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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 31, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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new year's eve. london is ringing in the new year as we speak. usually there is a big firework show but that's been cancelled. >> here in the bay area the countdown to 2021 comes with a crackdown on enforce 7cemenenfo. all in person gatherings are o prohibited but all those appear to not be following the rules. >> reporter: the world is celebrating hope for a fresh start, a better beginning to 2021. all three a virtual lens. >> there are no new year's eve e have ends in san francisco this year. >> reporter: the san francisco fireworks show is cancelled but more than a dozen virtual celebrations scheduled across the city. >> we're not supposed to celebrate with anyone outside of our immediate living household. >> reporter: yet some posts on neighborhood networking site
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next door and event brite are hosting addresses for shimmer and shine or in person new year's eve masked ball ex travis beg party. >> sfpd will work to address them. >> any type of private events throughout the city we are investigating those events. if we have the opportunity to work with the business owner or the person promoting those events, we're doing that. >> reporter: additional officers will patrol areas near union scare and market street to ensure there are no large in person gatherings or illegal fireworks. this includes firecrackers and sparklers. for those caught, warnings will be issued and criminal citations for those who repeatedly don't compile. >> whatever you do tonight, please celebrate responsibly. don't drink and drive.
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>> reporter: sfpd will conduct dui patrols starting tonight at 7:00 through 3:00 a.m. if you want to report a nice complaint, do so by dialing 911. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. >> thank you. parking lots at several popular san francisco gathering spots will be off limits tonight to keep crowds from convening and lots at ocean beach and stern grove will be closed and twin peaks will be closed and san francisco will shutout the lights at several art instillations as a way to honor health care workers and their role, their amazing role in fighting the pandemic. we got a look at earlier celebrations in other parts of the world. all eyes are usually on new yor city. here is a live look at times square because normally it would be packed. right now streets are blocked off and no crowds are allowed to watch the ball drop in person but you can watch the ball drop
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in times square from the comfort of your own home with dick clark's new year's rocking eve hosted by ryan seacrest, billy porter and sierra. it kicks off at 8:00 here on abc 7. if you're sat to be missing out on the big in person firework celebrations, we've got you covered. head to or for a compilation of the show in s san francisco that you shausher 2016. the state today reported more than 27,000 new cases in the last 24 hours. it's the fourth day in a row that number has been below average. the california death toll is a near record 428 deaths. the number if the hospital has hit a new high as well with more than 20,000 at this point. icu patients keep going up at 4400. in the bay area icu capacity
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increased slightly to 8.5% of beds available. today, san francisco announced the city is extending the current stay-at-home order indefinitely. abc news reporter anser hassan says they are struggling with contradict tory messages. >> reporter: it appears there will be a lot of carry over from 2020 into the new year. >> after the year we've had, there is no way to plan for any downturn. we're at rock bottom. >> reporter: laurie is the co-owner in san francisco. she's not surprised the city's stay-at-home order kpfs tewas e t -- extended. >> otherwise we'll be in this for another year because the restaurant industry can't bounce back quickly. >> reporter: season fran an fra it is extending the stay-at-home order indefinitely. retail and shopping malls will remain open at 20% capacity so,
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too, will outdoor gyms. small gatherings are still allowed with restrictions. this couple was having lunch along the embarcaderembarcadero. they don't help restrictions are helping. >> it's less cleanly to sit out here than outdoor dining where they are actively cleaning the space after every customer comes in and out. >> right now we're still in a total prohibition mote. >> reporter: matt says he's concerned there will be another spike because of the holidays. but he's also concerned about some of the blanket policies he says leads to public mistrust. he says lawmakers need to be more transparent about the data being used to form late policies. >> i'm concerned that by prohibiting outdoor activities that we may be forcing people inside where it is much more dangerous. >> reporter: san francisco lawmakers say they will reev reevaluate after the state's stay-at-home order is lifted.
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anser hassan, abc 7 news. 2020 has been an especially bad year economiclylyly as laura anthony explains, this means unprecedented demand at bay area food banks. >> reporter: it one of the enduring images of 2020. >> good morning. >> reporter: people lined up for food, many reaching out for help like this for the first time. >> happy new year, thank you so much. >> reporter: for the alameda county community food bank meeting this need is a huge challenge. >> we've seen unprecedented spikes in need. we almost overnight saw a 1,000% increase in call volume to the emergency food help line. we're distributing 50 to 70% more food than last year. >> the boxes we get we share with neighbors. we have neighbors that can't get out and this is real important.
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it helps a lot of people. >> reporter: the huge increase in demand for food here in alameda county since the pandemic began is reflected at food banks and non-profits all over the bay area. second harvest in the south bay doubled its food distribution since march while struggling to keep enough volunteers on its rolls. the san francisco marin food bank serves 55,000 households per week while the food bank of contra costa provides food for 100,000 more people per month since covid hit. thankfully, the community and corporate partners stepped up donations but the cost of buying food skyrocketed. >> we're spending about $1.5 million to $2 million on food every month. this time last year it was about $400,000. >> reporter: while rising to meet the need, bay area food banks are hoping the new year brings many people out of the darkness that marks so much of 20 2020.
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do you have a new year's wish? >> stay safe and don't have no parties. >> reporter: in pleasanton, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> really good new year's wish. as we look back on this extraordinary year, we're visiting stories that touched our lives the most. in may i introduced you to one of covid's first victims in the bay area and have this update on his road to recovery. >> almost killed me. almost killed my wife. my daughter and my grandson. >> reporter: when we first introduced you to mike in may of 2020 he just emerged from what he described as the gates of hell. >> because i almost didn't make it back home. >> reporter: ten weeks in the hospital, three and a half of those in a coma, mike was one of covid's earliest victims. odds of survival was 1%. >> it was very painful and i just, i don't think that people
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understand until it hits home. >> reporter: as we turn the page on a new year, his transformation is nothing short of a miracle. his voice no longer weak, his body no longer gaunt. >> i've gained back about 15 pounds. >> reporter: it's clear there is a long way to go. >> i do have cognitive fog still, even just breathing sometimes is hard because i have some lung damage. >> reporter: before this former coach with the larger than life personality drove for a ride share company as a hobby. that's howie first met. his future now is uncertain. >> i don't know if i'll ever go back. i have a therapy group that comes to see me every week. i see a physical therapist twice a week, occupational therapist twice a week. i tell everyone i caught the virus that keeps on giving. >> reporter: what is the same about mike are the tears. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: and the thought of how close he was to missing thanksgiving and all of the
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cherished moments with his family and new grandson who have all since recovered from their own bouts of the virus. >> they talk about that empty chair at the table and it could have been here. >> reporter: and the gratitude. >> high thank you goes to all the health care people that got me through it, that i don't even know who they are we. >> reporter: despite the vaccine, mike has this reminder the pandemic is far from over. >> it's a virus that doesn't discriminate and goes after you. believe it. care about not only yourself but care about those around you. because every day that you come home, if you don't follow the rules, you can bring that home to your home. >> reporter: he has this hope for the new year. >> 2021 is a bramd new beginning for everybody, for me, my family, the country, i'm healing, too. and i want the country to heal,
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as well. >> he has also taught so many people to cherish each and every day. you can see more of mike and rosemary's story in the special report, "facing 2020." it in the featured section at the top of the abc 7 bay app for connected tvs and if you don't have the app, fire up roku, amazon fire or apple tv and search abc 7 bay area and download it today. do that when you have a moment but stay here. the end of an era and sign of the times. people gather to say good-bye to a san francisco landmark. new year's eve celebrations are very different this year as you know. how places are adapting to continue with the traditions none the will ed and if you enjoy popping bubbly, we'll have helpful tips on picking out a good champagne.
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a hospital employee in w wisconsin and is if jail of intentionally ruining doses of the covid-19 vaccine. a pharmacists removed viles from the refrigerator and left them out overnight. the pharmacist knew the spoiled vaccinations would be useless and that anyone receiving those doses would be put at risk. police, the fbi and the food and drug administration are
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investigating. an all out effort to get first responders vaccinated for covid-19. for the second straight day, fire, police and ems personnel from agencies around the county rolled up their sleeves. officials say day one went extremely well yesterday with about 170 people getting vaccinated more than twice expected. the goal is to get 250 inoculated today and every day until every first responder in the county is vaccinated that process could take about three weeks or so. all right. if you want to know when it will be your turn to get the vaccine. we have a calculator by entering a few questions, you can see where you may fall in line. bringing attention to issues surrounding race and social justice is part of the commitment to building a better by area. an update now on a story i first reported on back in november involving the former school board president of the school
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district serving students. genre sijohn resigned after hisd he made disparaging and racist remarks about vice president elect camillkamala harris. i interviewed cynthia who is the first asian american woman to be elected to the board. >> when i was moving into this community, i didn't necessarily see someone like me in the leadership position that brings insecurity and now i have two daughters. i feel like they can look up and say i can do that. >> they have made tremendous strides there. she mentioned being inspired by vice president elect kamala harris who is constantly breaking barriers. scientists have noted we've mapped more of the moon floor but that's about to change. david louie got to board their research vessel virtually to
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learn what they're doing and how their work has dies to the bay area. >> reporter: scientists off the east coast of australia are pinging in the new year. their sending out sonar beams as a ten-year international effort gets underway to map the entire ocean floor. >> we have a huge task in front of us. less than 20% of the oceans have been mapped so we still have 80% to go. >> a team of 23 is getting support from the schmidt ocean institu institute. it will create ya database. trenches in the coral sea can be over 5.5 miles deep. >> it creates 800 beams across and all of those individual soundings get compiled into a surface so we can take many millions of soundings and create a three dimensional surface of the sea floor. >> reporter: the united nations has declared this the ocean decade. earlier expeditions yielded new
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discoveries. >> we found over 50 new species this year, the world's longest species and a brand-new coral reef that had never been seen and the great barrier reef. >> reporter: it's drawn global interest. during the pandemic, scientist haves been able to conduct reserve remotely. the goal to complete mapping by 2030 will require more. other ships and vessels with space to carry equipment will be enlisted wile t enlisted. while the mapping is preplanned it will alter plans. >> we need to have this snapshot to then look at these changes if we don't have the baseline then we won't understand more about how things change through time. >> reporter: all of this will lead to more knowledge of climate change and the ocean ecosystem and yield benefits to humanity, sea creatures and deep ocean organisms. david louie, abc 7 news. >> that is fascinating research. can't wait to see what comes of that. let's turn our attention, dion,
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to above the ocean and what is happening with weather. >> very above. spencer christian from the roof. >> on the roof and mainly clear skies on this new year's eve. i'm moving on up as the year winds down. hre is a look what is going weather, clear skies and dry conditions will continue into new year's day. current temperature readings are 55 here in san francisco and upper 50s at oakland, mountain view, san jose, half moon bay 54 and the view from emeryville looking toward the golden gate we have mainly clear skies as far as we can see out to sea at the moment but there is a storm coming our way. temperatures in the upper 50s santa rosa, novato and the view at the golden gate looking forth ward again looking at mainly blue sky. these are forecast features dry for new year's eve and day and a pattern tomorrow night continues into saturday morning. that's just the beginning of a series of storms that will move through the bay area during the next week.
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we have rough surf again high surf advisory remains in effect until 3:00 a.m. wave heights will elevated. there is a possibility of long run up waves and beach erosion, strong rip currents so just stay away from the coastline if you don't have to be there. the approaching storm ranks one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. so for tomorrow night and saturday morning, we expect light showers, rainfall totals under .15 and roadways will be wet and slippery. here is the forecast animation taking us through in evening to show you there is going to be a dry new year's eve not that we'll all be out celebrating anything. clouds, excuse me, clouds will thicken tomorrow as the system approaches from the fornorthwes tomorrow night into saturday morning we get a wave of showers and light rain that will wind down on saturday. rainfall totals once again generally under .15 so it will be a light storm. overnight lows tonight generally upper 30s inland, low 40s near
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the bay and coast tomorrow's highs mid 50s coast, upper 50s to about 60 around the bay shoreline and upper 50s to maybe some low 60s inland tomorrow. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow night notice we get our next band of showers coming in tonight into saturday morning. that system ranks one as i pointed out. another storm develops late saturday night into sunday ranks one. we have a little bit more vigorous storm on monday that will wind down on tuesday and then a stronger storm on wednesday ranking two on the storm impact scale. that rain will be accompanied by windy conditions and those showers, that rain will linger into early thursday. we've got some wet weather ahead but not until tomorrow night. happy new year, dan and dion. >> happy new year to you. nice way to start with rain. thateni thank you. if you're looking for love in 2021 you may be
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all right. let's move forward with consumer news. >> michael finney joins us with a look at headlines. >> the tsa is where we're going to start. it says it has screened more than 1 million passengers at airport check points for a fifth straight day that was yesterday.
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overall wednesday was the third busiest day since the coronavirus pandemic with 1.1 million screened nationwide. traffic exceeded 1 million people a day for the last nine days. we should say nine days out of the last two weeks. overall, the number of travelers is down some 60% from last year. here is another example how different 2020 is compared to year's past. gas prices are on the rise. normally prices fall to their low point during the holiday season but not this year. according to aaa the average price is $2.25 nationwide up 13 cents from last month. we pay a lot more of that in california. as a matter of fact, about a buck more. prices here are prices are up thanks to the
4:26 pm
arrival of covid vaccines. there is a big weekend for online dating apps because the first sunday of each new year is known as dating sunday or single sunday. over the past decade dating sites see an uptick for people looking for love on the day. the theory is single people are looking to overcome the loneliness they feel during the holidays and wants someone to spend valentine's day with. as you imagine, covid inevmpact the dating scene but one site says users are finding love going on video dates. i guess that's better than no date at all. dion and dan, doesn't seem as much fun to me. >> me, neither. got to do what you got to do. >> yeah, these are the times. michael, thanks. still to come here, getting ready to ring in 2021 with champagne. we'll talk about some budget friendly bottles as ♪ we're going to find the perfect tree.
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spectacular. here is a look at the new year's eve celebration in dubai. there were people out watching this display but with strict social distancing and mask requirements. dubai requires visitors from the majority of countries to show a negative covid test on arrival and take another one at the airport. people must quarantine until they receive a negative result. do you know it is national champagne day. obvious how to mark the day. have a glass of wine or champagne, sparkling wine as you ring in the new year but it's
4:30 pm
only officially champagne if it comes from the champagne region of france but we use the word as a generic term for sparkling wine and while the new year's eve celebrations look different, we have bubbly to enjoy. if you want to toast and haven't picked up some today, we have wine spectator senior editor and tasting director. first of all, that sounds like a fun job. thank you for coming on. >> it is. >> talk about budget friendly bottles. what are the top rated picks for maybe under $20, say? >> well, are we talking specifically about sparkling or do we want to expand to whites and reds? i chose a bottle here. $16 and 88 points and if you're looking for a value for sparkling wine, it is a great option, caba is another great option. if you can bump the price to $25, look at domestic producers,
4:31 pm
gloria also makes very good bottles in that price range. >> what -- >> there is a lot out there. you don't have to spend a lot. >> you don't have to spend a lot and get a good bottle. what is a good choice for some of us that don't normally drink champagne, most of us don't but a hand full of time as year. >> the thing you're looking for is something that's balanced. it's going to be accessible. it's not going to be too startling on your palate. for something like that i would go with what we call a non-vintage champagne. a couple producers i like is rose, de blan yr arkblac, about0 bottle and the $40 a bottle. that's a balanced wine that's accessible and approachable to everyone. >> no wonder you have this job. you're so knowledgeable.
4:32 pm
it been a tough year, right? everybody is anxious to move forward and a very difficult challenging time. let's say tonight you want to go all out and splurge on a great bottle of champagne. what do you suggest? >> for a splurge, this is a value splurge. this is $89 a bottle and it's 9 three points. louie is the produce there k crystol. that's about $550 a bottle. but it's 96 points and it's an absolutely beautiful wine. you can have the baby crystol, maybe a slightly different style at $89 or go with crystol rose at $550. >> assuming i don't have a champagne sword, what is the proper way to open a bottle? >> i won't open one because make sure your bottle is very cold
4:33 pm
when you do. if it's not cold, you're much more likely to get the explosion. of course, take off the foil that you see here and then you're going to grip the top and the idea is to turn the bottle as opposed to turning the top of the champagne. so that's how you properly see it in a restaurant. it should make a quiet sigh when it opens. i have to say mine pop a lot. it is what it is but as long as you don't spill any of that dell loi -- dell liicious wine, that's win. >> that's a great tip. if you have a glass or two, how do you store the rest of the bottle? >> put a cork in it and put it in the fridge even if it's red wine. that's your best option. it's going to taste -- it's still going to taste good, the next day and day after that and may go longer. >> okay. all right. with that we'll put a cork in this conversation. alice, thank you very much. appreciate your coming on today.
4:34 pm
happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> take care. dan, i still would like to see you saber off the cork one day if it's in our office. 2020 was a terrible year for so many people but not for most of those with money in the financial markets. investors had reasons to applaud as the s&p 500 and the dow jones industrial average both ended the year at record highs. the dow closed at 30,606 claiming 7% and the sop up 16% over last year's close and the nasdaq finished up 43% for 2020 but didn't quite hit a new record high today. a sad day in san francisco, the cliff house restaurant sign is no more. we'll talk about that and much more coming up in the four at 4:00. at novartis, our goal is to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. if you're taking cosentyx and your insurance
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or coverage changes or you need help paying cosentyx connect is here to help. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. call us or visit us online. we're here for you.
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no one sees you need help. no one knows you're not okay.
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so when someone recognizes the importance of mental health and offers a hand, it means everything. my illness may be invisible. but thanks to covered california, i'm not. all covered california health insurance plans are comprehensive - with mental health coverage, and financial help for people who need it. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st. time for the four at 4:00. sticking to new year's resolutions aren't easy. >> we're bomb boarded every day try this diet, do this exercise program. we don't know what makes sense for us as an individual. a better understanding of our own biology through genetics for example, we can determine what
4:38 pm
did we actually need, which will set us up for success if we see positive results. >> the psychiatrist calls january 17th ditch day. by mid january 60% of people will have given up on resolutions. to have a successful resolution, you need to have a plan but also address anything that might be holding you back. i think that is great advice but this senanaturally goes to me ag questions like do you make a resolution yourself, we'll start with spencer. >> i tend not to make new year's resolutions i think i can resolve to do it any time of the year rather than wait until december 31st like everybody else. >> i'm awfully the same way. ama, are you the same you set your goals as you go? >> yeah, i'm not doing it. i never have. if you want to do something, do it. you don't have to wait until january 1st and you never know what life will throw at you.
4:39 pm
hello pandemic. then you can't finish you goal and feel guilty like a failure? no. do what you want to do when you do it. >> i'm the same way. i almost never make new year's registrati resolutions. get in bittetter shape. my new year's resolution this year, no resolution. >> you're on it, dan. a san francisco landmark closed for good and people did not hide their anger about it, either. a crowd of onlookers booed as crews removed each letter from the sign above the cliff house. the restaurant shut down after 157 years in business. because time owners failed to hammer out a deal. the owners blame it on the pandemic and on going contract
4:40 pm
dispute. 157 years. been to the cliff house many times as i'm sure you guys have. spencer, a shame to see any institution like that fade away. >> you're so right, dan. i love that place. of course, there are so many restaurants that i like that are closing down there. it's really heartbreaking. this is a landmark and sad to see it go. wish they could have worked it out. not like whoever is the landlord has somebody else ready to move right in there and pay that rent. >> yeah. and ama, like all of us, i'm sure you've seen restaurants in the city close, too, because of the pandemic. >> yeah, i mean, it's a hard time for everyone. it's a shame that they count come to some agreement. i have to admit, i'm from the bay area, i don't remember ever eating at the cliff house. i'm sad i never got that opportunity or at least, not that i remember. >> it's a good spot but i guess none of us can get there again
4:41 pm
unfortunately. >> i was jogging past it not too long ago and people left flowers and signs. >> did they really? >> it goes with memories like people's memories are fading away. moving on now if there were any other year, new year's eve would have meant a night out on the town and that's not an option. some of san francisco's fine dining establishments are offering some takeout options to celebrate in close and with sophisticati sophistication. a $425 tasting menu. this is for up to four people. it includes an assortment of grilled meats and seafood. the dinner for two includes cav your and truffles for $800. they are selling a morning after to go break fast, which includes hardy country ham, biscuits and an advil. i have to say that is excellent marketing for everyone, but personally, i tried to maybe get
4:42 pm
one of the lesser expensive ones. they were sold out so early so i'm actually going to show you guys, ama and spencer, i don't know if you can see it. those are the hot dog buns that i purchased today. my husband and i made a decision we're going totally the opposite direction and having hot dogs tonight. >> totally. >> i love it. beans with the franks? >> i hadn't thought about that. that would be a nice addition. we just have pickles at home, ama. >> that's funny. >> bummer. as long as you have relish. that will work. >> i'm with you on that. >> spencer -- i'm sorry. i'm not a caviar truffles guy, i don't know if anyone else here is. >> i actually have an allergy to the white truffles that are popular. most people love them. there is something about that lingering aroma that makes me sick. however, i do like cavcaviar. i don't have it often but if there is an occasion, i enjoy it. >> i didn't know that. >> i'm somewhere between the two. between the beef and franks but i like a good hot dog with
4:43 pm
relish. not the process going into -- just like. >> sign me up for country ham and biscuits. >> i'm with you. >> and advil. >> maybe the ad vvil. a great moment, the first woman to act as head coach during an nba regular season game. she filled in for gregg popovich after he was ejected in the first half of the spurs' loss to the los angeles lakers. the 43-year-old is in her seventh year on the spur's coaching staff and didn't down play the moment calling it quote a big deal and it is. the spurs players were even more emphatic. guard derozan praised her saying quote she's one of us when she speaks, we are all ears and that is such a nice thing to see happening in the nba. what a great milestone, ama, i suppose at some point she'll become the first woman to be ejected as a coach from an nba
4:44 pm
game. >> i think you're right. the whole thing gives me chills and feels good and we see so much more of that lately and it's encouraging raising a daughter. i love it. >> we've seen that so much this year with the coach for the mlb down in miami and just so many breakthroughs but part of me wonders, spencer, why has it taken so long? >> yeah. >> we get asked that about so many advances that should have been made long before they were made. let be thankful for the fact that it's happening now and cheer them on. >> absolutely. spencer, patrick larc particula has broken the ground in terms of racial tolerance and barriers and now gender barriers. sports led the way quite often. >> that's absolutely correct, dan, you're right. let's look to sports for leadership. >> truhanks, everyone. that is this edition of the four at 4:00. we'll be right back.
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neighbor 1: touché. neighbor 2: ahhh! neighbor 1: pret! neighbor 2: en garde! for bundling made easy, go to part of building a better bay area means focussing on education. this school year is interesting obviously to say the least. challenging would be another word. abc 7 news anchor ama daetz has more. >> dan, distance learning has been especially difficult for
4:48 pm
some of the young learners. so as we hit winter break, i wondered how progress has become pa compared to previous school years. i checked in with susan la bell to find out if kids are keeping up or falling behind. >> i would say both. we have a group of kids who are completely engaged and making great progress. we have another group of kids who were behind but catching up because they're getting interventions, extra time with their teachers because we're worried about them, and unfortunately, we have a small group of children who aren't growing because we can't reach them. and that's either due to internet connectivity issues or disengagement or maybe it's a younger sibling with older kids and mom and dad both have to work, they are essential workers and left on their own and they're just young enough to not be able to engage on their own. so we're working really hard with our teachers and aids and
4:49 pm
administrators to reach these kids and get them back so we can see them as much as possible. >> susan told me when the number of covid cases had levelled off, teachers in her district were ready to go back to class and see and help the kids. they had their ppe and ready for a january return. when the cases started surging, it was a sigh of relief when the return to campus was called off. there was frustration because teachers were ready to go back. it's an emotional tug-of-war of wanting to be with the kids but safe. newsom has a plan to get kids back in class but dion, we'll have to see what that time comes. >> thanks. the space and science center in oakland reached into the past in order to celebrate the future. ♪ ♪ >> three, two, one! >> the 20th annual family new year's celebration as a virtual event showcasing a balloon drop
4:50 pm
from years past. it featured songs, activities, a dance party and family friendly toast. a japanese ritual to leave the past behind and welcome a fresh start to the new year. today the asian art museum held the 35th annual new year bell ringing ceremony at the oakland zen center. this year's event was held virtually. the buddhist temple is struck 108 times to cleanse us of our 108 mortal desires. >> a lot more to come, turning black walls into works of art. up next, we'll go inside dragon school in oakland as item powers artists to express themselves and new at 5:00, despite falling icu numbers, santa clara county had encouraging news today and also a snapshot of san francisco this in new year's eve without
4:51 pm
the fireworks, skating or crowds. those stories and more when ama and i see you for abc 7 news at 5:00. stwith the xfinity hello 2021 sales event. get powerful internet you can count on... ...and $250 back when you...
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4:54 pm
organization is helping turn blank walls into works of art. dragon school in oakland is empowering emerging artists to express themselves, and help beautify their neighborhood by creating unique and engaging murals. >> art is a necessity, for me. if i'm feeling sad, if i'm stressed, if i'm -- if i'm having crazy anxiety, which is like a lot, i go to my painting. i go to my drawings, and like i need it to survive. art is it's a part of me. it's something that is just my identity. you know? in terms of murals, that's brand new. it's only, like, two-years old. and that starts with dragon school.
4:55 pm
♪ >> the purpose is to just, like, paint the city with diversity and have all these kids come out of every color. dragon school's like, okay, you want to paint that? like, for sure. like, do your thing. that was the first thing i ever did was draw. and like, i remember specifically being in kindergarten, and my teacher saying does anybody want to volunteer and draw a dog on the board? and i was like, you need me to do this. and then, it kind of progressed into painting. and then, into graphic design. murals kind of came out of nowhere. i met one big artist, and he really inspired me. and i was like, wow, you can paint that big? i reached out to dragon school, through a friend of mine who was, like, friends with sage, who is one of the founders for dragon school. he just kind of gave may shot. >> i said i got you.
4:56 pm
let's do this. and she's never, ever done a large-size mural. and since then, she's done even more. so i've seen her confidence grow, not just with the arts, but personal confidence. the easiest way to describe dragon school would be to tell them it's a nonprofit program that uses creativity to collaborate with the community using arts. the message is just, you know, joining together as a public and the youth really gives people an ownership in where they are. before we started our organization, there was essentially two places for people to paint on walls. and that was illegally, and, often, just illegal graffiti. or public-arts program by a professional artist. that's a huge, giant space between. so, we made a forum for them.
4:57 pm
there was a famous school in oxford, england, called dragon school. and it's for the very elite. it's a very wealthy, elite school. we wanted to kind of flip it. we wanted to kind of use that name, and it's not that, at all. anybody can participate. this is completely opt sposite that. this is a dragon school for everybody. >> art can be anything, and it should be accessible to -- to anybody and everybody because it's just a way to express yourself. i just want kids to know that, like, there's opportunity for you in the arts. like, you don't have to be a starving artist. that's not the only thing that you're meant to do. >> everybody wants to live in a nice community that they feel safe and they feel like they're connected to it. i mean, everybody. there's just something that we all can get behind. working together. and yeah, if we are making a body of art, it's going to make it a more interesting place to be. >> all of their work is so stunning. you can check out abc's new
4:58 pm
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what we are seeing now is not normal. >> not normal. sobering news from santa clara county on this final day of 2020. san francisco cancels its firework show and urges everyone to, please, just stay home. that's the final letter coming down from san francisco's cliff house. forced to close because of the pandemic. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. as 2020 comes to an end, officials are giving us one more, sobering reminder about gatherings. on a night that was seemingly made for getting together. instead, people are planning to celebrate at home. we found people at local liquor store stocking up. it's all under the cloud of the pandemic, whic


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