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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 6, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and security future. this is absenc 67 news. >> there's a commitment to make sure as we fight for these resources, they are targeted to where they're most needed. >> this morning, federal help is on the way to the mass vax nation site being set up at the oakland coliseum. it's part of president biden's nationwide plan to get more americans vaccinated. good morning, everybody. we have much more on the help coming to the bay area and to another california city in just a moment. but first, let's get another quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argon. it's beautiful out this morning. >> yeah. it's certainly cold out, though. some of the numbers in the north
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bay have dipped to about 34 degrees. you add in a little bit of wind and the windchill is right at freezing. it is 36 in santa rosa, 37 in san ramon where nebs are allowing for 40s and 50s elsewhere. so that offshore wind allowing for that mixed atmosphere and still 7 degrees warmerng degrees warmer at half moon bay. so we're starting off with partly cloudy skies, cool in spots. but by 89 o'clock, everyone is near 50. noon time, we're in the low 60s for most. so we're warming up to above average again. before we get to 4:00, we could. in about a slightly cooler second half of the weekend and a few rain chances coming into play next week in just a few minutes. liz. >> lisa, thank you. a devices u.s. supreme court has lifted california's covid related ban on indoor worship at
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churches. but the high court ruled the state can cap indoor services at 25% of the building's capacity. the state can limit singing and chantingt services. the legal challenges were brought by two southern california churches. fema is getting ready to open up mass vaccination sooitds in two california cities. liz spoke to fema officials about oakland and what they have planned. >> fema is deploying its active duty service members this >> fema's plan is to open the first mass vaccination site in the open coliseum and the second site on the campus of california state university in los angeles.
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>> why oakland? >> several factors were important in determining oakland. one, a large eligible population and also looking at the communities that needed vaccine. >> officials confirmed their goal is to vaccinate 6,000 people seven days a week and these doses will come from the federal government. now 2.6 miles from the coliseum, it's one of the covid-19 hot spots in oakland. you can drive in or walk in. freeman high school opens up next week. >> a council member says normalizing covid-19 testing helped reduce vaccine hesitancy among latinos and blacks. >> our neighborhood is willing and ready by the emails i get, by the phone calls and by people showing up to the testing site. >> representative barbara lee believes vice president harris
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pushed for oakland to be one of the sites. >> i know vice president harris well and i'm confident that she weighed in. >> with over 75,000 cases in alameda county, representative lee is pushing for more fema vaccination sites. >> we should have these vaccinations sites throughout the entire state. >> in san francisco, abc 7 the massive site is scheduled to open early next week thanks to a new partnership between the 49ers and santa clara county. right now, the plan is to serve 5,000 people a day. the end goal is to scale up to 15,000 a day once more vaccines become available. >> all of that effort is undermined by our ability to pro cure the number of vaccines that we know that we can get administered every day. >> vaccines at levi stadium will be available by appointment only to health care workers who live
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and work in santa clara county and residents 65 and older. happening today, a driving through vaccination clinic will be open this weekend in the east bay targeting seniors that are the most vulnerable to hospitalization. it is being held at golden gate racetrack in berkeley. these are available for people in the 75 plus age group seeking their first dose. vaccinations will take place through monday, february 8th. and you can make an appointment online. we're tracking vaccine shipments and distributions here in california. so far, nearly 62% of doses delivered have been given out. you can check the progress anytime on our vaccine tracker, available at abc 7 san quinnon state prison has been fedorthan $421,000 for its coronavirus outbreak. it is the largest fine calosha has handed out for violations. .
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cal osha found that staff who had been exposed were not offered proper services like testing, contact tracing and medical referrals. a state report this week cited more than 2200 cases and 28 deaths among inmates at san quintin. outdoor dining and parking lots, sidewalks, lifts have helped numerous restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic. new legislation could soon make these fixtures permanent. >> the tent in the parking lot of honor kitchen and cocktails has been such a hit with customers, the manager demarcus murphy says they have no plans to take it down. >> with this, we can enjoy the bay area weather with having the outside. so i think with this tent that we've put out, we are going to keep this one going. >> at shakewell in oakland, owner and chef jen beastie says their outdoor park lit is the key to their future success. >> having this space and being able to serve alcohol out there is essential for our recovery.
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even when we have people in the dining room. >> they got their free permit to build it from alameda county last year and were banking on keeping it open indefinitely. adding an extra number of seats with the patio is going to help us recuperate. >> now state senator scott weiner wants to make sure they can keep it helping to propose a new bill for straurnts arestaur night life. >> one of the things it will do is help make permanent serving food and drinks in park lit and other outdoor parking spaces. >> it would allow cities create open container zones zls help stream line the permit process for open storefronts. >> let's mott put them through years of permitting. let's make it shorter. >> the goal is to allow californians to enjoy themselves, too. >> this could be a renaissance after covid is done. >> in oakland, matt boone, abc 7
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news. president biden is turning up the pressure on congress to move on his economic bill. he's made it clear, he won't wait for republicans to get on board. mary bruce has the details. >> with job growth puttering and millions of americans suffering, president biden calling for swift action on his covid relief plan with or without republicans. >> i'm going to act. i'm going to act fast. i'd like to be doing it with the support of republicans. but they're just not willing to go as past as i think we have to go. >> the house voet void approve the plan. >> the senate being equally divided, the vice president votes in the affirmative. >> it includes $160 billion for vaccinations and testing, help for small businesses and for
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most americans, $1,400 direct payments. and on that, biden made it clear he will not budge. >> i'm not cutting the size of the checks. they're going to be $1400 period. >> republicans are pushing back at the overall steep price tag and they say the president isn't interested in real negotiations. >> it looks like you're pushing your agenda with the disguise of wanting to interacademy and sdoik doing it 100% with the way you want to go. >> more than 15 million people including one in four children are going hungry. >> what republicans have proposed is to either do nothing or not >> mary bruce, absence news, the white house. californians who lost their unemployment benefits late last year will have to wait even
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longer to have them extended. et sacramento law measures were told a potential delay in payments is due to an outdated claims system. the edd now says they will have to wait until at least march 7th. it's unclear how many unemployment recipients will be affected by this issue. california's great plates program has delivered more than 9 million hole meals to seniors during the pandemic is ending in some bay area cities. today will be the last day for the program in oakland and next week in san francisco. the program was first launched in april of last year with the help of fema. the program has been able to keep going until now. it's also kept some restaurants from closing. in san mateo county alone, the program supports 60 local restaurants. when i said it was so pretty, did you see the moon driving in this morning? gorgeous. >> pretty.
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certainly no fog out there. we have clear skies. 36 up in santa rosa. a live look outside here in emeryville. east bay, we're in the missd 40. we're onur 70s once again and many 60s. we'll talk about the second half of your weekend and rain chances returning, coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, pg&e is revealing details of its new wildfire safety program. how the utility will try to prevent wildfires this year. and a detour nearly turned into disaster. how one driver ended up stuck in the snowy sier
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surrounding landscapes, number of homes and recent outages. it figures out where it needs to focus most on, tree trimming, upgrades and inspections. on the peninsula, law enforcement officials may have to find a new place to house a convicted sexual predator due to be released from prison. on thursday, officials notified residents in the emerald hills area of redwood city that michael cheek was to be released there. the backlash was swift. >> there are so many children and seniors, we've got a group home with very vulnerable people, lots of schools and cafes and things. it's not an appropriate placement. >> now the homeowner of the house where cheek was supposed to live tells abc news she is rescinding her offer. cheek was convicted in both 1980 and 1981 sexualssaults. a jury later determined cheek to be a violent sexual predator. neighbors can weigh in by contacting police or the san mateo county sheriff's office.
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the wife of a man killed as a result of a multi car accident is speaking out now and sharing her pain. abc 7 news anchor dionne limb brings us this exclusive interview in which the widow says this tragic crash did not have to happen. >> wearing her husband's jacket, she spoke of moving to san francisco. their kal dream started two weeks ago. >> we saved up every penny we could for this move. we wanted to find a nice neighborhood that was safe. we wanted to be is in the city. it was really important to me. we were so happy to be here, to be on our own. >> hannah and shereah mustioka has been together four years. hannah quit her job as a special education teacher to care for their 3-year-old son, theo. >> we were excited to start our new life here.
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>> but those dreams never had the chance to fully come true. thursday morning, sherea went for a jog. when he didn't come home, hannah began to worry. >> i was starting to get nervous, so i texted him like, hey, where are you? i'm really start to go freak out. it's about an hour and a half now. i have no idea where he is. i tried calling him multiple times. it's ringing, ringing, ringing, going to voice mail. >> with the advice of her sister, hannah went out looking for her husband. and when she arrived at the lake -- >> and i see seven cars, which looked like 15. like i could have sworn it was more than 10. just completely totaled. one of them had a huge hole in the front. i was completely -- you could see the air bags and everything and there were no bodies. everyone had been cleared. and i just hyperventilated. >> sherea was gone at the hands of police say jerry lions who was on post release community surface and anensive iminal h why so soon after
5:17 am
her husband's death she found the strength to speak out. >> it only makes sense to push down my grief for a day to share his story, to share just what i experienced yesterday. i want to bring his name honor. >> who do you blame for this tragedy? >> i blame the da and so to find out that this freak accident was no freak accident. it was someone who was out in the public who shouldn't have been in the public. it was completely avoidable. completely. there was no reason it should have happened. people need to be held accountable and i am not -- i am not going to stand here and let this happen to another family. >> hannah leaves this message for her new community, which has become her california nightmare. >> he always followed that up with but if i were to die, if i were to be the next hashtag, i just want my death to be impactful. i want it to be a movement.
5:18 am
i don't -- i don't want to just be a hashtag. i want my name to be change. if i'm going to go that way. >> in san francisco, dionne limb, abc 7 news. >> and hannah visit today medical examiner's office to view her husband's body shortly after that interview. she will soon be headed out of state to visit family and grieve. a gofundme has been set up to help. you can find that at it is official. larond armstrong is the new cho chief of oakland police. >> it is really my honor to offer you the position of chief of police of the city of oakland, california. do you accept? >> thank you. yes. i accept. >> armstrong is an oakland
5:19 am
native and has been with opd since 1999. >> plan to bring a leader that is grounded in oakland, is centered around safety, the saving of lives, the understanding of how important it is that young people in this city grow up in a place they feel safe. >> a swearing in ceremony will be held on monday. he replaces former chief ann kirkpatrick who was ousted from the department last year. a man survived a week stranded in the snow in the sierra after his gps led him astray. harlin earls was driving last month when his gps led him to an unplowed road. he lost cell phone service. but instead of panicking, earls used camping supply toes cut wood and build a fire. he melted snow into drinking water. when the storm finally stopped, earls hiked to an area where he called for help.
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wow. now, sunday will be super for football fans as well as some of the nation's biggest restaurant chains. the agriculture department says super bowl is second only to thanksgiving as america's largest eating holiday. dominos is likely to sell 2 million pies and it's interesting to note that while most restaurants have struggled during the pandemic, that hasn't been the case for places that sell pizza and chicken wings. sales actually grew by double digits. not surprised to hear that. pizza is a comfort food for so many people and it's so easy. >> sounds good, even at this hour. we are looking at another beautiful day today. if you don't want to cook or barbecue, it would be definitely the order this afternoon as temperatures once again will be well above average. we should we should be in the upper 50s to near 60.
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we saw 70 out towards the concord airport. today, the warmer day out of the weekend. live doppler 7 not picking up on the fog up in the north bay. a little bit of fog up towards santa rosa. current numbers are up towards the 30s near foster city. 51 in daily city. you'll see some of these outliers in the 50s with that light east wind. check out livermore at 53 degrees. so that is correct as well as antioch at 53. to the north where winds are calm, numbers have dropped off into the 30s. here is a look at the san jose airport. our forecast highlights sunny and mild today, above-average temperatures, looking at cooler conditions and a chance of showers as we get into next week. overall, we're not looking at any big storms, but still, the possibility of getting a little wet and this high pressure ridge beginning to breakdown as soon as monday. as we look at the animation for today, notice it's sunny, 5:30, we get some clouds in here. this is overnight. as we get into your sunday,
5:22 am
looking at partly cloudy skies. that will be the rule for the afternoon. a partly cloudy day and a bit of an onshore flow returns for your sunday and that's going to aid in a couple of degrees of cooling. as we look at our warmth today, we're anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees above average for san jose, livermore and santa rosa. 8 degrees above average on the peninsula. redwood city, 68 today. you can see the 70s from the east bay to the south bay and even in the city coming up five degrees from average at 64 degrees. so today, we talked about the warmest day. here is a look at the north bay around napa where numbers will be well into the 60s. average high upper 60s. we will cool off a little bit for your sunday. we'll continue that cooling trend into next week. so a few weak systems will come by and try to undercut this ridge of high pressure as it begins to weaken. so as we look at next week into wednesday, you can see maybe a few flakes of snow, numbers will be cooler here. and then as we get into, say,
5:23 am
late thursday into friday, it looks like another system. but overall, we're not looking at much. maybe a tenth to two tenths perhaps with this system. although the zonal flow continues and that means active weather in the pacific hopefully getting closer to the bay area. you can see the central sierra around yosemite leading the pack at 75% compared to 2020. so we are doing pretty well with that last atmospheric river allowing to boost that snowpack. in terms of highs today, what a day. gorgeous out there with upper 60s for you in oakland. 67. 70 again in livermore. san jose, the delta, 69 up in santa rosa as well as concord. we'll see highs in the 60s. the accuweather forecast, mild day today. above-average temperatures tomorrow. notice the cooling trend, increasing clouds, more of a breeze with a chance of showers into the middle of next week. the ra, but it looksets more pr
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we get closer to the next week. >> good to hear. thank you. just ahead, could disneyland reopen sooner rather than later? we'll tell but the bill proposed by a couple of state lawmakers to we made usaa insurance
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you got this. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. don't miss our weekend special, save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 60 months on all smart beds. ends monday. all this week on abc 7 news, you brought you a new special series, california dreaming. we looked at some of the issues that threatened the california dream and we introduced you to people finding the solutions. >> i think the california dream is changing. >> when people say things like the dream is over because we're not growing as fast as arizona or texas, that's comparing as it were apples and oranges. >> i've been here for 38 years. been evacuated a couple of times. and it's never turned into this. >> prepare yourself. >> we've shown our resiliency. struck in the past, we're better
5:27 am
prepared than we were. >> whether it's more progressive ideas about health care or environmental protection, california tends to go first. >> all of this week's episodes will run together at part of a 30-minute special tonight. stream it on demand with our abc 7 bay area connected tv app. download the free app now on roku, fire tv and directv and apple tv. two state lawmakers from southern california have introduced a bill aimed at speeding up the reopening of disneyland and other theme parks. the bill proposes allowing large theme parks to reopen when a county enters the orange tier. the la dsn allow a large theme park to open until a county is in the yellow least restrictive stim to come, the super bowl
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is just one day away. state officials are warning not to gather with people outside your household. and seniors are among the first groups to get a vaccine,
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will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $800 on new sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 60 months. ends monday. good morning, everybody. we're going to start this half hour with another look at the weather. >> liz, can it get knit better? it was gorgeous yesterday and today, yes, lots of sunshine. if you're hoping for some rain, well, we're going to get to that in a moment, but right now, we have numbers in the 30s, 40s ro1 in pacifica. it's all due to the upper elf vacation wind whether or not you're chilly or you have a
5:31 am
milder start. you can see the winds out at the northeast. we're 13 degrees milder this morning compared to half moon bay. 7 degrees warmer in livermore. and the fog is with us in santa rosa. over a mile visibility. but still, pretty foggy there. as we go through the afternoon, notice that the numbers continue to climb through the 60s to near 70 today. lots of sun. we'll detail your sunday in a few minutes. the nfl is transforming 30 stadiums into mass vaccination sites. abc news reporter christine sloan has more on why super bowl sunday is prompting new fears about an uptick in cases. >> this super bowl sunday, health experts warn background parties becoming potential superspreaders. >> let's not have the super bowl become the next beginning of a huge surge here in californiple with those in their household, in los angeles, restaurants will
5:32 am
turn their screens off while officials from new jersey to kansas ease restrictions at restaurants and bars. 22,000 fans, about a third capacity, are expected to attend the game in tampa where face masks are mandatory. >> face coverings are a requirement. >> as covid-19 variants spread across the country, officials are ramping up vaccinations. the pentagon says it plans to deploy more than 1100 troops made of mostly nurses and medical specialists to help at vaccinationside vaccination sites. >> meantime, johnson & johnson says it's closer to emergency authorization for its vaccine. it's stated at being 66% effective at illness. >> i'm pretty confident these vaccines will hold up to the vaan. deeply worried if the variants take off and infect a
5:33 am
lot of people, we could see our hospitals strained again. >> if authorized at an fda hearing later this month, vaccinations could begin as soon as march 1st. christine sloan, abc news, new york. stay home and celebrate your favorite team with only those two live in your household. don't gather. connect with friends virtually and save the in-person celebration for next year when it's save. >> does nadine burke harris went on to emphasize safety basics with what she calls the five ws. wear a mask, wash your hands, wait at a distance and when it's your turn, get 2 key 2, an obvi
5:34 am
on the famous row boat, it works by beaming out high intensity ultraviolet light. it is mint to remove 99% of harmful airborne and surface pathogens and that includes the coronavirus. the nearly six foot tall robot moves around terminals at night after the airport closes to the public. and because we know it is so difficult to get accurate information about vaccine supplies and appointments, vaccine watch is looking at building a better bay area. david louis has discovered a free service that will help older americans get sloonline a get help. >> many of us know the futility of waiting on hold to get an appointment or to find out who has vaccines. those most at risk, age 65 plus
5:35 am
have found a way. >> we do it for the demographic. >> lawrence is the founder of get set up. its free interactive 30 minutes sessions have 4e7d more than 20,000 people get vaccine information sclug those who are not experienced online users. >> we can share our own smartphone screens to walk people through their settings on their phone, some of their camera settings on their phone. >> with many senior centers closed and with similar access restricted to libraries, the greatest at-risk group has had difficulty getting accurate information. >> we have a moderator who will guide them through the website for that state. oftentimes, we'll have an ambassador who will recount sort of their experience around getting the vaccine in that state. as well as a local medical official who can help us answer some questions.
5:36 am
>> 75-year-old nicki taylor learned that a nearby grocery store was giving vaccine shots. she received her vaccination earlier this week. >> the learners on these calls are helping each other. somebody may know something that the rest of the people at participating in the session do not. and they impart that information. >> that's the kind of interaction lost due to pandemic isolation. and even those who get can't into a zoom session can watch a live or recorded session on get setups's facebook live page. david louis, abc 7 news. up to 3,500 people are getting vaccinated by the end of today in salano county. the mass vaccinations are only available to eligible county residents and that includes groups of health care workers, first responders and those over the age of 75. today's vaccination event is in.
5:37 am
testing and vaccines are among the demands of those who work in classrooms. this comes two days after the city sued its own school district in an attempt to force them to reopen schools soon. maria has the details. >> several unions presented part of their demands for the san francisco unified school district. >> we'll need for the district to have access to testing and vaccines. so when those things are in place, we will be ready to get into our classrooms and our schools. >> currently, san francisco is in the highest purple tier, vaccinating teachers and staff would only be required if san francisco were in the red tier. meaning the spread of the virus is substantial. but if the city goes down to the more moderate orange tier, no vaccinations would be needed to return. there were more conditions laid out. >> what we really need is updated ventilation systems, ppe, robust and reliable testing and contact tracing for staff
5:38 am
and students, small stable cohorts of students in classrooms and vaccinations. >> so let's go over those conditions. ventilation systems at the elementary schools.e. >> we did a window inventory. we checked the working condition of every windown an elementary school classroom here at san francisco unified. that's over 55,000 windows across 1600 classrooms. >> and what about the ppe? >> we had movers come in and socially distance all the tefks, install and set up teacher stations, install hand sanitizer, fill the hand sanitizer pumps in each single classroom. >> the district says it has all the ppe needed for the first wave of students who will return, but only a few schools so far have been cleared by the health department to reopen. the district has said it will test students, teachers and staff on in terms of cohorts, 14 students
5:39 am
is the maximum in a classroom. >> trying to keep the same group of students and adults together as much as possible over the course of the day and is avoid mixing. >> some of the students say they toured the schools in the summer and early fall. they haven't been invited since. perhaps it's time that they do if they to be convinced that schools in san francisco are as safe as the district says they are. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> students are call for changes ahead of a board of education voice next to denounce recent racism and anti semantic attacks. lowerel's black stun unit wants teachers to take cultural sensitivity training and for all students to complete a course in ethnic studies. the schoo b plans to vote on tuesday whether to drop allowel's requirement over the
5:40 am
complaints about racism. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, saying more than thank you. those who have been on the front lines of the pandemic can access classes at no cost. more on the bay area university that is stepping up to help. and here is a live look outside this rning, looking out over the bay bridge, the embarcadero ferry building, it is shaping up to be a beautiful ♪ [coughs] ♪ [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,...
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>> going for a high of 65. certainly not feeling like february. although this morning at 33 in santa rosa, it's awfully chilly out there. we'll talk about how long this spring like weather last eggs and whether we can get some meaningful rain in here, next. after a one-week layoff, the sharps returned to the ice in anaheim and staged a third period comeback. period comeback. did san where can a healthier heart le y?h e eresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto is a heart failure medicine prescribed by most cardiologists. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart
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two games against the mavericks and dallas, you can watch the game right here on abc 7. coverage starts at 5:00 p.m. then join larry beale and warriors ambassador anonna foil
5:46 am
after the game for postgame highlights and analysis. and we are just one day juan from super bowl lv. >> tom brayly will play in his tenth super bowl on sunday. the other two sometimes, brady's patriots won the big game. chiefs favored by three points. patrick mahomes looking to win back to back super bowls. his arm strength, mobility and speed just destroy defenses. brady, he will pick you apart with his mind and arm. there is one thing he would like to add at age 43. >> i want to work on my speed this off season and try to get my speed up a little bit. i see all of these guys running around. i have to make a few of those plays. i have to start thinking about how i'm going to train. i'd say that's the one thing i want to always keep worki >> always getting better. and the rich get richers. the world champion dodgers
5:47 am
signed trevor bower, three years, $102 million. so l.a. now has three cy young winners in their rotation, bauer, kershaw and price. the sharks are back in action last night for the first time in over a week, skating in anaheim. their ninth straight road game. for team teal. dominated in the first, outplayed in the second, ducks scored three strait. max makes it 3-1 ducks after 40 minutes. how would san jose respond in the third? kane to the net. two minutes later, kane with the first shorthanded goal of the year to tie it up with three. they end up in a shoot-out. kevin le bank, not tnk, not tn o the doves would love to see another
5:48 am
ubrae. his goal is to focus on his energy, not his critics. >> i've stopped putting added pressure on to myself from the outside forces and hone into my chi and access that power that i have within to go out there and perform. >> hone into your chi. women's hoonts, stanford is back home. this is russell wilson's little sister, anna. she had 11 points. lacy hall helping stanford go up by 22 at the half. and kiana williams. the women of cal lost to utah. shot of the day comes from ohio. custodian joe orien's back to the basket from half-court. oh, come on, splash. and then he nonchalantly grabs his vacuum, scrolls out of the gym and goes back to work. the principal tweeted it out with the tweet our custodian is
5:49 am
better than yours. impressive. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> it was so nice yesterday. it's not unusual to get these dry spells. t,s bo this last year. we continue to look at this deficit as we get further into the year. that northeast wind allowing for that 53 in livermore, 51 in antioch. so certainly chilly up in the north bay. three quarter of a mile view. outside this morning, it's clear
5:50 am
in san francisco, sunny and mild out there. look r looking for above-average temperatures. as we get into monday and tuesday, that ridge begins to break down. and we could see a few systems undercutting that ridge allowing for maybe a little bit of precip. no big storms, though, on the horizon. as we look at the rest of today, sunny day, 5:30. a few clouds around. overnight hours, partly cloudy skies. by tomorrow morning, we've got a mix of clouds and sun and we'll see a few more clouds tomorrow. the high clouds and temperatures with the return to that westerly wind will be cooler. but as for today, still, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above average. san francisco coming in in the mid 60s. upper 60s on the peninsula, as well as oakland today. 70 i s joss a l warmer than yesterday. so if you are checking out the shore line today, today will be
5:51 am
the warmest day. low 60s to the beach. 65 in santa cruz. the second half of the weekend, we return to these upper 50s with that stronger on shore flow and a few more clouds around. so looking at the extended outlook, this is wednesday. as we look at thursday and friday, the system wants to favor our extreme northern california. we would be on the tail end of it maybe bringing in a tenth of rain at this point. as we get into the latter part of the week, temperatures trending near average, but still not look at any storm. 67 in oakland. pal alto checking in at 66. the sunniest and warmest day will be today with highs near 70s in our outlying areas. others, cooler, a few clouds for your sunday. and then into monday we will see partly cloudy skies with the
5:52 am
breeze kick up, 50s to low 60s and that should be the trend with a slight chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. so, really, nothing to write home about, liz, but enjoy the day today. gorgeous out there. >> absolutely. thank you. the pandemic has led to incredible difficulties for colleges across the country. one bay area university is still delivering on their goal of accessible learning. abc 7 news community journalist dustin dorsey shows us how essential workers can further their education for free. >> throughout the entirety of the covid-19 pandemic, essential workers have stepped up to the call of duty and given back so much to the communities around them. for the california state university system, san francisco state and sfsu college of extended learning dean, alex wu, a thank you wasn't enough. they wanted to do more. >> how can we be a significant contributor in the challenging time to continue how people progress their academic goal and
5:53 am
career. we have a great program to offer. >> that program is courses for causes, the college of extended learning offers free and discounted courses in subjects such as clinical trials, human resources and management to first responders and essential workers. >> san francisco state is a wonderful institution, can be the best affordable accessible education destination. not only for the student to be here for 18, 24 years old, but for us, it's lifelong learning opportunity for everybody who wants to have their career goal or want to retrain themselves. >> courses have been offered in the fall and winter sessions and now in the recently started spring system. wu hopes this program can grow and continue past the end of the pandemic to help the community and build a better bay area. >> higher education needs to reconsider how do we do, how do we serve? not only the traditional
5:54 am
student, it's beyond that. i think that's where i see the value. i think this is the goal. we will be able to continue this throughout the foreseeable future. >> for more information, visit next, it may be the best renovated dog park in the country. it reopens today in san francisco. and we will have a sneak peek at what many are calling possum.
5:55 am
5:56 am
having a place where the city's furry residents can run off that energy. it's on the west end of the park. the makeover includes brand new agility equipment, a pet drinking fountain, improved fencing and synthetic turf and a special spot for smaller dogs. tables, benches, a community
5:57 am
message board and dog waste bag holders are there, too. the california state national resources agency funded the bulk of the $2 million renovation and city leaders said the park is simply possum. you see what they did there. oh, the dogs look very happy. next on abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m., fema officials are send ago team to the bay area to open a mass vaccination site in oakland. plus, outdoor dining setups have been popular during the pandemic, but how long will they last? one local lawmakers is introducing a bill to answer that question.
5:58 am
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i think all the stars were aligned, but there's a real commitment to make sure that as we fight for these resources, they are targeted to where they're most needed. on th to the max mass al help vaccination site being set up at the open coliseum. it's part of president biden's goal to get everyone vaccinated. good morning, everybody. we have much more on the help coming to the bay area and to another california city in just a moment. but first, let's start with a quick look at the weather. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz, you. it's a cold look at the fog. as we go in closer, you can see the visibility down to a mile in santa rosa. a mile and three quarters in


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