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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  February 5, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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countries to create the new documentary "life in a day." >> i ask people, anyone around the world, to film something that is interesting to them, on the same day, everywhere in the world. that day was the 25th of july, 2020. >> a celebration of all of life's complexities in a year like no other. "life in a day" will be released on youtube this saturday. that's "nightline." thanks so much for watching. i'm it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the new sleep number 360 smart bed what if i sleep hot? ...or cold? no problem, with temperature balancing you can sleep better together. can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $800 on new sleep number 360 smart beds.
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> the u.s. is getting closer
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to a new vaccine. when kit be available. >> to uc berkeley students test positive for the first variant found in the uk. why one lab says it will be the dominant strain in the coming weeks. one man is dead after this accident near san francisco san state university. >> the weekend forecast is coming up right now. >> this is abc 7 news. >> if the johnson & johnson vaccine is approved, it could be a became changer. >> tonight, johnson & johnson is applying for emergency use authorization for the single dose vaccine. >> kate larson on why kit be pivotal against covid very absolutely.
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it's on a different platform hope iet r andmorn vaccines out more quickly in time to slow or stop new variants. a third vaccine on the verge. johnson & johnson applying for emergency use authorization in the u.s. it's just one shot. shown to be 100% effective in preventing of theizations and deaths. >> i'm so excited about it. this is like yes. >> we were there as richmond resident britt garcia volunteered for the trial in november. >> being hispanic, older, overweight. i really felt an obligation to participate. >> the participants really represent the community. >> reporter: the co-investigator
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of the trial says not to compare the overall efficacy to moderna. johnson & johnson is 66% effective in moderate to severe. and moderna and pfizer are 95%. and that is before the new variants. >> it's not really apples to apples. >> she says it's possible moderna and pfizer will prove left effective now. >> people should have some ability to chose if they have the choice. what i don't want people to do is not get a vaccine, you know, at all. >> dr. mike is on the community advisory committee. >> this additional vaccine, because of the way it's stored, could really be a game changer in getting the most vulnerable
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people vaccinated. >> stanford is getting ready to begin a new johnson & johnson trial with teens and pregnant women. they are very much on going. >> certainly, and before you go, walk us through the time line if you would for the emergency use authorization process. >> so here's what we know. the fda will review the data and vote on friday, february 26th. three weeks from tomorrow. fit follows the same pattern,pa, once emergency use is approved, it could begin march 1st. 100 million doses have been ordered but they will likely come over a period of several months. so we still have to wait and be patient and wear masks. back to you. >> the trice vaccinate is also a race against covid variant in
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, can be the dominant strain in california. >> we know it's changing rapidly. >> they are talking about the variant first found in the uk. his company has found 105 cases of the variant in the states so far. most are in southern california. >> we don't see as much in the bay area. given the amount of traffic, we expect it's a matter of time. >> weeks not months. >> that is southern california and florida. i expect you will see it become a predominant strain. >> out of six cases in alameda county, two for berkeley cases. >> they traveled abroad is brought it back. >> that is the senior scientist.
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she expects to see more variants, she says her tests already showed the new california variant and present in herely a third of cases. >> studies have been done to prove it's more transmissible but there is evidence that it is in about 30% of the cases that we sequence. and so that's quite concerning. >> both her and lou ask people to remain vigilant on mask wearing and social distancing. >> people should not be afraid. they should be very cautious. >> matt boone, abc 7 news. >> san francisco's largest mass vaccination site is opening tomorrow but supplies are limited. city, city officials unveiled a new hub. availor
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health care workers and anyone 65 or older. the goal is to deliver 10,000 vaccinations a day. >> it's a heavy lift with you it's probably one of the best things we can do to get the pandemic under control. >> all vaccinations there will be by appointment only. keep that in mind. because of limited supplies, tomorrow's appointments are already filled. a new vaccination in golden gate field opening tomorrow. appointments are going to alameda county and berkeley. >> it's a race against time with the variants out there and we really need to accelerate the number of people vaccinated. >> the hope it's a long term vaccination site, and ride se serve will be available for $15. in the south bay, all santa
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clara county residents cannot get vaccinated 65 or older. itllows health care workers and anyone 65 or older to receive a vaccination any where in the county. they are prioritizes residents living in high infection areas. >> no longer a policy may look equitable but the reality is not everyone has access to the same door. >> to schedule a vaccine appointment, visit scc free and statewide, nearly 62% of boess doses delivered to california have been given. we are monitoring at abc 7 new details on a crash in
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san francisco that left a pedestrian to die. is this morning not from far from san francisco state. j.j. stone has more on the victim and the man arrested. >> this is a young man who believes behind a wife and 3-year-old son after witnesses tell abc 7 the driver of this f suv run a red light and he was hit in the the process, killing him and leading to an excellent. >> i saw three or five cars and three were badly crushed. there was a truck in the middle of street badly crushed. the lhte crushed. >> witnesses give us this video showing the president who facing multiple charges including vehicular manslaughter. he was speeding and police say he was driving a 2003 ford
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explorer that was stole from san jose. and worked hard and received his green card. the suspect, he was arrested in december for driving a stolen vehicle, being an unlicensed driver and dui. some who saw the scene are saddened and confused. >> there has to be a way to detain people who are showing criminal behaviors. >> the district attorney's office released a statement saying they promise to dedicate whatever is necessary to the case. we can now bring closure but we will provide justice. in the east bay, abc 7 news has learned oakland has chose an new top cop.
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neither the police department, the city's choice to be the next police chief is this man, a long time veteran of the police department. he served 22 years joining the force in 1999. he spent four years with the probation department. a formal announcement naming him as chief in a few days. he replaces the former chief who was fired last february. california lawmakers are cracking down of the e.d.d. with a plan to make it easier to get your money. 7 on your side is straight ahead. a first woum vice president and now a fitting tribute in washington, d.c. >> and exclusive withment being
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asked to perform at the super bowl. a mild end to the work week. i will let you know if it's going to carry over into the weekend. i'm sandhya patel. >> first, a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> coming up, the tweets are men. >> is there anyone you would rather see dropped in a vat of rendered bacon fat?
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tonight, california lawmakers have proposed sweeping legislation to reform the oese.. they say that millions have faced accessing benefits is so tough on so many people. >> the pack on of bills propose bid nine assembly members comes a week after they criticize the e.d.d.s for delays. it proposes benefits with direct deposit rather than debit card. california is one of three starts that does not offer the direct deposit, and to check claimants against a list of inmates. some cards have been frozen by
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bank of america pending investigation of possible fraud. lawmakers say man californians with legitimate claims have been harmed by a decision to suspend 1.4 claims in december to make sure they are not fraudulent. >> every day, we hear from thousands of desperate californians who are in dire straits. they lost their job. they don't know how they are going to pay rent, buy groceries, take care of the kids. >> the proposal to promote accountability. one is an e.d.d. oversight advisory board. the other is an office of the claim mant advocate to help people with claim problems. the bills announced today are expected to be hurt in
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assembly this spring. >> all week, we have been looking at some of the issues that threaten the california dream and introducing you to the people who find solutions. >> it's part of the special series california dreaming, and tonight we focus on what's right. the fastest growing companies in the world, california is home to 20 of them. and the lieutenant kov nor nor says we lead the way. >> when you look back at the waves of change that have taken place across the country. women's liberation, and ideas about health care, or environmental protection. california tends to go first. >> and let's not forget the weather. where else in the country can you go golfing in the morning and later on in the afternoon. grolden state has a lot to
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offer. >> and join us at 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. for the next episode of california dreaming. they will run together as a special this saturday at 9:00 p.m. you can stream them on the bay area app. kamala harris smashed the glass ceiling and now her work is honored with art. this picture of her face, you see it merging from the cracks in a massive sheet of gass. the artest hammered on the grass to great the tiny cracks. incredibility. >> that is really neat. stunning. must have a really delicate touch. >> oh, yeah. >> meteorologist sandhyasandhyaa
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is here with more. >> get outside the next couple days. it is going to be absolutely beautiful. i wish i could tell you we have a lot of rain coming. we don't, and the drought situation is not getting better and you will notice that most of california is in the moderate to severe category. we're not doing great and the bay aer y is no exception. as you notice. the extreme category is in the north bay, the red shading. the rest of you, dry to severe here, and here is why we will continue to see the dry pattern. high pressure, that is diverting the storm track to the north. the skies are clear, no rain to report in the next few days and temperatures are falling with no insulation, no cloud cover. upper 30s to low 50s at this hour. bundle up, blanket on the bed. turn up the heat. it be cold like yesterday
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morning. here is a look the at forecast, clear and chilly again tomorrow morning, warming trend continues through saturday. it was a little warmer today. cloudier and cooler early yex next week. temperatures in the morning, 34 in lake port. down to 32 degrees, 37 in concord and as we take a look at the afternoon temperatures, you will notice 7 66, santa clara, 67 in san jose, and gilroy the pen liinsula, and half moon bay, upper 50s and 61 in san francisco, and it is going to be a sunny one. north bay happens, sonoma, napa, and east bay communities, comfortable, 66 in 67 in concord, 66 in livermore. i want to show you a computer
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model for the next week time period. tuesday, this computer model wants to bring in the possible of rain, and you the other computer model is going completely dry, and this one is trending drier so i want to say we don't have rain chances. as a matter of fact, there is just a small chance on tuesday. chilly morning and warmer afternoon. above average only super bowl sunday and cooler, cloudier weather for the start of the work week. >> ver new year's resolutions come and go. so give your business more than resolutions... give it solutions, from comcast business. work more efficiently with fast internet and advanced wifi. make your business safer
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r&b musician h.e.r. is having quite the week. impressive. >> yeah, she will perform at the super bowl on sunday and she was just nominated for her first
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golden globe, for the song "fight for you" about the history of the black panther party. h.e.r. has racked up hits on "i can't breathe". >> it's my responsible i to use my platform to speak out against social injustices. >> some daunday, she will be si "america the beautiful" as the kickoff. >> to represent young black girls and let them know they can do it to. >> it will be fun to watch. >> talented. >> yeah, and lots to say. larry biel with sports. >> the warriors have been waiting for a game like this from k
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good evening, steve kerr said he felt like don nelson in the tmc days playing small ball to perfection in dallas. james mnelson, one of the injurd big men. and throwing it down with authority, we haven't seen dra mond like this all season long. and luca doncic, goes for 27 points, the mavs led by three. kelly oubre, seven threes total. dubs hit 23 threes beautiful pass to steph. warriors up nine. 11 points for green and they turn into it a bw ououe, career. the under sized, under manned warriors win big in big
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147-116. the nba is making plays to run an all-star game. steph curry with 1.2 million votes. current net kevin durant is the leader vote getter so far with 2.3 million votes. college hoops, stanford visiting cal. spencer jones forces a turnover here. and noah with a slam. he had ten points, and cal looking to claw their wac back, and spin move. that is his only bucket. stanford down three starters, and they are keeping the hopes alive, and 70-55 and cal has lost five in a row. farhan spent years in the a's organization. he really wanted tommy la stella on the giants. he gets a three year, $18.75 million deal across the day to play all over the
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infield. he is disciplined at the plate and he has pop. >> i spent an unhealthy amount of time staring at his walk to strike rare owe. >> san francisco is where i wanted to be. so i'm very relieved we we able to get it down. >> want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network. sure thing! and with fast nationwide 5g included at no extra cost. we've got you covered. so join the carrier rated #1 in customer satisfaction. and get a new samsung galaxy starting at $17 a month.
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learn more at or visit your local xfinity store today.
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okay, that is our report for tonight. we appreciate your time as always. >> and jimmy kimmel live is coming up next. >> have a good night.
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