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tv   ABC 7 News 430 PM  ABC  February 13, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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>> i mean, it's heartbreaking. it's heartbreaking and frustrating. >> on abc 7 news, a call for healing and unity this lunar new year following recent attacks on asian-americans. today an east bay city takes new measures to stop the violence. >> and a new mass vaccination site in the bay area booked solid today and the latest covid-19 numbers are encouraging. and fire ravages a piece of bay area history. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. the senate judges that donald john trump former president of the united states is not guilty as charged in the articles of impeachment. >> former president donald trump acquitted in his historic second
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impeachment trial, the effort falling ten votes short and with that we say thank you for joining us for this early edition of abc 7 because of the nba game. i'm dion lim. we begin with developing news going live to washington to abc 7 news reporter faith abube and the impeachment vote. right away the proceedings took an unexpected turn this morning. >> good afternoon to you, dion. it really was a surprise request by the house impeachment managers to call a witness to the trial, in the end trump will go down in history as the only president who has faced an impeachment trial twice and the only one who has not had any witnesses in the trial. chaos and confusion of donald trump's second impeachment trial. >> the debate, debate is not allowed during the vote. >> house impeachment managers in an unexpected news forcing a vote on a resolution to call
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witnesses. specifically gop congresswoman jamie herrera-butler who voted to impeach trump, the congresswoman in a statement saying house minority leader kevin mccarthy told her that during the riot, trump told mccarthy that trump was more upset about the election theft than you are. >> needless to say this is an additional critical piece of corroborating evidence further confirming the charges before you as well as the president's willful deck -- dereliction of duty. >> trump defense attorney warning democrats if the impeachment managers called one witness he would call a hundred. >> i have the right to defend that. the only thing that i ask if you vote for witnesses, do not handcuff me by limiting the number of witnesses that i can have. >> the three hours into the proceedings and after five gop senators joined democrats to call businesses, they agreed to
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call none instead admitting butler's written statement into evidence. >> our rep takes autations and will be inextricably intertwined with what you do here and how you exercise your oath to do impartial justice. >> it is time to bring this unconstitutional, political theater to an end. there's time to allow our nation to move forward. >> the senate voting to acquit as many expected. >> donald john trump, former president of the united states, is not guilty. >> reporter: and as for why the house impeachment managers abandoned their request to call witnesses in this trial, sources tell abc news that allies of president biden in the senate told the impeachment managers that any delay in this trial would derail biden's agenda and his plans for covid relief. on capitol hill, faith abubey,
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abc 7 news. back to you, dion. >> never a dull moment with this story we will continue to follow. faith, many thanks to you. >> former president trump issued a statement and thanked his lawyers and supporters and said this has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. our historic, patriotic and beautiful movement has only just begun. >> we sent out this breaking news through the abc 7 mobile app and it's one way to stay on top of stories as they come into the news room. all you have to do is enable the push alerts feature. >> a lunar new year rally to call the community together during increased violence against asian-americans. cornell bernard joins us live from oakland and you know police are taking new measures to keep people safe. this is a big deal. >> reporter: it really is, dion. those measures to stop attacks
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and violence in oakland in chinatown, but right now, take a look at this, a vigil is being held here at madison park and hundreds of people are here to denounce the violence in chinatown and remember those who have been victimized. >> it's a lot quieter. people are a little more afraid. >> flores galen chu says lunar new year's celebrations in chinatown are canceled due to the pandemic, but the festive spirit of the holiday has been overshadowed by high-profile case of violence and robbery including a 91-year-old man knocked down in broad daylight. >> opd had to give up their so-called chinatown beat, but i wish they would not have done that. >> oakland police chief lamar armstrong and libby schaaf announcing that liaisons are being restored to the chinatown community to help bridge cultural gaps and language barriers and build trust. >> they're providing information
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necessary to educate many of our seniors so that they are aware of what they should be doing and how to reporting crime. >> in a statement mayor schaaf says the horrific targeting of victims based on race and nationality has no place in oakland. we will restore these officers as so many in the community have demanded weil at the same time invest in non-police safety measures, as well. >> last week some merchants organized safety patrols on chinatown streets. >> we are here to kind of patrol the community to make it safer. >> many are becoming more aware and vigilant, but this community vigil was held to remember the victims of violence and to provide healing space. >> we need to get on the streets and we need to protect and defend and that's appreciated and we have to recognize the hurt and pain that we're feeling. >> reporter: we are back live now. i am really struck by just how many people are here at this
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community vigil. it's really proof of how many people in this community are outraged by recent violence. mayor schaaf also announcing a plan to fast track security cameras, more security cameras in the chinatown area. live in oakland, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> i had those same thoughts. awareness compounded with action, really, really nice to see. many thanks. three new murals have been unveiled in chinatown to welcome people back as they struggle to get back to its feet after the pandemic. they're a part of a bigger project called paint the void. local artists have been painting boarded up businesses and other parklets in san francisco as a way to not only keep busy, but to bring light and hope to city streets. businesses are hoping the lunar new year will bring them a much-needed boost and little saigon, grand century mall has
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become an unofficial gathering place for those to celebrate. shop owners say they're barely hanging on and they're asking the community for support. >> let them know that we are available and open every day. >> we're all in it together so hopefully people can come out and support the businesses. >> san jose is home to the largest population of asian-americans in the bay area. and we are building a better bay area by focusing on five issues that affect us all and that includes health. part of that commitment is tracking the spread of covid-19. we are seeing steady improvements overall in the state's case rate. today california reported 433 deaths and that number remains high due to a case surge that happened into the second week of january, but the seven-day positivity rate is down to 1.4% for the first time in months and the number of people in the hospital is 1,444 dropping 50% since the beginning of this
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year. solano's second largest covid-19 vehiclesation clinic has wrapped up for the weekend. abc 7 was in vallejo where the clinic was under way. it was only open to health care workers and residents over 75. solano county's goal was to vaccinate 4,000 people at the clinic between yesterday and today. in the south bay people can get their vaccination at roadway high school and a poims, those are required and gilroy face the positivity rate of any in santa clara county and the site will offer 1,000 vaccinations a day. ac transit and bart are offering free rides to people who get vaccina vaccinated at the oakland coliseum. you will get a ticket loaded with $7. the vaccination site opens on tuesday. the goal is to administer 6,000 doses a day and gradually increase. it will be open to anyone
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eligible under alameda's guidelines. we are tracking the california vaccination process, and to see where distribution stands and where you might be eligible to get the shot and you can find answers at abc 7 >> covid-19 is forcing a san francisco theater to close. that story ahead and a piece of bay area history up in flames. fire destroys a popular spot for tourists and locals in half moon bay. also, if you're not there yet, you probably don't want to go to tahoe this weekend. this is the reason why. just how much snow they could see in the sierra. drew? >> and i'm meteorologist drew
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>> the city of san jose has narrowed its search for a new police chief down to seven finalists. five are sjp veterans including the current acting chief david tindall. the candidates took part in a virtual form today answering questions in the community and san jose invited residents to conduct in the next step conducting interviews with the finalists saturday. >> a fire ripped through an historic barn in half moon bay and by the time it was out the building had burned to the ground. you can see there are flames just raging in this video as firefighters rushed to keep them
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from spreading. that barn was being used as a produce stand and belonged to the andriotti family farms. it's known for its annual pumpkin patch and sunflower field. >> it's almost like losing a family member kind of, for as much as we're feeling devastated all of us are feeling incredibly bolstered by the amazing outpouring of support from our community. >> we had such a beacon in the community there. no one was hurt. that's the good news. the cause is still under investigation. >> the owners of san francisco's historic movie theater cine arts at the empire says it will not reopen. cinemark holdings made the announcement this week about the westportal landmark. it began as the portal theater back in 1925 and was renamed the empire in 1936. this is the first movie theater in san francisco to close permanently since the pandemic began. >> a big change is coming to
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bachelor. longtime host chris harrison is stepping away from the show after defending a controversial contestant. just ahead, what's behind his decision. >> and i'm meteorologist greg gg tuma, and tomorrow we are finding clouds return and
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>> longtime bachelor host chris harrison is stepping aside from
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his role amid controversy. he defended a front-runner who is facing scrutiny for social media posts that surfaced from her past. it featured an antebellum plantation-themed party. he asked to show the contestant race and now people are accusing him. >> the san francisco chinese new year float is on display. check it out and it's at the cruise terminal plaza. isn't it pretty? the city put the float on display since it was canceled amid the pandemic. it is next saturday and sunday. >> valentine's day is tomorrow, and bay area florists are getting much-needed business. abc 7 was in berkeley less than a week ago when we stopped by ashby nowers on telegraph avenue. customers were lined up outside the door to buy their gifts from
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tradition items to a bouquet of roses shaped like an ox for the lunar new year. florists say people took a look at flowers and bought some to show their love from a safe distance. >> there is sfoe now in the sie with more snowing in down. chains are required on portions of interstate 80 and highway 50 and also in highway 89 from truckee to the sierraville area. the latest storm is expected it bring up to a foot of snow in some spots and the question, i think, drew is whether or not i guess they will see effects from this storm here in the bay area. >> dion, we'll see a little bit of light rain especially late tomorrow night with this same storm that will bring some snow to the sierra, as well. he had light rain earlier this morning and the cold front moved through here just as the sun was
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getting up. now the winds have certainly settled in. it is a windy afternoon and evening out there. we have winds gusting at 50 miles per hour at sfo and 24 in hayward, so the winds will continue tonight. they will relax first thing tomorrow morning, but it kept it on the cool side today. temperatures mainly in the 50s, if not low 60s and 54 in the city with the wind and 61 in oakland and 59 the current temperature in san jose. overnight tonight it's a blend of clouds and stars out there and they were dry and temperatures will mainly fall into the low and mid-40s overnight tonight, but tomorrow afternoon and evening, showers do make a comeback. on the storm impact scale and a level light one system with scattered showers lingering into monday. most areas will receive less than a quarter of an inch of rain. future light showing you tomorrow afternoon and the clouds have thickened and light showers in cloverdale and ukaia.
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some scattered light showers will dot the bay area and that threat continues into early monday morning as well and we'll track the light showers moving in from north to south. most spots will end up with less than a quarter of an inch of rain. here's the winter weather advisory and 6,000 feet will see the snow falling and difficult travel in the sierra. highs tomorrow and it will be in the mid-50s to low 60s with those light showers moving through in the afternoon and the evening. the accuweather seven-day forecast for valentine's day, scattered evening showers and a morning shower will brighten up mitt-week and more rain moves in thursday night into friday. we appreciate it, drew, thanks. >> a big game for the warriors and there he is, sports anchor chris alvarez is back. chris, you must be loving being back out on the field. >> dion, it's absolutely wonderful.
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this place should be packed with 17, 20,000 and we are here and we'll give you a preview.
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>> now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> hey, everybody. welcome in to chase center. a huge game tonight with the nets and the warriors and tip-off set for just after 5:30 oly right here on abc 7. one of the major headliners
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tonight and the return of kevin durant. not only is kd playing his first game in the bay, and it's his first week playing a game due to covid protocols. under normal situation this place would be packed buzzing with fans, but here is k.d. playing against golden state. >> i'm looking forward to playing the game and being out there with the team and building chemistry and that's my main focus. i have great years of going to state and it's a shame the fans won't be there. >> earlier this week i caught up with espn's rachel nichols and here is rachel on the return of k.d., steph's mvp chances and steve kerr. >> any court that steph curry, kevin durant, kyrie irving, james harden are all on will have an all-star game feel and it being kevin's first game back in the bay is significant. >> do you think there's more pressure this nets big three
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compared to when durant joined them? >> the warriors had already had an incredible season prior to when kevin durant came and this is this big, crazy shiny thing and nobody knows if they're championship caliber yet. we'll just have to wait and see. >> te mvp is talk around here and they're buzzing and what do you think if the warriors winning can he be mvp no matter what? >> he's been on one and it's fun to see. it's the joy that steve kerr tlks about. >> the team runs on joy because steph curry runs on joy, we see the shimmy shake. your mvp has to be at the top of the standings but do i think how the warriors finish will have an impact on how he ends up on mvp voting. >> he's navigated this team through so many different iterations and the underdog team and the dynasty team and the injury team, and i just don't think there's anyone better. i don't think that the warriors
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could have asked for a better coach to take him through this than steve kerr. >> we're excited to see you, we have the game coming up and we'll see you on the sidelines, rachel. >> thanks so much. >> all right. the sharks following with the first home opener tonight against vegas. jonathan rips a shot pops it into the air any knocks it past mart oin jones. 1-0 vegas and sharks down 2-0 and tomasz hurdle and the lead. still 2-1 in the third and the bad luck for the sharks and it goes off the skate of jefferson and the sharks lose the home opener 3-1 and they're back in it monday against anaheim. although there's no one in the stands you still have a very big game feel here. abc 7 the place to be. we have the game and then of course, after the game larry can the guys will join me. dion? >> all right. it should be a lot of fun, chris. many thanks. that is it for abc 7
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welcome back to the bay, kevin durant. for the first time, k.d. supts up as a brooklyn net and goes against the squad he won two titles with and his former teammate, steph curry, well, yeah, he may be warming up, but he's really been hot the last four games, averaging 40 points a game. all the stars will be out in golden state. and we're just here to set the table on "nba countdown." ♪ ♪ ♪ confrontation ain't nothing new to


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