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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 22, 2020 1:41am-2:00am PST

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we're back with a couple we're back with a couple of vehicles that went straight into a big rig trailer full of lettuce. the accident shut down interstate 5 near los angeles for about five hours monday morning. despite the damage, no reports of injuries. fashion designer rachel zoe says she's scarred for life after one of her sons fell 40 feet from a ski lift. zoe said her 9-year-old skylar was sore and a little banged up, but he's doing great. zoe thanked the ski patrol for saving her son. she said the incident is a reminder of how fragile life is. authorities think they've solved a bay area murder case.
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dating back to the late 1980s. 9-year-old mikaela garrett kidnapped and never seen again, the man suspected of taking her already in prison. here's abc's megan tevrizian. >> reporter: 32 years of little michaela garrett went missing near san francisco, authorities have charged a man with her murder. his name david niche, a convicted felon already serving time. >> it was so brazen, so ruthless, but clearly planned. >> reporter: the case even appearing on "america's most wanted" and unsolved mysteries. >> november 19th, 1988, a 9-year-old girl and her best friend. >> reporter: garecht was 9 years old when she was last seen in 1988 at this store parking lot where she and her friend went to buy candy and soda. >> michaela, she might be just as much a 39-year-old as i am.
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>> reporter: hoge, the only witness to the kidnapping says when she left the store, a man threw garecht in his car and drove off. >> she might be somewhere and we might be able to find her. >> the suspect, 59-year-old david niche was already in custody convicted in a previous murder. investigators received new leads in the garrett case earlier this year. >> we had the opportunity to follow those leads patiently as niche has been in state prison since 1989 convicted of murder. >> reporter: authorities say niche left a partial palm print on garecht's scooter. which investigators then saw with heir own eyes. garecht's body has never been found. her mother is holding onto hope that the questions surrounding her disappearance will now come to light. >> every possible terrible thing that could have happened to a child is in my head as a possibility. so if i could find out what did happen to her, at least it would eliminate everything else. >> reporter: authorities are not ruling out that niche could be connected to other cases of missing girls in the area.
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will, mona. >> megan, thank you. coming up, think you've seen merry and bright? well, think again. we're taking you behind the scenes of some of the year's biggest and brightest holiday displays. and how did santa claus get stuck in these power lines? that's in "the mix." you'll stay tuned to find out as you watch "world news now." i got this mountain bike for only $11., the fair and honest bidding site. we sold
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♪ ♪ joy to the world, the lord is come ♪ ♪ ♪ joy to the world, the lord is come ♪ joy to the world, the lord is come ♪ after a year like this one, joy to the world is exactly what we all need. but mariah carey can't do it all by herself. >> she tries, might be able to, but luckily, some of santa's biggest fans are going above and beyond to bring their own joy to the world this holiday season. our spreader of joy, will ganss, joins us with more. >> christmas light sales are up 20% this year. i spoke with a couple christmas light enthusiasts about why they felt compelled to go bigger and brighter than ever in 2020.
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'twas the end of 2020 and christmas spirit was running low until houses like this and this and this popped up. blazing lights all aglow. ♪ ♪ go, go go >> it's helped to forget such a tough year. that's probably the most important thing. it's been really tough and laughing and smiling makes things easier. i hope i'm doing that. ♪ everybody dance now >> reporter: frankie tua from houston becoming a tiktok superstar, his lights racking up millions of views inspiring fans near and far. >> i know it's big because the comments on there are now in different languages, you know? >> christmas light sales are up 20% this year with many realizing 2020 could use an extra helping of holiday cheer. 2020, you could have easily just said, not this year. >> that's right. that's right. >> why did you decide to go even bigger this year?
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>> because this year more than ever you need more happiness and more cheer. >> lucille has been decorating her house since 1986. now her granddaughter, also lucille, helps her with these holiday tricks. >> so, to see other people enjoying what i've enjoyed for 19 years, it means a lot. >> it will be this year, next year, the year after that, as long as god's willing it will be decorated. >> not pandemic nor quarantine could stop the spattas in in inn from their long held tradition of decking the hauls, the walls, the trees. >> we usually start november 1st and we light it up thanksgiving. this year i put it up way before halloween. >> the joy these lights bring is far too much for even santa to fit in his sack. >> everyone has their own story. so for them to get to escape and come see this and feel like a kid again, i'll always be a kid in my heart, but this just reignites that idea.
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>> for any grinchly neighbors whose hearts are two sizes too small. here's what lucy has to say before you ask her to undeck the halls. >> you don't like it, move. go away for 30 days. >> while cheer is universal we did have to ask about the electricity bill. >> it's not big. i can't really -- >> you can't put a price on christmas cheer. >> it's worth it. >> all right. so if you've feeling extra joyful after watching that, there's a reason. psychologists say that holiday lights and decorations are proven to elevate people's moods and fend off seasonal depression. and if you need even more holiday spirit, remember what buddy the elf says, the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud. >> he always says smiling is my favorite. that's what will ganss does for us. you are a light, my friend, literally. figuratively.
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. >> thank you for bringing that story because they can move is about to be my new catchphrase.
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let's mix it up. sex crazed roaring 20s awaits post pandemic. do i have your attention? >> yes. >> all right, cool. it has mine. so, turns out as we are aware, this is not the first pandemic in human history. it's just the first one that we've been alive for. but history shows on the back end of epidemics or pandemics, society at large gets a little turnt up. >> okay. >> and all of the indoor time, the abstention, the money saving, everything goes totally out the window and everyone gets all great gatsby all over the place. that is according to a yale professor.
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a book it's science. >> i thought we are turned a new chapter that we are now yogis and we like to take up hobbies and we're all introverts. no? >> the new hobby is going to be going to all the clubs, i guess. that's what it says on the paper. >> time will tell, time will tell. you know how the salvation army, this is the time of year where they have the red kettle donation and people drop in a dollar here and there. well, a secret santa dropped in a little something special in tennessee. it was an antique ring worth thousands. nobody knows who it is but they were feeling extra generous this holiday season. there's a photo. it is an antique 1.81 carat diamond ring. >> is that a lot? >> it's worth thousands. it said help the poor. >> cool. >> anything counts. >> it does.
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you pawn that off. i like that. that's a nice gesture. let's talk about some sacramento firefighters to the rescue after a certain santa got stuck in some power lines. >> ooh, what was he doing? >> look at that. i'm surprised he didn't get fried. it's in a suburb. firefighters responded. it's 200 homes lost electricity. >> oh no. >> because of this. >> i've heard of santa getting stuck in a chimney. >> it's too bad. it's not like some whacko just being a nuisance. it was a man who delivers candy to children in the area from his aircraft every year. he was uninjured. we could have had fried santa this year. glad that's not the case. we leave you with a woman in glasgow, scotland, said turn down for what? she's going up on this tuesday. >> that tree is lit. >> there you go. >> we should all be her right
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it's "live with kelly and ryan"! today, actress, author, and podcaster ali wentworth! and from the series "riverdale" and the film "songbird," kj apa! plus, chef michael symon serves up a delicious spin on a traditional holiday favorite. all next, on "live"! and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! good morning! welcome... to the final countdown of christmas day. christmas eve. it's monday, december 21st. we're making something good today, 'cause i know michael symon's on. - i can smell it. - i mean, does that smell so divine? i wanted to-- i wish there was a way-- hey, that's a good christmas ornament-- - smell-o-vision? - gelman? he just hung his mask. and i've gotta tell you, i'm suddenly regretful that i did not do an all, like, yes, like, an--


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