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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 10, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning, it is wednesday, february 10th. >> thanks so much for being here with us dark and early an wednesday. start with meteorologist mike nicco and a look at the bay area forecast. hey mike. >> hey joournl, kumasi, kobe anyway. a look at live doppler 7. sunny day. no need to worry about rain today but fog is starting to form quickly around the coast, san francisco and the north bay valley. a look at pier 15 back towards the embarcadero center interest.
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salesforce tower. temperatures mid- to upper-50s at noon. more on the chance of rain tomorrow and through the weekend coming up. >> thank you, mike. later this morning, opening arguments will begin for president trump's second people trial and marks the first time a president has faced an impeachment trial after leaving office. yesterday arguments from both sides about whether it is constitutional to even try a former president. good morning, andrew. >> reporter: yeah, you know, house impeachment managers spent the better part of day 1 trying to link trump's words in the days and weeks leading up to the riot arguing if those words aren't peachable, then they know don't know what it is. the senate chamber, under siege a month ago now a courtroom. reliving the capitol attack on the first day of former
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president donald trump's second impeachment trial. house impeachment managers using searing images from the attack to lay claim that trump incited the deadly insurrection, using his own words to plead their case. >> if you don't fight like hell, you are not going have a country anymore. >> reporter: his emotions weighing heavy as he recalled what his daughter said to him. >> he said dad. i don't want to come back to the capitol. >> day 1 for this unprecedented trial was meant to focus on the constitutionality of the trial itself with democrats arguing trump can still be impeached even though he's no longer in the oval office. bruce castor spent most of the time -- >> -- senators are patriots first. they love their country. they love their families. >> reporter: even republican
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senators say they were confused. >> i was perplexed by the first attorney who did not seem to make any arguments at all. >> reporter: and sources tell abc news trump is not please with the performance of his defense team. trump's other attorney david schoen getting things back on track trying to assert since trump was refrom office by the will of the american voters democrats have no case. >> for a great many americans see this process for exactly what it is, a chance bay group of partisan politicians seeking to eliminate donald trump from the american political scene. >> reporter: and that argument ultimately falling short. senators voting to move ahead with this trial and six republicans voting with democrats that the trial is constitutional even if trump is no longer in office. opening arguments continue today. i've on capitol hill. >> thank you, andrew. bay area legal experts say the house impeachment managers have
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to convince the senate there there are grounds for a hearing and that a president could be tried after leaving office. >> that implies that any president or any official can do something worthy of impeachment in his last days, in his or her last days and get off scot-free because there would be to time to have a trial. >> abc news will have gavel to gavel special coverage of the impeachment trial today. i you can watch it over air 7.2 or comcast and you can watch it on the app. as abc7 news works to build a better bay area we are tracking every step of getting students back to the classrooms during the pandemic. today kids are heading back to
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campus. abc news amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: good morning. the little ones are coming back today. tk-3rd grade will be back in the first time since march. tk through 2nd. the 3rd through the 5. graders start next week. contra costa still in the purple tier so they are not clear to return yet. the state says the older kids can return when the county has been in the red tier at least five days. officials say covid numbers are falling across the board in contra costa county. to limit the number of classrooms, students will have two days in class and join by zoom during the other days of the week. the superintendent says this is a day they have all anticipated and he's grateful the day has arrived. reporting live from danville,
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amy hollyfield. new this morning, san mateo union high school district says they will restart inperson classes. the teachers association a school boa starts when san mateo county moves into the red tier. schools start with specialized programs for students with disabilities and then eventually student who opt for inperson instruction return to a hybrid system switching between inperson and virtual instruction. -- not realistic schools open this year. despite a tentative agreement between the teachers uniand the school district. which says inperson classes can resume after all teachers are vaccinated. teachers will be eligible to get vaccinated in the city starting february the 24th in just two
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weeks. >> new york -- 45,009 deaths. new york ranks second in the nation in death per -- johnson and johnson vaccine starting next week. and jobina has more on the decision. >> south africa pulled astrazeneca's vaccine over concerns it does not protect against mild and moderate cases of the variant first seen in south africa. now they will give the one shot johnson and johnson vaccine even though it hasn't been given authorization in any country. south africa's health minister declared it is safe in a national address. he said they will study to see what production it provides
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front-line health workers from the covid-19 and the new variants. j and j's trial tested 44,000 people in south africa, the united states and latin america. south africa's health minister says it has proven effective against the variant found in south africa. last week j and j filed for emergency use authorization with the u.s. fda. if it is approved the vaccine could become available in the united states as soon as next month. julian. >> that would certainly be good news. thank you jobina. >> developing news. crews working to clean hundreds of gallons of petroleum spilled into the san francisco bay yesterday off port richmond. a health a advisory was issued by it was lifted last night. >> you are looking at petroleum that spilled into the san francisco bay and san pablo bay tuesday. >> smell like somebody spilled gasoline in front of my house. it smelled very very badly for
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whole day. >> i smelled it and i thought well, something is going on. >> reporter: something was going on. as officials confirm that .600 gallons of petroleum spilled into the water creating a smell that spread through the community. stemming from a leech on the long wharf that connects the refine troy ships. at one point in the day --. the confirmed the leak has been contained. as for wildlife in the water? >> there hasn't been any reported at this time. but we have the care network on standby. >> reporter: nearby neighbors say this happens -- >> it is a necessary evil and it is not going away any time soon. >> reporter: others say what happened here tuesday is unacceptable and someone needs to be held accountable. >> i'm really devastated. i cannot take my kids to the water. i cannot walk on the water. i cannot enjoy it.
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i am really scared. >> at this point we have seen is it shehan in the san pablo bay. there have been unconfirmed reports it's reached the shoreline. we'll know more with the full assessment in the morning. >> reporter: officials are start back up in the morning surveying the damage done by the leak. they also say that if anyone comes across any wildlife that may have oil on it to call authorities immediately saying often times when people try to help they can do more harm than good. in richmond, jr. stone, abc7 news. we sent a push alert when news of the oil spill first broke. if you want alerts like this in the future, the abc7 news app is free to download in your app store. >> let's set the table for today and what's coming tomorrow. because they are going to be two completely different forecasts. a look at today. most of us are a little cooler this morning thanks to the
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clearing skies out there. it is mainly partly cloudy. mid- to up e40s, most of the peninsula. san bruno 51, 50 in san francisco, 54 over in oakland and that looks like that's it for the 50s. most of us in the mid- to upper-40s. santa rosa foggy and 39. foggy in napa, 43. the coliseum, 880. looking northbound there a few clouds. today is good day to do some yard work. take breaks outside because you might not be able to tomorrow. and exercise. it is going to be brighter and milder. more comfortable during the afternoon and evening hours. for tomorrow through friday morning. light to moderate rain becoming a few widely scattered showers fried morning. it is going to be breezy to even gusty. especially in higher elevations and along the coast. we wake up tomorrow looking at mostly cloudy conditions. slight steady rain north bay about 9:00 while the rest offous
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random light rain. and into the afternoon and evening commute everybody is getting light to moderate rain. and by 1:00 we're just about out of it and leftover showers and slippery conditions for friday's morning commute. rainfall from couple of hundredths in areas like mountain view to about a hour to a half inch through the north bay. not looking quite as promising as it did yesterday. more on the weekend rain coming up. here is jobina and commute. second degr >> we have no issues from the chp so far this morning. so that is good news but already busy on 680. brake lights making their way south there. and i want to move to the bay bridge and our south bay camera. the past two days we've had issues on the bridge whether a stalled car or something else so the metering light have been coming on earlier.
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hopefully that is not the case today. i'll let you know if they do. julian and kumasi. >> coming up the search for answers after a deadly shooting at a medical clinic. but police are saying this morning about the suspects. >> finally an answer to the crash that killed kobe bryant. who's to blame? we'll tell you what the ntsb report revealed. >> and paying tribute to the late alex trebek. >> and it is 5:13 on wednesday morning. is a holiday weekend with big savings on home appliances. from what you need to what you want. save with special values and free delivery on appliances $299 or more. there's no better day than today to shop appliances at lowe's. the power of three is everywhere. but you've never seen it like this. now with xfinity internet, you can also save on wireless and streaming. get internet that's packed with power...
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can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with mom? you got this. so you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $800 on new sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. this black history month abc7 news is celebrating the people in our community who are working to build a better bay area by making black history right now. a group of seven black friends from san francisco have banded together to expand black cultural space, home ownership and businesses. founded sf -- wall street.
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worked on multiple efforts, including a citywide juneteenth celebration. and helping bridge the gap between transplants and native san franciscoans. >> we've been working with san francisco native, folks who own businesses here to pass something called a good neighbor policy that guides folks on how to respect and how to interact with our community and our culture in a way that doesn't do more harm. >> you can watch my full story on sf black wall street, this afternoon on abc7 news. alex trebek's family is paying it forward by donating much of his "jeopardy" wardrobe to his charity. he's known for his philanthropy and continuing even three month after his death due to cancer donating his clothing to the non profit who helps homelessness
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and substance abuse get back on their feet. trebek's widow shared these photos. the suits will be used by program participants for job interviewsu natch "jeop weekdays right here negrt stor >> awesome. so good to see t t >> legend keeps on giving and keeps on growing even when he's unfortunately gone. that's amazing. that's great. someone to follow there. that is someone you should look up to for sure. san jose 87, partily about 47 degrees. sunshine and light to moderate rain today. breezy tomorrow. a break friday and more wet weather saturday and monday. we'll try to squeeze in a dry valentines day also. 56 at half moon bay. about everybody else 60-66 degrees. 60 in san francisco to fairfield
5:18 am
at 66 along santa rosa. concord 65. san jose 64. great day to be outside. and across the state looking at more sunshine and a wealth of 60s in the lower elevations. 46 tahoe to 78 in palm springs. holding on the 60s inland at 5:00. low- to upper 50s at 6:00. a look at our temperatures tonight. and with the cloud cover and the southerly breeze kicking in. most of us in the mid-40s to low-50s. accuweather, rainy and breezy tomorrow. one on the storm impact scale not quite as breezy for monday's storm. temperatures hovering in the mid-50 toss about the mid-60s
5:19 am
all seven days. new this morning, police revealing new details about the suspect in a mass shooting at a minnesota health clinic. jobina is tracking this from the live li grery way he received and had a vendetta there. opening fire inside the clinic killing one and injuring four ores, according to a court document ulrichad been banned from the facility since 2018 and was not allowed to have contact with the doctor working there. investigators have not released the reason for the restrange order but according to the minneapolis star tribune, it says ulrich was calling his former doctor three times a day threatening a mass shooting and
5:20 am
to blow things up according to mass scenarios. >> i heard this man say get down on the ground and turn and saw the back of this man and he had a gun. and there was screaming and there was shooting. >> goodness. rick's brother tells abc news he ed an opioid diction aewo whic been a factor. new details following a police shooting in fremont. four juveniles arrested. the chase started when officers spot ad stolen car yesterday afternoon. the car eventually stopped when it came to a dead end road and several people jumped out and tried to run. police said one even fired a gun towards the officers but none hurt. two of the juveniles arrested at the scene. two others later arrested just before midnight after a s.w.a.t. team search. up next the seven things to
5:21 am
know this rng. >> and salesforce telling their employees to stay home.0 to 5:0. what that means for the business and tech community. now a live loo
5:22 am
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it is 5:22. here are the seven things to know this morning. one, it is back to school today for some in the east bay. the san ramon valley unified school district is allowing younger students to return today using a the hybrid inperson learning model. two, san francisco's board of education voted to end merit-based admission at the elite lowell high school by a vote of 5-3 .2 last night. >> crews cleaning up 600 gallons of petroleum that spilled into san francisco bay. yesterday near the long what are ever if pord matured where the shempb refinery. >> four, open arguments begin for former president donald trumsend intia
5:24 am
. >> a high of 66. >> number six a very clear commute so far this morning. we're going bring a live picture of san jose showing you 101 right now. take it easy because there is no need to rush. it is all clear. >> and seven, san jose has approved so called hero pay for grocery workers. it could take two months before workers see the $3 pay bump. federal investigators released details about their investigation into the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant his daughter and seven ores, placing blame squarely on the pilot. >> reporter: in this morning's gma "first look," new insight into what caused the helicopter crash that killed kobe bryant, his daughter gina and seven
5:25 am
others. >> the national transportation safety board determines the probable cause of this accident was the pilot's decision to continue flight under visual flight rules and to instrument meteorological conditions which resulted in the pilot's spatial disorientation and loss of control. >> reporter: the ntsb places blame squarely on the pilot for the helicopter crash saying in its report the pilot made a series of decisions that went against his training and federal aviation rules when he flew into bad weather. >> we use the term "crash" rather than accident and i think it is important to understand the distinction. >> reporter: coming the ntsb report and the new reaction this morning. with your gma "first look." abc news new york. the u.s. coast guard is sharing details about a dramatic rescue in the bahamas. a helicopter on routine patrol spotted three people stranded on an uninhabited island for 33
5:26 am
days. the trio of cuban nationals reportedly survived on a diet of coconuts. the boat capsized in rough waters. they swam to a nearby island. officials say there were no injuries and they were all in good spirits after being rescued. 33 days on coconuts? >> i can't imagine it. thank goodness, they are all safe and sound. >> we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including a deal reached over night in the nation's third largest school district. >> back to school plan in chicago and the measures in place. >> plus racist graffiti skraled near a san francisco school. parents sharing their anger and frustration. >> and we are taking a live look outside at 5:26 on this we're looking good, san francisco. we'll be back with more news werth an
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contra costa gets the green light to reopen some schools. what's driving the decision to bring students back to the classroom. and a major move in one of san francisco's most prominent schools. a new policy at lowell that some say is lock long overdue. >> a string of attacks leaving older asian meshamericans on ed. a new push for a united front against crime. and top healt oer i covid case numbers down but case restrictions may be here for some time. >> got to get used to it. good morning. it's wednesday february 10th. >> those stories in a moment but first here is mike with a look at our forecast today. hi mike. >> high kumasi. julien. hi everybody. fog, really thick around napa,
5:30 am
american canyon, going to hit, 29, 27, 80, possibly 680 and 780 maybe even to the bridges. so it is definitely something we'll keep an eye on. the lowest visibilities are no those areas. we do have fog but two mile visibility around santa rosa. the exploratorium looks 41-46 this morning. 53-61 this afternoon. 49-53 at 7:00. rain comes tomorrow. more on that coming up, kumasi. >> thank you, mike. opportunities and parents in continue constant are waking up to good news. >> reporter: the counties covid numbers are dropping and that is
5:31 am
why the younger kids are now being allowed to go back to school. the youngsters can go because contra costa county has seen less than 25 days per 100,000 residents the last five days but the county is still in the purple tier. so older kids cannot return yet. there will still be a mixture of kids in class and zooming from home so they can limit the class sizes. but tk-6th is now allowed to return in contra costa county according to state guidelines. some districts are still working on a reopening plan and remain closed. but here in danville some schools in the san ramal valley district are ready and start welcoming kids back to class today for the first time since march. live in danville, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. new this morning. the nation's third largest
5:32 am
school district in chicago reached a deal for students to rush to class. the chicago teachers union approved a deal which includes plans for more teacher vaccinations and the possibility of school closures if covid infections spike. the first wave of k-8 students will return tomorrow. san francisco's world of education voted to end merit-based admission at the elite lowell high school. after an exhaustive 7 hour meeting the board voted 5/2 in favor of changing the system to a lottery. pausing merit-based admissions for a year because of the pandemic but when racist incidents resurfaced at the school last month the board quickly proposed the resolution to make the change permanent. several community members felt the issue of equity and safety of black students at lowell had been delayed too long. >> stop saying -- fighting for injustices against their babies since before schools were integrated in san francisco.
5:33 am
what you are b witnessing now is our words finally moving into action. >> sfusd board commissioner jenny lam was one of the no votes. >> we need to fight racism, the institutional that our black students and families have faced but also the anti-asian perspective that is also, you know, i want to say evasive, but present. >> lam hopndisoss how the new policy will impact students. someone scrawled racist graffiti across from a school in san francisco. a derogatory term for people of asian decent was spray painted on the wall. it is a parking lot near the chinese international school. a man who was driving his kids home from school says he was just at a loss when he saw it. >> my children immediately asked me you know what is that? and what -- what does that mean? and i i didn't have have an
5:34 am
answer for them at that time. because i was so -- i myself was shocked. >> so he said he's surprised to see graffiti like that in san francisco. saying he was born in the city. he considers it to be a melting pot. police say they have contacted their graffiti team about this. eight asian american community groups are denouncing violence against members of their communities across the bay area. and this comes after an 84-year-old man was attacked and killed in san francisco just two weeks ago. it is the latest high profile violent crime against asians. the asian community groups say at least some of the blame lays with former president trump and his reference to covid-19 as the china virus. >> more violence and more attacks into our communities based on the fact that we are asian. crime and violence has been happening in our communities for years and years. and what's happening right now
5:35 am
especially under the pandemic is unique. and especially outraging. yesterday the district attorney filed murder charges against 19-year-old antoine watson who was arrest forward allegedly attacking the senior on january 28th. in just a few hours the democrat house-led impeachment team will begin opening arguments. yesterday the senate voted 56-44 to proceed. jobina striking what's happening right now at the live desk. good morning, jobina. >> the trial resumes 9:00 a. r and a vote on any motions made this morning and after that the opening arguments will be begin. yesterday only six republicans voted with democrats to advance the trial. trump's defense attorney had a rambling argument yesterday that
5:36 am
included at least one moment where he praised democrats. sourcing tell abc news trump was not pleased with the performance. despite that it is unlikely the democrats will get the 17 republicans needed to convict trump and barr him from future office. there is another possibility for republicans. censure. abc news washington correspondent jonathan karl talk about that. >> the problem is those who condemn what the president did need some way to be on record saying they condemn what he did on january 6th. but the reality right now is that there is still no real republican movement towards censure. we'll see this that changes. >> you can see that full interview with john karl at 7:00 on gma. and abc news will have special gavel to gavel coverage today. watch over the air on our dijal channel 7.2 or comcast 715.
5:37 am
and streaming roku, apple tv, amazon fire and android tv. download the app searching abc7 bay area. normally home to tens of op got their first shot ootb yesterday at levi's stadium in santa clara county. it can comedy up to a 15,000 appointments per day as long as there are enough doses on hand. governor newsom says the state's allotment from the federal government is increasing. good news there. right now it is about a million doses a week but there is another issue at play. >> the majority of the doses while they may be first doses they only total 594 thousand first doses. the rest are second doses. >> when asked why a wait to open the site, neuswsom said the sait majority of vaccinations are done at smaller providers.
5:38 am
health officials still warning they are deep in the purple tier and numbers are extraordinarily high. santa clara county health officer says they are still recovering from the greatest and deadliest surge which started in november. the decline began on january 14th. it continues today. and when it comes to minority groups the county reports those cases are also declining but are still high. especially among the latino population. >> we are trending where we want to be. but we are by no means out of the woods. >> one of the reasons the county still in the purple tier and will likely be there for a while. sasforce says so long to the traditional 9:00 to 5:00. its vision for thekwk now and the precedent it could set for the tech industry. >> a relatable mistake on zoom. a lawyer trapped by a funny
5:39 am
filter and its got a lot of people laughing online. we'll share that in a bit. before that, here is meteorologist mike nicco who is not a cat this morning. no. mine is upstairs sleeping with his mom right above me. so you never know. that was pretty cute. i can't want went to see the whole video. outside, low- to mid-50s along highway 4. tri valley, mid- to upper 40s. elsewhere, pretty mid- to upper-40s around the bay and south bay to oakland at 54, up in the north bay 38 in santa rosa. our thickest fog is still mainly in the north bay around santa rosa and also napa. here is a look at south beach.e bridge pretty dry. the fog i'm concerned with. fog to sun to stars, depending on when you are on the water and cool to mild this morning to this afternoon. a look at our system. looks pretty impressive that long presume of moisture.
5:40 am
minor atmospheric river. unfortunately the low has to spin a lot of energy and moisture rounding this high before it gets to us tomorrow and continues through friday morning. it is a one on the storm impact scale. we wake up tomorrow morning cloudy and milder, a morning breeze. by 9:00 some rain moving into the north bay. moderate rain by the time the lunch hour ends with scout shous ahead of that and light to moderate rain through the evening community for all of us into the early morning hours and then it is just about over as we head into friday morning which will be another slippery commute. rainfall amounts about a 10th to a third of an inch of rain. more rain this weekend. i'll have it coming up. here is jobina and this morning's commute. it is dry jobina at least. we have that going for us. >> exactly. and i think it is really helping because overall things are so clear and i just want to illustrate that for you all from the map. you can see our only red
5:41 am
spotlight which means it is slow is of tracy and they had earlier road work there and the it is usual slow spot anyways, everything else clear. live cameras, beginning in oakland, 880 at the coliseum camera there. the healthies making their way south bay. and the richmond san rafael bridge which i expect to be light but we did have problems here earlier in the week so just in case anyone is curious. things look good and we'll be right back after the break.
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in a bold statement, san francisco's largest private employer, as fsalesforce, has declared the 9:00 to 5:00 is dead. employees in the city can now work from home permanently. abc7 news reporter kris reyes got reaction. >> reporter: when ever salesforce makes any moves clearly the rest of the community is li >> reporter: listening to this tuesday. he writes an immersive workplace is no longer limited to a desk in our towe experice is about m than ping-pong tables and snacks. a bigger trend where tech companies to longer have headquarters. talent can be found anywhere and flexibility is a key benefit. >> makes it much easier for
5:45 am
folks with family, caregiving duty, other things outside of the workplace. it makes it more equitable in that sense. >> reporter: the pandemic triggered about 63% of tech companies down sizing offices. all of that a huge impact on the city's downtown core. >> i think it makes us nervous and hopeful for app opportunity. >> reporter: because that means this massive downtown salesforce tower will be mostly empty. old navy also closing its sff offices. uber, and twitter also told their employees they can work from home forever. the list keeps growing. >> i have no doubt we'll see more announcements like this. >> reporter: for the san francisco chamber of commerce that means reimagining what the downtown core is for. and helping businesses adapt quickly. >> going to the office is a big occasion. something that you do maybe once a week or three times a week. and so there is an opportunity there for small businesses to really make it experiential. >> reporter: kris reyes for abc7
5:46 am
news. since we're talking about working from home. look at this case of zoom filters gone wrong that's now a viral sensation. >> this video is hilarious. a lawyer in texas showed up for a virtual court hearing but clearly had technical difficulties. here it is if you haven't seen. the bottom right hand corner of the screen there. he's the cat f you haven't figured it out yet. and instead of cracking jokes everyone involved just rolled with it as he tried to fix the filter. >> we're trying to -- can you hear me judge? >> i can hear you. i think it is a filter. >> it is and i don't know how to remove it. i've got my assistant here. she's trying to. but, i'm prepared to go forward with it. if that's -- i'm here live. it's not -- i'm not a cat. >> the judge posted the video because he said this is an example of people doing everything they can to keep the wheels of justice turning during the pandemic. yeah. my favorite part is his last
5:47 am
line there, "i'm here live, i'm not a cat. i promise." >> i don't decide if this is that one. or "i'm prepared to keep going." as the cat? we're going to do this whole hearing with you as a cat? >> oh my gosh. and kudos to everybody else keeping a straight face. i would have been dying laughing at that point. >> that whole thing was so funny. >> that judge had control of even that zoom. no one was laughing. everybody was serious. did by say what kind of case it was? i hope it wasn't anything too serious. i don't know. >> i imagine it was though. that's why they kept going, right? like, no i got to be here. we got to take care of this case right now. oh my goodness. >> oh. kind of sounds like my mom. my mom calls me with technical problems. like call your grandson. he can help you. needed his daughter or granddaughter to come and help him. 57 under a partly cloudy side.
5:48 am
highlights, drier, brighter and milder this afternoon. yeah, it is going to be one of our nicest days to be outside moving forward. stars to start tonight and increasing clouds and fog for tomorrow morning commute. and precipitation for saturday. looks like valentines day is going to be dry. so for today some of our warmer temperatures. we've got mid-60s, low- to mid-60s inland. around the bay60-62 and out at the coast, half moon bay 56 to santa cruz about 61. around the state a lot of 60s until you get places like eureka, 54. tahoe 56 and the warm spot palm springs at 78. thinking about outdoor dining? tonight still in the 60s inland by 5:00. sun sets about 5:43 and we'll fall into the 40s at the coast.. low- --. wealth of clouds and fog tonight and temperatures in the low-40s to near 50 degrees.
5:49 am
rainy and breezy tomorrow. the winds will be fastest in the higher elevations along the coast where they can gust up to 35. most of us can gust up to 25. friday deals with a shower but the mork commute is going to be slippery because of the leftover moisture. increasing sunshine friday. saturday is pretty slippery. the rainfall amounts are going to be a little less but the winds a little stronger, still not expecting any damage. here is julien and more about what's going on with the news. hi julian. good morning mike. assisted senior living facility is dealing with an outbreak this morning. health officials confirmed at least 19 active cases of the virus among residents and five among staff. the outbreak at the facility comes less than a month after residents and staff received their first of two coronavirus vaccine doses with cvs health not. word yet on the source of the outbreak. help is available for small businesses in napa hit hard by
5:50 am
the pandemic. they can ask for a $5,000 grant. but there are some stipulations. the businesses must have five or fewer employees, and the owner has to be considered low to moderate income. and also must prove losses of at least 25% due to the pandemic. a city official explained they are trying to target a very specific segment of business owners. >> we're really trying to support those small mom and pop shops that likely didn't get akds to some of the bigger resources that were out there when they were -- federal government and even some state programs. >> if you know someone who can benefit in this, ple tell them about. applications will be taken until february 22nd at 4:00 p.m. new details on the push to give hero pay to grocery store workers in san jose. the city council approved the $3 an hour pay bump but it will take time to take effect. it needed eight votes to start
5:51 am
immediately and the city council voted 7-3 so it will need to go through the city's normal improvement process, and that could take up to two months. new at 6:00, a change to the lawsuit filed against the san francisco unified school district. city attorney reportedly added another allegation to the list what. 's included in this expanded lawsuit. first up a mission to save the redwoods. the big way a non profit stepped up to save the piece of california history. >> makes me happy. all right, plus a super bowl fan connection fit for the pandemic. how one
5:52 am
everyone remembers the moment they heard... "you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda—a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer, where keytruda is approved to be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment, if you do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer, but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body. this can happen during or after treatment and may be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have new or worse
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changes in urine or eyesight, muscle pain or weakness, joint pain, confusion or memory problems, fever, rash, itching, or flushing. these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems or if you've had an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant or have lung, breathing, or liver problems. today keytruda is fda-approved to treat 16 types of advanced cancer. and is being studied in hundreds of clinical trials exploring ways to treat even more types of cancer. it's tru. keytruda from merck. see the different types of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. welcome back everyone. the u.s. is considering making covid-19 testing a requirement for domestic air travel. this is according to
5:54 am
transportation secretary pete buttegieg speaking to ax owes on hbo. on monday the new cdc director said screening u.s. travelers for covid-19 could be helpful. san mateo county will hold covid-19 vaccination clinics at sfo this week. on friday. and the clinic will be providing first vaccine doses to more than 5,500 residents 60 and older. there will be a clinic for second dose vaccinations at the san mateo county event center. appointments and the wait list have been filled for both clinics. as of sunday nearly 85,000 people in the county have received at least their first dose. an old growth redwood forest will continue to stand tall thanks to a san francisco non profit. save the redwoods league announced a nearly $25 million deal will protect the mired ranch from future deve
5:55 am
the 1500 acre property roughly the size of the city of alameda. located west of 128 >> beautiful. let's take a look at what's going on with our future radar. here we're midnight saturday. through the day rain rolling on through but over by the time we head into sunday, where we'll have a mixture of clouds and sunshine and breezy conditions early. those should taper but sunday night into monday the next storm rolling in. lingering a little locker into the monday evening but by tuesday it is gone. a look at how much more precipitation we could get out of these next two storms. we're looking at about a quarter to a half inch. that green you see is more than an inch but mainly in the mountains of northern sonoma. lake and vineyard see know
5:56 am
counties. julian? >> thank you, mike. a buccaneers fan attending the super bowl in person attracted down the chiefs fan he was sitting next too. he tweeted photo of himself with the cutout and eventually found him. goveny offered he and his family a free trip to the brewery and offered to show him where they were both sitting for the big game. he said it lessens the sting of kansas city losing to tampa. you have you got do to loosen the sting because that game was ugly, and boring. >> onion rings for the man? >> that was nice. i think he just set his down as he took the picture. >> might have gotten him a whole spre >> like $50. you know how it is some of toes stadiums, my goodness. plans for a new driveup vaccination site to serve
5:57 am
thousands in the north bay. coming up. the senate impeachment trial of former president donal this is a no-nonsense message from three. small business insurance is usually so complicated, you need to be a lawyer to understand it that's why three was created. it's a better kind of business insurance. it's only three pages. straightforward. if you own it, three covers it. got a cheese slice for "spokesperson?" that's me. i don't even need to see what's happening behind me to know it's covered. (screaming) this commercial is now over.
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logo. three. no nonsense. just common sense.
5:59 am
e impeachment trial, open ing arguments set to start in a few hours and this is after the senate determined that impeaching a former president follows constitutional law. the arguments made on the floor.
6:00 am
in person learning for more students in the east bay, we're live at the school that is welcoming kids back to the classroom today. and here's a live look outside through our abc 7 roof camera. nice start to the day, and it is going to be pretty sunny. you should enjoy it because mike says a storm is on the way. got to find that umbrella. good morning, thanks so much for being here. it is wednesday, february 10th. >> all right, before we get to those stories we want to check in with mike to see how much sunshine we can enjoy today, mike. >> a whole lot, kumasi. good morning to you, jobina, julian, hi, everybody. one of our brightest and warmest days moving forward. little bit of fog this morning. we have visibility pretty low, dangerously low in places like santa rosa and in napa. so let's go to napa. you can see if it is 29, 37, 80, possibly 680 are getting reduced visibility because of that fog. and same around 101 and 12 and smaller highways around


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