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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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surrounding the vaccine, and we are here to help. we're on vaccine watch, because putting a stop to the coronavirus pandemic will help build a better bay area, obviously. there are a lot of different parts that make up our home. we're going explain them for you. in the east bay, contra costa is opening up appointments to anyone 65 and older. that's not happening everywhere, however, abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley talked with health officials today about what to expect. >> i want the second one now. >> reporter: contra costa county is expanding vaccination potential exponentially. >> all contra costa residents who are 65 and older are now eligible to be vaccinated. >> we project that by the end of next week, the county and its partners will be giving 3600 shots per day on average. and a month from now, we expect to be giving 5800 shots a day. they don't include vaccinations that will be done by private
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health systems that serve most of the people living in contra costa. >> reporter: registration is done online. those under 65 years old and essential workers, and those with underlying health conditions cannot register for a vaccine yet. those 75 and up and those living in viral hot spots get priority over the 65 to 70-year-olds for now. a mobile vaccine clinic stopped at small board and care senior homes this week. >> next week, we hope to launch into the low-income housing complex's, hud housing complexes, complexes where low income seniors live, and start deploying vaccintions in their complexes. >> we're working with fire agencies across the county so paramedics can give vaccinations to eligible people. and we're also considering hosting a mass vaccination site. locations could include concord pavilion, or craneway pavilion in richmond. rite aid and safeway will soon
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be administering vaccines for the county. right now if the supply of vaccine keeps flowing in, the county is optimistic that everyone age 65 and older could be vaccinated by the end of february. in contra costa county, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> today san francisco announced plans to give three large vaccination sites. they'll be at mox scone center, city college and the sf market in the bayview. the city is aping to vaccinate 10,000 people a day. mayor london breed says san francisco has a limited amount of vaccine and will follow state guidelines on how to distribute those. >> the federal government and the state are distributing the vaccines. in california, the state is giving vaccines directly to health care providers. >> san francisco is setting up a website so residents can find out when it will be their turn to get vaccinated. as for those sites, the one at city college will open next week and the other two will follow soon.
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santa clara county is moving forward with plans to expand its covid-19 vaccination centers, despite the ongoing uncertainty over supply, and officials say the federal government is mainly to blamement for now the county can only accommodate health care workers and those 75 and old. chris nguyen has the latest from san jose. >> reporter: demand for the covid-19 vaccine is far exceeding the amount that's available. and in the bay area's biggest county, officials say they continue to be hamstrung by the federal government. >> we learned a few days ago, for example, that the federal government was going to release stockpiles of vaccine that were being held for second doses. we learned this morning no such stockpile exists. >> reporter: santa clara county council james williams says transparency is essential to building public trust, but the process has been anything but easy. >> kaiser are responsibility for the majority of santa clara residents. the majority of our residents are their patients. and we don't have full
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visibility into what they are doing. >> reporter: despite the struggle, county officials are moving forward with the expansion of multiple vaccination sites, building out the infrastructure in hopes that the federal government will get its act together under a new administration. most residents will receive the vaccine from their primary care provider. but the county has already ramped up capacity to vaccinate up to 6,000 people a day, with plans to do more once the vaccine supply becomes more stable. >> due to this limited and unpredictable supply, we continue to need to limit eligibility for vaccination. >> reporter: hospital systems are overloaded as cases and hospitalizations go up. but stanford health care has stepped up to help, providing mutual aid by accept mortgage than 500 transfers in the past two months alone. as people anxiously await their turn for the vaccine, medical providers are once again reminding the public about ways to prevent the spread of covid-19. >> we know how you can protect yourself. we know that if you maintain social distancing and wear a mask, you will be able to
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protect yourself from this virus. >> reporter: our community's patients being tested in so many ways. in the south bay, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> now with the state responsible for distributing vaccines directly to counties, pharmacy, hospital group, and you ultimately, there are big questions remaining about when those doses california has been promised will actually make it to you. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow is in the newsroom. and melanie, the governor filed those questions this afternoon at dodger stadium in los angeles. one of those mass distribution sites that have been set up. >> absolutely, dan. governor gavin newsom says the state is on pace to exceed its goal of one million vaccinations in ten days. while many counties and providers are looking to the state for more dose, the governor says the state is not the source. california has received 3 million doses of the covid-19 as of yesterday, according to gavin newsom.
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too to date the governor says 1.888 million doses have been administ administered. yet bay area counties and hospitals say they don't have enough. many are demanding answers from the state. >> it is a little perplexing as to why certain counties and in some ways california as a hole is being left behind here. >> reporter: today governor newsom took on those tough questions at dodger stadium, where he and l.a. mayor eric garcetti launched a vaccination site. >> we simply aren't receiving enough vaccines at the national level. >> the state of california has not received one dose of the vaccine. the state of california doesn't directly administer the vaccine. that's done through a network of provid providers. >> reporter: governor newsom says there are 3500 partner providers in california distributing the vaccine. >> our resolve is to get all of the existing doses that are in this state administered as quickly and as efficiently as possible. >> reporter: san francisco district 6 supervisor matt haney says california needs to do better. >> it's been a mess so far. even if we are waiting for
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additional vaccines to come, people should have ways to get information there should be transparency. there should be registration links on all of the county website, and there should be a clear plan for mass distribution of this vaccine as soon as we get additional doses. >> reporter: governor newsom says the state looks forward to substantially improving and increasing its effort in the day, weeks, and months ahead. the governor was asked how many more doses the state has ordered. he says the state anticipates receiving hundreds of thousands of more doses. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> melanie, before you go, we know the vaccination comes in two doses. are there concerns that people won't get that second dose when it's their turn and when they need it? >> dan, there are definitely concerns about that, and that question absolutely came up today. but the governor said there should be no issue with people getting the second dose of the vaccine. dan? >> okay, that's good to hear, melanie. thank you very much. on our 3:00 p.m. newscast
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this afternoon, we spoke live with dr. alok patel. he is a member of the abc7 news vaccine team. he acknowledged the frustration around distributing the vaccine doses. >> there is no clear-cut national guidance on the distribution and on which providers can lead patients to where and et cetera. people are so confused. so there is a different protocol all over the country. and i think the best thing for people to do is not only check with your physician, but go online. go to the department of health website, look at your specific county and look to see where the information is, and look to see if is there an online port wrinkle you can fill out your information. >> we did that work for you, and you'll find it on this article that's on our website chs. it's also where you you'll find our vaccine tracker tracking our state's progress in all of this. it's right there on today president-elect joe biden outlined his five-point vaccination plan. it includes administering 100
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million shots during his fist 100 days in office. >> let me be clear. i'm convinced we can get it done. and this is a time to set big goals to pursue them with courage and conviction, because the health of the nation is literally at stake. >> the plan includes creating thousands of vaccination centers across the country. mobile vaccination sites in underserved and rural communities, and a partnership with communities to make vaccines more readily available. biden pledged he will expand the production and supply of vaccines. the plan is part of a $2 trillion economic relief package the president-elect unveiled yesterday. and we are count do you think to inauguration day, as you can see on your screen. joe biden will officially take the oath of office at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. our time on wednesday. abs news will have continuous live coverage of the inauguration on wednesday. it begins at 6:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> and joe biden will be sworn in exactly two weeks after the capitol was attacked.
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among those in the crowd that day was a former oakland police officer. this is his video, in fact. now he has received a visit from the fbi, no less, and his social media posts have sparked an internal affairs investigation at the opd. he speaks with the i-team's dan noyes next. i'm spencer christian. we have very warm weather coming our way, but also gusty wind and increased fire concerns. increased fire concerns. i'll have the acceather ♪ ♪ are you ready to join the duers? those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions including anaphylaxis.
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san mateo county superior court will be closed on wednesday. that's inauguration day. that's because of reported
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threats against government buildings in the wake of the capitol riot last week. and the postal service temporarily removed a dozen collection boxes in san francisco today along market street near city hall and the hall of justice. the post office says it is to protect property and mail in the case of unrest. the collection boxes should reappear in a couple of weeks. federal prosecutors say there is no direct evidence that the violent mob that stormed the capitol plotted to kill any lawmakers. that's a reversal from a recent court filing that accused the rioters of aiming to kill officials. right now washington is on very high alert. the national mall is closed to the public through inauguration day. more than 25,000 national guard troops will provide security in addition to the local and federal law enforcement agencies there. and the fbi is warning about the use of explosive devices at upcoming protests. we learned today that president trump will leave washington wednesday morning, hours before joe biden takes the
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oath of office. trump is breaking with traditin to skip the ceremony. vice president mike pence will attend in his place. today pence called president-elect kamala harris. it's the first contact between elected officials of the two administrations less than a week before the transition. harris, who grew up in oakland, will be the country's first black woman vice president. a former oakland police officer has received a visit from the fbi. he tells the abc7 news news i-team that agents interviewed him about attending last week's trump rally that led to the assault on the capitol, and about his social media posts promoting conspiracy theories. i-team reporter dan noyes is live with the story tonight. dan? >> reporter: dan, some current oakland police officers liked and commented on snyder's post, and now they are under internal affairs investigation. jarrell snyder left the oakland police department in 2015. he is now a data analyst living in texas. >> stay warm.
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>> last week he traveled to washington, d.c. for the trump rally contesting the election relative humidities and gave me these pictures. why did you feel it necessary to go to d.c. for the rally? >> i felt that like i said, our government's not being transparent, and that this election was stolen from a majority. >> reporter: snyder still believes that, even though state election officials certified the results, the trump campaign lost 60 lawsuits over the issue, and the u.s. supreme court declined to take it up. he was there as the crowd stormed the capitol. were you actually inside the building yourself? >> no. i think -- i don't condone those actions. and it's like here you have a protest with hundreds of thousands of people, you know, and it's just that small fraction of people who go and kind of maybe taint the message. >> reporter: he claims antifa was involved in the initial push into the capitol and provided this joyed where the crowd yells. >> go antifa, go, go, go antifa!
6:16 pm
break the windows. >> i am 100% certain that there were people who were not trump supporters that were there to destroy our message. dessed in all black. >> reporter: it is true that john sullivan, a liberal activist from utah got arrested yesterday, accused of taking part in the riot inside the capitol, but dozens of trump supporters have been arrested. i mean, you aren't denying that trump supporters did break into the capitol and wreak havoc? >> no. no, sir, i'm not denying that. >> reporter: after he returned to texas he continued posting videos. i noticed a post-it over his shoulder. >> it's my motivational note. >> what does it say? >> wwg 1 wga. >> oh, that's a qanon thing. >> where we go one we go all. the rallying cry for qanon, a conspiracy theory that america is run by a cabal of pedophiles
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and the president is the only person who can stop them. snyder posted this and this meme about the boogaloo movement who may be planning to state capitals in advance of the inauguration. agents interviewed snyder at home tuesday. he said the fbi seemed satisfied with his explanation. >> boogaloo is you're a veteran, you're not in the military anymore and china or russia invades us, that's the boogaloo. we're all putting our hawaiian shirts on. we're going to try to team up whether it be regular military or police officers and defend our homeland. >> reporter: when the oakland side broke news that current oakland officers were liking and commenting on snyder's controversial post, the department launched an internal affairs investigation. >> one of our former members came out condoning these actions. it was simply horrifying. >> reporter: interim chief susan mannheimer addressed it at last night's police commission meeting. >> we are absolutely, absolutely devastated when a member, who is either current or former
6:18 pm
espouses something that goes against the heart and alignment of oakland values, e reforms and progress that we've made. >> reporter: the head of the oakland police officers association barry donilon supports the investigation. emailing me if some cop thinks it's okay to like the boogaloo movement, i don't want any part of them. snyder tells me he does not support any violent action against the government. at what point do you say enough, we accept the outcome of the election? >> i don't think i will accept the outcome. i wouldn't resort to violence. >> reporter: the chp is cancelling events at the state capitol through inauguration day. they are taking action on that fbi warning. there is also a pro-trump rally this sunday, but now it's off. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> all right, dan, thank you so much. now to a 7 on your side update about unemployed workers whose benefits were taken by
6:19 pm
scammers, and who's reimbursement claims were rejected by bank of america. a class action lawsuit was filed in san francisco today against the bank. the suit says b of a never secured the cards with chip technology, failed to prevent data breaches, failed to reimburse victims as required by the edd contract, and left them on hold for hours as they tried to file claims. >> this is very frustrating for thousands and thousands of recipients of unemployment insurance benefits who have been stripped of their lifeline in the middle of a pandemic. >> we have $7,000 taken out of my account. it hurts. >> you guys took $16,000 from the account. where did it go? >> bank of america says it has improved customer service and reduced wait times on the phone, and it's restoring money for those with legitimate claims. nor come here. next, spencer has the seven-day forecast. including some warm temperatures for california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones.
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but now with keytruda, we have hope. it's tru. keytruda from merck. ask your doctor about keytruda. now california phones offers free devices keytruda from merck. and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. more shorts weather today, dan. >> it is sure is, ama. and it sounds like, spencer, it's going to continue for a little while longer. >> it is, dan and ama. it's going to be short shorts weather for a couple of days. right now mainly clear skies over san francisco, looking down from sutro tower. current temperature readings are quite mild for this time of the evening. 62 degrees in san francisco. sometimes mid-january we don't
6:23 pm
get a daytime high of 62 in san francisco. 64 in oakland. 59 mountain view. low 60s at san jose, morgan hill and half moon bay. lovely view from emeryville looking westward towards san francisco and across the bay bridge. it is 60 degrees in santa rosa right now. upper 50s at novato and napa. 52 at fairfield. mid- to upper 50s at concord and livermore. here is a view of coit tower under mayorly clear skies so far. these are forecast features. it will be mild to warm through the holiday weekend. record high temperatures are possible on sunday and monday. and we can expect increasing winds and fire concerns for late sunday through monday, perhaps even into early tuesday. we also have rough surf still. high surf advisory remains in effect until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. wave heights are elevated. and there is the risk of dangerous sneaker waves and rip currents and coastal erosion. on we go to the wind gusts that will be increasing as we get later into the weekend.
6:24 pm
from sunday night, to 6:00 p.m. monday, we have a high wind watch in effect. now this is for elevations a thousand feet and higher. for all the hills and mountains basically in the north bay and the east bay, this high wind watch is in effect. we expect sustained winds between 40 and 45 miles per hour with gusts 550 to 55 miles per hour. there is the possibility of downed trees and power lines and difficult driving conditions. here is a look at our wind gust animation. notice how windy it will be on monday morning with gusts in some of the lower elevations even. 35 to 45 miles per hour. and the gusts ramp up and get even here and more widespread, 50 miles per hour in calistoga. by 11:00 monday night. this gusty pattern is going to continue into tuesday. and of course you can see why we have increased fire concerns. overnight tonight for low temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to around 50, and then tomorrow's highs will range from low 60s a the coast to upper 60s around the bay shoreline to low
6:25 pm
70s inland. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it gets warmer sunday and monday. those are the two days we might have record highs. monday is mlk day. a warm three-day weekend coming up. temperatures start to taper off a little bit tuesday and wednesday. and next thursday and friday sharply cooler with increasing clouds and a slight, slight chance of much needed rain by next friday. dan and ama? >> i've got the short shorts somewhere at home. i'll find them. thanks very much, spencer. all right. well, a neighborhood with no farm city. it's an issue that's not just in rural america. parts of the bay area are what's called a pharmacy desert. and when it comes to distributing the coronavirus vaccine, it can be a major issue. that's why the abc7 news i-team is looking into it. that story is next. also here, vaccination frustration. myriad problems some people are running into in the bay area as they try to sign up to get their
6:26 pm
shot. we'll have that story and more
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for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> millions of californians 65 years of age and older are ready to be vaccinated, yet the slow disorganized process is prompting a push to get those doses into the hands of retail pharmacies. >> so what happens in neighborhoods that don't have any pharmacies? new at 6:00, i-team reporter stephanie sierra is digging into the problem. >> retail pharmacies are a luxury in some neighborhoods. people like len berry, a diabetic rely on his local walgreens to get his weekly medication. >> i had an attack. the covid hit me right behind it. >> reporter: he contracted covid-19 over the summer. >> i was in a coma for three months. i was dead. >> reporter: he describes it was the most painful experience of his life. >> thank god that i'm alive. >> reporter: barry lives outside oakland's east 14th street
6:30 pm
district. a pocket of oakland considered a pharmacy desert. >> it's a desert based on the fact that it's greater than one mile or more. >> reporter: abc7 news's data analysis found there are no retail pharmacies within a four-mile radius for the more than 35,000 people that live in barry's neighborhood. around 97% of the population is black or hispanic. >> we don't have pharmacies in this district, and that's a great disparity for us, even prior to covid. >> reporter: oakland city council woman triva reed recognizes it's a problem. based on the population in his zip code, it should have 4.6 retail pharmacies per capita based on the county's average, yet there are zero. >> we would love for pharmacies not in our district to come and set up pop-up sites, to come and do mobile outreach clinics with their teams so that we can make sure we get people vaccinated. >> reporter: this pocket of oakland is one of se seven other zip codes across the bay they're have no other pharmacies for
6:31 pm
renals with at least 10,000 or more residents. >> not having that pharmacy there can be an issue. >> reporter: sheryl rissa is a at the uc irvine school of pharmacy. her research in l.a. county has found that most pharmacy deserts are in dense minority populations. people are often living below the federal poverty line and don't have access to a car. >> there is the physical access and then there is having the insurance to pay for your medications and how to get to the pharmacy. >> reporter: san francisco's pharmacy desert is zip code 92124. bayview and hunter's point. more than 92% of the population is black and hispanic, and is there is only one retail pharmacy for the more than 35,000 people who live there. matt haney says that's unacceptable. >> we have to bring this vaccine to where people live. >> this neighborhood should have around 15 retail pharmacies per capita, given the average in san francisco is 4.2 for every 10,000 people. >> i don't think we can just say
6:32 pm
well, good talk to your doctor. not everybody has a doctor. not everybody has a primary care provider. not everybody is insured. >> supervisor heaney is pushing the county to open up vaccination sites and our playgrounds, parks, and community centers. the goal is to mirror the approach taken with covid testing. this includes utilizing large parking lots across the city and stops like oracle park. >> what's been frustrating to me is our county health officials don't have those set up yet, and they have not been planning to make sure that that's available to people. >> reporter: read shares the same frustration. she is pushing for the oakland coliseum to be the next mass vaccination site, but is concerned about getting access to the vaccines. >> as you'll know from the governors' updates, they don't even have enough doses to provide the second dose to those that they have already provided the first dose to. >> a scary reality. >> i'm scared too. the whole world is scared. >> reporter: whether it's mass vaccination sites or mobile pop-up clinics, barry hopes.
6:33 pm
>> it's bad out here. >> he is next in line. >> i want to be safe. >> merrill london breed announced the city is launching three high volume vaccination sites at city college, bayview and the moscone center. she says they'll be ready to go next week assuming the county gets enough doses from the state. we'll be tracking it. in san francisco, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. now to the question of vaccine availability and the frustrations of seniors in particular. earlier this week, they assumed they could get in lion for shots immediately. that turned out to not be the case, and the reality is a bit more complicated. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman looked into that today. >> it was the best of news for anyone over 65. >> one of the most significant things we can do is increase the number of people eligible to administer or receive to receive the vaccine. >> that was the promise from governor gavin newsom on wednesday. but as of now -- here's the reality. >> if you are calling about the
6:34 pm
covid vaccine, we are unable to schedule a covid vaccine appointment right now due to limited availability. >> that was the kaiser permanente line this morning after they stopped putting people on hold for vaccine appointments. >> two hours, a little over two hours. >> so i was cooking dinner, then we ate dinner. i played with my cat. i was on a 90-minute zoom call. i cleared out a cabinet that i had just some new drawers installed in. i'm on tiktok, i did my email. >> all this while waiting for an appointment with kaiser? >> yeah. well, i wasn't just going to sit there and listen to that recording for four and a half hours. >> reporter: they will gt vaccinated, but weeks from now. and don't blame the medical groups who have been unexpectedly overwhelmed. >> just yesterday, we received four times the normal call volume into just one of our call centers. >> the reality is we just don't have the supply of doses to match the demand. and we've just increased that
6:35 pm
demand significantly by expanding the age group. >> reporter: marin county health director matt willis. he blames an absence of information, basic stuff like how much vaccine he'll receive and when. that makes planning difficult, and it became more so today when the federal government admitted its vaccine reserves do not exist. >> we need more doses. we need a clear plan. a lot of us feel like we're fending for ourselves at the state and federal levels. >> in short we have case of overpromising and underdelivering. for senior, the hope that shots immediately will now likely take months wayne freedman, abc7 news. well, you may be wondering when you might get your shot. go to there is a form that will send your question right to our vaccine team. >> and here is a question. when will student athletes be able to play sports again? it's what brought people out to a rally today. we're going to take ♪ ♪ ♪
6:36 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ (beeping sound) ♪ ♪ ♪ get exclusive offers on select new volvo models. contact your volvo retailer to learn more.
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6:38 pm
groups of parents across california participated in rallies late this afternoon to demand that the governor allow high school sports to resume. despite the high number of covid cases and deaths. they argue there is a way to
6:39 pm
modify sports to play in a safe manner. lyanne melendez has more on this debatable issue. >> reporter: their demands are straight forward. let high school athletes return to sports. the meeting place was outside campolindo high school in moraga, which hadn't had competitive sports since covid forced the closure of the school. football coach kevin macy says it's been too long. the covid concerns are being outweighed. the mental health is now. so much more detrimental that they're not playing sports. >> reporter: california is one of five states pausing fall sports for high schoolheartbrea potentially they had something in high school and they can no longer do that when they go to college. >> reporter: others think the covid numbers are too high to bring back high school athletes. >> i see football players out there playing without any masks. so i get concerned. >> reporter: meanwhile, the american academy of pediatrics reported that doctors are
6:40 pm
concerned that covid has created the perfect conditions for kids to get excess weight, because in part their favorite sports are no longer an option at schools. there have been studies like the one from the university of wisconsin back in october which found that that state's high school sports had not caused an increase in the number of covid cases among their athletes. coach macy believes it can also be done safely here in california. >> we have been running camps here all summer long. and data has been collected, and we've had no incidents of any type of covid-related outbreak or positive testing. >> reporter: with no date in sight to resume sports, the golden state high school football community is gathering data to show governor newsom that schools are prepared to practice sports safely. in more rag ca, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> stay here with us. i hope your weekend plans involve the outdoors, because the weather really should be
6:41 pm
wonderful. spencer has the forecast coming up.
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wildfires certainly one of the worst natural disasters we face here in california, and becoming all too common. and in recent years, we've witnessed some of the deadliest and most destructive fires to ever burn in our state. as fire season expands, so does the research on the impact on fighting them and on their impact on our health as well. david louie looks at how experts in multiple disciplines are now working together. >> reporter: as the state's fire season become year round, the burning question becomes what to do. after fires damaged or destroyed over 10,000 struckers and killed 33 people. experts from seven cal state campuses gathered online to take a holistic approach, looking at climate change, fire suppression, land management and health impact. no one can forget how bay area skies turned orange in september
6:45 pm
from wildfire smoke. >> what lands on your skin and have a damaging effect on those pople that are exposed. >> reporter: researchers already are tracking the impact of smoke among firefighters and the coughs some have developed after the 2018 camp fire. >> exposes you to all kinds of respiratory irritants that make you potentially less able to fight off a respiratory illness or a disease like the covid-19. >> reporter: san jose state's fire and smoke forecasting system is considered the most advanced in the country to predict risk. the wildfire interdisciplinary research center has the only mobile doppler radar in the west. experts said early warning for people to evacuate fire and smoke is needed. >> we've seen a number of companies coming out with apps to try to help keep us with cutting edge knowledge who needs to evacuate when. >> reporter: the research on the seven csu campuses could
6:46 pm
influence future land development and where housing is built as fires blur the line between wild land and urban areas. david louie, abc7 news. >> and there is some fire danger on the rise this weekend, dan. >> yeah, no question, ama, because we should have had a lot more rain. it's still so sunny and warm out there. >> it certainly is. and we will have increased fire concerns from the end of the weekend through monday, maybe even into tuesday because of gusty wind. let me give you a look at our high wind watch. we don't have a warning in effect yet, or a red flag warning. but in elevations above a thousand feet, we expect sustained winds to be 40 to 45 miles per hour from sunday night through monday. gusts up to 55 miles per hour. there is the danger -- the possibility i should say of downed trees and power lines. and of course increased fire concerns. let's get back to tonight's conditions. although the weather is lovely, we still have rough surf. a high surf advisory is in effect until 7:00 p.m. tomorrow
6:47 pm
with the possibility of dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. so bear that in mind if you plan to be near the coastline. meanwhile, in the upper atmosphere, this is what is going on. our forecast animation shows the high clouds passing by tonight. maybe even a few low clouds will develop as well. but tomorrow will be a mainly sunny day with filtered sunshine as those thin high clouds continue moving by. overnight, we can expect partly cloudy conditions with low temperatures, mainly in the mid- to upper 40s, and high temperatures tomorrow, mainly in the low 60s at the coast. upper 60s around the bay, and low 70s inland. and it gets even warmer as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast on sunday and monday, which is mlk day. we see mid-70s inland. low 70s around the bay shoreline. upper 60s on the coast. but temperatures will gradually taper off on tuesday and wednesday. and by thursday and friday be back into a more seasonal pattern. dan and ama? >> okay. >> all right, thank you, spencer. all right. on to abc7er 7 sports director larry beil. sol nfl news.
6:48 pm
interesting news tonight, layer. >> there is some great matchups. really intriguing quarterback matchups in the nfl this weekend. we've got a battle of future plus cal versus cal. yes, two golden bears set to square off in green bay. th ♪ ♪ we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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not today, dry eye. now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. what a treat for cal football
6:51 pm
fans. tomorrow aaron rodgers and jared goff will square off as the packers host the rams. it's going to be just the seventh time the two quarterbacks from the same college have started against each other in nfl play-off history. just seven times. rodgers came out of kalbach in 2005. i love seeing the old footage of him, the stats. this season so good, they're ridiculous actually. 48 touchdown passes. only five picks, completing 70% of his passes, leading grown to a 13-3 record. now it's been a bit bumpier for goff, the rams qb who was benched and suffered a broken thumb, but came back quickly. his confidence seemed to be shaken, though. for fans of the golden bears, this is must-see tv. >> i think what he has done is obviously tremendous this year. he's mvp of the league by all accounts. and i think my job is to play defense. >> thankful to be in this opportunity, you know. to be one of the final four teams in the nfc and the have a team that has the opportunity to
6:52 pm
go the distance type of talent and chemistry. >> speaking of qb matchups, how about tom brady against drew brees. they'll face off on sunday with the saints hosting tampa bay. this could be the battle of the ages or the aged. you got two future hall of famers, both over the age of 40. brees many expect him to retire after this season. so tom could possibly end drew's career. >> we were texting back and forth on monday, just kind of chuckling at this whole scenario, right. listen, he is 43. i turn 42 on friday. that's 85 years and a lot of football experience that's going to be on the field sunday. >> 18 months ago i felt pretty good. i've got a little advanced age on him and experience. but i'm hanging in there. he's had a terrific year, and he's a great player. i've known him for a long time. >> both guys amazing. a lot of rumors about desean
6:53 pm
jackson wanting out of houston. somebody posted a shot of watson in a niners uniform, wearing joe montana's number 16. whoa! it appears as though watson commented saying dope pick. the texans would be insane to trade watson. they're a messed up franchise. who knows. stanford has the top-ranked women's basketball team in the country undefeated and looking to go 11-0. the cardinal facing utah in salt lake city. and this gym is all cardinal from the jump. williams jab step jumper, gets the shooter's bounce. she led stanford with 18. they went on a 16-1 run to start the second half. fran, dunk alert with fran, but she had 13. cardinal have 21. williams had six threes in this game as stanford stays undefeated, 11-0, 82-54 the final. and cal lost to colorado. james harden made his first appearance as a brooklyn net today after forcing his way out of houston. the beard now joins his buddy kevin durant from okc when they
6:54 pm
were teammates and kyrie irving that is a threesome that can lead the league in scoring and pouting at the same time. so who takes the last shot when the game's on the line? >> chemistry, sacrifice, and like you say, depending on the game, depending on what is going on throughout the course of the game that's going to determine who gets the ball and who makes the plays. >> i tell you what, that is going to be a fascinating human experiment right there with those three guys and the rest of the team. they may need a team psychiatrist, if not for the players then for rookie head coach steve nash, because, man, you got a lot of talent and a lot of guys that want the ball a lot. so we'll see how it all works out. but going to be fascinating to watch. >> certainly will be. all right. thank you so much, larry. >> well, coming up tonight on abc7 news at 8:00, "shark tank."
6:55 pm
"20/20" starts at nine. and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> mayor breed announced a plan for three mass vaccination sites in san francisco. but basic details like when will they open and how many people will they serve are still unknown. i'm kate larsen. coming up tonight at 11:00, you'll hear from organizers who say they weren't consulted about the new silents in their own communities. and stepping up its efforts to prevent violence in the week ahead. what facebook is blocking users from doing in washington, d.c. and then of course stay with us for "jimmy kimmel live!" which comes on right after the news at 11:35. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. five days from now, despite last week's rioters and donald trump's effort to stop it, there will be a new president. it's been one of the ugliest periods in american political history. as we've reported here, the insurrection of last wednesday is resulting in unprecedented
6:56 pm
security in and around the capitol building where joe biden will be inaugurated in washington wednesday. and around the country, security is on high alert because of intense internet chatter about armed protests being planned at state capitol buildings. is this our new reality? everything we do now necessitates super bowl level security? american life changed overnight after the 9/11 attacks, as we all remember, but we adjusted to keep us all as safe from foreign terrorists as possible. that was hard to understand. this is harder. an existential threat to our democracy from within, from among our own. what really matters over the next few tense days is safely swearing in a new president. after that, finding our way become from the brink. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley, abc7. >> and that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. you can lock for the news any
6:57 pm
time on the abc7 news app. it's free, so just download it. thank you so much for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and we see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a journalist originally from jackson, michigan... an associate professor from minneapolis, minnesota... and our returning champion-- an illustrator originally from atlanta, georgia... whose 3-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"--ken jennings! thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome back to "jeopardy!" you know, i've been humbled all week to get to be a part of this incredible show. watching the contestants test their knowledge
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