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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 29, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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of storms are just around the corner. >> good morning, everybody. it is tuesday, december 29th. we are happy that you are with us as we round out 2020. want to check in with mike for a look at our forecast today. good morning, mike. >> good morning, kumasi. jobina, julian. nice to see you three. thanks for joining us this morning. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can put the umbrella away today and for most of the day tomorrow and then once we get to tomorrow night, we have some active weather coming our way to round out 2020 and 2021. focusing right now, i was watching a little bit of fog around novato but right now it has either moved on or lifted. nothing hitting our reporting stations right now. that's reducing visibility. in fact, look for the east bay hills camera and bouncing a little bit. down in our valleys not so much. anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. i mean, look at all those 30s and 53 to 56 at noon with total sunshine. 57, 56, 54 around that at 4:00
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and back into the mid and upper 40s with a few high clouds this evening. we'll talk more about those storms, give you an hour-by-hour look and what to expect coming up. here's kumasi with today's news. the new pop-up testing covid site will open in palo alto and this comes as palo alto struggles. your health is one of the issues we're focusing on to build a better bay area. amy hollyfield is joining us live from the testing site at mitchell park library. good morning, amy. >> hi, kumasi. this test site opens at 10:00 this morning and open to everyone. officials are encouraging everyone to get tested. officials are worried that we are about to have another surge possibly coming because of all the people who traveled over the holidays. so, the county is urging them to get tested. but saying they should do it during the second half of their mandatory ten-day quarantine to account for the incubation
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period. so they're saying timing is important here. all this talk of testing and surges as hospital beds are currently filling up. >> the number of people with covid-19 continues to rise. very soon all our hospitals will be out of beds and we will no longer be able to support each other. >> santa clara county says you should get tested by your health care provider if that is possible. before trying a county test site. but the site is here for everyone. for those who need it, it is free. and they think the results could come back within 72 hours. they say labs are very busy right now. that could vary. this site is at the mitchell park library and open from 10:00 to 4:00 today. they will be here next tuesday, as well. this is one of those test sites where you do the swab yourself. so, you will be swabbing the inside of your mouth and then handing the sample over to the health care worker. reporting live in palo alto, amy
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hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. state health and human services dr. mark ghaly will give more details about california's regional stay-at-home orders. dr. ghaly will extend the stay-at-home order for the southern california regions. icu capacity in both is currently at 0%. jobina is live at the live desk with more on what the governor is saying. good morning, jobina. >> good morning, julian. thank you. governor newsom says that health officials are preparing to staff alternative care sites. they expect a post-holiday surge from christmas and new year gatherings. governor newsom says he expects the stay-at-home order in southern california regions to be extended. the official announcement could come from dr. mark ghaly today and exit the stay-at-home order by january 8th and if icu rebounds governor newsom praised california health care workers. >> absolute expression of admiration, respect for our nurses that are asked to do more
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with less staff and less support. >> governor newsom also gave an update on covid-19 vax napgzs. he said 9 hp,000 doses of the moderna vaccine will arrive by the end of the week. nearly 262,000 people have been vaccinated in california as of last friday. you can watch dr. ghaly's update at noon right here on abc7 news and on the free abc 2k7p news app. an advisory committee could decide tomorrow who is next in line to get the coronavirus vaccine. the plan includes people who are at least 75 years old and some essential workers. that includes people who work in education and child care, emergency services and grocery store workers. now, this is set to be finalized tomorrow and there will also be a discussion about who will be included in plan 1c. that could be people ages 16 to 64 with underlying medical conditions and community service providers. this morning, the fbi is
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warning people about scammers. trying to cash in on people who want the covid-19 vaccine. and it includes ads or offers for early vaccine access for a fee to be put on a waiting list, which does not exist. fake ads offer additional medical testing or procedures after people get a vaccine. the fbi also says be on the look out for e-mails or calls from someone who claims to be from a medical office, insurance company or a vaccine center asking for your personal information. today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to address president trump's demands for $2,000 stimulus checks. the speech coming a day after the house increased those payments. here's avery harper. >> reporter: after unemployment benefits lapsed for millions of americans and just before the government could have shut down, president trump did what lawmakers on both sides of the aisle had been begging him to do. sign the government spending bill which included $900 billion
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in covid relief. >> we're glad that the president finally signed the covid relief bill. >> reporter: putting many americans who needed the money at ease. >> an incredible relief. it will mean that i will only be dipping into a little bit of my savings. i will be able to pay most of my bills. i'm grateful for that. >> reporter: unclear when those will start seeing the checks in part because of president trump's delay in signing the bill. but steve mnuchin suggests it may only take a week or so. the house passing a measure on monday to increase stimulus checks to $2,000 and attempts to meet the president's last-minute demand. the house also voted overwhelmingly to override the president's veto of the national act. the senate to take up the issue this week. . president trump rejected the bill that protect social media
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companies what is liable on their platforms. the bill included a provision that would rename military bases after confederates which the president opposed. the president overnight tweeting his continued support for increased stimulus payments saying that the people have, quote, suffered enough. sources tell abc news that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will speak from the senate floor today and that is when we can expect to hear more about how republicans will handle the issue. avery harper, abc news, washington. one san francisco supervisor wants to put an end to permanent closures to music and entertainment venues. according to "the chronicle" new ed ed legislation for the remaining. the venues the first to close and likely the last to reopen. if passed cover up to $50 million for funding for local venues. night life in the city accounted for more than $7 billion each year. coming up, the new way to holiday this new year's eve.
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how the bay area is adapting with virtual celebration and restaurant meal kits and more. plus, the sea lion that has gone home for the holidays thanks to volunteers from the marine mammal center. her story of survival. and today is one of our brightest and warmest days moving forward because starting tomorrow, we've got a series of storms on the way and they're all ones on the storm impact scale. this one comes in tomorrow night with less than 0.2 but make for a slippery thursday morning commute. we'll take a look at that when
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check this out. a rare southern california storm brought hail to parts of los angeles county. i just want to sit here and watch this. this video was taken yesterday. you can see the homeowner recorded a blanket of white on their driveway. the storm system brought heavy rains and even sparked flood advisories in l.a. county. but that nice, small hail that kind of grapple that we get between hail and snow that really doesn't cause any damage like the big hail that you see in places like the midwest. it is fun to watch and a rare treat. i hope they enjoyed it. for us back here at home our own frozen stuff to talk about. how about some frost. 35 and 36 degrees there and upper 30s and 40s for most of the peninsula and mid 40s around daly city and 41 in hayward and everybody else in the 30s. just as cold as we talked about it would be.
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wednesday at midnight and you can see the storm the bulk of it in the pacific northwest. and increasing clouds in the morning and then a sandwich of sunshine before more clouds roll in and during the evening and overnight hours the storms roll through. but during the morning commute thursday they roll on out of here and leave about 0.2 of rain at most behind. that's storm number one. more coming up in the ac accuweather seven-day forecast. hey, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you. on the traffic front, things are looking great. no major blocking issues or crashes to report. as we bring in a live camera we will bring in the toll plaza and no metering lights and they haven't come on since early last week. i'm not expecting them to come on today either and probably not until the new year. we'll see, though. taking a live look now coliseum there and right at 29th avenue there doesn't appear to be causing a slow down. so, other than that, things are
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looking great. i'll send it to you, kumasi. >> thank you. a sea lion rescue close to death released back into the wild and healthy and thriving. volunteers with the marine mammal center set her free last week. she was rescued mid november with a severe shark bite and malnutrition. five weeks of rehab and now has regained full motion and put on 25 pounds. bye. >> glad she's off and back at home now. love it. >> right. well, it is out with the old and in with the new. what people say they hope to leave behind in 2020. and the boeing 737 max officially returning to the skies after it was grounded for a year and a
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welcome back. kamala harris and her husband will get their covid-19 vaccines today. it will happen in washington, d.c., some time this morning. president-elect joe biden received his first dose of the pfizer vaccine last week. this new year's will look a lot different in the bay area with our stay-at-home order. businesses are adapting and restaurants cooking up some special kits and there are some virtual celebrations. abc7 news reporter jr stone shows us our options. >> very, very excited to be able to bring some joy and celebration to people. you know which i think is really well deserved. >> reporter: nick of the speak easy in san francisco is speaking of this year's new year's eve vurpual party they put together with truffle shuffle. first time in nine months he has been able to hire a staff. yes, a virtual party for 95 bucks. they send you special celebration kits and then you watch the show online with a
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secret link. >> you get to explore the club. so, we have different actors and different staged in different areas. we have a magician, we have drag advice where you can actually talk to drag queens we have our gangster sal. >> if gangster sal doesn't do it for you, cal performances is offering a $15 on demand new year's eve musical celebration. >> it's an evening of short vignettes hosted by flutist and composest who is a sparkling personality. >> reporter: restaurants like oakland's calavera sold out of their $250 new year's to go package that includes all of these fun party items in a kit along with either lobster, duck, steak or a veggie meal. >> we thought people could use something nice this year since we're all sick of being home and we just thought it would be nice to have something beautiful. >> reporter: jr stone, abc7 news. saying good
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some people celebrated this with a familiar tradition. >> two, one. >> come on, let out that anger and frustration. organizers of good riddens say say it is inspired and people in times square hit a pinata and shredded some papers with things they want to get rid of it. >> i want to say good riddance to the quarantine at my uncle's house. >> put it in the shredder, buddy. drop it down in there. there it goes! >> get rid of it however you can and times square also getting ready for the new year's celebration which will look a lot different, of course, this year because of the pandemic. you can watch dick clark's new
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year's rockin' eve that starts at 9:00 p.m. on new year's eve. >> mike. >> you're still running the shredder. >> do you think it's big enough. >> it depends on what you're shredding. >> mike said he had a stack earlier. >> well, i did. i did. and i don't want to wake everybody up by shredding it again. but, yeah, i don't think this bad boy is big enough. so, i might have to go and get an industrial one to get rid of all of 2020. that's my show and tell for today. let's take a look at what's going on with your weather. and we've got a beautiful shot from the east bay hills camera this morning. where it's about 39 degrees. you can see it's bouncing around a little bit. little brisk in our hills. little wind chill up there and where most of us live it is calm and so much colder this morning. mild this afternoon and little bit above average. grab the sunglasses and you'll need it. high clouds almost as cold tonight and then unsettled forecast and keep the umbrella handy starting tomorrow night and look at today's temperatures
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57 at half moon bay and 58 to 60 around the bay and 58 to 64 in our inland neighborhoods and for tonight you can see the high clouds out there and keep us a couple degrees milder. still plenty of 30s out there and oakland, richmond, san mateo and here's a look at tomorrow evening. we're going to get through the commute dry except for up in the lake and mendocino counties and while the overnight hours are developing, we're going to have anywhere from a couple hundredths inch of rain to 0.2 and that means thursday morning's commute is going to be slippery. jobina and i will get you through that as safe as possible. several series of storms that start tomorrow. a one for wednesday into thursday and another for saturday and another for sunday and another for monday. they are all ones. several storms coming through, no real soaking and no atmospheric river and just nickel and dime and if that's all they give us because we need
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every drop we can get. have a good day. >> thank you, guys. let's check in with ginger zee. >> she is live with what is coming up on "gma" at 7:00. good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you, kumasi. hello, julian. nice to be with everyone this morning. coming up here on a tuesday on "gma" the race to get the coronavirus vaccine to all americans. there are new questions about the rollout and just how long it is going to take and, of course, your hospitals areern wai warni that looming catastrophe one of the top health officials are going to navigate all the topics with us. also ahead the double punch of winter storms. we started it in southern california and now make its way across the rockies into parts of the midwest. there are two that could cause some big issues from new year's eve through 2021. i'll beic traing that and then calls for justice after that stunning video of the video of the woman who falsely accused a
6:22 am
black teenager of stealing her phone. his father captured the whole incident on camera and the teen's parents will join us this morning. plus, our own george st stephanopoulos going head to head with a chess strategy. you won't believe who says checkmate. i watched the queen's gambit and i was so inspired and i thought i'd start playing chess and i didn't and i hope this will inspire me more. >> it w
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we are back now with some developing news. at least one child has been reported dead after a strong earthquake hit croatia this morning. a man and a boy were pulled out alive from a car buried in the debris. officials say the 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck in the central part of the country. roofs, building facades and even entire buildings collapsed by
6:25 am
the destruction and a 5.2 magnitude earthquake in the same area yesterday. the boeing 737 max plane will carry passengers in the u.s., once again. this comes after two crashes that killed more than 300 people. jobina is at the live desk with details on today's flights. good morning, jobina. >> good morning, julian. use 737 max on a route between miami and new york. that flight will take off at 7:32 this morning our time. the jet has been grounded since march of 2019 after two crashes in ethiopia and indonesia. they were tied to an automated flight control system that misfired in both crashes leaving both pilots struggling to regain control and altitude of the plane. 346 people died. the faa approved changes boeing made to the jet last month. a poll found that more than half of americans said they were not likely to fly in a boeing 737
6:26 am
max when they knew about its history. kumasi. >> thank you, jobina. kwanzaa celebrations continue in san francisco today. the village project in san francisco held a virtual performance last night. kwanzaa is a celebration of african-american culture that focuses on seven key principles. yesterday the focus was on collective work and responsibility. today it is cooperative economics and events will be held every night through friday. hot cocoa bombs could be one of the last social media food trends of 2020 and one version that is made in a cafe in arizona is getting some laughs. >> i'm sorry. >> bye-bye. >> and then his nose is going to be the last. >> like the titanic. he sinks. >> this video is from sassy's cafe and bakery in mesa. if you haven't seen hot cocoa bombs they are basically hollow chocolate shells with cocoa
6:27 am
powder and marshmallows inside and they come apart when you put them in warm milk and you have hot chocolate. in this case, it was designed to look like a sink aing snowman. do you think he's still relaxing like he's at the hot springs. >> just soaking away. letting all his problems just melt right off. they really got a laugh out of that, didn't they? >> that laugh made me laugh. >> whatever you need to get through the day, i'm happy and i love that for them. coming up next at 6:30, the new way to prove you've been vaccinated in one california county. and this is a sign that more people are in need of help during this pandemic. what lawmakers are ask there's something... different about you. ♪
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. now at 6:30, an urgent plea to the public, stay home and save lives. the major concern about nonessential holiday travel and the pop-up testing site that is opening today. and this morning, we're hearing from the black teenager who was wrongly accused of stealing a woman's phone. >> once we were done getting our groceries the doors closed and said good-bye and drove off. the future of home delivery, where these driverless cars will be deployed in the bay area early next year. >> welcome to the future. good morning, it's tuesday, december 29th. thank you for being with us. >> we'll check in with mike for a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, kumasi. julian. hi, everybody. thanks for joining us. let's talk about what is going on with live doppler 7 and maybe the lack of what's going on. no rain, no clouds. it is clear.
6:31 am
and it is cold this morning. and even a five to six-mile-per-hour wind can make the temperature feel about five to six degrees cooler than what the thermometer says. we're 39 right now in san jose. see right there on the left side of your screen. that is the moon. that is the full moon that is going to set here rather shortly and i wanted to make sure i got that in and if you want to go outside right now, that is a beautiful shot. temperatures stay in the 30s through 7:00 and 53 to 56 at noon. and back in the mid to upper 40s at 7:00. dry all day today but the accuweather seven-day forecast full of chances of rain. that's coming up. here's kumasi. >> thank you, mike. the house passed a bill that would increase the amount of money americans would receive in a second round of stimulus payments to $2,000. however, the fate of this bill is still uncertain in the senate. jobina is at the live desk breaking all of this down for us. jobina. >> thank you, kumasi. good morning. the senate is scheduled to meet today, but it is unclear if they
6:32 am
will bring the bill to the floor for a vote. majority leader mitch mcconnell commended the president on sunday for finally signing the bill into law. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling on the president to put more pressure on his party to back the payments. >> republicans have a choice. vote for this legislation or vote to deny the american people the bigger paychecks they need. to reject this would be a denial of the economic challenges that people are facing. and it would deny them, again, the relief they need. >> sources tell abc news mcconnell will speak from the senate floor this afternoon. that's when we expect to hear more about how republicans will handle the issue. julian. >> thank you, jobina. santa clara county continues to lead the bay area with the most covid cases. part of the ongoing commitment to build a better bay area and today a free covid-19 testing
6:33 am
site is launching in palo alto. amy hollyfield is live at mitchell park library where testing begins in just a few hours. goodern morning, amy. >> testing or the demand for it appears to be high when you click on the link to make an appointment here for a slot, it says all time slots are full for today. this test site does open today. it's open to everyone. it opens at 10:00 this morning. it is free. and the patient administers the test on themselves. so, if you come to this site, you'll be swabbing the inside of your mouth. testing is considered a key component in controlling the spread of this virus. but officials are also asking people to stay home as much as they can. they are worried they will run out of hospital beds which are filling up in santa clara county at an alarming rate. >> this level of hospitalizations has never happened during my career. every day we see the seriousness of this disease.
6:34 am
>> santa clara county is worried that there will be a surge on top of a surge in cases as people return home from their holiday travels. those people are energ ciencour get tested during the second half of their mandatory ten-day quarantine to count for the incubation period. but the testing site here at mitchell park library will be opening at 10:00 today. it is said to be 90% accurate and also be here next tuesday and this test site is free. reporting live in palo alto, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thank you, amy. as we head into the final week of the year, we're keeping a close eye on the trends with coronavirus. california reported more than 33,000 new cases yesterday. that is below the daily average for the last couple weeks. hospitalizations, though, due to covid-19 are nearing 20,000 with more than 4,200 of those in the icu. both are single day records.
6:35 am
now we want to give you the latest on icu capacity across california. here in the bay area at 9.5%. a drop of nearly 2% from the previous day. the sacramento region also saw a decline now at 16.6%. san joaquin valley and southern california still at zero. today health and human services secretary dr. mark ghaly is expected to extend the stay-at-home orders and the southern california regions. you can stream his news conference at noon today at it is really a desperate situation in southern california. hospitals are running out of room for emergency patients. abc news reporter mona kosar abdi has the latest. >> reporter: los angeles county the epicenter taking new action requiring all travelers to quarantine for ten days as the region reports a 600% increase
6:36 am
in deaths since november. >> on average, nine to ten people in l.a. county test positive for covid-19 every minute. >> reporter: 96% of hospitals in l.a. county had no room for emergency patients over the weekend. some hospitals now putting patients in conference rooms and even gift shops because of the lack of space. >> it's very challenging to know that patients are coming in to the hospital even sicker than they normally do because we frankly can't take them in all the hospitals that way. >> reporter: doctors growing more concerned just as a new possibly more contagious mutation of the virus is confirmed in north america reaching canada and likely already here in the u.s. >> i'd be shocked if it weren't here already. >> reporter: but the world health organization saying so far it's found no evidence that the new mutation has caused any significant increase in hospitalizations. in the meantime, another vaccine candidate is nearing the finish
6:37 am
line. novavax announcing it is launching a phase three trial in the u.s. it comes amid dwrgrowing questi about pfizer vaccine already under way. a walgreens in doses to nonpriority patients after receiving more doses than it needed. walgreens calling this, quote, an isolated situation. >> knowing that there is a short shelf life of only a few hours once they come out of the freezer, i can understand why they would want to use it. >> reporter: in new york, the governor now threatening criminal charges and $1 million in fines for vaccine fraud. after a health care provider was accused of falsely obtaining the vaccine and letting people skip the line. mona kosar abdi, abc news, new york. governor newsom is considering a one-year extension of the california national guard's deployment to food banks. the press democrat is reporting 19 state lawmakers are petitioning the governor to grant this extension as the pandemic continues to drive a
6:38 am
heightened demand for food distribution. here in the bay area, a unit of ten guard soldiers has been packing food boxes at the redwood empire food bank in santa rosa since august. they averaged 25,000 boxes a day last month. if this extension is not granted, the unit's work will wrap up at the end of the year on thursday. a prominent jazz musician is calling for charges against a white woman who falsely accused his son, who is black, of stealing the woman's phone. her cell phone was later found in an uber. the confrontation played out in a hotel lobby and all caught on camera. adrian bankert shows us what happened. >> reporter: this video of a scuffle involving an unidentified woman claiming a teenager allegedly stolen her phone sparking outrage. >> this is my phone. >> you don't have to explain nothing to her. >> are you kidding me. you feel like there is only oni phone made in the world.
6:39 am
>> keyon is speaking out. >> we were basically targeted and the lady from the video, you know, is screaming and, you know, erratically that my son somehow took her phone. >> reporter: inincident occurring in the lobby of the arlo hotel in downtown new york city where harrold and his family were staying. within seconds the hotel manager gets involved. >> i am trying to settle this situation. >> my son has nothing to do with her. you see two black people. >> no, i'm not letting him walk away with my phone. >> reporter: as the situation escalates, the woman seen on the ground and not clear if she was pushed or fell and harrold claims she scratched had eed h. >> guilty and then proven innocent. >> the family's attorney attorny they're now petitioning the manhattan d.a. to press charges of assault and battery and this
6:40 am
morning we're hearing from the 14-year-old on what was going through thhis mind. >> i was confused because i had never seen that lady ever and i didn't know what to do. i think i was a threat to her and i think she was scared and that's why when she saw me, she just jumped on me and attacked me. >> so unacceptable. keyon harrold jr. is still shell shocked over what happened. you can see his full interview coming up on "gma" at 7:00. still ahead, the u.s. falling short on its vaccination goals. a top doctor explaining what is causing the hold up. and we're taking a live look at the big board new york stock exchange this morning. trading continuing at record levels above 30,000. more on how the market is doing next. and the potential game changer for home delivery where these vehicles hit the streets
6:41 am
where no one inside. and here at 6:40, we check back in with mike for a look at the forecast. no need for that umbrella today. >> no, julian. definitely not. good morning to you, kumasi. hi, everybody. a heavier coat, yes. as temperatures are up to about 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. we have rain coming back to the forecast as quickly as tomorrow night. let's take a look at some of those neighborhoods. are you ready for the frost? any time you get around 35, 36 at theert roi reporting station are usually six feet off the ground and underneath that colder and frost forming and definitely on some houses as the material on a house will cool a little bit quicker than the ground will. so, don't be surprised if you see a lot of frost even though the temperature is not 32 degrees anywhere. a lot of mid 30s in the east bay valleys and that's where we're most likely dealing with frost
6:42 am
this morning. thankfully haven't heard of any fog since the 5:00 hour. a little wind chill up there. 24 mi-mile-per-hour gusts and a frosty morning out there. that's the only concern for the commute. here's a look at wednesday, midnight. we'll see increasing clouds in the morning and then little sunshine sandwich in the afternoon and then at 8:00 in the evening, you can see light to moderate rain right over the north bay and then by 5:00 thursday morning, we start the morning commute with a few lingering showers and scllipper conditions and no additional rain. and up to a more on the seven-day forecast coming up and first say goodern morning to jobina and how is the traffic this morning? >> hi, mike. thank you. the traffic is great for the most part. if you need to go through one of our major corridors, you are in
6:43 am
good shape. we have no metering lights. the metering lights have not been on for a while and make your way into san francisco and check in on our other live camera here showing off the san mateo bridge. really, you can see there as you make
6:44 am
6:45 am
we are back now with the develops news on the christmas day bombing in nashville. investigators exploring whether the suspect may have been motivated by paranoia over 5g cellular technology. nashville police released body cam video from an officer who walked by the rv moments after it exploded. the blast happened in front of an at&t building. the fbi says anthony warner's father once worked for southern bell which merged into at&t. they're trying to figure out what role that played in warner's suicide bombing. >> he was present when the bomb went off and that he perished in
6:46 am
the bombing. >> it felt like i only took three steps and then the music stopped and then as i'm walking back i just see orange and then i hear a loud boom. >> the explosion damaged more than 40 nearby buildings. one collapsed and knocked out at&t cell service to much of the surrounding nashville area. one bay area county is reporting an interesting trend when it comes to the latest covid surge. the infection rates in the latino community are much higher than death rates. in sonoma county, latinos account for 67% of covid cases and 24% of deaths and that is much different than the numbers we're seeing statewide which have latinos accounting for nearly half of all virus-related deaths. sonoma's county department of health says the county's essential workers many of whom are latino explain the numbers. >> since our workforce tends to be in that 18 to 49 year old range that's where we've seen
6:47 am
the disproportionate number of cases. >> california's vaccine prioritization advisory group is studying this data to make sure that vaccine distribution is equitable over the next couple months. growing concern over the pace of covid-19 vaccine roll out. the goal is actually 20 million by the end of the year. jobina is at the live desk with more on the breakdown. >> a doctor with brown university says the problem with getting the vaccine into people's arms is there hasn't been much inevestment or plannig here. departments across the country are stretched trying to figure out how to get the vaccines into people and going much more slowly than the government thought it would. president-elect joe biden has a plan to deliver 100 million doses within 100 days. he thinks that will help speed
6:48 am
things along. >> it's not just about the vaccine itself. right. it's the vials, the syringes and all the packaging and we don't happen to have millions and millions of these things just lying around. so, you do need to produce them and make sure all of those are available and while our manufacturers are great, i think having the government really partner with the manufacturers make sure the resources are there is critical to getting this out there. >> coming up on "gma" hear more about the fifth vaccine and the final stages of clinical trials at 7:00 right here after abc7 mornings. julian. >> thank you, jobina. apple is offering users a new way to prove they've been vaccinated for covid-19. the company launching vaccine proof and apple wallet. right now only available to los angeles residents but it is expected to be expanded soon. the wallet can store a digital record of vaccination. it's also available on google's equivalent. now to your morning money
6:49 am
report. southwest ceo said he's breathing a sigh of relief over this new stimulus bill. help the airline avoid furloughed and pay cuts. they were planning to furlough 6,800 workers in the spring. it also bans any new furloughs until march 31st. starting tomorrow small businesses can apply for grants through the covid-19 relief fund. grant amounts from $5,000 up to $25,000 depending on the applicant's annual gross revenue. the first round of applications opens tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. and close at midnight on january 8th andannounced the following week. as trading gets under way this morning, you can see we're up right now 137 points. if you're looking to indulge in a belated christmas gift look no further than the new apple airpods. these aren't just the normal
6:50 am
versions. the pure gold airpods max that are making their debut. they'll officially hit the market after the first of the year. a russian company that makes luxury versions of tech gadgets came up with this design. this is crazy. a pair can be yours for $108,000. and the words of randy jackson, it's a no for me. $108,000. what? >> why not? why not level up. >> $108,000. >> okay. i can't co-sign that. >> i think the normal airpod maxes are $1,000 or something crazy like that. so, this is 108 times more expensive. make it make sense. >> granted it was my first house and it was about 25 years ago, but my first house cost about that much. and it was a 1,900 square foot
6:51 am
two-story beautiful house. get more use out of that. you'd look good, i'm sure. let's take a look at what is going on in san jose. one last look at that full moon before it sets as we look up towards minetta san jose international. breezes up to 20 miles per hour. watch out for the wind chill physical you're doing some hiking this morning. a series of several storms starts tomorrow and the heaviest of those likely monday night. now, here's our storm from yesterday. and we're going 12 hours back and this is the one that brought the heavy rain and hail to socal. well, it kind of opened up and moved on and what it is doing is dragging in a bowl of cold air that we're sitting in the bottom of and that's why this morning and tomorrow morning going to be some of our coldest mornings moving forward. the afternoon, though, the dry air and all the sunshine warms pretty nice. 57 to about 64. most of us right around 58 to 60 our temperatures. tonight you can see a whole wealth of 30s out there, once again. the 40s confined to the same spot. san mateo, oakland, san
6:52 am
francisco and half moon bay and your immediate neighbors. now, my concerns for the next storm is very minimal. the only hydroplaning for our earliest commuters thursday morning because you may run into more water on the roads than the rest of us. so, we've got a one wednesday into thursday. and friday for the most part dry. saturday is a one. sunday is a one. monday is a one. so, a ton of chances of rain in our accuweather seven-day forecast just not a lot of rain coming our way. but, still, nice to see an active pattern. the other extreme would be devastating. the fire threat, thankfully over and the hills are starting to turn green. back to you. >> thank you, mike. want to check your ceiling fans this morning because there is a recall on nearly 200,000 that were sold at home depot because the blades can fly off. dangerous stuff here. take a look at the recalled hampton bay mara ceiling fans. the company that made them received 50 reports of the blades coming off while the fan is in use. if you have one you are asked to
6:53 am
stop using it right away and check it out. you can contact the company for a replacement. we posted the detailed information about this recall on our website just head on over to don't be too surprised if you see fully autonomous vehicles just rolling down the street making deliveries next year. silicon valley based nuro the first to get state approval to launch commercial service. we know it will change the workplace and our economy, which are both a part of our focus in building a better bay area. abc7 news reporter david louie shows us how and when it will operate. >> nobody is driving that car. >> reporter: demand grows for home delivery during and after the pandemic. the green light from dmv gives mountain view's nuro the ability to launch a fleet of autonomous vehicles to make commercial deliveries using public streets. it has developed a prius along with this custom made vehicle called the r2. >> a zero occupant vehicle.
6:54 am
no space for a human inside of it. smaller and narrower than a standard passenger vehicle and fully road legal and the vehicle has two compartments. >> reporter: the compartments can be customized to keep pizza hot or groceries cool. customers notified on their smartphones so they can track arrival and be curbside to take delivery. nuro has been testing its autonomous vehicles for two years in the phoenix and houston areas. portions of san mateo and santa clara counties in and around palo al torx. when deployed early next year, the vehicles will operate on their own to obey traffic signals and move safely around pedestriani pedestrians, bicyclists. >> that was part of the process with the dmv to review both the safety and the reliability standpoint of the vehicles. >> reporter: so as a requirement for $5 million in insurance. nuro is lining up restaurants, grocers and retail stores to handle their deliveries.
6:55 am
contactless, driver-free deliveries are coming with no tip expected. david louie, abc7 news. >> are you ready for it, julian? >> i feel like we're really living in the future when we see one of those things rolling down the street. >> i don't think i'm mad at it. >> if it gets you your stuff faster, i'm here for it. is it that time? >> friend, you know it is that time. >> let's get it. >> is it okay we're still using holiday lotion? i am anyway. >> i have this calming, relaxing lavender lotion. >> you have been mixing it up, friend. >> hey, treat yourself. as we say good-bye to 2020. counting down the days. >> you are right. >> all right. next up, the seven things you need to know to start your day. and also abc7 has launched a new streaming app. wherever you are, you can get live newscast, breaks weather and more with our new abc7 bay area app . just search
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it is 6:57. if you're just joining us, seven things to know this morning.
6:58 am
number one, a pop-up covid testing site opens today in palo alto at mitchell park library. you don't need insurance but you do need to make an appointment on the city of palo alto website. number two today dr. mark ghaly will announce the state's stay-at-home regional orders will be extended. stream announcement live at noon on our apps and number three vice president elect kamala harris and her husband, doug, will receive the covid-19 vaccination today. it will happen at united medical center in washington, d.c., at 7:45. number four. today senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is expected to address the president's demands for $2,000 stimulus checks. the house voted yesterday to increase those payments. and number five. check out this gorgeous start from our exploratorium camera from pier 15. today for sure our brightest day moving forward and one of our
6:59 am
driest. get out there and enjoy your hout door outdoor activity because rain is on the way for several days. number six. we're taking a live look right now at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights on. the traffic has been very light all morning long. i think a lot of people are off through the new year. number seven. say good riddance to 2020. the annual event inspired by a latin people in times square hit a pinata and shredded paper with things they wanted to say good-bye to this year. >> and mike has been running his shredder all morning. >> yeah. it's overheated, i'm giving it a break right now. see if i can get it up. come here. >> the thing must be full. >> this is 2020. >> shred it. >> one good shred. >> put one in for me, mike.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking point. hospitals on the brink as the virus surges across the country. los angeles buckling under pressure, reporting a 600% increase in daily deaths since november. with just over 2 million vaccine doses administered, questions now about the rollout hurdles and the potential new vaccine hope on the horizon. mystery motive. new details as investigators search for clues in that christmas day bombing in nashville. the newly released body cam footage shows officers rushing to evacuate people from the scenes. is more help on the way? the crucial overnight vote to increase those relief checks from $600 to $2,000. will the larger checks actually get approved? and how soon could you get the money?


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