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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 31, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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soon. with that, good evening and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. some beloved bay area attractions reopened this weekend, while others have a reopening date. cornell bernard has a look at signs that life is getting back to normal, at least a little bit during the pandemic. >> we're super happy. >> reporter: josh gordon brought his son jack to the san francisco zoo, which reopened to the public this weekend after california's stay-at-home order was recently lifted. >> the animal, it's always fun to see them. jack gets excited seeing the animals. he loves it. >> reporter: covid-19 safety protocols are in place for visitors. >> i felt very safe and seeing the animals again, particularly the lemurs, they were a lot of fun. >> my favorite was the grizzly bears. >> online tickets are required. >> we've been closed seven out of the last 12 months. >> reporter: tickets go on sale for the oakland's zoo's reopening wednesday, february 3rd. >> when it's animals and staff,
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it's not the complete picture. we're thrilled to have our community come back, enjoy the animals and enjoy the zoo. >> reporter: glofari resumes february 5th, now extended through mid-march. online reservations are required. outdoor dining is back here at pier 39. and check it out, so are the crowds. lots of families just happy to be it of the house. >> we needed it. we needed to get out. just get out for a little while and see some new stuff. other than being home all the time. >> the sea lions and the boat rides, all available. >> reporter: ray gregory reopened his bay tour and boat ride business after being forced to dock in early december. >> we're doing cleaning procedures between trips. we're selling less than half of our capacity and we keep an eye making sure everyone is spaced out safely. >> reporter: as for future reopenings, california's great america theme park just announced it's planning to reopen may 22nd, as long as local and state guidelines allow. cornell bernard, abc7 news.
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>> an optimistic exciting time. we are watching the trends with the coronavirus in california, and several of the key metrics indicate the spread is slowing down. the positivity rate is a good indicator of the transmission of the virus within the community. 6. 7% marks the lowest rate since the end of november. the number of people in icu are also falling. the number of new cases reported by the state is just under 19,000. this is below the daily average for the last two weeks. and starting tuesday, a new order from the cdc will require all passengers and transit workers to wear a mask. the mandate not only includes trains, planes buses, but transportation hubbs and terminals across the country. transportation agencies in the bay area already require passengers to wear face coverings. new details now about a scond mass vaccination site in san francisco. we've learned it is expected to
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open this week. supervisor matt haney tells abc7 news the moscone center location may be the city's largest site with a goal of 5,000 shots a day, but the city will not be hitting that number any time soon given how scarce the vaccine supply is. one vaccination center at city college is already up and running. another site is planned for the produce market. overwhelming response to a vaccine clinic on tuesday for seniors in benicia. it will be held at the benicia senior center for people 75 and older for people who live in solana county. people need to check in at the benicia city gym on l street. the city first announced a clinic on friday and says all 1400 slots were filled by saturday afternoon. meantime, the city of los angeles is setting up a protest zone to prevent this from happening again. about 50 protesters temporarily shut down the mass vaccination site at dodger stadium yesterday. a post on social media described it as a scamdemic protest in
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march and urged people not to wear trump or maga attire. protesters read signs that said "turn back now" and "take off wa outraged.r >> it's deeply problematic. should it be considered criminal in my opinion. >> no one was arrested, and after about 55 minutes of interruption, the vaccinations resumed and no appointments were canceled. well, we are tracking california's vaccination progress at our website, and you can as well. you can see where distribution stands and when you might be eligible to get your shot. that's all at our website, abc7 ne new details of a man live streaming himself with a gun inside a vacaville apartment where two women were found dead. raymond weber is held on no bail. vacaville arrested him after a standoff at the rocky hill veterans apartments. after trying to negotiate,
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vacaville police stormed the apartment and used a taser on webber. police say he was already wanted for a number of felonies. san jose city officials heard from more than 100 residents, many of whom called for removal of a statue of thomas fallon from the corner of west st. james and julian streets. the controversial statue has been the target of vandals in the past and went up in 1988 to commemorate one of san jose's first mayors, but fallon's legacy has divided the community. activists say the statue is racist because of fallon's treatment of native people and embodies american imperialism. well, taking a quick look live outside where we are tracking some more rain heading our way. abc7 news meteorologist drew tuma has a look at the timing and where exactly we're going to be seeing most of that rain. hi, drew. >> hi, dion. we're tracking our next cold front that will bring rain to us tomorrow afternoon and evening. here is live doppler 7 along
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with satellite. the bigger picture showing rain beginning to move into northern california with our next storm. it's still several hours away, and most of us won't see the rain until tomorrow evening. so on the storm impact scale, it's a level 1 light system tomorrow afternoon and evening, and it will linger into part of our tuesday as well. we'll go hour-by-hour, scattered downpours coming up in the full forecast coming up. >> thanks. to track the rain yourself, you can access life doppler 7 on demand. our app is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. simply search abc7 bay area to download and start streaming. a shoplifter is accused of stealing more than $4 million in items from home depot. up next, a retail theft crew captured. how police and hercules got their big break after an investigation that last in order than three years. >> i have a very long list of people who have ordered bikes. >> bikes are big during the pandemic.
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if you got stuck in a big backup on the bay bridge today, here is the reason why. take a look.
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a car caravan protest against the death penalty brought traffic to a stand still for several hours. the cars drove into san francisco and it was the latest protest in an eight-month campaign focusing on prison reform and health equity. traffic on the bridge began flowing again at about 4:00 this afternoon. police and hercules have made a major break in a four-year-long multi-state theft ring targeting home depot. officers arrested a man last week at the sycamore avenue home depot for stealing items from the store and returning them. investigators say he stole items worth more than $4.5 million from home depots across california. police shared a photo of the stolen goods recovered from a ban parked outside the location. quite extensive. they believe he is part of a retail theft crew that nets over $100,000 a month in thefts. even though we are in the middle of winter, bicycling has become a very popular way to exercise, and is so popular bike stores are having trouble keeping up with demands.
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some people are waiting two months or more for a bike, and bike shops say it's all because of covid. >> obviously riding is a great way to get exercise, be outdoors, you know, ride solo. so the command has certainly been excruciatingly high level for a long time. >> bike shops expect supplies to be low at least through summer. phil matier's final column was published in today's "san francisco chronicle." phil spent 35 years at the paper as a san francisco insider. we got some video of his final days inside the chronicle newsroom at fifth and mission, but that's not what was on his mind this morning abc7 news. he looked into the future, and that includes the effort to recall governor gavin newsom. >> teachers, are they going to be at the front? are they not going to be at the front? when are schools going to open? all of this is in there, and as you said, it hasn't been clear. and if it doesn't clear up, i think governor gavin newsom could be in trouble, because that's what's going to get
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people to sign the petition. it's not going to be whether he is a democrat or a republican or philosophically where you stand. it's practically on the ground, are you getting a vaccine or are you not. >> now as for phil, he's not done just yet with the news business. >> some time on my hands. how am i going spend it? i'm going spend it doing the things i really enjoy. and one of the things i really enjoy is working with abc7. >> yeah, i said earlier the feeling is so mutual. you can look to see phil in the future as part of our efforts to build a better bay area. moving on. an environmental disaster at san francisco bay inspired an effort to help wildlife. a look back at a massive oil spill that impacted birds that also set into motion a bay area born effort that's now celebrating a half century of rescuing wildlife. and the workweek is going to start out wet. meteorologist drew tuma lets us know when the rain arrives and how long it will last. and ahead in sports, the will the baseball season start
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on time? the latest on major league baseball's proposal for the upcoming year. plus, the sharks happy to be home, while the
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this month marks 50 years since the largest oil spill in
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bay area history, and it led to a pivotal movement in wildlife conservation. two oil tankers collided, resulting in an eight,000 gallon spill. all the wildlife got covered in oil so volunteers swooped in, led by a registered nurse named alice birkner. soon after the bird rescue was established. >> 50 years later, over 125,000 birds rescued. over 230 spills and not just oil spills anymore. >> it is estimated 7,000 birds were affected by the 1971 spill. only a few hundred survived. a gray whale migration is under way, and they are on the move down the central coast. princess monterey whale watching shared this video with us saying yesterday they got an amazing look at a juvenile gray whale skim feeding on krill.
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gray whales are generally bottom feersd. january through mar are ge the whales as they head to the waters off baja california. we arees called "california dreaming" where all week long abc7 news takes a look at some of the issues that threaten the california dream and introduces you to people finding solutions. here is a look at the preview. >> i think the california dream is changing. the idea of drivin out to l.a. and sort of making a go of it on a waiter's salary maybe isn't as realistic as it once was. >> over the past few years, california's population growth has slowed while it's increasing in other states. >> when people say things like the dream is over because we're not growing as fast as arizona or texas, that's comparing as it were apples and oranges. >> we'll take a closer look at the state of the state and examine the data behind the numbers. why our population has slowed and where exactly are people
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going. starting tomorrow, be sure to join us at 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. for our special series "california dreaming." or you can stream the entire series raoul right now on our abc7 news bay area connected tv app. download the app now for free on fire tv, android tv, apple tv, and roku. all right. once again, drew tuma joining us with a look at our weather and the rain that's making its way here soon. drew? >> yeah, dion. most of us will find that rain returning to our neighborhoods tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening wit our next storm. live doppler 7 tonight, though, what we're seeing ahead of that cold front that is still well off to our north, a couple showers are trying to develop. now over the past hour, we've been watching these showers. most, if not all of them, are not reaching the surface, meaning that moisture is evaporating before the drops hit the ground. i don't think it's out of the question over the next couple of hours maybe in the hills along the coast that we could get a
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little drizzle. the main event what will bring widespread rain is still to our north off the coast of eureka. live doppler 7 showing you pockets of heavier rain that will be moving onshore over the next 24 hours. ahead of that front, it was pretty mild. if you stepped outside earlier today, we made it well into the 60s in a lot of cities, just slightly above average for this time of the year. even tonight, we're gradually falling to the 50s. so on a storm impact scale, it is a level 1 light system we are tracking tomorrow afternoon and evening lingering into tuesday. light to moderae rain. we'll track some scattered downpours, and the winds will be breezy from time to time. about 20 to 30-miles-per-hour gusts. but nowhere near those strong winds we experienced last week. so some good news there. future weather. let's go hour-by-hour. tomorrow 4:00 p.m., we'll stop the clock and we'll find the ryan arriving in the north bay. light to moderate showers as the cold front slowly moves south. and it's after sunset tomorrow,
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8:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., we find that rain around san francisco, oakland, slowly approaching the south bay. in the south bay, it's likely close to midnight tomorrow that we'll find the rain returning. and then once it gets there, this front pretty much stalls in the southern half of the bay area. it's not going to be anything like last week's atmospheric river. this storm does not have a lot of moisture, but nonetheless, we will find some steady rain early tuesday. rainfall estimates, we'll find about a half an inch is a good estimate for a lot of cities. in our hills, especially in the santa cruz mountains, we could see more than an inch of rain. more snow in the sierra. winter storm watch gives tomorrow above 6,000 feet. 1 to 2 feet of snow. our highest peaks could see up to 3 feet of additional fresh powder. so back here at home, overnight tonight, increasing clouds. we'll kind of bottom thought the fires cross the board. and then tomorrow, it's the upper 50s to mid-60s as we track that rain first arriving in the north bay and then spreading south throughout the evening. so the accuweather seven-day
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forecast tomorrow there is that evening rain and wind. scattered showers linger into tuesday. and then the forecast turns much dryer midweek. it looks like the extended pattern into next weekend. it remains dry. a loft sunshine and temperatures in the 60s. now abc7 sports with chris alvarez. >> after getting clearance from santa clara county and two games being postponed due to covid issues with their opponent, the sharks happy to finally be home. team teal took the ice at their practice facility for the first time since march. the sharks have nearly a full week of practice before next week's game, back on the road in anaheim. after more than a month on the road, guys are thankful for many things, including kitchen appliances. >> yeah, using my air frier. that was a big step. we were living out of a suitcase. just to go home and be able to do some laundry and pick some fresh clothes out of the closet to wear. >> my wife cooked for me both days i've been home. that was a treat.
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being able to eat with regular silverware. >> my wife knows how to do everything around the house. i don't know how to work everything. i don't know how to do laundry. i got a lot of dishes already. i think i'm learning that i'm not very useful. >> things are piling up for bernsy. last night's blowout win over the pistons. golden state would be the eighth steed in the west if the play-offs started today. can you imagine where the warriors would be with a healthy klay thompson? reporter klay made his return to the broadcast last night and even handled the postgame interview with steph. you can tell klay really isn't into numbers, especially when it comes to figuring out how many steph needs to break the all-time record. >> how much longer until you break the three-point record? >> i mean, you're in the booth right now. so it's your job to know these stats to be able to do the quick math. >> i don't know. what do you think, 40 games? >> he is 400 behind. >> oh, shoot. >> i'd have to make quick math,
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nine a game or something like that? >> ten a game. yeah. hey, anything is possible, right? so maybe 41. i take the over, though, if i were betting that. college hoops. the cardinal looking to keep it rolling in seattle. fran, we believe she can dunk. anna wilson, the steal and score for stanford. wilson is a sister of russell wilson. the cardinal go on a 13-0 run. pulling out the old dr. j finger roll. the cardinal led 32-9 at that point. 9 points and 6 rebounds. nearly a 12-minute span the cardinal outscored washington with a 29-2 run. hannah jumped with three of her game-high 15. the cardinal win 79-448. pimps and catchers supposed to report in two weeks, but multiple reports say major league baseball is proposing a delay of camps by about a month.
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it would shorten the season by a month and explain the play-offs. that would pay the players their full salary. obviously players and owners hope to put as many fans in the stands as soon as possible. by pushing everything back a little bit, the crowds would be that much bigger. however, if the players union does nothing with this proposal, things will start on time, move ahead, fans or no fans. coming up at 11:00, we'll take you inside the dub hub fan experience. earlier the warriors invited me to be a virtual fan. tonight see what it's like to be a part of the virtual dub nation. it's a fun experience that allows you with ultimate control, the ability to see yourself on tv. that was a lot of fun. an
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tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, bay area colleges are urging students to take precautions. uc berkeley sending a memo to students warning of a surge, while photos of a giant party on another campus go viral. plus, a man is under arrest, accused of stabbing a beloved pet tortoise at a san jose preschool. well get a look at the tortoise's road to recovery. final i finally tonight, chp officers in truckee proved they republic for a challenge.
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the snowman challenge, that is. check this out. the department tweeted this photo of chippie the snowman. officers say they recently accepted a request from the chp in ventura to join the snowman challenge on social media. now keep in mind don't let that big grin fool you, because word is chippie can be, quote/unquote, cold as ice if necessary. ha ha. that's it for abc7 news at 6:00 everybody. i'm dion lim. on behalf of all us here at abc7 news, thank you so much for joining us. we
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>> "localish bay area" is sponsored by northern california honda dealers. hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪ ♪ on today's show, junior chefs battle it out. >> this is... >> "kids baking championship"! >> the sweetest grandpa... >> it's more than doughnuts and coffee. it's a place that we connect with people. >> mission murals vip tour... >> the mission district murals are a history lesson. >> masks for all... >> anyone who comes through, they can get a fresh one, or, if they don't have one on, they can get one from us. >> but first, buckle up and
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