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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 27, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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tequila herradura, the world's most gold medal awarded tequila. one bay area nurse ends her isolation and heads back to work after testing positive for covid-19. she has a message for lawmakers. california has some of the worst covid-19 numbers in the country. tonight doctors address why that may be the case. and i'll have the latest on our rain returning overnight tonight. the timing in the accuweather forecast. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. like knowing that that was -- this might be my last few days. >> oh, it is hard to watch. hugs have a lot more meaning now for a nurse in the east bay who just ended her isolation after being diagnosed with covid-19. it's a story you'll see only on
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abc7 news. that nurse is ready to go back to work this week after seeing her family for the first time tonight since being diagnosed. as abc7 news reporter ansar hassan tells us she has a lesson for lawmakers on how to stop the spread. >> reporter: it was a tearful reunion for this nurse who hasn't seen her two teenage sons in three weeks. she's a nurse at the hayward health care and wellness center. she tested positive for covid-19. >> i don't think i've ever been isolated for that long from everybody. >> reporter: she thinks she contracted the virus at work. today she was finally cleared by her doctor to end her isolation. >> even though i knew she was going to be okay, it was -- there was still obviously the chance that it might not have gone through all that well. i'm glad that it did. really, really glad. >> reporter: she had mild symptoms and doesn't fall into any of the high-risk categories but admits the positive test results still scared her. >> and what was really hard about that was just to be
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isolated, like knowing that that was -- this might be my last few days, and i wouldn't even get to see my family. >> reporter: she says part of the problem is the backlog in getting test results. she waited more than a week. those delays, she says, probably contributed to the recent surge. she also urges lawmakers that if they want to stop the spread, they need to make it easier for people to get tested. >> i think that it's really, really important that regardless of people having insurance or not, that testing is very, very available and easy for people. >> i got some steak. >> oh, maybe steak. >> reporter: latif says tonight will be dinner with her sons. tomorrow she'll visit her parents and then back to work midweek. just as the pandemic has changed how we live, saima says covid-19 has changed how she thinks. >> having your mortality like right there in your face definitely makes you think about, you know, the friends and
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the family. take the time and make the phone call, make the connection. you never know what people are going through or how isolated they are. >> reporter: in walnut creek, anser hassan, abc7 news. >> glad to see her back in action. california reported more than 50,000 new cases today. that is the third highest single-day total during the pandemic. the cdc reports the state has seen just more than 95 cases per 100,000 people each day. california is now reporting the second highest number of new daily covid-19 cases per capita in the country behind only tennessee. we are exploring the issue of health as part of our ongoing commitment to building a better bay area, and we want to answer the question "why are california's covid rates so high when we're under a stay-at-home order?" abc7 news reporter j.r. stone explored the issue. what are doctors saying about these high numbers. >> reporter: dion, the doctor i talked with believes there are two main reasons -- covid fatigue and private gatherings.
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he went on to say that we can change this and start seeing better results in a week if we do a better job at sheltering. >> we're very aware that there is pandemic fatigue, that people are tired and that i think the ability of people to shelter and their willingness is definitely not the same as it was in the spring. >> reporter: but the doctor of santa clara county says we need to be strong by not traveling and not gathering. his message comes at a time when california has the second highest covid-19 rates in the country. and while most we talk with say they are being safe -- >> as long as i'm wearing a mask, i feel pretty comfortable. >> it's just the five of us. we're not getting together with any other family members. >> reporter: -- most also admitted to us that they have been traveling. >> i'm actually from los angeles. >> sacramento. >> reporter: and admitted that they've had gatherings but kept them small. >> we only gather like a group of like no more than ten people, 10, 12 people.
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all our family lives close by. >> if you cannot go outside, you have to go visit some people, at least something. >> reporter: dr. kamal says on any given day there are less than 30 icu beds available in all of santa clara county. he says even family gatherings are dangerous but believes that by staying home, we can reverse the high number of cases which would improve icu numbers, take the pressure off hospitals, and lead to reopenings. >> i've seen so many times when people get together, even with small groups, cousins, aunts, or grandparents, that spread does happen. so we really all need to hunker down and shelter. >> reporter: while california's covid rates are second highest in the country, it is important to note that the covid death rates here in california are 30th. doctors have previously told us that those death rates often lag behind by a couple of weeks. j.r. stone, abc7 news. > that is a good detail to point out, j.r.
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many thanks to you. due to those rising cases, kaiser permanente has postponed elective and non-urgent surgeries at all northern california facilities. that includes the entire bay area. kaiser tells our media partner, the chronicle, that the delay will go into january 4th. urgent surgeries and cancer cases will not be postponed. after a holdout lasting about a week, president trump tonight signed the covid stimulus bill. abc7 news reporter rachel scott tells us both the president and some democrats agree on one thing about the measure, that the unemployment payment is just too low. >> reporter: with the country on the verge of a government shutdown, president trump finally signing the nearly $900 billion package congress approved last week. it took congress more than six months to negotiate this bipartisan stimulus bill to get aid to the american people. the president's own team, including treasury secretary steve mnuchin, helped negotiate the bill. but when the president demanded last-minute changes, tweeting, i
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simply want to get our great people $2,000 rather than the measly $600 that is now in the bill, some republicans criticized him for not raising his objections sooner. >> if the president wants to come up with more money to help more people, terrific. let's sign this bill now so we can start getting unemployment benefits out right away and then quickly pass another bill. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders said he also has reservations about the size of the checks, but that this bill needs to be signed. >> given the terrible economic crisis facing this country, yes, we do need to get $2,000 out to every working-class individual in this country, 500 bucks for their kid. but you can't diddle around with the bill. >> reporter: unemployment benefits had expired for millions of americans, and in just a few days, the federal moratorium on evictions was set to end also. many people agree $600 just isn't enough. >> $600 is -- is very
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insignificant for the individuals trying to feed their families. >> reporter: daniel maris is just one of many struggling business owners who pleaded with the president to sign the bill. >> the american people are literally dying. they are starving. you're holding us hostage to this bill. please sign the bill. we know it's not enough. we know it's not going to make up for everything, but it gets us by. >> reporter: rachel scott, abc news, washington. stanford researchers have developed a computer model they say can predict how covid-19 spreads in cities all based on cell phone data. their findings indicate that most infections occur at superspreader sites like gyms and restaurants where people are in contact for longer. researchers believe their model can help inform the public and policymakers, allowing them to better balance health risks with economic losses. right now data has been collected from 98 million americans in ten different major cities. the fda advisory committee has noted a particular group experiencing side effects of the
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moderna covid-19 vaccine. several trial participants who had received cosmetic facial fillers reported inflamation and swelling where the injections took place. a couple of the patients had cheek fillers six months earlier and one had her lips filled two days after receiving the vaccine. all cases of inflamation were easily resolved with steroids and antihistamines. more free covid-19 testing will be available in the south bay this week. the city of palo alto is opening a pop-up site to provide free testing once a week. walk-in testing will be offered for both insured and uninsured regardless of immigration status. the pop-up will be open between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. every tuesday in the parking lot of the mitchell park library on middlefield road. and we have a map of every covid-19 testing site in the bay area. you'll find it at our website in a section dedicated to information about the virus. all you have to do is head to
11:11 pm all right. to the weather now. taking a live look outside, we have seen some showers sweeping across the bay area. meteorologist drew tuma joining us now with how long the wet weather will be sticking around. hi there, drew. >> hi, dion. we have those showers moving onshore as we speak. live doppler 7 is active tonight. you can see that storm that is along our coast is beginning to move into parts of the santa cruz mountains. already had a couple of showers move through san francisco on their way into marin county right now. you can see that storm. it's moving in from the southwest. so really over the next 12 hours, we're going to get some scattered showers out of this system. the brunt of the storm is moving into southern california as we speak. so the storm impact scale, it's a level 1 light system we have here over the next 12 hours. we're going to go hour by hour on future weather, time out this storm, which is one of a few we're tracking over the next seven days. we'll have that in the full accuweather forecast in a few
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minutes. >> drew, thanks. a statue in oakland is smashed, and police are calling it vandalism. >> that's an assault on black people, and it's a proclamation of racism. >> the statue was meant to unite the community on behalf of the black lives matter movement. just ahead, the artist's heartbreak and determination to keep on going. and the show must go on in times square. the changes to new year's eve during the pandemic. plus a man on a million-yard mission for cancer research. a very personal
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as part of our efforts to build a better bay area, we're highlighting issues surrounding race and social justice. when we learned a sculpture of
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breonna taylor meant to unite the community was vandalized, we spoke to the artist who created it and learned why he is more determined than ever to keep fighting for justice. >> at first i was stunned and shocked and hurt and angry. just a whole flood of emotions. >> that flood of emotions from leo carson is over what's left of the ceramic sculpture of breonna taylor he created and erected in oakland's latham square two weeks ago. >> they've attacked breonna taylor, and they've attacked the black lives matter movement, which is why i created the piece. >> reporter: carson, who lost his job as a server during the pam, spent months participating in protests supporting the black lives matter movement and felt compelled to do more after taylor's death at the hands of white officers in louisville. >> was able to take that time and the practice and training i've had as an artist and put that into service of something much bigger than myself. >> reporter: carson was not commissioned for this sculpture and did not seek a permit for
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it. but as he sorts through the broken pieces of what's left of his work, he already has plans to cast the sculpture in a more durable bronze and has this message to whoever destroyed his work. >> you can't stop us, and thank you because this person has made this a bigger story than it ever was before. and we can remake it, and we have solidarity and really, you know, we're not scared of you. >> and late tonight, we heard from representatives from a law firm. they plan on donating $5,000 to cover the cost of having that sculpture cast in bronze. san francisco city hall is aglow tonight in green, red, and black all in celebration of kwanzaa. it's day two of the seven-day celebration of african harvest, culture, community, and family. one of seven principles is reflected upon each day. the second day honors self-determination. party preps are under way for the nation's biggest new
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year's eve celebration. crews today started setting up stages for live performances during this year's ball drop in times square. the live event is closed to the public. j.lo will headline with nelly, miley cyrus, megan thee stallion and cyndi lauper also set to perform. you can watch dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. it all starts at 8:00 on new year's eve. drew tuma once again joining us with the forecast on what you can expect if you happen to be out and about. drew. >> we're going to find some showers over the next seven days. in fact, tonight we're tracking a return of wet weather for some, especially in the south bay right now. let's show you live doppler 7. the active sweep. we had a shower, a light one move over san francisco over the last hour. that shower pushed off to the north into marin county, so places like sausalito, tiburon, kentfield got a little bit of wet weather over the last hour. we'll take you down 101 into the south bay where from morgan hill
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to gilroy we're finding light to moderate rain at this hour. into the santa cruz mountains, those pockets of downpours indicated by the pops of yellow, orange, even red from scotts valley to santa cruz. we are seeing that rain return. and as we go up in elevation, what we're watching very closely around mount hamilton, not only do you see rain, the green color on your screen, you see that pink shading, which is a mixture of rain and snow in our highest elevation. it's not out of the question mount hamilton could see a little bit of snow, maybe a duster after this is all said and done over the next 12 hours. this area of low pressure with live doppler 7 along with satellite, it's going to track into southern california. that's where we'll get the bulk of the rainfall out of this storm. we're just going to get scraped by the outer fringe of this storm so we're anticipating some light to moderate scattered showers over the next 12 hours. much of this rain is going to fall while we're sleeping. it's a level 1 light storm on the storm impact scale.
11:20 pm
breezy at times and most cities we're talking about likely less than a tenth of an inch of rain. let's go hour by hour for you, time out this wet weather. 4:00 a.m. in the morning there you can see we'll track those scattered showers around the bay area. that continues even into 7:00 a.m. and then by lunchtime and into the afternoon, any of this wet weather is really out of here and we'll turn to drier skies to finish out our monday. but looking at total rainfall across the entire state, you can really see the highest amounts in southern california, which is really good news there because they have not seen significant rainfall since april. so overnight tonight, mid-30s to mid-40s for overnight lows. the accuweather seven day forecast, tomorrow we'll be stuck in the mid-50s after the morning scattered showers. dry skies midweek. some more showers likely in the morning on new year's eve, and then we'll track another storm likely for the upcoming wee
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this story is just awesome. a moraga man today reached his goal of swimming 1 million yards in 2020 for cancer research. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> oh, my god! >> get this guy to the olympics, right? david miller completed the 568 miles at camp alito high school. it's the same place the swim a million project first began in january. now, the cause is close to his heart. his father died from lung cancer, and his mother and sister are survivors. miller also met his fund-raising goal, raising more than $50,000 for the cancer research institute. and speaking of sports, a dog stole the show and the hearts of thousands of fans when it just ran onto the field during a professional soccer match in bolivia. you see what he's got in his mouth? he made a chew toy out of a
11:25 pm
soccer cleat during thursday's game. then all of the excitement seemed to poop out the pup. players and the referee then struggled to win back possession from the dog. they finally got a hold of the playful pooch and the game resumed after a three-minute delay in play. coming up in sports, after two blowout losses, the warriors looking for their first win of the season. the dubs go back and forth with the bulls. how it came down to the final seconds.
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sponsored by your local toyota dealers. the warriors in chicago tonight. center marquese chriss suffered a compound right leg injury during yesterday's practice. he's going to need surgery and
11:29 pm
it looks like the season could be a season ender. meanwhile the warriors had hoped draymond green would make his debut tonight in chicago. they'll hold draymond until the home opener on new year's day. we go to the house that michael jordan built. how about steph curry. becomes just the third player in nba history with 2,500 threes. dubs by four at halftime. final seconds of the third, steph starting to heat up. launches from 35 feet and swish. 17 points after three. dubs trail by ten in the fourth. curry helping the comeback. drives to the bucket. and the shimmy on the floor. he had 36, 25 of them after the half. 20 seconds to go, dubs down two. andrew wiggins misses point blank not once but twice. kevon looney is there for the putback. we're all tied up. ten seconds to go. bulls with a chance to win at the buzzer. zach lavine. bulls by two with five seconds
11:30 pm
to go. you know it's going to go to steph. damion lee, the inbounder, can't find steph. gets it to looney. the three and the win. oh, yeah, it's good. he's married to steph's sister so the game winner stays in the family. dubs get their first win, 129-128. here's the brother-in-law and the star of the night. >> we also have to take into consideration that, you know, this is a completely -- >> we got to take into consideration he hit the big shot tonight. >> it worked out not the way that we planned it, but we got the win. >> i lost my mind. first thought was we won the game. second thought was that's my brother-in-law. let's go. kind of a cool moment for him to be ready to step up, knock it down. >> it was great. it was like christmas. feels good to win. >> you know, it's relief for sure, but it's finally a sense of now we can start to figure this thing out a little bit. mavs and clippers, more
11:31 pm
proof 2020 is just weird. l.a. looked completely out of it. the mavs jumped out to a 23-5 lead. the lead got bigger. how about the mavs leading by 50 points at the half. it was 77-27. that breaks the record held by the warriors and kings in '91. golden state actually led sacramento by 47. dallas wins 124-73. the 51-point margin the biggest loss in clippers history. abc7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. some people ignored safety advice and took to the skies this holiday. what the tsa is now saying about the travel rush. it rocked me that hard. i started stumbling. i told myself stay on your feet, stay alive. >> police in nashville being praised tonight for
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>> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. once again, good evening and thank you for staying with us. i'm dion lim. in tonight's headlines now, as coronavirus cases rise, bay area medical experts are begging people to stay home and use better judgment. right now california has the second highest covid-19 rates in the country. on any given day, there are less than 30 icu beds available in all of santa clara county. it's becoming clear the u.s. will not reach its goal of vaccinating 20 million people before the new year. so far at least 1.9 million americans have received their first dose. and according to the cdc, nearly 10 million doses have been distributed across the country. taking a look at live doppler 7, rain will return at
11:36 pm
about midnight tonight for parts of the bay area. scattered showers will continue through the night until around noon on monday. higher rainfall totals are expected for the south bay. millions are now in the process of returning home after choosing to travel this holiday. the tsa reports this is the busiest airports have been since the beginning of the pandemic. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard spent the day at sfo and shares what he heard from passengers. >> the traveling was difficult, but we made it happen. >> reporter: michael garrett just arrived back in the bay area wearing a mask and face shield after a trip to l.a. spending christmas with family. >> it was different. didn't really get to see friends outside of our bubble, but we still had a really good time. >> reporter: michael says he plans to quarantine after his trip, and that's what health officials are urging travelers arriving back in the bay area to do. >> san francisco and santa clara counties now require a ten-day quarantine upon arrival. other bay area counties have
11:37 pm
other restrictions. >> reporter: that recording plays every few minutes at sfo. >> i am definitely quarantining, and it's almost selfish to travel, but it's really hard because, you know, family is sometimes all that we have. >> reporter: despite warnings from health officials, the tsa says millions of people have been passing through airport security checkpoints nationwide, the most since the start of the pandemic. >> i love to travel, and i'm not going to stay home. >> reporter: travel through the holiday season is expected to be down nearly 30% this year. 616,000 travelers screened at airports on christmas day. that's about a 75% drop from 2019. >> it doesn't even feel like christmas honestly. >> reporter: but with christmas in the rear view and new year's on the way, the numbers are expected to ramp back up. health officials fear a coming surge on top of the surge we're already seeing. >> the expectation is we'll keep seeing these record days of cases, hospitalizations around the country will continue to hit record levels.
11:38 pm
and unfortunately the numbers of deaths will drive us to horrific milestones in the coming months. >> reporter: the tsa says more than a million travelers were screened at airports nationwide on the day after christmas. that number is expected to increase by new year's day. cornell barnard, abc7 news. despite the pandemic, holiday retail sales went up 3% compared to last year. that's according to a report from mastercard. part of that boost is thanks to more people shopping for home decor and furniture because more people are staying home. the report also found online shopping went up almost 50% between october and christmas eve. a beverly hills restaurant is coming under fire for its plans to host a so-called discreet indoor new year's eve dinner that would have violated county and state covid-19 health orders. la scala is a high-end dining institution in the city known for their celebrity clientele. customers were surprised to see invitations in their takeout bags recently promoting a
11:39 pm
prohibition era speakeasy themed dinner. both indoor and outdoor dining is not allowed in l.a. county. southern california's icu hospital capacity has been maxed out for the last week. l.a. county has quickly grown to become the nation's covid-19 hot spot. >> i'm surprised a restaurant would attempt to do this seeing as how we have the stay-at-home order right now. i don't think it's a good idea. both of my parents had covid, just got out of the hospital. >> beverly hills police say they are aware of the issue and say code enforcement officers were investigating. new details now on that bombing that rocked downtown nashville. investigators today confirmed the name of the suspect. new video from the police department shows the power of the blast as you see it happened. six police officers are credited with saving lives. abc7 news reporter andrew dymburt has the latest. >> reporter: investigators now say the christmas day explosion that rocked downtown nashville was a suicide bombing. >> anthony warner is the bomber.
11:40 pm
he was present when the bomb went off and that he perished in the bombing. we base this conclusion on forensic evidence including dna evidence. >> reporter: in this video obtained by abc news, agents can be seen carrying out bags of evidence from a home once owned by warner. shortly after 1:00 a.m. on christmas morning, this rv was seen parked outside the at&t building. authorities are viewing this surveillance video of the blast. >> if you can hear this message, evacuate now. >> reporter: police responding to a call of shots fired said they could hear that ominous recording coming from the rv. >> what i remembered was downtown where the lights shine bright. it's downtown by petula clark. >> reporter: this officer began banging on doors, helping a mother of four evacuate. >> she said, okay, let me get my kids. that kind of put my heart up in my throat. >> reporter: officer james wells was closest to the explosion and had been trying to reach a
11:41 pm
fellow officer. the force of the blast leaving wells with temporary hearing loss. >> as i turn around, for me it felt like i only took three steps and then the music stopped, and as i'm walking back, i just see orange, and then i hear a loud boom. and as i'm stumbling, because it rocked me that hard. i just told myself, stay on your feet, stay alive. >> i took off in a sprint towards him. i've never grabbed somebody so hard in my life. >> reporter: in all six officers being hailed as heroes, some overcome with emotion after telling their stories. investigators still have not revealed a motive for the attack. >> there's no indication presently that anyone else was involved in this crime. nashville is considered safe. >> reporter: nashville's mayor has extended a curfew for the areas impacted by the blast until noon on monday. andrew dymburt, abc news in washington. new developments tonight. police have arrested and charged an army green beret in
11:42 pm
connection with yesterday's bowling alley shooting in rockford, illinois. he's been identified as 37-year-old army sergeant duke webb of florida. police say webb shot six people and three of them died. a motive for the shooting is unknown. in a statement, the army says webb was on leave at the time of the shooting. rain and cooler temperatures have finally brought an end to fire season in the north bay. this year was the most destructive in california history. cal fire says peak fire season is over in six north bay counties including napa, solano and sonoma. the period lasted a month longer than the previous two fire seasons. the state will continue to staff fire resources just in case of another disaster. more than 400,000 acres burned in the north bay this year alone with hundreds of homes and businesses lost. a ban on flavored tobacco set to begin on january 1st in california. that has been delayed. opponents led by tobacco companies say they got enough signatures to put the new law on
11:43 pm
a statewide vote. officials agreed to wait until at least 623 signatures can be verified. however, inyo county has reported a high level of signatures that don't match records. if there's not enough, the ban will begin when the secretary of state certifies that the signature drive fell short. well, this pretty much says it all. a man uses a flame thrower to clear the snow from his driveway, and there is a story behind what he's wearing as well. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking rain overnight tonight. we'll take a look at
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
getting ready to collect hundreds of tons of christmas trees from households in the new year. residents can place trees next to the blue recycling bins
11:47 pm
between january 4th through the 15th. the company will come by and haul them off to the chipper as a san francisco to their san francisco customers. keep in mind you do need to remove all the decorations, nails and tinsel. the company turned unwanted trees into 500 tons of mulch last year. this is the perfect blend of winter and some creativity at christmastime. check it out. no, this is not a fire. a man in kentucky decided instead of using a shovel to clear the snow from his driveway, he would use the trusty old flamethrower instead. but this takes it to a whole other level. the guy even dressed up as cousin eddie from the holiday classic "national lampoon's christmas vey kwaacatiovacation" that explains why he is only wearing a hat and a bathrobe. drew, you remember those east coast winters. he's got to have a little fun or something. >> you gotta. you really do. some of those winters can be really brutal with some of that snow. for us, though, we're just talking about some liquid
11:48 pm
precipitation tonight. live doppler 7 will show you the action is in the south bay. so we'll zoom on in where rain is now moving into san jose as we speak. some heavier showers you can see on street level. gilroy getting some moderate downpours, even in the santa cruz mountains we're seeing some downpours develop as well. the broader picture we'll show you. the showers are moving in from the south. the bulk of the rain with this storm will actually go into southern california where it. the next 12 hours, it's a level 1 light storm we have with those scattered showers. most cities will end up with less than a tenth of an inch and the highest rainfall totals will be found in the south bay. so overnight tonight with those scattered showers out there. mid 30s to mid 40s, so it is a chilly night. then tomorrow the rain moves out before lunchtime, so the afternoon is dry, but it's pretty cloudy. so we'll call it partly sunny and temperatures basically in the mid to upper 50s. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, showers before noon tomorrow.
11:49 pm
dry skies midweek. dion, we'll track more shwers moving in for the morning on new year's eve and then another chance of wet weather coming back for the weekend next weekend. >> okay. drew, thanks. here's chris now with a look at sports. >> coming up in sports, a wild day in the nfl and how it affects the playoff picture and the upcoming nfl draft. plus why 49ers defensive coordinator robert salah is going to be one of the hottest names to be a potential head coach next
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>> announcer: sports on abc7 is respon sponsored by your local toyota dealers. last year 49ers head coach kyle shanahan admitted he was glad robert saleh didn't get a head coaching job elsewhere. nfl teams, you better call saleh. earlier this month a group of michigan state legislators actually wrote a letter to the
11:53 pm
detroit lions owner pitching saleh for that job. his resume, energy, and what the 49ers defense has done all the field really says it all. san francisco's defense came up huge in the win over the cardinals. now you get the sense everyone feels this sunday could shabe h last game as 49ers dc. >> best dc in the league, man. got so much respect for that guy. he's such a smart mind, love that guy. know he's going to be a great head coach one day soon. >> saleh has been doing a great job of just getting us ready, preparing us through the week. he's the best at that. >> the injuries we've had throughout the year, being able to adjust where we've come in these three years, saleh was ready for this year big time. as i keep saying, i hope i don't lose saleh, but we got a bunch of good coaches on the staff. we'll see how it ends up. >> i will say this. i did grow up a bears fan, and the fact that we helped the bears a little bit just makes me a little happier. so da bears. onetime bears fan george
11:54 pm
kittle pulling for mitchell trubisky and da bears to try to take the wild card league. chicago up ten. more bears. here's trubisky to jimmy graham. 34-10 after this touchdown. going to head to the tunnel because this one is over. bears win 41-17. chicago now takes control of the last nfc playoff spot. the jaguars with their 14th straight loss and another jets win means the jags secure the number one pick in the nfl draft. cal's jared goff and the rams taking on the seahawks. l.a. trying to prevent seattle from winning the division. goff rolls out and just throws a what kind of -- what is this interception? just terrible. bad news for goff. he reportedly broke his thumb in this game. early third, here's russell wilson doing what russell wilson done. 13-6 seahawks after that score. rams go for it on fourth and goal. malcolm brown is stuffed. seattle maintains the lead and the rams don't score a touchdown
11:55 pm
for the first time this year. seahawks win 20-9. they clinch the nfc west crown. now the rams need to beat arizona next week to make the playoffs. snow game in green bay. a few fans in the stands, they don't mind. packers up 19-0 but here come the titans. third and one, ryan tannehill says remember this. 45 yards untouched. titans draw within five. aaron rodgers going to find davante adams. rodgers threw for four total touchdowns. a.j. dylan puts it away with this 30 yard scamper. a snow angel, that would have been the easy celebration, but the rook wants the lambeau leap. not quite. better luck next time. packers roll 40-14. they can clinch the top seed in the nfc with a win next week against da bears. how about patrick mahomes and the chiefs. just before the two minute warning, chiefs down. mahomes looks and launches for da marcus robinson.
11:56 pm
that's the go-ahead touchdown. his second career go ahead pass td in the final two minutes of regulation. 14 seconds to go. 39 yards out and it is, oh, wide. the chiefs win. they clinch the one seed in the afc. first round bye and home field throughout. a big hot stove trade. the san diego padres are loading up to take a run at the world champion dodgers. reportedly training for tampa's best pitcher, former cy young winner blake snell and giving up only prospects. the trade comes two months to the day snell was on the mound in game since of the world series throwing a gem against the dodgers trying to force game seven. but the rays pulled him for reasons that shall always remain unexplainable. padres made the playoffs last year for the first time since bruce bochy was their manager. they're clearly going to go for it. abc7 sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. that's it for tonight, everybody. i'm dion lim. as we head out for tonight,
11:57 pm
let's take a live look outside where we have a beautiful picture of san francisco city hall all lit up in the colors of kwanzaa -- red, green, and black -- celebrating in observance of the second of seven days, this time honoring self-determination. thanks so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. be sure to find me on social media. i am dion lim tv on facebook, instagram, and twitter. have a wonderful evening, and we will see you right back here bright and early tomorrow
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