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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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a sudden shift in the bay area's icus. we heard stories of beds fill would covid patients. with that, we say good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. the bay area is suddenly at 23.4%. after spending a couple of weeks icu availability has become the number the state relies on, when it comes to issuing stay-at-home orders. but does this mean we're turning the corner? and the stay-at-home order could be lifted? we haven't heard a word from gavin newsome. cornell, what are they saying? >> doctors say they are seeing glimmers of hope.
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they're slowly going down. but it's unclear-the bay area can leave the stay at home order. >> could potentially be the beginning of the end. >> reporter: those encouraging words from epidemiologist, after the state reported the bay area's icu capacity saw an a dramatic improvement. >> all this suggests, strongly suggests that we're on the down slope of this third wave of the epidemic, finally. >> reporter: they confirm covid-19 hospitalizations have dropped at zuckerberg general hospital. >> icu patients are staying now. so, that's given us capacity and encouraging, compared to one week ago. >> reporter: that's when covid-19 hospitalizations were seeing a dramatic spike. when will the order be lift for
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the bay area. in a statement to abc 7 news, the california department of public health says we see promising signs that california is emerging from the most intense stage of this pan demming. it's important to note that a region's exit from the regional stay at home order is based on -- he says they need to be more clear and less confusing. >> the bottom line is we need to make sure, the state needs to make sure that, in their guidance, that they're consistent. >> pleasanton hair stylist is ang anxious to reopen and restart her career. >> it would mean everything to go back to work and see my clients and co workers. >> there's good reason for encouragement but not reason to
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let our guard down just yet. >> reporter: doctors say covid-19 transmission rates are still high. so, keep wearing masks and avoid large gatherings. we hope for an update next week. abc 7 news. definitely not in the clear just yet. thanks. well, what story do the numbers tell today from the state of california? the key metrics are looking good, once you get past the number of cases. the seven-day positivity rate is still going down by half a percent each day. the 14-day dropped down to 10 for the first time in weeks. hospitalizations are back below 18,000. a steady stream of people received their covid-19 vaccine at san francisco's only mass vaccination clinic. this is the third day where, the city and ucsf ar ucsf ar ucsf ar
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five,000 a day. city officials say they generally get 24 hours notices when they'll get more vaccines. efficiently as possible, so that as soon as we have much more volume of vaccine, we'll be able to get vaccine into arms. >> reporter: in san jose, vaccinations continue at the santa claire acounty fairgrounds. cdc data shows california received more than 4.9 million doses and has distributed less than half. we're monitoring our rollout with the vaccine tracker. it also shows when you might be able to get the vaccine in california. turning to the weather and we definitely have a rainy week ahead. look behind me. it's kind of murky out there. a first look at our weather. drew. showers return for the second half of our weekend and
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we're tracking the showers for the next couple of hours. another slug of moisture moving on shore along the peninsula. we have moderate showers working through the north bay. we have a pop of yellow and orange moving in the east bay and wintry precipitation on mt. hamilton. this evening, it is a level-one light storm we have. scattered showered and will turn windy with a wind advisory starting at 7:00 p.m. so, it's dry overnight but we are tracking a much stronger soakingen t soaking on the way to the bay area later this week. >> sounds good. drew, thanks. you too can get the latest with the live doppler 7. you can track the wet weather where you live by clicking the blue live bar at the very top.
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well, cherry blossoms are on the road to blooming once again in japan town.ayembeomne vandal of the trees. an online fundraiser shattered its goal, raising nearly 31,000. the original cherry blossom trees were blanted by the community cultural center of northern california. they commemorate his and her majesty of japan in 1994. in washington, the impeachment process against former president trump moves forward tomorrow, while democrats are calling for new investigation. claims of attempted election rigging. >> reporter: former president donald trump now headed towards his second impeachment trial, charge would incitement of insurection. >> if you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have a
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country anymore. >> reporter: as they tried to stop the win. >> this was not a slip of the tongue. he knew exactly what he was doing and the outcome was deadly. >> everyone wants to put this awful chapter in american history behind us. but sweeping it under the rug will not bring healing. the only way to bring healing is to actually have real accountability. >> reporter: and now democrats are calling on the justice department to investigate the former president. senate majority leader, chuck schumer, outraged over this report, detailing allegations of another desperate attempt to overturn the election. his plot to remove the acting attorney general and replace him with a trump loyalist, who, according to the "the times" could help toss out votes in georgia. and another report in "wall street journal" saying trump
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allegely tried to push the justice department to file lawsuit in the supreme koerlt. trump's team has not specifically addressed these allegations. and on tuesday, senators will be sworn in as jurors. er for but that will not start for another two weeks. this is a delay that both sides agree to. will give democrats more time to push through cabinet picks and donald trump more time prepare his defense. abc news, capitol hill. the pandemic has changed even the simplest of daily tasks. and a north bay high school needs a new name and has come up
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volunteers from a bay area church are helping bridge last mile between those who need groceries. they helped bag up and pass out food boxes to families throughout eastern counties. >> it is regular folks, families who might be hard on their luck. but we're especially looking out for seniors, who might need additional help too. >> other bay area food banks have launched similar programs. but they wanted to broaden these, by expanding to other pats of the bay area.
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we created better bay area project thanks. a way to highlight everyone who's making a difference. you can use the #better bay area and we will try and share it. since you can't go the symphony, the santa rosa symphony is bringing pieces to you. this is a piece by bach, performed by the socially-distanced orchestra. they're providing concerts for free, as their way of helpal people thrive during the pandemic. sir frances drake high school is getting a new name and there are a lot of choices. an online poll starts next week and there are 85 names to choose from. it will kind of be like march madness with brackets. the country had a reckoning with
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ration and social justice and e english explorer had ties to the slave trade. spacex pulled off another successful launch and this time it set a record. and i'm meteorologist drew tooma, tracking showers this weekend, but a stronger storm arrives later this week. when i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture, i waited to get treated. thought surgery was my only option. but then i found out about nonsurgical treatments. it was a total game changer. learn more about the condition at
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and lift off. >> i love watching this. off it goes. the falcon nine rocket successfully launched today. er for it's carrying 143 satellites into space. this missions is part of the new ride share business strategy. a plan aims to make regularly
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scheduled launches with small payloads. tracking all of that rain, drew. >> and it is going to be a wet week ahead. live doppler 7 showing you scattered light to moderate showers, even snowflakes falling on mt. hamilton. we have pockets of heavier showers through san mateo. and working in redwood city cloche to 5:30 p.m. not only rain. some snowflakes in the sierra. snow moving through the sierra. a winter weather advisory is in effect until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. certainly a cold january day. only in the upper 40s to lower 50s right now. we have a wind advisory,
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starting at 7:00 p.m. tonight, along our coastline and it does include san francisco. we could see northwest winds sustained with gusts even higher than that. so, while the rain will get out of here by 10:00 p.m. tonight, the wind will pick up. so, 10:00 p.m. tonight, gusts exceeding 30 miles per hour. and in the horn morning, breezy with the highest winds. we have winds anywhere from 10 to 25 miles per hour. throughout the bay area. so overnight tonight the rain is exiting before 10:00 tonight, otherwise it's windy along the coast and chilly. now, tomorrow it's a partly cloudy day. so n you the brief break because the rain is going it return on tuesday.
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in fact, future weather will get you to tuesday. tuesday morning includes will increase. as soon as showers move in from north to south. and really into the overnight hours and wednesday morning, it strengthens and will make landfall in the bay area. bringing with it very heavy rain, especially thursday morning. this is a level 3 strong storm and i want to emphasize the timeline. the worst of the storm will occur, really before 7:00 a.m. while many of us are sleeping. one to two inches of rainfall very likely wednesday morning and wind gustsing over 30 miles per hour. certainly hydro planing is a lot in a short amount of time. we're watching for degree flows,
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especially in the santa cruz mountains. down trees and power lines were possible. this will be a significant snow storm in the sierra. so, we're talking three or four feet of snow very likely. here we go. enjoy the brief break tomorrowtop wind and rain. there's the worst of the storm wednesday morning. showers and down pours with more rain saturday, friday, and sunday. >> good sports-watching weather. go to abc weather watching as well. wet for st andrea flavorhe
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no, abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> two of the greatest quarterbacks wint head-to-head. tom brady and the bucks visiting rodgers and the packers. rodgers geing for his second super bowl appearance and brady, hes record 10th. yes, 10th. sean murphy bunting gives the bucks the ball near midfield. last play of the half. brady going deep for scotty miller. a 39-yard touchdown.
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tampa bay led 21-10 at recess. at one point, the bugs -- bucks led by as many as 18. but brady threw three interceptions. so, the pack back in business, ensuing possession in the red zone. rodgers to who else? how about davante adams for the touchdown. two-point conversion failed. green bay down five. here's what all packers fans will be talking about. fourth and goal with over two minutes to go. butted the packers kick a field goal instead of going for it and no one understands why, even aaron rodgers said it wasn't his call. a very late flag comes down and tampa bay would get a crucial first down. packers can't believe it. rodgers in shock. brady is going to his record 10th super bowl. tampa bay will be the first team to play a super bowl in their home stadium.
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>> it's a great football team. they've been playing well all season and there were 9,000 fans. it felt like a little more than 9,000. and now we got a home game. who would have thought a home super bowl for us. but we did it. >> afc title game still going. er for right now we're at halftime. threw an early touchdown for the bills. and they lead 21-12 at the half. highlights at 11. stephen curry has nearly done it all on the basketball court. last night he went into the second place to surpass most threes ever made. classic curry thauf pick and roll and here comes another pick and roll and splash. and the third triple in a row, a step back, buries the triple and a 3-1 for reggie miller. of course, reggie wore the 31
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jersey and his fourth three of the night. he hit five threes, scoring a giem high, 24. and a special visitor came by. >> oh, hey, what up, reg. >> don't leave too much room because this kid could be coming. he is your number one fan. so, thank you so much for what you have done, my friend. >> you and ray have been -- i'm chasing any record of two guys that have reached back and encouraged me as well as you have. i appreciate you man and thanks for all the support. >> don't you love steph's initial reaction, whoa, reggie. really cool when a zoom happens, even for celebrities. >> they're just like ordinary people. got to love that emotion. minus that small little detail. see you at 6:00. a tenacious turkey
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i don't care what he did. you need to go away, all right. hey. no. this isn't even my jurisdiction. you need to back up. >> the ramapo police department, north of new york city, shared the video. he was attempting to clear several parties from the road
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when he was met with resistance. too cute. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight, the breaking news as we come on. the biden administration set to issue a new covid travel ban. when it goes into effect and the countries on the list. the new president taking on the pandemic. what he's up against and how he hopes to speed up the vaccination process. and tonight, dr. deborah birx with scathing allegations, claiming covid-19 deniers in the trump administration manipulated data graphs. the coronavirus pandemic reaching more than 25 million cases here in the u.s. that uk variant now spreading to at least 23 states as millions wait to get vaccinated. the country just now hitting a vaccine goal originally set for the end of 2020. hospitalizations are declining.


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