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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 23, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is "abc 7 news". we had every plan, every intention to have mass outdoors. >> we talk exclusively with the archbishop of san francisco after hundreds of people ended up attending a service indoors, something that is not allowed under the current health order. with that we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim. that service was part of a rally in san francisco. ♪ >> pro life activists filled the streets today for the 17th annual san francisco west coast walk for life. the day began what morning prayer vigil at planned
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parenthood on valencia street. demonstrators want to send the message that there are resources available for women considering abortion. >> the church has plenty of ways to help you if you are in need. we have homes that you can come to, even a place to live. we have food, we have help for those women who are seeking abortions today, to choose life. >> later in the afternoon, demonstrators marched from civic center plaza down market street to the embarcadero. this year's walk was scaled back because of the pandemic and didn't include a rally. before the march a special catholic mass was held at st. mary's cathedral today. hundreds of worshippers were gathered insideeste the covid-19 health order banning indoor services. nbc 7's cornell barnard spoke with the bishop. >> reporter: a strange sight in the midst of our pained, hundreds of worshippers inside
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st. mary's cathedral for a special saturday mass. >> we're praying for the unborn. >> reporter: the state's covid-19 health order allows small outdoor services, but has banned all indoor worship. >> having mass inside is actually very wonderful. i know we were not allowed to, but we were very safe. >> we had every plan, every intention to have mass outdoors. >> reporter: san francisco catholic archbishop said the security threat prompted him to move the service inside. possible violence due to a rumored protest and counterprotest next door at the chinese consulate. >> one group that was part of the storming of the capitol, another left wing group. >> reporter: we saw a large police presence outside the consulate. dozens of officers were also stationed around st. mary's cathedral. in a statement to "abc 7 news", the sfpd said there were no specific threats directed toward the church. our presence was precautionary for the security of all those in the area. >> so it was a trade-off between
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the extra step of precaution outside versus keeping people safe because of the threat of violence. >> reporter: did anyone show up to cause trouble? >> not that i saw. >> reporter: he has been an outspoken critic of the indoor worship ban. >> to me it is unjust. it is against the constitution. >> reporter: he says he plans to hold smaller indoor services in the future with safety measures in place. in san francisco, cornell barnard, "abc 7 news". on the peninsula the san mateo county sheriff's office is investigating after a woman's body washes up ant a beach in half moon bay. officials say the asian woman was discovered at 9:00 this morning and they are still working to identify her. earlier this month a woman was swept into the ocean at nearby pascadero beach. that man she was with survived. the woman's body has not been recovered. one issue we focus on in our commitment to help build a better bay area is your health, and that includes the covid-19 vaccine rollout.
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more people were given their first covid-19 dose today at san francisco's first mass vaccination site. the site at city college of san francisco is facing some challenges, including a shortage of doses and no clear way to register people for those appointments. at one point there was even an event bright ticket going around for appointments at the center. abc 7 talked to san francisco supervisor matt haney about the difficulty behind making an appointment. >> it is sort of confusion around how you actually make appointments is a huge problem. there needs to be a centralized place where everyone can go to see the appointments that are available and where. and if there are no appointments available it should just say-so. >> california is promising to deliver another 10,000 vaccine doses next week. united airlines employees may be required to get the covid-19 vaccine. the airline ceo said this week that united could make the vaccine mandatory for all workers. united encourages its employees to get their shots as soon as
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they can. other airlines haven't said whether they would also consider making vaccinations mandatory. "abc 7 news" is monitoring the covid vaccine rollout with our vaccine tracker. it also shows you when you might be able to get the vaccine in california. you can find this at our home page, that is to the latest numbers from california. those are encouraging and could be a sign the state is moving past the winter surge. nearly 23,000 newly-diagnosed covid cases were reported today. once again, below the daily average. the number of people hospitalized or in the icu also went down again, and another statistic that shows things may finally be slowing down is the seven-day positivity rate. that has dropped to 8.5%. this is a good indicator of the spread of the virus. television host larry king died today at the age of 87. king started as a disk jockey in the 1950s, but his career quickly evolved and he eventually landed on cable tv where he would interview the
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famous and infamous. abc news reporter alex broche looks back at his legendary career. >> reporter: tributes pouring in on social media for larry king following the news of his death, kirstie alley writing one of the few talk show hosts that let you talk. jim acosta tweeting, he will be missed by so many cnn employees past and present. larry king bake a fixture in 1985. >> this is the premiere edition of "larry king live." >> interviewing world leaders. >> you still like this job? >> this is the best job on earth. i mean it is an privilege. >> celebrities and countless others. an estimated 50,000 interviews during his career. signing off for the last time in
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2010 after 25 years on cnn. >> good evening and welcome to the last "larry king live." >> born in brooklyn in 1933, he set the guinness world record for the longest-running show in the same time slot on the same network. andrew cuomo saying that larry king interviewed the news maker. over the years king battled a number of health issues including a heart attack, lung and prostate cancer and a near fatal stroke that left him in a coma for two weeks in 2019. his family says he was hospitalized after christmas and passed away saturday at cedar sinai medical center in los angeles. >> i would like to be remembered as someone who greatly contributed to the profession he chose to be in, and if he made it a drop better by his being there -- >> reporter: larry king was 87. alex broche, abc news, washington. >> what a career.
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"abc 7 news" sent out the alert about larry king this morning through our news app. you can be the first to know and share the full look back at king's life. to get the updates like these right to your phone, you can download the app and enable push alerts. the lights are back on for thousands in santa cruz county after a windstorm caused damage to power lines on tuesday. in this pg&e emergency outages map you can see there several clusters of green representing 50 homes or fewer without power. boulder creek and scots valley were the hardest hit areas. pg&e says the storm was the strongest they've seen in the area for the last ten years. several hundred poles, transformers and wires were damaged. the community resource center that pg&e set up is now closed. getting around san francisco using public transit got a little bit easier today with munis addition to the bay viewpoint express bus. they will run every ten minutes from cloud and third.
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that means for the first time people living in the hunter's point area will have a direct connection to downtown san francisco. neighbors in the bay view will also get better access to downtown via third street. the road to recovery can be a long one. help came in the form of a different kind of green today for fire survivors in the north bay. let it snow. take a look. the sierra has fresh powder on the ground today and a lot more could be on the way. drew. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. we are tracking rain returning tomorrow before a much stronger storm arrives later this week. we
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you'll have a say in whether flavored tobacco is banned in california. voters will decide on the measure next year. lawmakers approved a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco that was set to begin on january 1st. that was delayed when opponents led biotey enough signatures to put it on the ballot. the mural of cannabis control says businesses cannot advertise on roads that cross state borders. for instance, that would cover highway 101 and interstate 5. this all comes back to proposition 64 which voters passed in 2016. it legalized marijuana for recreational use and also placed limits on advertising. a judge recently ruled the highway ads are illegal. to the north bay now where fire survivors got a free tree to plant on their property today thanks to a little leftover
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holiday magic. the lake county gifting a tree project collects living christmas trees to be rehomed in areas where trees andir families impacted by north coast wildfires got to pick up one of those trees today at harmony ag supply in fulton. anyone who lost trees in a wildfire in sonoma, mend owe sina or lake county in the last five years is eligible to receive a tree. a bunch of health care workers were having a meeting only to have it crashed by the nfl commissioner. the gift he announced the league had for thousands of them. and it is a wet and windy end to the weekend tomorrow. rain on the way before we track some intense showers later on this week. we will have all of the wet details in the accuweather
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kirs well, we've been hearing about so many public spaces shutting down because of the pandemic, but in the south bay today a glimmer of hope. the rotary play garden at the guadalupe park reopened for first time in months. social distancing protocols are in place. it is an important part of the community, providing children of all abilities a place to play. some health care heroes treating covid patients received the surprise of a lifetime. roger mcnamee goodell, nfl commissioner, crashed a virtual meeting of hospital workers yesterday and told them they are getting free super bowl tickets. >> be our guest at the super bowl. i don't know if -- >> oh, my god. >> i don't know if that means you accept. >> yes, yes, yes! >> we do! >> we accept. >> oh, my gosh! >> i was thinking, oh, my
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goodness, i can't wait to call my dad and tell him i i i roger mcnam roger goodell today. i was so excited. >> you could see it in their faces. how could you not be excited. the employees work in sarasota not far from tampa where the game will be played february 7th. they will be among the 22,000 fans allowed at the super bowl. there is some fresh snow on the ground in the sierra but it has been a fairly dry saturday. tomorrow though a winter weather advisory goes into effect. the area is expected to get slammed with snow in the coming days. levels above 3,000 feet will get 4 to 7 inches of snow. drivers should prepare for difficult travel conditions. well, here at home some sunny weather now, but that storm is coming, drew. >> yes, and, dion, tomorrow we will get some showers, some wind to finish off the weekend, and then all eyes really on midweek for the upcoming week. that's when we do expect some
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heavy rain and even some significant snow in the sierra. today though it was a dry start to the weekend. temperatures on the cool side. made it into the mid 50s for the most part and that's slightly below average for this time of the year, but tonight it is a pretty chilly night. partly cloudy skies, most cities as you see will fall into the 30s overnight tonight so it will be a rather chilly start to the day tomorrow. tomorrow we also bring back some rain. on the storm impact scale it is a level one light storm for our sunday. we will see showers out there, mainly light to moderate, but some scattered downpours will move through as well. tomorrow night it becomes windy, especially along our coastline where we do have a wind advisory in effect. we will find even the chance of a dusting of snow on our highest peaks like mount hamilton or mount diablo. future weather, let's go hour-by-hour. tomorrow morning, some light showers first beginning in the north bay. it is in the early afternoon we will find the showers become more widespread in nature. we find those pockets of light-to-moderate rain moving through. in the evening that rain will
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shift south by about 5:00 p.m., and then behind that front we will see cooler air move in. there you can see around mount hamilton that pop of pink. that's the chance, a little bit of dusting of snow. it does turn windy tomorrow evening though, especially along our coastline. it does include san francisco. so wind advisory goes into effect at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. we could see gusts about 40 miles per hour. thankfully this wind event is nowhere near as strong or widespread as the wind event we had earlier last week. rainfall estimates, you do find it is light in nature. we are talking rainfall less than a quarter of an inch as this cold front quickly moves through. we are talking about a winter weather advise dwroer ory in th tomorrow, 4 to 7 inches. low to mid 50s so a cool end to the weekend. taking you to wednesday, we are
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watching an atmospheric river making landfall in california, rain, wind and snow in the sierra. how it looks i right now, the early call, looks like 1 to 3 inches of rainfall across the bay area with higher totals in our hills. this is the first real threat this season for mudslides, rock slides and debris slows. we are also tracking some gusty winds for potential power outages. the day to watch is really coming on wednesday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. windy tomorrow evening. a pause in the wet weather on monday. then it turns windy and wet on tuesday. then, dion, there's the level three strong storm on the storm impact scale on wednesday. right now it looks like the worst will occur on wednesday morning. >> drew, thanks. over to chris with a preview of sports. hey, good weather to stay in and watch sports, chris. >> achlts coming up in sports, the sharks road trip is extended. team teal announces they'll open a home schedule in arizona. plus, how steph
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now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> well, because he can never have enough good klay thompson video in your life, a friendly reminder on this date in 2015, he went crazy. he scored 37 in one quarter against the kings, finishing with 52 on the win. the dubs ultimately capped the season with first championship in 40 years. his splash brother steph is on the verge of history himself tonight. with four more makes from downtown he will pass reggie miller for second on the three-pointers made list.
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here is steph with reggie earlier in the week. >> i hope so. i mean i shoot enough of them, so it is just a matter of sticking with it and obviously like i have talked to you and ray before, nothing but respect and admiration for what y'all did in terms of shooting the three ball. so hopefully when that day comes, pretty soon, i'll pay my respects to you. >> i've just been blessed to coach steph and to watch him play all of these years and to enjoy the show like everybody else. it is an unbelievable luxury to have a leader like him. >> all right. stanford and ucla, the cardboard cut out kids watching on. the bruins on a seven-giveaway win straight. to over time, to defense to offense. the steal, give and go to michael o'connor. back to him. under 10 seconds to go. ucla down two. tyler campbell, spinning and winning in the foul. bruins up one. .8 of a second to go. oscar for the win!
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yes, it was reviewed and it was good. de silva had 26 snaps, a two-game stanford slight, 73-72. what a game. the san jose sharks will open the home schedule in arizona, the team announcing they will play february 1st and february 3rd home games at helo river arena in glendale. the current ban on contact sports in santa clara county forced the team to move and hold arizona camp in arizona. they will play first two games in arizona against las vegas. you have one more in minnesota, two more in clorado before returning to glendale to play in their adopted home away from home. >> i would be lying to say it would be nice knowing that, you know, we will be going home and sleeping in our own beds in the next week after we get off the road. i think that's where immensely we will have to concentrate at the end of the road trip when we are supposed to go home. >> no one is going to feel sorry for us outside of our room, so
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we're wasting o breatif ls good. we are getting to travel city to city, the rules may be tighter but things are gone. mark hubbard might be the leaner with the putting technique. he wraps his right arm over and wraps his pinkie and missed the five-footer. he got the exaggeration. turned out he developed this technique in college at san jose state. they call it the snail, dion. hubbard claims it is almost automatic from inside five feet. almost the keyword. he missed that one. unfortunately, hubbard did miss the cut at this week's la quinta tournament down in the southern california desert. it is the hook and the spin and all kinds of things. i won't be doing it on the golf course or on tv again any time soon. >> that wasn't very smooth, i guess. please don't do it again. chris, we'll see you again at 6:00. >> all right. now you can really feel the burn. you have probably seen the many
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memes of senator bernie sanders from the inauguration.
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you can now make a fashion statement with that iconic bernie sanders inauguration meme. the senator from vermont's campaign store is selling sweat shirts featuring the mitten photo that has inspired countless memes. in true sanders' fashion, the black sweat shirt is made in the u.s. and printed by union
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members. keep in mind, the sweat shirt is currently sold out. with that we tonight, the new pandemic reality. an american death reported from covid-19 every 30 seconds this week. january set to be the deadliest month on record. nearly 64,000 american lives lost in the first three weeks of the new year. and that new variant from the uk now spreading to 22 states. the rollout slowdown. new york running out of vaccine doses with another shipment not expected until next week. l.a.'s mayor saying at the current pace, the county won't finish vaccinations until june of 2022. but news tonight about johnson and johnson's one-shot vaccine. could emergency use authorization be on the way? impeachment showdown. the explosive new reports on former president trump as the house prepares to send the article of impeachment to the senate. did the president suggest reinforcements would be needed to protect the capit


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