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tv   ABC 7 News 430 PM  ABC  February 6, 2021 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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nothing like this. a driver is robbed while sitting in traffic. you will hear from the person who took this video. and the race to vaccinate comes to an east bay racetrack. some people did everything they could to get the shot and this is all that's left of the community center today. vital service it was providing during the pandemic. the special edition of abc7 news starts now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future this is abc7 news. it is the shot of a lifetime. more counties in the bay area are giving people the opportunity to get the covid vaccine this weekend, and for many it means being able to see their families once again. with that we say good afternoon and thank you so much for joining us. i'm dion lim. welcome to the special edition
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of abc7 news. one issue we focus on in our commitment to help build a better bay area is your health. >> and that includes the covid vaccine rollout. mass vaccinations are happening this weekend in alameda county at the golden gate field racetrack and that's where abc7 news reporter carnell barnard joins us. some people went to great lengths to get vaccinated? >> reporter: yeah, dion, would you believe a taxi? well, whatever it takes to get to this mass vaccination site at golden gate fields. a lot of people still waiting here. about 30 minutes left today. still a lot of folks, as i said, still waiting for appointments. a big turnout up in solano county as well today. today you are getting the pfizer vaccine. the magic words hundreds of seniors v waited months to hear. >> i am very eager to get injection. >> reporter: karen called a taxi to make her appointment at this drive-through vaccine clinic.
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in the parking lot of golden gate fields. >> i am disabled. whenever i need to go somewhere that's important, i call them. here, right?it tes to get >> that's right. >> reporter: consuelo garcia was scared to get the shot but her daughter is feeling the opposite. >> i have been so anxious over the last year because of my mom. we live together and i have young kids in school. it's a huge relief we won't be exposing her. >> reporter: this site now serving alameda county seniors 75 and older by appointment only. >> this is a win for everybody. we feel good with every single shot that goes into a arm. >> now that it's here -- >> reporter: this clinic was at the solano county fair grounds for health care workers and county residents over 75. >> the average wait time i would say between registration, vaccine, eval, scheduling a second appointment is around 45 minutes. >> reporter: he hopes to be
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spending more time with his dad after his shot. >> i seen him social distancing maybe twice since march and my mother is going to get her shot i think in two weeks. >> reporter: that's awesome. organizers say 3,500 people got vaccinated at that vallejo clinic between yesterday and today. this clinic at golden gate fields has given shots to about 1,600 people since friday. they will be giving shots through monday and they hope to keep going as long as they can get enough vaccine doses. live in berkeley cornell barnard. >> so happy for all of the people out there. many thanks. now, abc7 news is monitoring the covid vaccine rollout in california with our vaccine tracker. our vaccine tracker also shows when you might be able to get the vaccine in california. you can find this at our home page a new tactic by thieves. they are shocking crime caught on video. take look. it shows a passenger jump out of a black honda accord in san
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francisco in the middle of the road with the car still moving. he then mashes the rear window of that prius on the left and poulds out a bag full of camera gear. this all happened yesterday afternoon on the 8th street on-ramp to i i-80 eastbound. the driver captured it on his camera. >> the honda was following the prius for a time. it was premeditated and seems like the black honda accord owners followed them for a video shoot or something. >> i spoke to the robbery victims, a husband and wife who are real estate photographers and were on a shoot near dolores park. they say they lost about $7,000 in equipment. you will hear from them tonight on abc7 news at 11. a pivotal ruling from the u.s. supreme court will allow for churches and other houses of worship to resume indoor services in california. the order late last night said the state cannot ban services due to the pandemic. however, it is allowed to limit them to 25% of the building's
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capacity. the high court's justices kept the ban in place on singing and chanting. san francisco archbishop said, quote, this a very significant step forward for basic rights. this decision makes clear we can now return to worshipping safely indoors without risk of harassment from government officials. east bay parents and students marched through berkeley today demanding the state to safely reopen schools. it was organized by parents who say school closures are having a devastating affect onhiren' well being and physical health. >> yeah, she doesn't really see friends. she doesn't get a chance to play at school, and she has been in kindergarten for, like, search months and has pfeiffer been in a classroom. >> last month the group of 30 ucsf doctors published an open
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letter calling for california schools to be reopened by february. teachers unions in many school districts across the state say ea teachers won't go back until they are vaccinated. a message from local health experts ahead of the super bowl. stay home or risk triggering another spike in covid-19. the stakes are high in marin county where they are on the cusp of improving to the red tier. health officials are warning people to avoid all indoor parties and if you are attending a small gathering wear a mask. bring your own food and drinks and don't sheridaner ware. >> i say we made a lot of sacrifices i sacrifices the last year. children not being in school, businesses closed. this is another sacrifice that we are asking people to make. we are so close. we are so close. and let's not threaten our progress. >> half of marin county's residents over the age of 75 have received covid-19 vaccinations.
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the challenge right now is the shortage of doses. today marks the anniversary of the first american to die from covid. a san jose woman. since then more than 460,000 people in the united states have died. california reported another 623 deaths today, pushing the state's total to close to 44,000. we are seeing a trend continue with the positive rate that indicates that the spread of the virus is slowing. the seven-day is down to 5.5% and it has been that low since before thanksgiving. president biden says providing covid relief right now amountf e relief and so is the check. both chambers of congress have passed a budget resolution setting up the ability to pass the president's $1.9 trillion covid relief package. the core of the package, $160 billion for vaccinations and testing, and help for small businesses. president biden is speaking directly with americans in a white house series called weekly
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conversations. the first video features on unemployed mother from roseville: >> we are so glad we have you focusing on that. >> friday's jobs report suggests help is needed now more than ever. 16 million americans are claiming some form of unemployment. the pandemic has certainly changed a lot of things. san jose's latest police academy just graduated and it was quite the wait. the record the class set because of covid-19. and devastation overnight as a bay area community center goes up in flames. the critical service it provided that may now be cut off. check this out. we will show you a local artist's tribute to robin williams that was just completed. drew. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. it was a san antonio and warm start to the weekend today. we will get how lon
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in the east bay a busy community center providing thousands of meals each week gutted by fire overnight. oakland fire says it was first reported at 1:00 a.m. at the vietnamese american community center on international boulevard across from clinton park. investigators believe that fire was sparked by a nearby homeless camp. community leaders say it is a huge loss for the east lake and vietnamese community. youth and community leaders coming together in oakland to
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silence the violence. activists marked the day with peace demonstrations throughout east and west oakland. they are calling to an end to brutality and state violence.e demonstrators are also calling for accessibility to quality education, jobs and community resources such as violence prevention efforts. cities like oakland have seen a spike in crime since covid began. >> a lot of the issues before coronavirus have just been made worse by the pandemic. people need jobs. people need housing. people need food. people need resources. we are making a statement for that. >> they were also giving out free ppe, hand sanitizer and masks. san jose is welcoming 38 new police officers to the force and they have quite a story. because of the pandemic, they spent a record 13 months in the academy and they finally graduated yesterday and will be hitting the streets shortly. nurses across the state united for a day of action to urge lawmakers to pass
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california guaranteed health care for all. the california nurses association organized more than 20 car caravans throughout the state, including here in the bay area. they wanted to send a message to governor gavin newsom that a single-payer healthcare system can save families thousands of dollars every year and guarantee health care as a human right. san francisco's slow streets freshm program has expanded to the mission district. valencia street is now closed off to cars during the day between 16th and 21st. not only does it allow people to get out and walk or ride their bikes, but it also helps businesses that can operate outdoors. the closures will happen every weekend through the end of june. just ahead, this one's for the dogs and we mean that literally. the renovated park where proud owners can take their pets for a little workout. and an absolutely perfect day in the bay area. but changes could be on the horizon.
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meteorologist drew tuma i
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♪ all this week on abc7 news we brought you our new special series "california dreaming." we looked at some of the issues that threaten the california dream and introduced you to people finding the solutions. >> i think that the california dream is changing. >> when people say things like the dream is over because we are not growing as fast as arizona or texas, that's comparing as it
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were apples and oranges. >> been here 38 years, been evacuated a couple of times, and it's never turned into this. >> showing our resiliency in earthquakes that have struck in the best. we are better prepared than we were. >> whether it's immigration, whether it's more progressive ideas about health care or environmental protection, california tends to go first. >> all of this week's episodes will run together as part of a 30-minute special tonight at 9:00 p.m. but you can always stream an extended cut of the full series on demand right now with our abc7 bay area connected tv app. download it on roku fire tv, android tv and apple tv. san francisco's largest fenced-in dog park is back open today. the dog training area another fulton and 36th is reopening
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following a $2.4 million renovation t features separate areas for big and little dogs with new and improved surfaces. human visitors will have new picnic tables, pathways and a water bottle filler. the project was funded through a $2 million grant. there is a tribute to a comic legend from the north bay. a mural of robin williams at the bay street mall in emeryville across from the hhm store. artist keen visions just finished painting the mural today and it was commissioned by oakland chinatown non-profit 333 arts. the art work also includes an image of bruce lee, who was born in san francisco. no matter what you happened to be today it was absolutely gorgeous. ways in marin, taking a hike. almost didn't want to come to work. >> i feel like a people enjoying that weather today, outside the perfect place to be. we have tons of sunshine and temperatures topped out in the 60s and 70s.
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well above where we should be for this time of the year. so let's show you the picture outside. alivelook, you can see sight. you have the city of san francisco, you got oakland on the left-hand side of your screen. mainly clear skies and that sunshine bar warmed us up. 61 in the city. 70 in oakland. san jose 70 degrees. half moon bay at about 55. where else in the u.s. can you be at the beach in february? certainly california enjoying that sunshine across the entire state. a lot of people hitting santa cruz right now under the mostly sunny skies. 67 in santa rosa. the same in napa. 66 in concord. pretty much everywhere is either at or about 65 degrees. let's talk about encouraging news, our snowpack. this image from space was three week ago. you can see our snowpack, it was pretty minimal. it was below average for this time of the year. fast forward to now where we saw feet of snow in the past couple
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of weeks and it really has made a difference. the snowpack today bigger, it's healthier. yes, we are still below where we should be, but we are at 69% of normal, which is a huge gain over the past couple of weeks. good news there. here is live doppler 7 along with satellite. the past 12 hours nothing but sunshine across the golden state. high pressure is in control. it will remain in control tomorrow as well. we may get a few thin high crrus clouds from time to time, but all in all a really nice end to the weekend. all right. so overnight tonight mid-30s to mid-40s under mostly clear skies. as we break down the day tomorrow, the second half of the weekend looks really beautiful. call it mostly sunny throughout the day, and it's another mild afternoon. we may shave a couple of degrees off our high temperatures tomorrow compared to today, but still everybody is pretty much well into the 60s away from the coast. highs on our sunday 65 in oakland, 67 in san jose, some of
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our warmest spot inland approaching 70 degrees again. we will hit about 68 in concord, the coast 58 half moon bay, but santa cruz a lot of sunshine, a curveball februa comfortable afternoon. here is the accuweather forecast seven-day forecast. mostly sunny finish to the weekend. more cloud cover monday and tuesday. temperatures drop back to average. a little bit warmer midweek, but we are watching the later half of the seven-day forecast. thursday night into friday, that's when our next chance of some rain likely comes through. we will keep our eye on that. nonetheless, the second half of the weekend tomorrow looking equally as beautiful as today. >> thanks. there is more than just the super bowl to talk about. chris alvarez with a preview of sports. >> coming up in sports, we will preview tonight's warriors game on abc7. we talk with espn's rachel nichols and elvis heads
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a. sports with chris alvarez. >> a huge warriors game after this newscast. first the a's making moves with special team around the deal. the headliner elvis andrus is headed to the east bay. d.h. khris davis is going to texas. and ris takes the role of marcus simeon who signed with toronto. davis 158 home runs over the last five seasons in oakland. and russ, a lifetime rangers, excited to join the green and
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gold. >> i really admire the team, especially the last two years. it's really hard to have such young players being that mature like the a's. i start thinking about playing next to chapman, like playing next to my good friend when he was younger. >> and according to multiple reports right hand starter mike fiers is returning to oakland, a one-year $3.5 million deal. the a's traded for him in 2019 and in 2019 a career best 19 wins. he is coming off a 2020 campaign 6-3 with a 4.54 e.r.a. warriors at the top of the hour. rachelle nichols on tonight's game. she joined me to talk the warriors and her life covering the nba the last year. >> the warriors had this huge swing. we could see them not only be in the playoff bracket but maybe they are clear of that seven through ten spot with the new
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play in game format. i scad draymond green, who do you think the warriors are this th this year? he said he didn't know yet. we got two warriors games coming up on abc saturday night. we can kind of figure it all out together. >> what's the last year been like for you hosting these games. >> you were in the bubble. take me behind the scenes. >> this pandemic started in a way at a warriors game. we were doing our abc saturday night at a warriors/sixers game in san francisco and those were the first time we had questions of, huh, are we going to have a game without fans in the stands? i would never have expected waking up that morning in san francisco getting my coffee that i was going to live in a bubble. we were driving in florida rain. me and carmelo knanthony are trying to get out of lightning strikes. that has been a met a far for the entire nba season. >> it's not the same sport. do you have a super bowl
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prediction? >> i do not. i am thrilled to sit down, watch the super bowl, and not know what's going to happen. i want to see g.o.a.t. versus baby g.o.a.t. i think it's going to be fantastic. >> we will watch you on abc every saturday night. big games coming up, a couple of warriors games. travel safe. talk to you again soon. >> i am thrilled that people in your market get to see the jump right at lunchtime between 12 non and 1. hang out with us. >> thanks to rachel for her time. espn has the show the "jump." we are warriors/mavericks tonight. it's a big night on abc7. >> should be a lot of fun, too. many thanks to you. and that's it for abc7 news. i'm dion lim and, like chris said, warriors and mavericks, that is coming up next. a live look outside at the gorgeous evening that we have, picture perfect in san francisco. stay with us. we will see you also right after the game for abc7 news at 11.
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♪ ahhh. ahhh. ahhh. ah. ♪ ♪ for the second time in three days, steph curry and the warriors are looking to dial up a win in dallas. but will the nba triple-double leader have the answer tonight? it's luka doncic, it's the mavs, and they're going against the golden state warriors, but first, as always, it's "nba countdown." ♪ on the surface, there's nothing to fear. this unassuming, unimposing warrior. for whom joy is


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