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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the headliner as san francisco, kaiser permanente and dignity health unveiled what will be san francisco's largest mass vaccination hub beginning tomorrow for people ages 65 and up. >> it's a heavy lift, but it's probably one of the best things that we can do to get ts eshey d here peey had auilding andhroughm on vaccinated safely in half an hour. >> they'd sit down and they'd get the injection here. >> reporter: michelle sharp from kaiser helped design the facility. it could serve as a model elsewhere. are you an expert on logistics? >> i feel like i am now. >> reporter: here is a time lapse patient's eye view of what to expect. a g they could ramp up to that tomorrow, but there is still not enough vaccine. the plan, to give as many first doses as possible followed by the second doses as scheduled, and to avoid lines, they're
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using california's registration system >> we're going at this for about three months. but it could take us to the end of the summer to get everyone vaccinated. >> reporter: a few lucky seniors did not have to wait beyond today. 83-year-old raul among others provided the photo op organization of this walk-through with all the press watching. >> you weren't nervous, were you? >> yes, i was nervous. >> about the people or the shot? >> both. >> reporter: in the midst of a pandemic, that's not a bad problem to have at all. at moscone center, wayne freedman, abc7 news. today san francisco's board of supervisors discussed an emergency ordinance to order a covid-19 vaccination plan. supervisor max heaney introduced vaccinate sf last week. he said the city can't wait any longer to put the plan in motion. >> every day that goes by where we're not doing this as fast as we possibly can will have tragic immeasurable consequences for our residents, many of whom are
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waiting to see their loved ones, for our small businesses needing to fully reopen, and of course for our students and educators who want to get back into school. >> vaccinate sf would require the city's department of health to submit a written plan to vaccinate 900,000 san franciscans by the end of june. the ordinance also calls for the creation of a central portal to share vaccination and data and appointment bookings. the board is set to vote next tuesday. new mass vaccination site also opened in the east bay today. counties have really been struggling to deliver vaccines to seniors, and second shots are also being prioritized. here is abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley with a sweeping look at what is expected for the rest of february. >> this is fun. i didn't know we were going to have so much fun. >> reporter: this 84-year-old was thrilled to score a vaccine at the soft opening of this new vaccine face site at the golden gate fields racetrack parking lot in albany. it's huge with a maze of cones
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to navigate. >> our goal here is to work out some of the kinks, figure out where we can be more efficient and really drive capacity so that as we open up tomorrow and through the weekend, we can really get as much vaccine out there as possible. >> it's a race against time with these variants out there. and we really need to accelerate the number of people vaccinated. >> reporter: the hope is this will become a long-term vaccination site going forward. the priority is seniors over 75. also, a $15 ride service to this golden gate fields site will be provided to those disabled seniors who otherwise have no way to get here. contra costa county is also prioritizing seniors and second doses. >> we're in the part of the roll-out where we're now having to dedicate more of our supply to second doses. we are really carefully trying to balance the appointments for second doses and first doses to make sure we don't have to cancel appointments. >> we are now getting a little
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bit more clarity about how much vaccine we are expected to receive week to week. we're now getting pretty good projections about three weeks ahead. >> reporter: contra costa county says they've been told supplies of vaccines will increase 15 to 20% by the end of the month, and they made this bold projection. >> in our county of slightly over a million people, most people will have a vaccine by independence day. >> the sooner we can get more people doing it, the sooner we'll get back to some kind of normalcy. >> reporter: in the east bay, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. to the south bay now and santa clara county has expanded vaccine eligibility to residents 65 and older. they can sign up for appointments through the county, and that is regardless who their health care provider may be. >> so we're ready, willing, able. we've got the infrastructure to do it. and all we're waiting for now is
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vaccine. >> limited supply remains the issue. we keep hearing that over and over again. the county says it has two to three weeks of doses on hand now. as counties continue to ramp up their vaccination efforts, blue shield is getting ready to take over california's vaccine distribution. abc7 news kate larsen has been covering the vaccination effort for months as part of our vaccine team. she joins us now to explain how the state and health care provider plan to tackle the monumental task ahead. kate? >> absolutely, kristen. when governor newsom announced last week that blue shield was taking over the state's vaccine operation, i was caught off guard, and so were my sources at county health documents, physicians on state vaccine committees, public health experts. we all still have the same questions. and finally last night blue shield of california's ceo spoke during a community vaccine advisory committee meeting about what we might be able to expect. >> we're suffering. we just want this to be over right now. >> reporter: and so with broad
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strokes, paul markovic, the ceo of blue shield california explained how the health insurance giant plans to make that happen as they take over california's vaccine operation. >> we need to track all vaccines from order to injection. as i said to the team, if there is a truck on the side of the road with the vaccine in it just outside of fresno, we need to know that. >> reporter: markovic said phase 1 involves improved communication, data and tracking. phase 2 will be accelerating the rate of vaccination. >> we believe there is going to be more vaccine coming in the coming months. we need to be ready for it. >> reporter: california will also use performance-based payments to blue shield to insure equitable distribution. >> we're going to have payments for vaccinating communities of color. we're going to have payments for targeted outreechl. >> reporter: it was a surprise when the governor announced blue shield was taking over the vaccine roll-out. when he was asked why blue shield was chosen and if they were favored for their political support of him in the past, he
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said this -- >> we had a partnership with blue shield that was developed by a team of experts. >> all health insurance have a bad name in general. blue shield of california has a good reputation. they have credibility. >> reporter: uc berkeley health policy expert stephen shortle el says unlike the state, blue shield has the technology to keep track of the vaccines. >> public health has been underfunded for a decade. and therefore we need relationships with the private sector. >> reporter: so blue shield's ceo explained on the call they're only six days into this job, and said they plan to introduce their new network later on this month, kristen. >> all right, kate. so let's continue this conversation on vaccines with dr. mike wasserman joining us now. he is on california's vaccine advisory committee. dr. wasserman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you so much, dr. wasserman for being here. we're curious what you think. choosing blue shield is
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unorthodox. do you think it could be a smart and elegant solution to california's clear distribution problems? and do you think blue shield can actually change this sort of disorganization that we're seeing happen day in and day out? >> so i think we all agree that the roll-out has been problematic. and so the idea of bringing in an organization like blue shield that has infrastructure, it has technology, certainly willing to give it a try. i actually don't disagree with the concepts. and i think one of the problems we've had up until recently is we had no clue how much vaccine we were getting from the federal government. it's encouraging i think in the last week or so that it looks like the biden administration is giving more advance notice in terms of how much vaccine is going to be coming our way. and that will help folks like blue shield help us make sure tht we're getting the vaccine out to the people who need it the most. and i think that's the critical
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question that we have to hold them accountable for. are they going to get to it the people who need the vaccine the most? >> knowing the supply will definitely help because we had so many canceled appointments last week due to shortages. but how exactly would this work with blue shield? so when the federal government allocates doses to california now, will blue shield actually be in charge of determining which hospitals, counties and pharmacies and health care systems get the doses and how much? will blue shield actually coordinate that distribution? >> you know, i was in the meeting yesterday, and we heard all this. i didn't hear specific answers at this point. and in fairness, they were given this task six days ago. i think what matters is that those of us who are advocating for the folks who need get the vaccine, hold them accountable as we go forward and make sure that they are engaging with the experts in terms of making sure
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that the people who need the vaccine the most get it and that there are no impediments to making that happen. >> dr. wasserman, i think there is some concern that maybe adding blue shield, a third party administrator will sort of muddy the distribution, sort of another cook in the kitchen. i feel like there needs to be more of a centralized approach. can blue shield do that so that when people sign up for a vaccine, there is sort of one centralized website rather than people getting emails from a friend or on social media about here, sign up there, or go to this mass vaccine site. do you think blue shield will make that happen? is that part of the plan? >> so i hope so. and here's why. a pandemic requires literally has required a federal response, decisive federal response. and we didn't have that in previous administration. so the states and the counties were just sort of left to fend for themselves. i think a few things are going to happen in the coming weeks. we're going get a lot more clarity from the federal government that's going to help
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guide this. and then i think at the state level, honestly, having one place, one organization that is taking responsibility makes a lot of sense, as you said, from a centralization perspective. we can't have every county doing their own thing and, you know, sort of willy-nilly. i think it does make a lot of sense to have a defined leader in this process. and if that's going to be blue shield, then okay. let's see how they do. >> all right. dr. wasserman, i've got less than a minute, you've got the make this quick. i do want to ask. now that we've moved past the 1a phase for priority vaccinations, the health care workers and 75, we added the 65 and up. going forward, the governor says it's going to be by age and not occupation, not high exposure occupations, for example, police officers, farm workers saying what about us. shouldn't we be prioritized? is that conversation still continuing on your committee or is that done now? >> no, i think that's an ongoing
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conversation. it's going to have to respond based on what the allocation looks like. keep in mind we need to get our older adults vaccinated. we need to get older adults of color in particular vaccinated. we need to get front line health care workers vaccinated. and these are all the folks who have been in the first to begin wth that haven't been fully vaccinated yet. so i think it's just key to get the people who are at the highest risk in the greatest need vaccinated. >> all right. dr. wasserman, we thank you so very much for your time. let's keep this conversation going. >> thank you so much. >> and we've been tracking the vaccine roll-out. about 62% of the state's 6.4 million doses have now been administered as of earlier this week. you can see this tracker and how california is doing compared to other states on still to come on abc7 news at 4:00, a safe return to schools in san francisco.
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san francisco police are investigating a multi-car crash that killed a pedestrian and hurt several other people.
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it happened just before 8:00 this morningn leigra avenue. there were eight cars involved, and they were still there hours later when sky 7 flew over. police say a man in his 20s was found dead in the roadway. five people were taken to the hospital, including the man suspected of hitting that pedestrian, and that man is now in police custody. today california lawmakers proposed sweeping new legislation aimed at reforming the troubled edd. . >> they're hoping to alleviate issues that millions have faced in accessing their unemployment benefits. and 7 on your side's michael finney is here with a closer look at the reforms. michael, this has been going on for months and months and months. >> oh, and here is the reaction, larry. it is a big reaction. the package bill proposed by nine assembly members comes a week after the state auditor criticized the edd for all of these delays. the proposals would allow benefits to be provided by direct deposit rather than
4:17 pm
issued through a debit card, which is then sent through the mail. california is one of just three states that does not offer a direct deposit option right now. assembly members also want to require the edd to check claimants against lists of prison inmates to prevent fraud. currently, more than 460,000 cards have been issued i should say frozen by their issuer, bank of america, pending investigation of possible fraud. lawmakers say many californians with legitimate unemployment claims have been harmed by an edd decision to suspend 1.4 million claims. that happened back in december, and they did to it make sure that they were fraudulent. >> every day my colleagues and i hear from thousands of desperate californians who are in dire straits. they've lost their job. they don't know how they're going pay their rent. they don't know how they're going to buy groceries.
4:18 pm
they don't know how they're going to take care of their kids. the other would be an office of the claimant advocate to help people with claim problems. the bills expected today are expected to be heard in assembly policy committees in the spring. let me tell you guys. the thing that i think is most important here is that claimant advocate. right now when people have a problem, they come to me, and we need somebody deep in the government that can get something done. this will be very, very important. . that would be. what else can they do? they cannot get through. not on the phone and the website's not much help for a lot of people, michael. thank you. >> they need somewhere to turn. >> all right. we know where to turn weather-wise. that would be spencer christian. hello, spencer.
4:19 pm
sunshine today? >> happy to be here today. yes, lots of sunshine today, kristen and larry. take a look at this looping 12-hour satellite radar showing high pressure. big area of high pressure. the dominant feature in our weather feature right now which is why we have these clear skies. sutro tower right now is 56 degrees in the city. low 60s right now. and oakland, mountain view, san jose, gilroy and a cool 54 at half moon bay. also a lovely view now looking westward through the golden gate from emeryville. it's, well, temperatures in the low to mid-60s at santa rosa sashl, concord 63 and 59 at livermore. here is a blue sky view over the bay from our rooftop camera. these are the forecast features. clear skies overnight. chilly, possibly some patchy morning fog. sunny and warmer tomorrow through sunday. cloudier and cooler early next week. but no rain is likely, although there is a remote chance. certainly no rain tonight. notice forecast animation
4:20 pm
overnight. there will be fog over the central valley. maybe a patch or two near our coast. but maincally clear skies overnight. and the result will be rather chilly conditions, especially in our valleys for low temperatures. generally in the mid- to upper 30s. lows near the bay, upper 30s to low 40s and upper 30s to low 40s on the coast as well. high temperatures tomorrow getting a little milder. upper 50s to 60 on the coast. low to mid-60s around the bay shoreline. mainly mid-60s actually and mid to upper 60s in our inland communities tomorrow. so the warming trend will be under way. but as we look ahead for next week, the forecast animation does not show any rain coming our way. notice starting on monday, you see active weather moving to our north and sort of moving around the bay area. even a patch or two of rain to our south. but going through february 14th, it does not look like any rain, any measurable rain actually will hit the bay area. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast.
4:21 pm
sunny and unseasonably warm weather through the weekend. saturday we'll see high temperatures near 70 degrees inland. upper 60s around the baysho shoreli shoreline, and low 60s on the coast. about the same weather pattern on sunday, maybe 2 degrees cooler. but it gets much cooler on monday as clouds enter the picture. and for all of next week, it looks like we'll have partly cloudy, maybe even mostly cloudy skies some days. and only the slightest, slightest chance of rain possibly around the middle of next week. enjoy the weekend. it's going to be a beautiful one. larry and kristen? >> we will. spencer, thank you. >> it looks spectacular. up next, an exclusive with vallejo activity in h.e.r. what she has to say about her recent golde it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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grammy winning r&b musician h.e.r. will perform at the super bowlment she was also just no, ma'am naominated for her for her golden globe. she spoke exclusively with abc7 news anchor jobina fortson about the nomination. ♪ >> reporter: grammy winning r&b superstarr h.e.r. is already having a year and is just sinking into her first golden globe nomination for her song "fight for you" in judas and the black messiah. >> the fact that i'm now
4:25 pm
nominated for a golden globe is incredible. i never would have imagined making something like this for something so major. i'm just happy to be a part of it. >> more and more talking about. i've heard you've been nominated for five naacp image awards. three grammys, you already won two grammys. >> right. >> but what's cool about i think this round of nominations is that it's a lot of them are for your song "i can't breathe" which came out this summer. for people that haven't seen the video, you also mentioned shawn monterrosa in your video who is from vallejo, was killed last year. i think that struck a lot of people from your hometown. >> absolutely. you know, i think as an artist, it's my responsibility to use my platform to speak out against things, you know, against social injustices and things that i believe and stand for things
4:26 pm
that i believe in and talk about what's going on right now and educate. i think music does a lot of things. it educates. it makes you want to fall in love. it makes you want to dance, but it also makes you want to take a assistan stance and be a part of a movement. >> you have big news on top of big news. it's the super bowl. that was some original music, and then i was like hold on, golden globes. so we had to adjust. ♪ >> h.e.r. will be singing "america the beautiful" at the super bowl. >> i'm here to be on such a big stage as a blessing. that's amazing. and to represent young black girls and let them know that they can do it too, and let them know that i'm up there representing my people and representing everything that i believe in, everything i stand for, whether it's music or justice or just being a black woman. i'm going to try to deliver my version of america the beautiful and make it my own and have fun with it. >> jobina fortson, abc7 news.
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♪ our series "california dreaming" takes a closer look at the issues threatening the california dream, and we're introducing you to the people who are finding solutions. it's a special collaboration with our sister stations in los angeles and the central valley. today's focus is earthquakes. next week marks the 50th anniversary of the sylmar earthquake. that was a turning point in
4:30 pm
building codes. the put in place since the loma prieta and the northridge earthquake can now give us seconds to prepare. >> i used to think earthquakes were so much fun as a child because you would kind of roll. this was not exciting. this '94 northridge quake was scary. >> reporter: at 4:31 this morning, their world came crashing down. the top floors of the three-story northridge apartments on reseda boulevard collapsed. >> anyone who lives in california, pretty much wherever you are, we are in earthquake country. these earthquakes, they're like waves rippling in a pond. it doesn't start shaking all at once. the earthquake starts and the waves move out away from the source. so we can detect the earthquake as it happens, and warn people that they're about to feel shaking. >> we are announcing the
4:31 pm
nation's first comprehensive early alert system for earthquakes. >> a and at that point the my shake app was released to the public. and we were able to create these and send them to anyone who downloaded the app. so the idea is that we have a network of sensors out in places near the faults, and we use those stations to detect the earthquakes as soon as they happen. we can then provide a warning to people that they're about to feel shaking. >> earthquake, drop, cover, hold on. shaking expected. >> reporter: as soon as i hear earthquake, i can get under my table and drop, cover, and hold on. it doesn't take much time at all. but by doing that, i can help protect myself. >> the oakland a's -- >> we're having an earthquake. >> preparelves! prepare yourselves! >> reporter: if the loma prieta earthquake happened again, we would be able to provide about 10 seconds of warning when the shaking started and when it
4:32 pm
would reach oakland. the idea with giving people warning, even if it's just a few seconds is they can then take action to protect themselves. so if you can just duck, cover and hold on, then we've successfully done our job. so right now if you have an android, any android phone, you don't have to download an app to get an early alert. >> if you go into settings, you can see there is an earthquake alert setting page. when you tap on that, the setting screen for earthquakes. if you want to practice what does an earthquake alert actually look at, tap on this button here and see the alert. so that's the alert screen, and that's the message you receive if there is really strong shaking expected. android phones have these tiny accelerometers in them that can sense motion and shaking. so when a phone is plugged and stationary, it's monitoring for earthquake-like shaking.
4:33 pm
if it detects that, it can send out to the server. the little dots are detecting shaking. one of the advantages of using phones is it can work everywhere around the world. >> we can certainly live with earthquakes in california. i think we've shown our resiliency in earthquakes that have struck in the past. we're better prepared than we were years ago. our infrastructure is much safer. the bridges are better. the roads are better. but we have to remember there are still bad buildings and things we can do to protect ourselves and to know what to do when the earthquake strikes. >> california is where i was born and raised, and all my friends are here and my family is here. so i would not considered moving out of california. >> now tomorrow, we celebrate the california dream and all the reasons to be optimistic. let's face it. change so often starts in california. then the rest of the nation follows what we do. catch that episode tomorrow at
4:34 pm
4:30 and 6:30 p.m. then on saturday, a 30-minute california dreaming special. that's at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc7, or stream an extended version of that right now onnn r abc7 bay area connected tv app. download that free app on roku, fire tv, android tv and apple tv. the san francisco unified school district is being told to open schools sooner rather than later, after they were sued by their own city. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez took a closer look at what the school district is up against and who will finally give them permission to reopen. >> reporter: sunset elementary was inspected by the san francisco department of public health to make sure all of the safety protocols were in place. the president of the school board toured sunset today. >> gave us an a plus. everything is set and ready to go as far as what has been recommended. >> reporter: here is where the 85 san francisco public elementary schools and their early education sites are in the process. six sites have been cleared to
4:35 pm
reopen. 17 more are expected to pass inspection in the next three to four weeks. and the remaining sites will be inspected between march 22 and april 19th. once they reopen, the school district will put its so-called core safety strategy in place. they will maintain social distancing, keep cohorts of 14 students and manage circulation. >> the groups of students, families and parents, and teachers are all moving across and through the site in an orderly and organized predictable fashion. >> reporter: all of those guidelines you heard were never given or suggested by the federal government. in fact only now with this new administration is the cdc finally putting out guidance on how to reopen schools safely. >> this is the piece that is the most unfortunate is every school district has been left to their own devices. we've had to scramble and work with our city departments to really create the safest
4:36 pm
conditions. >> the more we learn about the federal response to this pandemic, the more we realize that there is a lot of catching up to do. >> reporter: dr. nelson believes many of the marin county public schools, including high schools now have most or all of the protocols in place to reopen safely. still, the consensus among many doctors and officials is that schools could have reopened earlier had those federal guidelines been in place. lyanne melendez, abc7 news. and happening now, a parents' collective is speaking out in support of that city of san francisco lawsuit against the school district. the group called decreasing the distance says they are sad it came to a lawsuit, but too many children are struggling with distance learning. city leaders point out many private schools have successf successfully returned to in person classrooms. the school district says the lawsuit is frivolous. all right. we are digging into the abc7 archi archives, taking it back to 1985
4:37 pm
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[doorbell rings] babe, are those the tots we ordered? ♪ everyone's feeling the late night vibe with my $4 sauced & loaded tots— with cheddar bacon or jalapeño ranch. all right. time for the four@4 as ama and spencer join us. the tampa bay buccaneers the first team to officially play at home in the super bowl, playing in their home stadium, raymond
4:40 pm
james. the niners came close. they played one at stanford stadium in 1985. and one of our own remembers the huge party that followed. >> old timers say it was the biggest celebration to hit the streets of san francisco in 40 years. it was one spectacular show following one incredible game. >> it's near impossible to contain fan enthusiasm. but perhaps in the three years since the last super bowl win, the 49er faithful have learned how to hold a super celebration without causing a super headache for the police. in north beach, david louie, channel 7 news, super finale. >> how cool is that? that is january 20th, 1985. 36 years ago, david louie is still here. and he looks the same. the only other team to play close to home, the l.a. rams in 1980 at the rose bowl. you can watch david's whole 1985 report on our connected tv a.m. on roku, amazon fire. there was a clip on twitter
4:41 pm
today. it was fantastic seeing that. he old archives are always fun. tbuspencer, do you remember? >> yes. >> i know you were at gma at that point. but certainly you must have remembered that. >> absolutely. i was a huge niners fan long before i moved to the bay area. i remember that game very well. the true greatest quarterback of all time, joe montana led his tem to 38-16 victory over dan marino's team. >> those were the days, right? >> the reason i say montana is truly the greatest quarterback of automatic time is he went to four super bowls and never lost one. never lost one. >> wow. you sound like a sportscaster. >> a little worried there, larry? >> i think maybe he's done that before. >> i think he has. >> those were the days, right, when you knew less than two minutes, two touchdowns down, no worries. we're going to get there. but, you know, this is a real advantage, isn't it, larry, to
4:42 pm
play on your home field? >> yeah, i mean, they're not going to have a full stadium, but they will have 22 to 25,000 people. and so it won't be packed, but just to have fans there i think will create a nice ambience. it's always nice when you can play at home, for sure. >> we'll see what happens there. a houston mattress store meantime, a mattress store owner put a huge bet on the super bowl, perhaps the biggest. jim mattress mac mcingvale placed nearly $300 on the buccaneers with a 3.5 spread. if tom brady and the bucs cover the spread, he'll win $2.72 million. but his customers will win too. anyone who spends $3,000 or more on a new mattress will get their money back. if the bucs win. i wonder if he is -- i don't know. how is that going to work out for him, do you think? hmm. i don't know. but i'm just wondering how much is a mattress these days? >> oh, i know. you know what? if you get like a king-sized
4:43 pm
mattress and box spring and the whole works, i know, they run up to 3,000 these days. it's crazy. >> really? >> they do. yeah, they do. >> i mean, this guy bets on everything, on every major event, whether it's the world series or nba finals. i had no idea. we should be in the mattress business. i don't know what we're doing here. clearly that's where the money is. it's all in mattresses. >> just to get a cool nickname like mattress mac. >> that is a cool name. >> amazing ama. so whenever you start a business, use amazing ama. >> thank you. >> now larry is rolling his eyes. >> amauszing. >> it's a long running joke. california's rainy season, that's no joke. it's getting shorter, actually. research from the american geophysical union looked at rain
4:44 pm
patterns 60 years ago and now. they found the rainy season has been pushed back nearly a month from november to december. and we just kind of witnessed that, leading to a longer wildfire season. rain is now most concentrated in january and february. it also means rainy season is getting shorter here, and the rain is apparently moving to oregon and washington, which is leaving california dryer. if only we had a person on the four@4 that knew about weather. hmm right now. oh, wait, we do! >> let me take off my sports hat. i'll take off my sports hat and go to weather now. >> please. >> that's absolutely correct. we have observed that. certainly over the last decade or two. in fact, i think i mentioned something on yesterday's weather report about our rainy season getting shorter and shorter. ad most of the rain that we get now is focused on january and february. and the steering currents in the upper atmosphere that have generally brought the wet storms down from the gulf of alaska in our rainy season have been
4:45 pm
aiming more at washington, oregon and british columbia in the last decade or so than the bay area. >> problematic. >> and they get a good amount of steady rain to begin with? >> they do. they get a lot up there. >> so sadly, spencer, that means for us what goes in hand in hand with that is that our fire season is getting longer. >> that's exactly right. sadly true. >> all right. you guy, listen to this one. a new survey shows americans have big plans once the pandemic ends. 84% of respondents in expedia's vacation deprivation suffer srvy they value vacation more than ever. 60% say they plan to spend more money on their trips. 42% were forced to cancel at least one trip last year due to the pandemic. it remains to be seen when americans will feel entirely comfortable making a trip. the cdc still recommends all nonessential travel be avoided.
4:46 pm
but ama, where are you dreaming of going once this all ends? >> i've always wanted to go to alaska. that's really top on my bucket list. the husband wants to go to australia. i don't really want to be on a plane that long. you know me and planes. >> no, i didn't know. >> but i'm not making any plans now, but, yeah, once we can travel again, it will be so nice to go somewhere, anywhere. even just to see the in-laws or, you know, give the grandparents a chance to see a baby girl who has grown up so much in this time. and they really haven't had a chance to spend any time with her. it's sad. >> spencer, what about you? where would you go as soon as this is all over? >> alaska and australia are wonderful places. i've been to both. but my next trip is going to be to the new england area to visit my grandsons. and i know i'm going soon because i got my first shot today. i got my first should. >> oh, yay, spencer, that's great. >> exciting! >> so happy for you. did you get the moderna where
4:47 pm
you go back in four weeks or the pfizer? >> moderna, and i'll go back exactly four weeks from today and get shot number two. >> excellent. that's awesome. and larry, we want to know where you're going go? >> hawaii. we had a trip planned to greece. and obviously that went by the wayside. the mere fact that we have a thing that is even called the deprivation survey, that tells where we are right now. 2020, 2021. >> i find myself googling images of exotic places to just feel better. you can dream, right? or they come up on your screen saver and just go oh. >> oh, yeah, exactly. >> on that note. >> that's it for t
4:48 pm
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crux on former president obama's presidential center will begin later this year in chicago's south side. the $500 million center received the green light after a four-year federal review process. groundbreaking is expected in august. history today in the nominations for the screen actors guild awards. chadwick boseman became the first person to earn four nominations in the same year, receiving a nomination in the best actor for his work in ma wn rainy's black bottom. boseman died in september of
4:51 pm
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i'm made to move. but these days, i'm not getting out as much as i'd like to. that's why i take osteo bi-flex. it helps with occasional joint stiffness, while it nourishes & strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, find our coupon in sunday's paper. lune nra new year celebrations will look different this year but the traditions are alive and well. legendary chef martin yan shares the importance of this holiday and shares one of his favorite dishes with dion lim.
4:54 pm
>> we are ready to go. hit this up. one, two, three, four. stir it in. >> wow, listen to that sizzle. whoo! that's a little advanced for me. >> and this is so amazing. look at that, look at that steaming. >> oh, wow. our good fortune lettuce cups. oh! >> very different, very unique. celebrate a new year. new beginning, the year of the okds. the year of the ox. wish you good luck, good fortune. >> i was the first asian-american woman on tv in three different markets before coming to the bay area, and you
4:55 pm
broke barriers yourself. >> nixon went to china. developed the dramatic relationship. the people in america started to be interested in asian affairs and asian politics and asia. this is the time that i start doing the show. i will quickly show you how easy to remove the seed from the bell pepper. look at this. done. very simple. when i start television show, most people's grandfathers not even born. >> i know, i'm trying to do the math. this is way before my time. >> one, two, three, four, five. this is all diced. put it right here. >> i have to blink, i don't realize what just happened. >> sometimes you will go dancing, dancing with the stars, yeah. always have noodle. noodle is long, long-lasting.
4:56 pm
long-lasting happiness, long-lasting friendship, long-lasting good fortune and good health. meatball, nice and round. round means infinity. never-ending. that's another symbolism. steaming, wow, look at this. >> it's a feast for your eyes first. >> yeah, yeah. >> all the colors. >> look how beautiful this is. then always, always serve first day of chinese new year a vegetarian dish. because thou shall not kill on the first day of new year. >> you're setting the tone for the new year off right. >> yes. look at all these things i have here. mandarin orange, orange, tangerine, the color of gold. when you visit friends and relatives, you always bring along this, wish them good luck and good fortune, giving them gold.
4:57 pm
palmello, means abundance, continuous supply, never-ending supply. you always, always have one. smell it, it's very, very good, very fragrant. >> oh, yeah. >> put in your kitchen. put in your living room. the whole room is perfumy. >> i can put this in my car too. >> yeah, yeah, it lasts a long time. it lasts for months. >> this is a red envelope. red envelope to wish you good luck and good fortune. >> this is for me? >> for me. >> oh my goodness. >> yes, yes. we have wonderful dishes to celebrate the new year. new year, the year of the ox. let us wish everything is going to be totally different, fresh, new, and exciting in the year of the ox. and this is what my wish is. >> oh, boy.
4:58 pm
if you're hungry too, raise your hand. that was amazing. that was amazing. and lunar new year is next
4:59 pm
♪ ♪ we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
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tonight ate watch, that takes us to santa clara county, seniors can get a vaccination anywhere in the county's 1,300 square miles. san francisco's showing off its latest max vaccination site, it could soon administer thousands per hour. where will they come from? an expert weighing in. the video hard to watch, another pedestrian shoved to the ground, this in oakland's chinatown. some of the solutions discussed to prevent these neighborhood assaults. fixing edd, lawmakers announcing sweeping legislation to reform the state unemployment department.


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