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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 7, 2021 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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for president trump's removal or impeachment, but how possible is that? a constitutional law expert breaks it down in my story. >> the owner of this candy store is responding to online backlash she is receiving after attending wednesday's pro-trump protest in washington, d.c. >> a bay area company now working with the cdc to track down the new coronavirus variant. why we haven't done more of this testing and what some researchers worry will happen if we can't do it fast enough. >> our next round of rain hours away. i'll let you know how much you can expect coming up. abc7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> in calling for the seditious
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act, the president has committed unspeakable assault on our nation and our people. >> tonight there are growing calls for president trump to be removed from power. democrats are demanding either impeachment or the vice president to invoke the 25th amendment. >> abc7 news reporter reports the first time the president is denouncing the angry mob that took over the capitol. >> usa. >> reporter: after wednesday night's disgraceful display president trump finally responding, releasing a video on twitter against the angry mob fueled by his words. >> to those engaged in violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. and to those who broke the law, you will pay. >> reporter: but it was swarms of angry trump extremists who surged toward the seat of american democracy after hearing these very words from their leader. a he we' >> we're going to walk down to the capitol because you'll never take back our country with
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weakness. >> reporter: now for the first time since losing the presidency from joe biden, president trump finally acknowledging he lost. >> my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth orderly and seamless transition of power. >> reporter: even with just a dozen days until trump hands over control of the white house to biden, democrats in congress are calling for trump to go, urging vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment and remove the president from office by vote of his cabinet, claiming he is mentally unfit for office. >> and by inciting sedition as he did yesterday, he must be removed from office. while it's only 13 days left, any day could be a horror show for america. >> reporter: otherwise, democrats say trump should be impeached for inciting violence putting squarely on his shoulders. now we know how dangerous. five firearms were recovered,
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two functioning pipe bombs and 11 monthly 11 molotov cocktails. reporting in washington, d.c., andrew dymburt for abc7 news. >> and a u.s. capitol police officer is now the fifth person to die as a result of yesterday's mayhem. capitol police say officer brian sicknick was injured while physically engaging with protesters. he was taken to a local hospital and died tonight from his injuries. >> several trump administration officials are stepping down in the waning days of his presidency. most notably, secretary of education betsy devos and transportation secretary elaine chao. seven others in the administration have also announced their resignations all because of yesterday's violence. so will president trump actually be impeached or face removal under the 25th amendment? some think it likely, but we shall see. abc7 news reporter j.r. stone
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broke with a bay area constitutional expert to find out what could come next. >> he needs to be removed as quick dli as possible. >> he is a threat to the security of this country. >> demand trump's immediate resignation. >> reporter: after this scene in washington, d.c. on wednesday, democratic lawmakers are pushing hard for president trump to be removed from office by either the 25th amendment or another impeachment. sources say that vice president pence is highly unlikely to pursue removal of the president using the 25th. impeachment would be the next option. >> i don't think that it will be possible to actually complete an impeachment trial in the time that we have left. it is possible to impeach the president even after he leaves office. >> reporter: and if that was successful, experts say president trump would be unable to run for office in years to come. some believe the president could resign and then the vice president could pardon him, but
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u.c. hastings professor joel paul believes that would damage pence's legacy. as for a self-pardon, paul doesn't believe it would hold up in court and argues there would be a major downside. >> it is inconceivable to me that there is a judge in this country who would give effect to that pardon. so one of the draw backs to that is he would have to list specificity any crimes that he may have committed. >> reporter: something that paul and others believe would open president trump up to state prosecution, something that a federal pardon would not protect against. j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> in the south bay, aimen low park candy shop owner is facing serious backlash tonight for attending the protest in washington, d.c. abc7 news reporter unser hassan is in menlo park where people 8 are calling for a boycott of the store. >> reporter: the menlo park candy store sugar shack is getting trashed online. the backlash started after this photo of owner susie tensly at
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trump's protest started circulating online linking her to the mob that stormed the capitol. >> call this out and say this is wrong, this is not okay. >> reporter: local youth act vift shane henry says people are demanding the shoppers boycott sugar shack. they took to yelp to attack her store. >> to support an unhinged president and come back to your community with a photo? i mean, this is the start of something for sure. >> reporter: tinsley says she was in d.c. because she wanted to attend president trump's last rally and doesn't support those who rampaged through the halls of congress. she wouldn't talk on camera, but in a written statement to abc7 news, tinsley writes, in part, i was there for a peaceful march. i left the rally when the crowd became unruly. i returned to my hotel at that point long before the agitators stormed the building. tinsley says she only sent the photo to a few friends which were then leaked online.
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many of tinsley's neighborhoods came to her defense, denouncing the calls to shutdown the store. >> no, i don't think so. that's her living. >> reporter: tinsley and shane may not share the same political beliefs, but they both agree to sit down and meet. in menlo park, unser hassan, abc7 news. >> we'll turn to the coronavirus now. the u.s. has recorded more than 4,000 coronavirus deaths in a 24-hour period. this is the first time that's happened since the pandemic began. the mayor of hard-hit los angeles went on national television today pleading for help. >> every six seconds now a new case, and every 8 minutes somebody is dying here. i'm asking for folks across america if you can spare a doctor or a nurse, if you can spare anything, please, send it here. >> in l.a. county, about one in five covid-19 tests are coming back positive. >> the san joaquin valley and southern california regions continue to have no i.c.u. availability.
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a zero percent capacity doesn't mean there are beds. they have acvindicated plans. they have dropped to its lowest vabltd at 3.5%. that will likely keep the region under the state's stay-at-home order beyond tomorrow. the new coronavirus variant first detected in the u.k. has now been found in three more states bringing the total to eight states. abc7 news reporter matt boon explains there are likely many more cases out there and a peninsula company is now working to find them. >> bottle sequencing of the virus is one of the tools we have not used as much as we should have during the pandemic. >> reporter: james lu is the president of san mateo based he's liks, a testing and genomics company. they ramp up testing of coronavirus cases already noticing a troubling trend. >> most people, though, in the contact tracing do not have international travel or exposure, which means that they're catching it from the community. >> reporter: since the pandemic
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began, less than 1% of positive cases have been sequenced in the u.s., according to the cdc. which has made the variant hard to track. >> we're not doing enough genetic testing for the virus. >> reporter: that's dr. charles chu with scsf. his lab found two variants in san bernardino county, but the u.s. is late to the game on making this a priority. >> i believe overall there needs to be a huge increase in resources because this is a -- this is something which is time urgent. >> reporter: the helix lab said it will begin processing samples, 1,000 a day but it needs to be 10,000 a day to track the traces. >> eventually, especially if these strains are more contagious, they may eventually evolve to become the predominant strain. >> reporter: matt boone, abc7 news. >> a lot more to come here. tens of thousands of california nursing students are ready to
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administer covid-19 vaccines, but they're stuck waiting. our i-team digs into why. >> the woman dubbed soho karen for wrongly accusing a black teen of stealing her phone is arrested and she did not go quietly. >> and thrown a lifeline. a historic san francisco restaurant is surprised with some much-needed support. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. showers are moving into the bay area. i'll let you know if they'll impact your morning commute coming right up. >> coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live after abc7 news at 11:00, jimmy. >> thanks, dan and ama. you might want to sit down for this. things look pleasant in your house. your rubber plant there, is that what you call it? your tree is growing? >> jimmy, don't say that it's rubber. i was hoping nobody would notice.
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enrollment ends january 31st. new at 11:00, a woman who falsely accused a black teenager of stealing her phone in new york has been arrested in california. mia is the woman in this security video wrestling the 14-year-old to the ground in a manhattan hotel last month. today ventura county sheriff's deputies took her into custody to face charges in new york for attempted robbery for trying to take that young man's phone. but not before a brief car chase and a scuffle with officers. the woman dubbed soho karen is being held without bail. >> we continue to track more than 2 million covid vaccine shipped to california over the past month. only 24% have actually been used. tonight the abc7 news i-team is digging into a possible solution. >> roughly 30,000 california nursing students are qualified and ready to administer vaccines. the problem? county health departments have
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yet to give them the green light. >> i-team reporter stephanie sierra is pushing the state to get involved. >> reporter: disrupting the vaccine distribution chain, more than 1.5 million doses of covid vaccine are now stuck in transit, according to state data updated tuesday night. that's up from 900,000. so what's causing it? we've asked the state four times this week, but have yet to get a straight answer. just like janice, the interim director for college of san mateo nursing program. >> there's no direct line of communication. >> reporter: she contacted the san mateo county health department five times since october about a possible solution to help aid the backlog. she has 100 trained nursing students that are certified to administer vaccines and need to complete clinical hours. >> so i have 100 students, and, by the way, all last semester, were practicing with the flu vaccine, can totally help with this. >> reporter: her students are
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required to complete 100 hours per semester. that totals out to an additional 10,000 injections that could alleviate the backlog in san mateo county. but. >> i just don't hear back. >> reporter: she isn't alone. nursing directors at community colleges in marin, sonoma, san mateo, santa clara, and alameda counties have made attempts to do the same. >> what's sad and happening is there is a huge disconnect. >> reporter: dr. sharon ann gold farb is the president of the associate degree nursing programs. she oversees 30,000 nursing students qualified to help, but need to get vaccinated first. >> when you listen to the news, we don't have the work force to vaccinate. well, we have 30,000 students who have just been taught how to do a vaccine. >> reporter: a problem that four months later still remains unanswered. >> since we aren't hospital or clinical affiliated, there's no place for us to get these vaccines. >> reporter: we brought this information to the california
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department of health. the state is looking into it. for the i-team, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> a restaurant is getting much needed financial assistance. they would be getting up to $31,000 a month courtesy of the bar stool fund. the fund is organized to help family run businesses impacted by covid-19 closures. it has been closed for the most part since march and costs are mounting. >> even when a business is closed, there's still these ongoing costs that pile up. and so we're still paying for electricity for our security cameras. we're still paying for electricity to run our freezer. >> she says her family is committed to reopening the grill when they can resume indoor dining. all right. let's talk about our weather, dan. it looks like it's changing again. >> it always does. sandhya, sounds like we'll have a nice string of sunny days soon. >> i see what you're looking
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forward to, dan and ama. yes, there is sunshine in the forecast. but first we have much needed rain moving in. as you look at this level 1 storm that is pushing most of its energy into the pacific northwest and will continue to head in that direction, but we're getting the back end of it. s so rain right now around ukiah north street is light across highway 101 and beginning to move in around bodega highway. do look for the wet weather to spread but not everywhere. i'll explain in a moment. as we take a live picture from our emeryville camera it is calm out there. spotty showers through early morning. looking at drying trend over the weekend and it is going to be milder winter weather for next week. temperatures are going to really climb well above average for this time of year. it's a level 1 system on our storm impact scale for tomorrow morning. showers focused mostly in the north bay. up to a third of an inch of rain and large breaking waves. so obviously the rain is just beginning to arrive. so far only ukiah has picked up
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about a trace of an inch. it's not really quite all hitting the ground. 3:00 a.m. you will notice mendocino county we're seeing most of the rain activity, a few spotty showers elsewhere as we head into 6:00 a.m. morning commute time for those who have to hit the roads. give yourself plenty of time as there will be slippery areas for the commute. 7:00 a.m. still a few showers in the north bay and along the coast. and then it's pretty much done, so like the last system this is a weak one. and now the rainfall totals are really dropping off as you go south and east of -- eastern part of our bay area viewing area. so about 36 hundredths at cloverdale, 2/10 in santa rosa, san francisco, flremont, san jose, livermore, brentwood, you may measure trace amounts. high surf advisory with the incoming system, 6:00 a.m. tomorrow to 6:00 a.m. saturday. up to 12 foot waves right now. but they're expected to be in the 20 to 25 foot or even higher range especially for west,
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northwest facing beaches. definitely be careful. sinker waves are possible. temperatures in the morning mid 30s to the upper 40s. grab your umbrellas before you go. just in case you need them. and a look at the afternoon highs, low 50s to low 60s. it is going to be dry with sunshine and clouds mixing in. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. level 1 with morning showers tomorrow followed by a dry pattern for the weekend with fog and the morning chill, and then next week we're going to be in the mid and upper 60s, possibility of some record-high temperatures. yeah, it's hard to believe. but in january we do get these mild spells. you both know that,
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this year's super bowl will look dramatically different. no surprise.
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preparations are underway in tampa, floor, to ensure it will be a safe experience. an outdoor nfl experience is being set up outside raymond james stadium. it's free, but capacity will be limited. as for the game itself, the attendance will be capped. the nfl has not announced the number of tickets available for the game. the game one month from today, february 7, super bowl sunday. >> that's incredible. it's incredible to see what we've been able to do during a pandemic. so -- >> right. >> nice they're able to play football. >> adjusting. >> yeah. all right, chris alvarez is here with sports. >> coming up in sports, a big night of bay area college hoops. we have all your highlights, plus what is steph's
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>> announcer: now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> stephen curry is questionable for tomorrow's game with the clippers what they're calling ankle soreness. jordan poole has ankle strain. we saw steph on this play last night's game. he steps on patrick beverley's foot. curry was held to a low 13 points yesterday and took it easy today. >> he told me he's feeling good. it was just a tweak. we had a very light practice. steph, draymond, kelly and andrew all just walked through some things early in the practice. >> stanford hosting washington from santa cruz, an historic night for zaire williams. williams a steal, and the windmill slam, 18-point lead for the card narldinals. so nice we show it twice. watch the bench's reaction. he gets his first career triple double, 12, 12 and 10.
11:30 pm
he joins brook lopez as the only player to win a triple double. stanford wins 95-75. golden bears search their first conference win. lars teaman. get out of my poster, right-handed hammer and the bears within five. later in the half cougs, steph curry like. he banks it on in. washington state wins. number 4 patches for k.c. jones who passed away christmas. early in the second half, usf hit 13-3. khalil shabaz. he led all scores with 19, usf wins 88-64. to the nfl where it's super wild card weekend, a 6-10 record has the niners sitting at home like the rest of us watching this weekend. according to robert salah, interviews with the falcons and
11:31 pm
lions. set to meet with the jets tomorrow. he's expected to interview with the jaguars and chargers. many free agents, john lynch, kyle shanahan will be off this season. katie sauers reporting she won't return. she is leaving on good terms but looking for an expanded role with a different team. she made lift last season to become the first female to
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abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. all right. that is it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for chris alvarez, sandhya patel, all of us here, we
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appreciate your time and hope you have a nice evening. stay tuned for votes for president of the united states are as follows. joseph r. biden jr. of the state of delaware has received 306 votes. donald j. trump of the state of florida has received 232 votes. >> gah! >> the whole number of electors appointed to -- >> arrgh! bad mike! you are a bad, bad boy. arrghh! ♪ ba de ba ba de ba ba de ba ♪ jimmy kimmel live back at home! >> jimmy: greetings, my fellow americans. or at least what's left of us.


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