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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 16, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> we're ready for more doses. we need more doses. we're asking for more doses. san francisco mayor london breed is making an impassioned plea as the city prepares to open three mass vaccination sites. 1,000 people per day are expected to get the shot, but a big problem. a very limited supply of vaccines. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, january 16th. i'm liz kreutz. much more on that vaccination quic look at the weather with lisa argen. >> good morning, liz. certainly pretty nice out this morning. not that cold and that will lead you to believe we have another day of above average temperatures. little fog out there. 50s in the castro and the mission right now.
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it's 45 in petaluma. some fog from american canyon from hillsburg into daly city and reduced from napa and half mile santa rosa and four miles at the coast where it was in the 70s yesterday. so, we're looking at a very nice day today. in fact, temperatures are going to be well above average. how much above average, well, we're talking at least maybe ten in some spots. so, we're going to talk about the look ahead, which is going to include an off-shore wind event bringing in high fire danger for the second half of the weekend and how about the second half of the week returning with some rain. liz. >> lisa, thank you. developing news. one person has been detained in connection to an explosive investigation in san francisco. the fbi found chemicals that are commonly used to make bombs. a person living in an rv along gilman avenue was detained last night. nearby residents remain evacuated. police say it was an isolated
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incident. officials were not able to give more information saying it's too early in the investigation. and in the north bay, american canyon man is being held on $5 million bail for possession of explosive devices and weapons. 44-year-old ian rogers was taken into custody. the napa valley register reports it was called to british auto repair in napa yesterday. they found suspicious devices and were able to disarm them. no other details have been released. now to the pandemic, san francisco mayor london breed is outlying the city's plan to create vaccination sites. based on health care providers. the department of public health says it received about 34,000 doses so far. asbc news reporter luz pena explains, that won't come close to the goal. >> reporter: ten months of a pandemic that ravaged san francisco mayor breed announced a vaccine distribution plan. >> we have a plan. we are moving these vaccines
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forward. >> reporter: the plan aims to vaccinate 10,000 people a day by implementing a network of community-based sites in partnership with health care providers. the first site will be located at city college of san francisco's main campus in the oceanview merced heights engelside area. the second in the soma district. and the third at the san francisco market in the bay view. >> we are not sitting on any vaccines. they are all moving out the door. >> reporter: on monday, we introduced you to tech ceo david fre fre freedburg after our stories contacted him. >> one of the things i mentioned to them put out a big number. san francisco needs to be at 8,000 doses a day to hit 1% of our population every day, which is what will get us out of the pandemic. >> do you believe that target of 10,000 doses a day could be achieved under this specific model with these health care providers? >> it's unclear what the health
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care providers themselves are planning to do to hit those numbers. san francisco is not taking responsibility for hitting those numbers. they're setting a goal and then expecting these private health care providers to achieve that goal. >> reporter: to expedite a process, freedburg also suggested for the city to take on the vaccination distribution. and to let people do all the paperwork online. >> you can walk in, get a shot and get out within five minutes. >> reporter: the city announced a version of that plan with >> starting on tuesday, enter your information and when it is your turn to be vaccinated, you will be contacted. >> reporter: the city college site is set to open next week. luz pena, abc news. the equitable distribution of vaccine is top of mind for officials in san francisco. kate larsen explains why some community leaders are now concerned about the lack of information surrounding the new mass vaccination sites. >> the highest covid infection
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rates in san francisco continue to be in the southeast sector of the city, which is where mayor breed announced plans to set up the three mass vaccination sites. one of them in supervisor walton's district. >> i feel the state of california and even a lot of cities across the state have to move faster to make sure we get more folks vaccinated and that's what we're attempting to do. >> reporter: but organizers for the hard hit latino and black communities say they weren't consulted. >> the communication coming out maybe central command or the mayor's office or the department of public health has a little bit of a lag and a little bit of confusion as to who's doing what. >> reporter: john is chair of the city's latino task force health committee. what do you think would help at this point to ensure equitable distribution of the vaccine? >> it will have to be on the ground community partnerships. we talked about this for 11 months now. >> reporter: but you can't have equity without access which is why the vaccination sites are in the communities that need the most but they won't work without
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information. >> being able to be a trusted source to really filter through that information and get that education to the community is huge and it's going to be key. >> reporter: d.j. brooker of young community developers a nonprofit in bay view hunter's point and he just found out about the site and saying knowing sooner would have allowed them to organize earlier. >> where they're located allowing us to also understand how we can assist individuals who don't have access to connectivity with scheduling of those appointments. >> reporter: the city hasn't specified when the three sites have opened and how they'll vaccinate residents. kate larsen, abc7 news. vaccination sites could help speed up vaccinations but what about people who are unable to leave their homes. abc7 news reporter matt looks into the lack thereof to vaccinate homebound patients. >> reporter: getting to a hospital or drive-through testing site would be a major
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challenge says barbara mier who oversees care for her uncle who had a stroke several years ago. unable to talk and swallow and walk on his own. >> reporter: she says she hasn't seen him in person since the pandemic began, but he now has 24/7 caregivers. >> the best course of action would be to be able to have somebody come in and vaccinate him. >> reporter: we asked his doctor if that's going to happen. >> the short answer is, no, we don't know yet. >> reporter: dr. carla says she doesn't have any vaccines to distribute yet, even if she did, because the vaccines require super cold temperatures, issues of mobile distribution still have not been solved. >> if the vaccine only lasts a certain number of hours and only certain number of vaccines per vial it's a lot of logistical challenges of how we can do that efficiently and effectively. >> reporter: in order to do that, elder care advocates say states and counties will have to provide leadership and funding. >> it's going to require a level
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of intentionality. >> reporter: a lawyer for justice in aging. he's also on the state community advisory board for the vaccine rollout. as the mass vaccination sites open in the coming weeks, he says he's pushing for homebound patients to get the same level of attention. >> not every 65-year-old has the same level of risk depending on what your skin color looks like, depending on what community you live in. >> reporter: matt boon, abc7 news. as the world surpasses 2 million covid deaths, outrage from u.s. governors over what they say is a misleading vaccine supply. governor newsom is echoing disappointment after learning a federal reserve supply of vaccine doses just doesn't exist. >> they have reneged on that. >> due to this unpredictable supply we need to limit eligibility for vaccination. >> to date california has received three million doses and administered nearly 1.2 million. pfizer tells abc news they're
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making as much of their vaccine as they can and they don't foresee manufacturing delays ahead. in the east bay, contra costa county is ramping up vaccination effort and opening up vaccination for anybody 65 years or older. pleasant hill where people were getting vaccinated at diablo valley college. those eligible can sign up on the covid-19 page on the public health website. the goal is to get everybody 65 and up vaccinated by the end of february. >> we project that by the end of next week the county and its partners will be giving 3,600 shots per day on average. >> the county also is looking at options ras vaccination sites, possible locations are concord pavilion and crane way pavilion in richmond. go to our website to see how california is doing on vaccine distribution. so far nearly 33% of doses received have been administered. you can also compare our state's progress to the rest of the country and see where you fall in line to get vaccinated.
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that's on president-elect joe biden is unveiling his vaccination plan. it includes involving fema and the national guard to get the vaccine out. mary bruce has the details. >> reporter: calling the vaccine rollout so far a dismal failure, president-elect joe biden's promising to do better. outlining his plan to deliver 100 million shots in 100 days. >> our plan is as clear as it is bold. get more people vaccinated for free. create more places for them to get vaccinated. mobilize more medical teams to get the shots in people's arms. increase supply and get it out the door as soon as possible. >> reporter: the president-elect says he'll use fema and the national guard to set up 100 emergency vaccination centers around the country. converting gyms, stadiums and community centers. and he's promising that the federal government will streamline the vaccine distribution process to states.
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>> right now we're hearing that they can't plan because they don't know how much supply of vaccines they can expect and what time frame. >> reporter: biden asking the american people to be patient but promising change is coming. >> the will be one of the most challenging operational efforts ever undertaken by our country, but you have my word. and we will manage the hell out of this operation. >> reporter: his two requests to the nation, keep the faith and wear a mask. mary bruce, abc news, the white house. happening today, residents in san francisco's tenderloin district can get free covid testing. the temporary site will be open today from 10:00 to 3:00 between jones and leavenworth. no appointment is needed and all ages are being accepted. since the start of the pandemic, the tenderloin has been hit very hard. the neighborhood is the fourth highest amount of cases in the city and the most recent numbers from the city report over 1,600 cases and 13 deaths. all right, lisa, let's get a check of the weather outside
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this morning. >> well, if you like spring, you're going to like this weekend. today the cooler day out of the two. and temperatures are going to be quite mild. right now 53 downtown going for a high of 64. plenty of sunshine today. even warmer tomorrow as off shore winds arrive through the beginning of the week. but don't get too down. we are tracking some rain returning to the bay area. all in the week ahead. i'll have the forecast, next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a retired oakland police officer is at the center of controversy after attending the riots at the capitol. dan noyes talked to him about his social media post promoting conspiracy theories. stepping up efforts to prevent violence at next week's inauguration. what facebook is blocking users from doing in washington, d.c.
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received a visit from the fbi. jurell snyder says agents interviewed him about attending last week's trump rally that led to the assault on the capitol. dan noyes has the story. >> reporter: jurell snyder left the oakland police department in 2015 and now a data analyst living in texas. >> stay warm. >> reporter: last week he traveled to washington, d.c., for the trump rally contesting the election results and gave me these pictures. why did you feel it necessary to go to d.c. for the ral rally? >> i felt like our government is not being transparent and that this election was stolen from a majority. >> reporter: snyder still believes that even though state election officials certified the results, the trump campaign lost 60 lawsuits over the issue and to take it up. he was there as the crowd stormed the capitol. were you actually inside the building yourself? >> no, i think, you know, i don't condone those actions and it's like here you have a protest with hundreds of
6:16 am
thousands of people, you know, and it's just that small fraction of people who go in who kind of maybe taint the message. >> reporter: he he capitol and provided this video where the crowd yells. >> go antifa. >> stop them. >> go antifa. yes. they're breaking the windows. >> i am 100% certain that there were people who were not trump supporters that were there to destroy our message. you know, dressed in all black. >> reporter: it is true that john sullivan, a liberal activist from utah got arrested accused of taking part of the riot inside the capitol, but dozens of trump supporters have been arrested. >> you are not denying that trump supporters did break into the capitol and wreak havoc. >> no, no, sir. i'm not denying that. >> reporter: after congress affirmed the election results, snyder returned to texas and
6:17 am
continued posting conspiracy theories on his social media. as our interview started, i noticed a post-it over his shoulder. >> my motivational note. >> reporter: what does it say? >> wwg1wga. >> reporter: a conspiracy theory that president trump is the only person who can stop them. snyder posted that and this meme about the boogaloo movement. agents interviewed snyder at home tuesday. he says the fbi seems satisfied with his explanation. >> boogaloo is like if you're a veteran you're not in the military any more and china or russia invades us, you know, that's the boogaloo. we're putting our hawaiian shirts on and team up with whatever it be regular military or police officers and defend our homeland. >> reporter: current oakland police officers were liking and commenting on snyder's
6:18 am
controversial post, the department launched an internal affairs investigation. >> one of our former members came out condoning these actions. it was simply horrifying. >> reporter: interim chief susan mannheimer addressed it. >>absolutely, absolutely devastated when a member who was current or former er against t progress that we made. >> reporter: the head of the oakland police officer supports the investigation e-mailing me if some cop thinks it's okay to like the boogaloo, i do not want any part. at what point do you say, enough, we accept the outcome of the election. >> i wouldn't resort to violence. >> reporter: the chp is taking action after that fbi warning canceling all permits for events at the state capitol including one for a trump rally this sunday. for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7
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news. facebook wants to stop people from using its platform to incite violence in the coming days. the tech company is banning new events happening close to the white house, the u.s. capitol building and any state capitol buildings through inauguration day. it's reviewing existing events and removing ones that violate its policies. repeat offenders are banned from streaming live video. abc news will have continuous live coverage of the inauguration on wednesday. it all begins at 6:00 a.m. right here on abc7. all right. the excitement and jackpots keep building with mega millions and powerball jackpots now worth nearly $1.5 billion combined. that's after nobody won last night's $750 million jackpot. the winning numbers were 3, 11, 12, 38, 43 and the mega ball 15. tuesday night's jackpot swells to $850 million. the second largest prize in the game's history. and lottery players have a shot
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at another huge jackpot. tonight's powerball jackpot is $640 million. the game's eighth largest. lisa, you said you got a ticket. how many did you get? >> i got two. two and two. i'm 0 for 2. >> any strategy with the numbers. >> i thought about it. like somebody bringing them to you in your dream. maybe. >> i'm channeling good energy your way. >> thanks. good morning, everybody. we are looking at a gorgeous day today. a nice weekend, if you like it sunny. i know we need the rain and snow would be nice, but it's not on tap for the immediate future. in fact, we're going certainly in the opposite direction for the short term. long term, though, we do see a return to the rain.nowesre i go e aa and s offshore wind event. north winds keeping us in the 40s to low 50s this morning. 47 for our friends in san jose and it is also 47 in vallejo
6:21 am
where the winds are going to start kicking up tomorrow. and the rest of the bay area, well, we're going to see the breezy winds late sunday all the way into tuesday. two to four degrees warmer. it is cool but could be a lot colder out there. as we look outside mild to warm for the holiday weekend. that includes martin luther king day on monday. records are possible both tomorrow and monday. and then looking at the possibility of increasing winds and potential fire concerns. we are still in a drought in some areas and even more severe drought than others. so, we had a little bit more rain in the north bay, but, of course, you know, we're really lacking. 9 to 12 wave heights right now. advisory goes into effect until 7:00 but then another surge of even stronger wave heights coming in for the second half of the weekend into monday. this is our wind advisory that goes into effect late tomorrow through tuesday. we're talking north winds 15 to
6:22 am
30 miles an hour. you could get kind of breezy at the surface throughout that time frame. but it's in the upper elevations above 1,000 feet. we could see 50-mile-an-hour plus gusts. as we start this animation into your late sunday and early monday, you can see how windy it is already over the north and east bay hills. that's the diablo range and those cities down slope from the higher elevations are where we could see those gusty winds at the surface. so, over in oakland, the berkeley hills and even in santa cruz getting quite windy and the coast, of course. so, looking at the warmth to continue into your sunday, even warmer tomorrow. and into monday, the holiday, really little change. it's tuesday numbers begin to come down just a little bit and we'll see more changes as we get towards the second half of the workweek. trying to work out some moisture for the next seven, this is the next two days. we don't have to worry about that. but in terms of the highs, good ten degrees above average and maybe 15 in some spots.
6:23 am
64 today in the city and look for 71 in san jose as well as antioch, napa and about 72 in santa rosa. 68 in fremont. the accuweather seven-day forecast. you notice our spring-like weather with records possible right on through monday but we get into the gusty winds tomorrow night into tuesday. we'll have to watch that. not what you would expect for mid january. but we are bringing our storm impact scale back into play on friday for a light system that hopefully will open that storm door for the rest of january. we hope. >> we hope. we are crossing our fingers for that. all right, lisa, thank you. just ahead, superheroes in the suburbs. an inside look at marvel studios first original series
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the show. >> reporter: he is the android next door. she is also known as scarlet witch, thanks to her magical powers. both find themselves in classic sitcomes. each week a different show from a different decade. >> you see how different they are from where we begin in the '50s to where we end. we start with "the dick vandyke show" and "bewitched" and "malcolm in the middle" and. >> i grew up as an actors sitcoms. >> reporter: for those too young to have grown up watching these episodes, episodes were screened for the cast.
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>> tell these stories authentically through sitcom with the shows. >> reporter: the first episode was filmed in front of a live audience. just as they were done back in the day. >> there's so much detail that went into what you see. >> reporter: the idea is to feature characters that don't get much screen time in the marvel movies. >> i play monica rambo who we were introduced to in captain marvel where she was a young girl. >> reporter: to find out why she ends up here, you'll just have to watch "wandavision." >> there's a lot to cling on to and just hold on for this ride, guys. >> reporter: i'm sandy kenyan, abc7 news. >> disney is the parent company of abc7. still to come now on abc7 mornings. securing the state capitol with
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> we train for this kind of thing whether it's our own tactics that are being used against us or foreign tactics that we have nothing, no knowledge about. >> thousands of national guard troops getting in place ahead of inauguration day. at least ten states including here in california have activated troops to protect their capitol cities after a warning from the fbi of possible new threats. good morning, again, everybody. we have a lot to get to on inauguration day and security measures that are being taken, but, first, if you're just joining us here at 6:30, let's get a check of the weather with
6:31 am
lisa argen. >> remind yourself it is january because temperatures this morning could be a lot colder. this afternoon, once again, well above average and records could come into play for the second half of your weekend on sunday into the holiday monday. fog at the coast. 56 daly city and 48 in half moon bay and 42 in redwood city and more fog in the north bay with low 40s and 50s out there. visibility quarter mile. novato and half mile santa rosa and mile in napa and otherwise it clears and by 9:00 we're well into the mid and upper 50s. noontime how about low to mid 60s even touching 70 in some spots. it will get even warmer by the afternoon with a few high clouds around and low 70s should do it for us and as we get into the evening hours, we're talking very little fog. another somewhat mild night before some offshore winds head our way for very mild weather including the holiday and then we'll talk about rain heading our way coming up. >> thank you. this morning the nation is
6:32 am
on high alert with president-elect joe biden's inauguration just four days away. security is at unprecedented levels id. razor wire. trevor has more on the scene in washington. >> reporter: this morning thousands of national guard troops are patrolling the streets ahead of president-elect joe biden's inauguration wednesday. the nation's capitol on high alert with checkpoints and barricades throughout the city. on friday, the secretary of the interior officially closing the areas of the national mall and more than 25,000 members of the national guard expected to be in place by next week. some of them speaking to abc's martha raddatz about last week's deadly attack on the capitol. >> definitely a concern, however, our troops are prepped and ready to go. we train for this kind of thing. whether it's our own tactics that are being used against us or foreign tactics that we have nothing, no knowledge about. >> reporter: and the fbi's now
6:33 am
warning about possible new threats from domestic violent extremists. among the fbi's top concerns for inauguration day, the substantial threat of e devices. sources tell abc news an inauguration rehearsal planned by the biden team sunday has been postponed. the president-elect says he's confident he will be safe. >> yes. >> reporter: trevor alt, abc news, new york. here in california, the chp has gone on tactical alert ahead of possible armed protests at the state capitol. massive barricades have been set up around the capitol in sacramento. officials with the chp say the protections were prompted because of last week's violence. as of right now, there are no permanent events at the state capitol through wednesday. but the fbi has set up a command post in preparation. >> it has been some general reporting about planned protests, planned events but then also some terminology like
6:34 am
storming the capitol, right. that's what we're kind of concerned about. >> reporter: the fbi is working with the washington, d.c., headquarters to investigate and identify anyone who took part in the riots that may have come back to california. now, back here in the bay area, san mateo county superior court will be closed on wednesday, inauguration day. it's because of reported threats against government buildings in the wake of the capitol riot last week. the postal service temporarily removed a dozen collection boxes in san francisco along market street near city hall and hall of justice. the post office says it's to protect property and the mail in case of unrest. the collection boxes should reappear in a couple of weeks. this morning, new details about president trump's plan to leave the white house. he wants to hold a military-style farewell the morning of the inauguration. abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan carl has the details. >> reporter: a little over a week after inciting a mob of his supporters to attack the u.s.
6:35 am
capitol, president trump is now planning an elaborate military-style sendoff for himself on the morning of the inauguration. sources briefed on his plans tell abc news the president hopes to depart to the sounds of a military band. walking down a red carpet flanked by troops as he boards air force one for the last time. he's even talking about a flyover by air force fighter jets. trump plans his exit, he's left it to vice president pence to act like the actual commander in chief. reviewing inauguration security plans and visiting troops at the capitol. >> have a safe inauguration and i just wanted to stop out today to say thank you. >> reporter: soon after he leaves d.c., trump will find himself on trial in the senate. house speaker nancy pelosi hasn't yet decided when she'll deliver the article of impeachment that will trigger the start of the trial. >> you'll be the first to know when we announce that we're going over there. >> reporter: the impeachment trial could begin the same day
6:36 am
as the inauguration. but team biden insisted that won't stall their agenda. >> we know how to multi-task. that's what is going to be required. >> reporter: house democrats prepare their case against the president, speaker pelosi announced retired general russell honoree will lead security including whether any members of congress gave rioters access to the building the day before so they could plan their attack. >> if, in fact, it is found that members of congress were accomplices to this insurrection, if they aided and abetted the crime, there may have to be actions taken beyond the congress. and in terms of prosecution. >> reporter: jonathan carl, abc news, washington. just in time for the start of joe biden's presidency, one d.c. ice cream shop is out with new inauguration themed flavors. ice cream jubilee created cup of joe, which is a creamy coffee
6:37 am
flavored ice cream and vanilla chocolate chip, which is biden's favorite flavor. we all know he famously loves ice cream. they also have flavors honoring vice president elect kamala harris pays tribute to california using almonds and a nod to her indian heritage and rose mimosa is a nod to the golden state, specifically wine country. ice cream jubilee ships nationwide but it will cost you 95 bucks for the four flavors. back here in the bay area, more food. an oakland chef is celebrating kamala harris. creating a special inauguration takeout menu featuring her favorite dish. partly because he shares a special connection. >> this is our inauguration day dinner menu. the gumbo is a bayou seafood gumbo. my connection to vice president
6:38 am
elect harris is elementary school. we shared the same first grade teacher. prior to learning this, ms. wilson had been one of the most instrumental individuals in my life. the true connection is our love affair with gumbo. the menu comes with panko crusted crab cakes and local baby greens and bunanana raisin bread pudding and gumbo, you have yourself a nice southern meal. feels like i'm representing the vice president elect in her hometown on this stage at this monumal time. so, it's pretty exciting to have someone with vice president elect's heritage in the white house is really huge. and this melting pot that both kamala and i come from here is what it is all about. we're making it available the day before so folks have time to prepare and watch the inauguration and then enjoy some dinner. we'll be standing proud on the
6:39 am
inauguration day and we're going to enjoy some food and toast to, you know, the changes coming about for our nation. >> the three-course meal costs $46 and must be preordered by tomorrow. still ahead on abc7 mornings, marking the anniversary of the arrival of the famous san francisco sea lion. we talked to one of the bay area artists helping celebrate three decades of sea lions at pier 39. here's a live look from our embarcadero camera you see looking out over the bay bridge and the beautiful sunrise here at 6:39 on this beautiful saturday morning. we'l
6:40 am
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the ceo of san francisco-based k t way it wasefore the pandemic. brian predicts that post-pandemic people will be searching for smaller spend more time visiting family
6:42 am
and friends. the company was hit hard at the start of the pandemic. once restrictions were lifted travelers decided to book homes than hotels. rather than tourist spots and he believes travelers want to get away from crowds. >> 400 national parks in the united states. most americans have never visited one and this summer i think we'll see a lot more people visiting things like national parks. >> airbnb went public in december and just this week shares rose as much as 10% to record high on thursday. i sort of disagree, lisa, i feel like once the pandemic ends, i will want to be around crowds of people out there feeling like we can finally mingle and mix. >> i think a lot of people miss that. i'm with you, liz. good morning, everyone. what a view here. 51 degrees in santa cruz. going for a high today around 70. just a gorgeous day out there. and we're going to keep this weather just for a few days and
6:43 am
then do a pretty big 180. we'll talk about it next. also next, two former cal quarterbacks face off in the nfl playoffs today. playoffs today. aaron rodgers versus jared advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination of two immunotherapies that works differently. it could mean a chance to live longer. opdivo plus yervoy is for adults newly diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer that has spread and that tests positive for pd-l1 and does not have an abnormal egfr or alk gene. opdivo plus yervoy is the first and only fda-approved combination of two immunotherapies opdivo plus yervoy equals... a chance for more starry nights. more sparkly days. more big notes. more small treasures. more family dinners. more private desserts. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body during and after treatment.
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only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. in sports this afternoon the shark plays their first weekend game of the season. san jose faces the arizona coyotes. the puck drops at 1:00 p.m. the divisional round of the nfl playoffs gets under way this afternoon and director larry beil has a preview in this morning's sports. >> reporter: good morning, everybody. only six times quarterbacks from the same school go head to head and today will be seven. aaron rodgers against jared goff and the rams. enjoy throwback footage. rogers led green bay to top seed in the nfc and 48 td passes and five picks and he's guest
6:46 am
hosting "jeopardy!." nice resume. goff broke his thumb, played through pain and a battle of golden bears at lambeau field. >> what he has done is tremendous this year. leading the league by all accounts and my job is to play against their defense. >> thankful to be in this opportunity to be one of the final four teams in the nfc and to have a team that has the opportunity to go the distance type of talent and chemistry. another fantastic qb battle tom brady against drew brees. bucs and stants both quarterbacks over 40 and both locked for the hall of fame and brees said he has been looking forward to this since the moment brady sign would tampa bay. >> texting back and forth on monday chuckling at this whole scenario, right. listen, he's 43 and i turn 42 on friday. so, that's 85 years and a lot of football experience that is going to be on the field on
6:47 am
sunday. >> 18 months younger. 18 month ago i felt pretty good. so, i've got a little advanced age on him and experience. but i'm hanging in there. he's had a terrific year and he's a great player. i have known him for a long time. >> that warriors supposed to play last night but covid wiped out their game in phoenix. they have the weekend off. fantastic matchup of stars. mavs versus bucks. late in the fourth, luca makes it a three-point game. working on his three-point shot had a couple in this game that he knocked down. if he's making this, ask for your blindfold because it's over. one last chance for the mavs off a missed free throw and the heave by luca was close but the bucks win it 112-109. women's college hoops. top ranked stanford facing utah and salt lake city.
6:48 am
kianna williams gets the shooter bounce right here and led the cardinal with 18 points. stanford goes on a 16-1 run to start the second half. coast to coast plus the foul. she had 13. williams with six threes in this game as stanford stays undefeated. 11-0. 82-54 your final and cal lost to colorado. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, aerveteve. let's get a check of the weather now with meteorologist lisa argen. lisa, what is going on with this weather? >> i know. 70s yesterday at half moon bay. it's incredible. just going to get warmer for some locations today, tomorrow and off shore winds are on the way. so, yes, it's january, very unusual and we're starting out with a little patchy fog, but a huge dome of high pressure that really has been with us throughout the month. it's still with us. it's going to build in and there's a system that is going to slide over it and an area of low pressure and the difference
6:49 am
between those two elements. the high pressure and low pressure creating some wind, offshore wind and potentially high fire danger as we get into your sunday night and monday night. what a view here. our exploreatorium camera and oakland and san jose and 51 in morgan hill and nice view of the golden gate bridge where the coast, i'm sure, pretty busy with the long holiday weekend and some really nice weather. low 40s in napa. 48 in concord. pretty mild out there. it has been warmer due to this warmer air mass overhead and once we get these offshore winds really elevated, this trend continues right on through tuesday. so, begin to feel the changes even at the overnight hours and as we look at mt. tam, nice and quiet. kind of serene out there. mild to warm through the holiday weekend. records are possible for tomorrow and monday. that's when that off shore wind really gets going and these winds will create some concerns in terms of perhaps some elevated fire concerns for sunday into monday. after all, we are in a drought
6:50 am
and with the nice weather, you may want to head but look how dangerous it is. we have a high surf advisory through tonight. 9 to 12-foot waves anywhere from our northwest facing beaches down through big sur and another swell into monday. two systems that will keep the winds elevated and temperatures above average and the concerns with us as we get into your late sunday and then even into the evening hours on tuesday. mainly the higher elevations but some of these gusty winds that will be gusting to over 50 miles an hour or above 1,000 feet could reach down to the surface at some 15 to 30 miles an hour. so, this is what it looks like by 10:00 on monday. looking at 30 to 40-mile-an-hour winds and it doesn't seem like we get a break even through january here looking at the dry offshore winds. so, with that drought in mind and the winds and the higher elevations of the north and east bay, we'll be watching a few.
6:51 am
southern california has the santa anas coming back and we all do have a chance of rain coming back into play by the time we get to the end of the irk with week. that's good news. for tomorrow low to mid 70s. here's our warm up which continues into the second half of your weekend, into the holidays. still widespread 70s and perhaps even upper 60s at the coast. and then by tuesday, beginning to see a little bit of change there. highs today about 70 in vallejo and 67 san mateo and oakland and, hey, for january, it's kind of nice. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at the records possible tomorrow. but then the winds kick up late sunday into monday. the holiday. and as we get towards the middle of the week, kind of pleasant. we're all hoping that the rain verifies on friday and it looks like theres more systems behind that, liz. >> thank you. today marks 31 years since . kumasi aaron shows us how the h
6:52 am
celebrating with artists from across the bay area. >> reporter: you've probably seen these sea lions at the marina at pier 39. but for the last year, we've seen these painted sea lion statues all along the embarcadero. >> i feel proud and accomplished. like, oh, hey, i did this. >> reporter: that's how aria luna feels. at 9 years old she was the youngest of 30 bay area artists selected to be part of this public art display by the aquarium of the bay. the perfect fit because aria luna loves sea lions. >> i just love how they swim. >> reporter: and the environment they call home. >> i work on art projects for social and environmental issues. so, that's basically like the art of this. >> reporter: aria luna's statue is called deep blue. >> just like the whole ocean and the rock the seal is on the migration path of the sea and i
6:53 am
put it there as a fun thing to do. so people can learn. >> reporter: deep blue is one of 30 statues put up by aquarium of the bay last year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the sea lions arrival in san francisco. >> nobody really knows why they started coming here. the best guess is that the pacific herring and moving in this direction. so they were chasing food. >> reporter: george jacob is the aquarium's president and ceo. he says the statues not only make people smile, but make them think. each has a message sharing how to protect and preserve our environment, especially sea lions. >> we enjoy sea lions who are loud and smelly and hang on pier 39 but they do have a place in the fragile ecosystem of the bay and surrounding areas. >> reporter: the sea lion statues offer a way for the aquarium to connect with the community in a time when the pandemic has forced it to close. cutting off the nonprofits main
6:54 am
source of funding. >> we care for about 24,000 animals and the care comes at a cost. >> reporter: but they've pivoted finding new ways to raise money to operate. the aquarium offers virtual tours and educational programming and, of course, a little sea lion swag. the goal to celebrate what is precious and be aware of what needs to be protected with the help of artists like aria luna. >> it's their generation. it's calling for the younger generation to not just pick up the brush, but also, you know, take some bold steps in making a difference in the environment. >> in san francisco, kumasi aaron, abc7 news. >> how great. the sea lions will be on display for a few more months if you want to check them out and go up as a
6:55 am
6:56 am
bay area institutions are celebrating martin luth king jr. with virtual events.
6:57 am
stanford university will hold musical performances and discussions from now through monday. events are free and preregistration is required. on monday, san francisco's museum will hold online events starting at noon. those will include story telling and poetry. let's get a final check of the weather now with lisa argen. hey, lisa. >> liz, check it out. beautiful view here. the golden gate bridge where i suspect it will be pretty busy the next couple days with the holiday low 40s as cool as we can get right now. and low 50s in the bay and san francisco going for a high of 64, plenty of sun and even some 70. fwooiv five to ten degrees above average. and then the winds the offshore winds a burst of them sunday night and monday night and all dials back on tuesday so we're looking at a narrow range and perhaps high fire danger north and east bay hills with a high wind advisory. and then the rest of the week is looking more temperate and still mild and here comes some rain by
6:58 am
friday. hooray. >> that is some good news, lisa. thank you. all right, thank you all for joining us here on abc7 mornings i'm liz kreutz with lisa argen. we'll be back at 9:00 a.m. and have a news update in the next half hour. have a gorgeous start to your saturday. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart. they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like he voya doe't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected. voya.
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good morning, america. high alert. the largest security effort ever for an inauguration. washington, d.c. now a fortress as new arrests are made in the assault on the capitol building. the close call for vice president pence that day. why this officer is being hailed a hero as more tell their harrowing stories. >> it looked like a medieval battle scene. plus, did some members of congress help out the rioters? and will this man get the pardon from the president that he wants? what his lawyer is saying this morning. president trump planning his farewell. what he wants for his sendoff ahead of a looming impeachment trial as the biden administration moves forward with its transition. the priorities on the agenda.


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