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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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here now to begin our coverage. liz, in the 2016 election, you embedded with the hillary clinton campaign, i know traveling all over the country. she did not crack the glass ceiling back then, but today kamala harris made history as america's first woman vice president. >> yes. and hillary clinton was there to witness it, i'm sure very proud that she helped pave the way. it was a point that was touched on and celebrated all throughout the day today, the dream that vice president harris represents for so many in the country. similar emotions to when former president barack obama first took office back in 2008. but both harris and president biden with the obamas looking on recognize that they face a historic wave of crises in the years ahead. >> anger, resentment and hatred, extremism, lawlessness, violence, disease, joblessness and hopelessness. >> president biden never mentioned outgoing president trump in his speech, who skipped
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today's ceremonies. but biden served up an implicit rebuke that says it is unity that is the best medicine for this country right now. >> our history has been a constant struggle between the american ideal that we are all created equal and the harsh, ugly reality that racism, nativism, fear, demonization have long torn us apart. if unity can sound to some like a foolish fantasy these days, i know that the forces that divide us are deep and they are real. but i also know they are not new. >> but we can't shy away, of course, from focusing on vice president kamala harris. we know her story well here in the bay area. proudly born in oakland and raised in berkeley, but now living proof of what can be achieved for so many. >> little boys and girls across the world will know that
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anything and everything is possible. and in the end, that is america. >> the unexpected star of the day, a direct symbol of that. 22-year-old poet amanda gorman of los angeles delivering her vision for america's future from the eyes of the young generation. >> we ask ourselves where can we find light in this never ending shade. the loss we carry asea, we must wade. we've braved the belly of the beast. we've learned that quiet isn't always peace, and the norms and notions of what just is isn't always justice. >> just incredible. so many applauding gorman today that now gorman tweeted earlier that her two books of poems are now amazon's two best sellers. a hopeful day for many, and well-deserved for her. she is so talented. >> absolutely.
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>> oh, yeah, a lot of people are going to want to hear more from her. liz biden already getting to work. we saw that earlier. so talk about what he has done so far. >> we saw a giant stack of executive orders next to him. he started almost right away. we know president biden finalized some 17 executive moves. you're seeing them there. he is signing some orders that really directly target some of president trump's signature policies. a big reversal from the past four years. a few include the world health organization in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, halting construction of the border wall, and ending the so-called muslim ban. and right as we came on the air, he tweeted that we are now back in the paris climate agreement. so that as well. president biden also began the process, as we mentioned, joining the climate accord and immigration policies are in the works. but first, it's going to be also a mask mandate that's in place on federal property, dan and ama. >> off to a quick start and a
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lot more still to do. thank you very much. the inauguration celebration continues tonight. at 8:30 here with a concert special hosted by oakland's own tom hanks, featuring performers that include jon bon jovi, john legend, and bruce springsteen. state capitols across the country were on high alert today after warnings about possible armed protesters storming state offices. the abc7 news dan noyes traveled to sacramento to monitor the situation. the only protesters he found, a crowd of about 120 anti-fascists from around northern california. >> reporter: dan and ama, i'm happy to report that it was mostly a peaceful day, despite those fbi warnings about armed protests at state capitols across the country, including sacramento. the one thousand national guard troops were front and center with an enhanced presence of chp officers at the state capitol complex. the only significant group of protesters today were anti-fascists. it's 10:42, and a good group of them are showing up now. >> reporter: antifa sacramento
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had put out a call to supporters around the state to face off with ring wing groups who never showed up. >> a guy with a maga hat drove by on his bike. noted a goo idea. >> reporter: a park in sacramento, some armed with sticks and shields. and i recognize a couple of the especially 90 anti-fishanti-fase seen in past encounters. they discussed plans and passed out helmets. they marched to the state capitol, chanting against both president trump and biden on his inauguration day. they merge with a second group of antifa, setting off a purple smoke grenade, then headed to the federal building where customs and enforcement has offices. national guard watched as they chalked te front when writing "no kids in cages." they argue for what to do next. one group splitting off and heading home and this supporting an american flag. he blaired the national anthem before antifa could catch up to
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him. one man chose to argue with the protesters until he fled into an apartment building. one anti-fascist grabbed my camera lens to try to prevent millennium from documenting it. antifa had very little to rail against, so the day ended without major incident. in sacramento for the i-team, dan noyes, abc7 news. >> our thanks to dan for that. within hours after taking the oath of office, president biden made good on a campaign promise to reverse the muslim ban enacted by the previous administration. abc7 news race and culture reporter julian glover spoke with a bay area woman who hopes that this means her family will finally be reunited. julian joins us live with the story. julian? >> reporter: hi, good evening, dan. the bay area muslim woman i spoke to, she has been separated from her family for several years now. her parents have only met their grandson one time. now this woman is finally hopeful for a reunion. >> today has been an emotional day.
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it's new day. >> reporter: relief from bay area muslims as president biden rolls back the so-called muslim ban in his first day in office. >> you can see president biden here preparing -- >> the executive order in 2017 placed travel bans on predominantly muslim and african countries. the list included iran, yemen, syria, and several others, citing national security concerns. it drew protests, a battle in the supreme court and divided families. >> i would call it sometimes it's more anger of why. why. what was the reason? what were we trying to fix? >> reporter: mina adabi hopes to be reunited with her 67-year-old mother, whose only had the chance to meet her grandson once. the boy was born just months before trump signed the travel ban. mina travelled to iran in 2018 so the two could meet after her mom's tourist visa was denied. >> my mom was dying to see her first grandson.
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>> reporter: the bay area chapter of the council on america islamic relations tells me this reversal is the culmination of years of work by activists and organizers. president biden repealing the muslim ban a day-one priority communicates to american muslims that they are being heard, that their concerns are relevant to this administration. >> reporter: the biden administration said the order he signed today will restart visa processing swiftly. mina is hopeful that her family will be reunited soon. >> it's a good day. it's something that makes us happy. >> and mina tells me she realizes it will likely be months until her mother could be approved for that visa, but she tells me she finally sees a light at the end of the tunnel. reporting live, julian glover, abc7 news. >> much relief for her and her family. julian, care and other organizations representing american muslims are pushing the biden administration to take
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additional action. can you walk us through some of what they want to accomplish? >> absolutely. they really praise the biden administration for taking swift action and reversing that so-called muslim ban, the travel ban, but they are pushing for them to take additional action. they released a 33-point plan today, the national care organization in it. they're pushing for ending profiling of the muslim community. also, more inclusive representation of american muslims in federal government. and lastly, an ending to what they call national security overreach. dan? >> okay, julian. thank you very much, julian glover reporting for us. if you have a story for julian, reach out the him online, on twitter and facebook. you'll find him@julian g abc7. and on instagram he is julian glover tv. with the new administration, there are a lot of high-ranking californians in the nation's capitol. vice president kamala harris, house speaker nancy pelosi, kevin mccarthy. biden picked xavier becerra to
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be the new health and human services secretary. on abc7 news at 4:00, we spoke live with abc7 news contributor and chronicle insider phil matier about how california could take advantage. >> and governor gavin newsom wasted no time. he sent a letter off to biden. and being gavin newsom, it was two pages of letter plus two attachments which basically said send money, send money, send money, on everything from covid to -- gavin's not short on breath, even when he is writing. for school openings, for high speed rail, for water projects. send money. that's what they're really hoping washington is going to turn on the tap big-time. >> you can read phil's columns every wednesday and sunday. biden's speech was one of the best she heard and struck even tone. >> it was an upbeat, promising speech, one of unity, but also
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recognizing what has taken place in this country. he talked about racism and all the challenges. he is not dodging, and he did not dodge the hard issues. >> a long-time friend of vice president harris, and says she is looking forward to working more with her. donald trump broke with tradition today and did not attend the inauguration. he departed the white house on marine one around 5:15 our time this morning. mr. trump flew to andrews to give his final speech. >> i wish the new administration great luck and great success. i think they'll have great success. they have the foundation to do something really spectacular. >> vice president mike pence did not attend trump's farewell. he was at the inauguration ceremonies, as you've heard. the vice chair of the bay area chapter of the california gop weighing in tonight on trump's legacy. >> his legacy will have the coronavirus to deal with. that being said, i also think
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that the president had a good legacy prior to that. he had some rhetoric, things that he said that i didn't always necessary agree with, but i thought he launched a number of policies like the first step act that helped a number of people. >> the first step act was focused on federal criminal justice reform. jonathan madison also cited some of trump's pardons as an important part of his legacy. east bay congressman eric swalwell is one of the managers for trump's upcoming impeachment trial. swalwell says this time will be different, noting some republicans voted to move forward with the trial. >> we believe as we make the case that the president invited the terrorists to washington. he incited them and radicalized them and told them to storm the capitol and did nothing to help the people inside once they did, that we will see a unity conviction, republicans and democrats holding the president accountable. >> swalwell says next steps will be announced soon. more to come here tonight. tackling the coronavirus pandemic will be one of joe
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biden's top priorities, of course. it is something that we're working hard on right here in the bay area as well, and san francisco hopes it can get everyone in the city vaccinated before the end of the summer. i'm spencer christian. a cooler, ranier pattern is coming our way. i guess it really is winter. i guess it really is winter. i'll h there are a lot of things in life we want but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enrollment ends january 31st. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame. even if you've looked before, you should look again. looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes
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it's the things that matter: family. health. that's it. we found help at covered california. now we have a plan we can afford. enrollment ends january 31st. oakland's grand lake theater has a message on its marquee about the outgoing administration. you can see it. it speaks for itself. the theater owner says he has used the marquee for political statements before.
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i have put up marquees criticizing democrats in the past, depending on what's going on. i really believe in peace. i really believe in justice and prosperity for everyone. >> tonight lights that look like fireworks are being displayed on the marquee on the top of the heater to celebrate the new administration. it's the first time the lights have been on since they've been restored. before the historic oath of office, the families of vice president biden and harris joined the leaders of the house and senate for a mass at in washington. the man in charge of the service, santa clara university president, reverend kevin o'brien. abc7 news got a chance to speak with him today about how he approached his homily. >> part of jesus' mission was to make this world a more just and gentle place. and that's what the goal of a public servant is too, to serve the common good. >> both biden and father o'brien are good friends from their time in d.c. before father o'brien came to the south bay. all right. let's move on now to the
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coronavirus pandemic. today california became the first state to top three million total cases. texas has more than two million diagnosed cases. illinois, florida, and new york each have more than one million. only these five states have case counts above a million. now let's look at the numbers another way. break this down for you a little further. by cases per capita, per 100,000 people. by this metric, illinois has the highest case rate. california, texas very close. new york, despite the devastating surge it suffered early in the pandemic, has the lowest case rate among these five state news. in the by area specifically, we are closing in on 360,000 diagnosed cases. our rolling average of new cases as you can see on this graph is down from the peak, but not really by very much. now our hope is that the coronavirus vaccines will bring an end to this pandemic. however, kinks in the supply chain are causing severe
6:18 pm
shortfalls, especially in san francisco. even so, as laura anthony explains, city and health leaders today set an aggressive goal to fully vaccinate nearly all of the nearly one million residents by the end of june. >> we anticipate that everything we have in our pokssession will be gone by thursday. >> reporter: despite dire predictions of running out of covid vaccine, city leaders have set a goal of vaccinating all 900,000 residents by the end of june. what's unclear given a severe supply shortage is how they'll get there. >> for far too many of our residents, one of the most anxious, scary, traumatic moments in their lives, there is still no clear answers. >> reporter: the city plans to launch its first mass vaccination site thursday at city college, with 500 doses that have already been set aside. the larger goal is to vaccinate 10,000 people per day through june. besides city college, two other sites are set to open by february 1st, at moscone center and the san francisco wholesale
6:19 pm
produce market. they will be running partnership with private providers like kaiser, dignity and sutter. >> we are committed, as everybody is in this meeting to the urgency of vaccinating the community. >> reporter: ramping up infrastructure is one thing, but the larger challenge right now was securing supply. there is some 200,000 people over 65 in san francisco. the age demographic that represents 83% of the city's covid deaths to date. but so far public and private providers in san francisco have been allotted just 123,000 doses by the federal government. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> abc7 news is monitoring the covid vaccine roll-out in california very closely. so far about 37% of doses received in the state have actually been distributed. you'll find our vaccine tracker at oakland city hall is lit up in red, white and blue tonight
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a lighthearted moment during today's historic inauguration events. kamala harris's california roots got a mention from house speaker nancy pelosi. >> we had the launch, we would
6:23 pm
have had california wine, is that not right, madam vice president? >> the traditional luncheon did not happen, of course, because of the pandemic. and i think there is one of us who really likes their wine as well. >> that's right, ama. i'm hoping spencer will be given a cabinet position for wine sommelier for the new administration. >> that's a good idea. >> we could call it the wine cabinet. >> very good. >> as opposed to the wine cellar. i should have been invited. i would have brought along some california wine. let's take a look at what's happening with our weather. here is a live sfru our rooftop camera looking across the embarcadero. these are current temperature readings. 58 in san francisco. oakland 59. mountain view 54. 60 in morgan hill and 55 in half moon bay. lovely view from emeryville tonight looking back toward the city. 57 at santa rosa right now. only 50 at novato. upper 50s at concord and
6:24 pm
livermore. and the view from the exploratorium camera looking back at the cityscape in san francisco. tease are our forecast features. it will be chilly overnight. dry and mild tomorrow. much cooler friday with periods of showers. so friday will be a relatively wet day, and this cool unsettled pattern that begins on friday will continue through next wednesday. tonight, look for mainly clear skies, even overnight as a few high clouds pass through. overnight lows will drop into the mid- to upper 30s in the inland valleys. upper 30s to low 40s near the bay and on the coast. and then tomorrow, filtered sunshine with high clouds, but bright skies. high temperatures will be in the upper 50s on the coast. low 60s around the bay shoreline and low to mid-60s inland. and now we bring in the old storm impact scale, which reveals that on friday, we have a light storm coming in. a level 1 storm. it will produce scattered showers. it will be breezy at times. here is the forecast animation starting tomorrow evening. going into the late night hours, notice a line of showers approaching the north bay just before midnight.
6:25 pm
it will start to move through the bay area just after midnight. and at 5:00 a.m. on friday, as the morning commute is getting under way, there will be some wet pavement for morning commuters because that main line of showers will be sweeping through. it will be followed later in the day by some scattered showers, and then there will be partial clearing later into the day and into the evening hours on friday. the rainfall totals for this storm will range rather widely from a few hundreds of an inch in some parts of the north bay to nearly 2/10 and to nearly a quarter in hayward and fremont to over a third of an inch in mountain view and san jose. about a half inch there or more there will be some wet spots for sure. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. saturday brings us mainly sunny skies. a little drying out from friday's rain. but rain returns on sunday with breezy conditions. rain giving way to showers on monday. morning sunshine and afternoon rain with wind on tuesday. and then wet and windy on wednesday. so basically, we've got a wet
6:26 pm
and unsettled pattern all the way into the middle of next week. dan and ama? >> all right. well, we got our break, so it's time to get some rain. thanks, spencer. one of the greatest facets of our democracy was on display
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> the successors of a country and a time where a skinny black girl descended from slaves and raised by a single mother can dream of becoming president, only to find herself reciting for one. >> standing on a stage shared by lady gaga, j. lo, the bush, obamas, and clintons, it was 22-year-old amanda gorman of los angeles who really stole the show. dr. jill biden is a big fan of her work and convinced the inaugural committee that gorman would be a perfect fit. >> i was really nervous when i was doing it. so i'm kind of glad it was over. but it was a beautiful day, and i'm just so grateful to have been part of the ceremony.
6:30 pm
>> she was remarkable. she said she was nervous. she did not look nervous. former president clinton also congratulating gorman after the ceremony. she met both of the clintons today, telling hillary she was a 2036 run for president on her bucket list. coming up tomorrow, gorman is joining "good morning america" for an exclusive first interview. you can watch it at 7:00 a.m. right after abc mornings. be sure to tune in for that. what an impressive young woman. an inauguration is not unlike a piece of art, open to subjective interpretation, especially because it is so political. >> so true. and tonight in his continuing series of stories that we call dear democracy, abc7 news reporter wayne freedman sought out people from both sides. some colored it red. others blue. >> and will to the best of my ability -- >> will to the best of my ability -- >> in the emptied streets of a virus cloistered nation, main street usa struggling, americans
6:31 pm
at home social distancing. and democrats, like eric celebrating. >> i did not realize how light i would feel. >> light? >> light. just a weight lifted. >> reporter: but republicans like nancy felt quite the opposite. she spent this morning with a crossword puzzle, not a tv. >> i will accept the next four years because there is really nothing i can do about it. >> we must end this uncivil war that pits red against blue. >> reporter: as inauguration day speeches go, this hit all the requisite notes of hope and inspiration. >> we're going hold him to word. >> reporter: but our political world right now is only half starstruck. we do hear these speeches every four years. >> i want to believe, but no. i don't believe because i don't trust politicians. >> reporter: this inauguration happened in the dark shadow of a violent backdrop. two weeks ago a mop attacked the capitol trying to disrupt the electoral college. >> i was horrified. i thought it was awful. >> reporter: today's inauguration took place behind the protection of 25,000 troops.
6:32 pm
that sent the wrong broad stroke political message, said nancy. >> we're in charge. we're afraid of you. you are bad people. you are all domestic terrorists. and we want to keep you as far away from this city as we possibly can. >> reporter: but did we have another choice, asked eric? >> they told these idiots who somehow thought that they could overthrow the u.s. government with a few hundred morons with guns that you know what? we have more. >> hear me clearly. this agreement must not lead to disunion, and i pledge this to you. i will be a president for all americans, all americans. >> reporter: for that, we can certainly hope. >> i will wait and see what his policies are. >> it's going to be a long road. i don't think it happens in four years. >> congratulation, mr. president. >> reporter: in the north bay, wayne freedman, abc7 news. so what is next for the republican party? it's a topic we put to lonnie
6:33 pm
chen, political analyst live in our 3:00 p.m. newscast. >> certainly when a party loses the presidency, loses both houses of congress, it is cause to examine what happened and what went wrong. and there are divisions and disagreements in the party about the best way to proceed. i think part of this is what donald trump decides to do. trump has talked about forming his own party, forming his own movement, leaving the republican party that would obviously leave the republican party in a difficult place electorally. but in some ways makes the conversation a lot easier because trump will go and do his thing and republicans in some ways will try to the extent possible to be a party that looks to ideas as opposed to personalities. >> students across the bay area watched today's inauguration with anticipation and some hope, but many young people have a lot of questions for our new president. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has reaction. >> did you two feel anything?
6:34 pm
what about the emotion. >> i felt excited because i'm going have a new president. >> reporter: novato teacher libby silvestre wanted to watch the inauguration of joe biden with her third grade class. there were lots of observations. >> i saw people in gloves and fancy suits. >> reporter: the students at lou sutton elementary saw pomp and circumstance and made a list of what stood out. >> words i collected. america a better place, kindness, presidents, people, respect. >> maylin has big expectations for biden and vice president harris. >> make stuff that are not fair, fair. and make people not argue in america. >> reporter: others created their own oval office on paper. >> two chairs and two computers. >> school for many students is an anchor, and i think having a new president brings the hope
6:35 pm
that there is going to be some sort of new normal. things will get back to normal. >> cities are getting hotter. >> eighth graders at willie brown middle school in san francisco have been busy on this video project. what issues the new president needs to tackle, from animal rights to equal pay for workers. alexander ramos says food insecurity is an issue that he has lived. >> sometimes in the family, it gets rough, and we have to look for places to get food. but right now things are blessed. >> reporter: but alexander is hopeful. >> i'm curious to see what's going to happen in the future with this president and we'll see. >> in san francisco, cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> kamala harris conducted her first official act as vice president today by swearing in the senate's three newest members, raphael warnock and jon ossoff of georgia, plus alex padilla of california. do. >> you solemnly swear that
6:36 pm
you'll support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic? >> democrats are now the majority party in the senate for the first time since 2015. padilla will fill out the last two years of harris' term. he was appointed to the position by governor newsom after serving as california's secretary of state. all right. we're going to take a break here on tv, so get out your phone. >> you'll have time to check out this article, an explanation of why biden is the 46th president, but harris is the 49th vice president.
6:37 pm
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6:39 pm
in berkeley, mailboxes danced today to celebrate democracy. they held signs, some reading we deliver democracy. this is a performance art piece by the uc davis department of theater and dance. >> very nice. you know what that is, right? it's a bart car. bart has more than 600 old train cars like that, and it is hoping it won't have to send them to the scrap heap. for next two months, it is seeking proposals for creative ways to reuse them. abc7 news reporter david louie discovered there are strings attached, but that is not deterring a railway museum.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: some see 50-year-old beat up train cars. others see an opportunity to reimagine them. bart has 669 of these legacy cars for people or groups with a good plan to use them. so it opened the basket this week for interested parties. >> throw your ideas in here and then we'll evaluate all the ideas. it's kind of an open basket right now. >> reporter: are there strings attached? well, yes. bart will clean up the cars and put them on a flatbed truck at its haywood yard. at that point, selected applicants have a hefty bill to foot. >> we would expect it's going to cost anywhere from $8,000 to $10,000 to move that truck and get it to wherever it needs to go and use a crane to put it where you want it. >> reporter: the western railway museum in suisun city has already launched a gofundme campaign with a goal to acquire three of the bart cars. the museum already features an extensive collection of railcars open to the public. it would some day like to be home to a bart history collection. >> we have a very large archive
6:41 pm
of material and historical information, documents, and photos of the entire bay area history of transportation. so this is a perfect add-on to our museum. >> reporter: the cars stayed in surface for decades, far longer than expected, which is a credit to the engineering and design work of the late 1960s and early '70s. decommissioned railcars elsewhere have taken on a variety of new purposes. bart is hoping to see creative and public benefit use of these 700-square-foot cars. application details are on the bart website. david louie, abc7 news. our sunny days will soon be replaced by storms. seven-day forecast for us next. a group of homeowners throw up their arms in disgust after the 19th power outage in two years. i'm michael finney. what the residents and pg&e are what the residents and pg&e are saying, coming up.
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there are a lot of things in life we want but can't have. health insurance shouldn't be one of them. covered california is making health insurance more affordable for millions of us. even if you've looked before, you should look again. enrollment ends january 31st. there is a local contestant to cheer for on "jeopardy!" tonight. hannah pritchett is a payment operations manager from oakland. she is seen here with ken
6:45 pm
jennings, who is acting as guest host for the show, following the death of alex trebek back in november. if you would like to watch, at 7:00 right here on abc7 ne wind yesterday knocked out power to thousands of people in the bay area. power outages are something one neighborhood is sadly all too familiar with. people in the parkridge area of oakland hills charge pg&e with leaving them in the dark literally. they experienced more power blackouts in the last two years than they can count on two hands. 7 on your side's michael finney brought some light to the situation. michael? >> oh, dan, look, they say the number of outages surged this year just as the pandemic left most of them working out of their homes. they call the situation disruptive and frustrating. watch on the left as the lights flicker on and off. >> are you kidding me! oh my god. a power outage. >> reporter: that's reaction caught by a home security camera
6:46 pm
of a homeowner to the 19th unplanned power outage he's endured in two years. this happened just days after they say another outage happened on christmas day. >> and i was in the middle of cooking christmas dinner, and it went off for 20 hours. so christmas dinner was ruined. >> reporter: a dark-out also occurred the night before thanksgiving. all this on top of numerous planned power outages like this one during times of fire danger. m martin admits his patience has run out. >> we lose internet. well lose light. we lose heat. it's disruptive in the summer. but it's triple disruptive in the wintertime. >> reporter: for 18-year-old jackson, outages mean more than being cold. it's traumatic. >> danger. >> reporter: his father explains his son lives with autism and has been taught to stay away from high voltage lines. >> jackson, our son, he --
6:47 pm
because he doesn't handle it well. >> reporter: the parkridge neighborhood consists of about 70 homes. but they say a cluster of 19 homes they sarcastically dubbed the darkridge 19 has been hit particularly hard. fed up, they called both the california public utilities commission and 7 on your side. we contacted pg&e, which blamed some of the outages on bad weather and the animals in the area. it says the number of outages is not acceptable and thanked the residents for their patience. repair crews came out earlier this month and tracked the problem possibly to a bad transformer. they've since replaced it, along with other equipment. >> fingers crossed, we hope this has done the trick. it's really a wait and see at this point. >> we'll stay in touch with the families, and i'll let you know if they experience more power disruptions. dan, i certainly hope not. that many in two years?
6:48 pm
wow. >> they have dealt with more than their fair share, clearly, michael. thanks very much. all right. let's turn to the weather forecast, ama. thankfully the wind has died down. >> oh, yeah, thank goodness. spencer is here with what's coming our way. spencer? >> okay, ama and dan, it's much calmer, the wind. but it's getting chillier as well. the overnight conditions, mainly clear skies. overnight lows will drop into the mid and upper 30s in the inland valleys and down to about 40 or maybe 41 around the bay shoreline. tomorrow with more high clouds streaming by. we'll have filtered sunshine with high temperatures only in the upper 50s on the coast tomorrow. low 60s near the bay, and low to mid-60s inland. then on friday, we have a light storm coming in. a level storm on the storm impact scale. it will produce scattered showers. but most of that rain is going to fall early in the morning. so it will probably be a wet morning commute. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. after friday's showers, we get clearing on saturday. but another storm arrives late
6:49 pm
sunday, continues into monday. gets a little stronger on monday. and then we have morning sunshine, afternoon rain and wind on tuesday, followed by a more vigorous storm, shall we say, on wednesday. we have an active and wet weather pattern coming our way. dan and ama? >> all right. we need it. thank you, spencer. all right. on to sports director larry beil with an inauguration theme in tonight's warriors game. larry? >> definitely, definitely. the warriors will celebrate their old home tonight. the theme is oakland forever, and they have a special gift for new vice president kamala harr where can a healthier heart lead you? for people with heart failure taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto helped people stay alive and out of the hospital.
6:50 pm
don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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6:52 pm
now abc7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. timing is everything. and on this inauguration day with kamala harris being sworn in as vice president, the warriors are honoring the city where she grew up and the warriors called home for decades. of course we're talking about the city of oakland. the warriors hosting the spurs tonight at chase center in san francisco, but the team is honoring its roots across the bay with a special floor, logos and jerseys. the theme is oakland forever. abc7 news's chris alvarez on some special guests who will be part of this celebration. >> larry, a very special night here at chase center. oakland forever is the theme. while there is no fans in attendance, check out the virtual dub hub. you're going to have mayor libby schaaf dropping by, part of the warriors honoring their history. > i love the jerseys. i think they're really
6:53 pm
good-looking. and the fact that they say oakland on them is just awesome. we take a lot of pride in t and wllways have a re bay. special place in our hearts. >> obviously to have oakland akr across the chest is special. we have a lot of great memory there's on that side of the bridge. it's obviously special for me because you said my rookie year i was the only one on this team that wore them. pretty special. >> the soul of this organization is built in oakland. that's just -- that's just the reality. >> and you can tell from the comments how much oak and really means to this warriors organization. larry, i know you'll have the highlights tonight at 11:00. for now send it back to you. >> thank you, chris. the warriors also put out a tremendous video today showing the gift that will be hanging in kamala harris' office in d.c. >> my name is stella. i'm from oakland. i like that k from
6:54 pm
hatai n thg. >> madam vice president. >> i'm not saying you're going put this up in your office at the white house, but it would probably be a good idea. congratulations, blazing your own path. we're all rooting and supporting you the whole way. >> oh, this means so much to me. >> it's fantastic. the little girl in the video, stella, she is adorable. and by the way, carina who works on the warriors video team put this all together. worked on it for five straight days. it's fantastic. i posted the entire video. it's about two minutes long on my twitter feed if you want two check it out. chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes remains in concussion protocol, but looks like he is going to play in the afc title game. the reigning super bowl mvp got knocked out of last week's play-off game after a hard tackle with his head getting yanked into the turf. mahomes limited in practice today as hes go through the five-step process to get cleared to play.
6:55 pm
>> yeah, well, it's a whatever day here in here. they kind of base it off of that. he's done well up to this point. and they just progress you through the day. so today was limited work and no contact i think was the schedule for today. so we fit in perfect for that. >> at age 39, quarterback philip rivers is retiring. he was the face of the chargers franchise for 16 years before finishing this past season in indy. he ranks fifth in nfl history with more than 63,000 passing yards. never made to it the super bowl, though. it was the one thing he was hoping for. rivers' next job will be coaching high school football in alabama. and rivers is known as one of the great trash talkers in nfl history, constantly chirping, but never, ever curses, dan and ama, never, ever curses. so the opposite approach that i have. also, looks like larry scott and
6:56 pm
the pack 12 going their separate ways. more on that at 11:00. >> okay, thank you, larry. well, tonight on abc7 news at 8:00, catch an abc news special on the inauguration of joe biden. then at 8:30, celebrating america, the inauguration celebration hosted by oakland's own tom hanks. then at 10:00, catch the connors followed by call your mother and abc7 news at 11:00. >> a lot to watch tonight. and you can always watch all of our newscasts live and on demand through the abc7 news bay area connected tv app. it's available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. download the app now and start streaming. that is it for us now. thank you so much for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and that we see you again at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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from one generation to the next ♪ this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants-- an art journalist and critic from new york, new york... a payment operations manager from oakland, california... and our returning champion-- an attorney from chicago, illinois... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"--ken jennings. thank you, johnny gilbert. welcome to "jeopardy!", everyone. now, i have stood where our three contestants are standing right now, and i know how this feels. you're excited. you're probably a little nervous.
7:00 pm
but let me tell you this. you have accomplished so much just getting to this point. you should feel great about that. and i promise we're gonna have some fun out here. good luck to all three of you. let's get into the "jeopardy!" round, where we'll be dealing with these categories. i sense a theme. and finally... all correct responses there will begin with "up." brian, you're our returning champion. where do we begin? word "up" for $1,000. - brian. - what is upbraid? - that's it. - word "up" for $800. - sarah. - what is upstage? that's right. let's go for girl you know it's true, $200.


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