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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 24, 2020 5:00am-6:00am PST

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cannot come together in person. now at 5:00, a dire warning in the south bay. leaders raising major concerns that christmas gatherings could send the county over the edge. >> and defying health orders. a local church facing $1 million in fine getting ready for an indoor christmas eve service today. and another new covid-19 variant that officials are calling extremely concerning. this morning one doctor still explaining that he's confident in the vaccines. and dreaming of a wet christmas for the bay area. frances has the timeline for the rain moving in. good morning, it's thursday december 24th. merry christmas eve, my friends. >> merry christmas eve. >> frances, your tree is giving us all the christmas eve vibes. >> thank you. yeah, i moved my christmas tree so you could see it in the background with my homemade decorations. getting ready.
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all right. here's a look at live doppler 7, we have some clouds and even some fog through parts of the north bay. what we have is one more dry day before the rain moves in tomorrow. here's the day planner. we have temperatures that are not as cold especially in the north bay. inland numbers still dropping into the 30s. sunrise at 7:23. we have some fog through parts of the north bay, the bay and the coast in the 40s. this afternoon we'll notice the clouds start to increase as a system to our south brings us those clouds. temperatures will mainly be in the upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon. it will be milder overnight because we have a wet christmas ahead. we will get a little bit of a slow start for this system to move in tomorrow and i'll have all those details coming up. >> thank you. this morning a church in san jose is preparing to hold an indoor christmas eve service even though it's not allowed. the church is already facing a million dollars in fine for defying health orders. abc7 news reporter amy
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hollyfield is live at cavalry church with more on this. >> good morning. cavalry church refuses to close. health officials can't get them to close to officials are appealing to people asking them not to come here and gather on this christmas. indoor services are not allowed under the current stay-at-home order. this church faces more than $1 million in fines for defying the order. it's not just the church. the county also issued fines to the individual people at the church who are making this happen. the pastor has said he will not pay the fines and he's willing to go to jail. county officials say they will keep pursuing the case. they have a hearing scheduled in january that the church cannot keep violating this order. >> there are real consequences to that. and they may not come quite as quickly as all of us in the community would like. especially given the fact that they are then contributing to
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the risk in our community. the consequences will come. >> an attorney for church leaders argues they have a right to exercise their first amendment right to gather and pray and celebrate christmas. earlier this week a federal judge upheld governor governor newsom's stay-at-home order including the ban on indoor worship service. today's christmas eve service is set for 5:00. services here have typically drawn an average of 700 people. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. now on top of defying health orders, the i-team discovered the church received money through the paycheck protection program. you can see that full story by going to our website, covid-19 is projected to be the third leading cause of death in santa clara county. this morning there's fear that travel and gatherings over the christmas holiday will send the county over the edge. here's dan ashley.
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>> i urge, urge, urge anyone who is considering gathering to stop. >> case rates in santa clara county are at all-time highs due to a surge of new infections following thanksgiving. the fear is another post-holiday spike would collapse the county's health care system. >> we are going to be in an extraordinary crisis here in santa clara county. >> county health officials say hospitals may soon need to ration care, even for people who don't have covid. >> we are talking about people in gurneys without a bed to go to. we are talking about people not getting hospital care. >> the county's public health officer is begging people not to travel even locally by car and to limit gatherings to only those you live with. if we don't, she warns the consequences could be dire. >> if we have a surge on top of a surge, we will definitely break.
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>> santa clara county recorded the most cases and most deaths in the bay area throughout this pandemic. more than half of icu patients in california hospitals are infected with covid-19. statewide available capacity has dipped to 1.1%. all of southern california and the san joaquin valley have been out of regular icu capacity for days now. the bay area is fairing better, with 11.4% availability. yet another new variant of covid-19 has been detected in the uk. this was originally identified in south africa and is believed to be more contagious. jobina is at the live desk with the details on this. good morning. >> good morning, kumasi. officials call this second new variant extremely concerning. they fear this latest version of the virus could be spreading even faster. this time two people had been in contact with others who had recently traveled to south africa. that's where this new strain is believed to be ripping through the country in record numbers. dozens of nations have banned
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travel from the uk. the u.s. has not implemented a ban yesterday. pfizer and moderna plan to do more testing with the new variant but they say they are confident their vaccines will still work. dr. ashish jha says he also is confident in the vaccine. >> i am confident. these vaccines that we've developed so far, two of them, pfizer and moderna, are really pretty superb vaccines, and so so far as of right now i feel pretty confident -- obviously we can't predict the future and still need to study it more carefully, but i'm confident the vaccine will work. >> coming up on "gma," you can hear more on why dr. jha suspects the new variants are already here in the u.s. >> thank you. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin is trying to save an iconic chinatown restaurant from closing. the 100-year-old far east cafe is closing its doors due to the pandemic. peskin says he is asking the board of supervisors for 1$1.9 million in aid for restaurants.
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he pleaded with owner bill lee to wait on closing. >> bill, i beseech you and your investors and your landlord to hang in there a little bit longer. >> lee didn't make any promises, but peskin's office tells abc7 that lee may stay open until supervisors vote on the aid package in january. the albany bowl is another economic casualty of the covid-19 crisis. it's been a fixture in the east bay for decades and is now closing for good. the billiard room, restaurant and sports bar was a popular spot for uc berkeley students and high school kids. the east bay times says the owner spent $700,000 out of his own pocket since the shutdown and can't keep going. >> so tough. glide in san francisco is continuing its annual prime rib christmas eve luncheon today. this is the 27th year that glide and house of prime rib have teamed up.
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3,000 pounds of prime rib will be donated. the meals will be boxed up and handed out by glide. they will hand out 1,400 meals today starting at noon. the winner is -- fire station 38 in pacific heights. san francisco fire crews received a 70-year-old contest to bring holiday cheer to the neighborhoods during the pandemic. firefighters at 17 stations scrambled to decorate their fire houses and do it all in two weeks. station 38 is the winner with an animated train, plenty of lights. the displays will be in place until the end of the year. and good morning. we're starting off with some increasing clouds for today, but it's going to be mostly dry. tomorrow is when the rain moves in. you can see with live doppler 7 doing a sweep, no rain in sight but lots of cloudy conditions. temperatures right now a little bit milder, though we're still in the 30s through the north bay
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areas like santa rosa down to 30. napa much milder at 40 degrees. there's some fog in the north bay. around the bay, 40s and even some 50s along the coast. san francisco 46. union city is chilly at 39 degrees. live view from the exploratorium shows pretty buildings all lit up for the holidays. mostly cloudy, possible sprinkles today. very unlikely. then tomorrow we'll be turning wet and windy. it will be mostly dry in the morning. we'll start to get rain in the afternoon. a colder storm arrives sunday afternoon. so on the storm impact scale, it's a 1 out of 5. it's a light storm. spotty morning showers. widespread rain in the afternoon. breezy to gusty. so keep that in mind. we'll start off a little bit dry then the rain moves in a little bit later on. rainfall amounts range from a half inch to up to two inches in some of the north bay mountains. i'll have more details coming up.
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let's look at traffic now with jobina. good morning. >> good morning. so good to see you. hi. good morning, everybody. happy christmas eve to you. we will start off with a live look showing the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm not expecting traffic to be very busy today. so many people have the day off. the last two days we've not seen the metering lights come on. so just look at that. if you need to head out the door, a great time to go. nothing out there to slow you down. bringing in the san mateo bridge, so we can see those conditions there. overall we do not have advisories coming in from the chp except for one, which is why i want to pull in the map here. they issued a fog advisory through the altamont pass. for people coming out of tracy, heads up to you. it clears up once you hit livermore. you can see all that green on the board. the regg julian and couple kuma. >> coming up a winter wonderland in the south bay.
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and only on abc7 news, perseverance and recovery after covid-19. the father and son who wouldn't give up the fight. and let's take you outside right now as we get this christmas eve started. than a holiday dinner table. gives you more options in a lan pick the speed that's right for you, with options faster than gig. and get reliable internet with top-notch coverage. plus, help keep your data safe and private with security included. no antlers on the table.
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fremont police are investigating after an amazon delivery driver was carjacked. it happened at 1:20 yesterday afternoon on beard road near whitehead lane. the driver was forcely removed from the seat of his van. he wasn't hurt. police later recovered that van in union city near the b.a.r.t. station. they don't have suspects at this point. it's not clear if packages were taken. the food and drug administration is cracking down on whole foods. the agency has ordered the grocery chain to detail the steps it will take to address a pattern of product recalls. it says whole foods failed to label foods with major allergens this year. this prompted the recall of 32 products. most of those things were in the bakery and deli sections.
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whole foods has two weeks to respond to the fda request. foster farms must provide workers with masks after a deadly coronavirus outbreak. it happened at a chicken processing plant in california. a judge ordered them to comply with a number of health care rules. the breakout at livingston facility killed nine people and hundreds more were sick earlier this year. foster farms says it is following safety rules and repeatedly testing employees. this morning we have a remarkable story of faith, perseverance, and victory over covid-19. it happened for a patient at stanford. the exclusive story how he got there is just as inspiring. >> reporter: patrick shannon watched his father john experience some of the worst that covid-19 can dish out. first, the infection. then an immune response so severe it ravaged his organs.
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>> if you looked at him the first day i saw him, you would not have thought he was alive. >> reporter: with lungs and kidneys failing, doctors in tacoma, washington gave his father little chance of survival. rarely leaving his bedside, patrick didn't give up emailing major transplant centers including stanford. they initially had concerns, as well. >> we actually did a video phone call so i could see what was going on with his father and he was so weak, he couldn't lift his head off the pillow. >> reporter: doctors left the door open to a transplant if john could regain strength. it took months of recovery and more videophone calls. >> i was thrilled and i said all right, let's bring him down. >> reporter: challenges lay ahead. a surgical team would ultimately spend parts of two days performing a lung transplant and then a kidney transplant. he said the destructive toll from the covid-19 infection was visible on the operating table. >> it's pretty destructive.
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it really basically disintegrated his lungs. >> i didn't go to sleep that night from 2:20 in the morning one of the surgeons called me to tell me that the transplant went well. >> there's that. the ankle weights. >> reporter: from temporary housing near stanford, his son showed us the ankle weights and bicycle he's been using since the transplant. free of covid and with new lungs and kidney, john through himself into the challenging process of rehabbing his body and after three months of work, the results are nothing short of remarkable. >> looks amazing. it's extraordinary. he looks amazing. >> reporter: after months after being hooked to machines, john now walks without aid, taking strides towards a new life. it's a recovery stanford doctors attribute in large part to the determination of his son. >> he was at his father's bedside basically the whole time his father was in the hospital. >> you know, this is a great
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medical story but also a great family story. >> reporter: and though his voice is still weak, john's feelings for his son are strong. >> yeah. >> dion lim, abc7 news. >> really incredible to see him up and moving. the family has created a gofundme page to help with medical expenses. patrick and john are now looking forward to returning home to washington state. a white christmas in the south bay. a family in san jose made it happen. so dustin dorsey shared this on twitter. he says the family hired a company to turn their front yard into a winter wonderland. here we are. >> enjoy it while it lasts. >> do a nice snow angel. that's always fun. >> no?
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>> yeah, while it lasts, before it all melts. >> you have to act quick, right, frances? >> yeah. well, if you're dreaming of a wet christmas, i have one for you. it's coming tomorrow. another system on its way. right now we are dealing with some morning clouds and even some fog as you can see with live doppler 7 as it sweeps around the bay area. highs today for christmas eve, fairly mild, upper 50s to low 60s. san francisco, 60. san jose, 62. santa rosa, 61 degrees. cooler in antioch at 56. here are your overnight lows as well. we'll see increasing clouds and the system tomorrow will move in from the north and slide south throughout the day. lows tonight will mainly be in the 40s, even some 30s. san francisco 47. so milder around the bay. also milder for the inland valleys. not as chilly. there will be some fog and cloud cover. napa at 36.
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antioch, 36. san jose at 43. so here's the system moving in for christmas day. the kids will wake up tomorrow morning. it will be pretty dry. then in the afternoon you'll notice it will start to move in through the bay area. by 2:00, we get some moderate rainfall through the afternoon hours and continuing into the evening. with that there's also a winter storm warning. of course, you don't want to drive to and from tahoe tomorrow afternoon through saturday afternoon. up to two feet of snow expected in the highest peaks. travel will be difficult. >> all right. thank you. coming up next, the 7 things to know this morning and also how the 49ers are giving back. and the ultimate gift this holiday season. the family welcoming a beautiful baby girl after years of health struggles. as we fight the coronavirus pandemic, california is mandating face masks to stop the spread. that's why abc7 wants to remind you to wear a mask for you, your loved ones and your community. please wear because you care.
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it's 5:21. if you're just joining us, here's the 7 things to know this morning. number one, there's fear this morning that travel and gatherings over christmas will
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send santa clara county over the age. covid-19 case rates at an all-time high due to a surge of infections after thanksgiving. number two, cavalry church in san jose has been defying health orders and plans to hold a christmas eve service indoors today. the church faces $1 million in fines and it has an average of 700 people attending services. today democrats plan to bring up president trump's proposal for more stimulus money for americans. house republicans are likely to break with the president and block it. this comes as federal unemployment benefits are set to run out on saturday. number four, president trump has announced a second batch of pardons, this time forgiving the crimes of two former associates, paul manafort and roger stone. the president pardoned nearly 50 people in the last week. and number five. get ready for a wet christmas. rain hits the north bay first
5:23 am
and moves through the bay area tomorrow afternoon and evening. >> number six, we are going to check out a live look here in san jose. showing off 101. we are expecting a light commute for our essential workers that need to head in on christmas eve today. >> number seven, santa already on the move this christmas eve. check him out there. got a live look at the norad santa tracker. we'll have a closer look at his progress coming up in our next half hour of abc7 news. in today's "gma first look," a mom and dad are celebrating the greatest christmas gift, they're welcoming a new daughter thanks to an old high school friend who became their surrogate. here is mona kosar abdi. >> in this morning's "gma first look," the ultimate gift this holiday season. >> they brought her right to me. i was able to do skin to skin. she was crying. i remember saying i know, i know, but we just wanted to meet you. we're so happy to meet you.
5:24 am
>> thanks to an act of kindness from a former high school classmate, sanchez and her husband joshua welcoming a beautiful baby girl this october after years of health struggles. >> i wish that everyone could feel what it feels like to have such an act of kindness to be done for them. i'm so happy i'll be able to tell my daughter she was born out of such great act of kindness. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., hear from the nurse who shared the ultimate gift with her friend. with your "gma first look," i'm mona kosar abdi, abc news, new york. 30 families in the east bay received a special gift from the 49ers. the 49ers provided the video of staff members including sour dough sam right there providing gift backs to the commons neighborhood in fremont. the bags are filled with groceries, gas gift cars, 49ers gear and family entertainment. the niners hope the gifts will
5:25 am
make things easier for those families this holiday season. there's some smiles under that mask. a restaurant coowned by former raider marshawn lynch held a holiday meal drive for people who are homeless. the staff at robbins's restaurant in emeryville handed out chicken lunches with sides of green beans and mac ro n and cheese yesterday. they will hand out 1,100 meals a week during the pandemic. >> my son has always been a giving person. every since he was younger. this has been his goal to make sure he provides for the community that he grew up in. >> the business is a family affair with two of his aunts running the soul food restaurant. they keep a collection jar on the counter for people to put in money to help feed others who are facing some tough times. >> love this. the food looks good. >> sure does. we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news,
5:26 am
including north bay carolers defying the state's lockdown order. also -- >> when i wear the jersey i feel like i can make all my shots. >> a 12-year-old who ended up sharing his want with other kids this christmas. >> oh, my goodness. oh. thank you so much. >> making the holidays a lot happier. we'll tell you about the extra surprise included in boxes at this annual giveaway. and on this christmas eve, 5:26 as you wake up with us. a live look outside. another check of the weather coming up in a moment.
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now at 5:30, plans for an indoor christmas service amid rising covid cases. we're live at the church apparently planning to defy health orders again today. it would be our preference not to have a party with 4,000 people indoors. >> serious concerns about plans for a packed new year's eve party in the north bay. and who's next in line for the covid-19 vaccine. new recommendations from an advisory committee. and on this christmas eve, a live look at santa and his reindeer. they're already on the move this morning. good morning. thank you very much for being here. it's thursday, december 24th. christmas eve already, kumasi. >> yes.
5:30 am
merry christmas eve to all of you and to frances who is hanging out with us this morning with a beautiful -- we can't see it, your christmas tree, we'll see it in a bit. >> yeah. it's up -- no, you can't see it, not in this shot. good morning, julian and kumasi. we have a dry day ahead. if there's anything you need to get done before christmas, today should be a good day to do it. get the kids out, get all that energy out. starting off with lots of cloud cover, the clouds will thicken throughout the day bringing us a chance of possible sprinkles here is your day planner for today as we look from the east bay out towards san francisco. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for the next few hours. sunrise at 7:23. so the clouds will increase. the possible sprinkles throughout the afternoon and this evening or this afternoon temperatures will top out in the upper 50s to low 60s. it will be milder overnight ahead of a system that will bring us rain tomorrow. get ready for this and i'll have those details coming up.
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>> thank you. santa clara county leaders are begging residents to cancel holiday plans beyond immediate households. they say the danger of covid-19 brought the health care system to the brink. despite that urgent warning, a san jose church is planning on holding christmas eve services today. amy hollyfield is live in san jose. this is far from the first time this church has defied the health orders. >> yes. this has been ongoing. the cavalry chapel pastor says he's willing to go to jail. he has no intention to pay all the fines that have been issued to him and his church. so since the church refuses to shut down, the county is now appealing to the people, asking them to please not come here to worship this christmas. services here typically attract about 700 people. the county has issued almost $1 million in fines to the church and also to the people who run the church and are making these services happen. >> these contempt orders, the
5:32 am
sanctions that have been issued, they don't go away. they will stay with these individuals and with the church on an ongoing basis. so, it may take time. our number one goal is that they come into compliance with the health orders and that they do so now because they're putting peoples lives at risk. >> indoor services are not allowed under the stay-at-home order. that was challenged in court. but a judge upheld the order. cavalry chapel's attorney says the church believes it has the right to gather and worship under the first amendmentnd a will keep meeting. christmas eve service scheduled for 5:00 today. live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you. in the north bay, carolers are defying the state's lockdown order. a group gathered in napa last night, most of them not wearing masks. ♪ about 40 people gathered at
5:33 am
veterans park for a defying newsom christmas event. they wanted to show support for the napa business community and highlight what they see as inconsistencies in the state's reaction. >> for christmas we're not supposed to sing but we can go shopping. so there's a whole bunch of -- it's okay to do this, not okay to do this. so when is it okay? >> actor kirk cameron is facing criticism for hosting similar large gatherings in southern california. about 100 people few of them wearing masks showed up for a caroling event at a mall in thousand oaks on tuesday night. this morning pandemic relief for millions of americans is still on hold. president trump gone for the holidays as democrats rallied to try to boost the stimulus checks he's demanding in a president trump's latest demands for a covid-19 relief package is setting up a christmas eve fight between
5:34 am
republicans and democrats. capitol hill practically empty. lawmakers gone for the holidays. president trump also out. the covid relief package still hanging in the balance. federal unemployment benefits for millions of americans set to run out this saturday. without the funding bill attached to the relief package, the u.s. government shutting down monday at midnight. critics are asking why trump waited until the 11th hour to demand more stimulus money. >> they didn't get any feedback from the president. people are hurting right now. >> reporter: many like lisa are facing a financial catastrophe. >> we will have zero income coming in to our households. >> reporter: covid rages across the country. december already the deadliest month of the pandemic in america. with a week left to go, more than 57,000 dying from the virus. >> if people continue to gather for the upcoming holidays, we are going to cripple our
5:35 am
hospital system. >> reporter: back to that covid relief package. democrats will bring up president trump's proposal for more stimulus money. republicans are likely to break from the president and block it. in washington, faith abubey, abc7 news. sonoma county's health office is urging families not to gather with friends and family over christmas. >> we know 89 positive cases were linked to thanksgiving gatherings. in some instances where people gathered outside of their household, 50 to 100% of the guests at the gatherings ended up testing positive for covid-19. >> the county announced it received 5,800 doses of the moderna vaccine. it's expecting 3,000 next week. the cdc says a million americans have been vaccinated so far, that includes 120,000 californians, mostly front line health care workers. so who will be next? the state advisory committee met yesterday afternoon to answer
5:36 am
that question. j.r. stone has more on what was decided. >> reporter: a community vaccine advisory committee made up of dozens of people from california's health divisions made recommendations wednesday on which of the states essential workers should receive the covid vaccines next. the most immediate groups include education and child care workers, emergency service workers, including fire, police and corrections officers, food and ag workers including grocery store employees and most importantly all individuals 75 years old and above. >> 75-plus, they're just they're outliers. they're ten times, 20 times higher death rates. >> these workers will likely be part of the tier-1b group to receive vaccinations in january and february. other groups receiving the vaccines during that time period will include all high risk 65 to 74 year olds, essential workers
5:37 am
in transportation, critical manufacturing and facilities and service workers ahead of the united educators of san francisco say this is recommendation would be a win for teachers and says that this could help when it comes to getting schools back open. >> i think the potential is there. some of our buildings and structures need work. >> reporter: those in the committee are recommending prisoners be included in this tier to get the vaccine, something that would cover county and state facilities, but not federal ones. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. unionized health care workers are calling for more transparency in the way the vaccine is distributed. sciu local 1021 is asking that minority communities be prioritized. some shared their stories about why they got vaccinated. >> as a latin person of color i said yes because our community is being affected by alarming rates.
5:38 am
>> my hope is this is the light at the end of the tunnel because as a community we're tired. we miss each other. we miss human touch. we miss our family and friends. >> the union is urging members to receive the vaccine just as soon as it's available. sg. if you have any questions about the vaccine, go to you will see a big blue box there. once you click on that, it will take you to a form that will send your question to our abc7 news vaccine team. coming up, a north bay business is planning a huge new year's eve party. as many as 4,000 people expected to attend. why it appears the county can't do much about it. and the gift of curry for christmas. the 12-year-old sharing his obsession with other kids this holiday season. before we get to that, we want to check in with frances for a look at the forecast as the rain begins to move in here. and before we get to that we'll
5:39 am
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sfx: dog bark ♪ a little taste of home is worth sharing.
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good morning. i'm abc7's meteorologist. you can see the cloud cover and some fog in the north bay. it will be dry today. temperatures right now are in the 30s and 40s. pretty chilly in the north bay. only 30 in yucaipa and santa rosa. mid 40s for san francisco, oakland and hayward. chilly in san mateo and union city in the 30s. highs today, milder, upper 50s to low 60s. we'll see the clouds increase and thicken throughout the day bringing us a slight chance of possible sprinkles because of this system from our south. overnight lows, the clouds will increase more because we have a system on its way that will
5:42 am
arrive christmas day. up at the top there past ukiah, that's the system coming in. temperatures in the 30s and 40s again overnight with the fog building in through some of the valleys. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. possible sprinkles today. but a good day to get outside. tomorrow wet and windy for christmas. not until the afternoon hours. most of the morning will be dry. sprinkles and the rain will continue through the evening hours and possibly into saturday morning. then saturday we get a good break again before another system arrives sunday, then lingering into monday and next week midweek tuesday will be near average. notice temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. good morning, jobina. hope traffic is looking light for christmas eve. >> it certainly is. thank you. good morning to you. happy christmas eve for anyone celebrating and for our essential workers that need to go in this morning, a great ride
5:43 am
ahead. we'll begin with a live look showing off emeryville. again, those headlights are making their way westbound, brake lights going eastbound. really we are not seeing too many problems. i have a crash i'm following in berkeley that i'll get to. i want to bring in the golden gate bridge for anyone who needs to check out that area heading in and out of the north bay now. looking good. the chp issued a fog advisory as you move through the altamont pass. for anyone coming out of tracy. i want to mention starting to sl see a slowdown because we have a hit and run eastbound 80 before ash ashby. no injuries are reported. alex padilla says he will meet with chuck schumer over the weekend to talk about his future in the u.s. senate and the two will discuss which committees padilla will be involved in. >> it's committees not just important to me but also most
5:44 am
impactful for california. >> padilla will be the first latino to be in the senate. this morning there are some serious concerns about plans for a huge new year's eve party in the north bay. graton iscasino is hosting the private event with 4,000 people expected to attend. there is no jurisdiction over sovereign land. >> they are planning to do things with as much mitigation measures as they can in terms of limiting their indoor capacity to 20%. >> in a statement the tribal chairman said team members at graton are tested for covid-19
5:45 am
every two weeks and wear digital devices to ensure social distancing. bars will remain closed and walk-up alcohol service ends nightly at 9:00 p.m. families in san leandro got an extra surprise at an annual giveaway. about 1,000 low-income familied showed up to the davis street community center and they thought they were getting boxes of food and gift cards for kids yesterday. this is an annual tradition. this year an angel donor spiced things up a bit with $100 bills. >> oh, my goodness. thank you so much. merry christmas to all. i appreciate it. >> most people started crying. just off the bat. and a lot said i can pay my pg&e bill. some said i can pay my rent. >> davis street helps families in need by providing free food and clothing subsidized child care and medical services. let's continue with the good feels here. a local 12-year-old is
5:46 am
demonstrating how good it feels to give to others. he's obsessed with steph curry and wanted to share that with other kids. wayne freedman has the story of selflessness in san ramon. >> reporter: let's talk obsession in a moment. the good kind that you find in a 17-year-old basketball player from san ramon. >> he's out here six days a week and he has practice daily. >> reporter: usually wearing steph curry gear. >> when i wear steph curry gear, i can make all my shots. >> reporter: it's basketball all the time, morning, noon and night. but there is one thing he didn't have that he always wanted, one of these nba steph curry
5:47 am
jerseys. but his mom felt he should earn it, and he did, nickel and diming it. but after he got it -- >> i could keep it or i could give it to somebody who needed it more than i did. >> his brother javier all share basketball and a love for curry. >> any idea what's going on here? >> no. >> reporter: blame griffin's grandma for putting it all together. she's on the county school board and knew just who to ask to find that someone. >> she called back in ten minutes and said they had just the boy. >> merry christmas. >> oh, thank you. >> reporter: first the jersey, then shoes for javier. and one more bonus, the latest kicks from steph. >> these shoes? >> reporter: talk about a christmas surprise. >> seeing the joy in their eyes. seeing a young boy open something he never dreamed he would be able to own. >> reporter: and a timely selfless act from griffy who gave up the jersey he always wanted in exchange for something better. >> the award of giving. >> where is my tissue.
5:48 am
how sweet. >> an awesome story right there. >> what kid doesn't want a new pair of running shoes? >> right? that's so selfless. i love to see that. it's inspired us. >> yeah. today is a great day to get out, get a run in, do anything outdoors. it will be mostly dry today. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. chilly through parts of the north bay like ukiah and santa rosa in the 30s. lots of mid 40s around the bay area. san francisco, oakland, hayward, mountain view at 41. san jose at 40 degrees. here's a live view from the exploratorium towards downtown san francisco. mostly cloudy today, possible sprinkles as well. it will be wet and windy for christmas tomorrow. the rain, the bulk of it arrives in the afternoon. so the morning still fairly dry. a colder storm arrives sunday. so get ready for some wet weather in the week ahead. here's a look at the storm impact scale. it's ranked 1 out of 5.
5:49 am
so it's a light storm. spotty morning showers possible tomorrow morning. widespread rain in the afternoon. showers in the evening and possibly continuing into saturday morning. it will be breezy to gusty in the afternoon. here's the animation. 8:30 tomorrow morning. a bit of rain through parts of the north bay. in the afternoon, mainly heavier, moderate rain in the north bay as it sweeps through moving from north to south throughout the evening hours. with that comes a winter storm warning as well. you don't want to be driving to and from tahoe tomorrow afternoon through saturday afternoon. up to two feet of snow expected in the highest peaks. i'll have my complete accuweather 7-day forecast coming up shortly. back to you. >> thank you. the popular vacation spot that has asked airbnb to stop short-term rentals during the stay-at-home order. first up, a brazen break-in. new surveillance video of a thief busting into a local jeweler. plus we are tracking santa.
5:50 am
the progress he's making right now in delivering gifts around the world.
5:51 am
mom and dad. doctor's visits, landlords, parent-teacher nights, you name it. but when it came to getting them signed up for health insurance, i needed a little back-up. en covered california nos entienden. covered california offers free, expert assistance
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in multiple languages - and financial help for people who need it. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll now at san francisco police are investigating a break in at a jewelry store.
5:53 am
union street jewelers shared video of this man breaking into the store yesterday morning around:0 around 8:00. the owner says the damage will cost about $50,000 to repair. police have not released details yet about the suspect. two men accused of a string of home invasion burglaries have been taken into custody in atlanta. the surveillance video caught one incident. the hunghs are immigrants from burma. the thieves stole valuable jewelry. they told dion lim it couldn't be made without the community's help. >> it takes the whole community to keep the public safe. we need the eyes and ears and the information to make our work more effective.
5:54 am
>> the zhong family says they're grateful these men are off the streets but they're still on guard. a big honor for marc benioff. he has been named ceo of the year. the san francisco company has done well in the business world in 2020. shares are up nearly 40% and just recently acquired slack. cnn notes benioff is about more than the bottom line. he speaks out about social causes like gender and racial equality as well as homelessness. the company helped secure ppe for front line workers back in april during the pandemic. zoom is reportedly looking to branch out after having a very good 2020. it was a big year for the company due to the need for video conferencing during the pandemic. now a report says zoom is looking to get into email and calendar services. it may begin testing the email product in the coming months. analysts say it's a good idea with more workers likely to return to offices next year. it is christmas eve and that
5:55 am
means that santa is already busy delivering gifts in other parts of the world. let's see where he is. okay. um -- i don't know how to pronounce that country, he already went by australia. we do know that. this is according to norad's santa tracker. for the 65th year in a row they're keeping a close eye on his journey. if your kids have questions about where santa is, the progress that santa is making, you can email noradtrac julian, do you know how to say where he's going? >> i do not. but i'm looking at the gifts dropped off so star. 969 million. we have to get social media on santa or something. email him? >> i don't know if he can do all
5:56 am
that video call. no. leave him be. >> all right. well, he might not have that, but he'll need some rain protection for tomorrow when he'll be delivering some of the gifts. though it will probably arrive overnight tonight and it will be fairly dry. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. mostly cloudy today. but there's a slight chance of a sprinkle. the system arrives for christmas. tomorrow will be wet and windy. most of the rain will arrive towards the afternoon and continue into showers for the evening. >> thank you. new at 6:00, hear from the director and writer from the new wonder woman movie coming out tomorrow on hbo max. and the effort to save a chinatown restaurant that's been around for more than a century. it's on the brink of closing because of the pandemic. and santa clara county struggles with covid-19. health officials fear a post holiday spike. what
5:57 am
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we're not going anywhere. the fines will be collected. and they will pay. >> now at 6:00, the threat from santa clara county as one church plans to defy health orders and hold a christmas eve service today. keeping tourists away from lake tahoe. what local governments are asking airbnb to do. and here is a live look outside from our sutro camera.
6:00 am
it's kind of quiet now. there is rain on the way. frances is tracking the storm. good morning to everyone out there. thank you very much for being with us on christmas eve. we have a lot to talk about. merry christmas to all. >> yes. we'll check in with frances. i just like to see your tree. it brings me all the holiday vibes. look at your ornaments. okay. >> good thing you can't zoom in on my hand made ornaments by my kids. from afar it looks great. we have a mostly dry day. you'll notice with live doppler 7 that clouds will start to increase. we have lots of cloud cover around the bay area now. they will increase throughout the day. and here's your day planner as we look out from the east bay towards san francisco. sunrise at 7:23. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. increasing clouds throughout the


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