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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 31, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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well, no sanctioned fireworks this year, but plenty of the unsanctioned kind. why officials say they're bracing for an increase in illegal fireworks complaints. >> i'm an a secret virtual party. my story, next. a few hours of dry weather to start the new year, and then rain, rain, rain. i'll have the forecast, abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> building a better bay area, this is abc 7 tonight, a new year's eve like no other in new york city. last year, more than a million people packed times square.
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tonight's celebration was only open to a small number of frontline workers because of the pandemic. >> in less than 60 minutes now, the bay area will ring in the new year. here's a live look outside from our kgo roof camera, usually we'd see crowds packed along the waterfront, but this year's show has been canceled. >> jr stone joins us live from the embarcadero. and tonight's celebrations look different this year. >> reporter: well, they certainly do, ama. usually we'd be seeing the fireworks and hearing the fireworks. not the case tonight. pretty quiet out there, empty streets, but it is not all doom and gloom. 2020 for a little while longer, and you're about to see there is some excitement there in the city. darkness over the bay on this new year's eve. no fireworks. no crowds. but at least one bootlegin' hotsy-totsy virtual party from
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north beach. >> three, two, one, let's do this. ♪ >> we're completely virtual tonight. >> reporter: meaning the magician at the speak easy who does card tricks is streaming. the dancer is streaming. all the rest are streaming. >> we've got bands and magicians, drag queens and fortune tellers. >> reporter: but hit the streets, and it's a different story. >> slow, there aren't a lot of people out. >> i honestly think it's a nice closure to 2020, because honestly, it's been way too chaotic. >> reporter: but not everyone is happy. promoters and those who run the midway sf protested the stay-at-home orders outside city hall. >> the ban on outdoor dining is misguided and hurting so many businesses hanging on by a shoestring. >> what the hell did the state do to increase icu capacity? why are we here again? feels like they did a whole lot
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of nothing. >> reporter: certainly an emotional night for everyone. >> happy 2020. >> happy new year. happy 2021. >> reporter: on the lonely streets, outside city hall and in the virtual party, it's been quite the ♪ >> reporter: yeah, quite the virtual party in san francisco. we were just looking across the bay, and they've certainly stopped in the last ten seconds or so, but they had some personal fireworks going off in the distance, but no professional ones going off above the bay tonight. 2020 for just an hour longer. we can get through. reporting live in san francisco, jr stone, abc 7 news. >> all right, jr, thanks, happy new year to you. san francisco police say they will have officers out tonight along the embarcadero and downtown and in neighborhoods making sure large-scale gatherings do not happen, and
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that includes private parties. >> the types of private events throughout the city, we are investigating those events if we have the opportunity to work with the either business owner or the person promoting those events or doing that. >> the city attorney's office and the department of public health say they will also investigate. illegal fireworks are exploding in the east bay tonight. matt boon is in richmond where officials say it's a mix of pandemic boredom and lack of enforcement. >> reporter: it is pretty when you look across the bay area and see the fireworks popping up as people celebrate moving into 2021, but of course it is illegal here, and the mayor of richmond says he's been getting plenty of complaints recently and fears tonight will be worse. it didn't take long for the fireworks to start. >> i just don't understand it. i don't know why people are so obsessed with fireworks.
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>> reporter: he says illegal fireworks have been almost a nightly occurrence this year. >> i think's related to covid. they keep going off, and people complain bitterly about them. it wakes them up at night. it scares them. their pets go crazy. >> reporter: but he says police have little success trying to track people down. >> the biggest problem they have, by the time they get a complaint and get to the location, it's all over. >> reporter: while you would normally expect them on new year's eve. noel guy yoe says he's noticed them as well. he says oakland police typically have higher priorities to tend to. >> it's an issue of enforcement. and in right in certain parts our neighborhood, you know, it's, the response is not as great as it should be. >> reporter: there's also the issue of accidental injuries, with icu beds in the region dangerously full already. >> i don't think a fourth of
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july or new year's goes by that somebody somewhere doesn't get seriously injured. matt boone, abc 7 news. if you're bummed about missing out on the big, in-person fireworks celebrations, we have you covered. head to our app or roku or apple tv for a compilation of the show in san francisco that ushered in 2016. new at 11:00, florida is the latest state to confirm a case of the new variant of the coronavirus. state officials confirmed it in a man in his 20s. he's about 100 miles north of miami on the southeast coast. he had no known travel history. governor newsom confirmed yesterday that the new variant was found in southern california. it's believed this new variant is more contagious. sad to say, it looks like there will be a lot of carryover from 2020 into the new year. san francisco extended the city's stay-at-home order indefinitely. >> the extension means personal
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care services, like hair and nail salons will remain closed, and still no outdoor dining at restaurants. retail and shopping malls will stay open at 20% capacity. same goes for outdoor gyms. small gatherings are still allowed but with restrictions. many say the city's message is contradictory. >> probably less clenly to sit out here than it is in the outdoor dining where they're actively clean ng the space after every customer comes in and out. >> matt haney says he's concerned about some of the blanket policies, which he feels lead to public mistrust. >> i'm concerned that by prohibiting outdoor activities that we may be forcing people inside where it is much more dangerous and where most of the spread is occurring. >> now haney added that lawmakers need to be more transparent, he believes, about the data used to create policies like the stay-at-home order.
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in the south bay, santa clara county is now vaccinating first responders like firefighters, police officers, paramedics and emts. they're next on the cdc and county's vaccine priority list. long-term care facility staff are also being vabted. nearly 95,000 doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccines have been delivered to the county with much more on the way. >> the sooner we get all our first responders through the sooner we can move on through the next tiers, the sooner our community members can get vaccinated. >> the county will begin administering second doses to thousands of health care workers as early as next week. icu capacity inched up across the region. the availability at 8.5%. dipping below the 15% threshold. san joaquin valley and southern california remained at 0%. los angeles mayor with a stark warning as l.a. county saw its
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deadliest day since the pandemic began. >> we are still going to have our toughest and darkest days. our hospitals are doing miraculous work. our health care workers are stretched to the limit, taking shift after shift after shift. >> l.a. county's public health department posted a tweet every ten minutes today to mark a new death from covid. and two pedestrians are dead tonight after they were hit by a stolen car in san francisco, south of market area this afternoon. the collision happened at 4:00 at second and mission streets. one pedestrian died at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital but passed away there. police say the suspected driver tried to run away from the scene but was eventually apprehended by officers. pg&e customers can expect an increase in monthly bills in the new year. a bill for someone receiving electricity and gas is rising by an average of $5.15 a month.
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electricity bills will rise on average $6.13. it will help fund upgrades to the system. it really is an unpress dechtsed new year's eve. see how celebrations have been forced to change around the world. the end of an era and a sign of the times. people gather to say good-bye to an iconic san francisco restaurant. as the new year gets under way, get ready for a hill bit
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fireworks around the world are marking the end of a year like no other. china rang in the new year earlier today with a virtual show over hong kong followed by egypt and spain with real shows but little or no crowds. and as people are eager to leave 2020 in the past, officials worldwide are warning everyone to observe this occasion at a distance. reporter daryl forgis is in new york where the new year has already started. >> reporter: in australia and thailand, moscow and dubai, france and ireland, the world celebrating the end of a year unlike any other and looking forward to what the future has in store. >> i believe 2021 is above all when we will eventually do those every day things that now seem lost in the past. >> reporter: it's been exactly a
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year since mysterious cases of sickness were first reported to the world health organization. over the following 365 days, covid-19 touched all corners of the earth and changed our way of life. >> this is surreal. >> reporter: in the city that never sleeps, quiet streets, new yorkers eager to see 2020 in the rear view mirror. >> thank god's over. start fresh tomorrow. >> reporter: for nearly 120 years revelers have gathered in times square. >> ho >> hopefully we ask stamp this virus out and get on with our lives. >> reporter: in lieu of all night parties, they've dedicated their lives to fighting the crisis. >> i'm happy tobehere as one of the select few who get to kick 2020 out the door. i'm daryl forgis. a san francisco landmark closed for good. the 157-year-old restaurant shut
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down after the proprietor said negotiations fell apart. onlookers say it was a disappointing way to end the year. >> i'm actually glad we had the earthquake this morning so we cleared that off our 2020 disaster bin ggo card. i was kind of waiting for that, but this is inexpressably sad for the cliff house to be closing. >> more than 180 people will be out of work with the sfraubt's closer. lake superior university in michigan released its tongue-in-cheek list of banished words and phrases for 2021. there's a decidedly coronavirus theme. topping the list is covid-19 or coronavirus as well as social distancing. and we're all in this together, followed by in an abundance of caution. plus, in these uncertain times. those are the top five. university parsed through nearly
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1500 nominations to come up with this list based on overyus and misuse this year. and we've used those plenty of times this year we must admit. we will not be getting any fireworks over san francisco bay. >> mother nature more than maid made up for it. check out this. spencer christian has a look at our next round of rain. spencer? >> you're right of the that next round of rain is not far off. we'll start the new year off with dry weather, but it won't last long. mainly dry conditions over the bay area. this is a lovely view from the exploratorium camera. 50 in the city and low to mid-40s at morgan hill and half moon bay. getting a little cool. the view from emeryville, 39
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degrees in santa rosa. 50 in novato. that must be a mistake. it can't be that warm there. looking across the embarcadero from our rooftop, these are our forecast features, dry weather for the start of new year's day, but a wet pattern begins tomorrow night and we'll have a series of storms following that through most of next week. we also have a high surf advisory in effect until 3:00 a.m., with the large breakers up to about 20 feet. strong rip currents are a possibility. there may even be a little beach erosion. let's talk about our approaching storm. the first one ranks only one on the storm impact scale. tomorrow night into saturday morning, light showers with rainfall totals under under u inch. throughout the day we'll see bright skies but with increasing clouds and tomorrow night the showers start to move through
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from the north bay to the south bay, and they will wind down by about midday on saturday. rainfall estimates, notice again, under a tenth of an inch in most locations. tonight, as i mentioned, it will be pretty chilly, compared with last night. inland locations will see low temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, and on the coast, low 40s. tomorrow, under bright but increasingly cloudy skies. high temperatures will range from mid-50s at the coast to about 60 degrees along the bay shoreline and about 60 in mostt locations. we get another round of light rain late saturday night into early sunday, then a little break and then on monday, a stronger, juicier storm comes in, if you will. it ranks two on the storm impact scale, rainy and windy, and another wave of rainen wednesday
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a and showers into thursday. >> maybe that bodes well for a
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in the south bay, residents of palo alto are honoring workers with a colorful display. >> messages have been hung on two streets. the artists are encouraging others to add to it. messages rank from thank you notes to uplifting reminders. >> stay safe, hope everybody's having a good time, cartoony things. it shows people care about each other. >> it's nice, isn't it? an end date for the project hasn't been decide. but residents say the display is growing by the day. >> that is really nice. i love it. all right, casey is here with sports. >> dan and ama, as we count down to the end of 2020, the warriors
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also have a special count down, and the
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happy new year's eve. the san jose state spartans magical season came to an end today, 2020 style as their first bowl game in five years was spoiled when they learned right before kickoff that six players and two coordinators were unavailable for the game. the coach chose not to elaborate on the reason why. they know they have their work cut out for them against ball state in the arizona bowl. the spartans struggled right from the jump. nick starkle, picked off antonio phillips. he takes it to the house for a pick six. three picks today for streerki stree the rout is on for wall staball
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a wide open hole, jukes the kicker. gives the sideline something to cheer about. a 99-yard touchdown, 34-13 the final, painful end to a special season. >> as we evaluate, we all feel awful today. as we evaluate, look back and evaluate the season, i just talk to them about how incredible this journey has been. how important it is that we don't get to get upset and act like a jerk just because we lost a game. >> cal and oregon. no problems from bradley early. 15 points in the first half, and the bears up on the ducks by seven at one time. second half, cal within one. on. oregon's chris duarte scored 14 points in a three-minute stretch. stanford's game was postponed. as we count down to the end of 2020, the warriors are also counting down.
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it has been 296 days since the last regular season game at chase center. that stretch ends tomorrow. and the warriors host the blazers on new year's day. and draymond green is listed as probable. some good news for the dubs to close out 2020. like everyone, coach kerr is ready to move on. >> i'm happy the year is ending, like most people. it's been a lousy year for everybody. there is a light at the end of the tunnel, with the vaccines and with just a glimpse of the future and understand that we're all going to get through this eventually, but it's not going to happen overnight. >> happy new year. this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> wow, all right. that is going to do it, dan, for not just tonight but for the year. >> that's it, right? >> thanks for joining us. yeah, i'm
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welcome to "new year's rockin' eve." this is america's most-watched new year's eve celebration. we may not have a massive crowd in times square, but we've got an evic show, chart-topping performances, the world-famous ball drop, we've got jennifer lopez ready to take our stage. we've got masks, plus we've got just 29 minutes until we say good-bye, finally, to 2020 and hello to 2021. so let's get it started, here we go! live from times square, it's "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve 2021 with ryan seacrest" presented by planet fitness. with a live performance by new york's own jennifer lopez minutes before midnight. before the ball drops, doja cat and megan thee stallion.


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