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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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covid victims, it felt like a long time good evening. thanks for joining i'm ama daetz. >> good evening. in a show of our collective grief. this is a live look at san franciscoity ll, t upold seidovveral other landmarks are up tonight. here is a look at coit rtowetora has a flickering candle image. ten other buildings are also aglow this building. >> san jose has joined the nationwide covid memorial. several monuments around town are paying tribute. they include levi's stadium where sky 7 a i live look now. e lighting happened during a le mayor sam liccardo. >> we are together one community honoring those we lost, those we
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remember. >> the virtual tribute also included a moment of silence observed for all the families who have lost loved ones. memorials were also held in the east bay today. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has a look and more on what this means to the families of bay area victims. >> doves were release and bells rank out at precisely 2:30. >> to reflect on the staggering loss of life and well-being that our world has suffered through. >> at the exact same moment, 400 lights were clicked on at the lincoln memorial pool in washington, d.c. to honor the 400,000 who have died of covid-19 so far. >> people who have lost a loved one to covid, this is a big moment. w'site are getting national recognition. >> reporter: kristen lost her dad to covid last june.
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she is behind a nonprofit called marked by covid that created an online memorial to coincide with the event on the national mall. >> surpassing 400,000 will be at half a million people lost within a month from now. that is akin to the amount of soldiers we lost in combat from the u.s. in world war i and world war ii combined. >> reporter: there is discussion about where to build a permanent memorial on the mall in washington, d.c. >> by the time that memorial are is built, it will be very interesting to see exactly what it comes to represent. and i'm afraid for many people, the -- that there was no coordinated federal response. >> reporter: there is also a movement afoot to declare inauguration eve january 19th a permanent national day of mourning so that we never forget those who perished in the pandemic. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news.
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>> certainly the toll of this ndemic has been hard on everyone, especially those who know a victim. if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health and issues and needs help during this stressful time, you can find resources at action. today the covid-19 death toll in the u.s. topped four 000 people. here in california, some positive news on the covid front. the number of new cases dropped to 23,800. that's the lowest number in a while. there is also a significant drop in the state's 14-day positivity rate. it's down to 11.6%. that's an 8.7% decrease. >> we're seeing that jstust in that often have seen that decrease first. but we're seeing it also in some of those most heavily impacted areas like southern california and san joaquin valley. >> in other good news, state health andanum h secretary dr. mark ghaly reported an 5%8.
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hospitalizations over the last 14 days, as well as nearly 3% drop in the number of people in icu statewide over the last seven days. these positive reports are allowing the state to revise the state's hospitalization rate downward for the second half of the month. they had expected the number to go up.ta here with us, because we have a lot more coronavirus coverage copping up in the next half hour, including the progress made today on letting some bay area residents know when they can get vaccinated. there is a developing news in sta windy weather has sparked multiple wildfires. now they aren't big, but some are tough to reach because of trees blocking roadways. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen is in the santa cruz mountains and spent the day on the fire lines. [ siren ] >> reporter: anxiety fills the air as some residents in santa cruz county are forced to evacuate after a series of fires teniig d >> wind, really, really hard. and also the branches, they startling f
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>> reporter: the early morning winds wreaking havoc, especially for those who call the mouai home. >> i'm pretty scared for what is happening right now. >> reporter: mario ibarra owns kasra nostra restaurant in ben lomond. he never thought fires could be a problem in middle of winter. >> not long ago, we had the big fires, and well, everything is still in our minds. >> reporter: cal fire says they responded to at least ten vegetation fires throughout the region. most are relatively small. the freedom fire north of watsonville has burned around four to five acres but remains a threat. >> i went to feed my horse, and the smoke was getting even thicker. so i called 911. >> reporter: with the lack of rain playing a role, officials with the sjsu fire red cross research lab say it's certainly cause for concern. >> we big wind storms like we just experienced this last night. we can have fires take off. we need the rain to really reduce our fire risk.
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>> reporter: this community now praising the work of fire crews once again. >> they're our heroes. they're save us last time. and they're doing it right now too. >> reporter: all hoping to avoid a rooept of the prior devastation. in the san lorenzo valley, chris we iasws bne n s.o windy today. how much longer is that going to last? let's touch base with spencer christian. hi, spencer. >> all right, dan. well, the good news is the winds are relaxing even as we speak. but earlier today, as you know, we had powerful and destructive wind gusts and some of the peak wind gusts are indicated right here. 57 miles per hour in san francisco. 53 at oakland. and much higher actually in the higher elevations. these are just the readings down at the surface. right now we are looking at a great improvement. it's still gusty in half moon bay. 28 miles per hour over at fairfield 35 miles per hour. livermore 21. but all the other locations depicted here on this graphic are indicating wind speeds at the surface between 10 and about
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15 miles per hour, which is much, much better. and above a thousand feet right now, we see gusts between 25 and about 45 miles per hour in many locations. those will diminish as well as we get later into the evening. and i'm happy to say that the wind advisory for much of the bay area has expired. that happened at 6:00. remains lake and mendocino in effect until 7:00 p.m. all across the region we'll see winds diminish significantly during the nighttime hours. back to you, ama. >> that is good to hear. thank you, spencer. the fierce winds brought widespread power outages across northern california. this pg&e map shows where the outages are now. as of an hour ago, the utility says there were still more than 17,000 customers without power. that's down from more than 30,000 customers at 3:00. pg&e's the biggest impact been in the south bay.s ha in oakland, a pine tree snapped and fell on to skyline boulevard at brook park d
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drivers to use caution. you see it here. in san francisco, a pear tree came down near castro and 18th street. the city's department of public works says it has responded to more than 65 calls since last night. and lafayette a power outage meant students couldn't log on for distance learning. >> it's a pain. and you know power, learning everything is a cueflon disaster. but we're going go hiking today, right, guys? >> they're looking at the bright side. the owner of johnny's donuts also had to think outside the box today. he made donuts by candlelight this morning after finding the power was out when he got to work. yosemite will likely remain closed through friday morning as park officials assess the damage from this windstorm. park officials say they need to repair damaged facilities and clear trees that fell over in the last few hours. outside the park, there are reports of wind gusts reaching 100 miles per hour, towering pines fell on to buildings and cars, as you can see here. more than 24,000 pg&e customerst
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ow pstarerea. and they might not get it back for a couple of days. >> just roaring. it was -- you know, it was just roaring all night. this is still a big wind here now. all of this road has power lines lying l over it, and there goes a pg&e truck. >> caltrans blocked highway 41 on the way to yosemite because windy conditions made it too dangerous, even if crews could have cleaned up all the downed lines. you can check the weather conditions where you live any time on our abc7 news weather app. it's free to download in the app store. you can sign up and get alerts i any weather updates. coming up on abc7 news at 6:00, some sonoma county winery and restaurant owners are fighting restrictions. the new lawsuit they filed against the state over outdoor dining. capitol hill interns are getting an upclose look and the security measures in place. you'll hear from one of them, the daughter of willie brown. and the special show of support in o
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the east bay, there is a new flag flying over oakland city hall today in honor of joe biden's inauguration. it's a scranton-oakland unity flag, representing the hometowns of joe biden and vice presidents-elect kamala harris. it was raised in oakland and an tlvsyransceiands just these two cities. >> we believe that this symbol of our uty is a national messe.aghe ou yre town, the east coast town, predominantly democrat town and
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oakland predominantly historically a republican town in scranton. recognizing that we have so much more in common, and this is a moment for our country to heal and come back together. artists. though tomorrow's inauguration will have far fewer guests than normal, far idts wh right near capitol hill will be next to all the action. sydney brown is the daughter of former san francisco fair millie brown. she has an internship and is loving living through this moment in history and watching the rise of vice president-elect kamala harris. >> you know, i see myself in vice president-elect harris. you know, i afe can maamleer ficroanm calif see the female being raised primarily by her mother. it gives credence to the voices of other women, other people of color, you know, first generation americans, it said. it gives credence to those
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choices that have previously and continue to sometimes still be silenced in theolitical sphere. >> als po has an upclose view o all the security measures for tomorrow's events. >> right now a couple of blocks away from the capitol, surrounding the house and senate llhi barbed wire at the ge fence top. and every three or four feet, there is a member of the army standing there with their big guns and very, very intimidating looking. >> law emeceor ntff o the nation's capitol insist tomorrow will be a peaceful transfer of power. but with less than 17 hours to go, security experts' biggest fears are now coming true. a defense official confirms their vetting found two army national guard members assigned to the inauguration have ties to far right groups. both have been removed from inauguration security and are now under investigation. ten more national guard members have also been taken off the >> these are vetting efforts
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that identify any questionable behavior in the past or any potential link to questionable behavior, not just related to extremist. >> president-elect joe biden is trying to chart a bipartisan path forward. he has invited congressional leadership from both par ties t join him at church before tomorrow's swearing in ceremony. and abc7 news will have live coverage of joe biden's inauguration. it begins at 6:00 tomorrow morning right here on abc7 news > an we work together to building a better bay area amidst this pandemic, the impact on the economy is one of the areas we're focused on keenly. in the north bay, the owners of some restaurants and wineries have simply reached a breaking riint with governor newsom's st ctions. wayne freedman has more on the counter measure they filed today in napa county superior court. >> reporter: the tasting room at van duffy wines does not mesh with the normal mold. it's one among several wineries
6:16 pm
in a santa rosa industrial park, except for an absence of violence, it has the same guts at any other winery. and with california's covid-19 restrictions, owner matt duffy is suffering just the same, if not more. >> i can't continue to do >> soalon wit this. h 50 other wineries and restaurants in n d sonoma county, van duffy has filed suit against governor newsom for his outdoor dining and tasting ban. and that number is growing. >> the number one objective is for these businesses to be able to reopen. >> together with can reduce the oadref >> the suit is designed to help people like jim goff. it was empty today, but he still showed up. >> what else am i going to do? >> reporter: business here is down 90%. outdoor seating closed off. >> they're basically just restricting us from making a living. >> reporter: about 100 yards away, will sebi owns a bakery. since the pandemic and closures,
6:17 pm
he's had to lay off 60 employees in three locations. the suit is for them as much as for himself. >> we've done outdoor distancing, and it's been working. >> reporter: these businesses are not the first to sue, just the latest. even with a vaccine, they say the situation has become dire. >> we can't sit by idly and wait for, you know, our color to change, the tier that we're in to change. >> reporter: sometimes actions speak louder. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, . >> all right. if you went anywhere today, you saw downed tree limbs, almostgu. did on my st mebi.etre some small, spencer. pretty ferocious winds, actually. >> really fe driving was difficults. asro ou. especially on bridges and overpasses. so, yeah, we're happy to see the winds diminishing. let me give you a look at what was a widespread wind advisory
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throughout the bay area. it's still in effect until 7:00 tonight for lake county and most of mendocino county. but the good news is that across the entire region, winds are tapering off a bit now. at the surface right now, most wind speeds are under 15 or under 20 miles per hour for sure. but we have gusts in three now. fairfield 23 miles per hour. livermore, 21. and half moon bay 23 miles per hour. let's move along, take a live view from the exploratorium camera, looking back at the cityscape of san francisco. 62 in the city. oakland 55. down to 58 in mountainview. 59 morgan hill. 61 at half moon bay. lovely view right now under emeryville looking back across the bay. 61 in santa rosa. 59 at novato, fairfield and napa. 68 concord and livermore. and here is the view from our rooftop mera, gazing across the embarcadero. these are our forecast features. the winds will continue to relax during the overnight hours.
6:19 pm
i'll relax overnight as well. hope you will. much cat thioosrle week. and we'll have periods of rain beginning on friday, continuing at your early next week. overnight skies will be clear. it will be breezy, but not gusty. low temperatures will range from upper 30s to low 40s i inland valnleys. the and then low 40s in most locations around the bay and on the coast. and tomorrow's highs under bright sunny skies will be 63 at half moon bay. 64 san francisco. mainly mid-60s at oakland, fremont, san mateo locations right around the bay shoreline. inland areas not much variation there either. mainly mid- to upper 60s. 67 in santa rosa. 67 in livermore. 68 down in the south bay in san jose. whatbelilik ye in washington, d.c. tomorrow? it's going to be cold and wintry and snowy in the morning. snow flurries, not heavy snow. but by noon, when the swearing in takes place, the skies will be mainly sunny with a few high
6:20 pm
clouds. the snow flurries should have ended by then. but it will still be pretty chilly. only about 41 degrees at noon in washington, d.c. tomorrow. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast for the bay area. we'll be drawing through wednesday, but we have a good chance of showers coming in on friday. and notice it's going to be much cooler. it will certainly turn much cooler over the weekend. sunday, highs will be only in the mid-50s inland and around the bay. more rain is likely on sunday. more showers on monday. and a rainy and windyay d sli ikely on tuesday when high temperatures will reach only into the low 50s. now compare that to the record warmth we had yesterday. and you canonheee s way, dan an ama? >> absolutely. it's good to see the rain chances coming back. thank you, spencer. a passing to note today. someone we have followed closely for alice hoagland, the mother of a bay area 9/11 hero has died. hoagland passed away in her sleep on december 22 and,
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according to a recent facebook post by her sister. her son was on brdoa 93 on 9/11. he and others thwarted the hijackers' plans to crash a plane into a building in washington, d.c. he is remembered at the los gatos veteran memorial. hoagland was a former i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it
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the san francisco symphony has launched a new streaming platform as it tries to boost revenue during the pandemic. sf symphony plus, an online service will feature all the symphony's digital concerts and events, including some that are brand-new. the site is live now, but new content goes up february 4th when the symphony season begins. access to the entire season costs $120, or some performances can be purchased individually, just like going to a theater in person to see a concert. there will also be free raarogpririntu, msal incl celebration. disney is giving us a peak at the new spider manres actor plays spider-man describing one part of the ride. >> this new piece of techhi web he is going to be giving the tour and something goes wrong, and he needs everybody to help him out to save the day. >> sounds fun.
6:25 pm
tingling yet? according to the disney blog, passengers will be given 3-d glass. you see them putting them on there. they're also using a new technology that will allow you to reach out with your hands and sling wednesday just like spider-man. disney hasn't announce and opening day for the ride yet. >> spiderman my favorite comic book man character as a kid. we spent hours how to figure out webbing that we can shoot. it was ridiculous. it never worked. we were convinced we were going to do it. as we continue, some of the bay area's biggest tech companies are building a vaccine passport. who it will be for and how it will work. that's coming up. edd's identity verification system is causing anxiety as workers face losing their benefits. i'm michael finney. 7 on your side is straight ahead. kamala harr niece has a' is new chdren's book out toda
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run out of covid-19 vaccines by >> yeah, that word today from mayor london breed. she says she hopes more doses will come in soon. another bump today in the city's vaccination roll-out, city website to a notify people when they can get vaccinated went live today and then crashed. si inundated but back up by late afternoon. despite hurdles, the mayor is hopeful for major progress against the virus in about a month. >> i think we're going to be outdoor dining. i'm hoping more schools will be open. i'm hoping to see the city start to come alive again like we did when we first beat the virus. i think we're going to be in a much better place. we're going to see vaccines rolling out consistently. and it's going to feel a little bit more like the city is reopening. and so i'm looking forward to that day, and my hope is that people are patient with us and understand that that day is actually coming. >> as part of the city's plan
6:30 pm
the health department runs out of vaccine, san francisco fishes say the city will be ready to open the first large covid vaccine site at city college at the end of the week. and we're posting updates on california's vaccine roll-out on our website, so far about 43% of doses received have been administered. you can also compare our state progress to the rest of the country and see where you fall in line toetccinated. some of the major tech companies and health organizations are joining forces to create a covid-19 vaccination passport. it's already being used by several airlines for proof of a negative covid test. luz pena spoke with salesforce' chief medical officer about what the future holds. >> reporter: along with your passport, now many airlines are requiring this, a covid-19 digital pass. >> upload those relative humidities and use those to demonstrate that they satisfy the requirements of the country they're flying to.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: as covid-19 vaccines roll out across the country, tech giant forced forces and created the vaccine crtiened al that digital pass idea further and creating a vaccination passport. >> this is a way for people to get back to our new normal in safe way. >> this doctor is salesforce' chief medical officer. salesforce along with microsoft and oracle are part of this. >> you get your vaccination or your covid-19 test, your negative. you get a smartphone, you download it on to your apple wallet or your google pay, and you store it in there. >> reporter: the project's ceo is one of the coordinators of this group. when do you project that the general public is going to be required to hold aacit v ttihen enter maybe a school or the movies or even their workplace? >> i think that's a big and obviously very important question. i think communities and institutions are going to make those decisions. >> reporter: these experts believe the closer we get to
6:32 pm
mass vaccine distribution, the more imperative a passport will become. >> we project that maybe some people won't be allowed to go back to work without a vaccination passport. >> well, i think some employers are making a decision to require vaccination. and i think the eoc issued a ruling in december that that is up to employers to make that decision. >> reporter: as to when it will be available for the general public, we'll come back to you on that, but we've already heard discussions on this being a requirement for several places. timeline for me would be in the next few weeks. >> in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. some nba players could possibly receive a covid-19 vaccine early as a way to encourage the public to get a shot. coisonavid setwork espn believes such a move would demonstrate how important it is to get vaccinated, taupe the african american, where some have expressed resistance. the commissioner's comments echo those of public health experts,
6:33 pm
including dr. anthony fauci who believe people with high profiles like athletes and entertainers can set examples by getting the vaccine. coming up on abc7 news at ,00 a w days to get her id verified to file for unemployment. and you ready for this? she only gets it to work when she enters the wrong information. 7 on your side and michael ivnney dig into why. l e look outside tonight. meteorologist -- weather anc - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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time is quickly running out for the 1.4 million workers ho wwere suddenly cut off from unemployments benefits on new year's day. they have 30 days to prove they are noudra f ostsrer they lose their benefits, possibly for good. but many report they're hitting roadblocks, trying to verify their identities as required by the edd. michael finney is here with that story. just one more problem with edd. >> you know, imagine being told there is a deadline. it doesn't matter if it's your fault or not, but there is a deadline. look, i talked to a viewer, and they tried for days to prove their identity using the edd's new system called id me.
6:37 pm
then she put in the wrong information, and that's when it worked. >> i upload mid passport, my driver's license. >> when we last saw terry o'donnell of novato, she was desperately trying to prove she is really terry. >> and then it asked me to hold my phone up to the face, and it did a scan of my face. >> reporter: she uploaded her documents and her face into edd's id me verification. it wasn't good enough. >> they said they could not verify me by the documents i've uploaded. so they're going cut me off completely. they makes me scared. >> reporter: the program said an agent would soon come online for a live interview. >> it says i have four hours and 53 minutes of wait time. >> reporter: instead, she got disconnected and then ctjereti >> i thought that's absolutely ridiculous. >> i'm signing in now. >> reporter: today we're watching as terry try once again. >> i'm still back at the beginning now. >> reporter: this is her screen.
6:38 pm
scher is up here on the right. so it's taken my driver's license, the front. >> reporter: now the facial scan. she is supposed to keep a straight face. >> it won't take my face if i'm laughing. >> reporter: now id me shows her information. but address is wrong. >> it lets me edit, though. so i'm going change that. >> reporter: she puts in her correct address, hits confirm, and waits. >> it says we were unable to identify your identity with the phone number provided. this is ridiculous. so iutoi g in my girlfriend's number. >> she had once shared that phone with her friend. but that doesn't work either. >> i'm no closer to identified. >> reporter: she starts again, and again id me auto populates that incorrect address. >> maybe i should just leave that address. i'm just going leave it. >> reporter: so she does. >> wouldn't that be funny if that -- what? >> reporter: and it worked. id me verifies her identity, but
6:39 pm
only with the wrong address. >> this is so crazy. so they have my wrong address, but that's okay with them. woo! >> reporter: that incorrect address is one terry used six years ago. now we reached out to id me. it didn't say why it accepted an old address. but edd has agreed to give folks 30 days to verify instead of ten days because of all of these delays. and, dan, that's going help out a loft people. >> yeah, that sounds like it will make a difference, michael. that's good. thank you very much. with home loan rates at or near record lows, hopeful bay area buyers are in search of larger h es after working remotely. short of demand, and looks at whether prop 19 will have an impact. >> reporter: working at home has definitely had an impact on bay area real estate. demand is growing for larger
6:40 pm
homes to allow families to spread out. the problem is supply. linda baker with compass real estate in the south bay says with more buyers and sellers, that's leading to multiple bids and higher averages. i was looking at a house last week that got eight offers after being on the market for four days. with prices coming in at about, oh, 10% plus over the asking. >> reporter: proposition 19, which voters approved bay slim margin last november, could t e. it allows older long-term buyers to sell, buy a more or less expensive home and benefit from a new property tax rate using their current assessed value to calculate the new rate on a more expensive home. it appears to be enticing one couple to sell and relocate to the sierra. >> they would have been holding their house longer and waiting until retirement. now because they're able to both work from home, they're going to work from home up there. they have a smaller house there the smaller house and buying a bigger house. >> median home prices have continued to rise during the
6:41 pm
pandemic, up 11 to almost 17% in three bay area counts. up about 2.5% in two other counties. but those numbers tend to be influenced by higher priced homes. >> the home price appreciation is actually about 8%. so for the by area we do anticipate this home price appreciation to slow, but still remain pretty strong compared to previous years. >> while it's early to assess the impact of prop 19, the potential end to sheltering in place could lead to more homes for sale. david louie, abc7 news. a new book hits store shelves today inspired by kamala harris. the author? her niece. we talk to mina
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and helps therjoint . don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i just look and feel better. i got real relief with cosentyx. watch me! feel real relief. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx. last year, as you may remember on the campaign trail, now vice president-elect kamala harris was accused by somef being too ambitious. o it was a criticism that hit a nerve with san francisco lawyer, author, and entrepreneur meena harris, who also happens to be kamala harris' niece. meena has now written a new children's book inspired by this moment, and she joined abc7 news eitxct iting news.utz to talk b ambitious girl, your second
6:45 pm
children's book out. congratulations. talk about the book. when was it you decided to write this and why? >> well, so many reasons. it's my second kids book, as you said. and my first book, as well as my second book are first and foremost inspired by family, both the family i was raised in and also the family that i am now raising with my two daughters, who are 2 and 4. and it's really a couple of things. it's about passing on to my kids the values and lessons that i was taught growing up, that now as an adult and now as a parent i realize were so important for me and were so formative in my own development. it's about recognizing the power of words and language and how not only they can be used against us and to cut us down, to tear us down. and, you know, in the case of the word "ambition" in particular, a family member of mine was referred to as too
6:46 pm
ambitious. it was amplified by the media, as if that were worth amifying. it's oh, you can be ambitious but not too ambitious. if you have too much power or trying to be too successful, then i'm uncomfortable, and that's not okay. >> absolutely. that incident last year was triggering for me too. as a woman in the workforce, i think we've all experienced this negativity around this word. and i think it's important we reclaim it. even though it is a children's book, i feel like there are themes that sort of hit home for adults as well. negative, question. for me, it's like i'm wearing my ambitious sweatshirt, you know. the message is like i'm not hiding it, right? and i'm not going to allow anyone to tell me, you know, who i am or how ambitious i can be, right? and i think all of us need to do that and normalize and keep talking about it. i think part of the culture around it is you're supposed to kind of hide it or downplay it in some way.
6:47 pm
and my response to that is just no. right? i'm not going to do that. >> and wear it proudly. so who is this little girl? is this you? is this your daughters? your mom? >> the little girl does kind of look likey older daughter. i don't know how -- again, that was not my intention, but i think the illustrator was very, very thoughtful, and as you see in the book, she just like my daughter, right, there is a mother figure, a grandmother, an aunt, right, and a whole community. and that's certainly inspired by real details. >> and there is a coat in there from >> another line, is not written how she said it but is incorporated is one that has been talked about is you may be the firsto dut b last. >> isn't that great? powerful stuff.
6:48 pm
"ambitious girl" is out today. you can find it at green apple books in san francisco or at a bookstore near you. after facing backlash over vice president-elect kamala harris' cover, "vogue" is doing an about-face. "vogue" posted on instagram today that, quote, in celebration of this historic moment, it will be publishing a limited number of special edition auguration dayuess isonl atesiookspns iont'pes also due t the enormous interest in the o digital cover. the primary print cover for newsstands and subscribers is this one. many critics set the cover is not flattering, not stately, and not the one agreed with vogue's editor-in-chief anna wintour. a bit of a change there. interesting.> t's turn our attew to sports. ama, as always, a lot going on. larry? >> yes, yes. thank you. >> sorry. my bad. >> for people at home, there is
6:49 pm
like a two-second delay with all these work from home situations. it's not like we don't have anything to say or, you know, just froze. it's just it takes a while. anyhow, two goals for the warriors this year. win games and develop a star, a big star. the education of rookie j
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the headline was warriors upset
6:52 pm
lake. >> but there were some key subplots like kelly oubre's best game since joining the warriors, and a mic'd up draymond green coaching up rookie james wise wiseman. >> i told you, you can catch that ball. >> i didn't see it. >> but you didn't see it. that's my point. always see the ball. >> all right. >> because i got you in a space against maerc gasol. you see me? >> that is great stuff. draymond was referring to this play when he was trying to get the ball to the rookie on a fast break, but wiseman wasn't paying attention. the rule was a turnover. wiseman has been spending crunchtime on the bench in foul trouble, game after game after game. this is all part of a19ear-old has huge potential. >> i just have high hopes for him. i have very high just believe in what he is capabledoing, i
6:53 pm
think i probably belief more in his capabilities than he do at this point. i'm always trying to help him understand more. >> after that fifth foul, he went over to the bench and slammed his hand into t wer cool cooler. that's what you want. you don't want somebody who doesn't care. so james cares. difficult lessons out there, but he is learning them and he is growing every day, and he is going to have a brilliant career. irving back with the nets after missing seven games, five for personal reasons and two while conditioning. irving was seen without a mask at a family event, a violation of nba protocols. it's unclear if that is a part of this. he didn't really explain his absence, but kyrie, it's clear something is really bothering him, and he is happy to return to the court. >> i just want honesty. in order to be honest, i got to be honest myself. that's the first thing. i know i can talk in circles and i know all the words used. i'm being honest here. it's been a lot to balance.
6:54 pm
and now it's -- i called for help. and now i he so man menytors and so many people reaching out and taking things off my plate that were never mind in the first place. and they are better suited for that position. so i'll play my role on this big change and others can do the same. >> kind of a cryptic news conference. not really sure what he was talking about, a lot of the reference there's. but hopefully he is okay. a year ago today, the 49ers won the nfc championship and asrned a trip to the super bowl. k inthinnkhitab the only face masks we thought about were on football helmets. jimmy garoppolo seemed to be firmly established as the quarterback of the future. little would we know a year 2000 later fans would question that. two more tds than ram heem most start has had all of this past season. up with more indication of how much can change in 365 days.
6:55 pm
robert saleh made it official. he is the new york jets' new head coach. he still hasn't had his introductory news conference. that's a little odd. they'll do it later this week. but he was quoted with this message to long suffering jets fans, "your passion and i understand your expectations and embrace them." history will be made at super bowl lv in tampa. sarah thomas will become the first female official to work a super bowl. she'll be a down judge. thomas was the first full-time female official hired back in 2015. she has worked a total of four postseason games in six seasons with the league. it's one of the things where in pregame you like that to be story line with the cameras on you. you don't want to be the story line as an official in the official in the postgame, because that means something went terribly wrong. hopefully it all goes well and we'll see many more female michel officials down the road. >> i know we will. let's get one last check on our weather with spencer.
6:56 pm
>> okay, ama and dan. well, tonight the good news is the wind is calming down. skies will be clear. overnight lows will be mainly in the low to mid-40s. getting a little cooler. then tomorrow another sunny day. fairly mild. calm wind. but it's going to turn much cooler at the end of the week with chances of rain on friday, sunday, monday, and perhaps wind and rain next tuesday. winter is back, dan and ama. >> boy, it sure is. we need it too. thanks. coming up at 8:00, cinderella. then at 10:00, call your mother. and at 10:30 the conners. then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. we are now less than 24 hours away from the big inauguration. wait until you hear what former mayor willie brown had to say. that's tonight at 11:00. and the south bay joins the country in remembering the lives lost to covid. what tonight's memial means to the hard hit latino community in santa clara county. and stay with us for "jimmy kimmel live!" at 11:35. that will do it, though, for
6:57 pm
this edition of abc7 news. look for the news any time on the abc7 news app. so easy to get and easy to stay on top of all the news. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley.ia larry beil, all of us, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and that we see you again at 11:00.
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