain returns in the accuweather forecast. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> announcer: now from abc7, live breaking news. right away that breaking news. governor newsom is once again quarantining. a staff member in the governor's office tested positive for covid-19 this afternoon. that staffer came into contact with the governor and several
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other staff members. governor newsom tested negative today as did the other staff. the governor will quarantine for ten days per state guidelines and be tested again in a few days. last month you may remember the governor and his family quarantined after another possible exposure. with that, we say good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. to our other top story tonight. the major breakthrough in congress that would put $600 in the pockets of millions of americans. >> better late than never. better late than never because we definitely need it. >> the $900 billion deal had been in the works for months. abc news reporter faith abubey reports on what it took to get that deal done. >> reporter: lawmakers reaching a deal on a stimulus package just hours before a potential government shutdown. >> the four leaders of the senate and the house finalized an agreement. now we need to promptly finalize text to avoid any last-minute
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obstacles and cooperate to move this legislation through both chambers. >> reporter: a house vote on the bill scheduled for monday before it heads to the senate. >> after a long and arduous year, after a year full of bad news, finally we have some good news to deliver to the american people. >> reporter: one of the final hurdles lawmakers overcame, language proposed by republican senator pat toomey, that would curtail the authority of the federal reserve. toomey arguing three pandemic-related lending programs should end because they achieved their purpose. >> the purpose was to ensure that creditworthy borrowers could access credit through the normal channels. they worked amazingly well, remarkably well. >> reporter: democratic leader chuck schumer saying the proposed language was so broad, it would have tied the hands of the incoming biden administration. >> the logjam was broken. senator toomey accepted my compromise to remove the dangerous "similar to" language
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in his bill. >> reporter: the roughly $900 billion package expected to include $300 billion in aid to businesses, $300 in weekly federal unemployment benefits, and $600 in direct payments for millions of americans, half of what the government issued back in march. >> our purpose has always been to crush the virus, to put money in the pockets of the american people, which we do in this legislation. >> reporter: faith abubey, abc news, washington. >> we asked people out shopping tonight about the stimulus plan and what they think it will mean for the economy. >> i think it needs to go out because it needs to stimulate the economy. so if the money is going out to people who are going to spend it, then it goes to the businesses who need it. >> some people might really need it just because of the christmas shopping and getting something for their kids or pay rent or whatever. >> that would be a major help to a lot of people because there are so many people out of work. >> when congress approved stimulus money earlier this
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year, the first checks arrived by direct deposit about two weeks after the legislation passed. however, it took some people months to receive that money. are focused on as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, even amid the pandemic. during what would normally be a busy time, bay area restaurants are open only for takeout and delivery. holiday meal kits are the new business strategy that many restaurant owners are implementing right now in hopes to survive. abc7 news reporter luz pena spoke to restaurant owners about whether the new plan is helping. >> reporter: we are five days from christmas, and what's cooking in this kitchen is a gift for the holidays. say hello to the holiday meal. >> short rib holidays kit for two. it's a braised, bone in short rib. >> reporter: the family meal is a new business strategy that came out of necessity. >> laid off, you know, more than half our staff. we went down to the skeleton
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crew of just management and the core guys who helped us open. and without these kits and without the support of the community, restaurants are in a really dire place right now. >> reporter: sean camacho, like these three other restaurant owners, have basically lost count of how many times they've pivoted this year. meet kim alter. before the pandemic, her restaurant was only a california tasting menu. now -- >> we cook for homeless, churches. for the last four months we've been a part of the fema program cooking for seniors. we started a burger pop-up. >> reporter: this week, they've pivoted again. >> now we're doing holiday meals. >> reporter: the same goes for -- >> my name is diane. >> reporter: their pop-up filipino restaurant is also embracing the moment and offering holiday meals. >> we've created a kit where it comes in a half-sheet cake box, 14 by 19 box, and there's a lot of food in there.
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>> reporter: and they're almost sold out. >> we're trying to hit 300 people, and right now we are -- we are 281 already. >> reporter: many finding comfort in knowing that these meal kits are keeping their doors open, but alsog joy to families in the middle of the pandemic. >> it's pretty cool that they have our food in their little bubble. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> innovative, and it looks so delicious. if you are still in the market for a holiday meal, we'll have more information on those restaurants online. and if you are a business owner or worker struggling with unemployment right now, you can always head to our 7 on your side page for resources. something else to be hopeful about tonight. moderna has begun shipping out nearly 6 million doses of its covid-19 vaccines. hundreds of thousands of them are coming to the state, and they can't come soon enough. state health officials say there
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were more than 36,000 newly recorded cases saturday in california. that is nearly 3,000 more than the day before. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard has more on the distribution process. >> reporter: distribution of moderna's covid-19 vaccine began early sunday morning just two days after receiving emergency authorization by the fda. pharmaceutical distributor mckesson preparing the vaccine for shipment, packing it into freezers and loading it onto trucks understand t the eyes of enforcement. >> it's as much as 100% effective as preventing severe disease. tis is the way we end the pandemic. >> reporter: moderna's rollout means the country now has two vaccines in its arsenal to fight the pandemic. >> we're expecting 3,100 doses of the moderna vaccine here in marin county tomorrow morning. >> reporter: marin county public health officer dr. matt willis says those doses come just in time. the county's first pfizer vaccine allotment has already run out. >> our goal is to not store any.
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we just want it to get it into the arms of our first line as quickly as we can. >> reporter: ucsf is also expecting its moderna vaccine doses any day. >> if we just had the pfizer vaccine, we'd be elated. we have two vaccines. >> reporter: when both vaccines are available to the general public, john ja co-beau from the latino task force in san francisco hopes it comes with information and outreach. >> to ensure they're answering all the questions people have and to address any issues or concerns they have around the vaccine. >> reporter: dr. rutherford says the vaccine means hope for the future. >> as one of my colleagues said, there's light at the end of the tunnel, and for the first time, it's not a train coming at you. >> reporter: the target date has been late spring for the general public to get its coronavirus vaccine, but president-elect joe
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biden's nominee for surgeon general says factoring in possible delays, it's more realistic to think it may be midsummer to early fall before that happens. cornell barnard, abc7 news. meantime, the cdc is out with new recommendations tonight on who should be next in line to be vaccinated. a panel voted to give it to people over 75 along with essential workers like firefighters, police officers, teachers, postal workers, and grocery store employees. it will ultimately be up to the states to decide. >> our western state scientific safety review committee reviewed the moderna trials and unanimously supported its efficacy. this clears the way for 672,000 doses to be distributed. >> bay area medical groups including stanford, ucsf, and kaiser are already contacting patients about receiving the vaccine. federal officials anticipate having enough doses to immunize about a third of the u.s. population by the end of february. we spent the past week
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digging into all of the questions and concerns you have about the vaccine. you can find all of our stories at there's also an hour-long town hall you can watch where a panel of medical experts answered viewer questions. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, we are learning the details behind a shooting scare at the great mall in milpitas. moments of confusion and panic with the mall on lockdown last night for hours. what police say led to the be n gunfire. >> i'm meteorologist drew tuma wrapping up the final weekend of fall on a bright note. as we welcome winter tomorrow, we'll shortly track rains return. 'tis the season for last minute shopping with major covid restrictions like this i
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milpitas police say a shooting victim at the great mall last night shot himself. the chaos and confusion brought on by the shooting led to a massive police response. officers responded to reports of shots fired at the mall. a 22-year-old san franc taken t. he will be okay. shoppers were ordered to shelter the mall. they escorted people to safety in the great mall parking lot. >> i heard someone mention there was an active shooter. >> it happened so fast. i was just trying to get out of the way and get to a safe place. >> officers completed a search of the mall at about 9:30 last night. taking a live look now at sfo where we are seeing fewer holiday travelers than normal this year, but it is still more travelers than health experts would probably like to see. both san francisco and santa clara county require a ten-day
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quarantine for anyone arriving. nationally the tsa reports that it screened more than a million people per day over the last two consecutive days. that is a first since the pandemic started. but still it's less than half of the number of passengers screened during the same time last year. malls are also seeing crowds this weekend, which is usually one of the busiest all year for shopping. but many stores are enforcing crowd control measures, forcing many shoppers to line up. abc7 news reporter j.r. stone checked out the process in walnut creek. >> reporter: victoria's secret, lines, ecco, lines, lush lines as retailers are enforcing covid restrictions and doing so at broadway plaza in walnut creek.o >> this year you have to wait in line. >> i just don't like the lines. >> reporter: but there are lines because retailers are limiting the number of people inside at one time due to state mandates. some stores are only allowing one or two patrons.
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>> that's been rough. then not being able to try on clothes has been an issue too. >> reporter: even with the occasional sanitizer station and long lines, crowds have still been limited. >> it's not as crowded as it was last year. >> reporter: but some shopping traditions don't die, even in covid times. diana lloyd is high risk but her father died as a child and since that time, she's been bringing her mom chocolate on christmas. she put on her special leggings, a mask, and came out to see's. >> this is one of the new ones from this year, their candy cane leggings. >> reporter: with all the covid restrictions and the usual covid complaints, it was actually nice to hear a complaint about something else. in this case, prices. >> expensive. expensive, expensie. >> reporter: something we've all heard before. but this year paying those sometimes expensive prices may just help keep some stores alive. in walnut creek, j.r. stone,
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abc7 news. looking pretty festive out there. all those shoppers kind of bundled up. drew tuma joining us now with the weather this christmas week. drew. >> hi, dion. we'll start out really quiet tomorrow as we welcome winter early in the morning. but by the holiday, christmas day we are tracking some wet weather, making a comeback. let's look at temperatures because we are cooling of pretty quickly, especially inland. 37 in san ramon. a little bit more mild along the bay shore line. 50 for oakland and san francisco. 42 in san jose. we will have an issue with fog overnight. we had this issue earlier this morning. fog developing after midnight tonight, especially dense in solano county. has prompted a dense fog advisory to go into effect at 2:00 a.m., lasting until noon tomorrow, where areas from vallejo, fairfield, vacaville all the way back to davis could have visibility drop to less than a quarter of a mile. so just be aware of that if you
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are traveling early tomorrow morning through this area. you will encounter some areas of dense fog. overnight tonight it's chilly for a lot of us. pretty similar chill compared to last night. you see a lot of cities dropping well into the 30s. 34 for santa rosa. we'll fall to freezing in fairfield with that fog moving in. 37 in fremont. down to 36 in redwood city. 37 in san jose. low 40s for oakland. 44 that overnight low for san francisco. now, just a few hours from now, winter will officially arrive. tomorrow is the winter solstice on monday, december 21st. winter will officially arrive here at 2:02 in the morning, and that is when the sun's rays are directly over the tropic of capricorn, signaling the change of season tomorrow. we're also going to get some changes in our sunset times. i know a lot of people love this time of year because now we start getting more and more
11:20 pm
daylight hours each and every day. so tomorrow our sun will go down at 4:54 in the evening. one month from then, it goes down at 5:19. then two months in february, we've got our sunset coming close to 6:00 p.m. so enjoy that extra daylight hour. highs on monday, you can see it's pretty nice. temperature-wise for the first day of winter, we're in the upper 50s to mid-60s. 62 in santa rosa. 58 in the city. that's pretty close to average for this time of year. 60 in oakland. 62 in san jose. 59 the high in concord. we do have a spare the air day in effect tomorrow because we have the stagnant weather pattern. pollutants are trapped near the surface. moderate to poor air quality. but we will be getting some relief from this air quality by the end of the week. look at this. rain returns to california christmas day. looks like we'll have showers coming back to the forecast, even some sierra snow. it looks like the rain continues through the weekend, even sunday. it looks like another storm is going to move in here. so the pattern gets pretty
11:21 pm
progressive later in the forecast. here's the accuweather seven day. winter arrives tomorrow. pretty calm through midweek and then christmas brings back the rain, dion. then we'll track more showers both saturday and sunday. >> okay. drew, thanks. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, pixar's new movie "soul" hits disney plus on friday. we talk to the
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an historic pixar movie is being released on disney plus on friday, christmas day. "soul" is the first pixar film featuring a black lead. jamie foxx is the voice of musician joe garner who rethinks his life after falling into a manhole. nbc morning's anchor reggie aqui spoke to some of the producers about their creative process. >> i did it. i got the gig. >> you have this protagonist,
11:25 pm
and he is an absolute human being. unlike other big pixar movies. >> joe gardner is a black man living in queens, new york, who is a middle school band teacher and his passion is jazz. ♪ one of our cultural consultants, she calls it black improvizat n improvizationle music. we knew joe had to be black at that moment. >> it was a wonderful to bring as many personal experiences as possible into creating this character and the world of this character. ♪ but it wasn't justm me. it was an opportunity for everyone involved to kind of craft joe and craft joe's world. >> joe gardner is our first african-american lead, and with that comes a community that is very much like one-to-one. i had a chance to animate
11:26 pm
marilou. joe gardner's best friends, you see them in the shop. they remind me of my own aunties. >> we had a lot of access to the producer to share our ideas and share anything we felt would make the movie more authentic. >> yes! woo-hoo! >> so the plot is this man dies. he becomes a soul. he meets a little lost soul. there's a sequence where the main character, joe, is able to look back at his life an evaluate if he believes it's been worth living. >> it's about looking at your life and looking at the time that you have on earth, making sure that you're living it presently and looking at what matters most. >> get ready. your life is about to start. >> disney is the parent company of abc7. we do have an extended interview with the pixar producers at our
11:27 pm
website, and if you want to check out "soul," you can subscribe to disney plus anytime. it's $7 a month, and gift subscriptions are available. here's chris alvarez now with a look at sports. >> coming up in sports, hockey is back. where the san jose sharks will be training to begin their season. plus no playoffs for the 49ers this year. and a c
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. >> announcer: sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. the 49ers entered the day on the brink of elimination. a loss and a cardinals win later in the afternoon would eliminate san francisco from the playoffs. it was turnovers once again just
11:31 pm
too much to overcome. the niners have lost five of their last six entering this game. two early niners turnovers lead to 14 dallas points. former niner and raider aldon smith recovers. 14-0 cowboys in a hurry. san francisco would respond. here's mullens to jordan reed. capped a 13-play, 75 yard drive. the niners down seven. brandon aiyuk, the rookie, finds pay dirt. niners tied it up at 24 in the third. early fourth, game tied at 24. mullens back to pass and interception. his sixth straight game with a pick. that led to a dallas field goal. they retake the lead. mullens sneintercepted again. you just can't win like that. cowboys win 41-33. with the cardinals win over the eagles, san francisco officially eliminated from the playoffs. >> you know, it's tough because obviously you start seeing your
11:32 pm
goals to get to the playoffs. we had high expectations this year, but the way the year has gone, it's really been difficult. injury after injury. all you can do is keep fighting. i think we've got the right guys in the room, and we'll keep fighting till the season's done. >> it's because of turnovers. it's not because we're in arizona or we're not working as hard. i don't think arizona is a valid excuse for losing games. >> there's no way the rams could lose to the winless jets, right? jared goff throws it right to the jets' bryce hall. new york's up 13-0 after a field goal. third quarter, it's frank gore getting in on the fourth and goal for his 100th career touchdown. 17-point jets lead. rams score twice to get it within three. third and long, sam darnold to gore. he's all fired up. still getting it done with the jets. they win 23-20. l.a. drops out of first place in the nfc west. the seahawks take over. the nhl announced that a 56
11:33 pm
game regular season is going to begin january 13th. due to international travel restrictions there will be realignment for this season and division only play. all canadian teams will play in their own division. the sharks because of santa clara county's current covid restrictions will follow the niners lead and train in arizona. doug wilson says it's just one of the many challenges. >> i look at the teams that had success last year that had to live in a bubble for two months. i think it's all attitude. i've talked to all our players. they've been putting the work in. as always, every time i call them, every one of them just finished having a great workout. we'll see when we see them. >> abc7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. much more to come on abc7 news at 11:00. what we're learning about a new mutation of coronavirus found in the uk. and what's being done to stop the spread. plus bay area firefighters came together for a toy drive today. how they're doing their best to give b
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. good evening and thank you for staying with us. i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines, governor gavin newsom is in quarantine again after one of his staff members tested positive for covid-19. the governor's office says the governor had come into contact with the staffer. newsom tested negative on sunday and will quarantine for ten days. he'll be tested again in the next few days. congressional leaders have agreed to a $900 billion covid-19 stimulus plan. they are expected to vote on it tomorrow. the bills will include a second stimulus check for up to $600
11:38 pm
for many americans, an extra $300 in enhanced unemployment insurance, and funds for small businesses. moderna has begun shipping out nearly 6 million doses of its covid-19 vaccine. 672,000 doses starting tomorrow. marin county's public health officer says the new vaccine is arriving just in time. the county's first pfizer vaccine allotment has already run out. the vaccine is coming as covid cases continue to surge, but today the bay area saw its icu capacity go up ever so slightly. it's now 12.4% while yesterday it was 12.2%. the greater sacramento region is back below 15%. it's at 11.6%. northern california has the most availability at 24.2% and is the only region not under a stay-at-home order. san joaquin valley and southern california are still out of beds, but that doesn't mean people will not get care if they
11:39 pm
show up at the hospital. as california's intensive care units are reaching capacity, authorities are turning to alternative care sites. the sleep train arena in sacramento is one of the overflow facilities set up to take the pressure off the hospital system. 60 staff are working around the clock, but governor gavin newsom says it's not enough. >> at the end of the day, the biggest challenge we face in this state is enough staffing to meet the needs as it relates to this surge. >> the governor is appealing for staff to sign up with the state's health corps program if they are recently retired or have a particular expertise. there are now nearly a quarter of a million new covid cases across the country every day, and that's led to a record number of patients in the nation's hospitals for 13 straight days. this week 19 states hit new highs. according to the centers for disease control, tennessee has the highest caseload per capita in the country. one man is watching his wife,
11:40 pm
tennessee teacher susan craver, fight for her life on a ventilator. >> it kills me because the only thing i ever cared about is in that room and i can't put my hands on her. and it kills me. >> feel that pain in his voice. the record-breaking hospitalizations are expected to fuel the rising death toll with the u.s. averaging nearly 2,600 deaths every day. canada is the latest on a growing list of countries to ban travel to the uk amid concerns about a new covid-19 strain. also on that list, france and ireland along with germany, italy, austria, the netherlands, and belgium. the bans are meant to prevent the new strain from being imported into continental europe. an eu meeting is set for tomorrow to discuss some more coordinated response. health officials say the new strain is possibly 70% more
11:41 pm
infectious. >> there is this new variation that is spreading much more rapid lip ly in the uk. we think it's more infectious. we're not 100% sure. but all of the data so far says it's not any more lethal, and it's not likely to be any less sort of protective against the vaccine. >> uk prime minister boris johnson has ordered a new lockdown for parts of england, including london. those restrictions very similar to those under the stay-at-home order issued in california. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00 tonight, a close call for a santa in northern california. how he got tangled in power lines with his reindeer and sleigh nowhere to be found. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we start the week dry but rain will quickly
11:42 pm
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members of the central
11:45 pm
county fire department, which includes burlingame, hillsborough, and millbrae need your help to make the holidays a little brighter for kids and their families. today the captain and other firefighters purchased toys at nuts for candy for their annual toy drive. donations are down 75% this year due to the pandemic. the captain says using funds from donors and their union at the shop is a way to give back to the community and support a business that has supported their efforts for many years. >> if you can donate, please do. and just do what you can to end this year on a positive note. >> oakland parks recreation and youth development central west unit is also in dire need for donations. they were so short of toys, their annual drive-through event had to be invitation only. both organizations will be collecting toys right up until christmas. and if you are able to help out local businesses and neighbors, you can head to the front page of to give where you live.
11:46 pm
we have donation links for several local vetted charity organizations. well, the show must go on even in the middle of a pandemic. ♪ oh, they sound so good. the san francisco girls chorus put on a virtual holiday performance today thanks to current and past members. usually they'd be performing live at davies symphony hall but not this year. this year's show had an island flair to it featuring music from the caribbean as well as the philippines. work started on this performance all the way back in september, and members recorded individual videos for this elaborate production. well, santa got into a hot wire situation when he took to the skies in sacramento county this morning. check it out. it is a sight no one wants to see. santa stuck without his sleigh and no reindeer in sight. the federal aviation authority says a man dressed as santa took
11:47 pm
off near a school in rio linda this morning. he was riding a paramotor. it's a glider with a small engine and a fan attached to it. he was on his way to spread some holiday cheer when his engine failed and he got tangled up in those power lines. >> he was actually flying over to drop off some candy canes to the kids, and that's when he experienced engine problems. i guess thought he could make it back to the airport, but didn't happen. >> sacramento firefighters then came to the rescue. about 200 customers were without power while the fire crew lowered santa there down to safety. thankfully no one was hurt in the incident. all right. one last check of the weather with drew. santa might have to contend with some rain later this week, though. >> yeah, especially as we head towards christmas day and into the upcoming weekend. that's when we're tracking some wet weather making a comeback. tonight, though, dry skies but chilly temperatures. we're well into the 30s overnight in many cities.
11:48 pm
39 in san mateo. 34 in concord. 35 in napa. we'll set 34 in the city. 37 the overnight low in san jose. winter officially begins tomorrow, and we're starting the season with a lot of sunshine and pretty typical temperatures. upper 50s to lower 60s. this is where we should be for this time of the year. tomorrow night, though, in the sky, we are going to have a treat, something we haven't seen in quite some time. jupiter and saturn have been doing this planetary dance over the past couple of weeks. they do this every 20 years or so. but tomorrow the two planets known as the great conjunction will be so close to each other, it will be the closest they've been in about 800 years. and we can see this in our night sky. look towards the southwest 30 minutes after sunset. sunset tomorrow by the way is at 4:54 p.m. so about 5:30 in the evening, look towards the southwest. you'll see jupiter and saturn
11:49 pm
shining bright. it's nicknamed the christmas star. so very cool. take a look at it. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. winter officially arrives here at 2:02 in the morning tomorrow. really bright, really quiet through midweek, and then there it is. rain arrives here christmas day, dion. then we'll track scattered showers on and off saturday and sunday as well. >> drew, you do know you have a glimmer in your eye when you talk about all things celestial, right? >> i really could not wait to see it tomorrow night. check it out. it will be very cool. and you're going to love this because if you do want to check out that rare celestial event tomorrow, you can join chabot astronomers virtually. the space and science center in oakland is hosting a streaming event on their facebook page. it begins at 5:00 p.m. we have information at
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>> announcer: sports on abc7 is sponsored by your local toyota
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dealers. after the biggest win in program history, more good news for san jose state football. the 7-0 mountain west champs will play in the arizona bowl against ball state on new year's eve. it will be an 11:00 a.m. kickoff a week from thursday in tucson. coach brennan got a well deserved hug after the team returned to campus today. san jose state has been on the road most of this month. they played in hawaii and then had an extended stay in vegas. the undefeated spartans 19th in the a.p. poll and moved up to 22nd in the college football playoff rankings. what a season and what a ride. >> just incredible. you know, it's just been a beautiful journey. it's been magical. it's been incredibly challenging. couldn't be more proud of this fotball team. i couldn't be more excited about what this team has done. we're going to enjoy this. this is why we play college football. >> to be playing meaningful games at the ends of seasons. so that means championships. that means bowl games. how about the college football playoff?
11:54 pm
four teams announced today. no surprise here. antioch's najee harris and undefeated alabama, they're the top seed. they'll take on number 4 seed notre dame in a relocated rose bowl that's now going to be played in dallas. number two clemson will face ohio state in the sugar bowl. both games on new year's day. nfl action, saints hosting the chiefs. drew brees stretching it out pregame. third quarter, saints down. brees all kinds of time. finds former raider latavius murray. 24 yards later, saints in the end zone toic ta the lead. patrick mahomes, he continues to amaze. rolling out so close to the sidelines here, and mahomes with his magic to hardman for the score. so nice we show it twice. that's just perfect. chiefs win 32-29. they're 13-1. their only loss was to the raiders, of course. kyler murray and the cardinals hosting the eagles. nfl history here. murray going to scramble and find larry fitzgerald, who makes a great catch.
11:55 pm
fitz becomes the second player ever to catch a touchdown in 17 nfl seasons. the other, jerry rice, who caught one in 20 seasons. eagles on the comeback. jalen hurts second start. look at him get in the end zone right there. 26-all and a nice little dance. still tied midway through the fourth. murray throws it up to deandre happ hopkins and he does the rest. cardinals win 33-26. the niners officially eliminated from the playoffs. it will be cardinals-niner the day after christmas. james wiseman and the rest of the team left today for the east where they're going to begin the nba regular season tuesday. warriors go to milwaukee for a christmas day matinee. you'll see it here on abc7. steph curry can hardly contain his excitement. warriors looking to regain their status as a top contender in the west. kevin durant has championship expectations in brooklyn. durant won two titles with the
11:56 pm
warriors. don't forget about steve nash who spent a lot of time working with k.d. as a player development consultant. tuesday night will be a lot of fun. >> they're recharged. i'm skpietexcited to be coachin. i love this team, their spirit, their energy. i think a lot of us are going into the season very excited. >> kevin obviously has pretty extensive ties. i think we're both excited about that too. >> those guys supporting me every time i step on the floor, try to put me in great position to be successful. we're just playing off each other. >> did you see this? tiger woods and his 11-year-old son charlie playing together at a charity pro am. in sync on the range and they're both wearing tiger traditional red shirts sunday. more proof it's tiger's kid. after the birdie, the fist pump. so fun to see. they finished seventh but they
11:57 pm
won the weekend anyway. charlie's got a bright future ahead. abc7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> sweet moment. that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. for drew tuma and chris alvarez and all of us here at abc7 news, thanks so much for joining us. make sure to find us as a station and me on instagram, facebook, and twitter. taking a live look outside at san francisco and the bay bridge. have a wonderful evening. we'll see you in the morning.
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