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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 27, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> good morning, kumasi, reggie, hi, everybody, i have downgraded the storm. it was a 3, the heaviest part of the storm, the most damaging part of the storm has moved on, so today and tomorrow we're going to be a 2, a moderate storm. we're going to have waves of showers. you're going to hit several times over the next two days with showers, and every once in a while we'll have some downpours, which will create some localized flooding once again. but not wide scale flooding. lightning is possible, especially across the north bay, and that's mainly a today feature. so let's take a look at what's going on with our radar, with live doppler 7, and what you're going to see is -- i'm trying to show you, there we go, that the heaviest of the rain is well down south. it's into hollister, it's heading down into solidad. some snow trying to develop on hamilton. our heaviest storm is in
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pleasant pleasanton. it's heading towards livermore. watch out for ponding on the roadways there. we have some rain where 680 meets 242 skpand also highway 4 around concord. we've got the venetian bridge and the carquinez bridge getting wet. we have a healthy downpour between vallejo and fairfield right now. you can see scattered light rain until you get around point reyes where we've got a thunderstorm. the thunderstorm will develop around the ocean and rotate into the north bay. that's the possibility today. here's some good news. look at our winds, they're down below 20 miles per hour. the threat of any wind damage is diminishing rather rapidly. the same can be said in the higher elevations. that's in hawkeye and the north bay and the east foothills around mount hamilton. here's a look at san jose, 101 and 880. you can definitely see it is wet with light rain falling right now. the heaviest is over, but showers and downpours possible with some isolated thunderstorm, which could have some small hail
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and even more intense downpours that will be very brief. temperatures are in the mid-40s to near 50 right now. we'll warm into the low to mid-50s. it's going to be a chilly shower if you get hit by one, kumasi. >> thank you, mike. in santa cruz county nearly 5,000 residents were ordered to evacuate ahead of this storm. here's a look at the evacuation map. the areas in red are the mandatory evacuations and they stretch across both santa cruz and san mateo counties. this morning many of those residents are waking up at evacuation centers. abc7 news reporter ancer is live with more on this. >> reporter: good morning, kumasi. this is one of three evacuation centers that have been set up. there's about ten cars out here right now. some people sleeping in their cars due to covid-19. they have power and the rain has stopped. now, on sunday an evacuation warning was issued. that was upgraded to an evacuation order for parts of santa cruz mountains. the big concern of course is the
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threat for flooding and the potentially deadly mudslides along the hills that burned last fall in the czu lightning complex fire. that was one of the most destructive wildfires in california history. they could get up to 8 to 12 inches of rain. cal fire has been tweeting this morning, their latest tweet reads we've been responding to reports of downed trees throughout the overnight hours. many hazards still remain on the roads. please continue to use extreme caution. deputies have been going door to door since monday trying to get residents to evacuate. unfortunately they expect only about 25% to comply with the order. here is advice for those who choose to stay at home. >> grab your family and literally run uphill. that's the best thing we can tell you to do. if you can't do that, go upstairs. if you don't have an upstairs get on the roof. if you can't do that, get on top of a table. >> reporter: now we know that chp and pg&e crews have been out patrolling the area. we'll continue to bridng you th
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latest throughout the morning. this morning rain was pouring in front of mineta san n jose airport. the streets empty around the airport. we're going to check in in a few minutes to see if flights might be impacted by this storm. now to the north bay, a large tree crashed down onto a mobile home in roehner park. a family was inside at the time. no one was seriously hurt. tens of thousands of people waking up in the dark this morning across the bay area. let's look at pg&e's outage website. it is lit up right now. there are pretty big clusters of homes without power in the east bay. amy hollyfield is live for us in pleasant hill. >> reporter: we found a spot without power here in pleasant hill. it's dark out here. i don't know if you can see it, but there are some power lines dangling right there in the middle of the street. it is blocked off. a car driving down here would just get tangled up. this is keats circle at oak park
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road in pleasant hill. we're just down from the oak park road safeway. this is a residential area. they have closed the street. we can tell the power is off. we do have a pg&e employee who has just arrived on the scene. he's just inspecting the site and also here to keep people away from it. he wanted to relieve the police officer who is here so the officer could get about his day. this pg&e employee is here to block this off, but he's waiting for a crew to come and actually fix this. at this point he doesn't know when that's going to happen. he says it was a busy night. they have a lot of power outages to get to. this is just one of many on the list, so for now this little area in pleasant hill is in the dark. live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield abc7 news. thank you, amy. now let's look at the bay bridge. we saw at least two crashes there overnight. you can see and hear the wind
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and the rain. this one involved an suv and another involved a jackknifed big rig. it happened on the lower deck around 10:30 last night, and chp says there was a small fuel leak. on the peninsula, despite the stormy conditions, people were still taking to the streets. ricardo and mary beth milano lost power for a brief period tuesday night, so they decided to brave the elements, and they were not the only ones. >> a fireplace, and it was warm, and as soon as the lights went out, i think the house said time for you to go walk, so the power went, so out we went. >> it is a little chilly but not bad. it's worth up. >> being locked up all that time, it's good to be out. >> in the meantime, as the waves crashed in pacifica in the early evening on tuesday, pg&e crews in daly city were working to make sure faulty equipment was working properly before the
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storm. several parks in the east bay are going to be closed today until friday because of the extreme wind and rain. that includes claremont canyon, huckleberry preserve, kennedy grove. parks are going to reopen friday at 8:00 in the morning. you can access live doppler 7 on demand right on your tv. our app is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. just search for abc7 bay area to download and start streaming. now we're going to go to mike. thank you, reggie. i want to go to the north bay and show you what's going on in the highest elevations of lake and mendocino counties, northern napa county and northern sonoma county. the coldest of the air is locked into lake and mendocino counties and northern parts. we talked about this that the snow level was going to rise as the heaviest of the rain came in last night, and we've got a southerly wind, which is going to keep the snow level pretty
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high the rest of today. if we get a dusting, it would be mainly up here, possibly hamilton. that's really remote. if we wake up with a little snow this morning, that's about all we'll get. let's take a look at the winter storm warning for this area. it continues until noon today, above 1,500 feet. there's still another three to six inches of new snow possible. my storm concerns, i'm starting to pare them back, taper them. flooding on roadways. i'm going to keep that one high because these downpours are going to cause localized flooding and hydroplaning. debris flow and mudslides is still high. the winds are starting to die down also, and with the heaviest rain behind uses do, downed tred power outages are less and less likely. the north bay taken out of the flash flood watch, that is great news. the east bay and diablo, still in that through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. this is going to expire at 7:00,
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but until it does, the wind advisory, there's still a potential for a rogue wind gust up to 30, maybe even 40 miles per hour. it's a cross wind with our east, west bridges because it's coming out of the south. same thing if our high wind warning, our higher elevations. it's going to expire at 7:00. there's a chance of some rogue winds there up until 7:00. so most of our action if you're looking for the snow up in lake and mendocino counties. you can see with the radar all of that moisture is heading to the north. in fact, i-5 in the northern part of the state probably going to be a little dicey if not closed. it's something to think about. we'll take a look around other areas. we want to bring jobina in here and talk about the morning commute. what are you seeing? >> mike, we're seeing a lot of problems unfortunately. hazardous commute out there, everybody. good morning. so i'm going to start with the maps here because the chp is reporting roadway flooding in mountain view, so a heads-up. the flooding is across all lanes
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is what they're saying here at state route 85 at 101. also want to move over now because we have two sig alerts. i'm following the first in castro valley at eden canyon road. we have a jackknifed big rig here cause ago slowdown and some problems and a jackknifed big rig in san jose on southbound 680 at the southbound 101 connector ramp. you see that purple line, the connector ramp is shut down right now. we have a live picture from a caltrans camera there on the scene. so we're bringing that in now live. you can see that the tow truck has arrived and they're working to move this out of the way. we do not have an estimated time as to when all of this will reopen. i want to wring bring in one moe picture. the chp has issued a high wind advisory for a number of bridges including the san mateo, the richmond, san rafael bridge, the antioch. really our
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if you hadn't checked your tires, maybe bought some new ones, we'll have downpours like this. they won't be on quite as wide a scale as what we dealt with with the storm last night and early this morning. that's why i've downgraded it from a 3 to 2. this was a thunderstorm, this shower you see over inverness when it was over the ocean. it hasn't produced lightning lately, but there is the possibility. this is going to continue heading off to the east. it's going to hit novato at about 5:10 with a downpour and move across 37 and head towards big bend, vallejo and american canyon about an hour or so if it
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holds together. in the north bay that's where we have our best chance of a thunderstorm for today. there's no thunderstorm chances in the forecast for tomorrow, but you can see the area shaded. the area we usually talk about fog is going to have a better chance of a thunderstorm as we head throughout the day. in fact, here's a look at -- and you can see right along there's a base of energy right here, there's a convergence zone. this is where we're creating some of the heavier showers and thunderstorms. that's going to move across mainly the north bay. it could dip as far south as the san mateo bridge. you can see some scattered showers developing across the santa cruz mountains. that's why you're still in that flash flood watch. you're going to get more rain than the rest of us it looks like out of this storm over the next two days. here it is, as long as it's sitting off the coast, which it will do the next 36 hours or so, we're going to have waves of showers and potential thunderstorms and downpours. more on future radar coming up. here's reggie. the storm has brought out all kinds of reinforcements, the ting you're looking at here is
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from santa clara county, they're calling this the moses unit. it can provide wi-fi and cellular service for first responders. farm animals had to be moved out of evacuation zones in santa cruz county. some are being boarded at quail hollow ranch park and at private ranches across the county. abc7 spoke with the equine group helping coordinte the effort. >> fortunately we are blessed to have private ranches intake these horses, and most of them are taking care of them with owners help, but we have a great community. >> santa cruz county equine says that it has taken in some 30 horses as well as chickens, goats and sheep. happening today, president biden expected to announce his plan to combat climate change. jobina fortson has the details on that. >> president biden is turning his attention to climate change today.
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according to the "new york times," he is set to direct federal agencies to determine the extent of a ban on new oil and gas leasing on federal land. biden will propose that the government conserve 30% of all federal land and water by 2030, create a task force with an action plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and issue a memorandum elevating climate change to a national security priority. the president is expected to revive and strengthen former president obama's memorandum in 2016 that elevated climate change to a national security priority. >> thank you, jobina. the winter weather, it is blanketing shasta county with fresh powder in redding. residents say it's a lot of fun because it's not too often that they see snow in the city. some say it really started picking up around 8:00 last night, but unfortunately a lot of people forget how to drive in the snow. chp responded to at least 20 spinouts and collisions according to a local newspaper. yes, please be safe out there.
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>> bless you. >> i hope she's okay. i didn't know where that came from. >> that was jobina, bless you, friend. >> hey, mike. >> hi. let's take a look at what's going on weather wise at 4:47 this morning. and what i'm going to show you here is let's start -- let's get back to san rafael in just a second. let me go up to our south beach camera and show you, look at, that 83/100 of an inch of rain. the western span of the bay bridge is definitely wet. here's a look at walnut creek and 85/100 of an inch of rain. we're definitely looking at slick spots there and look at the mother load in san rafael, 2.36 inches. that is a lot, and you know, the north bay can usually handle a lot like that compared to the rest of us, and sure enough, you did receive the most of it. so let's take a look at what's going on with live doppler 7,
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and we've got that one possible thunderstorm that's heading towards novato, and right around where 37 meets 101. so expect a little bit of a downpour and some ponding on the roadways over the next half hour to 45 minutes. you're looking at just showers. that's what we're dealing with now. the atmospheric river is going to stall to our south. there's potential for 30 inches of rain, some of our most extreme models there, and up to 20 feet of snow. that's the extremes the models were showing. we'll probably get almost a foot of rain on the central coast and possibly up to ten feet of snow around yosemite. so that is very impressive. this low is going nowhere for the next 36 hours. here's a look at future radar. what you're going to see are a lot of green blobs. those are showers. embedded within those, you're going to see some yellows and oranges. those are embedded downpours, which will make things dicey. it will create some standing water once again.
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as we head through the morning commute to luchlnch, they just continue on the southerly flow. there's more, and even tomorrow morning we're waking up to more showers than we're dealing with right now, but as we head into the evening hours, one last push and it looks like we can get in after friday's morning commute some dry weather as we head into the weekend. i'll show you that coming up next. lrlall right, thank you, mi. developing news in vacaville, a suspect is dead after being shot by police after a chase. this is where it all ended along the interstate 80 off the ramp near davis street. the chase started around 8:30 last night, and that's when a police officer spotted a truck on the grass in front of city hall. police say the driver took off when officers approached. the suspect reportedly tried to ram one of the patrol cars during the chase. 44 schools in san francisco are going to get new names. after hours of heated discussion
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last night, the school board voted to move forward with these name changes. the list includes just about any school named after a historical figure. among them george washington and abraham lincoln high schools. lowell and dianne feinstein elementary are also on the list. the school booard started studying the names in 2014 but started moving forward with this plan last year. kroger hall became the fourth building at uc berkeley to be unnamed in the last year. the university provided this video. alfred kroeber is the founder of american anthology and a powerful symbol evoking exclusion and erasure of native americans. it will be called the anthology and art practice building. a new report from the centers of disease control finds new evidence that covid-19 will not spread in schools with proper safety precautions. the cdc found schools were able
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to limit the spread of coronavirus by taking measures like wearing masks, social distancing, and separating students into groups of 11 to 20, but the cdc found that indoor sports would likely cause the virus to spread because it lacks proper social distancing and other safety measures. another check on your weather, when we come back. also, iphone security concern, apple's warning to make sure you download their latest update as soon as you can. and bank of america explaining what led to billions of dollars in fraudulent edd claims being paid out to scammers. abc7 has launched new streaming apps. this is right on your tv, so you can see our live newscasts, breaking news, weather, and more with our new abc7 bay area app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv, and roku.
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. our steady rain has turned into intermittent sthouhowers a downpours as you can see here.
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here's how much to expect moving forward through tomorrow evening. the north bay could get 3/4 of an inch of rain, a couple hundredths in the south bay. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a 2 for today. our best chance of thunderstorms, a 2 for tomorrow, and then a 1 early friday, but most of friday afternoon is going to be dry, and saturday some light rain. sunday afternoon or sunday morning early afternoon looking dry, and then sunday night, monday, tuesday more rain. all right, thank you, mike. it's snowy, slushy and as you can see very slippery in higher elevations of lake county. parts of lake county are under a winter storm warning throug noon today, and the snow is making driving treacherous and keeping snowplows pretty busy. >> i was sliding all over the road, and i didn't have a lot of traction, even with my traction control on and all wheel drive. definitely i'm not used to t. >> lake county typically gets about an inch of snow a year.
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bank of america is explaining what led to the billions of dollars in fraudulent edd claims being paid out. the bank runs programs similar to california's had othin other and it says it's seen fraud elsewhere, however there's nothing that compares to what happened here in california. scammers may have pocketed around $30 billion. bank of america says these were not your typical crooks. >> the size and scale of the california program attracted substantial fraud including criminals who are fraudulently attempting to claim benefits. it is our assessment that there is sophisticated criminal network activity involved in this as is being assessed by third-party specialists as well. >> on monday the edd revealed more than $11 billion in fraudulent claims have been paid out, and that is much more than initially estimated. >> i just did this, apple says you should definitely update your iphones and ipads as soon as possible. the company has released an
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emergency update to fix security bugs that may have already been exploited by hackers. apples update fixes three flaws in ios that would allow hackers to take over devices. the company didn't reveal any specifics about these bugs but said it would soon. the new update also includes fixes for keyboard lag and allows smaller qr codes to be read by your camera. coming up next at 5:00, continuing coverage of that level 2 storm sweeping through the bay area. tens of thousands of pg&e customers lost power overnight so we're taking a look at the hardest hit neighborhoods. we've been telling you about evacuation orders in the santa cruz mountains, but not everyone plans to leave. why some chose to ride out the storm. and more covid-19 vaccine doses are coming this way. the announcement from the biden administration. but first, a live look outsid
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littered with power outages afterall of that heavy rain overnight. coverage about who is in the dark this morning. >> and evacuation orders and warnings. we're hearing from receipts who left and hearing from resident who is stayed. >> new trouble for resident who is just opened for outdoor dining. that wind so strong, blowing the tents away i. >> the worst is is is mike is looking misdemeanor to what's next. good morning it is wednesday january 27th. >> hi mike. >> good morning kumasi, reggie. hi at home or wherever you are watching this morning. thaxz for tuning in. are ouz atmospheric river. merced, sole dad to the big sur and it is going to stall south of here and bring the greatest potential for damage to that area the next 24-48 hours. scatted


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