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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 13, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> i think it's great. i also think that, you know, it's kind of risky because it's so new fpregnant woman's access. >> welcoming news for millions of californians. extending the state's eligibility up to 6 million people who are severely disabled or health conditions that put them at high risk will soon be able to get in line for their shot. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, february 13th. i'm liz kreutz. all the state's details on the expansion and when those people can get their shot. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here's lisa argen. >> good morning, liz. certainly some damp roads out
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there and a few light showers passing by. as we look at live doppler 7 the main activity looks like it is well to the north and not all of this is being picked up by the radar falling beneath the radar beam. here's where the returns are from santa rosa and highway 1 to 101 and looking at the rain all the way through san francisco and as we look at the wider perspective, some thunderstorms in the northern sacramento vallee and snow in the mountains. a level one system with spotty light showers. about a tenth to maybe 0.15 throughout the morning hours and the winds kick up. it is 52 downtown and fremont uniform low 50s out there and upper elevation winds 20 to 30 miles an hour and by the afternoon with the skies clearing, the winds pick up for a blustery and cool day. so, spotty showers to start. cloudy skies throughout the noon hour and then looking at that windy, cool afternoon. level one system on the way for late tomorrow, as well.
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we'll talk about that and presidents' day coming up, liz. >> lisa, thank you. california is expanding the list of people eligible for the coronavirus vaccine as we mentioned. people under 65 with severe health conditions or high-risk disabilities now qualify starting mid march. abc7 news reporter luz pena spoke with medical experts about what this expansion means. >> she is nine months pregnant and in her womb the miracle she sprayed for. >> so cute. >> reporter: after months of isolation, she says growing a baby in the middle of a pandemic has been challenging. she heard the news she was hoping for. california is expanding its list of people who are eligible to get vaccinated and now she's included. >> i think it's great. i also think that, you know, it's kind of ■isky. >> the fact that pregnant women were not part of the trial and now part of the expansion, does
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that concern you? >> whether pregnant women are at increased risk or not are kind of mixed frankly and cdc is trying to air on the side of recommending this expansion. >> reporter: the list now includes those 16 to 64 year olds who are deemed to be at the very highest risk for mortality from covid-19. those with cancer, weakened immune system from an organ transplant or have down syndrome among others. stanford's disease specialist is glad the state is following the right data for this expansion. >> 80% or more, the hospitalizations and deaths in this country are in people over 65 and in people with under lying health conditions. >> reporter: dr. maldaado believes we will have enough with the johnson & johnson
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vaccine once this group expansion goes into effect on march 15th. >> so we do think that by march there should be vaccine pretty quickly, but it won't be the full 100 million doses. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 news. the topic of the new vaccine eligibility came up at our town hall yesterday. dr. nadine burke harris joined abc7 to talk about the challenges. >> while we're expanding eligibility to this group of people, we do want to recognize that supply is still limited. although it is increasing, you know week by week. so, we want to let folks know that, you know, they're still going to be, it will still take time to get an appointment even if you're eligible and limitations and accessibility but very important for us to recognize the increased risk that these individuals are facing, increased risk of death if they do develop covid and for
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that reason, it was very important for us to respond to that risk by opening up eligibility. >> and you can find the entire vaccination town hall on our abc7 bay area connected tvapp for roku, amazon fire a other devices. it was great to download and it was a great conversation. we hope you watch. solano county health will hold its second covid-19 vaccination clinic for residents over 75. the first was held last weekend at the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo. it will be there again today starting at 9 krk this morning. only open to eligible individuals who preregistered. ac transit and b.a.r.t. are offering free rides to people who get vaccinated at the oakland coliseum site. show them your vaccination card and you'll get a ticket loaded with $7 to get you anywhere in the system other than the san francisco airport stop.
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the goal is to administer about 6,000 doses a day and gradually increase. it will be open to anyone who is eligible under alameda county guidelines. governor newsom is crediting local and state efforts with getting a handle on the pandemic. the governor toured the mass vaccination site at musconey center in san francisco yesterday. he called the facility state of the art and said its platforms would be used at centers statewide. he said california is making progress with more than 5.5 million vaccines administered so far. >> we're now averaging roughly 200,000 vaccines being administered each and every day. that's double where we were a few weeks ago. what this site proves is that the only limitation in our capacity to do more is supply. >> more than 1 million vaccines are expected to arrive next week. and in the east bay, people in oakland's china town kicked off the year of the ox amid
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ongoing calls for more police resources in the community. abc7 news reporter matt boone explains while businesses want to raise awareness, they also don't want to scare their customers away. >> no big crowds this year, but the pandemic couldn't stop the dragon dances from being streamed online but as night fell -- >> once sun sets everybody closes because they're afraid. >> reporter: he manages from the heart flower shop in china town one of the lunar new year is one of the busiest times of the year but this year sales have been down. first due to the pandemic and now he worries foot traffic will be declining after several high-profile cases of violence in the neighborhood, including a 91-year-old man who was pushed over just down the block. new oakland police chief armstrong and mayor libby walked the neighborhood but more action is needed. >> they wouldn't come down here. >> reporter: last year was much more lively remembers andy who
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lives in the neighborhood. >> i remember them having performances leer and a stage. >> reporter: more people were out than he sees on a normal night including groups of volunteer patrols. >> i think there are more people around making sure none of those kinds of assaults happen. >> reporter: for raymond he says he was happy to see the lines outside of restaurants but admitted he had his head on a swivel. >> when we'rer with out we want to be careful of our surroundings. >> reporter: but he believed a collective show of support is needed and not a retreat. >> with unity that is the most powerful thing you can ask for. you can't let one or two bad apples ruin it for everybody. >> reporter: there will be an event in solidarity to the victims of violence in this neighborhood and that begins at 3:00 p.m. reporting in oakland, matt boone, abc7 news. >> lunar celebrations continue in san francisco. the salesforce tower got in on the action welcoming the year of
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the ox with the image of the hard-working animal. in chinatown neighbors rang in with fire crackers and the opening of a new playground. the $14.5 million project was ten years in the makeriing and offers a symbol of hope for the community. over 90% of businesses closed and a wave of attacks, some targeting seniors. we've been showing you these horrible videos gaining national attention and now neighbors are coming together and they are calling for unity. >> celebrate what makes us unique and how we care about each other. >> everyone wants to do something so we should all take this moment to go ahead and do that. >> a special guest showed up in chinatown, as well. governor gavin newsom visited small businesses celebrating the lunar new year. all right, lisa, let's get a look outside. little bit of rain this morning it seems. >> that will be replaced with some gusty winds this afternoon and partial clearing. and also snow in the sierra nevada. so, as we kind of look at this
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video, it is pretty dangerous out there. this is zephyr cove over in nevada. winter weather advisory up to ten inches of snow closer to the lake tahoe basin. not a good idea to go there, but plenty of folks for the presidents' day weekend had this on their agenda. we'll talk local and the look ahead when we come back. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, an offensive listing for a bay area job. what the company behind the ad is saying. and a bay area chef is giving us a look at the sweet treats you can make for valentine's day. more on the virtual cooking classes available this weeken i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people.
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injuries. another man has nonlife threatening injuries. police are still searching for the gunman. and today the city of san jose opens its police chief search to the people. it is hosting a virtual candidate forum. each person will give opening re, mas and then answer presubmitted questions from the community. former chief eddie garcia retired last year before taking over the reins in dallas. san jose just briefly put its search on hold to find other outside candidates after the minneapolis police chief withdrew his application. the virtual forum starts at 10:00 a.m. on the city's youtube page. governor newsom may be inching closer to a recall election. organizers for recall gavin 2020 say that they have surpassed the 1.5 million signatures needed to put the proposal on this year's ballot. now, the signatures still need to be verified, so they are hoping to reach 2 million signatures to have that wiggle room. if they are approved, the recall election would happen this
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summer or perhaps later this year. linkedin is apologizing after requiring applicants to be nonasian. aptude posted for a data analyst and many called out the company and linkedin on social media platforms. it says nonasian as part of the requirements. abc7 talked to one of the first people who brought it to their attention. >> i was taken aback but after seeing that i was able to bring some awareness to the hurtful language and this example can help us reach a more inclusive and positive future. >> aptude removed the post and conducting an investigation. linkedin released a statement saying it doesn't tolerate racism or hate of any kind. as the bay area deals with issues of race and social justice, we are here to help. you can just head to our website, abc7
5:15 am for a list of local resources. all right, chef denado scotty is getting hit hard just like a lot of other restaurant owners during this pandemic but getting creative, as well, offering cooking kits that you use during live cooking classes that he teaches and they have sweet treats still available for valentine's day. kumasi aaron got a first-hand look on how you can impress yourself or loved one during this weekend. >> what do we do? why don't we show how to make desserts and lunch and self-prepared desserts and be happy with it. we started doing private cooking classes for companies and we figured it out and then i'm going to come to the restaurant and dream about that for about another year. so, we decided why not try to open up as an experience team building or whatever and now all of a sudden we have all these
5:16 am
companies asking us to do it for them. so, we have different schedules and we do like public and private classes and this has become quite a bit of a work for us actually. >> i want to share with our viewers a little bit of what the classes look like. can you walk us through some of the recipes that you'll be sh showcasing for valentine's day. >> well, on valentine's day for the actual cooking class we'll be featuring three desserts. i believe we dropped all three today. you can tell us. >> yes. already. >> put it on a nice plate. so, we have like >> okay, good, i was wondering. i have this and do you add this, right? >> yes. >> the mandarin. >> yep. >> i don't know if mine is going to look as fancy as yours, but let me try a little bit.
5:17 am
what else do we add? >> you sprinkle some pistachios. >> oh, mine looks cute. okay. so, this is good. it looks good and i feel like it's kind of easy because you did the hard part. >> well, the class we actually going to teach how to make it from zero. so, in a minute i show how we pack everything for another dish but we give you all the items numbered like the cream, the puree, the gelatin and then or for the class we actually like you are eyeing the chocolate with the raspberry sauce. there you go. >> yes. and then you gave me this. >> yeah, that's the sauce. that's the squeeze bottle that you're going to use to make little fancy design on your plate during the class. we'll teach you how to do that, as well. >> perfect. >> during the class, we'll teach
5:18 am
how to make the almond cookie and also the mousse. so, i bring you the finished product because you don't want to put your beautiful dress through the mess. >> i can put a heart on mine. i can do a design. >> there you go. you kind of have to push it down a little and squeeze a little harder. let's see how you do it. >> let's not see. let's move on to yours. >> i plate it with a spoon because i didn't have the squeeze bottle like you. and then the last one is the simple rosette which is apple rolled with puff pastry and then baked and served with a sauce which you should have in a little container, as well. >> i like how you said simple. this looks anything but simple. it's beautiful. can you really teach someone how to make this beautiful rose design with apples? >> you would be amazed. you would be amazed and you'd be
5:19 am
more than welcome to join the class and yours will come out just as good. >> well, it looks really good. i think this is so cool because you get a great meal and kind of like you get professional help because on valentine's day you want to show off a little bit and give your sweetie or yourself a really good meal. >> we try to come up always with something new to keep the customer engaged. we go everywhere from teaching the classic carbanada to new year's eve where we taught a five-course meal. >> listen, this is delicious. listen, i am excited to think that i can take your class and learn how to make something like this with your help. thank you so much. it was a pleasure talking with you and nice to meet you and thank you, again, for bringing this by. >> you're very welcome. thank you. nice to meet you, too. >> bye. well, now we're officially
5:20 am
hungry. that is really fun and interesting valentine's day, of course, remotely. lisa? >> here i am. >> we're having a technical difficulty. here you go. >> we're going to jump right into it which is live doppler 7 bringing slippery roads this morning on your way out if you're headed that way. as we look at live doppler 7, the activity looks like it is well up into the north bay. but the rain is falling below the radar beam and that means it it's wet pretty much everywhere and into the east bay and as we look live here you'll notice the rain coming down here from santa rosa to hillsburg and little bit further to the south, it's off shore. as we head up to the mountains 32 to 34 degrees around lake tahoe and also at the truckee airport reporting snow.
5:21 am
as we look at the current numbers, everyone in the mid to low 50s here. 52 in half moon bay as well as vallejo and as we look live outside you'll notice from our exploratorium camera, it looks quiet out there. do be careful with damp spots and looking at a chance of showers on valentine's day and another level one system coming in late tomorrow into presidents' day. we're talking a little wet with getting the tail end of not only this system today but this system on sunday and monday and then another one into the middle of the week. we're talking maybe just a tenth of an inch. as we go through the next couple hours notice by 11:00, partly cloudy skies and as a result, we'll see some sun bwind but th northwesterly and couple hundred through noontime and most of that is falling right now in the north bay. here's a look at the northwesterly winds as we get to
5:22 am
about 10:00 from 20 to 35 miles an hour down along the peninsula. so, it is a windy and blustery start to the afternoon as we get through your 12:00, 1:00. notice winds get a little bit stronger and notice 5:00 winds with us all day long. if you're headed out and bringing the jacket, kind of blustery out there. tomorrow we start out dry. this is your sunday afternoon. some spotty showers develop into sunday evening and into presidents' day, once again. very little rain out of this system but the good news is the weak system is adding to the snow pack in the mountains. this winter weather advisory is with us through noontime anywhere three to six inches above 5,500 feet for the west slopes and tahoe basin up to ten inches at our highest peak. upper 50s to low 60s. this level one system for the morning hours and then partly cloudy skies this afternoon with windy conditions. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at that weak system this morning and then blustery this afternoon and dry to start valentine's day and
5:23 am
then a chance of showers late in the day leading to a showery holiday monday. bright and breezy tuesday. sunny on wednesday. another chance of rain coming in late thursday. liz? >> all right, lisa, thank you. here's some holiday weekend fun for you. re-create the magic of disney in your own home guided by disney imagineers. we launched an exclusive news series called imagine from home and you can stream it now. take a look. >> it's a one of a kind disney experience. >> today we're going to draw some castles. >> i wanted to do a drawing inspired by big thunder mountain railroad. >> fireworks over the disneyland castle at night. >> ready to get started. >> an exclusive series guided by disney imaginee rerx s. >> the goal of the project is to take things we have around the house. >> a simple soap bottle. >> and find new and interesting ways to use them.
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tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at at lowe's, every weekend is a holiday weekend with big savings on home appliances. from what you need to what you want. save with special values and free delivery on appliances $299 or more. there's no better day than today to shop appliances at lowe's. new developments. uc workly reversed its ban on students exercising outdoors. a spike in covid cases on campus. right now 2,000 students isolating in their dorm rooms.
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a strict lockdown started on february 1st ends on monday. another union square store is shutting it doors. popular unique confirmed it is closing it location on powell street this spring. the company plans to lay off 69 workers at the store by april 2nd. unique did not provide a reason for the closure but the area has been hard hit by the lack of in-person shopping due to the pandemic. still to come on abc7 mornings, the second impeachment trial. the president's lawyers make their case and now just hours away from closing arguments and a potential vote. plus, the cdc issues guidelines for reopening schools. the new recommendations for safely returning to in-person
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welcome back. we'll start this half hour with another look at the weather. let's get over to lisa argen. >> we have a little light rain out there and as we get through the day we'll turn partly cloudy but the winds will pick up. live doppler 7 where you can see the rain just south of our sweep here from santa rosa all the way down 101 and as we widen the view, the radar is higher than the rain. so, that's why we're not picking up all the rain. it is down through the city. spotty, light showers about a tenth of an inch and a blustery, partly cloudy day on tap. it is in the 50s and alameda with more 50s up in novato and 52 in san carlos. above 52,000 feet the winds are quite gusty and this will work its way down to the surface allowing for that cool chill to the air today. 58 in oakland at 10:00. we're in the mid 50s in san jose. partly cloudy skies by noontime upper 50s near 60 and we're going to need a little bit of sun there to warm up as the northwesterly winds keep it cool
5:31 am
today. feeling cooler than it is and we'll track that rain today and a little more rain tomorrow. liz? >> all right, lisa, thank you. a monstrous lie, that's how donald trump's defense team described the charge that. faith takes a look at day four of the impeachment trial. >> reporter: donald trump's legal team on day four of the president's second impeachment trial blasting the house impeachment manager's case that he incited the deadly capitol ins insurrection. >> no person could seriously believe that the president's january 6th's speech was in any way an incitement to violence or insurrection. >> reporter: focusing their defense on the democrats saying the trial is an attempt to smear and sensor donald trump and violate his first amendment rights. >> it's about democrats trying to disqualify the political opposition. it is constitutional cancel
5:32 am
culture. >> reporter: trump's lawyers going as far as accusing the house impeachment managers of doctoring evidence to boost their case. >> a manipulated video made it appear the president's words were playing to a crowd when they weren't. >> reporter: the defense lawyers then sharing their own edited 11-minute video showing the former president and democrats out of context. >> take him behind the gym. >> i wish we were in high school and i could take him behind the gym. >> reporter: focusing on the word fight when trump used it on january 6th it was ordinary political rhetoric. >> it is a fight and it is a fight born out of patriotism. >> you didn't do anything wrong. it's a word people use. but please stop the hypocrisy. >> reporter: but democrats saying it's a false equivalence. >> none of us saying that to a mob on the day of the presidential vote certification. so, i don't think it's apples to apples. >> reporter: the trump team
5:33 am
using only two and a half hours of the 16 allowed to make their case. this trial is moving much faster than trump's first impeachment trial. senators were reconvened each side up to two hours to make their final arguments before senators cast that decisive vote on whether trump is guilty or not guilty of inciting a insurrection. faith abubey. >> abc news is providing gavel to gavel special coverage of the impeachment trial. it could start as soon as 7:00 a.m. this morning. and we will keep you posted. of course, you can always watch it on streaming on our connected tv apps, as well. the cdc issued new recommendations to help students across the country return safely to classrooms. it comes as some parents are desperate for schools to reopen fearing the impact of remote learning on kids. abc news reporter ty hernandez has more on their concerns.
5:34 am
>> reporter: unveiled its road map to get millions of teachers and students back to school safely. it's created a color coded system showing blue as lower risk all the way to yellow, orange and red as high-risk zones. in the blue and yellow zones, full in-person learning is recommended. for orange and red zones, hybrid or reduced attendance is encouraged with strict social distancing of six feet and masks for all zones. >> i want to underscore that the safest way to open school is to ensure that there is as little disease as possible in the community. >> reporter: the cdc also says all teachers should get vaccinated as soon as possible. but it's not a requirement to reopen schools. something many teachers have asked for. >> we're being asked to put ourselves on the line as front line irk withers but aren't being prioritized in the vaccination rollout in the way people think we should be. >> reporter: the largest teacher's union is demanding
5:35 am
more resources and say the guidelines are a good first step but now it is time for action. it has been nearly a year since millions of kids were in the classroom and this single father in san francisco says it's taken a toll on his older son. >> he's struggled to find motivation in school. i mean, he's borderline depressed. he used to be an honor student and his grades just dropped right bottom. >> reporter: pharmacies across the country are taking on a bigger role to get more people vaccinated. as part of a new federal program a million doses have been sent to 6,500 locations nationwide. with more shipments expected by spring. abc news, new york. for bay area school districts the school districts reinforced what many are doing to get their kids back in the classrooms. laura anthony has that part of the story. >> reporter: for bay area school districts the new cdc guidelines
5:36 am
provide little new information but certainly an affirmation of what many of them are already doing to bring students back in person. >> the good news with this information today from the cdc is that it really does reaffirm that we're on the right track already. we've been getting all the necessary ppe in place. >> reporter: the cdc's five key directives like wearing masks, physical distancing and hand washing are already an enteri i part. >> i want to acknowledge a lot of anxiety from parents and from teachers but we do believe based on what we have put in in the mitigation layers that we are confident that we're feeling, that they're safe. >> they recommend testing and teacher vaccinations. it's just sort of supplemental mitigation levels that you can do just additional layers of mitigation in addition to those five primary layers. and we are doing weekly testing
5:37 am
in orinda. >> reporter: even with the cdc guidelines, most local districts will continue to act independently of one another. for instance while oakland and san francisco public schools have yet to set opening dates, alameda is aiming for a march th start date that they can finalize an agreement with the labor unions. >> the teachers want to be back. and are afraid to be back in large measure. >> reporter: laura anthony, abc7 news. meanwhile, california has a new online tracking system that shows the reopening status of schools. deep blue means in-person learning is taking place. if it's light blue, a hybrid system is being used. yellow means distance learning only. you can find the interactive map on our website, new this morning, the university of oxford will soon launch the first vaccine study that looks at the safety and immune responses in children and young adults. children ages 6 to 17 will be
5:38 am
the focus. 300 volunteers will take part. the first vaccinations are expected some time this month. previous trials of the vaccine in adults show it's safe and has high efficacy. new partners have joined the battle to get americans vaccinated. national drugstore chain cvs and walgreens began inoculating people across the country and here in california as wane friedman reports the process went smoothly for those able to get appointments but left others feeling a bit frustrated. >> reporter: here is the good news for registering online for covid-19 vaccination. you have a computer at your fingertips. now the bad. so do a lot of other people. >> are you patient? >> not really. >> reporter: we found maria in one of the countless qualified people hoping for a walgreens or cvs appointment who encountered a long list of stores being already fully booked. are you disheartened? >> frustrated. >> reporter: welcome to the reality where in this case some
5:39 am
cliches still have merit. >> one of the things where, you know, the early bird gets the worm. >> reporter: at this cvs we found plenty of them. how early? >> i got up at thursday morning at 4:30. >> got up yesterday morning at 5:00. >> pretty seamless. >> two computers and two ipads on. >> reporter: cvs has more than 100 locations across the state. they hope to give as many as 82,000 shots a week. as to how the process went, well, people say smoothly. >> i envisioned being in, you know, in line in a big complex like a fairground and in a car. >> reporter: not at all people walked in, received their shots and no complaints. >> the process couldn't have been any smoother. >> reporter: if anything else, good news for those of us still waiting. >> call tomorrow and keep trying. >> reporter: in the north bay, wayne friedman, abc7 news.
5:40 am
this morning a california woman sick with covid-19 pregnant with twins is now giving back to the hospital that saved her life. dallas and her growing twins are healthy now but were hospitalized in fresno for seven weeks. now, a month after being released, she is donating 50 ipads to the hospital to help patients connect with their family members. just in time for valentine's day. >> not the same as seeing your family in person. nothing can replace that, but this gets you a little bit closer and that's so important. that's part of the healing process. it was for me. >> as for selling's twin girls, they are due in april. the names are already picked out. harvey and haze. all right, still to come on abc7 mornings, the pandemic is forcing businesses to celebrate the lunar new year differently this year. we visit one san francisco restaurant that is offering a meal kit so you can celebrate at home. and here is a live look. looking out over the embarcadero this morning at 5:40. we will check in with lisa on what we can expect for the
5:41 am
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all right. welcome back. one of the most vibrant and proud events in san francisco. well, the annual chinese new year parade won't be happening this year. starting today you can still check out one of its colorful floats. the parade is the largest of any outside of asia. of course, this is video from previous years events even though it's canceled for covid-19 precautions, the shimmering southwest airlines float will be displayed all weekend at the cruise terminal of pier 27. open from noon to 8:00 p.m. this weekend and next. so much fun justine to see the videos that puts you in the holiday spirit, lisa. and also valentine's day, of course, too. >> sometimes we do have rain and we do have very, very light scattered showers. here's a look at san rafael. the clouds there and there were certainly wet pavement on my way to work this morning. so the light showers and wet roads are out there.
5:44 am
do be kacareful. it's snowing in the mountains. we'll come back and take a look at not a totally dry seven-day accu weather forecast next. also next kevin durant is back in the bay area to face the warriors. what k.d. says where can a healthier heart lead you?
5:45 am
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5:46 am
all right, welcome back. in sports tonight kevin durant returns to the bay area for the first time since leaving the warriors. here's larry beil with this weekend's sports. >> how many titles do you think the warriors would have won if kevin durant stayed in golden state? we'll never know. his championship with a super team brings him back to the bay area. 5:30 tipoff. brooklyn they blew out golden state in the season opener. both teams made a lot of changes since then. dr draymond is back and steph curry playing his best game ever.
5:47 am
durant is back after sitting out for over a week because of covid protocols and he can't wait to get back on the court. >> looking forward to playing again and being out there with the team and build some chemistry. that's my main focus. i had some great years in golden state. look forward to being back in the bay area, but it's a shame the fans won't be there. how about g-league action in the bubble. santa cruz taking on delaware. jordan pool for 3 of his 19. the rookie had 22 with authority. also had six assists and blue coats pull away late. paul reid had 23. delaware the winner. to the ice the last time the sharks played at home march 8th of 2020. 12 games on the road to start the season, sharks finally back in the tank tonight against vegas. naturally they're thrilled but sharks territory is now somewhat
5:48 am
unfamiliar territory. >> took me a little bit to get my bearings walking around our room. i would love to come out tomorrow and have, you know, the full sap center of sharks fans that definitely get out for our games against vegas. that energy will be lacking from the fans but up to us in the room to make up for it. round two of the pebble beach pro am. wow, it's just gorgeous there. daniel burger playing pebble and drains this for eagle. 6 under 66. second place at 11 under par. one back of the leader jordan spieth. long hole birdie putt. it is spieth's first lead since 2017. round three today at pebble. don't forget we've got warriorss versus nets. steph versus k.d. tonight right
5:49 am
here on abc7. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. let's get a check of the forecast with lisa argen. lisa, little rain on the way. >> little bit. operative word for sure. this is a very, very weak system allowing for just trace amounts and some folks won't even know that it rained. and we are looking at some of the rain in the north bay. live doppler 7. our level one system. we go in closer and you can see the rain from highway 12 through sonoma and sears point over to highway 37 up through napa and as we get further south still some spotty, light, mist and drizzle across the bay bij and the golden gate bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge not being picked up on the radar. but in the mountains if t is snowing with the tahoe valley airport with the winter weather advisory. as we look at the current numbers here with all the cloud cover we're in the low 50s and very uniform from campbell to
5:50 am
sunnyvale and 53 in alameda with low 50s up in the north bay. here is zephyr cove and from reno you can see how snowy it is right here where we'll certainy look at the snow and continue through noontime and ten inches above 5500 feet closer to lake tahoe. look at the damp roads this morning looks like i need a coat. chance of afternoon showers as we get into your sunday night and then presidents' day another very light system. so, good snowmakers for the mountains picking up a couple of inches but for the bay area in terms of rain, no, not doing too much for us as we get into your saturday afternoon. we turn partly cloudy and the winds kick up. we're talking less than a 0.01 and we did see some rain through the overnight hours so maybe we're up to 0.01. as we get into this morning looking at the winds as soon as about 10:00. gusting to 20 to 30 miles per
5:51 am
hour from fairfield to oakland and higher to that from the peninsula and maybe 35-mile-per-hour wind gusts and we go through 5:00. a blustery afternoon. so with highs near average, upper t50s to near 60s feel cooler out there due to the northwesterly. the rain showers will continue into monday and another level one system just getting a glancing blow and the main activity up to extreme northern california. today's system to noon with snow in the mountains above 5,500 feet and you saw that picture and looking at three to six inches out there. so upper 50s to about 60. we have wind here for sure on the coast. breezy else where. 57 in san mateo and about 61 today in napa. partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. 60 in san jose and the accuweather seven-day forecast. our weak system this morning and then we're looking dry to start valentine's day but then showers increase towards the evening hours a level one system for presidents' day looking bright and breezy and milder tuesday, wednesday.
5:52 am
a weak system once again late thursday and perhaps into friday. liz. >> all right, lisa. thank you. to celebrate the lunar new year during the pandemic, a san francisco restaurant offering chinese meal packages so that people are able to celebrate at home. abc7 community journalist melissa pixcar joined the restaurant to see what was is included. >> the strong fundamentals of the chinese cuisine. quality ingredients as well as presentation. it's called palette tea house. we're located in the historical building of ghiradelli square in san francisco. both chinese new year is a time for families to get together. for this year, the year of the ox. that according to chinese tradition ox is a hard working, it's very honest. i think it is what we need right now at this time. this year for chinese new year we came up with to go set.
5:53 am
one is for four and one is for six. so we're focusing for a smaller set. first are the dumpings but the shape almost looks like the golden nuggets that they used back in the day. those are always a symbol of prospirty. also, we did lobster noodle. the long pieces of noodle that also symbolize longevity and long life, as well. and, of course, the luxury ingredients like lobster symbolize wealth. we also add a couple dishes with beef since it is the ox year. black pepper rib and it is one of the most popular businesses back in hong kong and go with the pandemic and we're not able to visit our friends and family. we hope to bring those dishes to give us some kind of comfort. and we are just very grateful for that. >> and the lunar new year meals
5:54 am
are currently sold out for today, but they will be available again starting tomorrow for another week. next, wild jungle love. one north bay wildlife preserve is offering a valentine's day special. we'll have all the details
5:55 am
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okay. check your tickets. here are the winning numbers from last night's $82 million mega millions drawing. 5, 14, 24, 25, 27 the mega ball 14. nobody picked all six numbers, but a ticket purchased at the 7-eleven in vallejo matched five numbers. that ticket is worth $2.9 million. boy, jackpot increases to $96 million. happening today in view valentine's day fashion, safari west is putting together an adult's only play date with a
5:57 am
romantic tour of the wild animal park. you and your significant other get to pile in to learn the intimate details of the mating habits. it's happening today and tomorrow. tickets are still available at $103 per person. just visit the safari west website to make a reservation. all right, next on abc7 mornings at 6:00 a.m. california is expanding its covid vaccine eligibility. we hear concerns from doctors about those who will soon be qualified. and it was a quieter lunar new year because of the pandemic. how residents and business owners are celebrating amid growing fears of violence against the asian community. get the facts. >> this could really be a game changer in getting the most vulnerable people vaccinated. >> the figures. >> more than 55 doses received have been distributed. >> the answers to your vaccine questions. >> every county is different. >> if we stay at that pace, how long do you think it will take
5:58 am
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6:00 am
building a better bay area for a safe and secure future this is abc7 news. >> i think it's great and i also think that, you know, it's kind of risky because it's so new for pregnant woman's access. >> welcoming news for millions of californians. the state is extending the state's eligibility up to 6 million people who are severely disabled or health conditions that put them at high risk will soon be able to get in line for their shot. good morning, everybody. it's saturday, february 13th. i'm liz kreutz. we will have all the details on the state's vaccine expansion and when those people can start to get their shots. let's start with a quick look at the weather with


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