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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 7, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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prompted bipartisan lawmakers to call for his removal. >> i join the democratic senate leader to call to remove this president by immediately invoking the 25th amendment. if the vice president and cabinet do not act, the congress may be prepared to move forward with impeachment. >> president trump made no public appearances today but this afternoon the white house issued a statement contradicting his comments yesterday where he refused to criticize the rioters instead telling them he loved them. >> the violence we saw yesterday at our nation's capitol was appalling, reprehensible to the american way. we condemn it. the president and this administration in the strongest possible terms. >> lost amid the developments congress early this morning finalized joe biden's victory. president trump vowed a peaceful transfer of power. former attorney general bill barr issued a statement saying
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quote orchestrating a mob to pressure congress is inexcusable. the president's conduct yesterday was a betrayal of office and supporters. today transportation secretary elaine chow became the first trump cabinet member to announce a resignation. the wife of mitch mcconnell said she was deeply troubled by what she called the entirely avoidable events. eight administration officials resigned among deputy national security advisor matt and mick mulvaney and sarah matthews and the first lady's chief of staff stephanie grisham. let's go to melanie woodro that spoke to members of congress at the capitol watching this with some level of fear. >> absolutely. some expected this to happen and while outraged, they say tair n they're not surprised.
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>> reporter: in the is the gas mask. >> it was pandemonium in some respects but we were very disminudi disciplined and followed instructions. i expected something, and actually, i wore tennis shoes to the hill. >> reporter: she says the response was shameful, disgraceful and inequatable. >> you can't tell me there is not some systemic racism in the disparities how black lives hatthat matter protesters would have been pushed back and dealt with and because they are donald trump's protesters there by the orders of this president they were told to insight violence. they were told to come to the capitol and primarily white. you can't tell me that the response was equatable and it wasn't. >> reporter: representative zoe
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was concerned by the security response. >> we can't allow terrorists to come in and invade the capitol of the united states. it unacceptable. >> reporter: representative ro khanna was locked in his office until 10:00 p.m. many are calling for president trump to be removed from office. >> i think that the president has indicated he's a threat to the security of this country. >> reporter: representative jared huffman. >> it felt surreal and shocking and really all of us saw it coming. this is so predictable when you look at everything over the last four years and especially everything that trump has done to fuel this fire and set it in motion these past few weeks. he needs to be removed right away and there is only one way to do that, the 25th amendment. >> lawmakers say they got back to their work at hand with many returning to their homes close
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to 5:00 this morning. melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> give us an idea what some of the other concerns lawmakers have been sharing with you today. >> well, dan, some covid-19 concerns for sure. congresswoman lee says that yesterday was a covid-19 superspreader event. she said many people were not wearing masks. dan? >> we did see that for sure. thank you very much. a former fbi agent is expressing outrage over how easily the protrump rioters were able to breach the u.s. capitol yesterday. >> it wasn't anned ed adaadaad demonstration. it was planned for sometime. so why did it have resources necessary? they had no perimeters set up and when they breached the buildings, that's absolutely unacceptable. >> rick smith talked with me today on "midday live" and says it appears the law enforcement response was not organize nicd all and doesn't believe anything
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like this will happen at the inauguration in two weeks. "time magazine" cover says democracy under attack. it shows capitol police guarding the house chamber as the mob tried to break in. you see guns drawn there. you can see more powerful images of yesterday's rampage, so many of them at calls are growing for president trump to be removed from office or at least from power. the move can be misaccomplished impeachment or invoking the 25th amendment. >> if he's deranged, the 25th amendment is the proper way to go but iffe eshe's actually jus calculating, if he's got all his marbles but deliberately engaging in demagoguery in order to frustrate his defeat at the polls, at that time really more a matter of impeachment. >> professor michael mcconnell is the director of sanford's constitutional law center.
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he tells us the 25th amendment which would require a vice president pence and majority of the cabinet to vote to remove trump would be quicker than impeachment in either scenario, pence would take over until joe biden's inauguration. president trump has reportedly suggested he wants to pardon himself before leaving office. sources tell abc news discussions between trump and white house advisors have happened in recent weeks. it's not clear if the issue has been discussed since yesterday's riots. trump would be the first president ever to pardon himself. the constitution does not address the issue. several bay area social media companies have announced new restrictions on president trump. abc news reporter chris nguyen has the story from silicon valley. >> reporter: this afternoon president trump's megaphone is silenced for now. twitter was the first to act removing some of the president's recent tweets and suspendtain sm from the platform for at least 12 hours.
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facebook followed by announcing the president's accounts would be locked until inauguration day at the very least. we contacted twitter and facebook based in the bay area. both didn't make an executive available to answer questions. the facebook ceo mark zug ee ee zuckerberg said they took action. >> it would be an incredibly wasted opportunity if we went back to life as normal. >> reporter: ian senior editor at large said the chaos was a wackup call for an industry unchecked for years. >> we need to figure out what social media needs to become and it can't just be the whims of two male white ceos who are currently in charge of facebook and twitter. >> reporter: much is said about the protections these companies have under section 230 of the communications decency act that shields them from liability for much of the content their users post but with no restrictions,
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the consequences can be dangerous. >> that culture of anonymity encouraged more and more inflammatory rhetoric. >> reporter: sjsu mass communication expert richard craig says social media companies don't have the band width to monitor online communities. >> the more you get into it, the more you get acostcustomed to t outrageousness of it all and the more you get caught up in the mania. >> reporter: events reigniting the debate over free speech and safety. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> there is this, former first lady michelle obama issued a lengthy statement about the riot today a portion of which called out big tech. she wrote quote now is the time for silicon valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior and go further than they have already by permanently banning this man from their platforms and putting in place
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policies to prevent their technology from being used by the nation's leaders to fuel insurrecti insurrection. it could have been prevented, words from the mother of the suspect in the deadly hit and run in san francisco. exhausted and overwhelmed, covid cases rising and fewer ho -- funeral homes filling up. symbolic trees vandalized. i'm spencer christian. there is more rain on the way but it's about the last rain we'll see for awhile. we have the power to harness abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come.
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a suspect is in custody for the fatal fourth of july shooting for a 6-year-old san francisco boy. jace young was hit by gunfire as he watched fireworks with his family. police arrested 18-year-old james harbor yesterday in san francisco. a motive for the shooting wasn't released but police previously said the young man was an innocent victim in a targeted shooting. for the first time, we're hearing from troy mccalister's mother, the double hit and run. we spoke with his mother. >> reporter: from the moment sylvia mccalister saw the news on new year's eve of this deadly
4:13 pm
double fatal hit and run, she knew the driver was her son troy. >> they didn't have his name, but you know i know my child. >> reporter: troy mccalister a pal raleigh with a lengthy record drove a stolen vehicle in the deadly crash that killed two women. i greeted the family at sfo wednesday morning as their plane landed. at the scent scene we heard from sill sylvia's bother and uncle and sent a strong message for letting the nephew on the streets after a 2015 armed robbery. >> i don't understand why they released him. i really cannot understand that. >> reporter: sylvia a single mother of two says the system as a whole failed her and her son. >> the probation officer, i called them once. i called 10, 15 times. i tried to call the crisis center several times. you call and they say they will call you back. they don't.
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>> reporter: i reached out to the california department of corrections and rehabilitation to try to talk about what happened after sylvia's calls. no one replied today but earlier they sent me a statement saying the parole office followed all procedures including conducting investigations and making appropriate referrals. siylvia claims her son's mental health suffered during his time in jail and acknowledged he's been in trouble more times than she can count but no excuse for new year's eve. here is her message to the family and the bay area. >> i'm very sorry and i wish it hadn't happened, and i will be praying for her and i hope that ze she's doing like wise for us even though troy didn't get hurt or killed, it's the end of his life. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. a historic symbol of san
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francisco's japan town is vandalized. someone destroyed a pair of cherry blossom trees in the japanese cultural center. it happened overnight. in a facebook post the executive director says the trees were destroyed to the trunk, all the branchs cut off. because of the damage, cherry blossoms will not bloom for the trees this year. >> to be greeted with two cherry trees that we have been cherishing and honoring for so long destroyed just really saddened us to start the new year like this. >> and what you're looking at here this morning oragami. there is some big issues with bart's expensive new cars so much so it's halted delivery of any additional cars for at least three to six months. abc 7 news anchor larry beil spoke with chronicle insider and
4:16 pm
contributor phil ma tear aboe w problems. >> what are the problems with the cars? >> it interesting. the world turns. elections come and go and pandemics come and hopefully will go and bart keeps rolling along. the latest example is the $2 million piece cars the bart is buying now in order to replace its older fleet. they already have gotten 290 of then. they're on track to get 910 of them. like i said, they can cost between 1.7 and $2 million a piece but having problems at a rate that far eclipses the 40-year-old cars they're replacing. the two biggest problems appear to be the automatic computer system on the trains that is shutting down so it has to be rebooted to stop for five to ten minutes sometimes repeatedly in a day. the second problem is when they go and hit the brakes on rainy days or when the tracks are wet, the skidding causes flattening on some of the wheels and that has to go back into the shop and
4:17 pm
be repaired. the question is are they buying lemons and they have to make sure they're not before they go into debt on these. >> now, would you say these issues post a serious danger to riders? i mean, if they have problems stopping these cars when it's raining, that seems fairly significant. >> lucky, the cars are stopping where they are supposed to. the problem is it's taking a toll on the wheels when they do it and once they have a flat stop, it has to be resurfaced and it means taking the car out of commission. the stops due to the computer problems no problem there, either. it's just backing up the whole line. but what it means is a question of reliability and if you're talking about spending $3.6 billion on new cars, you want to make sure they work, what you don't want to do is have them come in and be in the shop all the time and these new cars unfortunately have been in the shop almost since they have arrived whether supposedly for
4:18 pm
fine tuning or getting things done but it seems like they take a lot more maintenance than the cold ones we got. the old ones are running out of steam getting too old to keep going and we'll have to fix these so they're saying look, we can't be stuck with a lemon. we've got to get them to be fixed. question is will they be? inheriting another headache for years to come. >> wow. the cars are made by a french company. what is the company saying about the problems? >> they will do everything they can and work with bart to fix them and they've said that before a couple months ago. so they're setting up shop in pittsburgh here to try to put the finishing touches on the cars as they come in. tair they're going to have to take a hard look at these. it's not like bart has a lot of options. this is probably four or five companies to do this kind of work and bart is unique system with different track gauges than the rest of the rails in the quite. once aga
4:19 pm
-- united states. the bay area is moving we are one of a kind and have one of a kind problem for a one of a kind system. the only thing, it's going to cost a heck of a lot of money. >> sometimes it's not great being that unique, right? >> it's funny. they have a brand-new maserati coming in but the clunked up old volvos are doing a better job. >> bart, i don't know what to say anymore. thank you, phil. read his columns in the chronicle every sunday and wednesday. let turn our attention to the weather forecast. a little bit of rain but a lot of sun it sounds like kristen. >> that's right, spencer, what's the timeline on the rain? >> well, a matter of hours. less than -- fewer than 24 hours or less than a half day as the rain starts to develop over the north bay as the rainfall generally does. here is a view that doesn't show a hint of rain coming our way looking from sutro tower.
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upper 50s oakland, mountain view, san jose, morgan hill and another view shows a few more clouds looking westward from emeryville. it is 56 now in santa rosa. we have mid 50s in novato. fairly uniformed range of temperatures across the region and our view from the rooftop at abc 7 looking over the bay, skies are bright but becoming increasingly cloudy and these are our forecast features. we'll see showers developing overnight but ending in the early morning hours. it will be sunnier and drier tomorrow afternoon and then we'll have a dry and mild pattern going into the weekend and beyond. the approaching storm ranks only one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity producing light to moderate showers starting late tonight again and continuing through the early morning hours. we expect up to maybe a quarter of an inch of rain in the north bay which will be our wettest region but less than a .10 in other areas. notice we'll see the first wave
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of rain arrive in the north bay between 10:00 p.m. and midnight. it will swing through and weakening as it does so and between 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. tomorrow we'll see it falling apart basically with a few scattered or isolated trailing showers behind the front and by 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. tomorrow we can expect at least partial clearing. rainfall estimates .10 for most locations or below .10 but up in the north bay wetter in santa rosa and from 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to 6:00 a.m. saturday wave heights up to 20, 25 feet maybe locally higher. this is a risk of sneaker waves. overnight low temperatures mainly in the mid 40s, high temperatures upper 50s at the coast and 61 to 611 around t ar bay shoreline and mildest inland locations and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice a nice dry and mainly sunny weekend coming our way
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saturday and sunday. it won't be much milder than tomorrow but it will be sunny or drier and by the middle of next week, wednesday, thursday, we could see high temperatures in the upper 60s, mid 60s around the bay shoreline and 60 or above on the coast. not typical january weather but it's looking rather nice, don't you think, dan and kristen? >> yeah, absolutely for this time of the year, thank you. >> nice break. elon musk moves to the top of the heap. the new title he just earned. it's not just social media. i'm michael f
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time for consumer news. >> michael finney is here with more. >> it's not just twitter and facebook, shopify linked online stores. trump and shop donald were both removed for violating shopify's company policy promoting or supporting violence. in a statement shopify officiala president the policy. >> turbo tax will make sure
4:26 pm
customers receive their second stimulus payments after an irs error. this comes after some customers from the first round of payments got it through a temporary pass through bank account made by their tax preparer. we told you about it if you're one of these people, you know. the tax preparer say they have worked with the irs to make sure payments go to the account associated with the customer. as more people move to online shopping during the covid-19 pandemic, there is an increase in package theft. a recent survey says 43% of americans have had a package stolen in 2020 and that's up 36 percent from the year before. almost two-thirds of them say it happened to them more than once. both of you i'm sure are worried about the packages coming into your home. most of us are. if your home isn't safe, they can put them on lockers. you can go online and see who will do that for you and how it's done. >> good info.
4:27 pm
thank you. tesla founder elon musk is now the richest person in the world. musk pushed past jeff bezos today. the 49-year-old is worth $185 billion up more than 30 billion from last year. musk reacted to the news on twitter today writing quote how strange then adding quote well back to work. the covid surge continues. the new record numbers and the rush to get everyone vaccinated. and you may need to reschedule ♪ ♪ it's the brand new chicken dance song uh ♪ ♪ get down heat it up like a sauna ♪ ♪ spin around one time if you wanna ♪ new chicken dance new chicken sandwich my juicy, thickest fillet yet. my cluck sandwich combos. only at jack in the box.
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the virus taking 583 lives in one day up 2% from the day before which was also a record. we're talking about california here. hospitals are straining under the unprecedented case load now at more than 36,300 new cases. icu capacity is falling again in the bay area at just 3.5% now. two of the bay area's largest flarge largest funeral homes have tripled capacity reporting the highest spoke in covid deaths s since on onset of the pandemic. >> stephanie see rar ierra has story. >> reporter: exhausted in daly city says it the busiest they've been in their more than 50-year history. >> gone from ten to over 30 covid related deaths in the last month. >> reporter: back in march, he doubled the facility's storage to accommodate the surge. >> thank god we did.
4:31 pm
you know, during the first nine months we were wondering was it totally necessary but it was definitely 100% necessary. >> reporter: with the extra space, the capacity is at 80%. he's accommodating families with safe outdoor services with pews six feet apart. he served entire families who tested positive for covid after losing their loved one to the virus. >> we're just starting to see the christmas holiday surge and i'm sure it is going to be an additional surge or continuing surge with the new years holiday, as well. >> reporter: robert gordon president of the cypress lawn funeral home agrees it's only getting worse. his facilities combined total capacity has spiked to 80%. >> last month we doubled the number that we normally would see of families we helped through that and this month it looks like we will probably do four to five times the number of services for families that were affected by covid-19.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: in march, gordon purchased these two storage units that could accommodate an additional 100 bodies. >> until november, we really didn't use them at all. but now we are starting to use both containers to help us through this time. >> reporter: he knows of several smaller funeral homes across the bay area that have already reached capacity and have started to turn people away. a grim reminder. >> this is much more dangerous at this stage than any stage it has been since back in march. >> reporter: stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. in the south bay, community based clinics are preparing to start large scale immunizations as soon as vaccines are available. there are challenges obviously including how to get health care providers vaccinated first and to address concerns about safety. abc 7 news reporter david louie looks how one large clinic operation hopes to protect the vulnerable latino community. >> reporter: while we've seen
4:33 pm
other health care workers get vaccinated, these visuals are expected to be an important tool to address the surge of infections in san jose's latino community. these are their front line staff members at gardener health services who run the clinics and covid testing sites in east san jose. >> we're willing to take it. we're going to be vaccinated and they should seriously consider being vaccinated, as well because it's going to benefit the community at large. >> reporter: the infection rate at the east an jose testing site is 17% for the past three weeks. >> that needs to be controlled. and i feel like the only way that surge can be controlled is by mass vaccination. >> reporter: there remains reluctance to get vaccinated because of side effects among residents but also within her own health care team. >> 30% of our health care workers are reluctant to get the vaccine. >> reporter: gardener and community partners are working on a culturally competent campaign to lower the
4:34 pm
resistance. >> it will be print and text messaging, you know, social media and so forth and in addition we'll be collaborating with agencies just to get the message across in the various communities we serve. >> reporter: the governor is allocating a portion of a $300 million budget. especially in heavily impacted communities. >> i'm hoping that the reluctance will definitely go down as more people are getting the vaccine and they see lesser side effects of the vaccine. >> reporter: gardener believes its staff will be able to ramp up quickly to get vaccinations underway. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. right now on our website, you can see where you may fall in line to be vaccinated. just answer a few questions on this calculator at the dmv is once again suspending behind the wheel driving tests. officials say having an examiner inside a vehicle with a driver just isn't safe with the current surge in covid-19 cases.
4:35 pm
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actions of violence and december st -- destruction you do not represent our country and to those who broke the law you will pay. a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th. my mission is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition of power. >> with that president trump is back on twitter. that's the video message he tweeted. the president is condemning the violence at the u.s. capitol building 24 hours ago but in the video, i should say in the video he's conceding to president elect joe biden promising an orderly transition of power on january 20th. well, time for the four at 4:00. the dust is settleding ing in washington somewhat. four people are dead after a violent mob of president trump supporters stormed the capitol leaving behind a path of destruction. it was a violent attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election as you know. today there are growing calls for republican leaders to invoke
4:39 pm
the 25th amendment to remove trump from power. house speaker nancy pelosi threatened to start impeachment proceedings. many believe as they explore possibilities here that the 25th amendment there is simply not enough time and it very unlikely to happen with only a few days left in his presidency. anyone want to take this, a manman? we'll start with you. you've been watching this extremely closely. >> yeah, i mean, excuse me. that's a good point, the timing of it all. there is not much time left. it's so unreal sort of watching everything unfold but at the same time, nothing even shocks me anymore, which is a sad part. i 178sometimes wonder what will turn on the tv to shock me anymore? it's all very overwhelming. >> i agree and spencer -- >> hard to process everything. >> spencer, we lost spencer. we'll get back to him in a moment when we can reestablish the signal. spencer, do we have you back?
4:40 pm
kristen, you watch politics a lot. we've been talking a great deal. >> that is true. to get the 25th amendment, you need vice president pence that indicated according to the "new york times" he's not willing to go down that road and you need half the cabinet mayembers, eig out of the 15. it unlikely they will meet that threshold. all right. social media is silencing president trump. facebook announced today it's banning the president until at least the end of his term in 13 days. the company said the risk of allowing trump to use the platform is too great, too much risk and twitter banned him for 12 hours. he's back but the mat foplatfor warned him it may suspend him permanently. i don't know if we have spencer back, do we? no. ama, what do you think? a lot of people are saying this should have happened along time ago. do we have ya? >> yeah, i don't know.
4:41 pm
i'm thinking like what took so lo long? same with the message he put out today sort of finally conceding and saying we all need to come together, that sort of thing. it's about time, you know, it's just -- yeah. >> yeah, i would just add, guys, i think one of the things that twitter has done recently that was very smart is when something was tweeted by the president that is simply untrue, they labeled it as such. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> so that took a little bit of the power away from this decimation of false information. >> first the labeling and taking down of tweets they have been reluctant to do. changes will be made with regard to the way these platforms treat even top leaders in this country, you know, based on what
4:42 pm
we saw. >> thank you, kristen. newspapers around the u.s. and the world had headlines about the riots. my apologieapologies, it's me, kristen. trump incited mob storms u.s. capitol. the new york times trump incites mob. ram pain page in capitol forces evacuations part of his legacy a republican says and overseas trump's hate mob storms the capitol. all of the headlines in major papers in the country and overseas and that's one of the things we spoke about yesterday as well. it's obviously damaging to the country, but i also hate we are a beacon of hope for a lot of countries who look at our democracy as something to aspire to and i hate to see us dismay that kind of chaos for the world. ama, why don't we start with you on that? it's so damaging in so many ways. >> yeah, i agree with you. you're absolutely right. i do always find it fascinating
4:43 pm
to see how different papers cover it and the snapshots that you see and it just kind of brings it home it will be a moment down the line we'll look back at the newspaper covers and stop and pause and go wow, can you believe that happened? >> it's interesting. kristen, history judges things differently as time moves on but it will be interesting to see how what happened yesterday is judged a year from now, five years from now, 10, 20 years from now. >> absolutely. this is one of the moments if you collect newspapers, right, it would be interesting and it interesting while so many countries denounced the attack on democracy, german chancellor angela merkel one of the few that names the president and talks about his role in it and regrets his actions and it's interesting. a lot of people talk about how germany went through facisim. so they are quick to say we
4:44 pm
stand up against that. yesterday's chaos on capitol hill is a struggle for parents trying to figure out how to talk to their kids about what is happening. it's important to be honest. >> it's okay for kids to feel scared and unsettled. we're not supposed to see chaos in a mace we're supposed to see stability. the other thing is as parents we've been having this conversation for ages telling our kids use your words, not your hands and that's basically what we need to tell them what we've seen happen. in this country, we have the right to peacefully protest. we don't have the right to be violent. we as the paralengents have too talk about this. >> the reality is most of america isn't against us. this is a small percentage of people. we're safe in our homes to practice self-care, to establish what's under our control and there is never been as important a time to be together throughout covid and reach for each other that we can be together in suffering and healing. reach out to people and talk to
4:45 pm
your kids and help them understand and remind them of those ways that we keep each other safe and can get through this. >> ama, is your daughter too young for such conversations? i wonder if you keep her away from the tv at all as you watch? >> well, i mean, if she's with me, i'll be honest, i'm not going to be watching the news. we're not about screen time. we're being interactive, things like that. she's still learning words so she's way too young to even know anything about this. but i do think it a good strategy to be able to talk to your kids about it even if they don't bring it up. maybe start the conversation because if they're hold enough, who knows what they're sharing with friends and seeing on social media. if they don't bring it up, it's good to check in with them and say hey, i'm here if you want to talk about it. what are your feelings about it? definitely a conversation that needs to be had. >> they pick up the vibes. my kids are grown. they pick up the tension and know if we as parents are concerned and that interesting
4:46 pm
gap of switch, eigeven, eight, is tough but kristen, you have teenagers. >> don't lie to them. don't sugarcoat it. check in on them but in a way, i think this is kind of opened their eyes to what they need to do in the society and their role in trying to shape their world. so, you know, if the conversations are had in a positive way, it can lead to learning. >> it's important to give them that sense of comfort, too. that's it for is important to me... being diagnosed
4:47 pm
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4:49 pm
now to a bay area artist known for supporting women. she believes painting skin color is as complex as an individual. >> i think every person has a story and every piece has different layers. when words escape me, painting feels like a way i'm able to tell my story. i grew up in the philippines and even in the philippines having dark erskine was dismiss and when i emigrated from the philippines to here just to be seeps probably the biggest thing. my series was as if i was telling children like me like i was growing up how proud we
4:50 pm
needed to be how i see the color of our skin and how important that is. i want to honor my ancestors, the people before me. the women before me in a way that just shows their resilience and their beauty and also their femininit femininity. as a child at 5 in the philippines, there was so many trees and i would draw them free hand. art was always part of me. when i immigrated, it meant more a way for me to connect with what was going on inside of me. it was healing. it was definitely healing like my safe space i could express myself and now with my children and my family, it's definitely a more rejoicing part of it. two years ago, quinn, my daughter was doing a self-portrait. she was frustrated. she was like mom, i can't make this look like me. i asked her why? what was the problem? she was telling me about the
4:51 pm
skin color and i said you foe what? we already have all the tools. we have yellow, pink and brown. all these colors are in everybody's skin tone and how we layered these colors to achieve her skin tone. the excitement in her face getting to that was so beautiful and that was really how my series started. she always face times with her cousin gabriel and they would do art together and one day she came up to me like mom, can you show gabe how to do the skin color like you taught me? next day i called my sister like can you do art classes with me? we won't make money but offer it for free but it for kids. here is something i want you to do, okay? it will take a little time to let the other side dry. we called it color together self-portrait series but talked about skin tones. get and add a layer of brown on one side. reminded me of my childhood and
4:52 pm
how art changed me. all the women that i paint is very thoughtful process that i just really enjoy. it's making my own paints. it's painting on wood. looking at the wood. when i pick these wood panels, i actually look at the grain. it's charcoal in there and i hon fe nestly have to let the wood tell me and the paint tell me where i should be going with the piece. my best hope would be for a little girl like i was to see who she is as being represented and just celebrated. somehow be inspired by it as she moves through life. i want to do this forever. i want to keep being able to express myself to be able to share that i think is really empowerin empowering. >> the powerball jackpot is inches closer to half a billion dollars after nobody took home the $410 million grand prize
4:53 pm
last night. all that money carries over to the next drawing. the jackpot is now the highest it's been since march we're getting close to elon musk money. >> a lot of money. a dream come true for leslie jones. >> i sent so many postcards y'all sent me a letter saying hey, we got it. >> a look at tonight's
4:54 pm
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tonight on abc 7 at 8:00 celebrity wheel of fortune followed by the chase and the hustler. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. those new game shows are making their primetime debut right here on abc 7. we talked with pat sajak and vana white about their new celebrity version of "wheel of fortune." >> leslie jones has long wanted to play wheel of fortune and before fame came, she repeatedly asked to be a contestant. >> so i sent in so many post cards that y'all sent me a letter saying hey. we got it. >> the challenge when you do celebrities is when we choose our regular players we choose them in great measure by how well they play the game. they go through tests and everything. and frankly our celebrities are picked based on their celebrity more than anything else. >> pat sajak told me some stars are really good and others
4:57 pm
require coaching from staffers. the host likes to offer encouragement. >> one time i slapped one of them silly but i don't want to get into that. >> reporter: a little pat humor there during a socially distanced interview with long time costar vana white. >> the biggest part of it was fun. and we gave away lots of money to a lot of charities. so that was wonderful. >> reporter: these episodes were taped without an audience. contestants were kept six feet apart. there was another concession to covid. >> it's a handle bar grip from a bicycle. >> reporter: watch carefully and you will see it in leslie's right hand. >> leslie. it kind of provides a cap for the spoke so no one touches the wheel. >> reporter: in a time when everyone is navigating new territory, this game is safe ground. >> everyone is longing for something resembling normalcy and we're doing our best to make it look normal. it seems to be working and people seem to appreciate it.
4:58 pm
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it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. tempers must be cool and calm restored. >> president trump returns to twitter late today after his account was locked. he condemns the rioters as lawmakers call for his removal from office. bay area activists don't mince words. the ugly double standard they saw during the siege on the capitol. and the i-team digs into california's slow vaccination roll out. the possible solution local health officials seem to have been ignoring. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. the demonstrators who infiltrated the capitol have defiled the seat of american democracy. a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th. this moment calls for healing


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