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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  February 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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we're not going to talk about reservations. we're not going talk about anything but what happens after a person gets that vaccination. the emotions are going to come. across the bay, the nation, the world, if there is one injection people will remember the rest of their lives, it is or will be this. >> joy. i'm happy. >> complete relief. >> that's exactly how i feel. the weight is lifted. yeah. >> reporter: the weight lifted for more than 600 people at the luther burbank center where sutter health opened it up for anyone 65 or older. many heard of this by word of mouth. they registered online for appointments. some drove a long way to be here. >> it's going to be a quick poke. relax your shoulders too. >> reporter: george siri came all the way from san francisco. >> when you feel good, you feel good. i just feel good. >> reporter: for anyone getting the shots anywhere, the significance begins to sink in during 15 minutes of waiting for any allergic reactions. it's a quiet quarter of an hour to reflect on a most difficult
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year. >> it's like i've been in prison for since march. i can't even wrap my head around the fact that almost a half a million people are dead. >> i'm going to hug my grandchildren. >> we're living in present time a plague time that so many other people have died. >> reporter: the difference in previous plagues generations sometimes spent years with that same weight of worry. by comparison, we now have an end in sight, and with it a resumption of blessed normalcy. the not so small miracle anymore of seeing a future again. finally. >> we got the little things back tonight. >> yes. and i'm so happy about that. >> reporter: rodney was eotional today. not only for what he went through and for what it means in his life, but also what it means to people of color and how covid-19 has afflicted so many
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of them as well. live in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> so, wayne, you got the shot today as well. we have a picture to show that. what was the experience like for you? and did you find it to be as emotional as everybody else. >> well, you got the picture. okay. yeah, i wrote the story, and those emotions i wrote about are accurate. and i'm not an emotional guy. i'm a really good guy and like compartmentalizing and being stoic, but that was not the case today. it was a real feeling of camaraderie in there. the staff was kind. the people were happy. they sat there. they were reflective. and as for the shot itself, not bad at all. in fact, it was over before i even thought it had started. no pain at all. and in shoulder pain now either. >> and you have to go back for a second shot, right? you have a second shot in three or four weeks? >> i do. on the 5th. on the 5th. we'll try to find what kind of story we can do with that one,
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on that day. >> well, i'm sure it will be great relief for sure. wayne, thank you so much. >> we are certainly happy, wayne, that you got your first shot. u.s. military personnel are heading to the bay area to help in the covid-19 vaccination effort. the white house announced today that the pentagon has approved a request for assistance from fema. and the plan calls for about a thousand active duty troops to arrive in california in ten days. they'll assist in operations at the mass vaccination sites opening today at the oakland coliseum and cal state los angeles. president biden has called for setting up at least 100 mass vaccination centers around the country within a month. in the south bay, levi's stadium will serve as california's largest mass vaccination site. it will open tuesday with the initial capacity to vaccinate 5,000 people a day, but plans to increase up to 15,000 a day when supplies increase. for more information on eligibility, go to
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san francisco's third mass vaccination site is now open. health care workers and people age 65 and up were rolling up their sleeves today at the moscone center. as amy hollyfield shows us and wayne freedman mentioned a few moments ago, this was an emotional day for organizers and those getting the vaccine. >> reporter: san francisco city workers called this a turning point in the pandemic. and watching it all come together caught up with many of them. >> those of us that have been working on this the last year are very emotional. we have been all week. and really are feeling optimistic moving forward. >> reporter: those who were vaccinated today were grateful. >> a relief. i'm very happy and pleased to be here today. >> reporter: the city partnered with kaiser permanente to create a site at moscone center that can administer up to 10,000 shots a day. they don't have that many doses, though, and don't know when they will get them. >> we do believe that in the coming weeks we'll have a better
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sense of the cadence and the allocation moving forward. >> reporter: but patients here for this first day say it appears this location is ready to go for when the mass amounts of doses do come in. >> it was well-organized. it was smooth. everyone was so kind and polite. very easy. very comfortable, and reassuring. >> reporter: of course, this being san francisco, we had to ask about the parking. >> i parked three blocks down the street. it didn't matter. i'd park a mile away just to be here and get the vaccine for the virus. >> reporter: as you can see, the logistics are in place. all they need is more of the vaccine. a couple of days this will be open next week are already booked. they will open more slots once they know what they are getting. they're asking everyone to just stay patient and keep checking those websites for appointment availability. in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> and abc7 news special correspondent dr. alok patel joined us on our 3:00 p.m. program, getting answers, to
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talk about vaccines. dr. patel answered a question a lot of viewers have about what happens in cases of covid variants continuing to increase. >> these vaccines, including astrazeneca do have effectiveness against the uk variant, which is really important news. i think that's something that everyone can just relax a little bit on, because our recommendations against the variants aren't changing. there is nothing you need to do different. just need to keep doing what we're doing. and so far there is some early hail mary in the event we find the variants which the vaccines aren't effective against, the fda is talking about these plans to tweak the vaccines. but as of right now they are effective. >> dr. patel reminds people who have had covid that it's important for them to get the vaccine as well. and especially with these variants on the rise, he urges against anyone thinking getting covid naturaling in the future is better than actually getting
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the vaccine. we've been monitoring with our vaccine tracker. just over 61% of doses that california has received has been given out. california has so far received more than 6.8 million doses. you see this and how california's doing compared to other states at some seniors have had trouble navigating the vaccine maze. up next, there is a free service out there to help them get online. outdoor dining park lets. they could become permanent and a proposal to relax alcohol laws in the state of california. and it is official. an oakland native taking over as the city's police chief. i'm spencer christian. how about april-like warmth
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california. all lanes are open after a garbage truck caught fire while on highway 101 in san francisco today. the truck went up in flames around 11:30 while in the neighborhood or in the northbound lanes near the caesar chavez street offramp. a sig alert was in effect for a while while all lanes were closed. no one was hurt. unclear what caused the fire. it's official. leronne armstrong is the new chief of oakland police. sources confirmed to abc7 news last night, but mayor libby schaaf made the announcement today. armstrong is an oaklan native
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and has been with opd since 1999. >> plan to bring a leader that's grounded in oakland, is centered around safe, the saving of lives, the understanding how important it is that young people in this city grow up in a place they feel safe. >> armstrong is currently deputy chief of police. a swearing in ceremony will be held on monday. he replaces former chief anne kirkpatrick who was ousted from the department last year. susan mannheim had been interim police chief. new details on the brutal attack last month on a woman in san francisco where the suspects stole her french bulldog. san francisco police are asking for the public's help in identifying the four people involved. surveillance video shows three men getting into a silver prius after attacking sarah sarah s one had a gun, hit her in the face before taking her dog.
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teachers and labor unions held a virtual news conference to clarify their demands for the san francisco unified school district to return to in-person learning. >> what we really need is updated ventilation systems, ppe, robust and reliable testing and contact tracing for staff and students, small staple chorts of students in classrooms, and vaccinations. >> union leaders say they're prepared to return to classrooms and schools in the red tier if vaccines are made available to all staff working in district buildings or in the orange tier, even if vaccines are not available. the district issued a statement saying it's reviewing the union's latest proposals, adding that it's, quote, happy that we're getting closer to defining what conditions would need to be i place for our union representatives to feel comfortable returning to in-person learning. neither side mentioned the lawsuit the city filed against the district demanding schools reopen as soon as possible. it's been difficult for a
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lot of people to get accurate information about vaccine supplies and then appointments. those 65 and older who are at high risk have had an especially difficult time when they call health care providers or they go online. abc7 reporter david louie discovered a free service that will help older americans get online and then get some help. >> reporter: many of us know the frustration, the kpaps ration of getting on hold to get an appointment. those most at risk have found a way around those hurdles. >> we do it for the demographic that's most impacted by covid and in need of the vaccine. >> reporter: lawrence is foe founder of get set up that offers older americans all kinds of online learning. in the past 90 days, its free 30-minute sessions have helped more than 20,000 people to get vaccine information, including those who are not experienced online users.
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scott is a setup guide. >> we can share our own smartphone screens to walk people through their settings on their phone. some of their camera settings on their phone. >> reporter: with many senior centers closed and with similar access restricted to libraries, the greatest at-risk group has had difficulty getting accurate information. >> we have a moderator who will guide them through the website for that state. oftentimes we'll have an ambassador who will recount sort of their experience around getting the vaccine in that state, as well as a local medical official who can help us answer some questions. >> reporter: 75-year-old nikki taylor learned from another participant in her session that a nearby grocery store was giving vaccine shots. she received her vaccination earlier this week. >> the learners on these calls are helping each other. somebody may know something that the rest of us the people participating in the session do not. and they impart that information. >> reporter: that's the kind of interaction lost due to pandemic
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isolation. and even those who can't get into a zoom session can watch a live or recorded session on get set up's live facebook page. david louie, abc7 news. >> solano county public health officials held a mass vaccination event today. they'll hold another one tomorrow at the county fairgrounds in vallejo. 3500 eligible solano county residents were vaccinated, and that group included health care workers, first responders, and those age 75 and older. appointments are required. visit solano to learn more. san francisco giants great barry bonds is still helping out those who need food in the pandemic. bonds and one of his daughters were out at oracle park today to help the san francisco marin food bank with its pop-up food drive. he has been busy helping bay area groups as they try to feed the hungry and making financial contributions as well. today the food bank received a
4:16 pm
$25,000 donation from bonds' foundation. excellent work. right now what we need to do is to thank, expense. >> because it's national weather person's day for all that he does for us to keep us informed every day. larry? >> larry didn't say anything. where is my thank you, larry? just kidding. >> i was waiting. i was waiting for flowery introduction. i didn't want to interrupt that moment because it was so beautiful. >> i couldn't resist. just had to pick downa little bit. let's see what is coming with our weather. it's really beautiful outside. sunny skies all across the bay area right now. no hit of rain for a while. and it's mild. really mild for this time of the year. lovely view from sutro tower looking out over san francisco, where it's only 56 degrees. but look at the mid-60s. mid- to upper 60s just about everywhere. oakland, san jose and morgan hill. half moon bay at only 54 degrees. here is a view from the east bay hills camera looking towards mt. diablo. mid- to upper 60s right now in santa rosa, novato, napa,
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fairfield, concord and livermore. one more live view looking across the embarcadero. you can see blue sky out over the bay. and these are our forecast. what a weekend coming up. sunny and mild to warm both days this weekend. temperatures will be above average for february as they are already. but we'll have cooler weather with a chance of showers early next week. but let's enjoy the clear weather while we have it. clear skies overnight. it will be a bit chilly as in the absence of clouds, of course. low temperatures will drop into the mid- to upper 30s in our inland valleys. around the bay shoreline about 40, 41 degrees. same range on the coastline. and then tomorrow, how warm is it going to be? well, let's start in the south bay where we'll see high temperatures up to 70 degrees in san jose and gilroy. 68 at santa clara. 66 in sunnyvale. going farther north, 68 degrees in redwood city. 66 will be the high in palo alto. on the coast, 60 at half moon bay. tomorrow 61 at pacifica. downtown san francisco 62 degrees tomorrow. in the north bay, we'll see
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highs up to 69. in santa rosa, 68. calistoga, on the east bay shoreline, mid-60s all the way. and inland east bay fairfield. now, let's look ahead to next week when there is a chance of rain. and our future radar shows that on tuesday afternoon, we expect a little system to move in from the northwest that will bring some light rain into the bay area and it will continue according to this computer projection into wednesday morning and sort of wind down wednesday afternoon. of this wet weather pattern. we're not expecting very significant amounts of rainfall. so here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. sunny and very mild to warm weekend coming our way. clouds move into the picture on monday. it starts to get a little cooler by a few degrees tuesday and wednesday, chance of showers. at the moment it doesn't look like it's going to amount to much. and then as the week winds down next week, it will be sunnier, but not much milder. that's our accuweather seven-day forecast, kristen and larry? >> all right.
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7 on your side's michael finney here now with a look at today's consumer headlines. >> including the irs mistakenly telling tens of thousands of people they won't get their stimulus checks. michael? >> all of this stuff is just a problem every single day. they find a new way to have a
4:22 pm
problem every day. this time the irs sent out notices telling people their stimulus payments were being used to cover unpaid federal debt from 2007. but that's incorrect. the letters were supposed to inform taxpayers that the irs couldn't issue that first $1200 stimulus check because their 2019 return hadn't been processed. and there was no 2018 return to base the payment on. now if you're eligible to receive stimulus payments and cannot, you can claim the recovery rate rebate on your 2020 taxes. educators can now deduct out-of-pocket expenses for covid-19 protective items. we're talking about masks, disinfectant, soap, sanitizer, those type of things. this if you're a kindergarten through 12th grade teacher, counselor, principal, or aide and worked at least 900 hours during the last school year.
4:23 pm
you can deduct up to $250 worth of qualifying expenses. bad news if you were hoping to cruise to alaska this year. the canadian government has extended its ban on cruise ships from i waters through february 2022. by law, foreign flagged ships like princess and royal caribbean must make at least one stop in canada during cruises to alaska, and that's why this knicks the whole thing. larry, kristen. >> all right. keep waiting. >> unfortunate. thanks, michael. park lifts that have popped up during the pandemic might become permanent. the legislation being proposed by state senator scott wiener would also relax ome rules regarding alcohol. restaurants would be allowed to serve booze in places like parking lots and sidewalks. one of the biggest changes would be simplifying the permitting process for pop-ups, and music
4:24 pm
venues would no longer need to have a full kitchen in order to get a liquor license. how is the bay area economy looking in the pandemic? experts today shed some light on the downturn our region has experienced. >> this is the sharpest drop in our history, and we are back to some extent, but to say it would be a recovery would be a mistake. lease activity is down 71% year-over-year. a lot of uncertainty. companies either staying here on how big an office footprint they're going to have. >> this was part of an annual event held by the san francisco business times. usually it's a big gathering and features mayors and other prominent leaders. due to the pandemic, this year's event took place over zoom. we are wrapping up our california dreaming series today after looking at the challenges facing the golden state. and today we celebrate all that is right. some good news. plus, a bay area university that is offering free and discounted classes for essential
4:25 pm
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all week long we've been taking a closer look at the issues threatening the california dream. it's a special collaboration with our abc sister stations in los angeles and the central valley. today we're celebrating all that is right with the golden state. >> i think there are a lot of reasons why people see an image that conjures up our state, and it makes them feel optimistic about what's possible. there is a lot about our state that is extremely attractive and kind of captures the imagination. >> you see people from all over the world that come here.
4:28 pm
this is the state of opportunity. this is the place where everybody come to that want to get into hollywood, to live that california life. >> california is a very unique state. the weather, of course, is spectacular. where else can you go play golf and go skiing the same day? but at the end of the day, the california dream is can i come into a beautiful area that has higher education opportunities, employment opportunities. california really does have it all. >> if you look at the 100 fastest growing companies in the world, 20 of them are headquartered here in california. well, these are the largest companies in the world of the future. so we have a lot to be optimistic around in the state, and it's still an incubator of innovation. it's still number one for venture capital funds, and of course we have this incredible system of public higher
4:29 pm
education. if you come and start a company, you're going to be able to tap into this highly educated and trained workforce. >> the golden state has also been a political incubator of change and a pioneer of progressive movements. >> when you look back on the last few generations and the kind of waves of change that have taken place across the country, whether it's women's liberation, whether it's more progressive ideas about health care or environmental protection, california tends to go first. >> one of my favorite things about california is diversity. we are a melting pot state. we have the ability to interact with each other in ways and cultures and experiences like many people never get. yes, real estate in california is very expensive, but the truth is there is still plenty of opportunity here. and i believe the california dream is still alive.
4:30 pm
>> of course, california has issues. every state has issues. but on balance, this is a good society to be a part of. >> i can't imagine living anywhere else other than california. i love cali. this is where i feel like i got to be. this is where i love to be. for those that feel that the california dream is over, maybe i'm still sleeping, because i'll continue to love it. >> and as the lieutenant governor said, all states have issued, and we need to celebrate the golden state. our california dreaming series will continue in the weeks ahead. and tomorrow, see all of this week's pieces in a 30-minute california dreaming special. catch that at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc7, or stream an extended version of that special right now on our abc7 bay area connected tv app. download the app now on roku, fire tv, android tv and apple tv. a young family's life
4:31 pm
altered by a tragic crash in san francisco. the victim's widow sharing her heartbreaking story. >> he went back inside, and a minute later came back end anderson said i'm sorry to tell you, but your husband died. >> myodness. he was killed yesterday while jogging while lake merced. he, his wife and their young son, they had just moved to san francisco a few weeks ago. his wife hannah talked exclusively to abc7 anchor dion lim, and she has a powerful pej. >> reporter: wearing her late husband's jacket, hannah egge spoke of their dreams of moving from connecticut to san francisco. their california dream started just two weeks ago. >> we saved up every penny we could for this move. we wanted to find a nice neighborhood that was safe. we really wanted to be in the city. it was really important to me. we were so excited, and our first year, our first week here
4:32 pm
was heaven. we were so happy. to be here, to be on our own. >> reporter: hannah and shireya had been together four years. hannah quit her job as a special education teacher at the beginning of the pandemic to care for their 3-year-old son theo. >> we were excited to start our new life here. >> reporter: but the dreams never fully had the chance to come through. thursday morning shireya went for a jog along lake merced. when he didn't come home, hannah started to get worried. >> i'm really started to freak out. it's about an hour and a half now. i have no idea where he is. i tried calling him multiple times. it's ringing, ringing, ringing, going to voice mail. >> reporter: with the advice of her sister, hannah went out to look for her husband. and when she arrived at the lake -- >> i see seven cars that looked like it was 15. i could have swoyrnt was more than ten, just completely totaled.
4:33 pm
one of them had a huge hole in the front and was -- you could see the air bags and everything. and there were no bodies. everyone had been cleared. and i just hyperventilated. >> reporter: he was gone. at the hands police say of jerry lyons, who was on post release community supervision and had an extensive criminal history. i asked hannah why so soon after her husband's death she found the strength to speak out. >> it only makes sense to push down my grief for a day to share his story. to share just what i experienced yesterday. i want to bring his name honor. >> reporter: who do you blame for this tragedy? >> i blame the d.a. to find out that this freak accident was no freak accident. it was someone who was out in the public who shouldn't have been in the public. it was completely avoidable. ompletely.
4:34 pm
there was no reason it should have happened. people need to be held accountable, and i am not -- i am not going to stand here and let this happen to another family. >> reporter: hannah leaves this message for her new community, which has become her california nightmare. >> he always followed that up with, but, if i were to die, if i were to be the next hash tag, i just want my death to be impactful. i want it to be a movement. i don't -- i don't want to just be a hash tag. i want my name to be change. if i'm going to go that way. >> reporter: in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. >> hannah plans to leave the bay area to spend some time with family as she grieves. now there is a gofundme account that's been set up for the family, and that information is available at dion will have much more on the story coming up tonight at 6:00. as she digs into the
4:35 pm
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may occur. movement dysfunction, sleepiness, and stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. all right. time for the four@4 as dan and spencer join us. it looks like a party in the studio i was not invited to apparently. what a shock. the transportation security administration has announced a
4:38 pm
range of fines for those who refuse to wear a mask while traveling. those fines start at $250 for a first offense, scaling up to $1500 for repeat offenders. dollar amounts could fall outside this scale officials say if there are substantial aggravating or maybe some mitigating factors. any fine could be in addition to those imposed like operators like the amarillos. the federal mask mandate for travel took effect on monday. obviously we have a change in the administration at the top, so things are changing. if i see another video of one of these unmasked marauders claiming that they would for whatever reason can't put a mask on, take your fine. i'm fine with that. >> i agree. it's such a small sacrifice, even the worse sacrifice sounds like too big a thing. it's put on the mask. let's all get past the point of exposure -- well, the danger of exposure to this virus and a few months from now, we'll all be able to get back to some
4:39 pm
semblance of normal. >> we take a walk every day and have our masks with us. we pass a gentleman daily who doesn't wear mask, refuses to, and seems irritated that we put on our masks as we approach him circumstances this walking on an empty street? >> yeah, there is nobody around. you pass a couple of people here and there out on the street. but he seems a little annoyed that we're putting marxs on. >> that you are? that. >> we are. he is a little annoyed with us. >> i just think about the tsa workers who have to face tens of thousands of travelers each day or hundreds of travelers. that's a lot of exposure. so it's not for you. it's for them. well, it is for you too, but also think of other people. >> it's just a common courtesy. >> the times we're living in. >> yeah. all right. two state lawmakers from southern california have introduced a bill aimed at speeding up the reopening of disneyland and other theme parks. the bill proposes allowing large theme parks to reopen when a
4:40 pm
county entersing an orange tier. the governor's plan doesn't allow theme parks to reopen until a county is in the yellow least restrictive tier. most of the state is in the purple tier. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> i'm going disneyland. >> that's such a dream for my family. we love disneyland. spencer, can't wait, want to go. do you think orange is going to cut it? or would you prefer waiting until yellow? >> you know, i want to go, but i'd rather wait until i feel a little safer going. >> dan? >> yeah, you know, i'm -- i was thinking about it the other day, looking forward to making another visit. i'd probably wait a little longer. i'm not in a hurry. but i'm glad they're beginning to get things looking ahead to reopening, sure. >> it will be interesting to see how they deal with lines. because obviously some of the attractions are so popular. and whether we're all six feet apart, it just dawned on me, i wonder if the mvp of the super bowl will do the commercial saying "i'm going to disneyland,
4:41 pm
i'm going disney world." will we see that this year? >> probably, you know. >> they've been open. >> ghiss. >> good point. >> i think for me it's more like when they do reopen, how do they do it? what is the process and what is the capacity. if they only have 10% of occupancy, maybe. >> i will say, no one is better at handling crowds effectively and efficiently than disney. so they'll figure out way to do it well, i would think. the idea of playing an all-star game next month is not sitting too well the nba's best known star. >> have i zero energy and zero excitement about an all-star game this year. i don't even understand why we're having an all-star game. >> hmm. >> he is not alone. lebron james not mincing words, calling the efforts to hold the game march 7th in atlanta a slap in the james is concerned about the impact of squeezing this game in
4:42 pm
will have on players considering the pandemic and the league's condensed season. even sow, he says he'll play if he is selected and obviously he will be selected. he is second overall in the voting. sociion are i theross of finalizing a aeementight now, which seems really strange. i mean, we still see games being postponed. in fact, the nba didn't even announce the second half of their regular season schedule because of the unknowns with the pandemic. so now we're going to fly everybody to atlanta, which is open. they have fans in their arena, and create a potential super spreader event? spencer, this makes no sense. >> i agree. i think lebron makes a good point. even if i didn't agree, i would say i agree, because who is going to oppose lebron? but you're right. it just doesn't make sense. >> yeah. you think it's about money? >> you think? >> although if lebron -- like he said, if lebron is selected,
4:43 pm
he'll play. the nba hates to cancel that game. there is a lot of revenue on the line. but of course the players have a good point too, although they get paid pretty well. if they can do it safely, that's another thing. >> that's the question mark. >> whatever king james says. all right. sunday will be super for football fans as well as some of the restaurant's biggest restaurant changes. the agricultural department says super bowl sunday is only second to thanksgiving as america's largest eating holiday. as you probably guessed, pizza and chicken wicks dominate the day. super bowl sunday is the busiest day of the year for many chains. domino's is likely to sell two million pies. it's interesting to know while many restaurants have struggled during the pandemic, that hasn't been the case for places that sell pizza and chicken wing. i guess it's pretty easy to order those items. i wonder if people are at home, will they eat just as much? what do you think? >> super bowl sunday is a little
4:44 pm
bit like -- it certainly is at my house, a little like thanksgiving. it's a day to hunker down and enjoy the game and fix some nice food and some snacks. i don't personally like super bowl parties, so i never have one, even when there is no pandemic, because i like to sit there and really watch the game. just like i don't like guys' oscar parties particularly, because i want to watch the oscars. if you have a party, nobody is watching. >> spencer? >> i'm totally with dan. i love watching the game. i love watching the oscars. i don't want a lot of noise around me and activity. so i tend not to like parties on those particular occasions. but i do like the food. i mean, if -- i'm not going to a super bowl party this year, but in the past i would prefer pizza, probably, a pizza margarita would be my food of choice. >> nice. for me, it's all about the buffalo wings. spicy! >> those are good. >> i thought spencer and i were going to have green smoothies for the super bowl. >> it's all about the
4:45 pm
cauliflower for larry. >> this is why you weren't invited to the studio party, larry. >> now i know. these are real people, not actors, who've got their eczema under control. with less eczema, you can show more skin. so roll up those sleeves. and help heal your skin from within with dupixent. dupixent is the first treatment of its kind that continuously treats moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, even between flare ups. dupixent is a biologic, and not a cream or steroid. many people taking dupixent saw clear or almost clear skin, and, had significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur,
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i love you cheese. get a new epic stuffed crust pizza with one-topping for just 12 bucks. papa john's. actor christopher plummer died today at the age of 91. he played captain von trapp and at 82 plummer became the older person to win an oscar. his career in hollywood spanned
4:48 pm
more than 50 years. plummer died this morning at his home in connecticut with his family by his side. >> incredible actor. congress is a step closer to approving president biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief bill. this afternoon the house approved a budget resolution, which allows democrats to pass the president's plan without threat of a gop filibuster. the house vote came after vice president kamala harris cast a deciding vote on the measure in the senate following an all night session. mr. biden says america needs to act now to address the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. he says his preference would have been to work with republicans on a deal, but the country doesn't have time to wait. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene says the house voting to kick her off of two committees silences the people she represents and she believes makes her more powerful. >> you know what they did? they actually stripped my district of their voice. >> they stripped my voters of
4:49 pm
having representation to work for them for the budget. >> when republican congressman kevin mccarthy opted not to punish her over a slew of controversial social media statements, democrats just moved forward with the resolution to remove her from the education and budget committees, and they were joined by 11 republicans. the pandemic has led to incredible difficulties for colleges across the country. one bay area university is still delivering on their goal of accessible learning. abc7 news community journalist dustin dorsey shows us how essential workers can further their education for free. >> reporter: throughout the entirety of the covid-19 pandemic, essential workers have stepped up to the call of duty and given back so much to the communities around them. for the california state university system, san francisco state and sfsu college of extended learning dean alex wu, a thank you wasn't enough. they wanted to do more. >> what can we be of significant contributor in the challenge time to continue to help people,
4:50 pm
you know, progress their goal and career and in san francisco we have great program to offer. that is courses for causes. the college of extended learning offers free and discounted courses in subjects such as clinical trial, human resources and project management to first workers. >> san francisco is a wonderful institution. it can be the best affordable accessible education destination where now the student would be here from 18 to 24 years old. for us it's a life-long learning opportunity for everybody who wants to have their career goal or wants to retool themselves. we should be the university they consider first in the bay area. >> courses have been offered in the fall and winter sessions, and now in the recently started spring session. he hopes the program can grow to help the community and build a better bay area. >> ohigher education needs to
4:51 pm
reconsider how do we do, how do we serve not only the traditional student, but also beyond that. i think that's where i see the value. i think this is the goal we will be able to continue this throughout our future. >> for more information, individual >> dustin dorsey reporting there. this is fun. a school janitor in ohio proving he is no ordinary joe there is a camera inside at liberty middle school in the gym. this is incredible. custodian joe ryans picks up a ball, casually walks to center court. over his head from way downtown, bang! he throws his arms up. in slow motion here, nothing but the bottom of the net. and then joe, he just grabs his stuff and strolls out of the gym and goes right back to work. this video went viral after the school's principal tweeted out with the caption "our custodian is better than yours."
4:52 pm
splash. our weatherman is better than yours on national weather person day, whatever it, spencer. >> thank you. >> oh, i thought drew tuma -- oh, spencer, spencer! >> that's okay, ralph -- what's his name? here's a look at what's going on with our weather tonight. mainly clear skies. low temperatures in the upper 30s inland and low 40s around the bay and the coast. in case you don't know, larry and i really love each other. but we just like to pick on each other. sunny skies tomorrow. high temperatures ranging from about 60 at the coast to mid-60s around the bay to near 70 inland. and here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. nice mild to warm weekend coming our way. but then clouds and cooler air move in on monday with a chance of some light rain on tuesday and wednesday. so the week ahead will sort of get back to something closer to normal. but the weekend is lovely. >> all right. >> it is. thank you, spencer. if you can produce 70 and sunny on a regular basis, you are my
4:53 pm
favorite. you really. >> thank you, spencer. all right. pixar film "soul" received two it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. and... done. and now, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 60 months on all smart beds. ends monday.
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4:55 pm
in honor of black history month we are going to take a look at "soul" on disney plus, telling the story of a music teacher who dreams of becoming a
4:56 pm
great jazz musician. >> reporter: joe gardner is a music teacher who dreams big of making it as a jazz musician. "soul" is a celebration of the uniquely american art form and a chance to make history. >> to be the first african-american lead in a pixar film, that is high grass, that is a high mark. >> reporter: jamie foxx is the voice behind joe. >> teaching kids the power of music and the importance of jazz music. >> reporter: joe gets his big break hired to back a singer voiced by angela basset. how is soul different? >> it is told from -- through the lens of the african-american characters. i think that hits you first off.
4:57 pm
>> i love the fact that i am working on the film with pixar. we were not asked to shy away from the authentic black experience. >> reporter: powers wrote another chapter of black history that took place one night in miami. >> we are fighting for our lives. >> reporter: with both of these movies now part of the oscar conversation, black history is coming to the forefront and coming alive for all of us. >> "soul" is in everything of our life. who is your soul meat, soul food, soul train. but this is that wonderful journey of finding out the vision of soul. okay. i saw it. i laughed. i cried. it was amazing and received two golden globe nominations for best animated film and original score. you can watch it on disney plus.
4:58 pm
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but it's not available all day long. use less from 4 to 9 pm and we can protect california for generations to come. next at 5:00 santa clara county will open up a massive vaccination center at levi stadium. and the military is now being called up to help deliver shots at the coliseum and are expected in just over a week. >> elation and hope as people get some protection inside this terrible pandemic. if you had your covid-19 vaccine, now what. three things you really should know. and late word the icu bed crisis may be over in california. >> building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. as we close the week we


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