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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 12, 2021 4:00pm-4:58pm PST

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>> on the lanaonda hospiave been offered a first across the city, 13 of the 18 skilled nursing facilities have had theirs through the federal pharmacy program for long-term care. the remainder of nursing facilities are expected to be completed this week. most san francisco residents will receive the covid vaccine from a private provider. >> when we have sufficient supply of vaccine to meet the need for a mass vaccination site, we expect to have that site up and running. >> reporter: for the uninsured and homeless population, the city is providing community outreach. >> identifying civic facilities across the city, iludiiceighrhos anerable entities. >> reporter: a undertaking to vaccinate a city and create an environment where business disease thrive. >> really, when you think about it, we never knew how good we had it.
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>> mayor breed also announced relief for small businesses today, including $62 million in grants and loans. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> melanie, thank you. levi's stadium in santa clara is being eyed as a potential covid-19 vaccination center after the 49ers offered up their facility, but a lot would have to happen before that idea could actually become a reality. abc news reporter chris nguyen with the story from the south bay. >> reporter: with the roll-out of the covid-19 vaccine moving at a slower pace than many would like, some are trying to get creative to deliver it to the masses. this week the 49ers contacted the santa clara board of supervisors proposing levi's stadium as a potential partner. board vice president susan ellenburg who represents the district where the stadium is located called it an offer worth considering especially with its brand recognition. >> whatever we can do to
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encourage and enfeities peopl e get vaccinations is good. >> depend on future allocations from state and authorities. the county has set up locations around the county with plans to double capacity by next week to nearly 7,000 people a day. that number doesn't include vaccinations beinge health ca p such a kaiser and public health. kaiser says it will be important for all entities to work together to ensure a timely delivery. >> it's important to recognize what happened in the past and what failed, and then come up with concrete steps about what we're going to do going forward to ensure we don't make the same mistakes again. >> reporter: although the use of levi's stadium is far size of the facility as well as the security of the setup could be beneficial. they're also exploring other mass vaccinations sites with the hope of accommodating 10 to 20,000 appointments a day in the future. >> we ask for tremendous trust
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of our residents, and i believe we owe them in return tremendous transparency. >> reporter: many community members hoping for a clearer understanding of their place in line. in the south bay, chris nguyen, abc7 news. sonoma county will start doing mass vaccinations tomorrow at the county fairgrounds. sky 7 flew ove in santa rosa. it will be used as a drive-through. the goal is to vaccinate about 5,000 people who work in nursing homes. it's unclear how many doses will be available. but as of sunday, more than 11,000 vaccinations had been administered in sonoma county. the clock is ticking down on president trump facing impeachment a second time. the house is expected to take up a resolution shortly to ask vice president mike pence to invoke the 25th amendment to remove the president. now if vice president pence does not take action, house democrats are expected to move forward tomorrow with impeachment proceedings. the president will face a single charge, incitement of insurrection. no president has ever been impeached twice.
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the president made his first public appearance today since the pro-trump insurrectionists attacked the capitol last week. he traveled to texas to promote his immigration policy and defend his legacy. and while there, as you can see, signed a piece of the border wall. reporter ted oberg of our sister station ktrk is in hidalgo, texas, which sits right on the boarder in south texas. ted? >> larry, an incredibly eventful day here along the border, but not necessarily because of the border wall. donald trump has been coming here for 5 1/2 years to promote this idea. and despite all of the work he has done, controversial or not, it was definitely overshadowed by the crisis he faces back home. >> usa! >> reporter: hundreds of trump supporters gathered at the edge of the airport to welcome the president to the texas border with mexico. >> he's coming! >> reporter: the fact he is about to be impeached for the second time and may be using this trip as a split screen
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distraction didn't faze them at all. >> it's not a distraction for him or for us. it's them up there that are trying to distract him. he's not a distraction. >> reporter: trump is doing all he can to make this appear a normal day, even thanking supporters for their votes as he arriv arrived. but this, his first trip since the capitol riots isn't a normal day. that brought protesters out too. local leaders describing passions as running dangerously we're here to let him know 245 him and his white supremacist ideals are not welcome here in the valley, and he is not welcome here now nor ever. >> reporter: all of it overshadowing trump's short visit to the actual border wall. >> unlike those who came before me, i kept my promises. and today we celebrate an destroy extraordinary milestone, the complete of the 415 miles of promised at a thousand miles. today less than 40 of those 450 miles are actually new wall. and federal maps show breaks in
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several place, some of those still awaiting construction. but even standing to what is done, a signature campaign promise at the end of his tumultuous term, president trump couldn't avoid the distractions surroundin joined together to ce gre extraordinarily successf building of the wall on the southern border. before we begin, i'd like to say that free speech is under assault like never before. the 25th amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt joe biden and the biden administration. a the expression goes, be careful what you wish for. >> shortly after that, president trump was back at his plane, headed back to d.c., larry. it took him twice as long to get here and get home as he spent on the ground, that should tell all of us about how much he wanted to get out of d.c. where that impeachment vote moves tomorrow. larry, back to you.
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>> ted, you mention this in your report. only about 40 miles of new wall was built. the border is actually over 1900 miles. most of the work that was done was actually replacing existing wall. so do residents there want more wall? less wall? what do they really want? >> it's hard to say that residents want the wall that exists now to be torn down, larry. it's a complicated question, as it is along the california border. i think they're eager to see this contentious construction stop. so many of them are still in court fighting the trump administration over land grabs to build more wall. they are hopeful that joe biden keeps his promise to build not one more mile of border wall once he is sworn in. >> ted, appreciate your time. ted oberg reporting live in hidalgo, texas. retyred california u.s. senator barbara boxer is in the news today. president-elect biden's inaugural committee has returned a donation that came from her because this week she registered i thought i could be helpful and as a foreign agent for chinese
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get this company to be embracing company. joining us now is former senator barbara boxer by phone. human rights laws, and continue thanks for your time. i appreciate it. how you? to add american jobs, but i >> well, i am good. it's hard for me to see the understand it. so the one thing i learned after president on a victory tour for his wall after what's happened all my years is you make a to the capitol. but to get to your question, mistake, correct it. and that's what i have done. this company has been in america since '06. american jobs, they make cameras, but china misused their cameras. and they used them to harm in a horrible way. i thought i could help make them better, but the outcry was great. t'here we are.t. >> all right. i should mention that you returned -- it was $500. that was the amount of the donation, which the biden inaugural committee has returned to you. >> yes. >> and i also think it's important to define foreign agent to our viewers, senator boxer. it doesn't mean you are a spy for foreign government.
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it doesn't mean you have done anything wrong, in case there are misconceptions. it means you had to tell the justice department, our government, when you're doing lobbying on behalf of a non-u.s. interest. and i appreciate that you said hey, look, this company, i probably shouldn't have. but i want to press that just a little bit more, because this company. >> sure. >> even though it has been operating and doing business here, isn't it a surveillance firm that's accused of contributing to the mass muslims ins ins ins ins in xin jiang? did you know this? >> that's what i just said. i didn't know the but as soon as i learned it, i just said no. but here's what happened. in 2017, their cameras were used by the chinese government. the cameras in america are used in private homes to help security in businesses and so on. but when i realized that the chinese government had used their cameras, the one thing i knew was that they were involved
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in a problem, and i wanted to get them to step up and embrace american values. that was the whole point. but as soon as i realized i had made a mistake, i said no, i'm not doing this. so i'm not doing it. >> now that you've deregistered, you're not going to be working for them. >> no. no. >> i want to ask you, for sure you must have been heartbroken to see the attack on the capitol. but i want to explore this part a little bit. senate majority leader, republican mitch mcconnell once called you one of his favorite democrats. he said, quote, i'm shockingly enough a big fan of barbara boxer. i don't know if you're still close, but, you know, what would you say to him today if you could looking at all that's happened and in our nation needing to heal and unify at this time? >> well, right now we have to understand that it was nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell that continued the counting of the votes to make sure that joe biden would get the requisite
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numbers of electoral votes. first that's good. but the fact that you have blocked every single thing that the house has done, all the good things to help us get after this virus and create jobs, help people, you know, you could do better on that. but look, he is not going to be majority leader anymore. the amazing victory in georgia is putting chuck schumer at thee able to put thingpeople. but, you know, it's interesting because mitch mcconnell and i didn't talk much for 20 years. but right before i was ready to leave, i wanted to do a highway build. i felt it was a real chance to create jobs in california and across the country. and he worked with me on it. we worked very well together. but once trump got elected, he became one of the best buddies, and it's been just awful. but i do have to say how my
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heartaches for what i saw, a place i revered and i worked at for so long. and it was an out-of-body experience to see marauders and insurrectionists take over like this. and, you know, that's why when i see donald trump doing his quote/unquote victory tour, after five people died and the whole capitol is now going to become what, like an armed camp? it's stunning and there aren't too many words. >> well, we can only hope that this too shall pass. >> yep. >> and we will be back to the strong nation that we always were. and i do appreciate your taking the time to confront the challenging headlines that you personally face today. former senator barbara boxer, appreciate your time. wish you well. >> thank you. bye-bye. coming up next, disneyland is planning to host a mass vaccination. how the bay area is responding to the enormous challenge. also, the effort to recall
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health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enrollment ends january 31st. we are closely watching the trends with the coronavirus in california. 548 deaths reported today. that is the fourth highest single day total. the number of newly diagnosed cases more than 36,000.
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that's well under the daily average for the past week. so some good news there. bay area icu availability went up to 4.7% after dropping all the way down to 0.7 yesterday. california health and human services secretary dr. mark ghaly says there are signs showing hospital capacity potentially improving. >> around the 5th and 6th of january, we were seeing on average 3500 new admissions for covid across the state. over the past couple of days, we've been in the 2500, 2600 range. >> dr. ghaly says those numbers offer some prohat the regional stay-at-home orders14-d couple of weeks ago, but it is a smaller change than we've been seeing lately. the california democratic party speaking out for the first time against a growing campaign to recall governor gavin newsom.
4:17 pm
abs news anchor liz kreutz looks at the effort that is now under way to discredit the petition drive that has more than a million signatures. >> reporter: the efforts to recall gavin newsom are gaining steam, and democratic party officials seem to know it. at a press conference, they launched a new effort aimed at discrediting the petition, saying there is a connection between the recall campaign and those who stormed the capitol. >> this recall effort, which really ought to be called the california coup is being led by right wing conspiracy theorists, white nationalists, anti-vaxxer, and groups who encourage violence on our democratic institution. >> reporter: democratic party chair rusty hicks was joined by san francisco assembly member elected leaders. they repeatedly made claims that neo-nazi extremists were behind the recall campaign, but did not provide any evidence. abc7 news sent a request for follow-up for specific examples and have not heard back. >> i think what the democrats
4:18 pm
are doing is shameful and will fuel more and more people signing. >> reporter: tom bell vaccaro is one of the two groups working on the effort. he says they already have 1.1 million signatures and are on track to hit the roughly 1.5 million signatures needed. he believes today's press conference shows the democratic party is getting scared. >> here's the play. if you can discredit the recall effort by tying it in to what happened to washington, then maybe you can get what they call white glove republican donors to hold off from giving the group any money. >> reporter: he says the recall effort has nothing to do with what happened at the capitol. >> it's 1.1 million. those aren't all republicans. there are many democrats who are small business owners that want to be able to open up and earn a living. and they can't in this state, like they could in florida.
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so that's what's driving this. the recall campaign must submit their signatures to county election officials by march 17th. liz kreutz, abc7 news. yelp is not just for restaurant ratings. now customers can give feedback on how businesses are handling coronavirus protocols. >> 7 on your side's michael finney here with the details now. hi, michael. >> hey, larry, kristen, starting today you can complain about how a business is handling the covid-19 guidelines. yelp is now including information about social distancing at businesses and if employees are wearing masks. the site will post a warning only after receiving multiple complaints from users who are actually logged into their accounts. the complaints will be evaluated daily to keep sure that the warnings are accurate and current. it appears people are looking forward to returning to cruise ships once the pandemic has eased.
4:20 pm
carnival cruise line is expecting revenue loss this year, of course, but says reservations for 2022 are running ahead of the 2019 numbers. carnival and other companies halted sailing last march after numerous ships reported covid-19 outbreaks. carnival says it's working on resuming cruise around the world. if you're a dog or cat owner, listen up. a massive pet food recall from last month has expanded after the deaths of 70 dogs. the recall involves sportmix dog and cat products manufactured by midwest pet foods. the food was originally pulled off of store shelves over high levels of a dangerous toxin. the recall now includes all products containing corn made at the company's oklahoma manufacturing plant. now if you have any concerns about your pet's health, of course call your veterinarian. back to you you guys. >> thanks, michael. all right. now switching over to spencer
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christian. wondering if we'll see any more sprinkles. i definitely encountered some earlier today, spencer. >> yeah, we've met a few around today, kristen, and we still have a few sprinkles around. you can see a little mass of moisture passing over the golden gate, pars of san francisco and marin county hitting light sprinkles right now. at 4:00, there was light rain reported in santa rosa, but a lot of that green, though, showing up as virga. it's evaporaing before it hits the ground. here is the view over san francisco from sutro tower. temperatures upper 50s san francisco in oakland. low 60s in santa fe and morgan hill. 55 in half moon bay. looking westward from emeryville, temperature readings in the mid- to upper 50s at santa rosa, novato, low 60s at concord and livermore. an the view from our rooftop camera at abc7 news. patchy fog will develop overnight with light morning showers in the north bay. warning trend begins later this week, and record high
4:22 pm
temperatures are possible. one note of caution, high surf advisory remains in effect for bay area beaches until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. wave heights are elevated and there is still the risk of sneaker waves and dangerous rip currents. on we go to our forecast animation. notice overnight we'll see clouds passing by, low clouds and high clouds and some fog. and then some early morning light showers will redevelop in the north bay, but will quick dissat bday partialf inch of rain likely in the north bay area, and no measurable rain likely anywhere else. overnight low temperatures mainly in the mid- to upper 40s. highs tomorrow mainly right around 60 on the coast. low to mid-60s near the bay shoreline, and some mid- to upper 60s inland. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the unusual warmth wednesday through friday. inland highs will be in the upper 60s. you'll see mid- to upper 60s around the bay shoreline. and then starting on the
4:23 pm
weekend, it gets even warmer, with high temperatures climbing into the low 70s inland on sunday and monday. upper 60s to near 70 around the bay shoreline. we are likely to see a record few high temperatures for this time of year. beautiful weather, but we really, really need rain. it's not showing up yet. larry and kristen? >> indeed. >> if it's not going to rain, i'll take 72 and sunny. the weekend looks fantastic. thank you, spencer. up next, the champ who is hosting "jeopardy!" for now, at least. abc7 talks with ken jennings abc7 talks with ken jennings about trcalifornia phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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ken jennings is ushering in a new era on "jeopardy!" serving as guest host this week. jennings became a bit emotional in his debut last night as he spoke about the late alex trebek. >> like all "jeopardy!" fans, i miss alex very much. and i thank him for everything he did for all of us. let's be totally clear. no one will ever replace the great alex trebek, but we can honor him by playing the game he loved. >> trebek died in november from cancer. his final episode aired last friday. abc7 news anchor reggie aqui spoke with jennings today, and asked him what he thought about hipemae. show was very rvra a i reacted well. i honestly didn't know, are people ready to see "jeopardy!" without alex? i don't think i am. i really wanted to acknowledge
4:27 pm
that at the start. you can't fill those shoes. he was a legend. "jeopardy!" is not going to be the same, but it's going to go on, and that's okay. it's okay to grieve that. >> jennings is the first in a series of guest hosts until the show decides on a permanent replacement. you can watch "jeopardy!" tonight and every week night at 7:00 right here on abc7 news. up next, the man who says he has a plan to get thousands of people vaccinated, and he said if san francisco doesn't want to pay for it, he and dr. because my body can still make its own insulin.rful. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose. once-weekly trulicity responds when my body needs it, 24/7.
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martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa it's half the name! papa john's crust is made from six simple ingredients... if you count all this cheeeese! better ingredients. better pizza. papa john's. an francisco is among several california counties without an imminent plan for
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covid-19 mass vaccinations. yesterday luz pena spoke to tech ceo david friedberg who says he has a plan that could vaccinate tens of thousands in one month. today he says if the city doesn't want to fund this, he will. >> reporter: it's a vaccine distribution proposal that has caught the attention of thousands of people. >> we could set up 30 volunteers at each high school parking lot and give vaccines to 10,000 people per day. we could vaccinate the entire country in 30 to 45 days. >> reporter: in the last hour since our story, friedberg, governor announced levi's stadium, dodger stadium in los angeles, petco park in san diego and will all become mass vaccinations sites. even disneyland is opening its doors to help. what's happening in san francisco? today we're connecting the local dots and setting up a chad between david friedberg and matt haney, who is calling for a
4:31 pm
public hearing to find out what's the strategy in san francisco. hi, matt, hi, david. >> hi. >> hi. thanks for having us. >> with an image of the great polio vaccination efforts of the early '60s as his backdrop, friedberg asked what many san franciscans had been wondering. >> i still don't get why an emergency declaration doesn't give authority. i know you guys struggle running the city, but i cannot even begin to understand, but what the hell? >> i should be clear. they absolutely have the authority. it is not a question of authority. it's a question of the will to do it. >> reporter: supervisor matt haney says he likes friedberg's idea of vaccinating as many people as possible and setting up vaccination centers across the city. it's been a month since the first person was vaccinated in san francisco. so what's the holdup for the general public? >> our mayor and our director of public health have said that because most people have private
4:32 pm
insurance, most people should get it through their private providers. but to be clear, this isn't an issue of cost. this is an administration of administration and governance and deployment. >> reporter: with 27,000 covid cases reported in san francisco and surging, friedberg had a proposal. >> matt, i just heard david offer to run the distribution vaccine plan. do you think the city would go for that? >> i'll raise the money. you guys give us the doses. i'll raise the money and bring the people to the table and we'll do it safely and by the law and get things done. >> this is the opportunity the city should not be leaving on the table. and so, yes, i would absolutely love to see that. >> reporter: so at this point -- >> the offer is on the table. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. >> luz pena bringing people together to solve san francisco's problems. that was a great idea. hopefully they can get it done now. california currently working to vaccinate health care workers and people in long-term care facilities. and one of those health care
4:33 pm
workers is our own abc7 news contributor dr. alok patel, who just got his second dose of the pfizer vaccine in san francisco. >> vaccinated almost 4500 people, and there has only been two very minor reactions. >> it is an expected response because our immune systems are revving up. that's why people wait for 15 minutes afterwards so we can keep eyes on them. ain't that right? >> exactly. >> public health for the win. >> all right. and the doctor joins us live now. this is your second shot. first one was three weeks ago. so how you feeling? any side effects? anything? >> well, larry, off the bat, i will tell you it's been about eight and a half hours since that shot. i'm feeling a little fatigued right now. i feel a little drained for lack of a better word. but i would not call this an adverse reaction or a side effect. this is a normal immune response. my immune system is reacting to the vaccine, revving up to make antibodies, and this is a normal
4:34 pm
feeling i'm having right now. >> that's good for people to know, especially if they haven't had either shot yet. roll-out of the vaccine. let's talk big picture. unfortunately, a lot like our national pandemic response, an uncoordinated state by state mess. and today dr. fauci said the guidelines for each tier are just too strict. it's slowing everything down. do you agree with his assessment? >> i agree with not only his assessment, i agree with your assessment as well. we've had months to prepare for this. i don't understand why there are so many bottlenecks. it's fortunate that we're now finally talking about them. people rm cog out and saying california's vaccinated something like 25% of people based on our supply. and you look at the country overall, we only have 10 million vaccinated. i agree with dr. fauci, especially when you hear of stories of vaccine sitting around in freezers or fridges, not being given to health care workers who we have phase 1b people who can get them right away. i heard a story where someone didn't want to come in and get
4:35 pm
the vaccine. so the pharmacist ran around and said do you want your shot? otherwise i'll have to dispose of this vaccine. that should not be happening anywhere. i do think states should look critically at their supply and who is next. >> given what question have here, a slow roll-out. when might we actually approach herd immunity? are we looking at summer? are we looking at fall? what can we expect? >> well, larry, if we do some live on tv mental math right now, president-elect biden's plan of getting 100 million people vaccinated in 100 days, i think it's feasible. i think it's actually possible if we start revving up max vaccinations sites to get a million people a day. we need 70 to 80% of our vaccination vaccinated. we got about 10 million. we probably need another 270 million people. 270 out of 365. i'm going call it probably end of summer, early fall. >> okay. you lost me when you started talking about the math. fall. we're shooting for fall. okay.
4:36 pm
>> or earlier. things could go really well. >> i'll take that. a photo of you after you took the show. now can i assume that once vaccinated, we will all be able to do one-arm hand stands like this, is that correct? >> i think everyone will figuratively be able to do some type of dance of jubilation. mine happens to be a high school break dancing lay, i know you're a fit guy. and i think the overwhelming feeling you're going have of science winning will get you some decent dance moves. i'd love to see the picture. >> that was the arm that was not vaccinated that you were propping yourself up on, is that correct? >> it is. my vaccinated hand, which is the left hand is throwing out the 2. that for being my second shot. >> okay. i love the photo. i hope to duplicate it at some point. as you know, have i the strength of ten men, but they're ten old
4:37 pm
men. it's not that easy anymore. >> and i will send you a bruce lee shirt if you wear a lee shirt when you get your shot. >> that's a given. be like water, my friend. dr. alok patel, thanks, my friend. >> i love that quote. thank you. >> i should let you know, today there was a push to vaccinate one of san francisco's most vulnerable communities. more than 550 residents and caretakers from the san francisco towers senior living facility received the covid-19 vaccine. residents practiced social distancing as they waited to get their shot. they say they're really looking forward to seeing their loved ones in person once again. >> it's a relief to know that at some point we're goingt asgod v. >> residents and staff will
4:38 pm
receive the second dose of the vaccine in a few weeks. abc7 news is monitoring the covid vaccine roll-out in california with our tracker at so far the state has distributed less than 27% of the doses shipped here. when you compare that to the rest of the country you see california is behind most other states. arkansas is having the slowest vaccine roll-out. just 16% of available doses have been administered. the swiftest roll-out is north dakota, 73%. our vaccine tracker also shows you when you might be able to get the vaccine in california. you can find this on our home page at the four at 4:00 is next. ahead, the manatee mystery. what is
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we have the power to harness abundant wind and solar energy, but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:42 pm
something. my third shot is if they catch -- my third thought was i'm glad it's just algae. and my fourth thought is i hope they catch this guy and he is in jail forever. dan, jump in. >> i agree. stupid is a word that comes to mind. cruel, insensitive, callous, dumb. i agree with you. you know, no respect for life. no respect for especially endangered animals. at least this animal was not harmed. we can say that, and that's good news. >> good point. spencer? >> yeah, i feel exactly the same way. all the things you and dan have said are probably the nicest things you can say about this terrible. >> i know, right? >> etch something into that person. >> it's more than harassment. they had to put their hands on the manatee. it's assault. >> i would love for the same guy to try wit a shark. look, go for it. see how that works out.
4:43 pm
>> all right. government leaders in seoul, south korea are facing a backlash for an onlineman yul for pregnant women containing sexist tips and gender stereotypes. the now deleted guideline suggested that pregnant women should prepare food, clothes and daily necessities for their husband and family before going to the hospita to give bi rtthguidelinesffer tips on weight management, suggesting women keep a small size dress in view to encourage them to watch what they eat. critics are circulating an online petition drive apogy. . the same perso spencer, that's out of the 1950s. what were they thinking? >> that's exactly what i was going to say. it sounds like something out of the 1950s, or even earlier than that. it's hard to believe. and in seoul, south korea, which is a very progressive place as far as i know.
4:44 pm
>> yeah. poorly thought out. obviously they rescinded it and they'll apologize. but what an ill-conceived idea, and tone deaf, given the times we live in. >> they need to put out a manual that tells husbands how to do all those things and take care of their wives before they give birth. agreed? >> yeah, i can see some guy. hee hee hee, that's what you're going get if you follow those guidelines right there. lottery fever still in fton up to $625 million. and tomorrow is powerball. and that's at 550 million. it's only the second time both jackpots have topped the 500 million mark. lottery prizes have been growing more slowly since last spring. officials reducing the guaranteed minimums and stopped promising specific increases because coronavirus caused sales to slow. if i should win either of those jackpots, i will give each of you a million dollars.
4:45 pm
and it's on tape. >> wow. >> did you buy a ticket, larry? >> not yet. not yet. no. i'm going get to that. >> our odds just went way down. >> that's very generous. when you're talking about a virtual dream that will never happen. >> wow! just crush all my hopes. >> dan gets right to the central question. >> but we appreciate your generosity of spirit there, larry. very kind. >> it is. also, i would miss you all very much. but that's another story. >> i do hope people win the jackpotness. people need to have their spirits lifted. i hope it's a frontline worker. >> wouldn't that be nice? >> awesome. >> look at this. they would have the money to buy this. a new product unveiled at ces could be heaven on earth. the cold snap is being billed at the cure for all things chilled. it's able to make single cups of ice cream or frozen drinks like
4:46 pm
smoothies and margaritas in under 90 seconds. but it's not cheap. the cold snap is expected to cost close to a thousand dollars when it goes on sale next year. for some reason, dan, i see you buying one of those. >> i have to say, i've always thought we need the opposite of the microwave, something that cools things down as quickly as a microwave heats up. i'm surprised it took this long, but it sounds like an interesting gadget. expensive now, but if it catches on at all, there will be competition and the price will come down. >> spencer, that would be kind of cool to have in the kitchen, wouldn't it? >> it certainly would. literally and figuratively cool to have that in the kitchen. and i like to make smooth east. if i can have something that will dispense a nice smoothie, i'll be a happy camper. >> i think the coldsnap should be added to the list of things in south korea that the wife should do to provide for the husband before she goes to give birth, right? make your husband a nice smoothie. and all the other stuff as well.
4:47 pm
right, kristen? >> larry is just kidding, just so you know. >> obviously. obviously. yeah. >> all right. and that's going to do it
4:48 pm
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. french wine and grapevines are headed back to earth after spending a year aboard the international space station. spacex's dragging cargo capsule undocked from the iss today with hundreds of grapevine cuttings and 12 bottles of bordeaux. a wine tasting is scheduled for
4:50 pm
next month. the capsule is scheduled to splash down off florida's gulf coast carrying research as well. it's the kind of research, spencer, you would be all over. >> i would love it. i'm so curious to know how space travel affected the development of the wine. and i love bordeaux. i'll be tuning in. maybe even tasting. here is a little taste of weather conditions right now, looking at the overnight development. we have clouds increasing, and still a few scattered light showers likely up in the north bay, into the midmorning hours. after, that partial clearing tomorrow and a dry day. a few wet spots in the early morning hours. overnight low temperatures in the mid- to upper 40s generally. even some fog around. and then tomorrow afternoon, as the clearing and drying begin to happen, we'll see high temperatures around 60 on the coast. mid-60s around the bay shoreline, and upper 60s inland. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got a dry forecast coming
4:51 pm
our way after tomorrow morning. and quite a warm-up of very unusually warm pattern starting over the weekend. continuing into early next week. we are likely to see some record high temperatures for mid- to late january developing on saturday, sunday and monday. larry and kristen? >> excellent weather. to taste wine that was in outer space. of course it's always good weather to taste wine from anywhere, right? quite a sight off the coast of dana point in orange county. check this out. a whale watching company released video of a baby gray whale migrating south along with its mother. most grays give birth in the warm waters of the protected lagoons in baja california, but sometimes the moms give birth along the way. the company beliefs that was the case here, and they appear to be doing quite well. a local celebrity is back in action after an injury. up next, the kite man of martinez is flying once again, and he is thanking his community for it.
4:52 pm
and dan is here with what's coming up on abc7 news at 5:00. >> hi, kristen. new at five, the call to speed up doses to those 65 and older, and how it will affect the bay area county with the most seniors anywhere in the state. plus, how the abc7 news i uiam prompting the state to tingccine. what car rodgers autng gennw
4:53 pm
i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections
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and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at
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coming up tonight on abc7 at 8, watch captain america, the winter soldier. then don't miss abc7 news at 11. the world famous kite man of martinez is taking flight again. he was grounded by an injury, but now he is back, flying his incredible custom kites thanks to the kindness of his community. our east bay community journalist melissa pixcar explains how he is giving back to that same community. ♪ >> i get asked a lot how many kites do i have. i would have to estimate 350 to 400 kites. a lot are now custom. the kites are all different from little to huge to single lines, dual lines, quad lines, tract kites. got to have the variety. i have been called the kite guy, kite man. people say, are you the kite man of martinez? it creates a lot of fun amongst the community of martinez. like a lot of people,
4:56 pm
yoly kites a took a 30-year hiatus until i moved to california and saw some people in san francisco flying sport kites and that's how i got back into it about 22 years ago. i get asked since i got into the big kites to fly literally all over the world. these are literally one-of-a-kind world h-class kit th h satss.i ve o bi it's fun to get people excited. it's a great way to interact with people. last august, i hurt my back and people would ask on martinez, when are you going to be out flying? i can't, i am hurt, ie'm sorry. where do you live? do you need food, groceries? now i fly for the community that loves me and i love it and it
4:57 pm
humbles me. humbles t humbles me to see the community come out because you are the kite man. you can't help but feel pride. it's enjoyed by so many people. this is why i do it. >> just beautiful kites. get the latest news with the abc7 app. more customization and personalized push alerts to get the news you want delivered to your phone in real time. all right. that's going to do it for now. thank you for joining us for abc7 news at 4. abc7 news at 5 is coming up next with breaking news that vice president mike pence has sent a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi saying he will not invoke th
4:58 pm
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so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, ...genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction... ...and don't take it if you're on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. lower a1c and lower risk of a fatal heart attack? on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. next at 5, the new example for mass vaccinations. hundreds are now getting shots in clockwork precision in marin. why it's critical as the cdc now recommends people over 65 be prioritized for the vaccine?
5:00 pm
plus, how the abc7 news i-team is prompting the state to recruit more help to distribute the vaccine. the new push to get teachers back in the classrooms and the resistance from some of the unions. the effort to stop the spread by getting residents to wear masks insideter bay area for a safe future, this abc7 news. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm autima daetz. starti


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