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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 24, 2021 9:00am-9:59am PST

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now we have a plan we can afford. enrollment ends january 31st. anxiety, confusion, frustration all mounting this morning for so many needing the covid-19 vaccine, but it comes as california begins to turn a corner in its battle with the virus. it's sunday, january 24th. thanks for joining us. i'm liz kreutz. we have much to get to this on sunday. first we are tracking these major rainstorms moving in so let's go to meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning to you. this one is a minor one, a light one, level 1 on our storm impact scale. we're looking at some showers in the north bay. live doppler 7, we can see the green representing the rain towards innerness, cloverdale,
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the pink with the rain/snow mix. we have cold air trapped beneath this and we're looking at the progression of the rain from the northwest to the southeast throughout the day. here is santa cruz, a cloudy view here, 47 downtown, 53 in oakland, 39 in hourigan hill with 45 in san jose. lots of gray out there. a pretty view of the golden gate bridge. only 34 in santa rosa. a little fog left over in the north bay. 47 in livermore and our storm impact scale, downpours through the afternoon. windy tonight and a dusting of snow as the snow levels continue to lower. 7:00 tonight for the wind advisory till tomorrow monopoly winds could gust up to 50 bringing down trees and power lines. a few showers early. the main activity this afternoon, a chilly one, barely 50 out there. we'll talk object our level 3 system still slated to come in later on tuesday.
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liz? >> thank you. beyond just getting the vaccine, questions are swirling about how effective it will be against a new variant of covid-19 that's spreading here in california. the strain is making up more than a third of cases in l.a. as luz pena found out it was a bay area doctor who discovered the mutation and he says more research is needed to find out what comes next. >> reporter: it was december 31st, 2020, when inside this lab, dr. charles chu and his colleagues found what they're calling the l-452r, a california variant of covid-19. >> we discovered this variant incidentally while doing surveillance specifically looking for the variant that's now circulating that emerged from the united kingdom. >> reporter: immediately after his discovery, dr. chu alerted the state's health department. by then, multiple cases had been spotted across california. >> from the end of november to
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the end of the year, we saw that the cases at least in northern california, the variant, had increased from a portion of less than 5% to more than 25%, more than a quarter of cases. >> reporter: the variant found in the uk is spreading between 30% and 70% faster than others. dr. chu says they're tracking the transmission rate of the california variant. he hopes his findings push for more scientific collaboration to catch these variants faster. >> we do not have an organized systemic and robust genome surveillance system to identify what percentage of the strains in our community may be these variants of concern. >> reporter: do you project that maybe as the virus continues to mutate, those vaccines will also have to change? >> there will potentially be an emergence of variants that would require the vaccine to be mo modified. >> reporter: he says ten
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counties in california have reported cases of the variant. the most effective way to stop thes toacna as ny people and an francisco, luz bc7 onen r commitment to help build a better bay area is your health. that includes the covid vaccine rollout. abc news reporter matt boone spoke to people trying to secure a spot as well as a woman who got one but says it was a fluke. >> reporter: outside the city college of san francisco, a row of tents are lined up to administer drive-through vaccinations. ucf s says they're doing about 500 to 600 a day here. >> i was thinking to maybe get in the city college program. >> reporter: she got a text that her 87-year-old mother is
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eligible for a vaccine, so they came down but were turned away without an appointment. >>ve the notification, in the text message, you are eligible for my mom, still doesn't finish. >> reporter: on friday a spokesperson said they did end up giving out 60 to 70 extra doses to walk-ups at the end of the day. >> it's a catastrophe and one waiting to happen. >> reporter: that's how this professor emeritus at berkeley describes the current state of the rollout. >> right now we're in a difficult place because we don't have our logistics worked out and we don't have an adequate pipeline of vaccine. >> reporter: adding more confusion, who is even eligible? >> when the governor came out with anybody over 65 could get the vaccine, i first started with kaiser. >> reporter: lafayette resident jennifer said she'd almost given up on pfizer when a friend sent her a text about a sayway.
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>> it's a link checking you're over 65, and it gave me appointments, and i just picked one. >> reporter: the website has reverted back to 75 and older but she was able to sneak in and got her vaccine on tuesday. >> i see it as just a fluke that i got through. >> reporter: but a system built on flukes says the doctor is one that's ripe for disappointment. >> we see this light and the light is the vaccine, and then we can't get to it. it's almost easier not to see the light. >> reporter: matt boone, abc7 news. pryesident biden the vaccine. >> we have to set up distribution channels like mobile units, streenlally placed vaccination centers that can reach people who are hard to reach and don't have access to health care.
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we have to track our progress. we have to make sure we have data on where the vaccine is administered so we can be sure it's being distributed equita equitably. >> she says the country needs to double down on health measures and invest more testing in contact tracing. abc news is monitoring the covid vaccine rollout with our vaccine tracker on our website. it shows when you might be able to get the vaccine in california. that's on our home page at now for some good news. new numbers from california are encouraging and could be a sign the state is moving past the winter surge. nearly 234 ly 23,000 newly dia covid cases were reported yesterday, below the daily average. the number of people hypotheseshypotheses hospitalized or in the icu is down. and the positivity rate dropped to 8.5%. the seven-day positivity rate is
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a good indicator to measure the spread of the virus. according to the covid tracking project, the country is also turning a corner. the weekly average for cases across the u.s. is now back below pre-thanksgiving levels. a little bit of good news there. anti-abortion act visits filled the streets yesterday for the walk of life. ♪ the day began with a morning prayer vigil at planned parenthood on valencia street. demonstrators want to send the message that the church is a resource for women who are considering abortion. >> we would encourage them to choose life. life is precious. there's nothing more wonderful than parenthood. even in troubled times. za down market street oon,d from to the embarcardero.
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this walk was scaled back because of the pandemic and did not include a rally. lights are back on for thousands in santa cruz county after a windstorm caused damage to power lines on tuesday. in this pg&e map, you can see clusters of green representing 50 homes or fewer without power. boulder creek and scotts valley were the hardest hit. it's the strongest storm they've seen in the area in the last ten years. several hundred poles, transformers, and wires were damaged. the community resource center is now closed. lisa, it will be an interesting week ahead with a lot of rain coming our way. >> that's right, liz. we'll begin that later on today. there's a few showers up to the north. we have some sun. we have fog. the numbers range from the 30s to the 50s. it's going to be a chilly, rainy afternoon with a level 1 system on the way. stay tuned. choo for a reason. whyhered for a
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san francisco service with something else going on outside. and the impeachment of president trump. the articles are being handed to the senate tomorrow. the bay area lawmaker who is helping lead the case is speaking out. >> edd makes you guys automatically claims, denies any claim of fraud without investigating? >> yes, due to the high value. >> and another issue with the e deshgs edd. ready to take your immune support to the next level? nature's bounty is here for you. the number one herbal supplement brand has everything you need to help keep your immune system strong. immune support comes naturally with nature's bounty.
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don't take trulicity if you're allergic to it, you or your family have medullary thyroid cancer, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call youroct ay allergic reaction, or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, belly pain, and decreased appetite, which lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. a special catholic mass was held at st. mary's cathedral. cornell barnard spoke with the archbishop who said a threat of violence prompted the move. >> reporter: a strange sight in
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the midst of our pandemic, hundreds of worshippers inside st. mary's cathedral for a special saturday mass. >> we're praying for the unborn. >> reporter: the state's covid-19 health order allows small outdoor services but has banned all indoor worship. >> having mass inside is very wonderful. i know we're not allowed to, but we were very safe. >> we had every plan, every intention to have mass outdoors. >> reporter: fran catholic archbishop salvatore says a security threat prompted him to move the service inside. possible violence due to a rumored protest around counterprotest next door at the chinese consulate. >> one grouphawaar otrleft-wing group.ato >> reporter: we saw a large police presence outside the consulate. dozens of officers were also stationed around st. mary's cathedral. in a statement to abc7 news, police said there were no
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specific threats directed toward the church. our presence was precautionary for the security of those in the area. >> it was a tradeoff between the extra step of precaution outside versus keeping people safe with the threat of violence. >> reporter: did anyone show up to cause trouble? >> not that i saw. >> reporter: he's been an outspoken critic of the indoor >> to me it's unjust and against the constitution. >> reporter: he plans to hold smaller indoor services in the future with safety measures in place. cornell barnard, abc7 news. we have told you about all if frustration those who are out of work feel trying to get government benefits. this morning a story you are all clicking on the most right now on 7 on your side's michael finney shows us an out ofwork man who reported his bank for feeling he was getting the receiving unemployment benefits. then he got ripped off. >> i had money taken out of my
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account from somebody that i didn't know, so i contacted bank of america because they tell you that, you know, you have the fraud protection. >> reporter: he says he called the bank and was told to wait ten days and his money would be replaced. he waited and still no money. so he says after a couple of follow-up telephone calls with bank of america, he asked to be connected to a supervisor, then recorded the call. he was shocked to hear his account had been closed with no investigation. >> no investigation done because once we receive the claim, edd e gets the alert there is a claim and they automatically close it saying there is fraud risk, so they don't give us time to actually work the claim. >> reporter: bank of america offered multiple times during the call to reopen the claim. still ryan was frustrated. and here attempts to clarify what he's hearing. >> so edd makes you guys an edd
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automatically claims denies any claim of fraud without even investigating? >> yes, due to its high ral. >> reporter: is that the official policy? we reached out to the edd. it responded. "our ui program are looking into your inquiry. we'll roof back out to you when we have the information we need." bank of america would not comment on the recorded conversation, but in an official written response, contradicts what brian believes he was told, writing that accounts are not automatically closed when a fraud is reported. however, accounts may be frozen to protect recipients' funds from more fraud if there are additional signs of fraudulent activity. a new card may be issued at that time. brian's account was reimbursed, but he still doesn't have access to his money because his identity has not been verified by the edd. michael finney, "7 on your side." >> here's michael finney's main
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tips. the you're having issues with unemployment payments, if it's a meater of identity, contact the edd, if an issue with a transaction like a fraudster making a withdrawal, contact the bank. "7 on your side" has been answering youren employment questions since the start of the pandemic on our website. reach out at while we await the rainstorm moving into the bay area today, check it out. there's fresh snow on the ground in the sierra. a winter weather advisory goes into effect today. the area is expected to be slammed with snow, maybe feet by the end of the week. >> big totals will be around donor and kirkwood could see 7 feet. they always get a lot. this is a cold system. there's not going to be much o a br we'letohe sth flow that will keep those snows going into the sierra nevada all week long. we're looking at a few showers in parts of sonoma county and
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you can see from live doppler 7 that the activity is up to the north. this is a light level 1 system. we're expecting the scattered showers to move to the south and east. as we go in closer, perhaps light rain around forest knolls, bodega bay, santa rosa, 101, could see a few light showers. our sweep is on top of mount st. helena. e, some rain/snow mix there. we're looking at light to moderate showers for the rest of the day. looks ominous here, doesn't it? this is walnut creek. you can see the dark clouds. 48 in san francisco, 40 in morgan hill, 50, half moon bay. this is about as warm as it will get, 53 in oakland. it will be a cold day today. we'll add on the northwesterly winds. mt. tam, we have some fog, a few peeks of sun and rain to the north. 34 in santa rosa, a little fog. mid and upper 40s in concord and
9:20 am
livermore. a gray day here and the rain coming in later. scattered showers this morning, mainly north. then the rain and wind for the afternoon, it's dry tomorrow, but it's going to be breezy the rest of the w featuring rainy, wintry conditions. in fact, some dangerous conditions as soon as tonight with those gusty winds at the coast. as we look at our 1:00 computer animation, you can see the rain in the north bay. then it sweeps through the east bay and south bay. 5:30, we have some heavier downpours in the south bay, perhaps around cupertino, then the showers stay offshore here. but then the winds pick up after this system. so we're talking a wind advisory 7:00 at ngheet through morning, still breezy out there. we get a break from the rain, but it's a cool, kind of raw afternoon. we'll pick this up early tuesday morning. 9:00, it's quiet.
9:21 am
noontime, we'll see some showers in the north bay. this is what we're w we come into 8:30 tuesday night, and here comes the rain. look what happens as we go overnight. the heavier rain, looks like this system will stall out south of the city and that's while we're running into problems with the fondsing on the roadways, the burn scar area, and you can see the entire state encompassed in all the rain, the snow looks like right through the week even into next weekend. today's system, a tenth to a quarter inch, maybe a thirds in other areas, upper elevations a half inch. this is what takes us through next weekend. over , a uzountains could talki system today bring us about 8 inches. the winter storm goes through friday. highs today with the winds and the rain kicking up throughout the afternoon only at about 50. the accuweather seven-day forecast, one dry day, tomorrow.
9:22 am
and really watching closely tuesday through thursday as this continues to evolve and we get closer to it. better to pinpoint amounts and intensity. liz? >> thank you. just ahead, breaking up is apparently easy to do during a pandemic, so what can be done to chp your relationship?
9:23 am
9:24 am
memt mental health is an aspect of building a better bay area. abc7 news reporter david louie enlisted help from a therapist on what couples can do to save their relationships. >> reporter: rare are couples who don't encounter a few relationship issues but ten months into the pakds, divorce attorneys say some have reached a breaking point. >> consultations have increased at least by 50%, if not more.
9:25 am
i would say the amount of clients who retain and file for divorce have increased by a third. >> reporter: everyone working at home, kids taking classes onli lit sial job pressure cookr environment. >> they had the personal freedom. they had economic prosperity. and they didn't have the external stress of the covid crisis. and so its has been a catalyst. >> reporter: precovid it may have been easier to mask relationship issues. factor in covid and pressure can build up and lead to violence. kourtnei brown is a marriage therapist. >> anxiety, depression, and we see a lot of anger. people respond to those things with anger. so we've seen an uptick in domestic violence and also child abuse. >> reporter: the hoover law firm says requer raininre. however, counseling is also encouraged. >> counseling isn't a box to check so you can move on to a
9:26 am
divorce. it's something that you should be committed to working on your relationship and yourself. >> reporter: the uncertainty over when the pandemic will end adds stress on fragile relationships, so knowing when to get help is key. >> it is difficult and i think we all need help with it. so being able to acknowledge that we can't do this alone and reach out, ask for help from anybody, from therapists or just family members or friends, anybody. >> reporter: david louie, abc7 news. all right. much more in the next half hour of "abc7 mornings." san francisco's struggle to vaccinate, but where does the problem really lie? supervisor matt haney will weigh in. and president biden's plannnn vaccinate the country. what one thing is he says is more important in stopping the spread right now. and the impeachment in the senate, the articles being delivered tomorrow.
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it was not a heat of passion crime, not a slip of the tongue. he knew exactly what he was doing, and the outcome was deadly. >> making news at 9:30, the case against president trump. east bay lawmaker eric swalwell. i'm liz kreutz. thanks for joining us. we will get to that top story and the latest on the coronavirus cases and crisis in a moment. first we're tracking a big week of weather coming up, lisa. let's get a check on the rain we're expecting to start later today. >> yes. this is a level 1 system, liz, a light system, already looking at showers to the north of us around sonoma county, and they are very light if they're hitting the ground at all. as we go in closer, you'll notice that from santa rosa
9:30 am
through pen grove and along the coast, bodega bay and inverness. look at the shark tank, temperatures are cold in 40s from san jose to san francisco. 50 at the coast. this was a view out there, but the clouds have moved things around here. 30s in santa rosa, upper 40s in concord and livermore. the system will have a scattered light showers to moderate downpours at times. it will become windy tonight and we could see a dusting of snow as the snow levels lower to about 1,500 feet. there's the wind advisory, 7:00 through 10:00 tomorrow morning right along the coast of the north bay, the peninsula, and winds could gust up to near 50 miles an hour. so from 9:00 this morning, look at the temperatures. they are not going to budge that much. th e ndk up.l beidpr it will be a blustery afternoon. we'll get a break for your monday. and then we're looking at what we call an atmospheric river
9:31 am
poised to hit us by the end of the week. a dramatic jump in icu availability was reported in the bay area. it means the region could be on track to come out of the state's stay-at-home order. these are the latest numbers this morning from the state website. the bay area region now showing a 23.4% availability. we had been at 6.6% on friday, so this is a big jump. the order is supposed to be lifted when that projected total exceeds 15% in the four weeks ahead. we'll keep you posted on that. we'll ask matt haney about it as well. to latest in the coronavirus pandemic. the efforts to vaccinate the nation appear to be making some headway. trevor olt has the latest as there are frustrations over the rollout. >> reporter: this morning
9:32 am
coronavirus trends nationwide starting to dip but some are seeing the virus spread at alarming rates. a dozen mortuariries were too busy to take one woman's father's body. she was shaken by the hospital rooms packed with people just like her father. >> these are people working to sustain their family and they're in the icu units with ventilators and tubes up their noses because they can't breathe. >> reporter: as we fight to contain the virus, it continues to mutate and spread. the uk variant of covid-19 now detected in at least 23 states and overnight the university of michigan halting all athletic activities for 14 days. scientists in ohio say a u.s. variant has been circulating since may. researchers in california say a newly identified strain has been found in more than a third of the cases in los angeles. >> we need to vaccinate enough people to reach herd munimmunit.
9:33 am
>> reporter: many areas still fighting through a stunted vaccine rollout. some sites seeing hours-long wait times. others failing to use up all their doses. berta and mike powers have struggled to get an appointment, only to see that appointment canceled. >> the fact of the matter is, what good is a vaccine if it doesn't get into people's arms? >> reporter: most states say they're churning through doses and they're urging the federal government to step up distribution. >> it shouldn't be the hunger games like with ppe. that was ridiculous. >> reporter: now local news outlets are reporting wealthier zip codes like some in miami-dade or dallas counties are also some of the most vaccinated with higher-income areas receiving a disproportionately large amount of the vaccine. many of the people lucky enough to get the shot are trying to urge others to follow their lead. 70-year-old shirley received her first dose this week in florida.
9:34 am
she hopes to inspire other seniors to sign up too. >> get up. it's for you. it's for us. it's for nation. >> reporter: trevor ault. the dean of the brown university school of public health says he believes the current vaccines now work the n >> all of the evidence right now says that the current vaccines work great against certainly against the uk variant, against most likely all of the others. there is some question about if the south africa variant may be partially resistant. i'm not convinced. take the nightmare scenario we get a virus that is resistant to vaccine. we can tweak it. it's working effectively against all variants. >> he says the ideal strategy is to vaccinate millions of people per day to get the pandemic under control. also new this prt de i being held in high regard by most americans right out of the gate. according to a brand-new abc
9:35 am
news poll out this morning, 69% approve of his covid-19 response so far. 57% are confident in his ability to unify the country. speaking to a virtual conference of mayors of the biggest u.s. cities, president biden is now challenging all americans to wear masks for the next 100 days. >> in the next few months, masks, not vaccinations, are the single best defense that we have against covid-19. medical experts say that by wearing masks from now until april, we will save more than 50,000 lives. >> president biden signed that executive order this past week requiring masks on all federal land including airports. biden's goal is to get 100 million people vaccinated within his administration's first 100 nauard tops llapol thrd the nat
9:36 am
says they're working with the fbi and d.c. law enforcement to address potential threats. the remaining troops are about a quarter of the 25,000 brought in ahead of president biden's inauguration. those measures are a direct response to the storming of the u.s. capitol building, something president trump now faces impeachment for even after leaving office. the single charge, incitement of insurrection, set to be delivered to the senate tomorrow. abc news reporter rachel ska is on capitol hill with the latest on his trial. >> reporter: this morning as the house prepares to deliver the article of impeachment to the senate, democrats are now calling on the justice department to investigate former president donald trump. senate majority leader mike shumann -- chuck schumer outraged over another alleged attempt to overturn the election. trump's alleged plot to removing the acting attorney general jeffrey rosen and replace him with a trump loyalist, who
9:37 am
according to "the times," could try to help toss out votes in georgia. >> somebody trying to manipulate the department of justice, which is supposed to be the independent legal watchdog for our country is appalling. >> reporter: schumer calling it unconscionable, demanding the justice department inspector general launch an investigation. overnight, another report from "the wall street journal" saying trump also trying to push the justice department to file its own lawsuit against states directly in the supreme court, something his appointees refuse to do. trump's team did not address the specific allegations but he's now headed towards his second impeachment trial, charged with incitement of insurrection after telling his supporters to march the capitol. >> we fight like hell, and if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a ton country anymore. >> reporter: what happened next was chaos. mobs storming the building from all sides. five dead.
9:38 am
some say they felt called to action by trump. >> i thought i was following my president. i thought i was following what we were called to do. >> reporter: and now federal prosecutors charging a texas man who posted this selfie after breaking into the capitol. authorities say his name is garrett miller, and he allegedly threatened to kill ocasio-cortez. >> i thoigt i was going to die. >> reporter: tomorrow you will see that article of impeachment be walked over to the senate and then on tuesday, senators will be sworn in as jurors. but that impeachment trial will not start for another two weeks. we're looking at the week of february 8th. this is a delay that both sides agreed to. democrats say it will give them more time to get through president biden's cabinet picks and also work on his agenda. republicans say it will give trump more time to prepare his defense. rachel scott, abc news, capitol hill. new this morning, one of the house lawmakers selected by speaker pelosi to prosecute the
9:39 am
former president is east bay congressman eric swalwell. he joined "gma" this morning to talk about the argument they're planning and how they might respond to republican criticism that the process might divide the country even further. >> as president biden said at his inaugural, enough of us are able to come together for all of us. unity does not mean the terrorists who stormed the capitol or the inciter in chief who commanded them to do so have to agree with what we're doing. we need to have accountability and deter a future president from doing this and disqualify the person who has such a disdane for democracy. >> schwa >> swalwell didn't say if they would call trump's family to the stand but members of congress may testify to the insurrection. another bay area newsmaker soon to be joining us live this morning, supervisor matt haney
9:40 am
of san francisco scheduled to be with us talking about the vaccine rollout, the icu capacity numbers from thi uc ie >> il we. pr>>steph's legendary ascension with the all-time greats hitting a major milestone. hear the postgame conversation. a live look outside. so pretty.
9:41 am
9:42 am
last night, curry finished with five threes to make it past
9:43 am
miller. len. 411 made miller congratulated him in a postgame video call. >> thank you so much for what you have done, my friend. >> you and ray have been chasing records. i have two guys that have reached back and encouraged me. it means a lot. i'll pass that on as well. i appreciate you, man. >> thanks for all the support. >> the warriors ended up losing to the jazz. their next game is back at home tomorrst the t'wolves. lisa, we've been asking for rain. it felt like summer a week ago. finally we're getting it. >> we are. a live look outside from our exploratorium camera. 49 in san francisco. maybe we'll gain a couple degrees, but it is going to be a cold day today, expecting perhaps a third of an inch of rain in the city. we'll talk about 3 1/2 inches of rain here by the end of the week next. plus, how to solve san francisco's slow vaccine rollout.
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a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. you can kind of tell it's getting a gray-looking rain on the way. we'll talk to lisa about that right now. when does it come later today? >> we have lots on the way, liz. it is already looking wet in parts of the north bay. we're talk about northwestern sonoma county, santa rosa, pen grove on the coast. this is all a rain/snow mix in pecting little n to th vle this next system. that's by tuesday. there's a look at how it's going to move from the northwest to the southeast. a cloudy view here, san rafael, 53 in oakland, 45 in san jose. the golden gate bridge, you can see all the clouds, 44 in napa, 47 in livermore, and as we look towards the mt. tam region,
9:47 am
notice the fog and how gray it is. scattered showers this morning, rain and wind this afternoon, dry monday but rainy and windy the rest of the week. looking at our 1:00 time frame, it's raining in the north bay, showers on the peninsula, and this all pushes through to the south and east by about dinnertime. we're left with wind, a wind advisory allowing for the winds to pick up from the northwest by about 7:00 tonight, right on through the overnight hours into your monday. so this is 10:00 tonight. 20 to 45-mile-an-hour winds. look at that 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts along the coast. these winds can do some damage, perhaps some trees down, and the soil is going to be moist so that could definitely cause a few issues here. as we get into your monday dry but we are getting set for the big event, still slated to arrive later on tuesday. tuesday morning, no problems. by noontime, some showers in the north bay. look what happens as we get towards the later evening hours. some heavy rain in the north bay and then it will stall out.
9:48 am
the heavy rain from san francisco on to the peninsula in the south bay, just not going to move much as it pushes into the south bay, the santa cruz mountains. think it might lift back north. by the time it pushes on through, we've already picked up several inches of rain. this is your wednesday where we've got rain in southern california, snow in the mountains. it will be a continual event in the sierra nevada, almost impossible conditions there. hazardous driving. by the time we get to the weekend, it's a much lighter system, even by friday. we'll see scattered showers. but look at the impressive rainfall totals behind this system. this is the light one. quarter to a third of an inch throughout the day today. then as we get towards your saturday night, we're still looking at anywhere from 3 to 4 inches for the entire bay area. 7 to 8 inches, maybe 10 in the santa cruz mountains. and we're looking at the snow, about 11 incmorning before the s ne get to your
9:49 am
tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we're talking 6, 7 feet possible. so it is going to be some epic snow there. 50 today for the high in vallejo, maybe low 50s at best, our level 1 system, the accuweather seven-day forecast, we have a break tomorrow and then rain by midday tuesday. our level 3 system on wednesday. it will be evolving. we'll watch it closely. we expect some flooding. check back with us for more fine-tuning for the midweek and the rest of the week forecast. liz? >> thank you. it's the main headline to watch going into this week, how the bay area, california, and the country can speed up the covid-19 vaccine distribution. it's critical to end the pandemic and why abc7 news is following the rollout as a big part of our work to build a better bay area. for more on the issue is san francisco supervisor matt haney representing district 6 of the tender loin, soma, and mission bay. thanks for being here. >> thank you for having me. good morning. >> good morning.
9:50 am
so as you know, san francisco's slow rollout has gained criticism. right now city has vaccinated just over 30,000 people, and there's well short of other populous bay area counties. why the low numbers? i believe you also toured the new mass vaccination site at the city college of san francisco this morning. does this opening mark the turning point? >> well, i just got back from the mass vaccination site, and things are slowly improving. as you may have known, i was very loudly saying that we needed sites like that. we need that one and many more of them. we need to improve our communications so that people know how to get appointments. there needs to be transparency. and we also of course need more vaccine doses. san francisco i think can do better with communicating with our residents, supporting our residents. this has been an incredible traumatic, painful year, and this last phase of it, this phase when we get the vaccine into people's arms, should not
9:51 am
cause more trauma. we should be celebrating this moment, and it takes us doing better here locally and now we have a federal partner who hopefully will get more vaccines and be better and more efficient with it. but i think things are starting to move in the right direction. i was very happy with what i saw this morning at the vaccine site. we're doing over 500 a day. ultimately, that site has the capacity do many thousands more than that. and we are ramping up. and i'm going to keep on pushing. >> i know that london breed has announced a goal of vaccinating all san franciscoens by the start of the summer. but as we mentioned, you have been critical and vocal on twitter about your frustrations with the handling of the rollout so far. i spoke to the mayor last week and asked her about that. just take a listen to what she had to say. so do you think so his frustrations are fair? >> well, i don't. i think -- i mean, he's a part of the leadership. he should be working with my office to address those
9:52 am
challenges ratter than being critical of the hardworking men and women of the department of public health, the folks who are working in our technology department, of all the people who have set up the kinds of systems in order to address this real challenge. >> so your response to that. is this rollout totally on the mayor? what are you doing to help fix it? >> sure. well, the frustrations that i'm expressing are the frustrations that my constituents are experiencing, not getting any answers, not knowing where to sign up, not knowing if they're eligible, when they were going to the mayor and to the department of public health, being told go talk to your private provider, who then told them to talk to the county. none of that was acceptable. a week ago, there was no way to sign up for updates, no transparent data or mass vaccination sites. finally some of that is starting to change. my role is both to provide oversight and accountability and yes to be supportive. i've been signing up volunteers,
9:53 am
making sure that we're making sites available. i've been supporting with my constituents, so they can get information. this has to be all hands on deck. i am excited to continue to work with the mayor on that. but our stilts are still in many cases in the dark in getting answers to basic questions. where, when, and how they're going to get this vaccine and who is going to let them know when it's their turn. so they need elected officials, whether it's the mayor or me, who gets those answers, but most importantly sets up a system that actually can distribute these vaccines efficiently and effectively. and i believe, you know, my role is to work with everyone to get that done. and we are moving in the right direction. sometimes that's going to mean criticism that people don't want to hear, but some of that criticism is reflecting people's experiences, and i think it will get us to a system that works better, and that is what our responsibility is. >> absolutely. i'm happy to hear that you are more optimistic this morning after touring that mass vaccination site for sure. i want to ask you about the bay
9:54 am
area's icu capacity. i'm not sure if you saw the new numbers on the state's website. the bay area at 23.4%. still not open. sacramento is open. do you think that the bay area should be able to reopen now? >> you know, the hospitalization numbers are trending in the right direction for the bay area for sure. we are at a point where imminently we should have the state order lifted from the bay area and we should be able to allow some of the activities that had been shut down. i've been saying for the last number of months i think activities like outdoor dining, outdoor activities more broadly, some of the restrictions on barbers and salons and personal services, those should be lifted. there are ways that people can do those things safely, particularly the outdoor activities. i'm hopeful this means we can get some things back to normal, and it really is a good sign
9:55 am
that we do -- we are now hitting our numbers with regards to icu capacity and hospitalizations. so i hope that the state orlandoer is lifted soon and we can ohm up some of these activities that are still restricted. >> i have 20 seconds. do you think everyone in san francisco vaccinated by june is a fair time line? >> yes. i think we can get it done. we have to build the capacity here to do it and we're beginning to do that. we need the supply, but i do think that the ply is going to ramp up dramatically. when that happens we have to be ready, and that's where my focus will be. >> supervisor matt haney, thank you so much. >> thank you. we'll take break on air, but get out your phone. you can see where your place in line is for the vaccine and tips to schedule an appointment. it's all part of our easy vaccine tracker tool. check it out
9:56 am
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all right. before we go, let's get a final
9:58 am
with t rai light level 1 system, you can see the rain in the north bay spreading tohe south and east. we'll get the wind tonight, a break tomorrow, very heavy rain tuesday night into wednesday, possibly flooding for thursday. >> thank you. thanks for joining us here on "abc7 mornings." i'm made to move. but these days, i'm not getting out as much as i'd like to. that's why i take osteo bi-flex. it helps with occasional joint stiffness, while it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. because i'm made to move. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it, lowering my blood sugar from the first dose.
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