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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 3, 2021 1:06am-1:42am PST

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>> you will
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a bay area city approvals
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hazard pay for grocery store workers but it could impact you. health officials feel that super bowl parties can be superspreader events. and a whether to move lowell high school to the lottery system. >> abc news at 11:00 starts right now. as a family member, all of the workers deserve that dignity and respect. and i really hope that we ni recognize that. >> tonight, emotional pleas to get hazard pay at grocery stores. oakland decided to give workers
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an extra $5 an >> there is it some push back. >> reporter: all is quite outside the san jose safeway but major changes would be coming. city council spent hours deciding if they will have a $3 increase for grocery stories in the city due to the dangers. >> they have lost workers due to the disease. >> grocery workers have been putting us on the >> i wouldn't mind that raise. >> reporter: the city of oakland is requiring supermarkets to up the wage by $5 an our. the california grocers organization is quick to criticize the move, saying it will increase the food
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two grocery stores announced they will close because of the $4 an hour requirement. >> increasing wages m unintended con consequences, grocery stores closing in areas that cannot lose a grocery store. >> reporter: they must take care of their employees risk their lives. j.r. stone, nbc 7 there are thoughts about new variants. >> it can impact the way a treatment works a vaccine works or causing someone to be sicker. >> reporter: the california health director says the state
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is sequencing 1,000 mutations of the west coast variants. both detected in the bay area. >> we predict that viewer than half the people in hospitals day will be in hospitals 30 days from now. >> the covid rate is down, and the 24 day positivity rate declined 38% from two weeks ago. >> i look forward to week over week. we are in this moment of vac nating th vaccinating the communities and seeing the trend come down. >> more than 1.6 million doses of the vaccine are in california. that is 63% of the state's
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>> -- previous vaccine delivers from the state and the county. appointments for people 75 and older will be reschedules as
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soon as possible. and foster farms, tries to ward off another outbreak. the outbreak in september in livingston has taken about 400 workers and at least nine of them died. fresno, more than 200 workers have been infected. they plan to vaccinate about 1,000 workers. >> vaccines will head straight to pharmacies. the federal government will ship doses to 6500 pharmacies nationwide. they include walgreens, and in the bay area, san francisco. >> you can make an appointment and get your shot conveniently and quickly. >> cvs is scheduled to administer 82,000 doses in california starting next thursday. right now, they are limited to people 65 and older.
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people can book an apartment going to walgreens has not released its vaccination plan. 63% of vaccine doses delivered to california have been administers. we are monitoring the vaccine tracker on abc >> i lost everything in 45 minutes. my entire life was knocked out. >> the zog fire killed four people. including a mother and daughter trying to escape in a truck. >> pg and e shut off other power lines that day but not the one located where this fire started. and they found a gap. >> reporter: the problem becomes
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clear. here is the zog fire burn area. using the data, we can reveal this grid of squares drawn by pg and e to carve up the hills above redding. in every square, they crunch numbers that show terrain data, and fuel moisture mixed together with the wind speed to find the risk of a fire starting. the zog fire started in this square but arguably the most important data, the wind speed, didn't come from here in the canyon. it came from pg and e's nearest weather station all the way down here, on the other sind of the community. 3 1/2 miles away on flat, lower lying terrain. >> everything about the terrain tells me you expect the weather to be different there where the
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zog fire is. >> what you see pg and e doing here is like a ski resort deciding whether it was safe to let you ride up the mountain by taming wind speeds in the parking slot. pg and a has to answer to a judge. that is where we got the data. we found that pg and e could have afforded more monitors if they wanted to measure the wind speeds in the hills. they could have bought more than 1,000 of these with the money they spent on political doe l donations. and they say they will not believe that political donations are more important than safety. they did not answer our questions. >> that is brandon riddleman reporting. pg and e has a probation hearing tomorrow in court.
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they plan to factor in whether they flim trees. they admit they didn't do it. citing recent racial indents, man are leading to permanently switching enrollment at the school in a lottery system. >> reporter: an emotional response to permanently end merit-based admission to lowell. >> 20 minutes before it started, we discovered more acts of racism. >> i am tired of my students being hurt, and race-blind admissions does not increase diversity. it decreases it. >> parents, students, family members spoke about it. >> in my years at lowell, i w w
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labeled loud, >> if you can fix this, they go a place where that've isn't a political football, or a mental health challenge. i want that. >> voices against the resolution, dh that could move lowell, a nationally recognized top performing high school to the lottery system. >> lowell is a beacon of hope. if you try hard achieve an education. >> at mlk, ip was bullied and after being admitted and surrounded by driven students, i got out of that dark place. >> the school board is still deciding when to vote on the resolution. kate larson, nbc 7 news. the pandemic has changed
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everything, even the super bowl. coming up, advise from health experts on how to safely watch the game. also here, apple iphone face i.d. will soon work with a mask. we have big changes coming up. straight ahead. >> first a look at jimmy kim live. >> i would love to be in the backseat of the lincoln commercials. if you
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the president and first lady are among those paying tribute to fallen capitol police officer brian sicknick. he is laying in honor tonight in the u.s. capitol. he died from injuries when a mob attacked the building on january 6th. a ceremony is planned for tomorrow morning. no one has been charged in his death.
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and tonight we are continuing our special series of reporting called california dreaming. >> automobile week long, we are looking at some of the issues that led to california dreaming, it's a collaboration with our sister stations in los angeles and the central valley. virginia has four of the top five cities in the u.s. with a price over $1 million. >> my name is tan isha butler, and i'm an educator in we decided to relocate because of the exspenpense so we are mo. >> she is not alone. they are looking to zone california to make it illegal to build housing and transit.
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>> join us for a special series california dreaming or full the serious now on the nbc bay area connected tv app and load it on android tv, apple tv. the super bowl is almost here. the chiefs and the buccaneers will be a good game. but it will look different because of the covid-19 pandemic. as abc 7's cornell explai explain it can be more. >> reporter: so many parties. and the song. year, the pandemic has changed everything, even football. >> let's note let the super bowl become the next beginning of a huge surge here in california. >> reporter: health officials hear super bowl parties can be
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the next superspreader. >> we are in the purr the t we could move in the red tier. >> they say no parties this year. >> it will be intimate with my family a little bit. >> no, not year. not this year. the raiders aren't in it. >> restaurants will be doing take off on send. >> we will have the guacamole and the chips. this is a tradition. >> the sports bar will keep things low key and outdoors. a little fire, food and drink, and big screen tvs. >> this year will be a little bit different. we have outdoor patio seating and we have a tent. >> officials are saying to stay home in possible and watch the game with your household bubble. abc 7 news. >> have fun and stay safe.
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>> all right, apple is testing a way town lock your iphone with face id while you wear a mask. it's a little tricky. >> yeah, currently the iphone recognizing when someone is wearing a mask and it triggers a pass code entry screen match video feature will require an apple watch. you have to have an unlocked watch and then look at your phone as usual. the update will is expected in a few weeks. look forward to that if that is one of your issues. i don't trust someone to have facial recognition of me. i'm not that updated. >> sandhya patel, a summer -- se well, at least a spring forecast. unbelievable. >> yeah, later this week, it's a spring like forecast. it will be a lot warmer than
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what we have been experiencing. tomorrow it will be so chilly. it will feel like winder and it's already a winter scene from tahoe to tonight. the winder storm warner is an an advisory. here is a look at the winter weather advisory. up to ten inches expected. so travel sl not a a right now. a cold low pressure system will dive south. that will bring us a possibility of showers tomorrow but it's not going to be widespread. we saw rain in the last 14 24 hours. it dumped in oakland, over an inch of rain, and a half inch in san francisco, and half an inch in napa. you will notice much less around concord. and it wasn't an even distribution but we did get
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soaking rain across the bay area. temperatures any write from the 30s to 50s. from the emeriville camera, a lovely view of france. older with patchy following, chillier and it will be sunnier and warmer end to the work week. i have to be honest this is a border live level 1 system. spotty, light showers. there is a chance for hail for the cold nature. notice the weather weather is in the bay. the higher peeks can pick up a few snowshowers. around noon, a pop-up shower and most of it still focused on the north boy going in 2:00 p.m. and rainfall totals expected to be under a tenth of an inch where it does rain. temperatures, 30s, 40s. and get your coats and jackets.
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look, it's going to be chilly as we head in the afternoon. remaining chilly. highs lower than today. 40s, 50s and it's a storm impact scale for tomorrow. hit or miss showers and lower temperatures, it will feel like winter but not for long. you look at the seven-day forecast, milder weather and chances of showers between monday night and tuesday. >> all right, nice stretch of want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network. sure thing! and with fast nationwide 5g included at no extra cost.
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the push for racial equality is coming to wheaties boxes this smith. tommy smith will be on the box. one has an iconic image of raising his first in the air in the national anthem at the 1968 summer olympics. john carlos took part in the
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podi podium
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learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today. good evening. big problems for the warriors, james wiseman out with a wrist injury. kevon loony limped off with an ankle injury against boston. outside, it's france. inside, it's oakland forever. steph curry, misses a floater. training a three.
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lit it up in the first half. had 22 points and would finish with 38. to the loony injury. rolled his left angle under the basket. would not return. the warriors under sized. and wiggins, shake and bake. celtics up three in the half. kemba walker had 19 points, and loony out, and anderson with run here. and curry, to anderson for the finish plus the foul. late third, from deep, and joins wilt chamberlain as the only players in warriors history to clear 17,000 points. that is 18. college ball, stanford. desilva drives, and switching hands on the layup here. oscar, only nine points. and the contact, the bank, 22
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for the cardinal. 35 seconds left, the fade away dagger for 49ers tight end george kittle standing by his man. he is making the tuition and they surprised him. >> you got be kidding me right now. i have to get on the machine with you? are you kidding me right now? >> whoo hoo! >> oh, yeah. >> former star marcus semien met the media today, explaining his division to sign with toronto. it is a deal dwarfing the a's offer. >> we called them. i will leave it at that. it's something i felt like i
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ohhed to my family, my wife and kids, and my parents and people who got t
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>> that is going to wrap up this tuesday for us. thank you so much for watching. thank you so much for watching. i'm ama
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