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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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783,000 vaccinations. that is according to cdc data. today governor gavin newsom gave an update on how the state plans to speed up the backlog. he wants to loosen the tier phases that determine the groups that get priority to receive the vaccine. it's a move to ensure doses don't go to waste. >> if there's a dose sitting there and there's no one cued up, that's in line based upon existing tiers, we want to be able to move to other priority groups. >> newsom also wants to expand the list of eligible vaccinators to include pharmacists, dentists, national guard strike teams, nursing students and firefighters. in addition, mass vaccination sites are opening at cal expo in sacramento, dodger stadium and petco park in san diego. the bay area region's icu availability is at its lowest level ever. just .7%. once again, .7. when it comes to new cases in the bay area, the rolling average is at a record high. santa clara county has more coronavirus cases than any other
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bay area county. it also has more people than any other county. and tomorrow its board of supervisors will consider a proposal that could affect most of them. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen explains what major medical providers could be asked to do. >> in the battle against covid-19, officials in santa clara county want more information about vaccine distribution. >> we can't afford to lose a month. we can't afford to lose a week. we cannot afford to lose a single day. >> reporter: a new proposal before the board of supervisors would require large health care systems to submit a report outlining their plan and timeline to administer the covid-19 vaccine to the patients they serve with in the county. >> the bottom line question for most of my constituents is look, i want the vaccine, when where and how do i get it. and we need to have a crisp answer for that if we want folks to line up in a timely fashion. >> reporter: it's estimated that nearly half of the county's 2 million residents are served by kaiser permanente or sutter health. because those providers are
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multicounty entities their vaccine allotment comes directly from the state. but since there's no local reporting requirement it can be tough to have an accurate understanding of how many vaccines can be administered countywide. >> we are in a state of emergency. it is not business as usual. and that's what's really hitting me hard during this conversation, that perhaps we need to have a little message about that. >> reporter: and without time lynn information more people could end up falling through the cracks. public health experts say it's important to eliminate mixed messaging, especially since the vaccine is already facing skepticism by some. >> communicate learly, communicate frankly and communicate often. that's -- you can't overcommunicate something like this. >> reporter: the proposal will be considered tuesday at the board of supervisors meeting as cases and hospitalizations continue to rise. >> we need speed, we need clarity, and we need transparency. >> reporter: in san jose chris nguyen, abc 7 news.
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>> amid the concern about a slow rollout of the vaccine here, one east bay county is putting its distribution into high gear. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has our story from contra costa county. >> reporter: contra costa county is quickly becoming among the most aggressive in the bay area when it comes to ramping up covid vaccine distribution. with a goal of vaccinating 7,000 people per day. >> our goal is to not have vaccine sitting around in our freezer. our goal is to have it all in arms as soon as it comes in. >> reporter: the county now has two clinics to complete vaccinations in phase 1a, which includes those working in a variety of health care settings. from dental offices to home care givers. >> we are saving a life if not others' too by not being sick. you know. so it's a good thing to do. >> reporter: through its online registration system, county health officials are beginning to assign vaccines to phase 1b, tier 1, which will include educators, child care workers, and everyone over the age of 75.
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>> i'm just happy to be getting it. where millions of people aren't right now and they really need to. >> it's not about just making the vaccines available and having that network which is critical, but it's also about making sure that we really do this in an equitable way. >> reporter: contra costa county is also dramatically expanding partnerships with retail pharmacies like rite aid and safeway among others. in fact, here in contra costa county most people will learn they're eligible through their own health care providers. and at that point they should be able to get the vaccine from a local retail pharmacy. county officials estimate they'll need to vaccinate 725,000 people, about 80% of eligible residents, to achieve herd immunity, hopefully in the next six months. laura anthony, abc 7 news. when it comes to vaccine distribution, a san francisco tech ceo says the state is just too focused on following the priority tiers.
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abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to david friedberg, who says we need a change in mentality to expedite the process. >> reporter: it started with this tweet by one of the most influential tech ceos in silicon valley, david friedberg. his primary focus is on the life sciences industry. his idea for vaccine distribution is gaining steam online. >> so we have to get as many people vaccinated as fast as possible. the speed needs to be the priority. >> reporter: the first part of his plan calls for eliminating liability on health care providers. >> the reason care providers are taking so long to give a vaccine is they require collecting an i.d., an insurance card and all these things because they're concerned about getting in trouble. >> reporter: he's suggesting to vaccinate as many people with the first dose at open rapid test centers for everyone. >> right now they're tracking when people are getting their first dose to make sure they follow up with them and get the second dose. perfect is the enemy of good. when you're trying to win a war and momentum is what matters more than anything -- >> reporter: according to the
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latest cdc data california has received more vaccines than any other state. yet vaccinated far fewer people than texas, new york, and florida. do you believe that california is being as effective as possible when it comes to vaccine distribution? >> no, we're not being as effective as possible. >> reporter: ucsf's dr. rutherford says vaccine distribution is complicated. >> i think this is an interesting approach. and i kind of like it. >> reporter: as to why california has fallen behind when it comes to vaccine distribution, this was his take. >> i think you'll see it catch up quite quickly. just the sheer size and the complexity of moving this out across 58 counties who have different -- who have been left with different plans. >> reporter: friedberg says his plan has the ability to diminish transmission in a month. >> we could set up 30 volunteers at each high school parking lot and give vaccines to 10,000 people per day. we could vaccinate the entire country in 30 to 45 days. >> reporter: in san francisco
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luz pena, abc 7 news. president-elect joe biden received his second dose of the covid-19 vaccine today. he received his first dose last month live on national tv as part of an effort by his incoming administration to reassure the country of the vaccine's safety. pfizer's vaccine is 52% effective after the first dose and 95% effective after the second dose. one congresswoman has tested positive for coronavirus, even after receiving her first dose of the vaccine. bonnie watson coleman, a democrat from new jersey, says she has mild symptoms. in a tweet she says, "following the events of wednesday, including sheltering with several colleagues who refused to wear masks, i decided to take a covid test. i have tested positive." by the events of wednesday she referring to the attack on the u.s. capitol. it's not clear, though, that's where she became infected. many lawmakers sheltered in a large committee room together. east bay congressman eric swalwell was in that room and told abc 7 news anchor liz
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kreutz several lawmakers refused to put on a mask. >> one of my colleagues, lisa blunt rochester of delaware, she went and grabbed a stack of masks and asked them if they would put the masks on and they just smirked and shook their head and essentially told her to buzz off. >> the attending physician to congress and the supreme court has encouraged lawmakers who were in that room to get tested. new at 6:00, just a short time ago anti-trump messages were projected on twitter's headquarters in san francisco. you can see here. this was to show support for the company's decision made last friday to permanently suspend donald trump from the platform due to the risk of further incitement of violence. twitter says since friday it has suspended 70,000 accounts for sharing qanon content. san francisco police put up barricades around twitter's building on market street because of a planned protest this morning. ultimately just two people showed up. at today's opening bell twitter stock dropped as much as
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12%. it closed down 6 1/2%. the largest loss of the s&p 500. facebook fell 3.7% after it suspended trump's accounts. the dow, nasdaq and s&p were each down today overall. parler is suing amazon over a social media shutdown. the right-wing social network went offline this morning after amazon booted it from its web hosting service. amazon says the site encouraged violence at the u.s. capitol. parler claims amazon is abusing its market power. the social network recently became popular among supporters of president trump. acting homeland security secretary chad wolf is the latest cabinet secretary to resign. last week he pledged to remain until the end of the trump administration. the fbi has warned of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitols and in washington, d.c. ahead of the inauguration. many capitol buildings now have extra police officers and national guard units patrolling. and sources tell abc news president trump has been advised he could potentially face civil
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liability connected to his role in encouraging supporters who went on to storm congress last week. house democrats are moving to impeach the president. abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz spoke to local representatives about what's next and the efforts to get the votes. >> we have to do everything we can do to remove this man from the white house. >> reporter: following last week's insurrection at the capitol, more than 200 congressional democrats are now supporting impeachment charges against president trump. among them are bay area house representatives barbara lee and eric swalwell. >> he's a threat to all of our lives because of what he did last week, inciting an attack on the capitol, and because of plans for the capitol to be attacked again before inauguration. >> reporter: democrats say impeachment is not their first choice of action and are first calling on the president to resign. he >> he's not going to do that. we think that's the best thing he can do for the country. next best thing would be for pence to invoke the 25th amendment and get the cabinet to go along with removing president trump.
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>> reporter: pouse speaker nancy pelosi has given the vice president until tomorrow to do that. but democrats aren't holding their breath and are prepared and ready to impeach for a second time. this time for willfully inciting violence against the government of the united states. >> this was an attack, again, on our democracy, on the people of our country. it was an attack on the capitol building and it was an attack on members of congress. and he has got to be held accountable for inciting this coup and this insurrection. >> reporter: 17 gop lawmakers have sent a letter to president-elect biden urging him to stop impeachment from moving forward saying it will only incite more division. >> i hope the democrats don't go down this road. i do not see how that unifies the country. >> reporter: right now it's unknown how many house republicans will support the democrats' efforts. lee and swalwell are remaining hopeful. >> we expect it to be a bpartisan impeachment. we hope that republicans recognize the gravity of what happened. >> privately, there are some.
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but again, do they have enough courage to do it? >> reporter: liz kreutz, abc 7 news. coming up at 6:30, we'll look at the bigger picture involving this impeachment effort and how it can make american history. a class action lawsuit claims fast track charges unfair penalties. what did the court rule? i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is coming up. i'm spencer christian. an otherwise dry week coming our way will be punctuated by a tiny bit of rain. i'll have
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welcome back. with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, looking pretty wide open there. beginning this year, it and all other bay area bridges have officially switched to all electronic tolling. toll takers left bridges back in march because of concerns about coronavirus. now, the golden gate bridge has been all electronic since 2013. that led to a class action lawsuit against fastrak, claiming thousands of drivers were charged unfair penalties for crossing the golden gate. now after six long years and a bitter court fight a supervising ruling by the court. 7 on your side's michael finney has been following the trial all this time. he is live with how this all ended. michael, finally. >> reporter: it ended not the way you would think considering all the drama. fastrak lawyers accused the class action lawyers of fraud. they tried to keep 7 on your side out of the courtroom. they tried to keep you from knowing their secret policies. what happened after all of that?
6:16 pm
the court awarded a motorist one single dollar. the lawsuit began after the golden gate bridge switched to all-electronic tolling in 2013. motorists without a fastrak account are supposed to get a toll invoice in the mail. but the suit claimed thousands never received one. mostly due to address mistakes. and instead of finding the right address the suit says fastrak just kept piling on penalties. >> the mail went out and came out undeliverable as addressed. they shredded the mail and imposed a penalty. >> i didn't get sent one notice ever. >> reporter: fastrak says it changed the system since then but wanted to keep the new policy a secret from the public saying motorists might use the information to game the system and avoid paying tolls. the agency then tried to bar the public from the courtroom. the lawsuit asked for refunds for motorists who were charged
6:17 pm
penalties even though they never received their toll invoices. but in an 81-page ruling a san francisco superior court judge found little evidence that motorists were denied due process rights. the court did rule in favor of a mill valley couple named in the suit. their bridge toll invoice was mailed with no street address. so they never got it. and they racked up $2500 in penalties. the judge ordered fastrak to provide them a hearing and she awarded them a nominal one dollar. now that all bridges use electronic tolling, fastrak will have to send invoices to millions more motorists. already it's caused a problem for cara in mountain view. she writes that she never received an invoice for a $1 toll road crossing and fastrak charged her a $25 penalty. she spent hours arguing with fastrak before it waived the fee. class action attorney adam gutride believes the trial did force fastrak to treat the public more fairly. >> they stopped escalating the
6:18 pm
penalties when the mail is returned to them undeliverable. and they also now allow people to get up to 75 penalties waived if they call to complain. >> reporter: so what was the policy that fastrak tried so hard to keep secret? well, fastrak has stopped tacking on penalties if the post office can't deliver your toll invoice. now, if you get a fastrak violation under this new system, please let me know about it. go to back to you guys. >> what a saga. michael, as always, many thanks. new charges will not be filed in the oscar grant case. grant was shot and killed at the fruitvale bart station on new year's day 2009. his family asked for the case to be reopened and for the alameda county district attorney to consider filing murder charges against former bart police officer anthony peroni. the office started reviewing the case in october, and today it released a video statement to the media but didn't take any questions.
6:19 pm
>> although peroni's conduct was aggressive, utterly unprofessional, and disgraceful, it did not rise to the mental state required for murder. >> late this afternoon grant's family expressed disappointment after meeting with the d.a. >> so my heart hurts on today ty because 12 years i've been crying out for justice for my son. it can't be hard to see that he was treated not humanly. it can be hard to hear that a racial epithet was used against him. >> another officer, johannes mehserle, was charged with oscar granted murder, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. former san francisco police chief earl sanders has died. sanders spent four decades with the department, starting as a beat cop in 1964. he was named chief in 2002, becoming the first black person
6:20 pm
to hold the job. his two-year tenure, though, was marred by scandal when three off-duty officers got into a fight with two men over a bag of te takeout food. that became known as fajitagate. sanders and nine others were charged with obstruction of justice but the case against him was dropped. current chief says sanders should be remembered for a trailblazing legacy that went far beyond breaking the color barrier. earl sanders was 83 years old. we could see 70s in the temperatures this week but some could see some rain first. spencer explains what will happen where next.
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everyday security. bankers here to help. for wherever you want to go. chase. make more of what's yours. well, it sounds like we're about to hit a warm stretch coming up, dion. >> it's been kind of a mixed bag all week. spencer christian standing by with more on that. spencer? >> okay, ama and dion. it's about to get unmixed and a lot warmer as you point out but before we look at the atmosphere let's look at what's happening at sea. we've had higher than usual tides lately, king tides as we call them. there's a chance of some minor coastal flooding tomorrow. a coastal flood advisory's in effect from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. and adding to the problem along the coast is a high surf advisory in effect from 10:00 a.m. tomorrow to 3:00 p.m. wenesday. wave heights will be elevated. there's the risk of dangerous sneaker waves. now let's take a look at our
6:24 pm
weather conditions. a view from the exploratorium camera looking back at san francisco where it is 54 degrees right now. in fact temperature readings are in the low to mid 50s at oakland, mountain view, san jose and morgan hill as well and down to 48 at half moon bay. nice view from emeryville looking along the bay bridge, looking westward. low 50s in santa rosa napa and novato 48 at fairfield and low 50s at con and livermore and looking across the embarcadero we'll ook at our forecast features. a few north bay showers the next two mornings not very widespread not very heavy either. a warming trend develops later this week and we may may see high temperatures near record levels. meanwhile, forecast animation for tonight. notice the increase in clouds overnight and the development of just a few light showers in the northernmost part of our viewing area in the early morning hours. and those showers may continue into wednesday morning as well or may redevelop wednesday morning. but once again very light, very widespread and not hitting much -- many areas of the bay area other than the north bay.
6:25 pm
rinfall totals we project by midday wednesday will be only a couple hundredths of an inch. in most places that actually get rainfall. maybe up to a tenth of ab inch at cloverdale. now, tonight under increasingly cloudy conditions overnight lows will be mainly in the low to mid 40s. so it's not going to be a very chilly night although lows may drop into the upper 30s at fairfield and santa rosa. then tomorrow look for a high temperatures under partly and mostly cloudy skies ranging from upper 50s at the coast to about 60 right around the bay shoreline. north bay highs inland only upper 50s but other inland locations we'll see highs right around or just above 60 degrees. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. once we get past wednesday look at the warm-up coming our way. thursday through next monday inland highs will reach up to around 70 degrees. we'll see upper 60s around the bay shoreline and low 60s on the coast. and we start seeing a few 70 degree readings this week or next week. those will probably be record
6:26 pm
highs for some locations for this time of the year. unusually warm and dry for january, ama and dion. >> i like the term you used, spencer. an unmixed bag now. that warm-up on the way. >> yeah, right. >> spencer, thanks. well, the images of the attack on the u.s. capitol are unbelievable and unforgettable. and tonight you'll hear from the photographer who was behind the camera taking these pictures. he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him. >> next, the push to impeach a president for the second time. somethin
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tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection and don't change or stop your asthma treatments, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. du more with less asthma. talk to your asthma specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. >> announcer: building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. all right. a live look at the white house tonight, which will have a new resident in fewer than ten days' time. and what a turbulent time that could be. house democrats have formally introduced an article of impeachment against president trump five days after the assault on the u.s. capitol. >> as abc news reporter elizabeth schulze explains, it
6:30 pm
could be a race against time. >> reporter: the house is pressing forward with an effort to impeach president trump for the second time. a first in american history. more than 200 house democrats have now formally introduced an article of impeachment against the president for incitement of insurrection at the capitol last week. house speaker nancy pelosi telling "60 minutes" the president must be held accountable for the attack. >> he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him. >> reporter: pelosi is giving vice president mike pence 24 hours to invoke the 25th amendment and strip the president of his powers. otherwise, the house could go ahead and vote on the impeachment article as soon as wednesday or thursday. if the president is impeached and removed from office by the senate, he could be barred from running for public office and deprived of his pension and other benefits. >> the constitution does appear to permit impeachment, not just of sitting officials but of former officials. >> reporter: two house democrts are also calling for the censure of representative mo brooks from
6:31 pm
alabama. they say he endangered lives by riling up trump supporters shortly before the attack on the capitol. authorities are now undertaking a massive effort to identify and locate thousands of the rioters. >> we came close to half of the house nearly dying on wednesday. >> reporter: a senior official telling abc news the rioters were organized, coordinated and had leadership and communication equipment and that many former military members were among them. the mayor of d.c. is now requesting additional security for president-elect joe biden's inauguration next week. >> am i scared? if i'm scared of anything, it's for our democracy. because we have very extreme factions in our country that are armed and dangerous. >> reporter: president-elect joe biden says he spoke with lawmakers today about how to move forward with impeachment at the same time as the confirmation hearings for his cabinet. elizabeth schulze, abc news, washington. michigan is banning the open carry of guns inside the state capitol building. the weapons ban in that state
6:32 pm
had been pushed since april. that's when armed protesters opposed to the governor's covid-19 restrictions entered the state house there and demanded to be allowed into the legislative chambers. as the events in washington unfolded last wednesday, photos from inside the capitol went viral around the world. many of those now iconic images were taken by getty images' chief photographer, win mcnamee. abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz spoke one on one with wind about what it was like to document the historic day. >> we're showing some of your images from inside now. the man dangling from the senate chamber. another one that we've all seen that's gone viral, that man waving and smiling as he walks away with the speaker's podium. in fact, that man has now been arrested. will you talk about that photo, actually, what was happening in that moment? he almost seemed to be kind of engaging with you. >> the scene in the rotunda, it was complete mayhem. people were entering from multiple directions. the rotunda is the central point of the capitol.
6:33 pm
probably the most iconic. in many ways. because of the beauty of the place. and that door had been breached north and south entrances to the rotunda had people swarming in too because both of those areas had been breached. so it was absolute chaos in the rotunda and people were climbing on these historic statues, posing for selfies, chanting, and then this fella comes by with the podium, which seemed very strange and out of place. and so you know, i started to take pictures of this guy as he was traversing the central portion of the rotunda and he noticed that i was doing so and, you know, turned to wave like it was, i don't know, a holiday photo of some type. >> i'm just curious, of all the images that you took, everything you saw on wednesday, what is the one image of the moment you
6:34 pm
just can't stop thinking about that's sort of seared into your memory this many days later? >> a personal favorite of mine svg -- i think it's the man who is hanging from the ledge in the senate chamber and trying to get down into the main floor of the chamber because it just kind of highlights the type of chaos and the out of place nature of what took place that day. >> share the story with your friends. find it on and on our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv or roku. last year we heard an awful lot about talk of diversity and inclusion. now silicon valley's tech leadership group wants to make that a reality. and they've given themselves a deadline. and coming up next, a mix of nobel prize-winning science and
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your cell phone.
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bay area researchers believe a new device has the potential to revolutionize the fight against covid-19. it's designed to diagnose the
6:38 pm
virus in a fraction of the time, with the help of something you may already have in your pocket. >> reporter: from the beginning of the pandemic testing enough people to track the spread of the covid virus has been a slow and frustrating struggle. but what if there was a faster way? >> loading the targeting sample. >> reporter: in a lab at the university of california researchers are about to demonstrate a device that can not only detect the virus quickly but also indicate how much is present. all it takes is a marriage of nobel prize-winning science and consumer electronics, namely, a cell phone. >> and it turns out that the phone cameras, which have been getting better and better and better over time, are just as capable if not better than laboratory instruments. >> reporter: we first met university of california bioengineer dan fletcher nearly a decade ago when he was pioneering the use of cell phone cameras to spot and diagnose diseases around the world. but in the case of covid he says the key is having a test result the phone can see. >> that allows us to have that
6:39 pm
molecular recognition and turn it into a fluorescent signal that the phone camera is sensitive enough to pick up. >> reporter: enter melanie ott and peranat fazuni, virology researchers at san francisco's gladstone's institutes. gladstone has been at the center of a revolution known as gene editing triggered by a technology known as crispr. >> you know, crisprs with discovered in 2012 to be something we could use for genome editing and now there's probably very few labs in the world who haven't used it in some application or not. >> reporter: in this application the gladstone team added a crispr protein that would react to the rna or genetic material of the covid-19 virus. >> i'll slide it into the sample slider. >> reporter: if it's present the protein triggers a second reporter molecule to emit a fluorescent signal. >> and now it's ready for imaging. if we turn on the laser light. >> reporter: back at the fletcher lab the gladstone test is being coupled with a smartphone camera that can detect the fluorescent glow. >> now we are seeing the sars
6:40 pm
co2 line is glowing indicating this is a positive test. >> reporter: the test took about 30 minutes but researchers say heavy viral loads have been detected even faster. gladstone's melanie ott says the goal is to have a test that could be used quickly with normal swabs in real world settings. >> it means any police department, a doctor's office, an airport, a school, an eployer, where this device could be used before people enter. >> reporter: while there is still testing to be done, researchers are excited about the potential impact a quick and accurate test could have in beating back the pandemic. >> it is so remarkable. now, just last year another member of the gladstone team, jennifer dowdna, won a nobel prize for her part in developing the crispr gene editing technology. there is a little rain in the forecast and a lot of warm temperatures as well. spencer explains it all in the seven-day forecast.
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and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. if your financial situation has changed, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (beeping sound) ♪ ♪ silicon valley's tech leadership group is challenging its members to address the near absence of minorities in executive roles. the changing workplace is an important part of building a better bay area. abc 7 news reporter david louie gives us a snapshot of where
6:44 pm
things stand and why a goal of 25 by '25 won't be easy. >> reporter: every tech company in silicon valley talks about diversity and inclusion. however, the percentage of the minority workforce has been mostly in single digits for the past five years. for example, the percentage of blacks in executive roles at alphabet, apple, cisco and facebook range from 3 1/2% to as low as less than 1%. these are statistics filed with the federal government in 2018, the latest available. the silicon valley leadership group whose members include a wide cross-section of tech companies has announced an initiative called 25 by '25 to increase by 25% minority executives by 2025. >> what's exciting to me about 25 by '25 is it's an opportunity with data to clearly tie our hiring decisions, our leaders from diverse backgrounds to the revenue, the profitability, the innovation, the market share of
6:45 pm
our companies. >> reporter: it won't be easy, says the ceo of black tech jobs, which matches employees to tech firms. >> i'll be candid, david, it's not going to be easy. but nothing that silicon valley has built has ever been easy. >> reporter: will mcneil as well as the leadership group believe the four-year goal is ambitious but needed. >> i don't know that you go from 2% of your employees in meaningful roles, especially if you're talking about leadership roles, to 25% without some major changes. >> reporter: diversifying the executive ranks implies there are candidates in the pipeline ready to move up. however, training may be essential as some have hit a mid-career glass ceiling. >> they find themselves in the same role for over a decade and their careers are not advancing. and they're not sure what to do or how to do it. >> reporter: the leadership group says it will seek input from community and social justice groups to develop its action plan. david louie, abc 7 news. >> to find support for dealing with issues at work especially
6:46 pm
harassment, abuse or inequality, you can always head to it's the beginning of an all new era. "jeopardy" kicks off its new episodes today with a guest host. >> here is the guest host of "jeopardy," ken jennings. >> "jeopardy's" most winning contestant ever, ken jennings, has a tough act to follow. alex trebek was the legendary host of "jeopardy" for 37 years until his passing in november at the age of 80. >> i'm with the audience. i don't want me out here. i want to see alex out here. i know exactly how they feel when they see anybody else behind this lectern. but you know, there are tens of millions of people who love this show. we love this show. alex loved the show. i'm just happy to fill in and help out. >> jennings will be followed by a parade of other interim hosts until a permanent replacement is selected. you can watch how it all plays out starting tonight and every weeknight at 7:00 right here on
6:47 pm
abc 7. >> nobody replaces alex but i think there are some good choices to go with here. >> yeah, a whole laundry list of them. it will be interesting to watch in the coming days. that's for sure. one final check of weather. we are watching it closely with spencer. hi there. >> okay, dion and ama. here's a look at our forecast animation. it shows a little bit of rain coming our way starting tomorrow morning. we'll start at 5:00 a.m. as the commute gets under way. the morning commute gets under way. you'll see some light scattered showers moving through the north bay and they'll return or on wednesday morning. that's just about it. our estimate for rainfall totals, most locations won't receive any measurable rain at all. some will get a few hundredths of an inch and that's just about it. not enough to start building an ark. tonight look for increasing clouds, overnight lows mainly in the low to mid 40s, then tomorrow under increasingly cloudy skies as well with a few bright spots. we'll see high temperatures ranging from upper 50s at the coast to about 60 right around the bay shoreline. and we'll see a couple of low 60s in some of the milder inland
6:48 pm
locations in the east bay and the south bay. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast and that big warm-up we've been talking about begins on thursday and continues into the beginning of next week with high temperatures around 70 degrees inland, upper 60s around the bay shoreline and low 60s on the coast. this is not our typical january weather. it may be what will be typical of the future but we haven't been used to this in the past. dion and ama? >> at least we still have some rain chances. thank you, spencer. all right. getting a preview now of sports with larry beil. hey, larr. >> dion, ama, it's perfect weather for hockey season, right? it starts this week, actually. sharks going to be road warriors for a while. we'll talk with patrick marlio about the challenges of training camp in arizona where simply organized food can get pretty confusing.
6:49 pm
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good evening. just a week after a career-high 62 points, steph curry suffered the worst shooting night of his career. he went 2 of 16 from the field last night. but the good news is it came in a one-point warriors win. after the game steph said he's not worried about the poor shooting on one night and his teammates had his back. seven nights scoring in double figures. andrew wiggins 17 points, a career-high four blocks. he was nicknamed maple jordan
6:52 pm
growing up in canada. he just became the highest-scoring canadian-born player in nba history. and he likes what he sees in the warriors organization. >> we have so much room to grow. so by the end of it, the end result, after that we're going to be great. right now we don't have klay. so with klay when he comes back it's going to be a scary sight. we've got to keep it going. >> i like where we're at right now in terms of guys stepping up. we don't win a game like this without our defense, taking strides in the right direction. we all understood that won us the game. >> meanwhile, steph curry's baby boy cannon clearly an nba fan, loving this move from his uncle. damian lee doing the euro step to get to the hoop and score with the left. mom ayesha posted this video of little cannon. >> what did you say, buddy? >> euro step. >> euro step. >> he's got it. how long before we see cannon doing his dad's two-ball
6:53 pm
dribbling routine in the back yard and shooting threes? patriots head coach bill belichick will not be receiving the presidential medal of freedom this week as previously planned. the six-time super bowl champion has supported president trump in the past but said, "remaining true to the people, team and country i love outweigh the benefits of any individual award." well, get ready. hockey season is back. almost here. the san jose sharks open the 2021 season thursday night in phoenix against the coyotes. and that's kind of convenient because the sharks are arizona residents for the time being. team teal not allowed to practice or play in san jose because of santa clara county covid rules. so the sharks are living out of an arizona hotel indefinitely. that is creating some issues for forward patrick marleau. our guest on the "with authority" podcast. marleau's family is back in san jose. they have only one door dash account, creating confusion for drivers who are trying to drop off food.
6:54 pm
>> we share the same account. so i'll order some food and she'll be getting all the texts like i'm out front or i can't find you. that happened a few times. and i'm like okay, next time i'm going to be down there waiting for him, making sure they don't text and bug her. and of course that's the time that the dasher got -- he got lost. so he had to call. and then the other time when you have to switch the address, so i switched the address, put in my order but i forgot to switch it back to their address. so my boy got on there and they ordered some five guys and put in the order. so i ended up with a couple shakes and a couple burgers the one day. they were supposed to be for my kids. but they still found a home. >> with authority! >> imagine being the poor door dash driver. is this going to arizona? is this going to san jose?
6:55 pm
700 miles apart. where are we delivering these burgers? really funny with patrick marleau in & that podcast will be up and you can catch it. he is 41 years old and still going strong in the nhl. interesting that the commissioner gary bettman said it'll cost them more money to play this season. they're going to lose billions of dollars by playing. some owners didn't want to play. no fans, they're losing 50% of the revenue. so tough times for the nhl. and want to give you one score before we go here. with a minute left in the first half in the national championship game, alabama's leading ohio state 35-17. the pride of antioch, najee harris, has two touchdowns for the crimson tide. we'll have complete highlights of that game coming up tonight at 11:00. ama, dion, back to you. >> all right. a lot to look forward to. and thanks for that video of cannon, larry. that was really cute. >> he's adorable. >> yeah, absolutely. thanks, larry. well, coming up tonight on abc 7, at 8:00 it's "the bachelor," followed by at 10:00
6:56 pm
the season premiere of "the good doctor." then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. doctors still troubled by icu numbers in the bay area. how they're preparing for a tough week. that story coming up at 11:00. and planning for mass vaccinations around the bay area. both the oakland coliseum and levi's stadium are now being considered. we're going to look at the logistics of it. and then stay with us for "jimmy kimmel live." that comes on at 11:35. and tonight's guests include ken jennings, the new guest host of "jeopardy." and i'm sure a lot of people will be tuning in for that. >> yeah. not to mention -- >> that is going to do it, though, for this -- oh, sorry. go ahead, dion. >> i was just going to say i'm looking forward to seeing the other laundry list of guest hosts that will be on. >> me too. >> we shall see. >> yes. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dion lim. for spencer christian, larry beil and all of us here at abc 7 thanks for joining us. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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from one generation to the next ♪ this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants-- a lawyer from long beach, california... a business operations associate from oakland, california... and our returning champion-- an assistant professor of english education originally from new york, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now, here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, everyone. welcome to "jeopardy!" you know, sharing this stage with alex trebek was one of the greatest honors of my life.
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not many things in life are perfect, but alex did this job pretty much perfectly for more than 36 years and it was even better up close. we were dazzled by his intelligence, his charm--his grace, really. there's no other word for it. like all "jeopardy!" fans, i miss alex very much, and i thank him for everything he did for all of us. let's be totally clear: no one will ever replace the great alex trebek, but we can honor him by playing the game he loved. jim, tanay, julia, welcome to the show. we'll begin with the "jeopardy!" round, and these categories... t in quotation marks. you know what that means, players. we go to... and for our last category, next-generation cameras were used to show the... jim, you're our returning champion. where do we start? television for $200.


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